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Yukari has used her powers to shrink you and is keeping you as a pet in a glass box. What do you do?

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lie down, and wait to be eaten

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Yukari a shit
a big one
a grat one

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What every pet does. Eat, shit, sleep, masturbate

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>used her powers to shrink you

wrong 2hu m8

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But I'm immune to magical powers.

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Reality warping

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Use my 3 years spent playing Shadow of the Colossus.

Either that or get swallowed on purpose to strike at the vulnerable insides.
Holing the stomach so that digestive juices spill out, messing up the heart's nerves, cut some of the spinal cord, it's a playground!

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>random doujin fanwork

more newfags here erryday

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The only one who's mentioned canon (let alone claiming that something is canon) within a hundred feet of this discussion is you.

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It looks like a protective shield on top of a baby's bed rather than a glass box for a pet.

What makes you sure that it's a glass box? Did the illustrator leave a comment or something?

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The same things I do now -> >>14251608

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yukari: you are 5cm tall
you: no I'm not
yukari: truth/lie boundary, now you are...

This is one of the ways she can do it....

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And then she picks you up and stuffs you into her panties.

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I would take full advantage of my new job as Yukari-sama's vibrator to endlessly tease her and give her nonstop pleasure.

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A pissed off human in a place full of nerve ending?


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im fine with that as long as she shrinks my pc and desk as well and watch me be a NEET

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stupid mister anons
mister yukkuri can't fight a miss that big!

just gon chake it eajy in the glass box place...

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>Use my 3 years spent playing Gears of War 2.

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Why would i be carrying a machinegun with a chainsaw bayonet?

Heck, why would i carry a chainsaw at all other than when i need to cut down a tree?

A knife is much more plausible.
And, lacking that, the old classic.

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The same thing you do in any kind of situation when you are held prioner.
Fake a seisure, then attack when they come to check on you.

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But she'll treat you nicely, she'll even let you rub her big feet.

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Halfway to my dream, now she just needs to step on me

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Is she a good pet owner?

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That's a lie. She is abusive.

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see >>14268223
Aya interviewed her because she supposedly abused ran

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be very cute for my Yukari-sama, if I'm lucky maybe even Ran-shmama will notice me and I will get to play with Chen

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Nah, they'd play with you.

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It's only abuse if you don't like feet.

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I-Is she gonna sit on top of the glass box and FART?!

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Does it include sexual abuse? Does she give Ran a dick and jerk her off against her will?

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how do you know they would?

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Any thoughts on how I can move to her boots instead

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Because you're tiny.

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Let her buy me all the toy related play sets for an epic adventure

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"Ara ara, what a brave little adventurer you are! Now for the final dungeon."

Then she has you explore her body while giggling.

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Sounds hella fun!

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being suffocated by Yukari's stinky boots!

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id be a good little pet and nuzzle into her breasts whenever she picks me up

mommy 2hu thread when, ge ran in here too

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I find this disgusting but my dick is rock hard

you people are the worst

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What the fuck did I just see?

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One more reason why I cannot enjoy normal sex now

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Giantess is such a fucking pleb fetish.

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Sorry but Yukari can only work on absolutes, she by definition can't control the size of things, the most she could do is use the border between big and small and then I would be the biggest or smallest thing in the universe, which means in either case she could not keep me in a glass box.

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O lawdy whas goin on in here?

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The interface between you skin and atmosphere is a boundary wich can be used.
The truth/lie boundary can be used to make the lie that you are 5cm tall, for example, a fact.
The able/ not able boundary could be used to make yukari able to shrink people
I could think other examples, but yukari's ability is near omnipotence, although yukari herself isn't the strongest in touhouverse.

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>Yukari has used her powers to shrink you and is keeping you as a pet in a glass box. What do you do?

Jerk off like a motherfucker at the sight of her ripe breasts pressed against the glass.


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Do people really get off to this?

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People get off to weird things.

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I'd eat a tiny girl
I might even take a bite out of a normal girl if she's cute enough

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Search /d/ and /aco/ for vore...

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I want to fuck Yukari's border between her vagina and uterus.

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das hot mane

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