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Some of you guys are alright.

Don't go to Eientei tomorrow.

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I'm getting sick of this joke.

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Can Eiki Shiki kill Lunarians?

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I'd believe it. Shiki Yamada can probably beat everyone except for the Houraijin, since they've disqualified themselves from ever being judged by her.

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The fire rises!

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Probably, but she wouldn't unless they were somehow interfering with the souls of the dead. Their master is her master, after all. I doubt she would like them given their arrogance, though.

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She could, but since she's a judge she could call the celestial army if it was necessary.
The only being that ever beat the Yamas was the Monkey King

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Can't win against Goku, man.

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Well Amida defeated Wukong, but even then he didn't kill him because he's that kind of guy

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