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Don't stay up past your bedtime, or a ghost might spook you in the face.

Monster Girl Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/UevqvF4h

Monster Girl Wordpress: https://monstergirlscollection.wordpress.com/

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First for familiars

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A silly spook?

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First for Egyptians.

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i don't want a ghost to spook all over my face

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>Devil worshipers not welcome.
Don't you have cowboys to shoot, texan?

>mg threads on /a/ are full of monsterboys now
guess this is what happens when we leave things.

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Undead monstergirls are the best

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Define silly.

But all boy like to be spooked, and have ectoplasm gush all over them.

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When /v/ tries to talk about monstergirls they get furries complaining about monstergirls having human faces.

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>But all boy like to be spooked, and have ectoplasm gush all over them.

It's such a headache to clean it from the carpets though.

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Don't move!

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>they get furries complaining about monstergirls having human faces.
If god exists, why doesn't he do anything about this? Athiests : 1 Christians : BTFO

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Maybe it's your fault for being so easily spooked.

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Wait, what? Why? I'm scared now...

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>mg threads on /a/ are full of monsterboys now
Funny part is, the discussion they're having now is genuine fanfiction.

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No idea what that's from, but it has my attention.

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She could at least help me clean it up.

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imagining that scene from ghostbusters 2 with the river of evil slime

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>on /a/
Who cares?
Swing and a miss.

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>Swing and a miss.
Your trickery won't fool me, bible belter.

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Well enjoy being wrong and go worship satan and his cronies somewhere else.

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She has places to be and ghost things to do.

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They even have the best Demon/Spirit Realms.

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Being a ghost sounds like hard work.

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Which monsters are the best and worst to serve as a butler to?

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>go worship satan and his cronies somewhere else.
Satan-chan did nothing wrong. Satan a cute. Go and be a christfag somewhere else.

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Pretending to be retarded is not and will never be funny.

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She has to keep up appearances. Opening doors, moaning at night, disappearing in front of people, and other things. You think she just abuses her powers to do lewd things?

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I just saw that one Jabberwock image from last night, is it just me or does she seem to suddenly have a lot more art? She went to having none to having a lot.

Also anyone have that one image from last night of her? The monster one.

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>Pretending to be retarded is not and will never be funny.
Seriously though, don't you have some where else to shit up? You realize literally every girl posted and spoken about in these threads is part succubus, right? Or did that one slip you?

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Some guy has been commissioning art like mad

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Some Anon mad with power has been commishing art for her

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Best: Vampire, Wight, Amazon, Lilim, Kraken,Pharaoh, any monstergirl you like.

Worst: Beezlebub, Devil Bug, Cu Sith, Orge, Kikimora.

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I got you covered.

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Really, that's a lot of art, why?

Thank you.

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You forgot Cait. It's worse than all of them.

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Nigga really likes his Wock.
Not that I can blame him.

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Same reason Miia-fag probably spent upwards of 2k dollars on his snake pit.

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I think he's trying to make a calendar or something. Whatever the reason I'm grateful.

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I am aware. What you're doing is bringing up the lesser and greater devils of hell, not random creatures form folklore. We may be lonely and horny but act like you have a modicum of sense. And I was here, both this site and threads, long before you, YOU leave.

Fuck you too faggot. Belial is the father of sodomy, you are worshipping faggot prime.

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>Same reason Miia-fag probably spent upwards of 2k dollars on his snake pit.
He spent 2k? Jesus why? Isn't one enough? Why are people spending large amounts of money on anime girls?

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I think you're taking people on an Indian curry board too seriously.

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Mad. With. Power

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Because anime girls are a spotlight in the night.

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People are free to spend their hard earned cash however they wish, and those niggas happen to have great taste.

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Well that was just a guess going off the price of full size daki commissions and the amount of them he got.

As for reasons, waifus. Spent close to $200 on commissions myself, combined with merchandise it adds up pretty fast.

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I'd sodomize that cute Belial

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I bet your nun is actually a succubus

>This faggot wouldn't bang the ara ara motherly Princess Seere
top kek. I've argued with you before I think. The whole analanguish over naming actual demons is familiar.

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>actual demon
Enjoy her futa cock reaming you, goetia fool.

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You can have Belial, I want to do unspeakable things to Asmodeus.

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>sodomizing the father of sodomy
Yeah, good luck with that.
You do know he is "The destroyer of men?"

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Angels are out of style.

Demons are radical and awesome.

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>Seir (also known as Seire, Seere, or Sear) is a Prince of Hell with 26 legions of demons under his command. He can go to any place on earth in a matter of seconds to accomplish the will of the conjurer, bring abundance, help in finding hidden treasures or in robbery, and is not a demon of evil but good nature, being mostly indifferent to evilness.

>He is depicted as a man riding a winged horse, and is said to be beautiful.
Slap on the KC brand of monstergirl and she's basically demonic titiana.

That's the best you got? Nothing else, so you just pull dick out of nowhere? Nice try faggot.

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Wow, someone's upset.

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>You do know he is "The destroyer of men?"
Yes, Asmodeus-chan can destroy my pelvis any day.

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>says the gender bending twink
Sticks and stones gaybo.
>believing demon propaganda

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He's probably just booty blasted his angel girls a shit

>says the gender bending twink
See? He doesn't even know where he is

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>The destroyer of men
oh baby

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OhmyGod these nerds actually being upset on the internet.

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>"The destroyer of men?"

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>doesn't know where he is
Oh yeah, cause that fetish and alps are real popular here.

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Now now, I wouldn't call Angels completely shit, they're great for spanking, bondage play and humiliation.
Blueberries are the best.

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If you're not going to take this seriously, you should stay out of it.

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It's from Until Dawn, an interactive QTE game where you stay at a spooky winter cabin and have to avoid Wendigo from killing you

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>Oh yeah, cause that fetish and alps are real popular here.
Gee I wonder what gender all the monsters that predate the DL taking power were.

>I wouldn't call Angels completely shit
I would. Wanton harlots and deceivers of men. Demons can't lie, nor can they hide their intentions. Protip: Its your dick.

Remember kids, if an angel appears, she probably wants you to aid in the genocide of the human race. Don't believe her lies! Take this lovely Balrog demon instead.

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I want to cuddle an Alp and be her hug buddy!

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>but act like you have a modicum of sense
Where do you think we are?

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You should read about the things you fap to sometimes, so you know what you SHOULDN'T fap to.

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Come on now man, that's uncalled for. I'm not that faggot who's getting all butthurt about demon girls, but angel girls are fucking olev.

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I wish I had drawing talent so I could tap into the waifufag market.

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>all the monsters were male
I knew devil worshipper were idiots but damn son.

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Oh so we have zero sense. Okay, break your hand with a hammer and post pics.

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I don't have any issue with Demons or Angels, but please slow down on the image dumps, or at least delete some of the images you've already posted.

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You've got a problem, Anon. A problem that just moved in next door.
Your new neighbor is a Gandharva, and the worst kind of Gandharva at that. She's a huge music snob, incredibly pretentious, and never misses an opportunity to critique what you're listening to.
But now, thanks to a friendly wizard creating a magic copy of you to do your day-to-day chores and whatnot, you now have the ability to follow her around 24/7 and blare a single song on repeat to annoy her.
What song do you choose, Anons?

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>taking discussion in a monster girl thread seriously

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>friendly wizard

I do not trust this wizard.

>> No.14233855

>implying there weren't some who were
Anon, pls.

>> No.14233856

Read the description for it to make more sense.
Also, if any of you can make it through the full 20 minutes: I commend you.

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Leek spin.
or green grass and high tides.

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>he doesn't know waifus are serious business
I'm fine with the back and froth but we should listen to >>14233837

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You said ALL you illiterate mouth breather.

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No. I don't trust clones

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>I can only interpret things 100% literally
If I said every monster that was male before being turned into a monstergirl was male, that would be quite redundant now wouldn't it. Now if I just said monsters, its the same as saying all, so what's the big deal. I obviously didn't mean every single one ever, otherwise I would have said that. I can say,
>All the dragons
>All the liches
>Al the holstaur and minotaurus
And a bevvy of others likely.

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Why don't you just nip this in the bud now before it gets stupid.

>> No.14233902

>Gee I wonder what gender all the monsters that predate the DL taking power were.
>all the monsters
Nah, fuck you special ed.

>> No.14233903

>before it gets stupid.
It started stupid. Who the fuck seriously complains about turning entities into monstergirls? It's literally what we do here.

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If you found out that your waifu had pierced nipples and a few tattoos in secret places from when she was young and wild, would you still love her?

>> No.14233916

Guy doesn't like named demons, not monstergirls.

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>> No.14233923

>things only weenies care about

>> No.14233929

Some one turned a named demon into a monstergirl. Guy should grow a thicker fucking skin.

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>> No.14233936

>Ushi-Oni with piercings and tattoos
Absolutely acceptable.

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I'm here for my spider and chill so just relax and enjoy the weaving.

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Did you not hear him, Anon? He said she's pretentious. She'll love that.

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Maybe you shouldn't have shit taste and think solely with your dick.

>> No.14233957

I wonder if Rocknroll will do all 72.

>> No.14233959

I wouldn't choose a song, I would replace all the music she owns with Death Grips

>> No.14233960

>Wight, Lich and Jiang-Shi
>all high-tier in power level
>none of them wear underwear
Team undead stronk

>> No.14233961

That looks pretty cozy.

>> No.14233965

>You'll never summon the chuuni Duchess Crocell
>You'll never eschew her offers to teach geometry and liberal sciences in favor of making her your maid, making use of her ability to warm waters to have eternally hot coffees and tea
>You'll never make her give you ASMR reminiscent of rushing waters as you go to sleep
I don't know what this other guy is salty about this sounds like heaven.

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Creepy multiarm waifus

>> No.14233971

I hope you don't play any tabletop games, I would kick you out if you were in my party.

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>pierced nipples
Not a big fan

>and a few tattoos
depends, I find tattoos like Alice's or her knights to be incredibly fucking hot

>> No.14233975

This. This a thousand times and some.

>> No.14233977

Meh. Also, please stop dumping images.

>> No.14233978

This is giving me feels I didn't think I would feel.
Please don't give me a multi-arm fetish, guys.

>> No.14233979

my taste>yourtaste

>> No.14233981

>tabletop nerd

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>> No.14233988

10/10 manga.

>> No.14233989

More lies?

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>you will never give Duchess Flauros headrubs while sitting in her magic triangle

>> No.14233997

Great, all I can think of now is multiarm handjobs

>> No.14233998

Unless that mothgirl can somehow cure my cold that's been lasting for over a week, I'm not.

>> No.14234000

I'm ready for more MG versions of named demons just to piss off the priest that stumbled in here.

>> No.14234002

Is there going to be a third part?

Hopefully RS will be able to translate it when it ever comes out.
Speaking of RS. More Through the Floor when?

>> No.14234004

If she has multiple arms, how would that factor into the algorithm?

>> No.14234005

>you will never watch the prideful and foolish do the hellfire rumba because they wanted to be edgy devil worshipping "cool kids"

>> No.14234007

She'll cure you, Anon. Just come a little closer...

>> No.14234008

>You'll never head innawoods with Princess Stolas
>She'll never give you instruction on which plants are poisonous and which are good to eat, or how to easily find precious stones
>You'll never lay with her before the campfire, cocooned in her avian wings, her long legs entwined with your own as you fuck under the open sky

>> No.14234010

You have to be 18 to post here.

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It's a great fetish to have, why resist?

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>> No.14234017

FIne, if I start into a coughing fit that's her fault.

Huh, it's warm, and soft. I always liked soft and warm things.

>> No.14234018

Dammit Anon, what did I tell you not to do?

>> No.14234022

>tfw no Princess Orobas centaurfu

>> No.14234024

>she'll never watch you writhe in agony as she tricks you into eating wormwood

>> No.14234023

No time soon, unfortunately. Dragongirl story soon, though.

>> No.14234029

>No time soon, unfortunately.
>Dragongirl story soon, though.

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Welcome baaaack....

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I want to annoy a demon by putting my own fine print into the contract, and she only finds out after i sign it.

>> No.14234037

>No Marchioness Forneus to stand beside you as you build your empire, more loyal than a kikimora, shrewder than a tanuki

>> No.14234045

>Holy shitposting
>Literally "stop liking what I don't like"
Yanno usually you guys are more proactive about this kinda shit.

>> No.14234047

I want to sign a contract with my delicious brown demon Onee-san!

>> No.14234051

Would a Queen/Countess Vine be a fusion between a Centaur and a Liongirl?

Or maybe just a tauric Liongirl with a pet snake.

>> No.14234059

>Wake up
>Get into an accident
>Due to some blood transfer accident you are now infused with Super Soldier serum
What do?

>> No.14234060

>he will never make you eat the drowned at sea
Aren't you happy?

>> No.14234062

Thankfully it's just one autist.

>> No.14234063


>> No.14234064

>Or maybe just a tauric Liongirl with a pet snake.
I like to think they're just sidekicks. Liongirl with a genki lamia that's touchy feely because she likes to be handled and a standoffish midnight black centaur girl

One autist too many

>> No.14234066

And this is where I take my leave for a few hours. If you need me I'll be in the bathroom.

>> No.14234067

Probably get drafted, then die, or get drafted and get my blood drained for the serum. Super soldiers don't live happy lives.

>> No.14234071

I would have posted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vw3HQUYgCsY, personally.

>> No.14234072

Fight for justice.

>> No.14234075

>he will never rip off your flesh and add your bones to his palace

>> No.14234079

Drive an ice cream truck.

>> No.14234082

Get the stick out of your ass, anon.

>> No.14234085

That's actually the most dangerous job
>Wurm wants her ice cream
>She doesn't have money
>Oni tells her to just take it

>> No.14234086

>make it so that she HAS to call you 'Super Kame Guru' every time

>> No.14234090

Finally rid the world of the eternal jew.

>> No.14234093

It's you, why do I know it's you? Should I even care? Why should I? Feel better, so why waste my better time questioning it.

>> No.14234094

I can report this for shitposting right? Just checking because I heard mods can be fickle for what they consider to be legitimate reports. I mean this is just pure 'if I don't like it, no one can' mentality

>> No.14234098

Tanuki boss woman wants word with you. She finds your, presentation a little disconcerting.

>> No.14234102

Just wait it out and ignore him.

>> No.14234103

Ok Anon, whether it's because you want to keep your wizard's tower safe or just need some help around the house, you've decided to pick up a golem to help out. The problem is that you've got 10 magical fun bucks to buy one.

What golem do you buy parts for?
Remember: 10 points

Default Frame (Free): Looking like an average human woman, it's the basic body used by most golems and offers nothing out of the ordinary. Has B-cups, some nice hips, and a bit of a behind.

>Child's First Friend Frame (1 point): A loli frame intended to look like, and be friends with, a child. Flat, no real hips, a bit of a rear and child sized.

>Pleasure Model (1 point): Built for...'comfort' and nothing more, this model has an hourglass figure with E-cup breasts, a greatly padded bdehind, and hips that are perfect for holding, average height.

>Matron Model (2): Built to care for children, this model keeps the general shape of the pleasure model but adds a small layer of padding to give it a softer feeling and appearance. Average Height.

>Construction Model (2): A model built to do heavy lifting, it's breasts are only C-cups and it's rear is more compact than the pleasure models but it sports a toned body with a hint at abs and stands an impressive 5 feet, 10 inches.

>War Frame (3): Built for heavy combat, these golems have been granted increased muscle mass and durable bones that can take the heaviest blows. Typically reserved for VIPs or people with too much money. Has a six pack, muscles that look like an oni who's been bulking on protein, D-cup breasts, and a muscled thighs with a tight rear.

Custom Frame (Varies): A new, custom frame not listed here is 3 points, a modified version of an existing one is that frame's cost + 1. NOTE: Do not do inhumane shapes [centaurs, lamia, etc), that's later on)

>Personality Matrices:
1. Default/Emotionless (Free): Built without any real personality, these golems have no true emotions and, instead, operate on cold logic and the slight instincts of their monstrous nature.

1. Kuudere (1): A slight alteration to the default core, this personality matrix adds a hint of true emotion with the ability to express love back, although they largely remain quiet.

2. Deredere (1): A matrix designed to grant the golem a tender, caring personality, it was originally intended for use in matron/CFF golems, although a few have put it in combat models.

3. Tsundere (2): An offshoot of the deredere matrix given a defiant streak, these golems tend to seem resistant to listening to their masters, although they still obey in the end. They do not display physical violence and their resistance is kept to verbal exchanges.

>Dandere (2): Based upon the kuudere matrix, portions of the deredere matrix have been added so that they seem to have a meek, shy demeanor who that seems hungry for praise.

>Yandere (2): Originally based on the deredere matrix, it was an experiment to increase the loyalty factor which, to an extent, they succeeded. Models with these matrices are known to be possessive of their master and jealous of other girls. Although newer models don't have the...'volatility' of the earlier models, they are still known to be quite suspicious of females who are not a member of their master's family.

>Tomboy (3): A full fledged personality matrix that seems more 'masculine', if only just, these matrices are known to grant the golems a tad more up front and brash personality, at the cost of making them a bit less receptive (almost embarrassed) at affection.

>GENKI (3): A model intended for child models, this personality is sweet and energetic, always optimistic and wanting to do things with their charge.

>Himedere (4): As far from the standard as you can get, these princess like personalities are as expensive as the nobles they emulate. Although they make excellent officers or head maids, they often seem to order their masters about, instructing them on how to better themselves and live up to the golems expectations.

Custom Personality (Varies): A new, custom matrix not listed here is 3 points, a modified version of an existing one is that personality's cost + 1.

Extras are next.

>> No.14234114

>being a wageslave
I kek'd.

>> No.14234117


Maid Routines (1): a upgrade granted to golems, this turns a golem into a master of cleaning and laundry.

Chef Routine (1): Another common upgrade, it makes the golem into a master chef who can cook anything from filet mignon to hot wings.

Lactation enhancer (1): An alteration to the golem's breasts, it induces constant, natural lactation in the golem, although it does increase her spirit energy requirements by a little bit

Spell Memory banks (1): An upgrade that dedicates a portion of the golems memory to maintaining spells and incantations. Needed if one wants their golem to cast spells.

Inbuilt Weapons: (2) Ranging from mana cannons built into their hands, detachable rocket fists, eye lasers, and more, this gives your golem a suit of offensive capabilities.

Medical Expansion (2): Adds medical magic and scanners which let her monitor your current condition and treat injuries/diseases ranging from the common cold to limb loss.

Mana Core Enhancer (2): An upgrade to the golem's power source, this upgrade allows the golem to produce massive amounts of mana which can be siphoned of by their masters for spell casting or harnessed by the golem itself. Needs a memory upgrade to cast spells.

Non-human Frame upgrade (3): Changes the golems frame to take on a nonhuman shape. Allowing centaur frames, lamia frames, or even nano-golem ooze frames.

What do you build anons?

>> No.14234123

Make it so she has to wear a silly hat during the day.

>> No.14234124

>War Frame
>Spell Memory Banks
>Medical Expansion
>Chef Routine (because I'm only good at cooking desserts and I don't want to get fat)

>> No.14234127

become an artist

>> No.14234136

Nothing really.

>> No.14234144

Ooh look at what we have here, self employed man.

>> No.14234145
File: 926 KB, 2421x2329, 88bdc791fd3b534a3d18523088a528.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>War Frame (3)
>Yandere (2)
>Chef Routine (1)
>Lactation enhancer (1)
>Spell memory banks (1)
>Mana Core Enhancer (2)
The best make-a-waifu a man could have.

>> No.14234147

>Pleasure Model
>Mana Core enhancer
>Medical Expansion
>Spell Memory Banks
>Lactation Enhancer
>Maid Routines

Yandere pleasurebot that always knows my medical condition and is a perfect spellcaster and maid but fails at cooking sounds adorable.
>You'll never cook for her as she hovers over your shoulder, visibly worried that you'll hurt or cut yourself.
>She'll never treat your food like edible gold
They way to anythings heart is through its stomach.

>> No.14234150

>Construction model
>Maid routines
>Chef routine
>Non-human frame - Wurm

>> No.14234161

So a big, bulky tomboy golem that memorizes all your spells and plays doctor to you along with cooking?
Do you pat her head and watch her squirm.

So, a magical, muscled yandere with lactating tits?
Fine choice.

Oh lordy, that's prime wife material there.

Oh wow, you just built what is essentially a wurm golem.
Only she's probably a bit smarter and is the perfect maid.

>> No.14234163

Suplex an ushi-oni through the floor.

>> No.14234165

>War frame
>Maid routine
>Lactation enhancer
>Chef routine

>> No.14234171

Oppai loli frame, 2 fun bucks.
Deredere personality, 2 fun bucks
Maid and chef routines, 2 fun bucks
Mana core and spell memory, 3 fun bucks
Having the perfect portable paizuri stand, priceless.

>> No.14234176

>War frame
>Inbuilt Weapons
>medical expansion

That should be good for bodyguard work

>> No.14234179

A nice, bodyguard maid who's there to keep you safe and hasmilky breasts.

Sounds portable.

Do you pat her head whenever she does a good job?

>> No.14234186

>Only she's probably a bit smarter and is the perfect maid.
That's the plan, take the wonderful package that is a Wurm and give her some specialized knowledge in one or two areas.

Plus who wouldn't like a genki wurm with abs bringing them breakfast in bed?

>> No.14234189

>Default frame
>Maid routine
Do I get change?

>> No.14234193

Depends of if she wants one.

does inhuman frame include dragons?

>> No.14234197

>Oh lordy, that's prime wife material there
It's great because with her medical scanners she can modify her milk to have exactly what I need to be able to pump her full of more 'mana'. We're the perfect perpetual machine of snuggles and baka coupleness.

>> No.14234198

Yes, you keep whatever funbucks you don't spend.

Do note that it merely makes her look like one, it doesn't give her the strength/powers of one.

