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yeah, i know

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thank mr skeltal

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>want to be a hikikomori
>can't afford internet if I don't work

>want to be a cool kuudere
>too nice and upbeat to keep up the personality

>want to be a trap
>too manly chin and shoulders to be convincing

Life is suffering.

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Follow your dreams.

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I don't want to look like an Aku no Hana character, anon. I want to be kawaii.

I'll just be a fucking guy, I guess.

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>biggest fetish is to be a fat nerd being bullied, beaten and ridiculed by a gang of beautiful high school delinquent girls, who regularly extort me for lunch money and undress me on the school rooftop to laugh at my tiny penis
>too much of a stud to be able to ever pull it off

I'm quoting my inner regret ;_;

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>Be a hikikomori
>To poor to afford cute girl clothes
>Live with family
Life is suffering

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being a trap is very hard even for people who can pull it off

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Protip: hormones can't change skeletal structure.

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toot toot

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good thing I don't get a boner from skeletal structure.

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I do.

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Stop being a disappointment to everyone, /jp/. There are people out there who actually need to live off the hard work of others.

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Surgery can!
But severe surgery that damages facial bones and other structures can be illegal in a log of countries so you just have to find a very quiet surgeon.

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Yeah, us. We're living off the hard work of the rest of you. So, keep it up.

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But anon, that's because I have a job now.

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I recently finished my GED. I've made my resume and sent it to a doggie daycare (awoo~). It's not too late, I'm not too old. I'm going to change things.

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Good for you.

Now leave us be.

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ayy lmao

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skyrim belongs to the nords

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That is so unfortunate.

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do you even holocaust