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/jp/! /jp/! I just had my first kiss! I never thought it would happen but it did! I'm so happy! I would tell my real friends but I don't have any... so I decided I would tell you! I still can't believe it actually happened! I thought I'd end up a wizard for sure, but it really happened!!!!~~~~~~~

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You'll regret it.
I've had so much sex and I regret all of it.
I should have stayed loyal to my husbando.

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...w-was she asian?

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I hope you picked best girl.

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i do have to admit she wasn't really my type, but still, she asked me to kiss her and i wasn't about to say no..

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Was she fat?

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Be gone, unpure swines.

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I remember my first kiss
It was bad
I felt nothing

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what the hell is wrong with you

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Five minutes after my first kiss I had my first sex.
regret it. Girls are really mean. I thought they'd be nice and cute like jaypees...

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That's why you find yourself a cute trap/cute traps and sex them.

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traps are the mean too

Face it jp, you'll never find someone nice and cute. They're either one or the other

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yeah traps are really mean too.
The only nice people with cuddly personalities are on /jp/, and they're all regular looking guys, not girls...

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>be a cuddly trap who posts on /jp/
Where's your god now?

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There is absolutely 0 (zero) reason to ever leave jp. It's just better here, the outside world sucks and don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

a tru cuddly jp wouldn't brag about it, he'd be modest and never admit it because it's irrelevant what you look like when you're only on the internet

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no, but she was a normie

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I agree with you but at the end of the day, kissing and s*x feels really good...
I wouldnt fault anyone if they wanted to get prostitutes all the time, but I cant see myself being emotionally intimate with anyone but /jp/....

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Just try and forget

That's what I do

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My onahole is the only one that loves and understands me

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Why would anyone NOT want to be a wizard?

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I like madotsuki

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Is that the puke girl? Ewww

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I always figured kissing and sex feel better with someone you're emotionally intimate with.
It's just gross and base otherwise, and I don't want anything to do with it or you, you dirty old man

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Maybe. But normie girls are good at lying to you to get wha they want. You'll think she loves you but she just wants sex.
Losing peepee virginity awakens a thirst you didnt have before and it sucks.
And I'm not a dirty old man!

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yeah you're dirty as hell

Which is why you need to stay on jp. Emotional intimacy that is reliant on sexual intercourse is not true intimacy. It's sad that sweet people like those on jp can be so easily tricked but it's just part of what makes the jps so sweet and also rare. It's dangerous out there.

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it's not just normie girls by the way. Boys, straight or gay, trap or not, are also mean as heck.

There's no reason to go outside if it's not for something crucial like groceries or the hospital. Otherwise you're at risk of perversion

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It's better than you realize

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She doesn't really loves you. She is just using you. We are the only ones who'll ever really really love you. Leave her.

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I'm really concerned for jaypees. Once dirty old man tried to exploit my loneliness to trick me into falling in love with him. He wanted to buy me hormones and clothes. I was lucky I was saved by an accident.

I learned from that. But it makes me wonder how many /jp/sies are emotionally vulnerable to be exploited by normies.

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It's awful out there. I am fairly certain a large number of jps are vulnerable. God knows I am. Even though I know I am vulnerable I still let it happen without realizing it. I'm just plain dumb and it only makes me worry that much more about my fellow jps.

Please, learn from my multitude of errors, stay on jp and don't let anyone drag you away from it.

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Of course you realize we're only strangers. We only love the idea of you. If we knew you in person, we probably wouldn't.

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I have seen too many horrors in this life. I don't care about such things as physical aspect. If I knew you IRL I would still love you even if you didn't back.

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I remember experimenting with a girl when I was 10 for about an hour.
She licked my teeth, it was weird.

Would not recommend.

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This is a warning to all /jp/sies

Stay away from the evil temptations of sex and the myth that 3D will ever bring you happiness.

I had a very comfortable life taking it easy up until 4 years ago when a woman found interest in me. She was a qt and nice and didn't mind my hobbies. Eventually she slowly manipulated my actions ever so slowly. Over the years, at first with reasonable requests (or so they sounded) and slowly it was molding everything I did.
After a while it was full on dictatorship. I noticed that I was not the only person this happened to as I saw many other fellows in the normie world who the same thing happened to.
I eventually told her I wanted to be left alone and she faught hard to keep me around and I still had an emotional attachment (the first I've had since a child) to her.
I found later there was a reason for this.
She had sex with me more, and was nice for a few months to keep me and I guess I was happy that she was nice.
I wasn't fully happy so I still wished to be alone so I left and went back home to live with my mom again and just take it easy.

A week after this she calls and tells me that she was a 3 months pregnant with my child and that when we were together she stopped taking birth control and she purposefully compromised the condoms she bought. She said she thought a child would bring us together and make me stay.

I never wanted this and I cut off my phone and have not talked to her in almost 11 months and she wants money from me that I do not have as I am not looking for work and never will. I'll live in this house until my mom dies at which point I will kill myself.

Stay in your rooms, stay pure, and stay away from 3D women as they are evil and will try to trick you and make you there slaves.

Do not let women trick you /jp/, they are sociopaths that are only out to use you!

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It's hard to be the same in real life as you are on the internet but I think if each of you was truly honest and trusted one another you would be fine even in the real world.
There's the danger of someone just tricking you of course. I think some people are just so nice they can't help but be the same in real life. It's especially true when you don't have reason to go outside anyways and as such don't need to act differently in order to survive out there.

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I've kissed a guy before. Later we gave each other blowjobs.

Never been with a girl, though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Sounds terrible. I'm so non-confrontational that I would probably have ended up doing everything that she told me to.

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I did, but working is too hard from me. At first she took care of me which I did not mind as I had enough money to take care of myself. I thought I was lucky since she was cute and wanted to take care of me. It slowly changed and I was very straight forward about my interests in life.

I was working 72 to 74 hours a week a day trying to support her and she flipped it without me realizing.

My health is more important to me than working all day for a person who does not care about me and only wishes to manipulate me.

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Congratulations, you're stronger willed than most normies.
but working yourself to death is pretty common for them. My stepdad works two jobs and my mom still complains about him not doing enough, while she only works one part time job and doesnt clean anything.

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this is my biggest fear.

why do people have to be such assholes about money. I just want to take it easy without people (even family or partners) fleecing each other 24/7.

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I remember my first kiss...

I guess it was the first 'Real' relationship I had, so my girlfriend at the time took advantage of me and made me spend money and time on her. At least the cuddles were nice.

Turned out she was a real bitch. Apparently her parents said we weren't allowed to date anymore, but I passed by her place on a weekend, and she was making out on the porch with some beaner. I texted her and she told me she was 'out', so I deleted her number and erased her from my life.

Stick to 2D girls, they won't break your heart like reality will.

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These are the only friends you need here.

I once had a French guy I used to talk to on skype all the time about, politics, video games, and anime/manga, VNs etc.

He disappeared recently though.

It hadn't been too bad as social contact is pretty over rated imo.

Plus we all are technically talking to each other, so were aren't really "lacking" socially.

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Thanks for telling me everything I've already known since long ago.

Too bad you couldn't take your own advice back then, huh?

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Another Athens or probably Saten anon thread in disguise

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Someone stole my first kiss when I was a kid. It wasn't even someone I liked and no one has kissed me again after that.

I want my first kiss back, /jp/. How do I get it back?

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Congrats! Only do the sexin with a lady you wish to marry, though

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Had lots of little pecks and barely-touching kisses, but i kissed someone for like 10 whole seconds and then we ended up dating and then we made the most special, fairy-tale love and now we will be married in 2 months

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You gotta steal it back from someone pure.