>> No.14234201

>Pleasure model
>Lactation enhancer
>Inbuilt weapons
>medical expansion

>> No.14234214

Well what's my change good for?

>> No.14234215

Does she "OOOOhohohoho!" as she shoots her mana cannons?

>> No.14234218

one day, a true dragon golem will be mine,
and i shall have alongside this one

>> No.14234222

Oh yes, and she can convert her drill hair into actual drills.

>> No.14234227

>no option for a non-gendered golem
Well, in lieu of my enormous stone lifting machine I guess...
War Frame
Maid routine
spell memory banks
Mana core enhancer
And I guess medical enhancement since I have two extra points.

>> No.14234242

Seems like a good general purpose assistant right there.

>> No.14234244

Tumblr pls

>> No.14234246

>Matron Model modified to be Taller and Chubbier (3)
>Himedere (4)
>Spell Memory Bank (1)
>Mana Core Enhancer (2)

I want to serve my Golem Mistress as her butler! I want to help her with whatever magical schemes she's planning up! I want to spoil her with sweets and treats!

>> No.14234252

But what if I want a generic genderless golem for my own fun and games? If I want to sex it up I can do it later.

>> No.14234253

So strange.
She was built to serve, not be served!

Well, if that's what you want then so be it.

>> No.14234256

I just want an assistant that can pick up very heavy things for me and obeys my every order, anon. I'm just an everyday wizard.
Should be useful around the tower somehow, at least.

>> No.14234259

i would like to purchase your golem creation plans

>> No.14234270


>Contruction Model
>Inbuilt weapons
>Medical Expansion
>Spell Memory banks.

>> No.14234271



>> No.14234275

Simple but versatile, I like it.

>> No.14234277

That's what makes her the best, how many Golems out there can say they're the master in the relationship? I'll polish her up, dress her in the nicest clothes, and make every other Golem wish they were her!

And after a long hard day of serving her, I'll cuddle her while she pouts, happy I have the best Golem mistress in the world!

>> No.14234278

What are some of the ideas about a chuuni JRPG-esque story ?
I will start.
>Monster girls came to the world several centuries ago for unknown reasons.
>Change mankind forever.
>Bring Magic and shit.
>Current world is similar to your typical MG world with some dash of Magitech and Monster girls and their lovers can use magic fuel by the Power of Love.
>Be an orphan of a rare human mother.
>Got adopted by some extremist Anti-MG organization
>Got trained to become a MG killing machine.
>Wander through the woods in the countryside in one of the training sessions someday
>Meet cute same-age loli vampire waifu, who is a daughter of a MILF vampire knight general.
>Become best friends.
>Sneaking out one night to play with her.
>Your trainer cought that.
>They tried to harm her.
>Try to fight them to buy time for your waifu got away.
>Your waifu escaped, asked her mom and dad to help.
>Two weeks later, both of them and the army came.
>Busting the entire lair of bad guys
>Found you chained in the dungeon, tortured and beaten.
>Weird writing, scripture carved on your back, likely with knife.
>With your hazy consciousness, found your waifu hugging you and vow to
protect you.

>> No.14234280

Such a strange man.
Well, if that's how you want her than feel free.

>> No.14234283

>Still no Demon stories outside of the greentexts

>> No.14234284

But she's not a living person. She can't be a mistress.

>> No.14234287

>Pleasure Model (1 point)
>GENKI (w/ Tomboy Modification) (4 points)
>Maid Routines (1 Point)
>Chef Routine (1 Point)
>Non-Human Frame Upgrade: Lamia Frame (3 Points)

I'm going to love and cuddle her every night.
Is it okay to have the Lamia Frame be a modular part she can take on and off at will?

>> No.14234289

Which MGs are the best at solving really abstract, convoluted puzzles?

>> No.14234294

Actually, all our golems come with a free womb and fertility unit built in the frame, allowing pregnancies and children.

>> No.14234297

Crow Tengu, Lich, Anubis and Wurm.

>> No.14234300


And somewhere out there, a Wight read this post, crossed her arms and pouted.

>> No.14234302

Yes, you can allow it to be modular, you'll need to get a leg unit on your own time though.

>> No.14234303

If you could have one super power to fight crime in mgc what would it be?

I'd pick having balls that are connected to the elemental plane of jizz. They'd never see it coming

>> No.14234304

She's technically alive.

>> No.14234309

It is! And there's nothing strange about creating a dominant golem who'll demand you serve her and love you in return!

Don't bully her, she's real, soft, and haughty! She's no different than you or me outside of her creation. She's real and living, and one day I want to have tons of cute babies with her!

>> No.14234312

Immunity to mamono mana, and mamono mana is repelled from my personal presence of about ten feet.
I'll be unstoppable.

>> No.14234313

>lying down with laptop on belly shitposting online
>Wight waifu comes in, turns the lights off and sits in the center of the room, brings her knees to her chest like a kid and pouts
>Practically, silently screaming 'come pamper me'
>Sigh, get up, head over, sit behind her and pull her back until her head is resting on your lap
>Let her stew in silence for a bit
>"Hey... I can be a good mistress if I wanted... right?"
How do you respond?

>> No.14234317

>What are regular poisoned darts

>> No.14234318 [SPOILER] 
File: 345 KB, 1098x1600, 1445108471027.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey did anyone read the new chapter of EMG?
Mero's mom is the worst mom.
No wonder the king left her.

>> No.14234319

More like because they're motionless and have no desires of their own besides your dick. That guy is huffing something, wanting a golem mistress.

>> No.14234320

Well she's acting more like a child than a mistress. She needs to be more dominant and assertive if she wishes to be a mistress.

>> No.14234322

>Soft, Himedere golem who's insecure about being a 'real' girl

There goes my heart

>> No.14234326

HAHAHA! Mermaids a shit. Okayado's monsters are garbage, praise KC.

>> No.14234327


>> No.14234328

>monsters bothering to use anything but mamono mana for anything
Plus, I could just, like, wear armor or something. I get a costume.

>> No.14234329

Why do I get the feeling that she's going to pester me to save up to buy her all sorts of modular units?
I mean I probably will, but I don't know if my heart could take her cuteness while asking me.

>> No.14234330

>More NTR and 3DPD sluts from crabman
Colour me not surprised.

Hey, sometimes mistresses can be brittle in places. It's up to you to cover for those weaknesses.

>> No.14234334

The power to turn people good so they stop committing crimes.

>> No.14234335
File: 2.26 MB, 370x185, 1355684471531.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This shit makes my blood boil.

>> No.14234337

>3DPD sluts
Anon I'm not sure what you mean by this.

>> No.14234338

Yeah, well what do you do if they start spitting darts at you who have their own armored costumes?

>> No.14234344 [SPOILER] 
File: 327 KB, 1088x1600, 1445108766175.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey, at least Mero realized that being NTR'd is shit and saved Kimihito's life.
Though she still seems oddly fixated on having a three way relationship with Kimihito and Miia.

>> No.14234347

Mgs that act like 3pd

>> No.14234349

Mero's mom did everything wrong.
And almost got her daughter and a human killed over her tragedy fetish.

>> No.14234350

>Fast forward to the present.
>You are now the attendant of your now late teen vampire knight apprentice waifu.
>Despite your affection for each other, both of you still haven’t get together yet.
>Vampire waifu blamed herself for your suffering.
>You have an inferiority complex, thinking yourself not worthy of your waifu’s love and probably being a danger to her with you being brainwashed with your instructor at the organization.
>Incidents happen all over the country.
>You and your waifu, being apprentice knights, get there to investigate.
>Find out that the culprits are instructor of the organization of your past.
>Team up with other monster girls and their lovers.
>The whole party are couples, except you and your waifu.
>Battle your way through bosses.
>During that, your party members help both of you realize your feeling.
>Get together as lovers just a few days before the final boss event.
>The Primordial Chaos that once forced MGs to abandon their world now appeared.
>Turn out the writing on your back was a chant to summon and control it.
>You and your comrades fight it. Get defeated.
>You sacrificed yourself to save the world, tried to force the Primordial Chaos to self-destruct.
>Your vampire waifu pissed off, went Gurren Lagann with the power of love, slapped the living emo-edge out of you and punched the Primordial Chaos currently consume you.
>The whole party decide to fight it again, the same time, all the other monster girls- humans couples all over the world use their power of love to power up your strongest attack.
>Defeat it.
>You are now a middle-aged man telling your dhampir daughteru about the tales of how you and your waifu get together while the whole family on the picnic.
>Finish the story with how important the bond and love between monster girl and human could help overcome all odd.
>The final scene if of your family picture.

>> No.14234357

To be fair, at no point did they say that Mama Murderfish's actions weren't really fucked up. She nearly killed her daughter and an innocent human just so she could fulfill a tragedy kink that even Junko Enoshima would find a bit excessive.

>> No.14234363

>He says after KC made Cait Sith and Cu Sith.

>> No.14234365

Crabman has made just as many if not more furries

>> No.14234367

>Child frame (1)
>Deredere (1)
>Chef (1)
>Spell Memory (1)
>Inbuilt Weapons (2)
>Medical Expansion (2)
>Mana Core (2)

Battle loli is going to protect my smile!

Just gonna say, I'm really digging the creativity of this one. Good job anon.

>> No.14234368
File: 151 KB, 800x529, 1443988628220.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Worst girl
>Expecting her mom to not be shit

>> No.14234371

Ah Moving Goalposts, the classic tactic of someone with blind faith in someone.

>> No.14234373

Hope you have a day job.

>> No.14234374


>> No.14234376

He and I are different people I was just pointing out where you were wrong. Holding one above the other on account of furries is neither here nor there as they both fuckin' did it.

>> No.14234377

>See this
>Open the /a/ thread to see what are they talking about
>Close the thread

>> No.14234383

Nobody's perfect. At least even his shittiest monsters would never ntr you.

>> No.14234389

Are they mad or something?

>> No.14234390

Not to mention she also
>Cheated on her husband so hard he dumped her
>Slandered an innocent Scylla to stir outrage in her people
>Fully intended to use this outrage to forcibly isolate Mermaids from humanity
>All so she could get off to the tragedy of being separated from the man she cheated on her husband with.
>Also she tried to force her daughter to have a fetish she didn't want anymore.
We have a confirmed worst girl in EMG.

>> No.14234392


>> No.14234394

Holding one above the other on any basis is stupid, which is why the whole Cait/Cu Sith shit was a massive shit fest, because people here hold KC on such a fucking massive pedestal, and forget he's fucked up plenty of times.
Yeah he just made Matangos who turn you into them, Alps who do the same, and I'm sure there are plenty other shit tier monsters I'm forgetting.
KC is not far superior to Okaydo.
They're both vastly superior to CW's author though, that shit's probably even more drugs and /pol/ than before I bet.

>> No.14234396

>Opening the /a/ thread
You pool soul, they've really went to shit.

Remember EMG fans hating on us because of "fanfiction"? Well they're doing stories about EMG girls now, hell TF is even doing greentexts. I guess it was always one big case of "stop liking what I don't like."

>> No.14234400

So since MGE vampires are pretty clearly based off the elegant Dracula-style vampires, what would predatory Nosferatu-style vampires look like?

>> No.14234402

It wasn't really EMG fans, it was just a few very dedicated shitposters backed up by a shitty mod.
Did he get fired or what, I don't keep track of what goes on with moderators.

>> No.14234404

>"Look at this wings Master! Arm units that look like a wyvern!"
>I dunno..they're kinda-
>Golem pouts at you, a little "Jiiiiii" coming out as she does
>Guess you're getting the wings

>> No.14234405

>Well they're doing stories about EMG girls now, hell TF is even doing greentexts
No, TF went full fujo and now they're doing greentexts about EMG monsterboys.

>> No.14234410
File: 1.26 MB, 800x1132, NIGHT FALLS SOON, FELLOW STALKER.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Closest thing I can think of, honestly. Orlok was closer to a Strigoi in physical appearance to a normal Dracula-style vampire.

>> No.14234411

EMG genderbender version with monsterboys, anyone that complains about it have to fuck off, according to them

>they've really went to shit
I know, right? I'm from /a/ but I don't open EMG threads there anymore.

It's funny how do they talk shit about is but have become a general with much less content and fanfiction than us.

>> No.14234413

>what would predatory Nosferatu-style vampires look like?
Remember those Vampire chicks from that Hugh Jackman Van Helsing film?

Probably something like that.

>> No.14234415

>plenty of times
Against KC, cait, cu and alps. Against crabman, monsterboys, 3DPD, and monstergirls that can kill you. The first one alone is enough for him to be shit.

>> No.14234417 [DELETED] 

>about is
About us*

>> No.14234419

Just imagine the combinations she could pull off though.
>Modular arm units
>Modular leg units
>Modular hair units
>Modular breast units
>Modular skin tone unit
A Waifu to surpass Metal Gear.

>> No.14234420

No idea, he was a weird one though..
>TF went full fujo and now they're doing greentexts about EMG monsterboys.
Christ, I was only scanning very briefly but it's worse than I thought.

>> No.14234421

Nice, sounds cute.

You're very welcome, I didn't want to do my normal roll one.

Sadly this may be the only one of its type lest I do a familiar one

>> No.14234422

>about is
About us*

>and fanfiction
and much more fanfiction*

I guess it's time for me to go to bed.

>> No.14234429

Yep, golems are wonderful

>> No.14234430

With all this EMG talk I just had a though about the whole centaur teaser tradition.

>Horse pussy sexbombs get a man hard and eager
>Disadvantaged horsepussy like great war veterans who spent all their time fighting and not loving, who still want to pass their powerful genes along to younger generations come in once the man is already basically ready to go
>Horsepussy threesome
>Two mothers, one teaches the way of the high society sexbomb, the other teaches the way of the battlefield
>you're the father. You teach the ways of shitposting or something

>> No.14234435


>> No.14234438

You want to run that by us again?

>> No.14234443

What do the sexbombs do, become wet nurses or something?

>> No.14234445

The worst part? Someone posted that if it was anyone but TF they'd be getting shit on for it and people seemed to agree with each other that TF deserves some slack.

I told you guys TF was part of the problem when we were still on /a/.

>> No.14234450

Screw 'em, they're our past, leave them there.

>> No.14234451

And with holloween coming up you could mod her to look like metal gear.
Or a Zaku

>> No.14234452

Something like that. And teaching her the finer points of seduction and politics and the higher educations.

>Semen demen horsepussy helps scarred war hero horsepussy get laid
>Together they bring up a well rounded individual with a tongue as sharp as her sword.

>> No.14234453

>they're our past, leave them there
The general will eventually disappear. Guess where will they go?

>> No.14234454

Glad we're done with them.

>> No.14234463

Oh, and they work together to get men. Blah. No I'd read it, but horse pussy a shit. Artificial insemination is a thing.


>> No.14234464

Not him, but I suppose we're fortunate enough to have such a negative reputation among the /a/ populace, they might as well start their own Skype group if they want to continue to discuss things.

Although, I still wonder if any post-exile EMG thread /a/nons lurk here.

>> No.14234466

I wouldn't say mamono mana replacing humans with sex-crazed parodies that lack free will is any better

>> No.14234467

>TF was attention whoring one day
>Call her on it
>People white knight the shit out of her

>> No.14234469

Pfft, so we make a MGE general, carry on as always and tell to keep their shit to themselves.

>> No.14234470
File: 911 KB, 1400x1800, 1444868144828.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guys, what about dem Monster Girls

>> No.14234474
File: 1.41 MB, 3508x2481, jabxb_by_phanaxial-d9d6f34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like mine with big asses and soft everything else.

>> No.14234475

Fat Fox Fanny!
I want to put her in spats and molest her bottom

>> No.14234477
File: 88 KB, 500x706, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They're okay, I guess.

>> No.14234478

>Van Helsing
That fucking movie was a curmudgeon to end all curmudgeons.

>Van Helsing is Gabriel, Archangel of of the West
>Who shoots a repeating crossbow (TECHNOLOGY LITERALLY NOT EVEN INVENTED UNTIL THE TURN OF THE 20TH CENTURY WITH GUNPOWDER) with accuracy of a fucking Stormtrooper
>Adam, the Modern Prometheus has something to do with giving Dracula's bastard strigoi Man-Bat babies the viability to actually live
>His consorts are ugly(ier) sluts than before
>The only way to kill Dracula is by a Werewolf biting him or some bollocks like that
>When in some beliefs, if you did not bury a vampire on sanctified ground they'd turn into one

I don't even know, man. I'd rather Balanar-chan than something from that fucking movie.

>> No.14234481

Me too. I want to hug a big soft one.

>> No.14234482

>lack free will
That's exxagerated. Zioangu and Dark monsters have their own agenda, and KC answered a question asking if monsters can go against the monster lord, which they can. You might have a point where minsteruzed women are concerned, but is that such a raw deal? Beauty, power, no infirmity. Doesn't sound that bad to me.

>> No.14234484
File: 1.10 MB, 1421x800, 06d7b08ab2a196966ebd509a03545756.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't wait to see the final version of that picture,

>> No.14234485


>> No.14234486

and Matangos, don't ever forget Mantangos.
Vampire Mosquitoes was pretty pointless too. Let's not forgot people are still on the fence with KC Kobold.
>monstergirls that can kill you
You mean every monster girl from ever? All of them have something that makes it easy to kill us. Even an Alp could strangle you with their tail and hands.
You mean the thing that has been massively overly demonized by these threads by people who lack self confidence because their imaginary monster girl waifus might not pick them over the imaginary monster boys just like we pick monster girls over human women?
Don't get me wrong the Male Centaurs and Orcs in EMG are absolute shit, but don't act like just because it exists it's shit.
Also technically speaking Stage 1 Alps are Monster Boys, which KC created.

>> No.14234490

>shy monstergirl embarassed to sit on your face

>> No.14234491

>You mean the thing that has been massively overly demonized by these threads by people who lack self confidence because their imaginary monster girl waifus might not pick them over the imaginary monster boys just like we pick monster girls over human women?
>You don't like Monster Boys? Lol, it must be because you're just not real men XD
Fuck off

>> No.14234493

If you have your mind destroyed and your body upgraded, are you still the same person or just a parody of what you used to be?

>> No.14234494


>> No.14234496
File: 307 KB, 500x662, 1437437785591.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>massively overly demonized by these threads by people who lack self confidence because their imaginary monster girl waifus might not pick them over the imaginary monster boys
Again this shit?

>> No.14234498

Don't give it attention.

>> No.14234499

>I want monsterboys
This is the monster girl thread, not the sexually charged fantasy thread.

>> No.14234501
File: 693 KB, 1200x900, 1280a08fb62c972b99064fb86df5c686.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know what's nice? Oppai lolis. We should discuss oppai lolis.

>> No.14234504

This guy gets it

>> No.14234506

Weekend Smut Threads got ding-dong bannu'd. I miss them.

>> No.14234508

I rather tall about tall buxom women. Oppai lolis are shit.

>> No.14234510

How oppai do you want your oppai loli?

>> No.14234511

They're lewd. They always wear clothing that's too small for them and have holes cut in them specifically for paizuri.

>> No.14234512

I think they're on /d/ now.

>> No.14234513

Can they knock people out by swinging their titties around?

>> No.14234514

Oppai loli are fucking disgusting

>> No.14234519

Oh well. I guess I'm glad that I barely remember details from that film.

>> No.14234521

>defending monsterboys and muh insecurity
Oh, so you're a f/a/g
Matango got nerfed
KC's girls LOVE men and would never think of harming one unless you're out to kill her husband or kids, because an unmarried one would just try to get you to love her if you attacked her

I'm done with you.

>> No.14234524

>Orcs in EMG are absolute shit
No, you're absolute shit. That "orc on lady knight rape is the best" fanatic was a goddamn bro and you know it.

Deep end incubi are bona fide monsterboys anyway so I don't get why this thread is working itself into a frenzy over them.

>> No.14234527

What Monster Girls would be the best Soft and Big?

>> No.14234530

Holstaurs, Orcs, Elves, ect.

>> No.14234531

>He'll get tired eventually.

>> No.14234540

An Alice

>> No.14234542

Well, that's not TECHNICALLY true. There are lizardman and salamanders, after all.

Of course, the whole "nothing bad can ever happen to you" thing seems ridiculous to me, so I ignore it, but it's my version of the setting and I don't try to press it on anyone else because I'm not a sperg.

>> No.14234544

>I'm gay

>> No.14234547

There are too many to list, Holsts, P'Orcs, Cheshires, Wocks, Ren Xiongmao, Elves, there's just too many.

>> No.14234548

No! Do not bully the Alices! They won't know what to do if they were big and soft!

>> No.14234550

--> >>14234498

>> No.14234554
File: 176 KB, 750x698, uni2_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They just want to attract a nice big brother to hug.

>> No.14234569

And you prove my point perfectly.
You're overly demonzing the term.
Do I think they belong here? No. Do I think gayshit with them done by .less is good? No. Do I want human boys getting NTR'd by Monster boys? Fuck no NTR is retarded.
But people wants to act like that term is the most evil thing ever and not differentiate between them existing and them being used to rile you up.
This is an actual unhealthy amount of hatred for something that realistically does not harm you physically, emotionally, or mentally.

>> No.14234572

Son what are you doing.

>> No.14234582

I will!
I'll sit her in my lap, explain how massaging her chest will feel good, groping until she's panting and red faced.
Then I'll set her in the couch and find her some cake

>> No.14234585

a Jubjub, best soft and stacked with bigguns.

>> No.14234589

He's obviously from /a/.
>hurr so are we
Not anymore and even them MBs were shunned, they have embraced them, he is not one of us.

>> No.14234590

he could be a leg man

>> No.14234593
File: 68 KB, 479x370, 1441316581318.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only reason why I remember so much is I'm admittedly autistic as fuck about western-based monsters.

>> No.14234597

>white dingo custom
>side story was the best Gundam game ever
Now I want to dust off my Dreamcast

>> No.14234598

But the poor thing can't fly!

>> No.14234599

I know.

