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Youmu is

[x] cute
[x] well-behaved
[x] caring
[x] affectionate
[ ] dork

Please adopt.

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This board is very rude.

Youmu will go seek shelter on other boards.

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Leaving the box out for only an hour was your first mistake. I had to stock up on groceries, of course I'd adopt Youmu.

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Leaving Youmu out in the cold for over an hour is very rude. You should always be on the lookout.

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Are you sure about that dork part?

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She will get angry if you call her that.

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It's a good thing I'm in the business of bullying
Dorks like her drive me wild, you dig?

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I warned you.

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i don't really get it

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Youmu is

>[x] cute
>[x] well-behaved
>[x] caring
>[x] affectionate
>[x] dork

>Please adopt.


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Now now, being a dork is acceptable when you are a cat.

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I want Youmu to sit on my face.

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She's half ghost I doubt the cold bothers her that much.

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It's even better when she's sweating spats.

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Nice filename

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My shame knows no bounds, your hatred is entirely justified and I would have been much meaner had I been in your position yet here I am being part of the problem. Let me slink back into anonymity and forget it ever happened. I promise I am not a faggot, but there is little I could do to convince you that I am not like them. Sorry.

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It's not 'meow,' Anon, it's 'myon'!

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Who said it wasn't?

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What does it mean if I want Youmu to dominate me?

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It means we share something in common. I especially like the idea of Youmu cutting off your clothes with her sword (without leaving a single scratch because that's how skilled she is) and then having her way with you whether you want her to or not.

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Please stop the lewdness. Youmu is a pure girl.

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Watch out Youmu! That's a maneater!

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No worries! Youmu is a girl, not a man.

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Ooh here she comes~
Watch out Youmu she'll chew you up
Ooh here she comes
She's a maneater.

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Youmu is cute!

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Great, now I have a boner

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This is actually really cute.

I want to experience this kind of dedication too.

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I would literally stare into this autistic bitch's eyes until she understands the kind of shameful situation she's put herself into.
If Youki had known he'd had disowned her in his last moments.

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Stop calling me a dork you otaku poopyhead!

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Oh Youmu, I only do it because your so cute when you're flustered~! Don't cry Youmu, you know we mean you no harm you big softie.

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Youmu is the softest!!!

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Oh how you've grown up, Youmu. It seems like yesterday you were so obsessed with your swordfighting, and now you've finally settled down and gotten yourself a boyfriend.

Yuyuko is so happy for you, she just can't help but jump while you two are fucking like rabbits.

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I dunno, that ghost girl looks pretty soft too.

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Threadly reminder that teaching Youmu too much about sex will inevitably backfire.

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I don't see how.

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Teaching Youmu about sex whilst refusing to engage in such with her will have dire consequences...

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you don't want to be covered in the, I believe she calls it "Myon Juice", now don't you?

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>I don't see how.
That's not you under her in the picture.

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Youmu should not be taught these things. Look at what you're doing to her!

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