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Fuck, Marry, Kiss.

No murdering any of them!

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Murder all of them

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Fuck Patchu, kiss Alice, marry Marisa

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Kiss Marisa
fuck Patche
marry Alice

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Gangbang and pass them around like a toy!

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Kiss Marisa, Alice and Patchouli
Marry Marisa, Alice and Patchouli
Fuck Marisa, Alice and Patchouli

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Kiss Marisa, Alice, Patchouli and Shanghai
Marry Marisa, Alice, Patchouli and Shanghai
Fuck Marisa, Alice, Patchouli and Shanghai

There was a grave mistake in my previous post so I corrected it.

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Fuck Marisa
Kiss Patchy
Marry Alice

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Kiss, marry, and fuck Patchouli.

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Alice is the only decent 2hu.

Screw the rest.

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Kiss, Fuck and Marry them all
You didn't say I couldnt do it

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Marry Marisa for sure.
Not sure about the fucking though, since I want to fuck both Alice and Patchy.
I guess I'm gonna have to go with Patchy after some consideration.
So that leaves Alice for the kissing.

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With the first being the first thing I do, and last being last.

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If you close your eyes, it doesn't matter who you fuck, marry nor kissu.

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Marry Patchouli
Kiss Patchouli
Fuck Patchouli
Spank Patchouli
Bind Patchouli
Leash Patchouli
Break Patchouli
Domesticate Patchouli
Train Patchouli
Breed Patchouli
Milk Patchouli

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Befriend Alice and Marisa, kiss Patchy, marry Patchy, fuck Patchy in this particular order.

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Is Marisa even good material for sex? I can picture how good it must be with either Patchy or Alice but Marisa? Can't see it happening.

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The most ordinary sex around.

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Impregnate all

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How boring.

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Fuck Marisa, kiss Patchi, marry Alice. Kill myself.

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Fuck, Marry, Kiss. Marisa.

Hug Shanghai.

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This would be a cute pic if her feet didn't look so bad.

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Fuck, Marry, and Kiss Alice.
I can't imagine that Patchouli or Marisa would make very good wives.

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Does this count as murder?

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Patchouli's no good for breeding and milking. She's to weak.

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I need more pictures of the three best magicians!

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Fuck the police
Marry all three
Kill Op

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[x] Kiss Marisa's huge hitbox

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Making out with Marisa's asshole!

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Kiss Patchy
Fuck Alice
Marry Marisa

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Marry Marisa
Fuck Alice
Kiss Patchie

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Marry Marisa.

Kiss Alice.

Fuck Patchouli.

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Fuck Alice
Kiss Marisa
Marry Patchy

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You guys think the girl you'll be marrying will be fine with you kissing and fucking other girls?
Especially the ones she herself is in a love triangle with?

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That's why marrying all of them is the best option.

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Silly to make a person choose like that. I mean, if I marry someone, I am going to fuck them, and I kiss the people I fuck, too.
So you're basically just asking me to rank them.

...so, I'd pick Alice as the top girl of the three. I like the other two, but I like Alice more.

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Marry them all.

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Kiss Patchy, fuck Marisa, marry Alice

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From what I gathered on Alice's personality excluding fanon, I'm not sure she's the type tbh, I guess kiss

Fuck Marisa because that's all she wants and I don't even wanna imagine marrying her

Marry Patchouli, because she's the only piece of wife material here

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underrated post

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Why would I ever think of marrying Marisa? She'd just divorce me and run away with half my belongings.

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FMK for these three?

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The only knowledge I have of them comes from playing Fairy Wars, soooo

definitely marry Star Sapphire (wife material as far as fairies go), fuck Sunny Milk (I'm sure she'll love it assuming they're all perverted), Luna Child will have to do with just a kiss. I'd also adopt Cirno

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That's some lunatic difficulty here, I love them all equally! Oh well :

Kiss Sunny everywhere on her tiny body
Fuck Luna
Marry Star

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and that said they're inseparable best friends who'll NEVER grow up from being extremely childish even by Gensokyo's standards, so it's likely that I'll have to deal with all three and their constant mischief, and honestly this all is starting to sound iffy to me because I imagine myself as a human.

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I don't really want to marry any of them. Kissing Alice would be nice, though.

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Marry Luna
Fuck Sunny
Marry Luna
Kiss Star
Marry Luna

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Kiss Alice
Fuck Alice
Marry Alice

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Fuck Marisa
Kiss Marisa
Marry Marisa

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My father though the same. He couldn't keep his eyes closed for more than 25 years of marriage.

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Fuck Marisa
Fuck Patchouli
Fuck Alice

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Kiss Marisa
Fuck Patch
Marry Alice.

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Fuck myself
Kiss myself
Marry myself

I am a stand alone self-sustained unit that needs no other.

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Marry Alice
Kuss Alice
Fuck Alice
Holds Alice's hand

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*knock* *knock*
>*opens door* "Ahh? Dare, kimi?"
Alice, I like you please I want to fuck you
>"Sawannai-de! Hentai yaro!"
Alice you are the 2hu that I wanna fug
*grabs Alice's butt*
>"DETE IKE!" *slams door*
Oh Aliceeeee-chan!!!!

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*taps Patchy's shoulder*
>*turns around*
*french kiss*

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Kill yourself, "kudasai"

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Please marry me, Patchouli!
>pic related
patchy pls!!!! xD
>*kills you* "nothing personel, shounen"

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Holding hands? The Yama's gonna have a field day with you, deviant.

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Fuck you
Marry my waifu
Kiss my ass

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Fuck the Yama.Up the ass with The Yama's wooden sword!

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This is a naice pic., dudester.