>> No.14234601

>pierced nipples
Love em.

Absolutely disgusting.

Don't ask me to explain this.

>> No.14234605

she can't fly but she can jump good. thankfully she's light too. i can carry her or lift her up to reach stuff on high shelves.

>> No.14234606

I'm from /a/ and I'm still consider myself from /a/ and I probably hate monsterboys more than you, fuck off.

>> No.14234609

But she'll end up just slightly taller than you with all that cake! And she'll have wide hips, a gigantic ass, big breasts, and a flabby stomach! All her cute little dresses won't fit her! No one will know she's supposed to be a cute lovable little Alice! They might confuse her for a Komodo Girl if they don't notice the lack of scales on her! Please reconsider!

>> No.14234614

No salt in my coffee thanks.

>> No.14234617


>> No.14234618
File: 1.07 MB, 992x1403, 1442938531119.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How about Raptor Jubjubs that have Familiar-esque arms in place of their wings, and thick muscular legs made for husbando chasing?

>> No.14234619

There is literally no reason to hate tits.

>> No.14234620

Sounds scary.

>> No.14234622

This is why when KC does another 3 more furries these threads is going to be made up of people who honestly learned to not give a fucking shit and enjoy their monster girls and not let anything else bother them.

>> No.14234626

Oh boy is it that time of the weekend already? Now all we need is some discussion of futa and yuri and we can summon Tewi.

>> No.14234628
File: 262 KB, 1331x629, Cu Sith [Tasteful].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14234631

I prefer tall, slender women.
And shortstacks.
But a shortstack is not an oppai loli, it's different.

>> No.14234632

It all sounds very nice but I love the fluffy wings. those Chun-Li thunder thighs are godly.. nice to see Familiar getting the love though.
I could handle a trio with Jubjub and a Familiar

>> No.14234634

>I probably hate monsterboys more than you
Since when is this something to dickwave about? In fact, hating monsterboys is kind of retarded. Here are reasons not to want monsterboys here:

1. I don't find boys attractive.
2. This is the monstergirl thread.

Neither of these are good enough reasons to warrant hate or to bitch endlessly about them. Monsterboys are a-ok as long as they stay on /tg/ or /d/ or wherever.

>> No.14234642
File: 376 KB, 758x1000, Familiar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

On the subject of Familiars, are those floating magical sigils only supposed to appear when a Familiar is casting magic?
Or are they present on their bodies at all times.

>> No.14234643

Oh no, not wonderland cake, just regular cake with a big glass of milk just for her, although oniichan will love her no matter the size.

I'll just need to make her dresses not fit in a different way

>> No.14234646

I have a mixed bags towards these things. The tits are a nice touch, and the potential sweetness is irresistible, but I'm uncomfortable with the loli aspect.

>> No.14234647

An oppai loli Familiar would be pretty nice.

>> No.14234650

only when casting I imagine

>> No.14234652

3. Muh superior monsterboy dick ntr shitposters
4. MB yaoifags

>> No.14234654

There is one good reason to hate them.
Male furries were the #1 contributor to the unending, self-sustaining downward spiral of autism that turned furries into the most hated, toxic community on the internet. Any threadgoer with even the faintest second-hand knowledge of that would not want monsterboys anywhere near this thread, and might react with unnecessary vehemence toward any post that is positive or neutral on them.

>> No.14234656

I'll never understand why Familiars never get love from writefags outside of >loli

>> No.14234659
File: 60 KB, 732x1090, 6 pages to go.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I prefer tall, slender women.
oh really now I might have someone you want to meet

>> No.14234660

>Monsterboys are a-ok as long as they stay on /tg/ or /d/ or wherever.
I argue this because people want to not talk about a series as a whole because they have them in them.
>EMG has Monsterboys? Can't talk about it
>Nurse Hitomi has em? Can't talk about it.
>Centaur's Worries is a complete train wreck? It's because it has Monster Boys, not because it became a giant /pol/ manga with monster species instead of normal people.
I don't want it to be a centerpiece of discussion, I just want to talk about more than just KC and Z-ton (who I'm pretty sure has gone Full NTR), and maybe the off Vanids MG.
That's ALL I want, not for monster boys to become a thing here, not for .less' faggotcat bullshit to be welcome. I just want it we don't burn creators at the stake for having them exist in their own works to appease a bunch of autists who they don't even know and who aren't even their major consumers.

>> No.14234662

Average did some good stuff with them.

>> No.14234675

>it became a giant /pol/ manga with monster species instead of normal people
/pol/ here, why are we the boogeyman this time?

>> No.14234681

Dude have you READ CW? Shit literally had Monster Nazis killing other monster species.

>> No.14234682

Because angel hitler.
Nah, you're fine.
The issue with centaur's worries was that the author either went insane or started taking crack.

>> No.14234684

yes indeed. take her in and give her a good home after she's been teased and harassed by the other girls, dumped by her witch. you now have a spell casting companion who can spice things up in the bedroom or just around town.

>> No.14234685

>EMG has Monsterboys? Can't talk about it
>Nurse Hitomi has em? Can't talk about it.
You wot m8

>> No.14234687

Yes. This is what I want.
I want to give that blank face definition by making it blush.

>> No.14234690
File: 276 KB, 583x900, 02136067ca9e6515.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.14234692

Out of the 3 manga you mentioned 2/3 are shit. Hitomi gets a little love here but would see more discussion on /a/ seeing it's a manga.

>> No.14234696

Yes please

>> No.14234698

I think that mangaka had a couple bad acid trips after the first few chapters.

>> No.14234701

But Anon, she can't have heart pupils if she has no eyes.

Shit got surreal for a while.

>> No.14234702

>we weren't talking about EMG earlier
>we don't this discuss the girls every once in a while
>we don't post hitomi all the time when it's time for monoeyes
Sure you don't want monsterboys nigga. SUUUUUUURE.

>> No.14234703

>not Devil

>> No.14234704

She's very shy, she never poses properly for a picture.

>> No.14234705

Bless them.

>> No.14234709
File: 169 KB, 624x560, 53010953_p1_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They're lovely.

I want to cuddle up with a demon onee-san on a cold winter's day while going through my backlog of games/anime.

>> No.14234710

>Hitomi gets a little love
BARELY, we only mention the nurse herself, and even then it's only when Monoeye discussion happens.
We don't talk about the zombie girl, or the tongue girl or the giant girl or the shrinking girl, or the invisible girl, or anyone else. JUST Hitomi, and even then it's during specific discussions

>> No.14234713
File: 93 KB, 700x520, 1409083450144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would you hire an ushi-oni who is having trouble finding a job due to an old seal that just doesn't work as well as it used to?

>> No.14234714

>those summoning requirements
Truly she is the embodiment of evil.

>> No.14234717

/pol/ manga as in it's about really convoluted worldbuilding/politics/alternate history. It doesn't actually have the kind of shit /pol/ gets blamed for, in fact the current regime is really anal about political correctness and will throw you to jail for riding a centaur because of connotations of slavery, monster Stalin treated them as literal horses or something.

But at least you have his new work, which is much less convoluted. Well, slightly less convoluted, it's still about feudal spider-riding lesbian mushroom people.

>> No.14234726

Sure. I'd give her a shot.

>> No.14234727

>feudal spider-riding lesbian mushroom people.

This I gotta see.

>> No.14234728

>>we weren't talking about EMG earlier
You were more shitposting than talking.
Also half the time we talk about the girls it's 'take that EMG shit back to /a/.' and the other half is 'best/worst' girl arguments.

>> No.14234731

>I just want it we don't burn creators at the stake for having them exist in their works
And you just fucked up. Again. It's not going to happen.

>> No.14234735
File: 190 KB, 1124x919, 1434641278999.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have you taken yours today?

>> No.14234736

God no.

>> No.14234737

I read chapter 1 and hated it so I never touched it again.
Checked it and it's pretty much the most bluepilled version of the holocaust ever. This is on the level of that kid who was photoshopping MLP characters into holocaust pictures.

>> No.14234742

I'll cure her shyness by grabbing her face and kissing it all over since I can't find her lips.

>> No.14234743

>don't like Mero's mother because she's an NTR'ing psychopath who almost got people killed because of her tragedy fetish
>we can't have negative opinions on monstergirls

I didn't know we were on MGR, oh wait.

>> No.14234744

I want a soft familiar.
I would be nice to sit her in my lap and scratch behind her ears, nice, relaxing way to spend my day.

>> No.14234745

I didn't say it was unjustified shitposting.

>> No.14234746

Sorry, doc. I'm allergic.

>> No.14234747


>> No.14234751
File: 3 KB, 123x125, have a cup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I already have my cup of mofu, sorry.

>> No.14234753

I want to get better at anatomy drawing by having monstergirls pose nude for me while I draw them

>> No.14234754

>it's still shitposting
Do you enjoy being a faggot or something.jpg

>> No.14234756

This was already posted on /a/, faggot.

>> No.14234758

>Draw me like one of your french monster girls
>But French Monster Girls are shit!

>> No.14234760

>mofu for ants
How do people still make this mistake?

>> No.14234762

What kind of job are we talking about here?

>> No.14234764

That's a nice way to start the day and all, but I'd prefer coffee in my cup.

>> No.14234765

I ain't clicking that shit nigga.

Ask /ic/

>> No.14234768

>Draw me like one of your french girls, Anon
>He draws a pepe

>> No.14234769

Its because I dont save most images. It was the only mofucore that google could find

>> No.14234772

>Pierced nipples
That's sexy

As long as she isn't covered it's fine. I'd imagine monstergirls prefer pleasure runes instead though.

>> No.14234773

Not necessarily.

>> No.14234774

Look sometimes you NEED to shitpost.
There good and bad shitposting.
That's a the difference.

>> No.14234776

Physical labor. Construction and other as-needed projects.

>> No.14234777

That's actually just the beginning.

The first chapter is a marriage between the main girl and the other main girl, one is a cowherd (but the "cattle" are giant one-eyed slime molds) and the other's a scribe. Then one of them gets her mycelia damaged and can't reproduce anymore (not only can girls love other girls in this setting, but they even produce offspring), and the townsfolk tell the other girl that she should just ditch her wife for a healthier woman, but she says no and they live happily ever after.

Oh wait, I mean that the damaged goods girl gets kidnapped by a goddamn princess who had a crush on her or something, the remaining girl then goes on a quest to save her love and fights tarantula-riding mushroom knights and shit. I take it back, it's actually more of a clusterfuck than Centaur's Worries.

>> No.14234778

Not him, but isn't /ic/ full of unreliable pretentious faggots?

>> No.14234779

I don't have a company though and I can't afford to pay her to do housework. I'd give her a nice place to sleep if she wanted though.

>> No.14234781

>Wight with angry tits

>> No.14234784

>He draws a Mucus Toad.

>> No.14234786

That must be some good drugs.

>> No.14234789

>You've been running forever
>Or are you running in circles?
>It doesn't matter, you need to get out of this forest
>You can't see it, but you know it's watching you.
>That is until you stupidly trip over a tree root and knock yourself unconscious
>You wake up not to a canopy of trees, but rather in a cozy cabin in the woods
>But it's there in the corner
>Actually now it's a 'she' since you've gotten a good look at her
>Nice legs, toned butt, let's just hope that face is nice once she turns around
>And she doesn't have a face
>Sweet, this means you won't ever hear her nagging
>Oh shit, she's coming closer
>Now she's on the bed
>Now she's staring directly at you
>You can't even hear your thoughts as the buzzing in your head gets louder
>Is she blushing?
>She totally is
>Give her a quick, chaste kiss where her mouth should be
>And the buzzing in your head's gone
>But now she's staring at you
>Wait a minute
>Where are her clothes?
And that's how scared anon became a spooky family man.

>> No.14234790

>discussing yuri
Do you orgasm every time you start a shitstorm or something? Cause that's what's going to happen you stupid fuck.

>> No.14234792

yes id even offer to pay for a new seal as a signing bonus

>> No.14234793

Hell no. She'd be one giant liability.

>> No.14234794
File: 468 KB, 1600x1265, Makai Knight AWOO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Armored Wolfgirls

>> No.14234795

He must suffer for his art.

>> No.14234797

Is that in reference to monster girls based on french monsters, or monster girls with french ethnicity?

>> No.14234801

I'd rather have Armored Bug Girls.

>> No.14234804

Nobody would be starting shitstorms if stupid fucks like you dident have to point out everything yuri.

>> No.14234805

I like Alps.

>> No.14234806

Is there more of this or something?

>> No.14234809

Whatever that writer's on I want some.
>No translations
I should be used to this by now, killing bites will probably get an anime before someone else picks it up.

>> No.14234810

>And she doesn't have a face
>Sweet, this means you won't ever hear her nagging
my sides

>> No.14234811

I don't like Alps.

>> No.14234812

Sounds kinda interesting.

>> No.14234816

>Nobody would be starting shitstorms if stupid fucks like you dident have to insist shoving yuri in here after you've been told to fuck off countless times and /u/ is right there

>> No.14234821


>> No.14234823


>> No.14234828

A poster mentioned CW's mangaka made an even more cracked out thing than CW, another one asked him what it was, and he answered.
You made an argument where there didn't need to be one.

>> No.14234830

Calm down, it's not like mentioning a single monster girl setting that happens to contain yuri is going to convert every MGE girl into being dykes.

>> No.14234831

Back from your ban I see

>> No.14234834

>how dare you discuss monster girls in a monster girl thread
Notice how it's just you bitching about it while every other reply is about the content of that post.

Next you'll say Anko-san doesn't belong here or something.

>> No.14234835

>she leaves post-its everywhere

>> No.14234838

Reading this, I realize this thread is dulling my survival instincts. If I ever find myself in a horror movie I'm probably going to try to fuck the monster.

>> No.14234839

Anon, I don't know if you realize this, but the shitstorms are on you, because you are shit,and a shitposter for that matter. If you just stopped posting, like maybe, forever, then there probably wouldn't be a shitstorm over it. I'm just saying, it's all your fault, all the time. Stop it?

>> No.14234842

I don't

>> No.14234844
File: 1006 KB, 900x1350, 1443984512216.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14234845

>I'm probably going to try to fuck the monster.

What will you do if it actually works?

>> No.14234848

You can blame the "autits" of the thread all you like, kust earlier some faggot was whiteknighting monsterboys, and he rightly got told to fuck off. Everything has it's place, it's clear there are like 5 people who like yuri, and them getting what they want os not worth pissing off the rest. They have no reason to be here.
>your next response is just ignore it

>> No.14234849


>> No.14234850

Start a family.
I hope my mom likes her.

>> No.14234853

Color me amused.

>> No.14234854

>your next response is just ignore it
Actually my next response was to tell you to stop being a shitposting faggot but do go on.

>> No.14234856

Yeah, sure. Depending on how many people work for me, it might be worth it. If I'm just starting out, she could be worth her weight in some sort of precious metal, even if I get raped a few times.

Sounds alright to me.

>> No.14234857

Really, this.

>> No.14234858

Just look at that smile.
I feel READY TO GO with my BRAVE BLADE, then when I take it to theNEXT LEVEL and then she'll be COMING UP OOO

>> No.14234863

Sure we should avoid shitstorms but he's not wrong.

>> No.14234874

>but he's not wrong.
except he was.
He started an argument for no reason.
A guy asked a question, someone answered. That was the end of it. Then he comes along going apeshit.

>> No.14234876

Well to get back your senses go summon a demon or something and then punch it in the face. After that you run away cackling like a madman.
>what's the worst that could happen?

>> No.14234880

Anon, I don't know if you realize, the majority of the thread legitimately doesn't give a shit? You're the one who actively doesn't want to see it and gets pissed off by it just being in the same thread as you and proactively wants it removed because you don't like it.

The only justification you have is that you don't like it, and the claim the the majority of people here share your feelings and are being attacked by yuriposters. The truth is that you're a piece of shit that no one likes speaking for no one but yourself, who justifies his claim that people will shitpost if yuri gets posted, by yourself, shitposting.

>> No.14234882

>but he's not wrong
Yes he is you dont prevent shitstorms by crying out like an autist.

>> No.14234888

Should he not have reacted the way he did? Sure. Should those guys be talking about Yuri here? Absolutely not. Both sides bear blame, but we're not the one posting our hetshit on /u/, it's not unreasonable to ask to be extended the same courtesy.

>> No.14234889


Reminder that this glorious thing exists.

>> No.14234894

>"Mom, dad, this is your new daughter-in-law."
>"Son why is she all bloody?"
>"No, that blood is new. And where's the cat?"
>everyone just looks to your waifu while she just tries to act natural
>it doesn't work

>> No.14234896

Erma is awesome. There was a good thread on /co/ about it a couple of days ago.

>> No.14234897

>Should those guys be talking about Yuri here? Absolutely not
Not your call to make

>> No.14234898

Well, I hate yuri, and I don't feel like I'm alone in that. Not even a minority if I had to guess.
Even if yuri being brought up is meant to start shit, the guy who looks at the hook that doesn't even have any bait on it and still bites is just as bad. Guy throws an absolute fit instead of just reporting and ignoring.

>> No.14234899

That everything. Nighttime just got 100% better.

>> No.14234903

Not him, but fujoshit kun already tried the silent majority tactic. It's not one person and the fact of the matter is that yuri is not welcome here, sorry, but you're the asshole in this. At this point anyone posting yuri is the same as someone posting monsterboys, just looking to start shit.

>> No.14234904

>And she doesn't have a face
>Sweet, this means you won't ever hear her nagging
Slender Girl truly is best girl

>> No.14234905

Fight a dude with no face.

Fight crime with a shield and nothing else.

Pray I never get in a movie written and directed by Joss Whedon.

>> No.14234906

They weren't 'talking about it'
One person was just answering another person's question. If they had like a 10-12 post chain about how 'great yuri was'.
It's like if someone asked if there was a spider with exposed fangs and I pointed them to Z-Ton's Spider, someone shouts 'LOOK AT YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES, PROMOTING NTR! YOU SICKEN ME!'

>> No.14234907
File: 361 KB, 1512x2172, tamao makes a dc 80 escape artist check.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Killing Bites
It's getting a game, isn't it? Two new characters too, pangolin and gray wolf (?) bases. Too bad the main character is still awful after all these chapters.

Anko-san of the Deep Sea Fish, short (4 volumes) series about mermaids and a lot of fish biology humor. It has an amazing selection of mermaids, including a hagfish mermaid (who slimes up an entire bath, just like real hagfish), a pearlfish mermaid (who loves dark, cramped spaces, resulting in this page), a four-eyed fish mermaid, a barreleye mermaid, frilled/great white/hammerhead/tiger shark mermaids, mermaid idols based on lefteye and righteye flounders (who have their "off" eye covered by hair, and their idol unit is even called Double Dealer after the flounder boss in Darius) and so on.

It ended recently, and frankly it ended too soon. It's still a really nice little series, though.

>> No.14234908

Maybe so, it's still not going to happen without a shitstorm.
>not your call
it's yours to lost whatever the fuck you want no matter how many threads it burns down?

>> No.14234915

*but it's yours to post whatever

>> No.14234921

Anon? Anon. Please understand. There is no rule violation here, just your sensibilities being offended for seemingly no reason. You are the one that chooses to speak up where no one else wants you to. I take issue with you taking issue with yuri. Do you know why? You are wrong. You are shitposting RIGHT NOW. The blame is on no one but you! It's your fault and no one else's for your shitposting.

>> No.14234922

It's being directed by Joel Schumacher

>> No.14234927

Still better than George Lucas.

>> No.14234928

Do you have a green and purple variant?

>> No.14234931

>the majority of the thread legitimately doesn't give a shit
>There is no rule violation here
I'm having a déjà vu. Again.

>> No.14234937

>I take issue with you taking issue with yuri
Anon, no one cares that you think it's okay because you have a Voltaire complex, the results will always speak for themselves.

>> No.14234941

I take issue with yuri and nothing can make me tolerate it. These threads don't allow yuri, and the thread supports this. You're not the majority, so shut up and stop posting your shit here, you aren't wanted.

>> No.14234942

You don't prevent them by posting flamebait either.

>> No.14234943

>Anon, no one cares that you think it's okay because you have a Voltaire complex
The mods disagree.

>> No.14234949
File: 188 KB, 1124x919, Daily Wock.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright, but you have to take this!

>> No.14234951

>muh mods
Uh huh, let me knows when that changes people's opinion on telling those guys to leave when they show up.
>bans meaning shit

>> No.14234952

If you're so eager for a thread that accepts yuri, you can always go to /u/.

>> No.14234953

>These threads don't allow yuri, and the thread supports this.
[Citation needed]

>> No.14234955
File: 186 KB, 200x152, 1434660525280.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>MFW the Sabbath have the best spellcasters because their bodies allow for more energy conservation, and bigger spells

>> No.14234961

Would they be mobile due to their small size?

>> No.14234962

Please stop pretending to be retarded, one need only check the archive or a cap to how the thread reacts.

>> No.14234964

Opinions dont really matter much here on 4chan the point is yuri isent against the rules on /jp/

>> No.14234965
File: 345 KB, 800x1000, 087405af52430522c33c49a80b33a3f1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oi oi, I'm freezing over here, what are you gonna do about it boy?

>> No.14234966


WHAT NOT TO DO WHEN YOU THINK SOMEONE IS BREAKING THE RULES: Start bitching about how it is "not allowed"

Jesus Christ, is that so hard to understand? That said, yuri is allowed in these threads, as per board rules, it's just that it doesn't get discussed because people are generally not interested in it. "I'll stop people from discussing yuri by shitposting whenever it pops up" is not a valid course of action.

>> No.14234969

I think they would actually be, by large, slower and, with the exception of baphomets, weaker physically.

They are the designated spellcasters in the party, dumping physical stats for mental ones.

>> No.14234972

Nice citation you got there friend.

>> No.14234973 [DELETED] 

You cucks have a whole board for yourselves, use it.

>> No.14234974

I can go under your skirt and help you out there.

