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I have a mid-term coming up in my Japanese class on Thursday, I'm curious if anyone is in the mood to practice talking back and forth with basic sentences. Probably on steam or something.

I'm at a loss with finding a person to practice with.

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go through namasenseis stuff. he has a bunch of japanese classes on youtube


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Not otaku culture. Go to /int/.

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Weee, glad to see another /jp/sie formally studying Japanese! I just had my midterm yesterday and got a 98.5 on it. I'm only in Japanese I though...

Have you considered going to your professor's office & reviewing w/ her like I did?

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I tried to form a study group, bunch of people said they were down to show up. The teacher emailed everyone about it, then only one person showed up. I want to practice with her, but she is pretty busy.

I'm not exactly having trouble, I just want to practice somewhere outside of my T/R class.

I'm in Japanese I too

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>but she is pretty busy.
Aww...she doesn't have like, specific office hours set aside?

Also, maybe my class is just paced slowly, but Japanese I is pretty easy. As long as you've done the work you should be fine.

What point are you up to now?

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Shit thread but just use vocaroo and post here.

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Are you okay with communicating via an encrypted SIP session?

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We're at past tense verbs, "going on a date", and describing location ( just got there ).

I'm not having a problem, but practicing is always welcome. Help concrete what's been learned.

What now?

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Oh wow. You're ahead of me. We're about to start verbs & their conjugations tomorrow.

Jaa, ganbatte! Oyasumi!

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What school?

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Ganbatte, mainichi benkyoushimasu!

What do you mean? Like University I'm at?

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I have a skype if you like anon? My Japanese is alright conversationally.

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I don't have a skype sadly, do you have a steam account?

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Sadly no I apologize

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The worst advice. You do know he doesn't actually know Japanese, right?

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That's obvious, nobody who knows Japanese would waste their time teaching other people Japanese unless they were getting paid to do it.

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i almost died choking on the vomit this thread induced

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I tried, I just want help

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are you a cute girl?

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I can lie

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hee doi yo. 生sensei HA ・歳 yo. ニホンゴshiranakataナノ2、ICHIBANセンセイdakalaにゃん

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In that case, yep, I'm a girl

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>I don't have a skype sadly, do you have a steam account?
You know you could have made one of those by now and taken >>14250220 up on his offer.

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I thought there would be at least one person, guess I kinda flubbed it when I didn't just get a skype.

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It's not too late. You can still get Skype.

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I decided to set up an account and it turns out I have one. I made it many a years ago apparently.

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This is such a shit thread OP, even when people were ready to help you you didn't take the initiative to set it up.

I have a Jap I midterm tomorrow too, I hope you're not in my class you dummy.

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you fucked up, you'll never ever have friends

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If you use Skype you should kill yourself.

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Did you fail?

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I can't imagine anyone failing a Japanese course exam. They're designed to be as easy as possible to convince the retards that they're totally almost Japanese and if they just spend a few thousand dollars for the rest of the course, they'll be able to wear yukatas all day long.

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I can't imagine anyone failing a German course exam. They're designed to be as easy as possible to convince the retards that they're totally almost German and if they just spend a few thousand dollars for the rest of the course, they'll be able to wear lederhosen all day long.

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Are you insinuating 95% of any given college jap course isn't unadulterated weeb trash and internationals taking an easy credit?

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Are you suggesting you've ever been to one?

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Are you suggesting hundreds of thousands of identical anecdotes, the unwashed (literally) hoards of con autists and basic weeb psychology are any less credible sources of inference?

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Well, then you're fucking stupid, new to this board or lack consciousness of very basic properties of the weeb subhuman collective. The sole reason anyone wants to learn Japanese is to be able to read children's comics and cartoons and feel even more superior about it. The sole reason anyone takes jap in college is because in addition to this, they know nothing about learning and retaining a language and are likely just trying to interact with other human detritus in a public setting.

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I feel like this thread was at least made with good intentions, Anon wants to be helped.

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i smell a nerd

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