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>tfw had my first kiss at a club
>drunk as fuck then my friends convinced a girl to kiss me

>tfw second kiss happened 2 months later, same situation

Well when I came back to my house I listened to some 2hu songs so that's otaku culture, right jaypee~~?

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Oh my God, I forgot to spoiler my picture.

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Good luck!

I want that kind of fairy tale love, but I'm too much of a pessimist to try.

Real ideal love is like in FS/N, since saber dies and then that is one completed route within your lifetime, instead of one that goes on for decades and could end badly. Saber dying meant that the love ended on a good note.

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You mean like someone from /jp/?

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it makes me sad that there are impure people running around jp

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Yes, it truly is. I never thought about it, but it's good to do my part and warn people of the evils of outside.

If you can stay inside do.

Don't go outside silly. You are making a decent into sin and you will pay.

It will engulf you and I don't wanna see that happen anon

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N-no that would be cheating.

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I'm sorry. I was taken forcefully. I promise I won't bother anyone.

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But who else could I go after?

I've decided you must be the one I must mouthrape to get my first kiss back. You're brimming with purity, I cannot resist! I'm coming for you anon.

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It sounded fun at the time
but in the end it just made me more depressed.

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it's a scary world out there and we're easily tricked so I will forgive you if you're truly repentant

there's no saving a degenerate like this though

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I just want my first kiss back, anon. I'll do anything to get it back. Can you really blame me for wanting my purity back after it was taken from me? I didn't want this, but it's the only way for me to change my destiny.

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I'm sorry

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Okay you guys are making me feel really bad about what I said

I just don't like people who WANT to make people impure just because they are. I understand sometimes things happen out of our control but don't let those things change who you have always been.

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Don't worry. It's a normal reaction to try to protect /jp/ from impurity.

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thank you for understanding
I love you guys too much to let you fall into the wrong hands

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No sex before marriage.

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Now you're making me feel bad about needing to mouthrape someone pure to get my purity back. I-I guess I'll have to find another way. I'm sorry for my outburst anon. I-I guess I was just desperate to fix this.

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It's okay, I understand. If anything it just shows how sweet you are that you value it so greatly. A bit misleaded but it's okay, we're all learning still

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I kissed my grandma. Does that count?

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I've never kissed anyone, done lewd things with anyone, drunken alcohol or taken drugs /jp/!!

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But taking drugs is very /jp/. Except for weed, tobacco or heroin.

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sounds like me.
But that's because I never had friends to experiment that stuff with.

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First kiss before marriage. What a fucking SLUT

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Kokoro will give you your first kiss! Come here Anon~

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Kokoro will give you your first kiss! Come here Anon~

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Fuck off, Kokoro

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I saw you screw up, it was cute

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at least your first kiss was not taken by a stranger on the train old enough to be your father

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I am getting married soon. I am happy with it but most of the time I am depressed because my brain is fucked and I hate myself. I consider killing myself at least twice a month but I will never do it unless my significant other dies before me. Sometimes I just pretend to not be depressed. But when I browse at night it all comes back. All of it. It kinda kills me inside knowing I can't be happy even if I have got everything I wanted. There is nothing else I want to do. I feel like I am just lingering arround internet and this hobby for no reason at all, just because I have been doing it for years, out of habit.

I wonder if this hobby helped me to feel like this or I just feel like this because I am supposed to and the hobby is just a consequence. I will never know.

>> No.14245314

That sounds like a serious problem, I hope you can find help.

>> No.14245319

>at least

You mean "too bad", right?

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Please get help and support from family and your loved one! You seem nice and it would be awful if your depression got the better of you one of these nights. Do it for your loved one, yourself, and the peace of mind of this jaypee!

>> No.14245339

I promise I will take care of myself.

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HI IM NEW Can someone please tell me how I can get into Otaku culture?

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My first kiss was lust overtaking my body at the age of five or something, it was in preschool, maybe kindergarten.
I still remember it, we were on top of the lunch table while everyone else was playing and I just did it, our teeth clashed together and I ran away almost instantly to wash my mouth out then threatened a friend who saw to not tell anyone
I don't remember who it was, just that she had long dark hair and I think her name was rebecca.
Sometimes I wonder what she thought about me robbing her first kiss or even if she cared, but also where and who she is now considering I've had a girlfriend and since haven't kissed anyone except my old waifu in a dream

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Become a NEET

>> No.14245365

Pick a general here and master the topic, then move onto the next until you know them all
Congortulations you're now a weeb unless you picked Race: Japanese

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tnanks guys!
Do you all want to be my friends?

>> No.14245385

No, but you can join my warband, it's as close to being my friend as you can get these days

>> No.14245391

why dont you want to be my friend?

>> No.14245405

It's not that I don't want to, I just don't want more people to let down when I die

>> No.14245412

1 is better then 0

>> No.14245422

this thread is gay ffs

>> No.14245439

I have several friends, I'm just waiting until they betray me and hate me to die
Getting more friends is like adding to a unit production que in an RTS to my death
But if you want to then sure where you at?

>> No.14245493

Not that guy but, why do you want to die anon? I've been through a lot of depression before and it still returns quite frequently, but I don't want to die. Suicide is the biggest sin there is, you will ruin the lives of everyone who cares for you, and you will fall into nothingness. That can't be good.

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I remember my first kiss\

I was taken advantage of when I was drunk!

She was a fat smelly girl and I instantly regretted ever trying to be a normal ;_;

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everytime I've made a friend from jp it's always been bad and they ended up hurting me
What am I doing wrong

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>you will fall into nothingness.
There is some comfort in that.

>> No.14245514

enter the void bro youll just be reborn as a kawaii wolf girl

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How many of you attempted suicide?

>> No.14245519

I've ruined every chance I had at a good life and now I'm in a pit of despair from which there is no escape
Literally my only choice now is to get a trade and slave away for the rest of my days since higher education is now permanently cut off from me or just die a NEET
This was a recent event so now all I have to do is wait for everyone who cares about me currently to drift away or betray me (like they have a habit of doing) or for all the money I have to dry up so I can't consume entertainment anymore, whichever comes first
And frankly, everyone I know has hurt me a lot more than I have ever hurt them, so I don't really care, the only reason I don't want to extract revenge is because I'm well aware suicide will hurt them more

>> No.14245526

I want to be reborn as a Triceratops

>> No.14245534

It's never too late, anon. While I am not trying to discourage you away from a NEET lifestyle, but I will say that my uncle was in his mid 40's when he got his Chemistry major and now he is happy being the scientist he has dreamed of becoming.

>> No.14245541

Kissing, sex, and relationships, huh. I suppose it might be nice if you met the right person, but it's too late for me. Wizardhood is my destiny.

>> No.14245551

Its never too late anon. How old are you? Also, the people who betrayed you, aren't real friends. I know a few people that would never betray me, no matter what. I was a neet until 2 months ago, but I got lucky and joined an university. You can still do it man, do not kill yourself. You'll never get to know and play future 2hus or do whatever you enjoy. I'm rooting for you anon.

>> No.14245577

I lack the motivation to fix my situation though as I've had everything robbed of me
My life is like a widower in his home of seventy years falling down the stairs and breaking near every bone in his body. His children don't visit, his neighbors are too far away, and the phones are on the other side of the house, so this is where he will die. While lying there waiting to die, his television is on and a show he likes is on, so he watches as he dies slowly, trying to lose the pain in the entertainment.
Meanwhile, the radio he also had on blares calisthenic exercises that he would have normally been doing, he should be doing them and they would help his general health, however this is not the situation for that, but the radio doesn't know nor care so it drones on
I'll just say I'm young, but not b& young. And if those people weren't my friends, then no one is, because it wasn't hard line betrayal, it was forgetting me and callously casting me out. And I'm not dying right now, I'll live my life of mediocrity for at least a few more years, then check out when I can't escape any further, maybe it will get better, but without some seriously spectacular deus ex machina, I'm very screwed

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Every time I get a friend from /jp/ they end up being clingy because they like how nice I am.

