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Let's get a yuugi thread started

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i want to fuck yuugi

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Why is Yuugi so unpopular among the Nipponese?

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What does her horn taste liek?

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I've loved good ol' Yuugers since I first saw her. She's wonderful.

I've have three amazing lewd dreams about her for some reason, so that's always nice.

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She's a big girl.

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For you.

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I want to wash Yuugi-nee-sama's perfect and photorealistic back!

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She's not popular among them because she's not a tiny submissive waif with a wobbling, quiet voice.

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japs are big betas. a strong girl makes them uncomfortable

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There's not enough Yukari threads so she's invading this one instead!

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Blondehus should get along
Go invade dark-hairedhu threads

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Good way to go out, should you ever make it to Gensoukyo.

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