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We haven't had one of these in a while. So why the hell not?

Hostan at

Casual Random

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couple things I forgot: latest patch is v 1.06. Get it at the usual place.


US West Coast

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trying to connect...

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nevermind watchin matches now...

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ggs Duck. I'm gonna go grab a bite to eat and then I'll be back.

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Any one else hostan?

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Slow night I guess. Or no one plays this game anymore.

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Did they add anyone yet?

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Nope. Still the same faces. How long's it been since SWR was released anyway? Didn't Meiling take like a year to make it into IaMP?

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Well, the reason I ask is that a new character is about the only thing that would get me interested in SWR again.

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Alright I'm back. IP in OP.

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So is there some way to increase fps when fighting somebody from the other side of the planet?

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GG. Wow. Where are you connecting from?

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Hosting from Atlanta, GA, USA.
Version 1.06 - Spectators: OK
Intermediate+ Yukari

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From Singapore...

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Hmm. That might explain a couple things. I usually only experience that much lag when I'm running torrents in the background.

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I'll rehost if there's anyone else out there that wants a go.

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I'm downloadin' somethin' but I'll play in a couple minutes when it's done.

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I'll play, host please.

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US West Coast.

If you're having connection problems check your version. If its 1.06 let me know and I'll double check my port forwarding.

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Nice Yukari skills

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Well I have 1.06 and it doesn't even register that as a valid IP to search for.

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Havent played in some(to much IaMP), time and forgot the buttons occasionaly, but GGs... Another time I'll do better... Dunno whats with the long wait in between matches though...

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Anyone still playing?

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Host and we'll play

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It's been a while..
US West

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Saitek P3000.
I'm trying but a guy named Yukkuri keeps joining and leaving before matches can even end properly.

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Good games Seraphim, thanks for hosting.

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Well, it's all downhill from there. I can't play Alice or Tenshi against CPUs even so yeah I think that's all of them right there. GGs

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rehostan I guess.

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I got 1.06, but your IP just doesn't work.

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I've double checked my port forward. It _should_ work since someone was able to connect earlier.

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Keyboard started glitching

ggs, though I wasn't very good.

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GGs Chen and Hall. Sorry about the load time, I was installing that Kanon voice patch in the background.
Hosting again

Put in the IP manually.

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What type of pad do you use? I'm using a (logitech Presicion)Old school arrow keys and reg buttons. Becuase I get the feeling there aint no way I could pull the shit you do with it. Either way GGs, however RAPE it was though...

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Rehosting. Playing a random grab bag. Trying to develop a good secondary.

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Still hosting? I wana watch~

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He's telling you to take it easy.

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Dimglow! I live in georgia! We should get together and hang out.

Perhaps...Take it easy together?

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How do you change the colors of your character? A flandre Remi~

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Shove your keyboard up your ass and clench until the desired color is achieved.

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I got a Saitek P2500 as a back up(A freind of mine plays against me but he sucks), but It only lets me use analog(No arrow keys), plus, the software that came with it....half of it doesn't work on my vista.... Know anything about it?

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There's your problem.

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Where are you connecting from? GGs but I think that's enough lag for me tonight.

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GGs PoorPlayPanda. Though I am fairly sure you were still Yukkuri.
Had to actually stop playing suicidal offense at the end to get out of Reimu pokes, but oh well.
I don't have the money to go out and travel right now. My job offer was retracted when the economy went bad. Unless you are very local to Atlanta.

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SIngapore...It seems you are accustomed to fighting to such a slow environment...GGs

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I haven't played today, but I just play with a PS2 controller. I have a dual-PS2 port to USB converter. Saved me money on buying a real gamepad.

Side note: Does the pallete editor work over netplay? Also, does it still only work for 1.02?

My custom color palletes are all that's keeping me from updating.

Watch for another one of these threads soon. When it's not 3 AM I'll play with you guys some time soon.

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Yeah, a friend of mine has dial-up so lag isn't that big of a problem for me.

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Either way I would Highly suggest updating. There have been alot of bugfixes and character alterations. In some situations the game plays much differently...

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GGs and with that I think I shall retire for the evening.

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Where'd you get your USB converter? My gamepad feels like it's about to give in so I wanna get a replacement handy and I have like 4 PS2 controllers.

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GG. Had great fun.

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GGs and good night what.

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Just woke up by why not...
Hosting from Atlanta, GA, USA.
Version 1.06 - Spectators: OK
Playing random.

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Bump for host.

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GGs asd. I guess you might be European? We had some rather bad latency there.

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I wanted to keep playing with you.
Somehow, it was slow, rather than laggy & spiked, as I excepted, not bad anyways, right?
I'm gonna get my rehab, I haven't played in a while, let's play another time.

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GG means "Good game." If you were asking what it meant.
The game was very slow. It is difficult to play like that.
I'll play you again some time. Hopefully the latency would be better in the future.

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I know how to improve latency.

>> No.1429487

I'd play, but currently downloading the lossless torrent.

>> No.1429496

I know, the games were quick.
I know a way to improve the Latency, maybe we're thinking the same thing.
Tell me yours.