It's odd but I don't really mind it since I have no real life friends.

>What am I doing wrong
Are you sure it's you who's in the wrong?

>> No.14245752

I've had girlfriends which I think aren't that bad, but unfortunately deep down I am irredeemably manipulative and narcissistic and WILL turn every relationship into a miserable mess. Yep, I'm the selfish and abusive husband sincere women dread so much. Since my last breakup I haven't really cared for relationships anymore, but maybe, later in my life... a woman with which I'll build happiness will come my way. Until that day, 2D is fine too.

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ur still virgins

>> No.14245762

You probably attract narcs and psychos. Lots of them here.

>> No.14245779

This thread is disgusting as HELL

Jannyyyyyyyyyy hurry up delete it

>> No.14245780

I'll be your friend

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Okay but I don't know how this should be done.

Last time I just dropped my steam profile.

>> No.14245820

a lot of people here arent virgins, remember that /jp/ is pretty much a non-board, and the people here mostly came during the split or soon after. there really is no reason to come to /jp/ if you're newer to 4chan.
Everyone got older, they're all in their mid 20s or later, so people will eventually get lonely and end up having a girlfriend or two and having sex.

Its still not something you really want, its an animal urge.... real life isnt anything like the fantasy worlds we were raised in, or the people we met online that might as well be living on a moon base since they're always so far away from you.

I'm lucky to have made very good friends on this board that I've known for almost seven years now, and I'm thankful for that. there is nothing wrong with having a thread like this to reflect on our actual lives every once in a while, sometimes you just need to vent to your friends, and some of these guys like you see, have no friends outside of /jp/. Dont be a buly.

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I get that too sometimes. But I also hurt easily which is why I think it's my fault. They're probably not bad people. I doubt they expected me to be such a pussy

Maybe, I'm kinda psycho too

>> No.14245835

Normie privilege.

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I'm always afraid of saying the wrong thing and hurting other peoples feelings but something like that can be improved you just need to find someone who would understand that or something.

I'm not good with advise.

>> No.14245898

What you said. I came here with the spit from /a/ with all the touhou guys. Was here since day one and he is right, people get lonely and bored and need the social thing.

I had a gf for the last year and she loved me so much that she would give up everything for me but I am a useless 32 yr old NEET who never had a job so I just had to let her go to find someone better and not ruin her life.

Sure will miss the sex.

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There is most certainly something wrong and completely unfixable with me.
I'm just mega paranoid and overthink everything. Even when people say something nice to me I just think it's just to not make me feel bad. I'm always too honest and sometimes give up too much and become terrified they'll use it against me or just misunderstand it. In the end it's better to just give up
I'm not good at this crap

>> No.14245917

I've long been an otaku but I only came here this year from /int/. Always viewed this board as pure cancer, but now it seems rather mellow. Nearly no tripfags, few general threads, shitposting is (half-heartedly) discouraged. It's enough to make me stick around, weakly if so.

>> No.14245925

>I'm just mega paranoid and overthink everything.
As someone who suffered from this in the past I have to say you need something of a shock therapy. Go out and talk with people, build and lose friendships. Power on through the paranoia and the panic attacks, the dark clouds. Sure, you'll lose some hairs from the gut-wrenching stress you'll undoubtedly go through, but it'll fix up your life in the long term.

>> No.14245934
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I've had several online friends over the years yet barely any of them even lasted a year with me. I've never gotten better. If anything I only keep getting worse because I keep seeing just how incompetent I am when it comes to relationships.
If I can't even handle an online friendship there's no hope for me in a real life friendship where there's even more reason to pretend.

>> No.14245943

I just want sex, I don't have to kiss.

>> No.14245948

Pretty much all of my friends are online friends. I have one /jp/ friend who's nice, and a group of friends from a particular video game from this website, but not /jp/. I'm also friends with a couple of people from 5 years ago or so when we used to play a, now discontinued, shooter together. I've only really kept in contact with one friend from high school, mainly because his interests have changed the least, while the majority of other people I knew seem to care less about what they used to like.

>> No.14245962

Sounds almost exactly like my situation but a little less positive.

>> No.14245964

Yes, anon, I've been through that kind of thinking, too. Unfortunately, you're likely not going to get off that downward ride if you keep encouraging your current situation. It is not necessarily your fault that you were brought up in all the wrong ways, but it is now up to you as an adult to take action. Well, stay strong, anon.

>> No.14245972

Remember /jp/, it's only lonely when you want it to be!

>> No.14246004
File: 32 KB, 512x512, 1442986567891.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

please understand, things can seem out of place at times, and monotonous, but i guarantee you, iv had a bad wreck....destroyed my whole right leg. cant walk properly anymore from a lady hitting me on my motorcycle in my own lane...no g/f...living with my mother. working some menial job because my profession wont hire a man who limps everywhere and cant lift properly. Believe me brother, you have a lot better off than most. I'm struggling to fix my teeth and get a phone, much less harbor a wife/home.

>> No.14246006

As a final note, you can leave me some way to contact you. I don't know what we ought to expect from each other, and neither any good reason why I would be doing this, but if you want to give it a try and see what sticks, feel free to go for it. I'll add you once I notice. (>>14245964)

>> No.14246021

I wish I was a cute girl kissing other cute girls to live out my rose-coloured yuri fantasies.

>> No.14246034

I sucked a cock once, but I've never kissed or had my cock sucked.
I'd like to at least kiss someone one day...

>> No.14246047
File: 33 KB, 278x278, 1422691743735.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why would you suck the dick of someone who wouldn't even give any love back?
That's horrible. I just want to know what a hug feels like or just hand holding.

>> No.14246049

Part of me wants to try but the other knows full well that it never works out. I'm not sure which is correct.
I'm just not good at talking outside of jp. I like being anonymous. The pressure of responding to an email or even worse an instant message is too much for someone like me who overthinks everything.
You don't understand just how much trying to talk kills me on the inside and how awful I feel when I say something I don't fully believe myself.

>> No.14246052

>I had a gf for the last year and she loved me so much that she would give up everything for me but I am a useless 32 yr old NEET who never had a job so I just had to let her go to find someone better and not ruin her life.

I can see myself doing the same. I honestly think I'm not worthy of a gf, so it would be better to not let someone that is kind enough to love me let them squander their love on me.

>> No.14246062
File: 396 KB, 727x1000, 1423543298067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish I could get real friends instead of only online ones but my trauma disorder prevents me from getting close to others even though I want too.

>> No.14246091

I am not judgmental, anon. In fact, I already assume you're deranged, secretive, and may be beyond help, so there's little you can do to shatter my expectations. Even so, I choose to offer mine. You really can throw anything at me, because, let's be honest, I get no kicks from needlessly faulting others. It's sincere help that makes my heart swell. Once again, best of luck to you in your life, anon.

>> No.14246114
File: 278 KB, 706x412, 1432698374653.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm not judgmental
>I already assume you're deranged, secretive, and may be beyond help

>> No.14246128

I wish I was a girl so I could kiss other girls...

>> No.14246136

It means that I have no high expectations and I'm not going to fault him (you) for anything. Nice that I have to explain it, though.

