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Who is objectively the best fairy?

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Depends, how are we comparing them? Objectively, Cirno has a larger following and objectively appeals more to a large number of fans than the newer Clownpiece who, in all honesty, looks like an offensive joke.

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Cirno has a nice design but she was kind of ruined by the retarded fandom and ZUN listening to them.

Clownslut is great and sexy.

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Cirno is an ice fairy.

Clownpiece has a torch.

It seems like a pretty open and close comparison.

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>Who is objectively the best fairy?

I AM the best fairy!

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Ice melts, water extinguishes fire.

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So, Clownpence melts Cirno, which then extinguishes her Lampades torch and gets Clownpies all wet.

Truly a terrifying example of mutually assured destruciton.

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They could always be friends with Cirno spending the rest of eternity as Clownpiece's pet.

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Fuck your meme fairies tbh

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Well, can Cirno do THIS!? Thought so.

Clownpiece wins.

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>Cirno has a larger following and objectively appeals more to a large number of fans

This isn't 2008 anymore dude.

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Daiyousei. Because she is the biggest.

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Chestnut mouth.

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Would you rather
Sexually Assault Cirno
be Sexually Assaulted by Clownpiece?

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Sexually assault Clownpiece.

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Sexually assaulted by Cirno

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I hope there's doujinshi about a cultural exchange between american astronauts and clownpiece. In a sexual sense.

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It's my turn to be fucked by America.

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2hu Shimakaze, obviously. I fap to her regularly, Cirno is only good for retarded memes.

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Be assaulted, just because I could never sexually assault anyone

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Pretty Close, tie. I like them both.

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This. fuck the meme touhous. Dai-chan has so much more to give.

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Yeah your memes end here.

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the pc-98 one

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THIS...would be an excelent idea

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She is wtfest cute

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>Houston, Orgasm Base here. My sperm has landed.

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It's not sexual assault! You have a weapon of mass destruction in your pants, she's just taking preemptive measures to make sure you don't rape her with it.

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CP is clearly sexier, so she wins in my book.

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Obviously everyone with taste would chose Star Sapphire and everyone who chose this meme-newhu is a secondary.

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I'd rather be a secondary than fap to innocent fairies like Star Sapphire.

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>Holding hands

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This guy knows what's up.

Daiyousei is best. Out of all the fairies, she the least troublesome, plus her name is chock full of puns associated with "Big"

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Are SEMEN demons also very strong?

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Depends on the semen dremon.

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I'm so glad artists are giving Clownpiece actual tits. They make her stand out from all the other flat-as-a-board fairies.

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That's what I read SDM demons as at first too.

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>she is a big fairy

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>Piece will never bully me
Why live?

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One of the light fairies.
Clownpiece is a fucking joke and a waste of a character. Cirno has at least a little going for her.

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i want those toes and that vulva to bully me

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I'm diggin' this CP, dudester.

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But does CP dig you?

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I don't give a shiet, dudebro.

Both this fairy and >>14189669 are so freakin' lewd and hot that I'd fuck'em even if they didn't want to be fucked.

They're basically literally asking for it, man.


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>Waste of character

By that logic the trio is the biggest offender since it took three whole manga series and a spinoff game.

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CP's going to be the only one fucking people around here, boss.

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It's cool, dudester.

I'm fine if she fucks me too.

Shiet's gud.

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CP is just Hecate's bitch.

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Needs to be posted whenever Hecatia is mentioned with Clownpiece.

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I can't. That picture of you gives me such a boner that smacking CP's ass becomes the only thing I can think of.
>the way Hecate's hands are pressing on CP's butt
My boner is going diamond, dog.

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Americlown serves directly under the single strongest being in all of 2hu.

I would imagine that would push her a few ranks ahead of ice baka.

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Would you spank the american fairy?

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That logic makes no sense.

Just because it's the president's dog doesn't mean it's automatically stronger than any other dog.

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The president isn't the strongest human.

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You're right, because Republican Candidate Donald "No Tax Rate" Trump is the strongest.

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OK, so the poodle owned by whoever you consider to be the strongest human is automatically stronger that most attack dogs just because it's owned by the strongest human?

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Clearly you're voting for the wrong president.

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The President can't turn into a magical woman who can fly.

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I'm gonna jack it to the fairies tonight!

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Already done it.

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Poodles are not sentient or kept for their power.

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>comparing a fairy to a poddle

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Fire melts ice, but if it's super ice, then it melts fire!

In other words, Cirno wins.

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Are you sure about that, motherfucker

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Well, he's certainly... the solidest

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I'm just going to assume you know what I mean and are just pretending to be retarded.

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He's the solidust at best

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>implying I read the entire argument and didn't just found your post and the first post and found it was extremely stupid how the discussion went from fairies powerlevel to poodles

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Choose is simple

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Not choose. Choose is the verb. Choice is the action.

I improved it for you, Anon.

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Are you Hiroyuki in disguise?

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he's right though

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It was never about strongest anyways.
It's about best.

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Yeah, but it would be nice if it was him. That would mean he actually likes Cirno and didn't just reply with the first touhou-related video he found back then.

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Where are the fuckin' lewd pics. of the faeries, nerdlords?

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I'm not that anon but your analogy is pretty fucking retarded since you're comparing pets that are just there to look cute with actual capable fighters meant to fight.

A better example would be to point out Yukari who despite being the 3rd strongest 2hu doesn't automatically make Chen that strong at all.

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Why are they saluting Hitler?

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Following a fad.
Fairies do eat even if they don't need too because they see humans eating.

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pls go fairies are for pure love

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> looks like an offensive joke.
I thought that was the point.

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Creampie the subby maso bitch.

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He is the most AMERICAN, though.

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cirno is an ice fairy!
cirno is a nice fairy!

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isn't yukari strongest?

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That's a pretty bad example, since Chen does not serve directly under Yukari. Chen serves under Ran, who serves under Yukari, and Ran is, in fact, quite powerful.

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Not exactly related to this thread, but I'd really like one of the spinoffs to reveal Clownpiece's and Hecatia's alternative set of clothes they wore before going full westaboo for LoLK.
Speaking of which, how many girls have at least two different sets? Yukari's the only one I can recall right off the bat.

>> No.14210166

I would imagine that her master's master would probably have priority.

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Reimu and Marisa both wore different outfits in the PC-98 games and they have had tweaks to their costume design throughout the entire series. Marisa has also been shown wearing several different outfits, including different hats, in the manga. She actually seems to be an ordinary person who doesn't wear the same thing every day.

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>how many girls have at least two different sets?
Reimu, Marisa, Alice, Yuuka, Mima, Remilia, Yukari, Keine, Reisen, Aya, Sanae, Mamizou, Sumireko and Hecatia.

If you want to count their use of and/or lack of capes, then there's also Byakuren and Miko.

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I don't care what anyone else says, Cirno could beat any fairy, anytime.

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Wow, she really is called "Clownpiece". I thought you guys were just being bullies.