B-But you wouldn't want that in this weather right? And we're out in public, it'd be embarrassing!

>> No.14234977

I don't know. Give you a blanket?

>> No.14234979

It still isn't allowed here, so drop it, because we aren't going to end up anywhere except a back and forth that will reach no conclusion and yuri will still get shouted down.

>> No.14234983

Do some jumping jacks. That'll warm you up.

>> No.14234984 [DELETED] 

If someone post yuri and I shout at it, it's literally their fault I shouted at it. If you hadn't of posted yuri, I wouldn't have needed to speak up, so it's actually all your fault for the 'shitposting'. You are the only one responsible for the 'shitposting', and by proxy, that shitposting isn't shit posting at all; in fact, since the responses were to the yuri content, the yuri posters were the ones really shitposting all along!

>> No.14234987

Cast Magic Missile with Fire enchantment

>> No.14234988

>still pretending

>> No.14234990

Try harder.

>> No.14234992
File: 427 KB, 862x1200, 49112666_p9_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Christ, we don't need another yuri shitstorm storm this week.

>> No.14234994

>If someone post yuri and I shout at it, it's literally their fault I shouted at it.
This is some backwards ass retard logic.

>> No.14234996

It's the weekend, it's inevitable.

>> No.14234998

Is it? If someone takes a shit in your living room you wouldn't shout at them?

>> No.14235003

You're a real comedian boy, I rape you last, now give me your hat

>> No.14235004
File: 555 KB, 973x886, 1444355986429.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is this the same artist?

>> No.14235005


>> No.14235006

T-thanks Doc!

>> No.14235009

>if I shitpost in response to something, that something is to blame because it made me shitpost
Stephen Colbert, is that you?

If that is really you, what is your favorite monstergirl? Eagle harpy?

>> No.14235010

This isn't your 'room' though, you don't own MG threads.
Second off they weren't 'in your room' it was more they were down the street, you got out of your room, ran down the street and said 'GO TO HELL'

>> No.14235012
File: 407 KB, 894x1200, 49112666_p20_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nope, it's just Kloah using a simpler cutesy style.

>> No.14235014

This isent your living room its more like a communal toilet.

>> No.14235018
File: 728 KB, 1000x1412, b16cf178512cc48390521d7b00be4a9a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14235020

my sides

>> No.14235022

>Those perky, firm asses framed by garterbelts
Oh. Yes.

>> No.14235023

Shh, you hear that? It's yuri still not being accepted.

I'm out.

>> No.14235025

Just like his mother.

>> No.14235026

Continue to be a lazy piece of shit that sits in my house all day and watches youtube/anime/plays video games, like this guy.


>> No.14235032
File: 487 KB, 920x690, c6f8ca60a7eda32f3b6b6e0646c7ec37.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's not yurifags who start shit they say

>> No.14235033

No one was pushing it.
Someone asked a question, someone answered that question.
They weren't starting some bullshit agenda that you act like they were starting.

>> No.14235037
File: 649 KB, 598x895, 9df5b98d89afa2c790500ad03f81de94-ed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Child's First Friend Frame (1)
Deredere (1)
Nano-golem ooze frame upgrade (3)
Spell Memory banks (1)
Mana Core Enhancer (2)
Medical Enhancer (2)

Who needs inbuilt weapons, when your loli golem can shapeshift at will and cast Wizard-tier spells?
Granted, she doesn't have much mass to work with, so unless she makes parts of herself hollow, she won't be getting any taller or bustier. Not that that's a problem.
I just wonder what sort of hijinks two powerful magic casters can get up to in the bedroom, especially when one of them can completely liquify herself.
Plus the combination of nano-slime and medical mastery seems like it'd be incredibly useful.

(I agree with >>14234367 on their last point. Anything which deviates from the usual roll formula like this, and with that creativity is pretty damn interesting.)

>> No.14235039

Reminder that the only people that get banned in these discussions are the yuri haters.

>> No.14235040

Use my newly acquired powers to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

>> No.14235041

>Posting a picture with no text
>Starting shit
Man this place is worse then /pol/ when it comes to tin foil hats.

>> No.14235042


>> No.14235044
File: 40 KB, 292x284, mgt bait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sirs, have I wronged you in some way?

>> No.14235045

It isn't. Your the one that chose t respond for some reason. Why did you respond? What bothers you so much about yuri that seeing it triggers you like a tumblr feminist? I want to know.

>> No.14235046

Both sides do you twat. Plus there's a ban-evading faggot that plays both sides so he can go "OH LOOK THEY GOT BANNED TOO."

>> No.14235050
File: 510 KB, 714x1000, 666fb98058716a52c233c1c8174cb638.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14235055

>Child's Friend Frame + Pear-shape hips (2)
>Tomboy Matrice (5)
>Spell Memory Bank (6)
>Inbuilt Weapons (8)
>Mana Core Enhancer (10)

This was fun. She shall be my loli squire, aiding me in battle, and helping as an assistant around the ol' wizard tower.

>> No.14235057


>> No.14235058

Tauric Manticores

>> No.14235060

>dat slight camel toe
I Have No Muh and I Must Dick

>> No.14235063

I do too.

>> No.14235064

Pretty shit idea.

>> No.14235068
File: 622 KB, 675x1000, d6ffc6898da4143be19388fedc5b1fba.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm sorry, I posted two monster girls from a board related franchise, did I break any rules?

Back on topic, Remilia sure is lucky to be surrounded by such cuties.

>> No.14235069

I like those thighs.

>> No.14235072

>Mero's mother is so awful even her own daughter thinks she's crazy
Hah. I wonder if this means Mero will learn her lesson?...nah, probably not.

>> No.14235075
File: 468 KB, 855x1200, 3fb7c5989c595de900f293cbe2413442.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>on the internet no one knows you're a troll

>> No.14235079

Remilia might be a vampire, but what about Patchy? Is Patchy a monster girl? She's just a wizard basically, right?

>> No.14235081

I don't know but nano slime loli is pretty cool.
I got bored, didn't want to write, and was putting off weight lifting. Glad you liked it.

>> No.14235083

>Matron model (2 points)
>Dandere + a bit of yandere (3 points)
>Maid routines (1 point)
>Chef routine (1 point)
>Lactation enhancer (1 point)
>Inbuilt weapons (2 points)

>> No.14235085

Fat bottomed lolis are good too.

>> No.14235086
File: 183 KB, 934x1000, da057c670e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know it nigga.

>> No.14235087

Well didn't take long for that to be disproved...

>> No.14235090

Magic users in Touhou are Youkai too, so it's fine their both Monsters.

>> No.14235091

Fuck off.

>> No.14235093

Magicians fall into two categories in Gensokyo, humans who know magic and another type who are counted as youkai.

>> No.14235094

Sakuya getting double-teamed by Remilia and Meiling are some of my favorite doujins.

She's a witch. MGE counts 'em, so whatever. She's also still among Touhou's complete "Youkai" designation, right? The only Touhou who isn't is Sakuya, yes?

>> No.14235095

loli butt is best butt.

>> No.14235097

Glad we're in agreement anons.

>> No.14235099


>> No.14235104

No! Big fat jiggly butts are best! Especially when accompanied by big bouncy tits!

>> No.14235105

are you expecting dormouse to come over for company?

>> No.14235106

My bad.

>> No.14235108
File: 425 KB, 651x1200, 1401550094595.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Of course they wouldn't, it'd be silly to think creatures with hands that huge exist.

>> No.14235110

>Magic users in Touhou are Youkai too
No they aren't, not necessarily. If you gaze long into magic, then magic also gazes unto you and you go full demon from it, but using magic in itself doesn't make you youkai.

Patchouli is pretty much a lich though, as is Alice.

>> No.14235111

Clingy CC Maido is nice.

>> No.14235112

>Baphomet with a backside so firm and tight you could bounce a fucking silver crown off of it
>She proudly shows off a stamp on it, from the Demon Lord herself
>100% NANI SORE!?

>> No.14235113

Meant for>>14235068

>> No.14235116

I approve of this.

>> No.14235120

You wot?

>> No.14235125

gah. i love both! a Familiar with body modifying shapechange spells or should I just be greedy hearted and get 2 girls.

>> No.14235127

Anti-yurifags getting BTFO

>> No.14235131

Man, good thing she's wearing a dress because she must look fucking ridiculous with those things.

>> No.14235134

Anon, please, stop. Antagonizing them serves no purpose but ruining what could otherwise be a nice thread.

>> No.14235136

...we're discussing loli butts right now?

>> No.14235139

Read that transformation story and the journalist greentext from last thread.

A world with Monstergirls really isn't the best place to be.

>> No.14235140

>Titty demon
>Brown titty demon
>Loli demon
>Buttslut hero
>Buttslut hero's younger sister who was goaded into the harem by the buttslut hero
>Angel aunt who is VERY interested in an incestuous relationship with him
>Dominates them all sexually
And that's just the main girls.
Is Basara the king of harem protagonists?

>> No.14235143

Yes. For one simple reason.

He actually, and actively at that, dicks them all.
In numbers from 1 at a time to all at once.

>> No.14235145 [SPOILER] 
File: 226 KB, 327x433, 1445119868148.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like you anon.

>> No.14235151

anti-yuri always gets btfo that's usually how the shitstorms end.

>> No.14235155
File: 1.55 MB, 1920x1080, Monstergirl Thread argues about Yuri in the background.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The spacefaring Russians in these threads just can't catch a break.

>> No.14235156

I feel apathetic to Alps.

>> No.14235158

>KC will never draw dark skinned Baphomets

>> No.14235160

>The only Touhou who isn't is Sakuya, yes?
Well, there's Mokou and Sumirenko, as well as Akyuu and Reimu, technically.

>> No.14235161
File: 2.41 MB, 422x237, 1444600754964.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know why but I'm beginning to really enjoy shortstacks/lolis in my stories.

Being able to hug them from behind and make them feel like they're doted on may be a factor in it.

Like a Baphomet's tail wagging as her onii-chan rests his chin on her head, telling her it's cute when she's flustered about her size.

>> No.14235166

Maria is the best. so lewd and cheerful. i thought i'd like titties best going in but loli demon is so fun and has that butt

>> No.14235173
File: 211 KB, 256x192, 1444992538741.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bless you in that regard.

>> No.14235176

>There will never be a dark skinned Baphomet in an exotic dancer outfit
True suffering. Even a vanilla Baphomet in that outfit would be wonderful.

>> No.14235178

Niggers are bad.

>> No.14235179

Drawfags please!

>> No.14235180
File: 570 KB, 1200x788, 1440855844778.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14235182

2D brown skin has nothing to do with niggers.

>> No.14235186

Shitskins are shitskins, 2D or not.

>> No.14235188

I always found it weird how the Alps most distinguishing feature was that they were mostly normal compared to other monster girls. Even relative to other sex demons, what makes them stand out is that they have normal colored skin and and think like they did as regular people. Like, Alps aren't even cosplay, they're basically just normal nymphomaniacs.

>> No.14235197

/pol/ please.

>> No.14235198

Yeah! And we should throw everybody who looks at a picture of a 2D person who looks like they might be underage in their underwear in jail for child-pornography too!

>> No.14235199

I what a harem of Alps.

>> No.14235201

Yeah we should, that way the world would be free of shit taste.

>> No.14235204 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.13 MB, 818x1200, 1445120707253.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14235208
File: 72 KB, 693x1024, 89d3e1fe3760d864823050cd98d3e008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Speaking from experience, I think lolis really can kind of grow on you, a-har-har-har.
I started out being just kind of happily neutral towards them at first. Then I started playing Etrian Odyssey. It all went spiralling out of control from there.

Now I'm writing greentexts about them, working on a full prose story with one, and saving so many pictures that I'll probably be arrested for it before the week's out.

>> No.14235210

Which monstergirl would be back to rise? Back to glow? Back to fly? Back to soar? Back to war? Let the truth be told, which monstergirl would feel on fire when their passion flows?

>> No.14235216

>Etrian Odyssey
Been meaning to pick that up...

>> No.14235221

Where did all the Sandworm love go? They used to be semi-popular.

>> No.14235223

Sandworms are gross and their living conditions are even worse.

>> No.14235225

Please stop blaming us for everything.

>> No.14235226

I want to fight the alien menace alongside Wurmzilla!

>> No.14235229
File: 338 KB, 729x419, Sandworm3d2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I need a link to that 3d thing again. Anyone have it?

>> No.14235232

Can you grow?

>> No.14235236

Do you pilot a giant robot?

>> No.14235238


>The last, and most common, are succubi and their subtypes.
>While some would believe they enjoy these types of activities, you've gathered evidence to the contrary.
This and the bicorns getting cheated on is bad are my only gripes, when I got to that bit about succubus I though your story was shit, but I read on out of morbid curiosity, all said, you did good, hope I get more from you.
>humans are shallow fucks
Should you really be saying that, being where you are?

>> No.14235241
File: 294 KB, 600x825, 1438307001653.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Cooperator Needed; Beasts Sighted in Old Yharnam; NO VILEBLOODS
>Looking for Chalice Glyphs? 555-HUNT
>Missing Person; Distinctive Red Brooch
>Volunteers needed for Medical trials; Contact Iosefka's Clinic
I chortled.

I've already done two stories with lolis and I'm afraid of doing more. Because then I'd be full haram

>> No.14235242

Anon that's rude, not everyone is Ultraman.

>> No.14235252


>> No.14235259

I'd do horrible things to doll. Horrible /d/ related things that require I become true ending hunter+100 or so year to even possibly do.

>> No.14235271

>you'll never carry that fuckhuge doll
>she'll never look on you with curiosity as you do the most menial tasks
>she'll never cheer you on during the hunt, and wash your bloodstained body after
>she'll never hold your face to her bosom and sing to you when you wake up screaming from nightmares, from all you've seen

Could this be joy?

>> No.14235272

I can think of worse things than tentacle sex with a living doll. Mmm, sounds like a lovely time...

>> No.14235287

Oh no I was talking about Fattening, Impregnating, expansion in general. Considering she's not a human I would need the magic being an Old One gives you

>> No.14235288

I want to sent thank you letters to the Demon Lord for allowing me to find a monstergirl that loves me

>> No.14235295


Fuck off to /d/

>> No.14235299

Another day passes, where are you .less? Please, what do we have to do to bring you back? I miss you.

>> No.14235302

I want to send a package to the demon lord that contains a bomb.

>> No.14235304

I already said I would /d/ shit to her.

>> No.14235309

Weren't you going to fly over to met him?

>> No.14235311


>> No.14235315
File: 528 KB, 707x1000, 1438574158752.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You will never spend years crafting the Doll and your arsenal
>You mold her after your first love, with her silver hair and bright blue eyes, before the dark times, before her...
>You'd retired from the days of hunting men, becoming a tinker and a gardener, you always thought were your 'daughter' alive, she'd enjoy the flowers
>The more you hunt, the more she seems to move, suturing your wounds, cleaning your body
>You're not sure if it's insanity or if she's really alive
>You've seen and learned things, things that no man should ever come across, things that would make even the Heaven rend themselves asunder
>But you're old and grey now, far be it for you to dare to bring about the wrath of [Them]
>The nightmare still claw at your mind, but she's always there, comforting you when the sweats take you in your sleep
>She often asks you, what it's like to be human
>To hope, to feel
>Her glass eyes always blink pensively when you weep, knowing that perhaps out of all of what you've seen
>You're the most mad

>> No.14235317

I want to write insulting letters to the Demon Lord.

>> No.14235318

What a shame.

>> No.14235335 [DELETED] 
File: 77 KB, 800x600, ABOMB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14235337 [SPOILER] 
File: 66 KB, 661x662, 1445122439973.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she wakes up to this
I like perverse feels.

>> No.14235342

I want to punch the monsterlord over cait and cu

>> No.14235347

With hands that huge, she's going to need a custom keyboard to shitpost

>> No.14235350

>you will never fuck her so hard you crack her porcelain

>> No.14235356

To be fair, neither one of those were her doing directly. That goes to Humanity, and Bastet

>> No.14235361

It's still her lust based brand of mamono mana at work.

>> No.14235371

She'd probably just have dicktation set up. She might actually yell when she's shitposting.

>> No.14235374
File: 928 KB, 750x1050, orange juice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Giver her a lick. Do it real quick.

>> No.14235377

You know, cu sith is actually a good monstergirl. Cait siths look like that because they're assholes, but cu sith are just in the middle of the dog-human transition, and with some more time they'll just become regular old dog-eared girls.

The profile image is awful but we're told that profile images aren't representative, so yeah.

>> No.14235379
File: 677 KB, 1040x1604, 7ddd606e03288d30b3a7540431e7acbf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You guys aren't plebs and live in pet friendly buildings right? You'd totally give her a loving home correct?

>> No.14235381

This may be head canon.

But it's head canon I can appreciate.

>> No.14235383

>cu sith
Are you trying to trick me again?

>> No.14235390

Well, that's one way to stuff a doll...

>> No.14235393

Blah, I wanted Iced Tea.

>> No.14235399
File: 1.58 MB, 400x300, e8a5w9s.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Mention Cu Siths being more like Werewolves instead of yiff, able to go full wolf and be Sif mode
>Still get told to fuck off for trying to make them not shit
>They're just in-the-process of evolution!
>No negativity

>> No.14235401

I have my own house and would happily take her in. I need a maid

>> No.14235402


>> No.14235406

Because no one believes this.

>> No.14235407

Well it's probably the only way.
She isn't human so I'd have to hope becoming an Old One can give me the power to alter her body.

>> No.14235408

Ghouls are the best undead waifus.

>> No.14235411
File: 902 KB, 1350x1017, 40803909_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Which one would you?

>> No.14235415

The one with her eyeball jutting out or the monoeye.

>> No.14235417

Because nobody likes the headcanon you're peddling as truth.

>> No.14235419

>2 disgusting disfurged weirdos
>one normal monoeye

gee, I wonder?

>> No.14235421

Say no more.

>> No.14235422

No, but I'm EDF!

>> No.14235423

I'm willing to bet that, when the current demon lord took over, most of the monsters had their own "lesser succubus" periods where they were still ravenous monsters but had tits and ass and less desire to murder people. Cu sith just get theirs later because they turn from dog to monster rather than monster to succubus-monster.

MGE centaurs grow a fucking front vagina if their husbands aren't into HORSE PUSSY (which makes them by far the biggest pussiest in the relationship), cu sith going full human for their masters shouldn't be that difficult compared to that.

I also like the idea that cait siths could take human form too but they stay furry because they're dicks.

>> No.14235424

All three of them.

>> No.14235429
File: 123 KB, 600x847, Whatever Master desires, I shall do.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14235430

Right > Left > Middle

...If only because kissing her would be difficult without neglecting her.

>> No.14235434

You should really learn that pushing your own headcanon as fact never goes over well, especially when you're trying to sell a fucking furry as acceptable.

>> No.14235436

I choose virginity

>> No.14235438

>not a gross weirdo

>> No.14235441

>a magical, muscled yandere with lactating tits
I want this so badly.

>> No.14235442

What's that? Bullshit seller? No thanks, I don't want any.

RIGHT. Holy shit.

>> No.14235449

>pls like cu sith

>> No.14235450

There are far worse species out there.

>> No.14235451

If you want Oppai get an adult woman. Lolis are for DFC and hugging.

>> No.14235454

A butterfly girl just tried to drink my tears!

>> No.14235459

>we have an example of X in centaurs, therefore X could happen elsewhere too
Are you perchance retarded?

>> No.14235460

>Implying I don't live in a house
I just saved a cat from my dire wolf dogs yesterday so if it came back as a cat girl I'd take it in.

>> No.14235461

I'll have both.

>> No.14235463
File: 345 KB, 600x600, 1437888118958.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd take the one on the left and give her a glass eye that actually fits instead of whatever that thing is. Then I'd comb her hair over to cover the scarred side of her face. Girls using hair to hide disfigurement is one of my myriad fetishes.

>> No.14235467

>Reaching this hard while calling other people retarded
This is rich

>> No.14235468

Holy childhood memories.

Why not?

>> No.14235471

You're acting autistic, stop that.

>> No.14235472

The one in the middle and the one on the left. The one on the right is too gross for me.

>> No.14235474

We're all autists, the fuck are you snorting? Plus a butterfly really was on my face just now.

>> No.14235475

i'll have both and you missed the best part. loli butt. can a loli butt give butt jobs or is that for cushy asses?

>> No.14235477

Did you hit your head and it fucked up your sense of direction?

>> No.14235483

This man knows his shit.

>> No.14235486
File: 258 KB, 516x516, ZEv7SIt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14235489

Monorus just said he got his computer fixed and is working on Hellhound and Jabberwock for the thread.

What a glorious era we live in.

>> No.14235495

Snek fighting life.
Strong food and strong drink at midnight.

>> No.14235497

>for the thread
>yet he hates our guts

>> No.14235499

>Hellhound and Jabberwock

Oh, wonderful.

>> No.14235500

I'm intrigued.

>> No.14235514

Well not specifically for the thread, but who else likes Monster Girls? Tumblr?

>> No.14235515

Good on him, but I'm good on hellhounds and jabberwocks for now.

>> No.14235518

>yfw you just realize this bitch was a husbandofag

>> No.14235520

I'm asking on behalf of the Association for Sustaining Humanity in Community and Union with Monsters, otherwise called the A.S.H.C.U.M., what the graduation rates of the district 5 integrated Monster Girl academy are, and how their performance levels are relative to the other schools, specifically in regards human boys and girls.

Are the grades higher as a result of Mamono mana exposure and the multiple daily orgies?

Considering the presence of Mamono mana, how many girls turn into Monster Girls by the end of their education, how many men become Incubi, and then again, Alps?

In relevance to the sheer amount of sex those in attendance are liable to have, how many couples drop out to get married, and how many Teen Pregnancies are there?

These are the impotent questions that bare answering from those responsible of our nations children.

>> No.14235521
File: 22 KB, 333x363, 1445117303735.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14235523

He's not wrong either way.