>> No.14246173

I am of course skeptical but it's very late and I don't think I'm in complete control of my reason so I guess I'll give it a try on the condition that you first give me something to add. I sincerely hate posting any contact information so if you'll grant me this I'll take you up on your offer.

>> No.14246186

I think I'm fairly content with the friends I do have, I'm just kind of disappointed the other people I know have had their interests shift so dramatically upon moving away for college. The friends I do have are very good ones.

>> No.14246210

Skype: thenewgeezer

The name is random.

>> No.14246217

damn I remembered mine too

shit was so disappointing

>> No.14246251

if this is the end for me then I all I want to say is that I always loved this place and it's the only place I ever really felt happy

>> No.14246276

Yes, if you love someone so much it hurts then you cannot let her or him ruin their life.

And don't forget guys: You aer never alone and there is always a place to stay for all of you. Love you all.

>> No.14246318
File: 406 KB, 944x1337, 1437520301463.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14246621
File: 53 KB, 618x351, walk-with-inu-5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was always quite shy but athletic and friendly. I played sports and had friends when I was young.

but my family kept moving during my childhood, forcing my shy self to make new friends in a new place every time. After my parents split I eventually moved far away with my mother and retreated into my shell fully. I didn't realize this at the time of course but I gave up trying to form deep relationships and just had acquaintances. I still played sports but would go home right after and just play games, watch things, read, etc., rarely going out with people. I never got close to a girl despite being physically active and not unpopular, there was even a girl who had a noticeable crush on me in high school.

I had every opportunity to but I missed out. I have passions and things I love but I'm useless with people.

>> No.14246657
File: 1022 KB, 480x271, gif.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw no jaypeesie to add on steam and meet up with and kiss

>> No.14246665

Are you me? You are pretty based then

>> No.14246712

Moving repeatedly really fucks with the kid's social circle. There was a period in my childhood when we'd move pretty much every year that went on for 6-7 years. By the time we settled down, I had noticed that I was no longer making real friends. I still had plenty of "friends", but nothing like a true buddy with a close relationship like I used to have.

>> No.14246721

>I had every opportunity to but I missed out.
Even if you had taken them, they would still be in the past. You'd be alone nowadays and you're be missing the times you weren't instead of wondering what could have been.

>> No.14246723
File: 849 KB, 1304x1600, 85510bf9cd891e6dcbad5a9c2eb0b3f4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One day you'll be gone, I'll be gone and /jp/ will be gone. I hope some of us find happiness before then.

>> No.14246725

You guys all sound so sad. I'm a friendless NEET and I'm living the time of my life. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

>> No.14246726

I tried to become a normie.
Turns out I was the 'normal' one amongst them.

>> No.14246738

I won't be able to find happiness unless /jp/ is the first to go.

>> No.14246766

The thing is if you kissed a boy or a girl.

>> No.14246773

How much did you pay?

>> No.14246779 [DELETED] 
File: 26 KB, 419x296, 1399494499335.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kuso thread.

>> No.14246800 [DELETED] 


That's my fucking image.

>> No.14246804

Suck a dick, it's mine now.

>> No.14246805

is it bad if i'm jealous yet sad for OP? I want to kiss someone but it will be mistake and i will be left impure?

>> No.14246814

I'm pretty jealous too even though I will probably give my first kiss to another jpsie that I met months ago.

>> No.14246823

I wiah I could be a wizard but I got raped out of my virginity ;_;

>> No.14246826

A warning to every virgin /jp/-sie.
Sex does NOT feel better than masturbation. It feels a little different, may be thrilling first, but it is not better, I would even go as far as to say it feels worse.

Also, girls may smell good on the outside, but their private parts, even if washed and taken care of hygenically every day, tend to smell off-putting.

I'd take a trap over a girl every day.

>> No.14246961
File: 431 KB, 700x1017, 1445301977976.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did you guys subscribe to Tree of savior beta test? I would love to play it with fellow /jp/sies.

>> No.14246973

Yes! If you want we can add each other to Steam and play together. I'm pretty bad at mmorpg though.

>> No.14246988

I want to straddle and kiss a jaypee passionately, exchanging cuteboy juices!

>> No.14247050

So /jp/ I have this problem. I'm still a virgin but I want to fuck so bad masturbating twice or even thrice a day doesn't do it anymore. Sooooo... I saw that craiglist equivalent announce of a somewhat effeminate boy looking for some hard fucking who is into submission and crossdressing and I responded. I want to have sex but isn't wasting my virginity in a literal cumdump whore's boipussy gonna ruin my life ? I really want to do it when I'm excited but the moment I finish masturbating I realize of shit on an idea it is.

>> No.14247058

And what is a good idea? Go and do it anon, live is short.

>> No.14247061

Make an OKCupid account and find a cute effeminate boy looking for a relationship. Masturbate before you go outside.

>> No.14247075


Dude I literally can't openly be gay because of my field of study... Plus being gay is for faggots.

>> No.14247096

Are you a priest or something?

>> No.14247118


No but political counsellings and political working in general and being a glorious faggot doesn't work together.

>> No.14247133

Why are there so many political consultants and journalists on the big Jay?

>> No.14247135

You've given me hope OP!
I'm going to go out and get a kiss now too!

C'mon jaypees, we can all do this together if we try!

>> No.14247139


Politics and shitposting are basically the same thing.

>> No.14247145

fap to straight shota hentai, go to class, feels good man. why do I need to kiss anyone?

>> No.14247147

Thats okay, I don't know much about the game either. Could you please post your steam? I'm the guy with Yuyuko avatar and Neptune badge in case anyone else adds you up.

>> No.14247149
File: 779 KB, 1024x768, e1275f978f4d1d42c2230b739c54eabf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kissing feels great, specially if its with someone you love!

>> No.14247152

I lost my virginity recently.
It sucked because the condom we had killed my boner (was too small) and I think we rushed it a little. Now that we've done it, even though none of us came, I find myself less and less interested in her, mostly because, again, we rushed to sex instead of actually getting to know eachother.
The worst part is that I know she really really likes me but I can't help but want to either cut ties with her or cheat on her with someone else.
On top of it all, I was in love with a cute trap before she appeared in my life and I just went along with her to take my mind off him.
I feel... damaged, in a way.

>> No.14247155

I wanna fall in love with a jaypee!

>> No.14247157

I kissed a girl on the cheek before a few times.
It was soft and warm.

I imagine a real kiss would be softer and warmer.

>> No.14247158

I don't like posting my Steam in public, do you have a throaway Skype/email account?

>> No.14247159

True enough

You work for a specific party?

>> No.14247165
File: 359 KB, 792x540, 1442123278932.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to fall in love and kiss but nobody wants to fall in love with me.

>> No.14247167
File: 48 KB, 284x652, 1443462119252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm already in love with someone.
I'm sure you'll find a lovely, dorky jaypsie one day.
See, they're already lining up >>14247165

>> No.14247170

r any of you cute girls

>> No.14247171


That anon was not me but I don't. There are no good party in my country. Only leftists scums and good for nothing centrists. Being a femboi loving fascist is suffering.

>> No.14247178

I'll create one.

>> No.14247183

We're all cute girls.

>> No.14247188

No, we are homely, dorky girls.

>> No.14247190

No, /jp/ is full of cute traps and burly men!

>> No.14247191


>> No.14247193

Is there a way to still get beta keys?

>> No.14247197

I too once had /jp/sies as steam friends but then I got paranoid and deleted all of them. I sort of feld bad about dropping them without saying anything but what can you do.

>> No.14247212

You're mean and a horrible person

>> No.14247222

I'm very cautious about who I add to steam too.

Lots of weird 4channers in general.

>> No.14247229

Nowadays I don't add anyone on steam.
I'm fine with talking but I don't want people knowing what shit games I play.