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Move closer to each other!

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Actually, it would improve it, but that's not what I excepted.

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So what's your idea?

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People still play this game? You should play more IaMP or Melty or something. Anything but SWR.

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So you became one of those fighting game snobs too?

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>Magister !J.hpxLWh4g
I knew you were a faggot Magister. Took you some time to show your true colors now go and suffocate on your own hurt faggot.

>> No.1429565

Forwarding my goddamned ports.
Not sure if SWR uses it, but I am not risking my internets with UPnP.
I thought you enjoyed it.
You feel a lack of players who actually enjoy it?

>> No.1429569

sure is butthurt casuals around here

>> No.1429575

How is forwarding ports going to help?

>> No.1429577

lol no

No, I still play this like it were my bible. I don't really play much of either IaMP or Melty, anyway. It's just you faggots are having a netplay thread for the first time in ages and I can't host or connect to anyone.

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>like it were my bible

Then you should find a new religion, because this game is terrible.

>> No.1429592

Too bad for you. Now go and die.

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Not sure if I understand your logic.
It's not like all these hosts are still hosting.
Anyways, can you host?
Just guessing I have a transfer problem, or I don't know, last time I tried to play a figh game, someone told me that.

>> No.1429606

Not sure if I understand your logic.
It's not like all these hosts are still hosting.
Anyways, can you host?
Just guessing I have a transfer problem, or I don't know, last time I tried to play a fightan game, someone told me that.
And my mouse is trippin' balls, please, don't mind the repost.

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Open/closed ports only matter when establishing connection. They have no effect on latency.

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>Anyways, can you host?
>I can't host


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Campus connections, etc.,

You can say that same thing about the Bible itself. Besides, I'd miss all the drama.

See reply to >>1429586

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Oh wow

Referring to your own post inside it. This is FI-list worthy.

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Anyone hosting?

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Guess no one is up to anything at the moment.

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1431136 West Coast US

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I'll play before I pass out tonight, I'm running on 5 hours of sleep right now becuase of last night's matches...

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>SWR Netplay thread
It's like I'm back in may!

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Any games going?

Do you all hang out in a certain IRC channel or anything?

>> No.1430979

#mizuumi :).

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Magi, I know you're here. Get on #swr. West Coast US

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Most people hang out on irc.mizuumi.net, #SWR
You can always get a game there.
Unless it's like 6am.

>> No.1431032

There's another #swr in Rizon, if I remember correctly.

>> No.1431039

Why people play a REAL fighting game like the KoF series online -_-

>> No.1431058

Because we're not spics like you, >>1430908

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I meant 1.06...
It was annoying..There was so many close matches..
"Okay one more hit.. I'm dead..FFFFFFFF"

Hmm..I think I can kill 10 more minutes.

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How receptive are they to people who suck at playing but just want to get some games in?

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v 1.05, East coast.
Haven't played in awhile,
can be serious or casual, I don't care, just killing some time.

>> No.1431122
Hosting for a few games
West Coast

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I meant 1.06...
It was annoying..There was so many close matches..
"Okay one more hit.. I'm dead..FFFFFFFF"

Hmm..I think I can kill 10 more minutes.

2nd try..

>> No.1431134

Download the 1.06 Patch first.

>> No.1431135

Depends what you mean by people who suck.
Many people claim they suck but actually aren't that bad.
There's very few complete begginers, but there are some "not that great" players that hang there.

Nobody's rude to bad players though, if that's what you mean. If you really suck, you're more likely to be given advice than to be insulted.

Looking pretty Aruruu/Mukuru there, Mokou.

>> No.1431140

And call me when you're done patching.

>> No.1431163

connected to wrong router.. reconnecting...

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>> No.1431207

Cool, what's taking you so long.

>> No.1431231

US East

I haven't played in a while, so I'm not going to be too good. I only have time for a couple games so I can't host for long.

>> No.1431236

I surrender, Cant do shit captian. I dont even think dimglow has raped me that bad.

>> No.1431240

lol Magister.
Someone, make him stay away from there!

>> No.1431241


ggs, I was in an Aya mood today so I didn't use Iku.

>> No.1431247

>becuase of last night's matches...
You're never on #swr at mizuumi, and there's rarely ever a /jp/ swr thread on.
Where are you getting games from?

>> No.1431249


gaia, most likely

>> No.1431250

Magisters playing terminal(anon) aya

>> No.1431254

GGs Magister

First game back and I end up playing you.

>> No.1431255

I was on last night around 12-3 o'clock in the morning check OPs time post. Today if you wanna be that specific...

>> No.1431261


No. Play me for once.

>> No.1431268


>> No.1431273

that and I have never been on #swr. I only play here becuase I'm not all that good yet.

>> No.1431276

Bench.. Those were the most rage-inducing matches i've ever played.
However it was fun.

>> No.1431279

Huh you had 1.05? I didn't think that would work with my 1.06 but anyway good games Truth, some really fun matches.

>> No.1431281


He didn't completely rape me, the last match was sorta close.

>> No.1431282

I am starting to understand Magister's rage with hosts.

