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Blonde Haare,
Siebzehn Jahre,
Sag', was wollen wir noch mehr,
Wir Funkersoldaten?

Yukari thread

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Why are germans so edgy anyway?

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Yukarin is secretly an eldritch abomination

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No idea.

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alter was labersch du?

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Threadly reminder

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Und alle Mädel hören mit:
Di da di dit di da di dit!

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Why did you cut off Yumemi?

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Unrelated to what I'm trying to say.

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I want Yukarin to wear a Dirndl and suck my cock.

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Prove it

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One of the advantages of being able to warp the fabric of reality

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Ok Nerd.

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You have presented no proof

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She sleeps, something the Lunarians wouldn't do as it isn't a sign of imperfection. Check Mate atheist.

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Can she do the same to my cock?

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ment it is a sign, it is too damn early. I need more sleep...

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Can't make something size 0 anything bigger.

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Beato pls go. You're just jealous that Yukarin-senpai is better than you. She could easily turn 0 into an existing value via boundary manipulation.

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So you agree that you have a size 0 cock?

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I'm not him

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How else I gonna fuck those giant things?

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Serious question, how strong is Yukari without the spell card rules? Can she really do anything and everything with the use of her ability?

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Almost anything. Probably at Lambdadelta level

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Touhou's pretty vague on that, speculation goes both ways.

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Canonically she is physically strong to stop a mace handled with all strength of a half-youkai...

in the fighting games, she said (seconded by Meiling) she has some kind of resilience to all types of physical damage.

on speed, She is maybe three or four times faster than an average human.

If we add the gaps and how far she is able to use them. Maybe she is a kind of demigod.

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I'm getting horny now...

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She can't do everything she wants by now. But her ability allows her to push her power limit up, and up... Given enough time her power should turn into boundary mastery...

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Very, very powerful. So powerful that indeed only a handful of beings could be said to be more powerful than her; Eiki Shiki and other Yamas due to their powers and abilities being inherently inimical to Yukari's power, the moonbitches due to being ZUN's waifus, and Reimu/other shrine maidens if Yukari is starting trouble, due to the rules of Gensokyo.

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About shiki eiki there was a discussion about this... I can't see how she can be stronger than her, she is just one of that side road statues that got enough faith and become sentient, her ability isn't a great thing as well.
About reimu, see CoLA, actually reimu is the one with problems towards yukari.
Eirin should be stronger than her as well, she is the moon brain and is fucking old...

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She could easily just warp in another reality where she is the most powerful/change the boundaries of other people's power, etc.

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As I said before, by now she can't. For example she can travel to moon only once a month, because she needs the full moon reflection on the water surface. If she could do as she pleases, she could use truth/lie boundary in order to make any door or whatever link to moon.
She's my favorite touhou, but her power has limits

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>her ability isn't a great thing as well.
Well, I'm just quoting Yukari on that one. Her attachment and ability to separate the difference between right and wrong like black and white makes Yukari's life... difficult.

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So yukari is bad wich is black and? Also youkais don't need to be good. Eiki was scolding someone (doesn't remember who) to be more youkai like...

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>So yukari is bad wich is black and?
That's not the point. Eiki is able to divide some things such that Yukari cannot use her power on them, since they are separated as clearly as black and white.
>Eiki was scolding someone (doesn't remember who) to be more youkai like...
That'd be Yuuka Kazami.

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Not about yukari, because we don't know the full extent of her power, but for someone who had mastered yukari ability, eiki couldn't do nothing because black/white boundary, and able/unable boundary for example.
And yuuka isn't youkai enough? this was a surprise.

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I want to titfuck Yukari

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>because we don't know the full extent of her power
That's true of a lot of things. With that argument, however, you could say that Yuugi Hoshiguma is, in fact, the most powerful character in Touhou due to the extremely vague wording of her power.
> but for someone who had mastered yukari ability, eiki couldn't do nothing because black/white boundary, and able/unable boundary for example.
But that's exactly the point. Eiki's power supersedes Yukari's, since her power is about playing with the boundaries of things but Eiki's power is about being able to completely separate two groups of things without any chance of comparison between them.

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I was excluding yukari because she is an unknown factor in that argument.
About the relation of boundary mastery (my example) and eiki power, with able/unable border for example it's possible to make eiki unable to use her ability, or have/don't have, truth/lie also would work against her for example.
This ability it's very close to omnipotence, yukari is far from it though...

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>eiki power, with able/unable border for example it's possible to make eiki unable to use her ability, or have/don't have, truth/lie also would work against her for example.
Except that it specifically doesn't work versus Eiki, and Yukari mentions how irritating she is to deal with. It's canon, actually.

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Yukari only ever said that it's impossible to reason with the yama

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She's said a couple of things about Eiki, actually. That is one of them and is primarily the argument that Eiki is more powerful than Yukari.
Even if Eiki is weaker than Wriggle, however, it is noted in-canon that her power makes Yukari's difficult to use.

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Prove it

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The only time I saw yukari saying her powers doesn't work was against the hourai immortals. A master in her ability could do something about them though.

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Actually, i'm going to put that theory a bit further forward.
Yuugi Hoshiguma is the strongest character in Touhou. Literally, since she's the strongest of the Oni and unless you count PC-98 Yuuka the Oni are the strongest form of youkai, and she's stronger than even the other Devas. Morevover, her power allows her to control or wield inexplicable phenomena, including mysterious powers, unnatural things, things contrary to reason, and things related to gods. I don't think even boundary manipulation can beat that, that's Demonbane levels of overpowered right there.

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SSiB chapter 9.