I don't understand those who can have 500+ friends on Steam but then claim they're anti-social. Some of my best friends are internet friends that I've known for 6+ years, as sad as that sounds.

>> No.14247235

What kind of paranoid?

>> No.14247238

That's funny, one of them said I was the worst person he knew, too.

>> No.14247245

Getting caught for being a /jp/sie. I had my friend list hidden so my 3d friends couldn't see the weirdos, but it somehow made my online status invisible and I couldn't fix it so I deleted them and opened the list.

>> No.14247271

How many of you faggots have actually joined the /jp/ group? Be honest now

>> No.14247284

Nope, but I went to that /jp/ room for a dolly game for little girls a couple of years back.

>> No.14247320

That's because you're a TRUNEET. You're one of the NEETEST people on /jp/. All the other losers in this thread don't understand the joys of being alone and should just get the FUCK out.

>> No.14247340

Threads like this make me wish I was gay, but I just couldn't bring myself to fuck a guy, no matter how cute he is. It really sucks because pretty much all girls that would share my interests are crazy and/or attention whores, usually with some Cluster B personality disorder. While I know there probably is someone perfect for me out there, I'll never meet her because I'm a NEET that never leaves home.

And despite living in the largest city in the US everyone I become friends with lives somewhere else so I can't even hang out with /jp/sies if I just want to be friends

>> No.14247370


What's the /jp/ room ? Why nobody ever tell me about that kind of stuff !

>> No.14247376

Fucking this.

>> No.14247404


>> No.14247422
File: 185 KB, 720x480, sgsa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i had my first kiss 4 weeks ago. i thought i would become a wizard as well, me being 28 and a kissless virgin before.

i think she wants to fuck me in a few weeks from now.

what should i do, /jp/? stay a pure virgin, or finally give in to a slut?

>> No.14247435

>i think she wants to fuck me in a few weeks from now.
If an adult wanted to fuck you she wouldn't wait "a few weeks". She's just playing you.

>> No.14247473

no she isn't. we've just known each other for 8 days irl. so that will be day 9 & 10 in a few weeks.

>> No.14247627

>If an adult wanted to fuck you she wouldn't wait "a few weeks". She's just playing you.

Sounds like you have experience in this ...

>> No.14247633

Can you please post pics of the girl you kissed please.

>> No.14247641

>not waiting till cat girls can be genetically engineered
>being this normie

>> No.14247669
File: 62 KB, 455x423, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to love someone but I don't think I can. I realize looking back that everyone I ever got close to was out of a need for validation, not genuine interest. Maybe I'm defective.

>> No.14247671

I do. It was shit.

>> No.14247712

Get her drunk and fuck her. Get your money's worth out of her.

>> No.14247724

That's rape, you know

>> No.14247745

It's not rape unless she fights back. Source: Me

>> No.14247754
File: 11 KB, 217x300, shknny.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Its not, I've done it before. I found out some girl was just trying to use me to get free stuff and already had a boyfriend, so I took her to a bar and got her really drunk and fucked her. Her mom was home and everything. I kept that going for a few weeks too. I didnt get in any trouble.

On average I spent around $35 dollars per fuck.

Serves them right.

>> No.14247759
File: 1.05 MB, 1134x1104, Zoni.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>She was a qt and nice

What the fuck.

How does a qt nice (albiet seemly obsessive) girl find interest in someone like you with seemingly little in the way of "redeeming qualities" no offence, I am similar).

How did you even meet such a qt nice (albeit obsessive) woman?

Because quite frankly despite your warning / advice I would gladly switch places (my head is probably not right but thats another story).

I feel like, if by some miracle, a qt nice girl would be this dedicated (obsessive) to me, I would actually try to "achieve something in life and work hard" instead of the hopeless fuck I am now. Essentially I feel like I need a purpose (even if this sounds like an excuse for the way I am now) in life, something or someone to commit and dedicate to, to give me drive.

>> No.14247768
File: 5 KB, 48x48, _SHIRIA_-1301994261_normal.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


What interests are we talking about?

As for me, my "interests" are mainly "escapism devices" I fear and we all know the "problem with escapism".

>> No.14247786

>Go out and talk with people, build and lose friendships.

I'm in a similar situation to the post quoted but I don't want this. I genuinely dislike people and feel I'm an misanthropist despite the fact I want intimacy ala a gf.

>> No.14247791

Missed opportunities are terrible.

I know its constantly spammed that you shouldn't look back on them and just move on but its so fucking hard to do so especially when your current life is fucked as hell.

>> No.14247794
File: 499 KB, 588x766, 1439086452957.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I had my first kiss with this girl I had a crush on for months. It was our homecoming dance.

>> No.14247796

Totally otaku culture.

>> No.14247798

hire a hooker?

>> No.14247855

Loneliness is /jp/ related? I would rather watch the people here discuss it than some other group.

>> No.14247881

It's not on topic I agree but some of the stories I read on here are very interesting, usually because the people telling them are older than the average 4chan user and and generally wiser.

>> No.14247891


With who's money ? And at least that guy is really a whore at hearts and genuinely loves to gulp down sperm with his mouth and boipussy.

>> No.14247965
File: 524 KB, 960x540, 1436688017452.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how does /jp/ handle feelings for friends? i think i accidentally fell in love with this guy because he talks to me when i feel down and is just generally really nice to me. he's an ocean apart though so i doubt he'd be interested in me since we couldnt meet any time soon if at all. im a shy kissless virgin who has only had ldrs and they all ended in flames, so i really don't know what to do about my feelings anymore

>> No.14247976

Treat friends like that as 'bros', as much as I dislike the term, who are just extra special or something. Trying to force yourself into a category (i.e: being classed as in a relationship) doesn't work.

>> No.14248011
File: 98 KB, 594x575, 1427330278389.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

im able to do that with all of my other friends just fine, but when he talks to me i get butterflies in my stomach and everything makes me embarrassed or flustered. i used to just be able to deny it or push back the feeling whenever it came up but now i can't get it to go away at all if i start thinking about it

>> No.14248017

I had a similar thing, I think, but sort of overcame it and it doesn't happen anymore.

>> No.14248044

That used to happen to me. Turns out it wasn't love, just a symptom of being a friendless loser and wishing someone would care about me.

>> No.14248078


Just manage to suck him off once. It will be awkward as hell later but you'll have a bro you can suck off. Don't expect real romance though.

>> No.14248079

This anon speaks the truth.
Even friends can still care about you, don't think for a second that you have to suck some dicks to get approval.
If anything you might just alienate him and make yourself even more lonely.

>> No.14248085

what the fuck is this thread doing here is this what happens when we don't lynch the 3dpd idolfags

this thread is exactly why we need sagebombing self-moderation back

>> No.14248090

Me too. Why are there so many impure people? What happened?

>> No.14248092


Kek. That type of thread is the better /jp/ can come up with. You prefer shit general and images dumpings ?

>> No.14248098

no, generals should all fuck off too

touhou imagedumps have always been a part of /jp/ even though they should go to /c/ or /e/ or whatever

people thinking this thread is acceptable really shows how far /jp/ has gone to shit, fuck this i'm out

>> No.14248104

Not all of us were born into NEETdom.
OP is a mistake but this thread has evolved into something different, a warning message about PURITY.

>> No.14248105

It's amazing how just one word can out someone as a shitposter. Generals aren't good and neither are you. Hikki/NEET threads were the good days. This thread just feels like a slightly /jp/ flavored /r9k/ thread.

