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Stay away! that dork ghost is a feminist.

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Fujiwara agrees with Youmu.

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Just don't.

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There are only two notable men in Gensokyo and one has never done anything wrong.

Pictured is the one who has done no wrong.

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Good. Fucker deserved it for being a guy.

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The meido agrees with the discipline.

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Untrue! Stop bullying the dork!

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are people really aroused by having their balls kicked

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what has genji done wrong?

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Not showing up again

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I think it's more about the idea of having one's balls kicked.

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>LeMat Revolver
>Doesn't have the under barrel shotgun barrel

I don't know why this is bothering me so much.

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That's not sexy at all. In fact it's very painful.

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Deserved it. Reimu agrees.

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Say that to my beam not online see what happens

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It was pretty obvious ZUN stopped wanting to use him after his first appearance. He didn't even get dialogue anymore. ZUN was probably just too lazy to draw reimu a new sprite until windows.

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Fuck off to /pl/ with your shit.
rude sage

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She won't get far. All the important political figures are male.