>> No.14235525

Good one.

>> No.14235526

Meanwhile, where is less? When will he return? He's probably lost, alone, cold.

>> No.14235528

>He's probably lost, alone, cold.
I wish. But unfortunately or fortunately he lives in sea mexico, so that isn't the case.

>> No.14235529

>Are the grades higher as a result of Mamono mana exposure and the multiple daily orgies?
I don't know if the daily orgies help specifically in that regard, as there have been several studies that indicate there is a possibility of both positives and negatives in this respect, with the positives themselves perhaps having an impact on other areas of relevance, but the Mamono mana definitely has a net benefit in this respect, despite some widely known, openly publicized, minor caveats.

>Considering the presence of Mamono mana, how many girls turn into Monster Girls by the end of their education, how many men become Incubi, and then again, Alps?
On all fronts, more than you likely hope, but fewer than you probably think, specifically on the topic of human girl to monster girl conversion, thanks to our aggressive use of certain architectural elements, dietary supplements, and accessories, which help to prevent humans women from turning into Monster Girls where they otherwise would under any circumstance. Unfortunately, these procedures are not universally effective, require fine tuning on an individual level, and only work on our own grounds. They also don't apply in nearly as great a measure for human males, and as such, the transformation into an incubus is nearly guarantied by their graduation.

>In relevance to the sheer amount of sex those in attendance are liable to have, how many couples drop out to get married, and how many teen pregnancies are there?
I'll be happy to state on record that there have been no drop outs from our student population in our entire history, and that we are proud to facilitate and recognize the marriage of Monster Girls with their husbands within our walls. That said, there are a great number of teen pregnancies and births as one would expect from an integrated Monster Girl school, but gladly, we have a deal with the state government's Children of the State program, so there's nothing to worry about in this regard, and in fact, it should be pleasing to your association to know that there is a significant number of human children being born into this program as a part of the state's Human Maintenance Initiative.

>> No.14235530

I hope good things happen to you.

>> No.14235531


>> No.14235533

What do you say to the allegations that your school is secretly working the Sabbath and the Church of the Fallen God without approval from the state, and that it even has branch locations on the premises? What about the rumor that some of your staff and students are conspiring to turn some of the Incubi into Alps?

>> No.14235535

He got got by the stalker.

>> No.14235536

Flipland is sea mexico.

>> No.14235542

Yet you're condemning a perfectly fine MG to the trash because you don't like her, just like Polt because you faggots think she's a furry when she's Mithra tier at worst.

>> No.14235543

I want to find a cute little lost .less alp, bring her home, warm her up, feed her, and snuggle with her while she thanks me for being a friend. I'll then have her draw her cute angel OC to share with the threads.

>> No.14235544

>full body hair, a button nose, multiple nipples, and her own Skype group

>> No.14235546

We're all regular comedians today.

>> No.14235549

Mithra in Vana'diel had full body fur as well you mongoloid. The reason why they all had those facial markings and tanned skin wasn't just because of their race, it was because they were LITERALLY covered from head to toe in a thin layer of fur.

They also had button noses, cat's ears, a tail, etc.

>> No.14235551

What do you say to the allegations that your school is secretly working the Sabbath and the Church of the Fallen God without approval from the state, and that it even has branch locations on the premises? What about the rumor that some of your staff and students are conspiring to turn some of the Incubi into Alps?
A ridiculous and overblown rumor. It's true that we have a higher than average Alp population, and that a number of them belong to what you just called a harem, but the allegation that our staff and members of the student body would conspire to turn others into Alps is unthinkable, and we've done several investigations into the matter to prove so to the public. All one needs to do is see for one's self and realize the madness of the accusation leveled at your institution.

>> No.14235556

>they aren't furries
You're barking up the wrong tree

>you're throwing her in the thrash because you don't like her
Yeah, that's usually how it works. Just stop, you aren't recruiting anyone for your furry army.

>> No.14235561

>What about the rumor that some of your staff and students are conspiring to turn some of the Incubi into Alps?
My dick really likes this idea.

>> No.14235562

>reaching the heavens
I think it's time to respect god's personal space.

>> No.14235568
File: 232 KB, 700x600, 1442507802410.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Drawfags make the cutest alps.

>> No.14235583

I don't want an army of furries, all I want is for people to admit that dogs are better waifus than cats

>> No.14235586

And the you got murdered by an incubus who was having none of that shit. Thanks to his unlimited stamina he got buff as fuck in prison and had a harem waiting on him when he got out.

>> No.14235587
File: 163 KB, 1000x1000, 1440360505050.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thankfully, drawfags like Loen are known not to like Alps.

>> No.14235592

They are, but furries a shit AND YOU NEED TO STOP.

>> No.14235593

An Alp that doesn't like being an Alp is the cutest Alp out of all the Alps.

>> No.14235601

>grouping Loen in with your Alpfaggotry
Stop it.

>> No.14235602

Based Loen.

>> No.14235604

>Guy in Foster's mask from Murder Ceiling

>> No.14235609

I want to be a Kraken's tangle buddy!

>> No.14235614
File: 965 KB, 900x1609, Sith Enabler.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please! I implore you! Fornicate thyself in a locale other than this one!

>> No.14235617
File: 679 KB, 2399x2399, 1441822604989.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no Demon onee-san to wrap you in a wing burrito

>> No.14235621

I want a Monster Girl to take me out dancing and make me feel special!

Post the other part please.

>> No.14235625

>the look of pain and sadness in that dog's eyes

>> No.14235628
File: 498 KB, 3049x1374, 1441823250171.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14235637

That's pretty gay. Just saying.

>> No.14235642
File: 1.04 MB, 3015x2680, 1442423821739.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want a dominant monster girl to love me like this

>> No.14235641

>Confusing fornicating with a sentient lifeform and fornicating with a sapient one
Did you learn nothing from Jack Harkness?

>> No.14235654

Moar wing cocoons.

>> No.14235655

>wanting a dominant monster girl

Oh wow.

>> No.14235659


>> No.14235661

Shut up anon, don't ruin this for me.

>> No.14235662
File: 405 KB, 737x1200, Kikimora_L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This thread sucks, time for best girl.

>> No.14235665
File: 22 KB, 330x363, 1445125159071.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14235668

I want that but with a vampire

>> No.14235670
File: 317 KB, 1000x1000, 1443234231762.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14235673

>down for anything you want
>will make you a killer guy
Other monstergirls are you even trying?

>> No.14235675
File: 477 KB, 846x1200, 1438178487457.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>'Best' girl

>> No.14235676
File: 193 KB, 600x848, 46457330.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Time for vampire?

>> No.14235678

I've always thought that image was cute.

>> No.14235680

>will make you a killer guy
>these are considered good traits
Oh wow.

>> No.14235682

>Go to monster girl high
>be Incubi from the atmosphere alone
>never attend any of the daily orgies
>one day be approached by another Incubi
>he hits on me
>apparently you're cute or something
>from that point forward, stuff like this keeps happening
>guys telling you how effeminate you are and trying to sell you on how it's an attractive feature
>girls telling how great sex is for as a monster girl, Alps specifically telling you how much better sex feels
>staff telling you that about how fantasizing about being female is normal for guys going through puberty
>everyone seeming to tell you about how liking the appeal of other men is totally ok
>it was all very subtle at the time
>then it happened
>you were an Alp yourself
>suddenly you realize how it all makes sense
>but before you can make any accusations you find yourself being bukkakied in an orgy with several other Alps
>it just kind of happened, but you liked it to much to stop
>so you joined the guy's harem, the one with all the Alps
>and everyone looked at you and thought 'I always knew that kid was into dudes'

>> No.14235683

I never know if you like kikis or hate them with this image.

>> No.14235684

Shut up before I get the dhampirs.

>> No.14235686

>he hits on me
Anon, is there anything you want to tell us?

>> No.14235688


>> No.14235689

Yeah, best, plus she isn't an abomination so she's automatically better than snot maid.

>> No.14235691

Must be InariKitsune. He used to brag in IRC about how guys would hit on him all the time, even though he totally didn't want it to happen.

>> No.14235696

Those homewreckers? No thank you.

>> No.14235698
File: 187 KB, 265x265, 1385927067604.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14235699
File: 246 KB, 1500x1500, 1440808239660.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14235701

Like because best girl and hate them because they aren't real? Yeah, I get that.

>> No.14235704


>> No.14235705

> even though he totally didn't want it to happen
I find that hard to believe considering the stuff he's into.

>> No.14235709

You could get banned for posting that anon. Be cautious.

>> No.14235711

How would you guys feel about a greentext story of Anon working in a arabian nights-esque MG restaurant?

>> No.14235712

the little bit of bush peeking out is so fucking hot.

>> No.14235713
File: 397 KB, 1800x2250, lala.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So I made this. Hope you guys like it because Lala is starting to be best girl for me. Cant help it, I love black sclera.

>> No.14235715

Just write it unless you're bad at writing.

>> No.14235716
File: 286 KB, 800x1000, 1421859203060.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminder that Kikomora tails are made of feathers, and that pillows are traditionally feather-filled, not fur filled. Ergo, Kikimora best mofu tail.

>> No.14235718

She's too pure for this environment.

Good comes in many forms.

And suddenly I'm imagining myself teasing my kiki with one of her own pubic feathers.

>> No.14235719

Only if it's hotter than hot

>> No.14235720

Solid choice.

>> No.14235721

I love that unamused expression.

>> No.14235722

>life of the average alp poster

>> No.14235723
File: 17 KB, 316x239, 1444955617433.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I love black sclera
>Draws her without black sclera

>> No.14235724

Very cute.

>> No.14235725

I like it but she's not best girl

>> No.14235727
File: 317 KB, 675x600, yeti kids.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fluffy things

>> No.14235729
File: 142 KB, 800x572, Tindalos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hating on abominations
You and I are not niggers. Not at all.

>> No.14235730
File: 103 KB, 294x600, I hope your insides are ready because these boots are going to show them some style.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can't hear you with her leg in your ass and poking out of your whore wife's mouth.

>> No.14235733

>girls telling how great sex is for as a monster girl, Alps specifically telling you how much better sex feels
Sex isn't better for girls right? That's just a myth.

>> No.14235735


>> No.14235736

Damn, you're right. That's almost as shitty as wasting the image count on reactionface.jpg

>> No.14235738

Are dhampirs the most entitled and selfish monstergirl? Yes.

>> No.14235743

>wasting the image count on reactionface.jpg
>what is deleting the image afterwards

Where have you been the last million threads

>> No.14235745

Needs more dino girls Loen

>> No.14235746
File: 2.27 MB, 1696x1200, 1444441029317.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hahahaha no

>> No.14235750

No, that's vampires, do we need to compare them side by side HUH? Are you going to waste my time again with your lies?

In his defense not many delete their reactions images, and not that many post them anymore either. I do it with text even.

>> No.14235751


fluffy tail, fluffy ears and one firm butt

>> No.14235752

>The chuuni bitch thinks she has any right to talk

>> No.14235756

Vampires just want to turn you into a husband they are proud of. Dhampirs are literal homewreckers and white knights.

>> No.14235758

>Kikimora teaching kobold how to clean and serve their master
>Training her to resist her doggy instincts and not JUMP IN THE FUCKING MUD
>taking her to be fitted for her first maid dress
>giving her pointers on how and when to raise her tail so master can get a peek

>> No.14235760

oh okay that's understandable then I guess

>> No.14235762

>actual vampire hunters

I told you to go eat crickets somewhere else Jenkings.

>> No.14235764

Coloring anon. I need the empty sclera space to color it later, leaving it pitch black in a color version wouldnt look as good as a dark color.
I agree anon. Miia is still holding the title in my head.
You are completely right.

>> No.14235765
File: 26 KB, 500x349, 1440675440320.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]





>> No.14235767

All I'm saying is that you would be much happier with a nice and lovely vampire.

>> No.14235768

>Coloring anon

I see, sorry then.

>> No.14235769 [SPOILER] 
File: 430 KB, 1255x705, 1445128885760.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There are actually far more nerve endings and sensitive tissues in the vagina than on the penis, yes. That's part of why birth is so painful, that and the child is basically stretching the vaginal canal like forcing a baseball through a fucking coin purse.

But one thing that alot of writefaggots myself included neglect is that sex isn't all about shoving a blood engorged skin flute into the lubricated grasping sheath of a womanfolk. There's also an emotional element to it, and it's been proven that sex forms and strengthens bonds between partners because it's the most intimate physical interaction two human beings can experience.

That being said I'll never trust 3DPD ever again because I may have been used to cuckold a guy and knocking his ex up before she got back with him, but hey. At least MGs aren't (hopefully) that facetious.

>> No.14235770

>you will never watch you're Vampire waifu fistfight you're Dhampir daughteru
>you will never see them do a cross-counter and punch each other in the face, knocking themselves out in the process

>> No.14235771

I want to adopt a Dhampir so I don't have to deal with a horrible Vampire wife that hates my existence.

>> No.14235777

I want to take a Himedere elf to McDonalds.

>> No.14235779

Vampire are the only MG so shitty they have to have their own children teach them how to treat a human with some common decency.

>> No.14235784

Are fluffy alps acceptable?
There's no art for Alps, so I'll just post horned fluffy creatures and use my imagination to interpret non-blueberry androgynous characters as Alps.

>> No.14235786

You're making me want to see a Himedere elf having to be coerced into eating "Plebeian food" before reluctantly taking a bit and realizing she actually enjoys it.

>> No.14235787
File: 492 KB, 809x1145, b743268bdaaf01efe45738eb1161c90c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Geez I wonder who may be behind these posts

>> No.14235789

I want to put my dhampir up for adoption so she doesn't stab her own mother in the back.

Correction, they force vampires to adopt their principles no matter how kind they are. Maybe they both of them are happy, you ever thought of that?

>> No.14235791
File: 70 KB, 614x638, 03c7ecc6ed53175c0cd1b3016aa13510.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Closest thing I could find to a fluffy alp.

>> No.14235795
File: 705 KB, 800x1135, 05458621afd3f47dbcf67f7c6185e8d0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14235796

>"Y-you want to destroy my ass!?"
>The girl is panicking, and this makes Anon panic.
"No, wait, it's a good thing, I swear!"
>"Destroying my ass is a good thing!?! D-do you hate me!?!"
>Anon is getting especially desperate. Should he fail to romance the fox he won't be able to jam it in so deep they'll need to find King Arthur to pull it out.
"No! I don't hate you, I'm just saying you have a five star tush!"
>"W-what's that supposed to mean!?"
"It means I like you fine, but more importantly I LIKE YOUR ASS!"
>"Oh, so now my ass is more important than me!?! Is my ass just the best thing about me then!?!"
>"Well fuck you then, I'm leaving, and taking this 'five star ass' with me!"
"No, wait, please, I love your ass, you don't understand!"
>It was a pretty good family reunion.

>> No.14235799

I like her because she's kind of a chuuni, but also because she likes Gundam.

A girl who likes Gundam is a damn good girl in my books. I wonder if she likes Metal Gear like Miia? How cute would it be watching Miia and Lala bond over vidya?

>> No.14235802
File: 537 KB, 850x530, tumblr_mr71wvxuTz1qe4o1to1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to see various monsters get frustrated at video games.

That elf wont be smiling long.

>> No.14235803

>I want to put my dhampir up for adoption so she doesn't stab her own mother in the back.
They prefer to live with humans anyway; and she would just come back as an adult and kill you both later.

>> No.14235804

How would a Dhampir react to her father defending her mother?
>Anon comes home
>Finds his wife cowering in a corner
>His daughter standing over her, ranting about justice and how your wife needs to "learn her place" and treat you better
>You happen to think that your wife treats you pretty darn good, even if she is kind of bad at showing it
>And so you step in
>She's startled by your sudden yell
>"What do you think you're doing to your mother?! Is this how a daughter acts towards her parents?!"
>She tries to protest, and squeaks out a "Bu-"
>You cut her off
>"But nothing! You go to your room right now and you think about what you did!"
>"I said to your room!"

>> No.14235808

>posting an actual monsterboy
Alpfags, everyone.

>> No.14235809

Anon, you probably don't know this but The one in the middle is a trap.

>> No.14235810

That's why you hire security and buy a gun.

>> No.14235812

In a way I agree with you but
>kikimora cleaning house
>that's strange
>she looks through every nook and cranny of the house
>finally she decides to go directly to you as you're having dinner
>"Master, are you well?"
>Tell her you're as fine as ever
>"It's just, I couldn't find any gentlemanly material as I cleaned your room, or anywhere really"
>Gentlemanly material?
>Porn, I mea porn, Master
>You choke on your delicious fat, greasy steak at her reply
>she pats your back drapes her arm around you
>"It's not healthy for such a virile young man to neglect his needs, but don't worry, Maid #1 is on this!
>she storms out of the house with a spring in her step, she doesn't hear you calling
>she returns well into the night, more bags than you can count
>"Oooh Maaaasteeeer, I'm back!"
>She tries to set them down but they slip out of her hands, dumping the contents on the floor
>Maid Fucking Monthly, Diaries of a Slovenly Servant, Punished Maids XIV: The Caning, High Society Maid Schtupping
>You look at her, then the magazines and movies, then her again
>She tells you there's more in the car
>She hides her blushing face behind her skirt, letting you see her stockings and garterbelt
>"If it's not to much to ask, could we watch them together?"

Kikis are love.

>> No.14235816

I'm proactively choosing to believe that the character does not have a penis. You can't see one in the image itself, so, he doesn't have one at all! That's the world I'm going to choose to live in. Yeah.

>> No.14235817

The topic was "Fluffy Alps".

So w/e.

>> No.14235820

And Alpfags are cancer. Surprise surprise.

>> No.14235823

For some reason, I was half expecting her to make her own solo pics.

>> No.14235826
File: 915 KB, 850x1201, sample_b3f8202487e94d1134d5e66e57e66671.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14235828

Loving Dhampir wives > Vampires that only love you if you're the MGE version of a nigger.

>> No.14235831
File: 208 KB, 1000x1000, chibichurio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14235832


>> No.14235836

How did you know that? I don't see any bulge anywhere. Nobody would've known if you didn't point it out.

>> No.14235837

Are you trying to be wrong?

>> No.14235839

How precious.

>> No.14235841

She just pasted her face on the models in all the magazines.

>> No.14235843

Are your pants on fire as you post this? I'm genuinely curious.

>> No.14235846


>> No.14235849

Men with a good head on their shoulder and taste, who don't want to be treated like servants and blood bags?

>> No.14235850
File: 190 KB, 921x611, Elf Bullying.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Posting a Monsterboy

>> No.14235851

>those thighs

>> No.14235853
File: 151 KB, 1000x1000, 1444938925588.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aw yis

Kram next?

>> No.14235859

I'm not dealing with broken controllers.
she breaks, she pays for a new one.

And I still want to know what the sorceress is doing.

>> No.14235861

I do. It would be romantic.

>> No.14235863
File: 2.86 MB, 640x380, Seeds of Fury.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are monstergirls that can punch things very fast?

>> No.14235864

>so he doesn't have one at all
I have bad news for you.

>> No.14235866


>> No.14235868

Anon, you have to admit, that character looks female. There's basically no indication of it being male outside of it doujin's context, and anyone can draw a female and call it a male, and if there's no dick in the image than anyone can just as easily say 'No it's not, that a fuckin lady!' and no one could voice valid disagreement. I mean for fucks sakes, she has tits, smal ones, but tits in that image! No bulge!

>> No.14235872

Nice job, man. Love dinos like that.

>> No.14235873

Do you know anything about that artist? Christ.

>> No.14235874

Fuck off

>> No.14235877

I haven't told a single lie.

>> No.14235878

Oh lordy, muh heart.

>> No.14235879

Newfag pls.

>> No.14235883

I don't know about incubi being nig nogs but he's not wrong. Don't make me get the quote nigga, you'll just look stupid.

>> No.14235887

Delete your image you overly defensive retard.

>> No.14235891

It's true that they only accept yo if you're an incubus,but an you blame them? They are noblewomen, they need proper and powerful husbands.

>> No.14235893

>stop liking monstergirls I don't like!

>> No.14235897 [DELETED] 



>> No.14235899

Shhhh, no dreams, only hate now.

>> No.14235902
File: 956 KB, 568x800, ba652e768d0346278cf6149229feb492.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14235908

Well obviously you're an idiot.

No it's more like
>your waifu a shit and you're free to like her but that won't stop me from saying SHE'S SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!

>> No.14235912

What are you doing?

>> No.14235914

Ok, so, your actively choosing to pollute the threads with furry shit, good to know. I haven't posted anything worthy of specific note, but you're literally just asking for a shitstorm right now.

>> No.14235918

I mean that's certainly a penis there, but not everyone knows the artist or the fact he or she draws penises on things that don't look like they have a penis at first view

>> No.14235919

Do you really have to be so obnoxious about disliking someones waifu?

>> No.14235921

But I want to be romanced by a strong scary vampire mistress! I would serve her every day and keep her happy and haughty!

>> No.14235923

>some faggot posting monster traps
>prove it's a guy and he need to fuck off
>no, we're the ones shitposting
You have overplayed your hand.

>> No.14235924

>Girl waits on 'that' stump
>time passes
>girl begins to think he forgot her or something happened to him
>he comes back as she gets up to leave

>> No.14235925

Well you know now, so fuck off and stop pretending that it's not a male.

>> No.14235930

What I'd do for a fat-bottomed Bapho in spats

>> No.14235931
File: 1.05 MB, 1000x1333, 6f40d3ca2ae3aef196449e174c01d745.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Posting horns.

>> No.14235934

Are dhampirs the MG most likely to mistreat their mothers?

>> No.14235935
File: 661 KB, 954x1157, 1439780646883.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Enjoying pizza with a monstergirl by the pool

>> No.14235937

>posts trap
>anons call defensive fags out on it
>"everyone else is shitting up the thread!"
Alpfag pls.