>> No.14248126

>Just manage to suck him off once. It will be awkward as hell later but you'll have a bro you can suck off. Don't expect real romance though.
this is way too lewd for someone like me, but even if I was that far gone in the first place, he is on the other side of the earth basically so that's not even remotely possible

>> No.14248201

This thread is utterly disgusting. I realize this board has declined a lot in the past few years, but this is just the final symptom of something truly unrecoverable.

Hundreds of posts about things that could amount to a greentext story from /r9k/, special snowflake angst, blogs about past relationships, spoilertalk straight out of /v/.

I don't think the 2015 non-virgin /jp/ is for me.

>> No.14248230

> non-virgin /jp/

You realize 90% of the people here are virgin and the rest obvious kuso posters right ? RIGHT ?

>> No.14248261

90%? It was probably not that high in earlier years, and now I doubt it's above 30-40%. I was excited about sharing a few DVDs I got from an auction here for the few worthwhile people still left, but it seems that wouldn't fit with the priorities of the current community.

>> No.14248374

I told you people before. This thread is why anyone who openly says that he is not NEET needs to be permabanned from /jp/; when allowed to roam free, they invariably bring their terrible posting habits from /a/, /b/, /v/, /pol/, /sp/, or whatever other shitty board from which they came.

>> No.14248387

Onahole thread people are married or have girlfriends, which is why the advice there is so good.
guys in JAV threads also have girlfriends or lives, same with any other hobby here that costs actual money. Chances are, if you have a job and money to buy otacool~ things, you'll eventually get a gf.

Someone mentioned idolfags, and i find that funny since out of everyone here, they're the most likely to be virgins.

/jp/ has a bunch of ``normies'', because its a board filled with older people. Boards like /v/ and /a/ have a constant influx of highschoolers while the old posters just leave somewhere else.

>> No.14248398
File: 264 KB, 711x1035, 4324134.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not everyone can live off of autismbux and parents anon

>> No.14248472

>generally wiser

I think generally more insane is a better description. not that that's a bad thing

>> No.14248476

Do you even report?

>> No.14248490
File: 25 KB, 600x450, baw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14248498

>all them spoilers

>> No.14248552

I was a NEET Permavirgin for 10 years untill I was eventually forced out of my parents house.
Can not get autismbux in my country, had to move out and get a job.
Now i am a permavirgin living in a shitty apartment working a shit job, wow what a radical change.

I wouldve liked to have been a NEET forever but it is not possible for everyone. My family is poor and I cannot fake it. Anyone who is still a NEET on this board either lives in a great country, has rich and nice parents or is underage b8. Some of us are not so lucky.

>> No.14248619

I actually came to post about something like this.

My boyfriend loves me so much, but I'm a useless NEET and I want him to find a cute 3D girl who will be there for him, not this person who is soft and useless and only lays in bed and wastes her money on useless things for temporary happiness. He loves me so much but I cannot figure out why, because I'm boring and awful and I'm not a good person, much less partner. But even when presented with these facts, he won't leave me. I've even tried being mean to him to get him to dislike me, but that didn't last very long because I started feeling very bad and he saw through what I was doing.

I just feel so guilty. I'm the older one, so I should be working and in school and doing things with my life, but I'm just a depressed mess and obsess over otaku things to make myself feel some semblance of comfort. I haven't left my house for months at a time because I'm afraid of going places, but he still comes by every day he can and tries to take care of me. I'm so depressed, I feel like a burden and I wish he would find someone good for him instead of wasting his young life with me.

Kisses and hand holding are nice, but someone much better deserves them, not me.

>> No.14248641
File: 21 KB, 386x359, 1439997513689.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14248656

as someone with a depressed otaku gf, he probably just wants to make you love yourself as much as he loves you

>> No.14248682

All the friends in my neighbourhood I used to play with started moving away from me when I was about 6 years old until I was around 14.
I don't value friendships anymore because I've experienced losing friends over and over and over again.
All the 'friends' I have now just do a get together once a year, and then we barely speak outside of then.

5cm/s destroys me everytime I watch it or read the manga because it hits so close to home.

>> No.14248703

I'm sorry, I don't know what this means.

I don't think it's possible. I've been like this for a very long time, and I just want him to be happy. But he can't be happy with someone like me. Why are you still with your depressed gf, anon? Well, she probably has more going for her, and she's likable.

>> No.14248710

didnt read all your post but I got that you were a girl.

Its not the same at all, he'll be just fine knowing he has a gf. The whole having to actually be worth for something more than sex only applies to males.
I'm not some autistic r9k dork so I dont get mad about it, just how the world works.
Anyways, companionship from you is how he gets his life motivation, I wouldnt worry about it, just go neetlyfe and cook him food and it'll be good, just my 2 cents.

>> No.14248750
File: 109 KB, 534x380, del.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the heck is going on, didn't I say no more of this impure nonsense?

Don't talk to anyone, even a jpsie, outside of jp! Not on steam, or email, or skype. It's wrong and it will only lead to sadness and misery. This is the only environment in which we can function.

>> No.14248751

i know people who lived with a chemical imbalance for over 40 years that left them drained all the time for their whole life who was then perfectly healthy after getting it treated, just because you've been that way forever doesn't mean it can't change

>> No.14248753
File: 30 KB, 339x425, 1338008355682.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14248755
File: 893 KB, 1416x1072, 1431759996122.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love all /jp/sies even when they're not on /jp/

>> No.14248769
File: 318 KB, 540x602, 4537611.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love jpsies more than anyone but they're only jpsies if they're on jp.
We hurt each other less if we stay on jp

>> No.14248778

Love is indiscriminate anon, you have to take risks sometimes

>> No.14248787

>The whole having to actually be worth for something more than sex only applies to males
I suppose. Reading that made me feel sad in a way I can't place, but I suppose you're right. I'll just cook more tasty things he likes.

My family doesn't like the idea of medicine, so I haven't tried taking any. They say it's the easy/lazy way out. So I feel like I might be. Thank you, anon. I might try and get it without their knowing. I'm starting to blog, though, so I'll stop posting after this.

But don't you want a friend who will understand you? I'd want a jpsie friend, even though I know the friendship will eventually fall through because one of us gets too anxious to reply. Better to have loved and lost, anon.

>> No.14248788
File: 553 KB, 960x1224, 44749558.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

jpsies are too soft and delicate to take unnecessary risks
It's dangerous out there and it's so safe here, why tempt fate?

>> No.14248796
File: 589 KB, 1000x876, 51044738_p16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Understanding between people is just an illusion
jp is my friend and I don't want to lose it because I got greedy

>> No.14248799

>Reading that made me feel sad in a way I can't place, but I suppose you're right.

You can accomplish and do a lot of things, but you will still be validated by the opposite sex even if you do nothing unlike for males.
No reason to be sad about it, its just rules of nature.

I wouldnt recommend ```medicines''' for you either, they will really really fuck you up. Life isnt supposed to be a blast all the time. Reading what you're writing, you're just unsatisfied with yourself. The best cure for that is to accomplish something, that will make you feel fulfilled and happy, instead of just an artificial drug happy.

You dont take the risks, instinct takes over and the risks naturally happen.

>> No.14248818
File: 257 KB, 1093x997, 155738226.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sometimes something wonderful can happen

True it's not always a conscious choice. Choosing to leave the house could result in an accident but that's life

>> No.14248827
File: 5 KB, 128x250, del.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stop bumping this shameful shit thread already.

>> No.14248846

>Hundreds of posts about things that could amount to a greentext story from /r9k/, special snowflake angst, blogs about past relationships, spoilertalk straight out of /v/.
Everything you've listed here happened pretty much all the time in 2008 other than the "past relationship" talk. Which might only be because /jp/ is finally too old or jaded to give a shit about the 3DPD thing anymore.

