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Finally you made it to Gensoukyo and found your favorite Touhou

What's her reaction after seeing your face?

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She probably won't even notice me

And you OP ?

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They see me. They both know.

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Yeah, those faces clearly know you have a small jaypeepee

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Fuck off, Rinnosuke.

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Not sure abut her reaction but this is mine

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You wanna die ? It's probably the worst thing to do if you value your life

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"Who are you and what are you doing in my house?"

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Face? Won't I be a spirit floating around?
I don't think I'll even have a face.

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I'd cover my face to hide my white piggu features.

Like, with a sin sack.

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She would be extremely happy because she loves me

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What would be Tenshi's reaction?
Hopefully not smashing me in the head with a rock.

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Your favorite touhou is Alice?

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Pretty much, broseph.

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She's a charging up something. Either a love spell or a Master Spark. I'm not too confident on the first one.

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Probably this.

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You posted the wrong picture by mistake.

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Why would Satori ever ask that?
You're a lowly human, your entire life experiences are open for her to read just by virtue of you being in her general vicinity

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she be happy

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Me in the middle.

I think she would feel like she has encountered a giant hairy creature of foreign origin

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That dude needs to lay of the steroids. It's not possible to look that buff without the juice.

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Something like this, I hope

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Welcome to the SEALs

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Wow someone other than me loves BYakuren?

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I imagine I would get killed and raped by fairies before anything else happened.

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No, anon, Reimu is very happy to welcome the human visitors to her shrine. She gets so few of them...

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What's her reaction when I appear with money?

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bring money.

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My dad looks like that and he's just a carpenter living in the country, meanwhile I'm a lazy fat fuck

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Oh like you wouldn't want to get hit by her Master Spark

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She is my wife and we love each other so she would be really happy that we finally can touch one another

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And then you get cancer

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I translated the rest but I can't find them in the archive

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Does she accept Visa?

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Would you let the cutest and best little girl in Gensokyo rip you open and eat your entrails?

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Will it be love filled?

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Her reaction to everyone, I guess.

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In b4 bones comment

Liked her in PoDD and Mystic Square

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Probably curiosity from seeing a human alone in Muenzuka. Maybe if she's in a good mood and I'm lucky she'll invite me in her house to chat.

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Because her food has come.

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I'd gladly let her eat me

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How kind of you

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Yeah, i feel bad for that. The lenght of my dick on the other hand is equal to X in the innequality 15>X>25

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Probably something like this.

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"Hey, good to see you stranger!"

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You bet your sweet supple ass it is.

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I'd expect something like this

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"Hey kid, wanna get a beer?"

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Satori can tell what you're thinking at the moment, not read your memory in its entirety.

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Then how does she call up danmaku patterns her opponent has faced before? Does she just have to wait until they happen to reminisce about a particular fight? And what happens if they think of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man?

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So the real question we should be asking is, "How will Satori react when she reads your mind and realizes that she's a fictional video game character?" then?

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The only currency in Gensokyo is sex.

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why is your fave 2hu die?

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This tbh. Unless you are Hitler with his psychic powers you won't survive 5 minutes among the youkai. Hell even Cirno can kill you.

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I imagine my ability to play danmaku directly translates into the magic system of Gensokyo so I'll be mostly fine unless in fact they have been doing everything on Lunatic.

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I don't understand.

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But lunatic is canon, anon.

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At least I'll beat Cirno every time.

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That's not really a bonus because Strict Memento says that if you encounter Cirno you can just ask her a riddle and that will cause her to BSOD.
Rumia is easily avoidable too.
Yuuka probably won't eat you unless she is hungry.
SDM people are pretty harmless unless you are chosen for bloodsucking.
Tengu/kappa don't give a fuck either way.
Come to think of it 2hou is pretty safe for humans.
Rest is death unless you can make it to the human village.

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>Trusting Akyuu.
I'm quoting Richard Nixon

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You don't spawn at the human village or at least Kourindou when you enter Gensokyo?
Well shit

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>Hell even Cirno can kill you.

I'm pretty sure i remember reading somewhere that a grown human can easily overpower a fairy.

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So Reimu is actually rich?

>> No.14212342

Do you actually believe that?

If you eat 3000+ calories a day with a good amount of protein and don't lay on your ass all day - meaning actually working on your body - you'll probably look like that in a span of 6 years, give or take a few months.

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Not even sure Meiling would be that forward. But that is the kind of reaction I'd like.

<--Unfortunately, I figure this is more liable to happen to me.

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I'd probably die myself, then.