>> No.14235938

If you ever do, I recommend that you start with any of the games that aren't the first two, or Etrian Mystery Dungeon (which is a whole different issue).

Etrian Odyssey (DS) is a little iffy. It's probably one of the hardest in the series (if we go by the standard difficulty of every game), and yet it's host to a number of bugs and balance issues that can very easily be exploited to make it a cakewalk. As the first entry to the series, it's definitely the clunkiest, and even lacks strafing when traversing the dungeon.
(It also has a cute forest folk girl and an alraune.)

Etrian Odyssey 2 (DS) is definitely an improvement on the series. New classes, broken skills fixed, and some good quality of life improvements.
(It doesn't have any cute monstergirls, but you can have a bear in your party.)

Etrian Odyssey 3 (DS) is awesome. A huge improvement on the last, with a completely new class roster. That, and it's set in an ocean land, which means swashbuckling and cute brown amazons.
(It also has cute robot girls and a Scylla in it.)

Etrian Odyssey 4 (3DS) is definitely the easiest, but it's still damn fun. One different feature about it is that instead of having you traverse through a single dungeon, split into several different strata, you explore multiple dungeons which you'll travel to via an overworld. As the first on the 3DS, it also does away with enemy sprites, replacing them with full 3D models.

Etrian Odyssey Untold (3DS) is a remake of the first. Thankfully, it fixes all of its predecessor's issues. What's interesting about the Untold (remake) games is that they feature two modes.
There's Classic Mode, where you can make your own party as you would in every other game, with the story exactly as it plays out in the original.
Then there's Story Mode. As it implies, the plot is a lot more involved. While largely unchanged from the original, there's some pretty major additions. Namely, you're given a premade team of actual, speaking characters with already established personalities and backstories. Additionally, you get a unique class and a new story vital dungeon appears only in this mode, one which you'll be revisiting as you progress through the main labyrinth.
Despite all that, if you're completely new to the series, and have no idea about the actual setting, I personally recommend Classic Mode on this game.

Etrian Odyssey Untold 2 (3DS) is a remake of the second game. Story Mode and Classic Mode, just like the last Untold. And though I haven't played it yet, I'm told its quite possibly the best game, in terms of its polish and quality of life improvements.

So, do you like cute girls?
Do you like lolis?
Do you like dungeon exploration?
Do you like drawing maps?
Do you like horrible, deer-based disembowelling?
And do you like pain?

If yes, then you'll love Etrian Odyssey.

>> No.14235941

Vampire apologist pls.

>you'd be happier with a vampire waifu
Next you'll tell me root canals are awesome.

>> No.14235942

Stop posting furry outside of /b/, that's a global rule you broke

>> No.14235944


>> No.14235947

meant to post

>> No.14235950

Imagedumps are frowned upon, anon.

>> No.14235952
File: 547 KB, 500x257, 1444827804822.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stop grasping at straws and admit that you're both faggots for wanting to ream the asshole of a goddamned Pan Faun male shota.

>Posting furry to prove a point is breaking a rule when you know that /u/ material doesn't belong in here unless it's canonized in Liliraune

>> No.14235954

>Pupils aren't rectangles
Shit tier sheep.

>> No.14235956

Root canals aren't that bad, and they can't be compared to busty undead ladies anyway.

>> No.14235958

Only if they mistreat their fathers.

>> No.14235959

I'm not the one that posted furry, you're the one that posted furry by posing that image of a monsterboy.

>> No.14235961

Shitposting is also against the rules.

>> No.14235963

>Girl waits on 'that' stump

what stump? what are you referencing, lad?

>> No.14235966
File: 165 KB, 779x799, 1c07d38d54d102279183a76b9412fffa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Then join me and talk about how wonderful horns are.

>> No.14235968

>He doesn't know about the stump

>> No.14235972
File: 23 KB, 700x364, 1442960389340.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14235973

The stump of waiting for someone who never returns I think.

>> No.14235976

Stop dumping images first.

>> No.14235977

>That pool
Okay, is this the part where she and her friends jump me and record the newest edition of "Mofu Paradise"?

>> No.14235979

Well too bad! Because my tanuki wife makes it so I have enough cash to pay a crack team of dhampirs to follow you around the clock and mindbreak any vampire you so much as look at. You're going to have a nice, doting, obedient vampire wife, or harem, and fucking like it!

>> No.14235980
File: 113 KB, 1200x684, 1442804645215.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A stump that truly shows who the real monsters are

>> No.14235983

But how will we show our appreciation of horns if not by masturbating over images featuring them on attractive females?

>> No.14235989

Because you're being a ponce about it.

>> No.14235990

Jubjubs are great girls, and anyone who makes one suffer is shit.

>> No.14235995


>> No.14235996

Well I'll hire a team of amazons to turn you and your friends into sweet submissive husbands who will always obey their wives no matter what.

>> No.14235999

You're right, a root canal without anesthesia is preferable to a vampire master.

>> No.14236001

Now you're just being annoying about this.

>> No.14236003

>bankrolled by a tanuki
>implying I can't pay them ten times what you do to kidnap you and train you into a hunk of iron flesh worthy of dominating a vampire

>> No.14236005

Then I'll pull a kamen rider and turn on you.

>> No.14236007

the one sitting on it?

>> No.14236010

>A Harpy that'd only ever be in stories of a guy getting stalked by the JubJub, paranoia growing as he fears a flesh-eating monster is coming to get him
>Right before they *pomf* onto him with those heavenly pillows

>> No.14236011

Certainly not the poor traveler trying to escape from the dumb rapebird.

>> No.14236012

What are you going to do, tell your mistress on me? Go ahead, I'll enjoy seeing her mascara run as she's educated in the ways of treating a man by a pissed off dhampir. A dhampir with hands as big as a troll's. With a spanking fetish.

>> No.14236016


Posting monster boys is indefensible, even unknowingly, and all of you should leave for trying. It doesn't matter if you want to pretend it's female, the thread just proved that the character's male, so why haven't you deleted the image or been banned yet?

>> No.14236021

You lost me.
Wait, you mean come for me? Nigga, what part of bankrolled by a tanuki don't you understand? My network of kunoichi spies will let me know the second you're heading my way. You're fucked. And your waifu will be fucked. By you. In a very dominating manner.

You're welcome.

>> No.14236023

Why are you angry at several anonymous people on the internet? I would suggest you turn off your monitor my friend and stop getting easily flustered.

>> No.14236027

If you aren't going to discuss horns with me then I'll just go back to posting them.

>> No.14236030

Not him but
>global 10

>> No.14236033

But I won't do it. You can't make me. Instead, I'll destroy your evil, even if I die!

>> No.14236034

thank you for posting this lovely Jubjub

>> No.14236036

I'll discuss horns with you, but give me a minute, going for a cig.

>> No.14236038

It's one of these, can't check 'cos the shit doesn't work for me somehow.

>> No.14236040

this is the most fun i've had reading an argument in a while

>> No.14236044

But she already knows how to treat me and I enjoy it.

>> No.14236049

If he's going full kamen rider your army of ninja whores are just going to be a pile of jobbers.

>> No.14236051

>and then anon was hit with a dart with raging mushroom extract, and he fucked his wife like a savage, he made her cry out in ecstacy, screaming for more and complimenting his burly cock, and to make her his breeding sow

No thanks necessary.

>> No.14236053


>> No.14236055

Then I'll reeducate her! I'll make her dominant and haughty again! Even if I have to travel the world!

>> No.14236061

Yeah, I was planning to just pick up the two Untolds.

>> No.14236062

Sit on that stump over there and I'll get back to you.

>> No.14236067

I want a strong, muscled amazon who's built like a tank and has scars all over her, to be turned into a loli by a wizard and to follow me around, trying to romance/rape me.

>> No.14236068

>mgt writes a collective thank you letter to DL
>nobody knows demonic for shit, using dictionaries
>a couple of fags add a joke paragraph saying how monsters are shit, semen demons are inferior and paladins would get her
>she C&D monstergirls

>> No.14236070

>Recommending the Untold games
It's Atlus casualifying the series, wanting the persona audience, and DLC out the ass. Stick with 1-4

>> No.14236082

Why would a Wizard know pedomorphosis spells?

>> No.14236085

Are you implying that she'd stop being haughty after that? If anything she'd probably order raging mushrooms for him so she could tie him down and then let him do the thrusting while she looks down on him with a loving gaze.

>> No.14236087

No reason :)

>> No.14236091

That's not at all fucking stupid.

You totally shouldn't fucking kill yourself for writing that, and I'm without a doubt not being sarcastic at all.

>> No.14236095

>he doesn't know such intense fucking makes monsters masochists
Then you'll keep getting drugged until your intense lovemaking sessions have made you BuffGond McLargeHuge and you don't know anything but to violate her, indulging your lust and making her sink deeper and deeper until she's nothing but a dog!

>> No.14236098

So, what about horns?

>> No.14236101

I'd rather die then be a pawn in your petty quest to destroy others!

>> No.14236103

Never know when you'll need a strength, damage, and size penalty.

>> No.14236109

You have to be the pettiest person I've ever met.
Some people like Femdom my dude.
I like both, but I chose that.

>> No.14236113

THE WORLD IS MINE! First I park my pig then I make you fuck yo bitch!

>> No.14236117

Sempai praised me!

>> No.14236119

Do you know how hard you're asking to get your ass kicked man?
Femdom lovers are surprisingly militant.

>> No.14236120

Hey, just saying how we'd most likely end up with our luck and all.

>> No.14236121
File: 111 KB, 529x591, 63997be95462af6ab8b87cec3891b970.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>There's no art for Alps
Just for that you can have a Demon Alp.

>> No.14236125

Nigga I've been her since day one, I ain't scared of anybody here.

>> No.14236131

I love horns. The horns on a cute girl serve well to complement them by framing their face, they have an appealing texture, and there are probably sexual uses for them as well, and they vary wildly, so you can choose your preferences too. My favorite are curved horns like those of sheep. That's why monster girls with horns are so great.

>> No.14236134

>trying to start another dom slappyfight while playing both sides

>> No.14236137

You should be! You'll repent for your crimes and help heal the wounds you caused, no matter what!

>> No.14236139

Is your waifu a wereheep? I like dark priest's the best.

>> No.14236140

Is being your own man really so awful? Don't you want your wife to see you as her big, strong hero, not a pet?

>> No.14236141

I'm trying to prevent slappyfights anon.
slappyfights are a bad time for everyone involved.

>> No.14236144
File: 582 KB, 854x1200, ca53ea370c60e0db5cfb7251f9202c2a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want a fairy onee san to dom me gently.

>> No.14236147

No actually, my waifu is an Ushi Oni.

>> No.14236149

But I like her the way she is; powerful, proud, and domineering in bed. She'll love me on her own anyway, you're just being childish and spiteful.

>> No.14236150

>childlike mentality
That's stupid but cute.

>> No.14236154

We all can't have what we want, can we.
By the way, has anyone vectorized the Pixie and Fairy that float next to her?

>> No.14236162

Oh you know you love it, after all, you're submissive. No take off your pants and fuck your waifu! Fuck her hard and make her squeal. It will please me.

>> No.14236165

Let me guess, you like to ride on her back at full speed while holding on to her horns.

>> No.14236167

As long as she stays the same.

>> No.14236173

>stay the same
A nice obedient cumdump? You betcha.

>> No.14236174

>Appealing texture
You wot?

>> No.14236175

>Nostalgia goggles makes me hate new things!
/v/ is the other way, anon

>> No.14236177

No, as a butler who enjoys bringing pleasure and happiness to someone's life.

>> No.14236180

>What, you monster plebes don't use this spell for combat?
>You use it for WHAT? Pffffhahahaha

>> No.14236183

A butler in day to day shit and a roaring stud in bed that makes her his plaything?

>> No.14236184
File: 108 KB, 640x480, 1434599946291.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you're fucking your waifu and some creepy faggot is fapping to the act in a poorly lit corner

>> No.14236186

Real talk, do you honestly want to be a butler? Like in real life?

>> No.14236189

I'm dying! Drawfags!

>> No.14236191

Only if she wants me too and her personalty stays the same.

No. But I would if I could get molested by a vampire.

>> No.14236192

I don't usually condone murder, but it seems like that's the solution here.

>> No.14236193

As long as you don't see his dick it's cool.

>> No.14236201

Not real woman is worth of it.

>> No.14236203

just like Alfred, except his master is a bat woman instead of Batman.

>> No.14236212

Time for another dart. Nah, let's make it ten. You. Will. Enjoy this.


>> No.14236216

Can't you dart her instead?

>> No.14236224

>muh nostalgia goggles
Newer is not better by default. If it has questionable design choices, shit writing, a story mode that undermines the original story and original purpose of the games to use imagination, and DLC, than yes it's inferior to the original. Did you think the new Dungeon Keeper was the best one ever too?

>> No.14236227

I don't have words for how autistic you're acting right now.
And I'm actually an autist.

>> No.14236229

Dart's been modded to respond to a male's spirit energy, has the opposite effect on females, so if you want her ultra submissive, go ahead.

>> No.14236231


I want to dominate a Vampire while I'm still human!

>> No.14236237

Well I'll just lock myself in my room then.

>> No.14236239

>weekend threads

>> No.14236243

What's the smallest unit of measuring you can think of? Cause I care about a trillion googles less than that.

>> No.14236245

>raging mushroom gas

Good man! How would you do it? Tell us in detail.

>> No.14236251

And yes I do mean googles, look it up, it's a number.

>> No.14236256

You know what? I'll have the bodyguard capture you and tie you up, then you can watch as my wife lovingly dominates me a the maid molest you.

>> No.14236262

I don't really know anon, I'm not good at planning things out.

>> No.14236263

It's googol.

>> No.14236264

You're being pretty abrasive about this, anon.

>> No.14236266
File: 70 KB, 583x583, 1406650878530.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

One more day anon, and then it'll all be over.

>> No.14236268

>unlimited tanuki riches
>army of kunoichi
>ogre wife
Yeah, no.

>> No.14236274

Then I'll just get a gun then.

>> No.14236276

I want to rape a vampire with a regenerating hymen!

>> No.14236278

Well pardoneth me. I still mean what I said.

>> No.14236280


>> No.14236285

>wander is unimpressed by skyrim mods.jpg

>> No.14236291

You can do it anon! Let the beast free.

Does...does it regenerate as you thrust? Ripping her maidenhead over and over in an orgy of shrill cries and virgin blood?

Hello new fetish.

>> No.14236293

>taking a gun
>to kunoichi
>to an ogre
Is it .50 cal at least?

>> No.14236295

I'm not aiming for them.

>> No.14236296

Somebody takes this Dhampir out of here before she gets all the floor wet.

>> No.14236298

>Let the beast free.
I don't know how!

>> No.14236299
File: 1.99 MB, 400x256, 1426954934456.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But he'd have to pay to see those.

>> No.14236302
File: 129 KB, 600x369, you deserve hugs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Man wears a sign saying "Free Hugs"
>Yetis get their hugs
>Yetis hold up a sign saying "You deserve hugs"
>Yetis get their hugs
Is there no end to the crafty hugging menace?

>> No.14236303

You put on a cute butler outfit and spoil her with hugs and words of love.

>> No.14236306

>threatening to kill a tanuki's husband
>an ogre's too
You poor fool. You won't be able to run fast enough. Think of your wife anon, do you really want her to see your mangled, quartered, pulpy corpse? There won't be enough left to resurrect.

>> No.14236308

Alright, it's clear this thread needs an injection of fun so, anon, an Echidna and her sisters have made a dungeon and sent out an open challenge to adventurers to try and complete it. However, you're the only one who responded, so they're giving you as many chances as you like.

Dungeon Challenge: 1d6
1: Skill Challenge (You must defeat the inhabitant of every room in a test of skill)
2: Romance Challenge (You must win over the inhabitant of every room)
3: Labyrinth (The Dungeon is a massive labyrinth with the Echidna in the middle. You must reach her without getting caught by her roaming sisters.)
4: Sexual Challenge (You must fuck each and every sister and the Echidna to succeed the challenge)
5: Combat Challenge (You must defeat the inhabitant of every room in combat)
6: Pick One.

The final room is guaranteed to be an Echidna, roll on monstergirlencyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/special:randomincategory/Mamono to decide her sisters. But first, choose a challenge rating.

Challenge Rating: This determines how many sisters you roll.
Easy: Roll 1d6
Medium: Roll 1d8
Hard: Roll 1d10
Very Hard: Roll 1d12
Extreme: Roll 1d20
Dante Must Die: Roll 2d20

Body Types: 1d12
1: Gym Bunny
2: Muscular
3: Oppai Loli (Or Shortstack if you prefer)
4: Pear Shaped
5: Hourglass Shaped
6: Tall
7: Species Norm
8: Loli (If already Loli, than CC)
9: Busty
10: Thin
11: Chubby
12: Pick One

Quirks: 1d8
1: Love Freak (In love with love and romance.)
2: Yamato Nadeshiko (Has all the skills of a perfect housewife.)
3: Undead (Died and was brought back to life as a cuddlebug zombie. Might change into a Wight over time. If undead already, then reroll.)
4: Sadomasochist (Loves dominating or being dominated. Your pick.)
5: Bakunyuu (Her breasts are three cup sizes bigger than the average for her species)
6: Bottom heavy (Her ass is twice as big as the average ass for her species.)
7: Chimera (Roll another species and fuse it with hers.)
8: Twins! (Roll another body type for her sister and roll another quirk for both of them.)

Lewdness Level: 1d6

1: Not Very Lewd
2: A Little Lewd
3: Lewd
4: Very Lewd
5: Extremely Lewd
6: Semen Demon

If you successfully beat the dungeon, you get to take the Echidna and her sisters as your loving wives. Of course, since they're the children of an Echidna, they're very much interested in getting pregnant.
Well anons, how do you do?

>> No.14236311

But that doesn't sound like I'm letting anything free.

>> No.14236312

I'll put down the gun if you agree to leave.

>> No.14236314

Anon, paid mods were canned months ago.

>> No.14236316
File: 11 KB, 243x207, 1439751506943.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Horsepussy winking during estrus

>> No.14236319

Is marriage apart of their plan?

>> No.14236320

You're letting go of your aggression and anger. Everyone is much happier that way.

>> No.14236323

Get new material.

>> No.14236324

I believe Bethesda is considering paid mods again.

>> No.14236325

are u gey anon?

>> No.14236326

That pungent smell of musk in the air
Wait, shit, I think I just made it weird. Shit, fuck, I'm sorry

>> No.14236333

I'll make a new one tomorrow, this is just a quick injection of fun for now.
I need an idea for a theme. Genie wish? Quests? MGC dating service?

>> No.14236334

Well that's entirely up to whether their warm hugs give you a boner or not, then she'll start rubbing your back in her hug and blush

>> No.14236337

No but I do enjoy almost all MGs that people haven't memetically destroyed yet, and even then the only truly shit ones (this is opinion) are:

Cait Sith,
Cu Sith,
Devil Bug/Johj-san

>> No.14236338
File: 97 KB, 1789x407, yandere matango.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You take all that horninnes you feel after two weeks of no fap, you remember that you are a man and monstergirl want your dick. You remember all the shit you want to do to them, with no restraint or remorse, because they can take, they want you to take it, all you have to do, is let nature take it's course. Let your dick guide you.

Take your shot princess. I'm yandere for making you fuck your waifu.

>> No.14236340

But I don't want that at all.

I want stuff like dominating an Ogre with the help of a Minotaur, not being a butler!

>> No.14236345

>Romance challenge

>Extreme roll

>Busty Living Doll/Doormouse Chimera who is very lewd
Some fucking dungeon, is this some sort of joke?

>> No.14236346

Something that's not the same roll game.

>> No.14236348

Who makes these signs anyway. I bet it was the Tanukis.

>> No.14236349
File: 98 KB, 600x574, 1385105158345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not that guy, but I want my waifu to fuck me.

>> No.14236352

You don't have to be a butler and you can do those things, as long as you remember to keep yourself in check.

>> No.14236353


>> No.14236355

I'd rather let my waifu ravage me.

>> No.14236356

But I already fuck my wife.

>> No.14236357

>with the help of a minotaur
You got to do it yourself or she won't respect you.

>> No.14236358

dat ass

>> No.14236361
File: 68 KB, 322x450, BaphometD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know mang.

>> No.14236362

>Tanuki rubs her hands together as she hands the sign to the smiling, unsuspecting Yeti
>"Yes, let the goys become cuddlesluts and addicted to hugs so they don't reproduce!"

>> No.14236363

Well, that doesn't sound too hard. I'm going to dominate a Vampire and make her have a Dhampir child!

>> No.14236364


Yeah, I'll spare you the details...

>> No.14236365

That ass is made for spanking when she gets frisky.

>> No.14236368

Such anger, let's turn it into lust. HEY YUMI! ANOTHER FAGGOT NEEDS A DART IN HIS DICK!

Who's your wife?

But do you fuck her hardcore? You need a push.

>> No.14236369

But what if I already earned her respect, what if I just want her to help dominate her as a bonding experience?

>> No.14236370

And then she ends up being introduced to the wonderful world of cuddlefucking.

>> No.14236374

You might want to learn the Sunlight spell.

>> No.14236375

That defeats the entire purpose of the game anon.

>> No.14236376

Anon, next time please don't add the ridiculous number of sub-rolls for challenge rating (e.g., extreme, dante must die, or any number more than ten girls really). It just leads to anon posting wall-of-text 40 girl lists that aren't much better than spamming the thread. And it's not like anyone else will bother reading and commenting on (or even caring about) each of the 40 girls rolled.

>> No.14236377

Yes, she's very hardcore.

>> No.14236379

Eh. You're treading dangerous ground, careful what you say.

>> No.14236380

>Sunlight spell.

But I would suck at learning magic, maybe I should give up on dominating a Vampire.

>> No.14236383

Bring something new to the table that isn't so time consuming then.

>> No.14236385

But are you?

You don't have at least 14 int? Are you a cabbage?