Blog threads are and have always been shit, though.

>> No.14248853

>Which might only be because /jp/ is finally too old or jaded
No, it is because the userbase changed radically. It's obvious unless you're blind.

>> No.14248861

last time the userbase actually changed was the flood of /v/ posters during the saten cocksucking threads, iirc
was that 2011-12?

>> No.14248871

Get the FUCK out, not dude.

>> No.14248878 [DELETED] 

>No, it is because the userbase changed radically.
The userbase of /jp/ has changed, but the people from that time have also changed. Not a single one of them still gives a shit about maintaining the pretense that we're all NEETs who hate or are entirely different to 3D females.

The home security guards who were screaming the praises of NEETdom and posting other dumb /jp/ memes in 19 are now in their late 20s.

>> No.14248885

Different anon here. I just came back to /jp/ after abandoning the internet for three years.

/jp/ honestly looks pretty much exactly the same as when I left. Maybe I need more time to browse to see if that's true or not, but at first glance it looks the same.

>> No.14248889

>No, it is because the userbase changed radically.
The userbase of /jp/ has changed, but the people from that time have also changed. Not a single one of them still gives a shit about maintaining the pretense that we're all NEETs who hate or are entirely different to 3D females.

Everyone old enough to post on /jp/ during the split is now well past 25. There's only so long you can care about maintaining the culture of NEET supremacy.

>> No.14248894

This. Quit blogging about your life, you shitters

>> No.14248901

>Not a single one of them still gives a shit about maintaining the pretense that we're all NEETs who hate or are entirely different to 3D females.
Stop trying to speak for everyone here. You aren't that important.

>> No.14248906
File: 113 KB, 949x488, activity 2015.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Board activity came to a halt due to overmoderation in 2014, and then the staff brought here massive generals like Kancolle (which, just by itself, comprised HALF OF ALL ACTIVITY when it first came) or monster girls (which is even bigger). There were lengthy meta posts on /ghost/ about it.

A notable userbase replacement has taken place in the last 2 years, it's undeniable. Do you browse the same board I do? It honestly surprises me I even have to explain this.

>> No.14248918

>Stop trying to speak for everyone here. You aren't that important.
The only one trying to speak for everyone here is you.

There are still plenty of people out there that will stick with 2D for life but very few people still care enough to try and militantly enforce it on the board. Go visit any of the wretched hives where 2008-era /jp/sies hang out in any number. None of them care anymore.

>It honestly surprises me I even have to explain this.
It surprises me that you're a fucking retard. The userbase replacement that mattered happened in 2010-2013. All that happened in 2014 was taking out the trash.

>> No.14248925

I didn't have internet that year, so I have no idea what you're talking about. Like I said, at first glance it looks the same as it did three years ago. You all make the same threads still and talk about them in the same way. Look there's even Flanfly threads still. The responses just aren't all in caps. Is that one of the userbase changes?

>> No.14248927

Nothing wonderful ever happens, please stop spreading this lie

>> No.14248941

So bringing several generals (and their hundreds of users) from other boards that have more activity that the whole board put together doesn't matter?

After 2010 the userbase definitely changed, and now it has happened again.

>> No.14248953

>After 2010 the userbase definitely changed, and now it has happened again.
It doesn't matter to me because as far as I'm concerned the new userbase that really started infiltrating in force starting 2011 was entirely worthless. These are the people who were "turned over" in 2014, which was fucking fantastic. The entirety of that era should be excised wholesale from /jp/'s collective memory.

>> No.14248971

I don't know dude. The warosu era is by far the most enjoyment I've ever gotten out of the Internet. It didn't really get in the way of the VN discussion I come to the jay for so I found it pretty harmless.

>> No.14248978

And... you think the ones that have come now for shitty shovelware mobile games generals are going to be any better? Do you think the monster girl users are going to make /jp/ better?

You're celebrating someone has emptied the urine bucket to pour shit on it.

By the way, there's already a metathread (>>14245417) but it's been autosaged.

>> No.14248986 [DELETED] 

The warosu era was reasonable for people who came to /jp/ for the endless attention whoring parade, and for people who came to /jp/ for a single general thread (and people wonder why those too off). You seem to be both. It was fucking miserable for everyone else.

Don't worry, your friends are still waiting for you at /gnfos/.

>> No.14248996

The warosu era was reasonable for people who came to /jp/ for the endless attention whoring parade, and for people who came to /jp/ for a single general thread (and people wonder why those took off). You seem to be both. It was fucking miserable for everyone else.

Don't worry, your friends are still waiting for you at /gnfos/.

>And... you think the ones that have come now for shitty shovelware mobile games generals are going to be any better? Do you think the monster girl users are going to make /jp/ better?
They have the potential to keep their retardation in a single thread without aggressively getting in the face of others. That alone makes them qualify as piss-level next to 2013-era's endless shit heap.

>> No.14249013

If you honestly think these kind of users are remotely better than 2012-2013, we have nothing to discuss.

>> No.14249015
File: 43 KB, 414x248, 12631591705.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wonderful things happen all the time. What if ZUN thought like that and never decided to make touhou?

>> No.14249016

When you say "everyone else," who exactly do you mean? I can't fathom how you could be distressed by a das it mane or viper or cat look like janny thread when they're off the board after two minutes and you have to intentionally visit /ghost/ to ever see them again.

>> No.14249025
File: 363 KB, 700x880, 49458124_p2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

touhou ruined my life and so did making friends with jpsies outside of jp

>> No.14249027

All the multifaceted shitty general threads today are the same as the idol threads which have been here from the beginning. They mostly keep to themselves. People only scapegoat them to avert their eyes from the shitheap that everything else has become (and that you're responsible for making it).

>If you honestly think these kind of users are remotely better than 2012-2013, we have nothing to discuss.
To begin with we had nothing to discuss given that you're one of the pieces of human excrement who came here during that era.

>> No.14249038

Take it easy boss, it's just an imageboard.

>> No.14249040

OP is literally a /r9k/ user: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:eexlUq7ffxgJ:https://archive.moe/r9k/thread/21115160/ (1435156935505.jpg on 21117757)

>> No.14249046

>when they're off the board after two minutes
If this actually happened nobody would have a problem with it. This only actually happened briefly during the "overmoderated" era that people love to complain about.

What's more typical is that people would spam a thread to death, you'd run out of reports, and six hours later a mod would come by and delete the whole thing.

>> No.14249049

>What's more typical is that people would spam a thread to death, you'd run out of reports, and six hours later a mod would come by and delete the whole thing.
I literally never saw this happen. Link me an archived thread where this took place.

>> No.14249059

I remember being one of those spammers whenever there were cosplay threads.

>> No.14249066

Think the spam that happened during C83, except instead of autistically babysitting it for hours (because it was the Comiket thread) they nuked it instead. Or the utter hilarity that the ZUN@AWA threads became.

You can't seriously tell me you never saw warosu play their little game where they aggressively, then subtly, start shitting up a thread for the sole purpose of harassing the staff (for hours on end, usually) and screaming about "babysitting" and "board shaping" like they ever cared about moderation integrity.

>> No.14249091

Uh I don't think anyone on the w ever claimed to legitimately care about moderation integrity. It was just fun to mess with the janitors because they took their job so seriously.

>> No.14249104

>It was just fun to mess with the janitors because they took their job so seriously.
So for the sheer fun of it, warosu spent thousands of hours harassing the people trying to preserve what was left of old /jp/, until they finally managed to annihilate it.


>> No.14249107

>the people trying to preserve what was left of old /jp/


>> No.14249108


>> No.14249109

Maybe one day they'll be able to use their brains properly.