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There is also humans without power. Wanna train hard as fuck like Marisa ? I bet you don't because you're too lazy, just like everyone here including me

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There is three main ways to go in gensokyo
1. Get lost in the forest near the Yatsugatake mountains
2. Find the real world's Hakurei Shrine and then manage to find how to go to the Gensokyo one
3. Yukarin has taken you, you'll get to Gensokyo but won't last long

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you forget the easiest way dude

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>the easiest way
Not sure 'bout it. Human flesh a pretty damn disgusting If I trust what I can find on google.
Anyway, if I remember well Mamizou is a youkai since... Yup, her birth, and came to Gensokyo only recently, so is it that simple ?

>> No.14212936

A generic fairy. Not battle-trained one with useful offensive powers like Cirno.

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My favorite Touhou isn't in Gensokyo.
what do?

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>Get lost in the forest near the Yatsugatake mountains
I need the source of this statement

>> No.14213012

You don't know what it tastes like till you try burai.
Also Mamizou has Gensokyo's Power Stone, which allows her to come and go as she pleases.

>> No.14213027

well unless I have a map of the fantasy world and somehow succesfully evade the bakus, the route most safe to arrive Makai is across gensokyo heck, this place have a hella access points to places like moon
>implying you can got into gensokyo in the first place
well >>14212620 and >>14212656 know it

>> No.14213032

the silk road is a alternative way?

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she just can't admit how happy she is

>> No.14213049

It's simple deduction from informations found in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense: the youkai mountain refers to the Yatsugatake Mountains in the real world, so it's where Gensoukyo was before the great Hakurei border. Moreover when you are getting forgotten in the real world, you drift slowly to Gensoukyo, Rynnosuke picks up lost objects from the real world like this. Thus if you get lost near these mountains, where Gensoukyo should be located, you'd probably end up in the forest of magic

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because she know how much i fap to her

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Wouldn't be in youkai mountain? Since kourindou is mid way between these 2 I don't think they are very close to each other

>> No.14213069

Hell if I know, I never went there in the first place, so find it out by yourself. I'd prefer to spawn in the Forest of Magic, fairies look more friendly than tengus

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I expect something like this

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Something like this

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File: 3.14 MB, 3071x2000, Gensokyo Traditional Map by CaptainOnimaru.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Since zun won't allow an anime he could at least release a map

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this tbh

>> No.14213128

Now that she has seen outside world wouldn't she be more willing to speak with outsiders?

>> No.14213142

why the fug muenzuka an road of reconsideration are too far of sanzu river?

>> No.14213196

Are you blind or something? My Touhou is Maribel

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This, except it's me in her pantyhose :^)

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Enjoy the future.

See if there is the JAY somewhere.

>> No.14213342

I'll give my junk to that Kourindou homo and teach him how to use it in exchange for shelter. Then we will give Yukari the D in exchange for sending me to the human world where I buy the shittiest strongest rum I can find. Then Yukari takes me back and I offer that rum to Suika and she pukes all over Gensokyo and everyone dies with my dream.

>> No.14213358

>I'll give my junk to that Kourindou homo and teach him how to use it in exchange for shelter.
Slay the gay

>> No.14213362

I'd give him my stuff for money (I should get a lot since kourindou stuff is expensive as fuck) and teach him for shelter. When reimu goes there pay her to be my bodyguard

>> No.14213369

Kourindou homo doesn't have any money since he doesn't sell anything ever.

>> No.14213407

Koumakan people buy stuff from him

>> No.14213413

If you don't trust Perfect Memento you are a lizard alien from space and must be exterminated.

>> No.14213479

As long as you don't give him any of your guns.
The last thing Rinnosuke need is the sweet taste of American freedom.

>> No.14213585

I'm too lazy to search where I've found that, but he sold stuff like tea sets for them

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She walks up to me and asks me if she's pretty while making this face. I say yes.

I'm not sure what happens next.

>> No.14213716

>I'm not sure what happens next.
That may trigger her into actually smiling back at you. Not with the use of a mask either.

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Are all anons grotesquely, unbearably ugly? I'm pretty average looking, so I'd assume the touhous wouldn't immediately become aggressive or violent upon seeing my face. Most of them aren't particularly unpleasant people either, so if we shared similar interests it probably wouldn't be hard to strike up a conversation.

>> No.14213749

A nice thought, but unlikely. She's not gonna get expressions that easily.

>> No.14213764

Minus my acne I'd say I'm pretty handsome, at least in terms of facial shape and features.

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Average face, just short and fat.