>> No.14236387

Okay, I'll keep that in mind.
8-10 girls maximum.

>> No.14236388

He isn't even using the handle bars, what a noob.

>> No.14236389

>Who's your wife?
So you tell me next to dom her? No thanks.

>> No.14236391

No don't worry about it anon, I'm talking about the Minotaur doing stuff like forcing the Ogre to give my a blowjob or whisper lewd things about my cock while I plow the Ogre.

You know, stuff like that. Don't you judge me.

>> No.14236392

>Oy gevalt, the goyim can cuddle AND fuck?
The Yetis she hired leave with newfound husbands and families, and the Tanuki is left with nothing but time to shitpost on /pol/ about their choices of jew memes

>> No.14236393

I'm not very hardcore at all. I don't want to be either.

>> No.14236394

And then one day she gets depressed, goes off drinking, and aggressively hits on a human boy before taking him back to her house and fucking him silly.
And then cuddling him afterwards.

>> No.14236395

Good. Good. You know how it is.

>> No.14236396

>Are you a cabbage?
No, I just don't think I would be able to learn magic that well on my own and since Wizards don't tend to help others learn magic I don't think I could learn it.

>> No.14236398

>Anon doesn't want to be hardcore but the mushroom faggot won't let him

>> No.14236399

Don't worry, all the dart fuckin will make you great. Think about it, you could be the first anon to have his vampire waifu show him off while human.

There's no guarantee of that.

>> No.14236401

Is it wrong to want to make a harem this way?
Every time you add a girl to the harem it gets easier.
Imagine the nights where they get to dominate.
Imagine the nights where you get to dominate.

>> No.14236407

I'm happy the way things are. Besides, she would show me off plenty of times at those kinky parties the high class have.

>> No.14236409

>The Tanuki secretly keeps a blue scarf given to her as a gift for winter and to share with anyone who would want to cuddle with her
>Tanuki Grinch finally learns the true meaning of Christmas and cuddlefucking
>Some say her bank account grew three sizes that day

>> No.14236411

>There's no guarantee of that
Reading you of course there is, she's a vampire.

>> No.14236412

>Celebrating Christmas
At most she'd enjoy tricking the goy into buying stupid shit for no reason.

>> No.14236414

>goes through each monster just for the hell of it
>A few succubi and parasite slimes
>unholy abominations like cait sith and alp

So far so good. I'm getting some interesting...
>last pull is Ignis


>> No.14236415
File: 310 KB, 1233x1800, 84eae4d8079d0e1f7a9353d9a47ae0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no yandere Vampire to take your virginity or give you a nursing handjob

>> No.14236416

Fuck off, switch.

>> No.14236418

Okay, here's what you do. You know that feeling of warmth you get under a pleasant sun? Not the harsh sun of summer, but of fall, that caress that envelops you and takes your cares away? Imagine that feeling, showering you all over, feel it warm all around you, let it settle on your chest and when you feel like you're about to burst, shout LUX! and if you did it right you'll get a nice shiny AoE . Try it out a few times before you go vampire hunting and increase your mana pool with running and meditating, don't want your spell to fizzle out as you're about to deliver the dicking stroke.

>> No.14236420

I don't criticize you for how you roll, so you don't get to shit on me for how I roll.
Inb4 he calls me a some variant of fencesitter and implies I have to take a "side"

>> No.14236423

Just do it.

>> No.14236424

That sounds dumb.

I'd just try to go and read a book on the spell and that should teach me it.

>> No.14236425

>She will never get her shit kicked in by an equally yandere dhampir who will fuck you raw to wash her taint off of you

>> No.14236427

>Black Friday in America
>with monster girls
People literally get trampled to death over $20 televisions and this is humans only, I dread to know how this would work adding monster girls to the mix

>> No.14236428
File: 60 KB, 590x595, eff9af960a3f319b5c8ed0bc414fb2d8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>A vampire will never raise you to be her future husband
God damn it.

>> No.14236429

Listen here you little shit...yeah go do that.

>> No.14236432

>the CC Yanpire and her Dhampir niece will never double-team you in bed

>> No.14236438

>you will never have a vampire onahole and dhampir lover

>> No.14236439

Also why the fuck would I do all of that work to build my mana when I could probably find a book on how to increase it by mixing some ingredients and make a potion.

>> No.14236440


>> No.14236442

Would you kindly stop this shit. It's getting annoying.

>> No.14236445

You're trying it really hard, don't you anon.

>> No.14236447
File: 98 KB, 364x451, Paladin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even if you did take a side, it still isn't a good relationship if you aren't the dom all the time. You aren't happy, you're just lying to yourself, trying to pretend that you're happy, brainwashed, thinking that you're happy, when you totally aren't. The truth is, you totally want a human girl, and that nothing else can make you happy.

>> No.14236448

>you will never have a harem of five powerful monstergirls to gently make love to you and take the pain away.

>> No.14236450

I prefer Lilim onahole and Devil Bug lover, but anyway you're being a bad anon and should stop >>14236442 >>14236445

>> No.14236451

Reminder that cunty vampires get broken.
You're allright.

>> No.14236455

Yeti would be one of the best girls to have a daki pillow of, but I don't know who would be the best to commission one and .less is right out because he won't draw Yetis

>> No.14236457

>You will never have an Alp____ Onahole and Alp____ lover
It works with anything!

>> No.14236459

God damn, I love Dhampirs.

>> No.14236460

That's akin to taking steroids, sure you'll get result quick, but you will suffer in the long run.

>> No.14236461

>.less is right out because he won't draw Yetis
Haha, what?

>> No.14236464

Dhampir are best daughters.

>> No.14236465

I swear to god Paladin-chan if Waifu Wars wasn't last week.
Oh but I've got shit planned. Yes I've got plans.
Gonna roll up some profiles and introduce the girls before the battle this time.

>> No.14236467

please stop anon, I don't need to cry right now

>> No.14236468

Last Waifu Wars was great, love the direction you took the series in.

>> No.14236469

No it's not, shut up.

>> No.14236471

Dhampirs a shit.

>> No.14236472

This is true pain.

>> No.14236473

Fuck you, that wasn't me, and that wasn't a real waifu war.

>> No.14236477

It had waifus, and they were in a war. I don't see how that wasn't a real waifu war.

>> No.14236478

Why only one onahole? Why not a harem of sex slave Alps____?

>> No.14236479

I don't understand Waifu Wars
Everyone's waifu is best
except Mantangos, they're icky

>> No.14236482

>she will never have been there for you all along
>guiding you to suite her tastes
>you live for your big sis

>> No.14236483

Fuck off you faggots.

>> No.14236484

It wasn't part of my series then.
It was a shitposter.
Unless you're talking about the one Will-o-the-wisp won, in which case that was mine.

>> No.14236485

Honestly, I'd rather take the matangos over either of the siths.

>> No.14236488

It's just for fun. A little exercise in bloodshed and tears.
Cait Sith, Cu Sith, Humpty Egg, and Matango are banned however.

>> No.14236489
File: 30 KB, 1200x684, 1442808028322.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Too late

>> No.14236490

I posted the original summary, and that's why I recommended the classic mode on EOU to start.
You get to play a game that isn't outdated, horribly unbalanced and clunky, you still get to experience That stratum for the first time, and you don't have it undermined by dialogue from the characters.

I wouldn't just stick solely to the Untold games, though. 3 and 4 are definitely worth play.
If you do still just play the Untolds, then I'd recommend you do it like this:
Untold Classic >Untold Story > Untold 2 Story, Untold 2 Classic.

Normally, you'd go Story before Classic both times, but I think someone with zero exposure to the series will really benefit from experiencing the first game's plot and labyrinth as it was originally intended. But until that point, try to keep yourself as blind to the game as possible prior to playing. There's nothing quite like the surprises the game has in store.

>> No.14236491


>An Elder Vampire will never raise you to be a good man with a brave heart and an indomitable will, because taking over the world would just be unsporting if there wasn't at least one hero left in men.

>> No.14236492

Is your vamp mistress breaking your balls anon? Just get a dhampir, she'll put her in her peace. Beneath you, squealing like a pig.

>> No.14236496

>you still get to experience That stratum for the first time
Except they spoil it in the opening cutscene. It's one of the first things you get to see.

>> No.14236500
File: 72 KB, 380x600, 1434345979601.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have a one up.

>> No.14236503

That kind of stuff is a lot more liable to happen with the monster girl daughters of people than the adoptive monster girl sons or little brothers.

>> No.14236505

Then a dhampir slaps her shit and makes you a real man.
>making men other than purse dogs unless corrected

>> No.14236508
File: 444 KB, 411x580, 1397430562327.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Sex challenge
>Hard: 9
>Muscular, Love Freak Semen Demon Nightmare
>Loli, Sadomasochist Slightly lewd Dhampir
>Gym Bunny Love Freak Super-lewd Mouse
>Busty, Yamato nadeshiko demure Sahuagin
>Roper Twins (Chubby & Normal), Undead & demure
> Extremely lewd Amazon Twins (Oppai loli & Gym bunny), both love freaks
>Extremely lewd, Busty Sadomasochist Red Oni Help?
>Extremely Lewd, Busty Dark Priest-Kraken Chimera
>Slightly lewd, bottom heavy shortstack Ren Xiongmao
>Tall, Bakunyuu Semen Demon Echidna at the center
I may die, but it will be with happy thoughts and shattered pelvis

>> No.14236512

Go to bed you perpetually salty faggot.

>> No.14236514

Don't come crying to me when your SE reverses and you become lost.

>> No.14236517
File: 1.23 MB, 1071x1516, nazi zombie-chan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
Wait shit it is a gun!

>> No.14236518

>He just keeps going

>> No.14236521

Is the Oni a Masochist or a sadist anon? It's your choice.

>> No.14236525

I don't have bedtime ever since my daughteru gave my bitch wife what for.

>> No.14236532

Stop the RP shit then.

>> No.14236536

I have no skill at being sadistic, and I feel like being tortured. She's the dom.

>> No.14236538

Not going to happen.

>> No.14236540

I just rewatched the opening. We're talking about 5th stratum, right? It doesn't show up. Gladsheim does, but the deepest part of the labyrinth we see in the opening is the 3rd stratum, with a shot of Kupala.

>> No.14236546

>you've been walking the wasteland for days
>gotta deliver a package to a NCR bigwig out by New Vegas
>you stop for shelter inside a blown out school to wait out the night
>super mutants, Radgirtabilius, and Cazadore girls were not on the list of things you want to run into tonight
>but then you hear a scream from behind you
>oh shit it's a crazy ass bandit girl coming at you with a knife
>you go into V.A.T.S. and put two in her chest and one in her head
>and she goes down easily
>just in time for the other three bandits to come around the corner shooting at you
>fuck this you get out of the school and back into the wastes
>only to run into a Gaogirl
>this night could not get any worse
>suddenly the Gaogirl turns and runs away
>shit it just got worse
>feel something cool and rough wrap around your legs
>turn around to see two piercing yellow eyes staring at you
>it's a native Lamia girl
>during a full moon
>you try to reach for your gun only to accidently turn on the radio on your pip-boy
>suddenly the Lamia girl grabs your hand almost transfixed on your right forearm
>have slow cuudlesex until the sun comes up
>the radio being on the entire time
>now she follows you everywhere
>and pouts when you turn off the radio

>> No.14236548

I dont think you understand what RP is. This whole thread could be considered RP by your definition.

>> No.14236549

She's probably the kind that practically ahegaos from watching your face twist in pleasure.
Maybe she's got a thing for orgasm torture.

>> No.14236551
File: 261 KB, 700x527, 1444618216678.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hannya girl when?
The Oni needs a Shirohebi equivalent after all.

>> No.14236557

>You started playing a new MMO, looking to try something different
>You play as a tank but you're still just a noob
>One day while playing you meet a healer and you become best buds
>You're constantly grouped and do everything together
>You become top-tier raiders and clear all the content available
>You guys become legendary
>You're the toast of your high end raiding guild
>You guys are completely insufferable and talk for hours via IRC and in-game chat, he refuses to use a mic though, not really an issue because his performance is so good
>One day, he whispers you "Hey, bro, you live in [CITY] too, right? want to meet up?"
>You've known him for a year or two at this point and agree
>You arrive at the designated spot, a trendy bar next to the Museum of Art
>"H-H-High, Anon..."
>It's a cute MG, dressed really nicely
>you ask if it's your in-game bro
>she nods shyly

What girl would be best suited for the role?

>> No.14236558


>> No.14236560

>Raising your daughter to be a member of your harem
Eh, I can get behind that. Especially if it's multiple daughters, and their all of them are different species.

>> No.14236561

>What's wrong Father, why so glum?
>Mother stood you up again to spend time with her "high society" friends?
>It's okay, I'm here now. Isn't this nice, just the two of us? You know I love, dearly
>Ah, when I'm like this, with you, I don't need anything else
>Father...do you love me? You do. When I'm close to you, my head gets fuzzy, my chest throbs, I want...to feel closer to you
>No, don't turn away, don't be scared of me please, I just want to make you happy, an feel good with you, see? I'm warm, doesn't it feel good? If you wanted to...you could...have ME
>Please, make me your lover. Mother? Oh don't worry, she'll be treasuring you more very soon, I'll make sure of it

>> No.14236562

She's getting tenderly loved.
Unless she wants it rough.

>> No.14236565

Which is a huge futuristic dungeon, which ruins the whole impact of "It's post-apocalyptic and here's city ruins" reveal. Also the opening spoils that the Guildmaster is evil, though Untold retcons him from a guy trying to keep explorers from exploring too far and finding forbidden knowledge as well as ruining the town to "ebil man who was actually mind controlled by ebil tree"

>> No.14236567

This nigga knows what's up.

It's a fucking alp isn't it?

>> No.14236570

Sea Bishop.

>> No.14236571

Maybe it's a Minotaur or an Oni. Sometimes it's the ones you don't expect after all.
Also because I like imagining blushing muscular girls in sundresses

>> No.14236574

>"But sweetie, she's making some pumpkin in the kitchen."
There, crisis averted.

>> No.14236575

Of course anon, everyone knows that alps are the only monstergirl.

>> No.14236577

A lich. Being undead means she got a lot of game practice in, and she's a healer because she wants to try something she's not naturally inclined to.

>> No.14236578


>> No.14236583

>romance challenge
I can do this as long as the sisters aren't crazy

>medium - 5 sisters

>room 1
>Dark Matter
>tall, love freak, semen demon
This is not starting off well

>room 2
>Ignis / Cancer chimera
>thin, very lewd
Elemental fire crab, damn it

>room 3
>Thunderbird / Werecat chimera
>muscular, little lewd
Electric catbird - as if firecrab wasn't bad enough

>room 4
>faggot cat
>tall, love freak, extremely lewd
Fuck my luck

>room 5
>grapesnake twins
>#1 is pear shaped with a big ass (naturally) and lewd
>#2 is tall, bakunyuu, very lewd
This cannot be happening

If I knew what was ahead of me I would run screaming

>> No.14236584

>Plays a boy
>So nervous she makes typos IRL
>Has interest in women's clothing that appeals to the MC in just the right way

Definitely an alp.

>> No.14236585
File: 326 KB, 341x529, sample.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got the colors fixed, sending in to be printed now

>> No.14236587

Quick question, it's still a week off, but should I name the contestants in Waifu Wars from now on? I'm taking the advice to make them less flat very seriously.

>> No.14236588

>got to museum
>see fuck huge Minotaur
>ask if she's your healer
>she turns around and riding in a pouch in her back is a loli weresheep
>the minos is her cousin and she can't technically leave the farm alone just yet
>try anything funny and her cousin just gets in the middle of things

>> No.14236593

don't do waifu wars
seriously it's slightly unhinged and that's coming from me

>> No.14236594

She's gorgeous.

>> No.14236595

No this shit again. Go to find a damn boy already you girl.

>> No.14236598

I tell her that my wife will make up for lost time when she get home later.

>> No.14236600

Give them all greentext backstories, at least 4000 characters long, giving them personalities and explaining the series of events which led to th be included in this protracted series of events.

>> No.14236601

You don't have to fuck them yet, you just have to woo them.
That Cheshire and the Dark Matter are probably the easiest ones of all, they're love freaks.
And are you telling me you don't want to fuck the Grapesnake twins? You don't want to hotdog #1's godlike ass or have #1 give you paizuri?

>> No.14236603

Any of the high-power tiered ones. Lilims, Dragons, Ushi Onis, the like. Why? Protector complex.

>> No.14236605

I'm not going to that extreme but I will give them personalities.

>> No.14236607

I want a Sabbath approved harem, full of naturally loli monster girls to the point that outsiders can hardly tell which of the girls are my original wives and which are my daughters that continue to love their daddy as wives themselves. I want to be buried in little girls, and made to have sex with them for the rest of my natural life.

>> No.14236609

now I want an out-of-touch cc MG to be fascinated by my more modern technology

>> No.14236610

Meer a shit

>> No.14236613

hey, an anon >>14233636 said you spent 2k on miia pillows, is that true?

>> No.14236614 [DELETED] 


Dungeon Challenge
Labyrinth (The Dungeon is a massive labyrinth with the Echidna in the middle. You must reach her without getting caught by her roaming sisters.)

Challenge Rating: This determines how many sisters you roll.
Easy: Roll 1d6

Pear Shaped
Twins! (Roll another body type for her sister and roll another quirk for both of them.)
Sadomasochist (Loves dominating or being dominated. Your pick.)
A Little Lewd

Love Freak (In love with love and romance.)

Ok.. So I get a submissive horse pussy that can break my bones and a not-so-twin twins.

I'm ok with this

>> No.14236616
File: 120 KB, 622x621, 1439311141605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14236619

Go big or go home, anon.

>> No.14236622
File: 67 KB, 532x398, 1442082933007.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14236624

flip it. I want a Minotaur healer GF and a black weresheep daughteru.

>> No.14236625

What monster would be the best gyaru/ganguro?

>> No.14236629
File: 607 KB, 710x496, Perfection.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Does it hurt?
>Being tied down, helpless I toy with your body
>Having your cock and balls teased for hours on end
>Being brought to the brink time and again in the most humiliating ways
>All you you can be left to fall back down again
>O-ho, look at how it twitches from just the smallest touch
>All the fluid you've leaked, and yet still have so much more saved up
>Building pressure like a dam ready to burst
>You must be aching to finally cum, hmm?
>The begging pleasure on your tear-stained face is pathetic
>I can barely get enough of how weak you look right now
>It's got me so excited, my panties are completely soaked through
>I could practically cum right now
>So how about I give you your reward for being such a good boy, hmm?~
>Let me just take these off...
>Be a darling and hold these for me? Say 'ahhh'.
>How does it feel, having my moist pussy caressing the raw nerves of your cock
>I can feel you jumping with every stroke, begging for that release
>How would it feel if I were to do THIS?
>Ahhhhn.~ You came so much just from me putting it in. So pathetic!
>We're not done yet though
>Not until I've milked every last drop of semen from your pitiful body
>Now be a good boy and cum lots for me as I ride you raw, okay?~

>> No.14236637
File: 3.65 MB, 2000x3000, 129eb869-b3b9-4b23-cb9c-fabb74859347.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good thing that's Miia, and not "Meer"

Nah, after I order this last one, and then order enough pillows to fill the 7 meter one, i should be at around 900 dollars, and then another 60 if Loen ever lets me pay him

>> No.14236638

Yeah, gonna go fap now
Yeah, fuck no fapping for a month

>> No.14236640

>Sweet Father, her neglect is making you imagine things? It's just you and me here, and, I'll always be by your side
>Isn't that what's always wrong? You slave away for her but she's never home. I don't think she likes me much and she doesn't appreciate you, not like I do. Look at me, can't you see how much you mean to me? It's not right for you to be left behind like this, if you wanted I could even give you a daughter, so that neither of us would be lonely again, doesn't that sound nice? Say yes Daddy, all you have to do is love me
>You told me, that no one loves me like you do, and that you'd never leave me. Were those just lies? if you do love me, prove it, now, whatever you want, as many times as you want it, whenever, wherever, because, I will never leave you, Beloved Father

>> No.14236641

Well, what I meant to say was "Get the two untolds first".

See if I like 'em, then grab others.

>> No.14236642

Nothing about that sounds sexy, it's just insulting,.

>> No.14236643

What a woman. She knows her way with men.

>> No.14236645
File: 23 KB, 640x480, Shredding Bullets.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh my.
What I'd give to be in that position. Watching those perfect red tits bounce up and down as she rides me.

>> No.14236646

Dungeon Challenge
Labyrinth (The Dungeon is a massive labyrinth with the Echidna in the middle. You must reach her without getting caught by her roaming sisters.)

Challenge Rating: This determines how many sisters you roll.
Easy: Roll 1d6

Pear Shaped
Twins! (Roll another body type for her sister and roll another quirk for both of them.)
Sadomasochist (Loves dominating or being dominated. Your pick.)
A Little Lewd

Love Freak (In love with love and romance.)

Playing hide and seek with couple of Amazons, which is like yin and yang and a beefy submissive horse pussy. This will be easy.

>> No.14236647

not going all out for something YOU created
>is George Lucas your family member?

>> No.14236648
File: 656 KB, 1179x1200, 1439673317817.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are snake witches so cute?

>> No.14236650

I'd vote for Anubis. But then, I always do.

Lich also good.

And that's adorable.

>> No.14236654

I'm my wife's man, not yours. Now cut this out.

>> No.14236655

For you.

>> No.14236656

>that doujin
>this greentext
I don't think so sub.

>> No.14236660

You use HobbyHeart for your custom printing right? Are you at all afraid they'll claim the designs and sell them as much as demanded? Or do they have a guarantee against that?

>> No.14236661

I don't have time to write 96000 words for a silly bloodsport anon. I'll give them names, personalities, and short backstories, but not a fucking novel.
I haven't even written college assignments that long.

