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Fuck this game tbh

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Another thread of reposted ura content. Liked, rebloged and followed, bro!

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I just cleared lunatic with all characters so no hard feelings towards lolk. At first I hated its guts but it really grew on me

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Could barely clear Normal PD with Reisen, said fuck it and went to easy.

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These were legacy clears, btw. There were misses though I'm still human hey~

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I like LoLK and I was glad to play as Reisen.

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PD Reisen runs shaming should be a thing

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I had made a point not to bomb, actually, but I did bomb at the very end of Junko's last spell card. It was just too much for me and I was getting tired. No bombs on Clownpiece, though!

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I still haven't finished it. But I'm not even playing
Fucking Clownpiece is too strong. Should I just start bombing instead of saving them for last stage?

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For most TH Bosses, if it's too difficult, use the bombs as a way to clear the screen to give yourself breathing room.

You won't get the Spell Cards though, but if you are just wanting to 1CC the game, it is fine.

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1-bomb (fuk junko) PD normal with Reimu. Man that was a bother. 747 deaths total.

I thought I was at least decent at touhous after 1ccing the others on normal. Crushed.

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I only have a Legacy 1CC with Marisa.
I'm too bad to play hard or lunatic in this game.

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ZUN: "Ringo plz"

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