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What do you think about hiroyuki?

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Ask 2ch

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Don't like him.

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moot is honestly a genius to hand 4chan over to hiroyuki.

Beyond the fact that he supports moot's ideals about the internet, he is also an "invalid admin"
Which is a good thing, as he doesn't seem to know all too much about 4chan and neither is he an American. That means that he can't be held personally accountable for all the bullshit that 4chan pulls off on its own, like moot partially was for "The Fappening"

moot probably foresaw that 4chan was only going to get worse and more dangerous in the future. And now we have shootings on /r9k/. Also in regards to protection of free-speech, especially since he brought back /pol/ permanently after previously deleting it twice (/n/ and /news/). This could all be planned by moot and hiroyuki. Hiroyuki has evaded the accusations and lawsuits before.

He's taking it extremely easy in the adoption of 4chan , which is for the best.

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He's very cute and I like his mannerisms

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Poor guy, he actually borrowed money to buy a shithole like 4chan. Then a week after announcing himself as the new admin, the Oregon shooting happens.

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Anyone can rattle of a million reasons why he's a terrible candidate for the job, but I don't think anyone can realistically come up with anyone better.

If he remains as idle as moot was in administrating 4chan, that's fine; that's what's been going on for a long time now. If he steps up to the plate and changes a bunch of shit, it's likely only going to alienate the "normie / newfag" crowd since he's japanese as fuck. That said, I remain optimistic for the next generation of shitposters; I don't think it can get any worse.

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Mostly harmless.

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Fuck off with that stupid avatar advertising, I'm not falling for your crap.

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I suspected that, when he "stepped down" previously, the anonymous replacements were Moot, Moot, and Mootykins. I feel partially justified in that with the way he painted the send-off as a direct succession in the news report. I also agree that lawyers are probably the driving force behind the administrative turbulence, though I'm a bit surprised that he held out for so long.

I have absolutely no thoughts on what's going to happen next, or what is happening right now. For now, it's still 4chan. It's always been terrible in some way or another.

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Did this actually happen? That's pretty fucking funny

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He was supposed to reply to some /qa/ post, but posted in /sp/ instead. I don't know how that's even possible.

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At the beginning of his QA he either didn't know or didn't care enough to upload images (just pasted the links into the comment field, 2ch style).

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moot was still listed as the DMCA agent until the site was sold. Now it's "4chan community support LLC" which I'm assuming is Hiro's USA LLC. (you don't have to even visit or live in the USA to have a LLC there in most states)

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"and was published in the same ROBOT 9001 thread on 4chan. ROBOT 9001 - /r9k/ for short - is a social media thread for so-called Men's Rights Activists (MRAs).""

Alright I chuckled.

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We're safe as long as he stays that ignorant.

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Why he's the owner of Hiroyukichan ofcourse! 4chan? What's that? That sounds like a thing of the past. This site is Hiroyukichan and will never be 4chan!

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I like that he's old fashioned. It's what we need after years of normals invading. I hope he brings visible sage back and allows announcing sage and reports.

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I think you posted in the wrong thread

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I dislike how the images don't line up perfectly.

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Yui, you're over reacting.

Seriously, you just need a good clit licking.

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Some people say he's just pretending to be stupid. He graduated in the US.

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Just because he can function with spoken english doesn't mean his written english is good. English spelling is fucking hard.

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Honestly I've been a devote fan of Hiroyuki since I saw him speak at Waseda in 2006 I think it was. He's the only publicly known viable candidate to take over 4chan in my opinion.