>> No.1431294

anyone hosting

>> No.1431301

I reformatted my computer recently, so I don't know if I set it back up correctly again.
East Coast.
I'll switch characters depending on how good you are.

>> No.1431305
US West

>> No.1431307

Not sure if it'll work, but I'll attempt hosting if you want to play.
US East, casual Remilia, Alice, and whoever I feel like

>> No.1431317

And none of them are operative.

>> No.1431326


Oi, oi, oi...
You are way above my league.

>> No.1431333

What can I say? I used to play a lot when SWR first came out.


>> No.1431354


Well, it might harm my gameplay in that I can never, ever seem to block when I want to.
... No, really. I have never blocked in a situation where I desired to and have seen other people block in.
Is there any other way to block than holding backwards?

>> No.1431355

Well apparently I didn't.
Gawd damnit.

>> No.1431361

enjoy your backwards key.

>> No.1431363

I excepted you to join another host, but call me when you're done and ready to host.

>> No.1431372
1.06 West coast
Up for a few games

>> No.1431375

I've had people try it out, apparently no dice.
I can't think of anything though, everything is set up exactly the same as it was before I reformatted.

>> No.1431439

GGs, I need to practice if I want to even stand a chance against you overall

>> No.1431558

GGs. I cant use remelia for shit though. For some reason I feel I got worse for awhile there..

>> No.1431568

Yeah, same. I think Remilia and Aya are my worst characters. GGs.

>> No.1433130

Anyone hostan?

>> No.1434338

Why is there no European hosts in this Thread?
Hosting in a few minutes.

>> No.1434353

I'm European, but I can't host, and I don't have the game, but I'm downloading it right now.

>> No.1434372
US West - Intermediate

>> No.1434375
Hosting from Atlanta, GA, USA.
Version 1.06 - Spectators: OK
Not sure what character I will be messing with today.

>> No.1434447

GGs GPv2.0.

>> No.1434449

Ahh I'd love to play more but I've got to help my parents carry the sofa out the house. GGs as always Dimglow.

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No more hosts?

>> No.1434475

I'll join

>> No.1434521

Okay. Rehosting.

>> No.1434557

Any other hosts?

>> No.1434584

Sorry Melchior. Just too laggy. GGs though.

>> No.1434612

It sucked at first because the lag, but it suddenly improved with the other characters, then I just suddenly realized I should have practiced more with the other characters rather than messing around with just one, and I forgot Reisen's aerial moves.
Just hoping you don't feel bad, because my latency got better, don't worry.

>> No.1434669

Latency is probably my end. Rained a lot here recently and 4chan and a few other websites are moving quite slow. So don't worry about it. Not bothering to put back on tripcode.

>> No.1434723

I found out why it lagged.
If I have my SWR in window mode, the are certain points where I can't point with my mouse, because there'll be a huge unknown CPU leak.

>> No.1434933

You can't host? nice, because I can't, too.

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I'll host then.
v 1.06 East coast, etc etc.

>> No.1435269

Wow, this is still here? I'll be home in about 2 hours so I can host then if anyone's interested.

>> No.1435278


>> No.1435293


And if the answer to that is yes, what of it?

>> No.1435308


>> No.1435338

Just about every one here is american. A few europeans and maybe one or two japs...

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Her other dash attack sucks or at least with me. And on the plus side Im now trying to combo with spellcards and its working fairly well.

>> No.1435499

>maybe one or two japs...

>> No.1435539


>> No.1435675

Tis the best matches Ive ever played and the first with a win streak(I think).Really good games.

>> No.1435688

But yeah, I was just trying to kill you with Udonge's overdose, but I missed. Eh oh well.

>> No.1435712

I never fell for it. I knew what it does after a previous match where, that happend(Probably with you awhile ago)

>> No.1435723

Yeah it was with me. You have gotten better, so keep it up.

>> No.1435787


>> No.1435811

Alright, I'm home, hosting~
US West Coast
Random Casual

>> No.1436007

Alright Im going to bed, I suck with iku though....

>> No.1436012

U.S. Midwest

>> No.1436013


GGs Chen. I find your Youmu frightening though. Too many times in our matches I found myself saying "Holy crap that was close."

>> No.1436041

US East Coast
Intermediate casual?

>> No.1436044

Doh, forgot the port

>> No.1436073
US West

>> No.1436142


GG Duck. I'm off for the night.

>> No.1436146

Wow /jp/ is unusually dead today and it's only 10PM PST.

Still waiting for someone to join.

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>> No.1436207

Think I'm done for now. Thanks for a few ggs, Magister. Sorry I couldn't be more of a challenge.

>> No.1436209

Sorry, that's all I have time for. You have a pretty good Patchy. That one round where was outfished with Selene was pretty awesome.

>> No.1436342

GGs. I can't believe that double timestop.

>> No.1436347

GGs, that timestop was pretty awesome.

>> No.1436379



>> No.1436384


>> No.1436583


>> No.1436585

GGs, thats one hell of a Marisa you've got.

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Hosts where?

>> No.1439993
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Bumping for hosts.