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If this the users of these abilities mastered them, in a confront the one who make the 1st move, or the one who make best preparations would win.

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There is nothing written there about Eiki.

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You don't fucking know about Demonbane, m8. Don't underestimate him.

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Is it a supernatural phenomena? Yuugi can use it.
Demonbane's powers are not a natural phenomena. Yuugi has Demonbane's powers.

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Demonbane is every force against evil there ever was, every force against evil that could be, every force against evil that couldn't be, and more.

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And that's a supernatural phenomena. Yuugi has control over it.

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don't bring demonbane here please, we won't go anywhere with this (see /a/ discussions)

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I'm pretty sure there is a line between 'the supernatural' (youkai, magic, vampires, etc..) and the eldritch.

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No, her power to control anything remotely abnormal is pretty vaguely defined. The more vaguely defined, the more powerful, right? I mean, there are other contenders like Remilia, Yukari, Reimu, and Seija but Yuugi's is as vague as you can get while still being a power.

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She's a low-to-mid level reality warper in canon. Deep rooted fanon makes her a high-level reality warper with nigh-omnipotent powers.

She can't make it so that the outside world accept the youkai, or else she would have made it so. She can't change anything on a high/planetary scale. She did participate into the creation of a small, bubble universe, but she wasn't all alone and needed help. She lost against spiritually powerful opponents like the Moon Nazis.

She's a very powerful youkai, but she's not omnipotent. Fanon makes her omnipotent, but then fanon believes Tewi is not a shit.

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"Manipulation of supernatural phenomena" has been such a long-standing poor translation that I'm unsurprised people still think that's what it says

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The direct translation of her abilities is given >>14153456. Supernatural phenomena is just a catch-all I used rather than repeating those four categories.

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Implying she can "control" various "phenomena" is beyond anything stated or shown. You're using some silly unfounded interpretation just like any other dumb powerlevels argument. Those aspects of Yuugi are all just a Confucius reference that, combined with the inexplicable stuff she can apparently do, amounts to "she's so strong that bullshit just happens".

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Exactly my thoughts, surely she would be able to alter her own boundaries to make her power grow exponentially? Also IIRC Eiki's power was literally just being able to tell if someone's a nice guy or a jerk, the distinction between black and white morality. Not metaphysical alteration of two contrasting things, that's Yukari's power.

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>You're using some silly unfounded interpretation just like any other dumb powerlevels argument.
Good of you to notice. That was the point.

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Yukari can manipulate my dick with her tits.

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Found in the weird side of DA...

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I was honestly expecting some gross obesity. Thank god that wasn't the case.

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Bigger version

P.S. how did i get this to happen to me IRL

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This is not okay.

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Why is Yukarin so fucking smug. I can't handle it.

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She knows she has power of you.

All she has to do is shake her jiggly breasts, and anon obeys!

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"Slice up those cow tits and make me a sandwich!"
-Usami Renko

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From the same guy

Reimu really has her problems...

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Sort of. Utopia coloured the other picture, Karbo drew it

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Isn't she greek anyway?
Will she pay debts?

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You're thinking of Germany there m8.



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Sex with Mom!

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Yumemi looks like Nazrin from the thumbnail

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Stop, Yukari! You'll break her neck!

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Soon, as the stars are right, She will grant us wondrous sights, sounds, sensations and stimulations. Stay faithful.

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fug off Yukari, you're drunk

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I will

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I want to call Yukari Mary to remind her of her past.

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I want to fall asleep in bed with my face in between Yukari's tits

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YUKARIN!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm having an existential crisis

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You know, none of the other pages are even necessary.

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Please do not misrepresent Yukari-sama as Yagokoro-san.

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This is NOT acceptable. We do NOT accept hags as Clownpiece substitute.

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Who would win?

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Yukari-sama can gap that guy's fist right back to his face!

>> No.14211088

That guy's right fist can neutralize any supernatural phenomena, it's know as imagine breaker.

>> No.14211257

But it has to connect to her first, which can be somewhat difficult to achieve if she's gapping it away from her.

>> No.14211392

The gap itself is a supernatural phenomena, so she most likely can't gap his right punches

>> No.14211407

Despite the fact that anybody can just shoot him nobody (who matters) ever does, so he wins. Also because his plot victory ratio is higher.

>> No.14211408

Depends entirely on who the writer is.

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*opens a gap through her chest*
*rips her heart*
psssh... nothin personnel kid.

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*opens a gap through his chest*
*rips his heart*
psssh... nothin personnel kid.

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This, but it's fun going through the possibilities
He has an other ability very weak, they call it precognition, thats the explication they gave to the fact that a non trained human boy can fight trained magus.

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Even if someone was immune to boundaries or gaps somehow, Yukari could just destroy them by causing the universe to no longer allow them to exist, similar to a kill -9 xxxx command in unix where the signal never even touches the process and interacts directly with the kernel.

>> No.14211948

Praise be the gapwitch

>> No.14212147

The Voyager Witch of Boundaries, Lady Yakumo.

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I want to fuck her tits so bad.

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Even if I'm her fan Yukari's power level isn't universal. Remember she can't even go to moon as she pleases?

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I want to join the Sin Sack Corps and fight for Yukari!

>> No.14214826

Yukari is 43 years old.

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Lies and slander! Yukari is a beautiful 17 year old girl!

>> No.14224874

You'll have to get fit first, anon

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I want to fuck mama Yukarin's sweaty ass.

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Saving Yukarin from falling off page 10.

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Intimate relations with Yukarin!

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nice hat, Yukari.

>> No.14241172

thanks car dudes!

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