>> No.14213852

Face is symmetrical enough, but beard and a few gray hairs on the sides make me probably look too much like an old man.

>> No.14213866

I was told by a friend that I'm 'just average'. My acne has improved recently, but the main deadweight is my jewfro. Fortunately, I can avoid it by using a type of natural oil before sleeping, together with not showering in the morning. I have a low BMI, but not a particularly model-esque face.

>> No.14213885

I have a retruded maxilla and an underbite so yes

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>> No.14213916

I'm probably out of touch but don't women like that sort of thing?

>> No.14213926

Only the ones with daddy issues.

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File: 410 KB, 667x789, 1408214731518.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Marisa's supple fingers weaving through anon's graying beard!

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>> No.14214259

My mom says that I'm pretty handsome but I must lose weight

>> No.14214281
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True enough.
But imagine if you actually made it happen. You'd probably have a true Touhou friend for life.

>> No.14214284
File: 197 KB, 477x451, 8ab968d5448222edd2c6e52f7d4387d6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I look like a shit that crapped out a beard. But to Seija I'm a pineapple upside-down shit.

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>> No.14216553

It's just fun to say that she'll hate you and beat you hard until she can't see you anymore because you're so fucking frightening. No offense to you, I'm speaking of all anons here, including me

>> No.14216842

I am quite handsome and with a face that has no objective flaws and is pretty easy on the eye but since I'm an otaku I don't really care. I imagine I would be able to fit into Gensokyo just fine (for a man) considering that everyone in there is a weirdo and the girls possibly share a reduced sexuality and have no reason to fear men either. I'll probably have to be like "one of the girls" but since they aren't like regular girls it should not be as difficult. All in all, a good time.

>> No.14217415

1: Howaito Piggu
2: I'm maimed in the face in an unattractive way. Women don't like that.

>> No.14217460

>I'm pretty average looking, so I'd assume the touhous wouldn't immediately become aggressive or violent upon seeing my face.

Most, if not all, of them have never seen a non-Jap before. They'd probably think you were some kind of hideous youkai unless you were a non-surgically altered, flat faced, eye fold-less Japanese.

>> No.14217467

What's that expression even supposed to convey anyways? Did she walk in and see a bunch of dead bodies or something?

>> No.14217475

The Jesuits were active in Japan in the 1500s and Nobunaga had a black retainer, they'll get over it.

>> No.14217509

Friendly remainder that the rat tried to eat Maribel.

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I hope she would smile at seeing me
It would be nice just to relax and nap with marisa

>> No.14218463

She's holding in a sneeze.

>> No.14221924

Is there any non-h doujins where a human enters gensokyo and he has to find his way to the human village or he dies? Then goes on to explore gensokyo or some other fun adventure with the 2hus.

>> No.14221995

At first glance, I read that as fap with marisa and it was much better than what you actually wrote.

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"A customer? Welcome to my shop."

Is how I imagine it'd start.

>> No.14222162

<span class="sjis"> /===-_---~~~~~~~~~------____
|===-~___ _,-'
-==\\ `//~\\ ~~~~`---.___.-~~
______-==| | | \\ _-~`
__--~~~ ,-/-==\\ | | `\ ,'
_-~ /' | \\ / / \ /
.' / | \\ /' / \ /'
/ ____ / | \`\.__/-~~ ~ \ _ _/' / \/'
/-'~ ~~~~~---__ | ~-/~ ( ) /' _--~`
\_| / _) ; ), __--~~
'~~--_/ _-~/- / \ '-~ \
{\__--_/} / \\_>- )<__\ \
/' (_/ _-~ | |__>--<__| |
|0 0 _/) )-~ | |__>--<__| |
/ /~ ,_/ / /__>---<__/ |
o o _// /-~_>---<__-~ /
(^(~ /~_>---<__- _-~
,/| /__>--<__/ _-~
,//('( |__>--<__| / .----_
( ( ')) |__>--<__| | /' _---_~\
`-)) )) ( |__>--<__| | /' / ~\`\
,/,'//( ( \__>--<__\ \ /' // ||
,( ( ((, )) ~-__>--<_~-_ ~--____---~' _/'/ /'
`~/ )` ) ,/| ~-_~>--<_/-__ __-~ _/
._-~//( )/ )) ` ~~-'_/_/ /~~~~~~~__--~
;'( ')/ ,)( ~~~~~~~~~~
' ') '( (/
' ' `

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I'll probably end up shoveling rabbit shit.
Her Face When she takes a huge stinky runny dump on the pile.