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You're taking Marisa out on a date!
Where do you take her?

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To a costume party!

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the whorehouse

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The afterlife, where dead people belong

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somewhere I could only acquire platonic points like an arcade or something
I don't want her to get the wrong idea

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To every bar in town.

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Romantic walk at the beach during sunset-> fancy high-class restaurant->pleasure dungeon

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alice's house for drinks and a threesome!

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to the rape van, dont let the name mislead you

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So it's really more of a rape truck?

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no, its a molestation SUV

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I take her to the park, and strategically place sticks on the ground so we can laugh at the rollerbladers and joggers who trip over them.

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To a library so we can steak books!

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mmmm... steak books. Educational and delicious!

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To the library so we can steal books!

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Why am I going on a date? I don't remember this.

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drink some beers in a bar, bully some youkai, be the gangstas of gensokyo

tfw I cried a little while typing it, because it will never happen

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the garbage dump at the bottom of the waterfall

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That's where the BEST garbage comes from

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While Undertale is a good game, it's not /jp/

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The amusement park
They just opened up a new ride

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I serve her crab legs.

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The cementery

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I book us a flight to Jerusalem and take her to the Sexateria

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Marisa is the type that's better to rape than tenderly caress.

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my love for you is like a truck, would you like to making fuck

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Thanks doc

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The dollar store

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The abortion clinic!

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A Pink Floyd concert. I've a feeling she'd enjoy it.
And we'll be doing that right after the concert!

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The leather club two blocks down

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Would you really want Marisa to go bankrupt on male prostitutes?

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I want to take Marisa to one of those squared off dumpsters behind a McDonald's and have relations with her!

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Thrifting. Afterwards I bring her home for a cup of coffee and cook her fried eggs for dinner because that's what I know how to cook.

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Straight to the bedroom to chain her up and master her love colored spark. Nondirectionally. #flowering_night