>> No.14249116

I suppose the janitors were defending whatever you considered to be "old /jp/" (endless 2hu imagedump threads?). If you don't like the board anymore, why are you still here?

>> No.14249117

You know, thinking about it. Maybe /jp/ did change. This should have started as a portal thread, not a "I kissed someone" thread. I knew something was amiss.

>> No.14249122

Yes, Saegrimr, Kazisho and an even more mentally deranged AoC were the true paladins of old /jp/.

At this point I'm starting to think I might be talking to one of them.

>> No.14249126

>Maybe one day they'll be able to use their brains properly.
I suppose your ideal would have been for them to give up and let /jp/ become /gnfos/ entirely. Pass.

>Yes, Saegrimr, Kazisho and an even more mentally deranged AoC were the true paladins of old /jp/.
They certainly all knew, at the very least, what old /jp/ was like and what they were trying to preserve. The very fact that they volunteered for the position means that they weren't going to be the most stable of the bunch.

>At this point I'm starting to think I might be talking to one of them.
I used to talk to both of them from time to time, so you can experience it vicariously.

>> No.14249133

>both of them
Sorry - I was only talking about AoC and Saegrimr here. To my knowledge I've never interacted with Kaizsho.

>> No.14249135

>I used to talk to both of them from time to time
How'd you get to know them? And you still haven't explained what "old /jp/" is.

>> No.14249150

The overblown elitism and meme culture that characterized /jp/ in the first two years.

>How'd you get to know them?
Saegrimr I mostly talked with on 4chan proper. For a while we ran into each other playing soku a lot. Later I'd chat him with on IRC every few months.

AoC I only ever talked to inside /jp/, so that probably doesn't count, but he used to post quite a lot.

>> No.14249166

Kazisho was barely active on /jp/ compared to other janitors. His work is fairly ignorable.

>> No.14249170

How do you know that?

>> No.14249174

The janitors made it their mission to stamp out meme culture though. That's what warosu was. Niggy and viper were the next evolution of are you frustrated kircheis and bawson.

>> No.14249181

>The janitors made it their mission to stamp out meme culture though.
I'm specifically talking about the meme culture that characterized early /jp/; every board on 4chan has meme culture of some kind.

>Niggy and viper were the next evolution
Not in the fucking slightest.

>> No.14249191

What, so you wanted all the old jay memes to stay? That's not possible. Memes get stale pretty quickly.

>> No.14249197

I wonder how.
That's because old /jp/ memes were actually /jp/ related. There's nothing /jp/ about Niggy, das it mane, josh or any of the post-neo /jp/ memes (2013~2014). 2011 was already off-topic, even, with all the unironical gloryhole threads and whatnot.

>> No.14249203

like your mom

>> No.14249207

LoGH and Dawson's Creek are not even remotely /jp/-related.

>> No.14249208

/jp/ declined just like r9k is going to after producing a high ammount of memes.

>> No.14249221

Anime surely is remotely /jp/-related. Dawson though, you have a point there. One important thing to notice, though, is that dawson was a tiny minority among a bunch of /jp/ memes. Niggy and the rest were not a minority. I guess you can get away with mentioning that pls respond and nocturnes spammer were /jp/ related, but among the shit being poured over 2012 /jp/ outweighed it by a huge margin.

>> No.14249228


>> No.14249239

Bawson was just an excuse for people to bitch about meta. They were all shit threads, but the people in them (in hindsight, hilariously) spent a lot of time arguing about /jp/'s problems there.

Kircheis is a reaction image and holdover from pre-split culture that ascended to meme status. That doesn't make it /jp/ related per se but at least it evolved from the existing culture.

There's a long way from Sakurafish to whoever the fuck it was that posted a photo of their dick every day. Even if some of the memes were farther removed from /jp/ than others the people in them would actually justify themselves, because people back then actually cared about such things.

Whereas with niggy you'd just post a couple dozen more niggys and shitpost people who didn't like it into oblivion.

>> No.14249246


>> No.14249260

that feel when no ass

>> No.14249267

why is the real meta thread autosaged

>> No.14249272

To preserve what is left of old /jp/.

>> No.14249274

No wonder you didn't enjoy 2013. You couldn't dump any turdies on ol' janny boy.

>> No.14249355
File: 425 KB, 1000x800, 1389717180068.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to be friends with all of you and support when you guys need encouragement and kind words.

>> No.14249406
File: 74 KB, 800x800, 343b-09.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have accepted that I won't find true happiness (does it even exist?), just embrace the pure shitness of life but don't hurt yourself when you don't need to (e.g. don't get in relationships) and at least try to enjoy whatever you have.

>> No.14249459
File: 173 KB, 1056x1408, 1443657947892.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14249466


>> No.14249533


>> No.14249594

Fuck off normalfag. This board is NEET only.

>> No.14249849

I want to love and protect all of you!

and I wish I didn't secretly have a fetish for turning you all into degenerates

>> No.14249897 [SPOILER] 
File: 86 KB, 476x598, 1445397242231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14249924

It's not too late to become a cute girl!

>> No.14250076

>it's still here

>> No.14250125
File: 584 KB, 740x740, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f48531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I had my first kiss when I was child one little bastard brought down my breath by kick and in very overtightened manner tried to do artificial respiration and a few second he "really do it" but just a moment later, then I try to breathe independently, he put own dirty tongue in my mouth tread do french kiss.
Dem his mouth smell like hell disgusting, he can't even kiss properly.
Then he do it shit I feel nothing but disgusting after he stop I start feeling of nausea...

Now you can told me how awesome your kiss.

>> No.14250137

I'm a depressed suicidal stalker now because one of you /jp/sies who thinks it's okay to just suddenly become cold and distant and unfriend your friends.

>> No.14250155

Depression is a good thing.
Being not depressed means being a conformist ignorant of the true world.

>> No.14250184

I went and got help because a "loved one" that was a /jp/sie asked me to to. And then immediately after I started getting help I was unfriended and ignored to this day, and now I'm even worse than I was back then.

>> No.14250210
File: 736 KB, 1024x1024, 1424782265831.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But Anon, drinking is almost mandatory! 2hu is made of dreams and beer!
Good job with the rest, though!

>> No.14250562

I have the drive to achieve something in life, and I believe that I work hard.
I have a purpose.
But, I don't think I will ever be happy.

You are right though. It's very hard to convince yourself that you should work hard to be wanted when nobody wants you.

Don't equate drive with happiness. Drive is only a means to an end.
You've been left with a chicken and egg problem, and the sooner you realize that, the sooner you can solve it.

>> No.14250712

It's better to try do it anyway.

>> No.14250730

you idiots are all arguing about whether /jp/ was different or not based on your memories when you could easily just go search a date in the archive

>> No.14250789

suck my cock

>> No.14250805

the fuck up

>> No.14250935

>suddenly becoming cold and distant and unfriending your friends
It's basically internet suicide, except it's somewhat easier to undo than the real one.

>> No.14251795

Another great fake chat, squad. I hope you all still enjoys that joy of distorting everything around you while enjoying your interneto life. What they're calling it now, pretend- fun... posting?

>> No.14252573

Drugs are awful, including ethanol.

>> No.14252637

I want to kiss and have sex with someone I actually love but I find it impossible to fall in love with anyone IRL. No one seems good enough.

>> No.14252660

>Cluster B personality disorder
I went on OkCupid for 2 months, it was ridiculous. The only people who wrote me were full on Cluster B fucks, and I found everyone else too boring to contact. Also as another city-dweller I think cities suck for meeting folks because you almost never see the same people on a regular basis.