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Aren't you going to sit down and have your dinner?

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You're not my real mom!

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Thanks, mom.

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It's 10 o'clock at night, mom, we had dinner 3 hours ago what are you doing, and why aren't you freaking out I'm smelling your undies, and jacking it like a construction worker?

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Mom at the beach!

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What about the paizuri, mom?

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Kanako is working as hard as she can!

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Mom is my dinner tonight.

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do not wake the snek

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Mom will PUNISH YOU!

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>again, she's not worried that her son is into older women and possibly some inset.
never change, mom.

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Snek what is wrong?

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Kanako in an apron!

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Oh my

When did mom get so thick

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sleep tight snek

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Kanako's big, thick feet!

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I love Mom.

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Thanksgiving dinner with Mom.

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Just remember to the stuff the turkey, not Mom. It's a small, yet vital difference to make.

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But Mom loves stuffing most of all!

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But I'm still going to eat Mom.

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Helping kanakp put a few buns in the oven!

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no, i am just ate lunch 4803833792 hours ago

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Keep in mind the difference between "Let's eat, Mom" and "Let's eat Mom".

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Mom gets drunk again.

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Damn it, Mom. No. I'm not lying down with you again. Where am I going? Home, that's where. Good night.

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I had no intention of sharing her.

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Save some for me, please!

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Mom's not sure how to put this...

Isn't it time you found a girlfriend?

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But she has!

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bba feed me

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<span class="sjis">

               く  \/|>-‐──-- 、.,
                ,>''"´:::::´ ̄ ̄`"':::、::::::\
             |::::::::;ハ/ト、:|`/ '、::::::ト、::::i::::::::';::::::::::'、
             |:::::/:::::| | |ノ>、  \|_」_;ハ:::::::|::::::::::::::ヽ
            /∨::::::7,, '、_ノ   ´ |ノ |/!:::/::::::::::::::::::ハ
            !:::::::|::::ト、   '    ゝ- '/レ'::|::::|:::::::::::::::|
            ∨´\:|::へ、 ` ー  /:::::::/:::/:::::::::::::ノ
                   /´ カナこン´  `ヽ/レ'レ'
                 //  }○{.  /     ∨   .,.‐、
                〈,r7   §'   |   _」__l´ヽ/ /_
               く/`ゝ、_   、__,〈 r'"´ ̄/  ノ、 /   ノ
              /  r/      ∨ r'´r|    )  <
             /  `く>、.,___,. イヘ. | | ト、__      r-'
              | r/ `7ー`--‐`i´ ハ|. \\7ァ'^ ー'


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Are Moms Girls?

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Moms sharing a lollipop

Moms are women!

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love you, Mom.

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I'm the lollipop.

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No, as an outsider in Gensokyo if I don't keep moving the dinner is me.

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Used gods.

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Give Momma a big hug!

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Big Mom.

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mom is getting thicker!

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That's okay. I'd be a hypocrite for telling Mom she could stand to lose some weight.

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We should do something to burn calories, Mom!

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Can't I have you instead?

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Mom's butt.

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Big Mama

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fucking incredible

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isn't that supposed to be shit

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Say Kanako shits on a plate and hands it to you, /jp/.

It's shit, but A. it's divine shit that would make you live longer, let you fly, and essentially making you a god or any other supreme long lived being, along with making you a resident of Gensokyo and B. it's Kanako's shit. Would you eat it?

Aside from all that I mentioned it's regular old shit, just born of the digested food, intestines, and still pulsing asshole of Kanako, hot and fresh.

So would you eat it? What if you didn't know the shit had all those divine powers? Please explain your answer.

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No, I'm not worthy to eat Kanakp's excrement.

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Only if it was served directly from her asshole.

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Like soft-serve ice cream, right?