>> No.14236662

He doesn't draw big meaty paw monster girls or something, he said so a while back

>> No.14236664

I want an out of touch Demon onee-san that embarrasses me just by her actions.
Then makes me even more flustered when she teases me in public. Knowing I can't do anything to her until we get home or in an alleyway.

>> No.14236665
File: 346 KB, 1000x1000, 1420769176464.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because Lamias tend to fit that role well.

>> No.14236668

then maybe stop the bloodshed and claim that all waifus are best

>> No.14236670

But he draws Anubis and Manticore and other paw girls.

>> No.14236671

Personally, gyaru's too garbage for any of them to fit.

>> No.14236672

Which doujin is that?

>> No.14236673

He has drawn them a small handful of times, but I've never seen .less do a Yeti

>> No.14236675

>He's done a lot of Anubi and other paw Mamono
Just not Yeti's. For some raisin

>> No.14236677

And he reduces the size of them usually.

Though in my experience, he'll draw them BIG if you request it.

>> No.14236679

Loen doesn't want to be bukkaked with money for some reason. Clearly we need to switch from to a tastier currency.

>> No.14236683


>> No.14236684

Yeah. Like good ol' fashion coins

>> No.14236688
File: 7 KB, 217x168, 1379181073301.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14236689

.less this is your next goal, please draw a cute Yeti no lewd

>> No.14236691

Ah fuck it, I would do it.

Hell I would cheat on any monster girl if I was ignored for so long.

>> No.14236692

While wooing the dark matter I would probably be infected with the incubus energy and it would be all over at that point. If I survived her then I have two chimeras. It's possible they both just want someone to accept their opposing natures (fire/aquatic and avain/feline). Maybe they just want a hug
Faggot cat, well it's faggot cat
Grapesnake twins are certainly built for sex, but wooing them?

>> No.14236693

I don't trust yeti's in the hands of .Less

>> No.14236694

Onigashima no kyokon

>> No.14236695


>> No.14236696

>hanging out with loli weresheep in a local game store
>playing a two player demo for the new Star Rape game
>it's supposed to lead up to the new movie
>having fun, the both of you are laughing
>and then you lock eyes with her
>and time stands still
>you just wish her Minotaur cousin would stand still too
>she's currently sharpening an ax behind your loli weresheep
>you guess it's time to make your purchase

>> No.14236698

I want to make a deadly maze that MGs have to go through to win husbands.

>> No.14236701

You're the reason monstergirls would abandon 3DPD.

>> No.14236705

wasteland girls are cute

>> No.14236707

The wurm wins, game over for all the other contestants

>> No.14236709

minotaurs got that shit down tight. mazes are easy for them

>> No.14236710

Oh, that's okay with me. I'm the husband she wins at the end.

>> No.14236711

she'd go through the maze, making a beeline for the center, unless she got lost

>> No.14236712

Explain further.

>> No.14236713

Meaning they plow through walls Juggernaut style to get their man?

>> No.14236714

I want to see American Gladiators but with MG's
>you win by not getting husbando'd
>only one 'man' won
>and he got disqualified because he alped just before the contest

>> No.14236715

>Wurm slams through every wall to reach husband
This isn't how you go THROUGH a maze!

>> No.14236717

>because, I will never leave you, Beloved Father
So you better team up with your mother to molest me, because otherwise you will get nothing from me. Also If I hear that you try to do something to your mother I'll kick your ass so hard you will be you'll turn into a normal human girl from the impact.

>> No.14236718
File: 2.64 MB, 2000x2540, f536cbb2-b0b4-4d89-cd48-d4688ac1ad00.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was worried a bit myself at first so i did some digging

I could only find one case of them ever doing that, and it was a mistake, where someone gave them a sample they found years later, and the guy in charge forgot and really liked the art, so they had their art team redraw it on his dime, and then they put it up

they got an email from the guy who originally commissioned the art like a couple days later and they took it down right away realizing they fucked up, but they guy went around a told everyone that they do that shit all the time anyways. best part was the fag was a Narutard

not to mention, i've talked to some other waifufags that have used them, and had amazing art done for their dakis and it's been a year and they still haven't popped back up on the site

>> No.14236719


Just act like a huge scumbag, that way no monster girl would ever touch you and it would be a sure win.

>> No.14236720

so hard you'll turn*

>> No.14236721

Some monstergirls would hear of men doing this and think that they're all cheating whores. They would rather masturbate to cute anime boys instead.

>> No.14236723

Why did he transplant Cerea's chest on Miia

>> No.14236725

that too but i was thinking of the minotaur's ability to not get lost in mazes

>> No.14236726
File: 1.42 MB, 1280x720, 1442094240636.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like to think it's Miia after I made her a mother and her breasts got bigger

>> No.14236729

So? It's their fault for encouraging a shitty relationship and forcing a guy to have to fuck another woman in order to get some affection in his life.

>> No.14236731

>Nitro Krampus
>Gemini Oni
>Laser Ogre
>Diamond Grizzly
>Zap Hellhound
>that obstacle course dodging the tennis ball cannon, they just throw the tennis balls at 105mph at the contestants

>> No.14236732

But isn't the myth that the maze was built specifically to keep the minotaur trapped because it was too dumb to get out?

>> No.14236733

>Anon makes a deadly maze, unpassable by nearly all who attempt it
>A new challenger appears!
>It's a Minotaur!
>Anon laughs
>"Silly Minotaurus, your strength cannot harm this maze! Do you know what this maze is made of? Wurmdonium, the strongest metal in existence!"
>Anon is too busy laughing at the Minotaur to nitice that she's casually walking through the whole maze
>Avoiding all the traps like she knew they were there
>Solving all the riddles as if they were off of memory
>Beating that Arachne in DDR and getting the high score
>Aquiering the Anti-Life Equation like she's done it before
>Getting all the Infinity Gems
>Tossing the Emperor off a cliff
>Blowing up the Death Star
>Amok Time
>Lifting Thor's hammer
>Surviving a boat ride with Charon
>Learning how magnets work
>And eventually reaching the end unscathed
>"Wha- but how? I just made this maze! The traps, the confusing and impossible maze that leads to so much dead ends finding the end is 1 to a billion! HOW?"
>"Hm? Oh, yeah, this is nothing. Reminds me of my mom's house."
>"But can I suggest something? Piranhas. Seriously. That always gets me when I go visit ma."

>> No.14236737

>you will never design dungeons with your Minotaur family
I didn't know I wanted this until now

>> No.14236740

Recently I've really started to like Minotaurs and Holsts.

I don't even know why, I fucking hated Minotaurs a few months back.

>> No.14236742

Child's frame, 1
Kuudere + tomboy, 4
Chef routine, 1
Lactation enhancer, 1
Medical Expansion, 2

Lactating loli who can go hiking with me and will give me a band-aid if I trip and fall. Then cook me delicious food and shyly give me her magically flat breasts to wash it down with.

>> No.14236745

Its those damn cows man! I'm telling you they're out to get us all! Why do you think people suddenly started talking about tomboy Holstaurs? Its all a part of their plan, but they wont get me, they'll never get me!

>> No.14236746

>the network does background checks
>so only shy, beta guys get on
>sometimes rugged 'alpha' males get on
>but then usually they get taken out by an Oni or an Ushi-Oni

>> No.14236748

Anon, why don't you calm down?
I think you're getting a bit a head of yourself.

>> No.14236749

Lewd Tomboy Holstaur shenanigans from yesterday probably did that to many people.

>> No.14236750

Well those very lewd greentexts definitely helped.

Now all I want to do is grab a Minotaur by the horns and fuck her mouth until her stomach is full of cum.

>> No.14236751

Anon calm down the holsts aren't out to get you, they just want you to pet them.

>> No.14236752

>You'll never be the coach for the Lil' League team your MG daughteru is on

>> No.14236754
File: 665 KB, 867x1717, 05d3d1c35a2764f605fb050d80445f60.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are Chupacabras Halloween appropriate?

>> No.14236755

That sounds fucking horrible.

>> No.14236756

Would you buy potions to increase your semen production and sexual endurance so you could fuck her mouth all day long?
How hard would it make you if that was her fetish?
If she just pinned you to your bed and said "Anon, I want you to do something for me. Grab my horns and fuck my face."

>> No.14236757

Can't calm down, I can hear them in my head all the time, mooing.
See, they're out to get you!
That's how they get you, it starts off with you petting them, then bam! Next thing you know you've touched the cow and made triplets!

>> No.14236758

Alright, thanks. Was a bit worried about that happening with my own, so thanks for clearing up my concerns.

>> No.14236759

shut up my brother and I are coaching his daughter in softball right now
>it does make me want to make a team of awesome softball daughterus with an Oni however

>> No.14236760

Oh boy, we've got a live one

>> No.14236761

>You'll never dread having to coach your daughter's Wurm friend

>> No.14236763

>touching cow = pregnancy
this doesn't work how do you think babies are made?

>> No.14236765

oooh, what are you getting, are you anubisfucker?

>> No.14236768

that's why you need to help the Order anon! we can take back America and make it great again
>TRUMP 2016

>> No.14236769
File: 1.93 MB, 1000x1500, monorus-Anubis_dakimakura.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14236772

>Would you buy potions to increase your semen production and sexual endurance so you could fuck her mouth all day long?

Yeah probably, but not just to fuck her mouth. I'd fuck her mouth, ass, cunt, and keep fucking her until I fill every hole and cover her entire body in my cum, marking her as mine for all eternity.

>those spoilers
I would be able to pierce steel with my erection.

>> No.14236773

You'll never take me you damn cows!
W-well, you touch the cow, and then she gets pregnant. At least that's how I think it happens.

>> No.14236781

>You're her man, but you're my Father, I was with you from the beginning, it was you who gave me to her, and her, me to you, BACK to you, we were never meant to be apart, you don't have to be afraid, I'll protect you should anything happen, because that' what love does
>Now share this with me, give yourself to me, because I've surrendered all I am to you, never will I let you be lonely, never will I belittle you, and always will I treasure you
>her kiss is like fire, spreading through your body
>It got big, but it's not enough
>she undoes her top, exposing shapely breasts, unsullied by any man, before wiggling her pants off her hips
>These are yours, and this as well
>she gets on her knees and slides your pants off, staring into your eyes, straddling you soon after
>she starts fingering herself, juices making your lap damn, then thoroughly wet
>What you want, what I want, is right here in front of you, it's yours to take, no one else's
>she places her hand on your shoulders
>Father, your answer?
>not being any kind of homosexual , you thrust into her, making her groan in satisfaction, she embraces you and receives you full all of you, all of her, now one flesh
>Yes, I finally have you, I've returned to you Father, don't leave me again, you promise? Promise me
>you give your word to always be at her side , to devote yourself to her as she does to you
>she squeezes you tight, sniffling into your neck, you can feel her lip trembling
>I'll...I'll make you happy, I swear it
>she clamps down and moves her hips at a frantic pace, desperate for you
>Give it to, don't hold back, shoot it out, just SHOOT IT OUT!
>she jerks, her back arching as she feels your seed entering her womb, then she collapses on top of you
>you sit in silence, holding her as she pants against you
>More...give me more, I can't bear you a daughter like this, you'll have to it, inside me, lots more
>she bites her lip, hard enough to draw blood and opens her mouth, waiting for you to come to her, you accept her offering, and in moments, you're hard again
>you almost swallow her breast as you nibble and lick every crease, the tangy, salty taste of her sweat driving you deeper
>Yes, enjoy me, this body, my heart, are all yours, to use as you please, let's go all night Father, I want to be full of you, until I don't know who I am anymore
>you stand up and pin he rot the wall, indulging in your animal urges until the world falls away
>then morning came...

>> No.14236782

>See, they're out to get you!

I don't think I care anymore anon, I just want to spend weeks fucking my harem consisting of a Lewd Tomboy Holst, a Minotaur, along with a Kuudere Mantis and a Kuudere Kunoichi.

I don't even know where this sudden surge of lust came from.

>> No.14236785

I would whopost, but I don't think I should.

>> No.14236786
File: 241 KB, 982x699, tumblr_nvol6d3IMw1r8ououo3_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you sure about that, anon?

>> No.14236790

>aggressive yandere breeding
I can live with this.

>> No.14236792

Oh man I want to fuck that cow for a long time.

>> No.14236797

Uh oh, we got an incubus turning here.
I'd like to see one of those cows try and get me!

>> No.14236802

Sounds adorable.
A kind, loving loli.

>> No.14236804

mind giving a source on this? my usual magics have failed

>> No.14236807
File: 187 KB, 900x800, 2107aa968c05f30ad98de9b6449f0017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who says they need to try and get YOU? Just look at her. She's practically begging you to touch her. And I'm sure the other nine behind her wouldn't mind as long as you give them all a turn.

>> No.14236808

>You'll never thrust upward into a Holstaurus while her breasts bounce and she gives you that look.
This truly is a cruel reality.

>> No.14236809

What? Anon I'm fine.

I just really want a harem of monster girls right now for some odd reason that I don't know of.

>> No.14236812

Dude, never taunt something that has four stomachs. Never turns out good.

>> No.14236815 [SPOILER] 
File: 533 KB, 1058x1660, 1445144252084.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Close enough for you?

>> No.14236819

>touch the cow
Like I could keep my hands off of her

>> No.14236822

Nevermind, just realized what position you're asking for.

>> No.14236826
File: 184 KB, 845x910, Touch the teasing cow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They're counting on it.

>> No.14236828

>Threw 47 Goblins at my party in DnD, all dressed as Samurai because this is the fabled weeaboo dungeon
>Couldn't help but imagine how this would go in MGE

MGE ruined DnD for me.

>> No.14236829

>four stomachs
So does that mean Holstaurs and Minotaurs can drink four times as much semen as other monstergirls?

And now I'm sad I'll never fuck a Holstaurus' tits whiles she sucks on the tip.
She'd probably spike my food with her milk so I'd be able to go all day.

>> No.14236830

>You will never fuck an entire farm of lewd teasing Holsts one by one.
>You will never then top it off by fucking the owner of the farm, an even lewder Minotuar

God damn, where the fuck do these fantasies keep coming from.

>> No.14236835

Ha! I can't be fooled that easily by those foolish cows!
What could they possibly need four stomachs for?
Either your turning here and now, or some sneaky ninja spiked your food/drink while you weren't looking, either way they're coming for you.

>> No.14236836

Would you spend the rest of your days fucking them all in huge milky orgies?
All that Holst milk will probably make you really strong anon. Strong enough to become the chief executive of cowgirl fucking.

>> No.14236838

Holstaurs and Minotaurs only have one stomach since they aren't actual cows.

>> No.14236839

>Would you spend the rest of your days fucking them all in huge milky orgies?

I don't know about every single day, but when I fucked them it would last for quite some time.

>> No.14236844

But anon, Demonic Energy doesn't exist and I doubt anyone spiked my food.

I've really just wanted to fuck the cow girl since yesterday. It's like I'm an animal in heat, and the only cure is Minotaur and Holst pussy.

>> No.14236854

Okay, I didn't know that. My mistake.

>> No.14236855

>trial of combat
>first girl is ushioni/wurm hybrid
I give up.

>> No.14236857

Classic case of Horny Cow Disease, I'm afraid the only cure is impregnating a cow girl, though that has an equal chance of just making it worse, better hope you're luckier than that one guy who ended up impregnating something along the lines of 6 Holstaurs and 3 Minotaurs before it finally subsided.

>> No.14236858

But cow girls aren't real!

>> No.14236861
File: 266 KB, 530x688, sheep.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14236862

That's cute as fuck.

>> No.14236863

Welp looks like its gonna be with you for life then.
Which may not be much longer upon seeing this image.

>> No.14236864

>>You told me, that no one loves me like you do, and that you'd never leave me.
No I didn't. Your mother loves you just as much as I do. We. As a couple, will always be there for you. As our daughter.

>> No.14236865


>> No.14236866


>> No.14236867

>Welp looks like its gonna be with you for life then.

Oh god no, I don't want something like this for life!

>> No.14236872

It's simple anon, go find some Holstaurs and some Minotaurs and fuck them until you can't stand anymore.
The whole shebang, blowjobs, titfucks, sex with the intent to impregnate.
Maybe Anal if you're feeling up to it.
Have yourself a nice little cowgirl orgy and you should be fine.
Not my fault if they husbando you though.

>> No.14236875

>usioni/wurm hybrid
Trying to figure out how that would work is making my brain hurt

>> No.14236878

I'm sorry anon, but unless you find and impregnate a cow girl, you'll always feel a burning desire to find the nearest cow girl and impregnate her on the spot. The disease cures itself when you follow the symptoms, we're still studying it and working on a cure, but unfortunately all the scientists working on it are either turned into cow girls, be they female, or apparently get the disease and marry a cow girl

>> No.14236881


>> No.14236884

Bitch and moan, why don't you. I have a corruption AND redemption fetish. Due to my personality, I have a hard time playing alignments other than LG and LE. My life is hell.

>> No.14236886

Oh I fucking would if they were real.

God damn I just want to slam a Minotaur into a wall and plow her until she can't even speak a houseparent sentence. Then while she's slipping into unconcioussness I'll fuck her nice firm tits and cover her face in cum.

God damn what the fuck is happening, shit like this has legitimately never happened before.

>> No.14236889

That's fine.
My party is 90% CN or CG much of the time.
I'm also the designated forever GM.

>> No.14236894

Well, it would suck to fight whatever it is. On the plus side, if I can somehow beat it this roster of vampires all with "extremely lewd" should be very easy to beat.

>> No.14236895

I think you got yourself a Waifu anon.

>> No.14236896

I keep telling you anon! Those cows are magical and they've placed a spell on you, a milky, soft spell on you, they way you specifically anon.

>> No.14236899

I do get to play, but I have been GMing for six straight years, almost nonstop. I also have the misfortune of having really good players that occasionally make decisions so impossibly stupid that I can't react to them. I had a level 8 party almost wiped by a SINGLE gel cube. None of them had ranged weapons. Six man party. No ranged weapons, no ranged spells. The newest player in the party had been playing for five years.

>> No.14236905

But it's not just Minotaurs I want to do that to anon, recently I want to fuck the brains out of monsters like Wights, Mantis', Kunoichis, Holsts, Werewolves you name it and I'll probably want to fuck it silly. All this newfound desire only started yesterday though, a week ago I cared less about wanting to fuck a monster girl. Now it's all I can think of.

>> No.14236906


Then again, I had folks walk into a cave with litterally no light and no source of light.

First and only TPK I've ever gotten.
Been about fiveish years I've been GMing.

I'd love running a campaign for monster girls though.

Every game session with my group ends in a mix of stupid and silly, it's wonderful.

A goblin jumped off a cliff, the inquisitor ran towards the edge of the cliff for the sole purpose of shooting and killing the goblin before he hit the ground.

>> No.14236907

>skill challenge
>Baphomet (1 sister)
>love freak
>very lewd

Seems like it'll be pretty easy to beat her.

>> No.14236910

Its their collective demonic energy resonating across the multiverse, I usually only masturbate once every few days, but in just the past week or so its gone up to almost twice everyday for no apparent reason, I've just been that much hornier, prepare your pelvis anon, 2017.

>> No.14236915

No way anon, it's not happening. There has to be a natural explanation for this.

>> No.14236916

This same party had only one person with a light source. This is a group of people that has been playing together for almost a decade (for the most part). Last year, we ran a four-man humiliation train on Age of Worms so bad that the GM gave up during the final fight. Next game over, they walk into a dark room, one-by-one, without light sources. It's like playing with retard savants.

>> No.14236920

Are you playing with wurms Anon?
It sounds like you're playing with wurms.

>> No.14236926

Eat shit and die faggot.

>> No.14236928

What monstergirls would you want to GM for thought? And what game would you play?
Who would the best player be, and who would be "That Guy"?

>> No.14236932

I actually do have a player who plays nothing but barbarians, regardless of system. He even manages in non-fantasy systems. Once, he played a beguiler. He died in the first session. To a party member (and his four adult red dragon skeletons that he had just for killing the party). So yeah, I play with assholes and retards. They're great most of the time, but when they go stupid, they all go at once.

>> No.14236935

Oh, while we're at it, I've only had one TPK, too. It was caused by the party, actually. It involved an argument that led to a wrestling match and a book with four thousand explosive runes. It wasn't pretty.

>> No.14236936

If you want an Anubis daki, why don't you just commission one yourself faggot?

>> No.14236939

Demonic energy is natural, to them, they're coming anon, and soon you will be too.

>> No.14236943
File: 312 KB, 800x800, 1410781110332.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>owner of the farm, an even lewder Minotuar
Is she da massa? This sounds like some weird mandingo fantasy, only with cows. Are the Holsts brown?

>> No.14236944

Any who want to play and aren't total jerks and aren't afraid of things getting silly in game.

Wurms would be fine although you'd need to get a suppliment to allow wurms characters so they can actually rush in and...wurm things up.

Tanuki's would know the rules like the back of their hand, and how to bend them over their knee, and a lich would build her character like no other.

Yeah, mine have grouped up on stupid before as well.

I've also had one player who, over the course of five years, has never once learned the rules despite them being freely available.

It's boiled down to "Roll Dice, look at Anon" for him.

>> No.14236945

You're starting your transition from human to incubus. You'll spend the rest of your days seeking to fulfill your animal instincts

>> No.14236948

Oh no I won't, because even if they become real no way would I be attractive to them.

Whatever, at least I have my imagination.

>> No.14236953

>no way would I be attractive to them.
You have a penis, that makes you irresistible to them, also you're feeling the demonic energy this early so that must mean you have like special powers or something.

>> No.14236954

Oh she wants piranhas? I'll give her some fucking mutant sea-bass. They are incredibly vicious.

>> No.14236955

The Holsts are all big, white, slightly pudgy with soft, massive tits. The Mino is tall, tanned, and more muscular, with (comparatively) smaller but firmer tits.

>> No.14236956

I have a party of rules lawyers. It's honestly great. It's the kind of group that uses ranged sunder to take out spell component p