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Have a pleasant journey through the Nine Courts of Judgement!

Monster Girl Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/UevqvF4h

Monster Girl Wordpress: https://monstergirlscollection.wordpress.com/

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Undead Best Girls.

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First for best meido.

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Jiangshi are cute!

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Fourth for Feet!

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Remove abominations.

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I want to find a homeless monstergirl, take her in and care for her and make her into a proper monstergirl

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Xth for sea bishop!

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I want to edit a Jiang-shi's tag to make her addicted to cuddlefucking.
I want her to hold me close to her and bounce her hips up and down until she's an ahegaoing mess.

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Your waifu wouldn't hurt you physically even if she were "out of herself", right?

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Why are the undead girls so perfect

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Much obliged.

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Yeah probably.

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Too bad no one besides Penny will care about her in a week.

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But she does feel sorry when she's sane and sober again, right?

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Absolute bestest!

Good question. We may never know.

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Probably not.

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Why has KC been doing humanshaped girls lately? I mean, Monster Girls that were already humanoid to begin with, like the Demon, Jiangshi, or Titania. They're boring, I mean it's not like he can do much when they pre established girl designs. I mean did anyone not expect the Jiangshi to look exactly what it does?

Let's get KC to cut all human shaped girls he has planned.

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>You'll never take pity on a homeless monstergirl and take her in.
>You'll never give her a vigorous bath and a set of baggy pajamas until you can get her new clothes.
>You'll never see her tear up a bit when you give her a hot home-cooked meal.
>She'll never be shocked still when you let her sleep in your bed with you and cuddle you all night for warmth.
>You'll never take her to job interviews all over the city until someone finally hires her.
>You'll never marry her and live together happily for the rest of your lives.
>She'll never cling you tightly every night because she loves you, her savior, so much.
God damn it anon, why did you introduce this pain into my heart?

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Anon, what the fuck is wrong with you?
There's nothing wrong with human shaped girls.
In fact, some of the best ones in my opinion are human shaped.
Hellhounds, Cheshire Cats, Oni, Dragons, ect.

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Yeah, and?

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>you will never form an infinite poop loop with an anubis

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Those paws should not be as alluring as they are.

Hell, everything about her in that picture looks ridiculously soft.
Those long, velvety ears. That silky, fluffy hair. Those bushy tufts of fur on her elbows and thighs. That big, thick tail you just want to bury your nose in and smell until your lungs can't take anymore. Those delicious, well-defined calves, muscle visible even through her fur. And especially that plump, peachy round rump.

My only complaint is how her hands seem to lack dexterity, given their shape.

I kinda want to see an anubis' reaction to having her toes kissed and suckled, but I don't think a mouthful of fur would be all the pleasant.

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You're overdue for a visit.

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>Hellhounds, Cheshire Cats, Oni, Dragons, ect.
Anon if you can't read just say so instead of making yourself look like an idiot.

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Good, I'll keep it that way.

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Thanks Doc

I missed you Doc ;_;

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Amazons know how delicate men are. They would never raise a hand against one unless in self defense.

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Ohhhhh, I misunderstood what you meant by "Human Shaped."
I thought you meant girls with humanoid builds.

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Just jump off a tall building already.

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I want to preform magic tricks for a group of wasted onis!

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Reminds me of that greentext about one Anon who became homeless. Some lady took him in on the condition that he find a job, do chores for her, and not try anything out of line with her.
Eventually he got his life back together, and ended up marrying her.

No idea if it's true, but I like to think it is.

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To be fair, so did I. That was very poorly worded.

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I want to make skintight fairy bodysuits out of cling-film!

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Back and forth forever ))<>((

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I want to tear a fairy's wings off and make an airplane out of them!

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Touch the fairy.

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Oi, fight me.

What better time to do something fairly generic for the most part when it comes to MG's than when you're doing them in a marathon run. It's probably to be expected for a while if anything.

That said while Jiangshi should have been something that was done ages ago I'm glad we got it further down the line and not during the art of the early days.

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I want to trap fairies in bottles so that when my HP reaches 0 they'll come out and revive me!

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Can I get on board your plane? Can I bring friends?

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Oh yeah I remember that one.

And then she died shortly after their wedding. Because life fucking sucks.

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>You will never hear a chorus of OOOOOOOHH~'s from an enraptured oni audience

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Thanks Doc, just what I needed.

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Indeed. It's why I prefer girls shaven bald down there.

Though you can always just say MAMONO MANA makes it not unpleasant, iunno.

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I actually want it the other way around, with myself as the homeless one.

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What kind of plane would it be if you can't bring your friends?!

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I just found a centipede in my house and screamed. God its easy to forget how terrifying those guys are in real life.

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>The Onis run away like black people run from David Blaine magic

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Right. That seems closer to reality.
At least for me. No, not actually homeless. Just poor.

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A crashed one.

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>implying you wouldn't get heckled to shit by drunk Onis shouting about volunteering to help with making making your dick disapear

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>That said while Jiangshi should have been something that was done ages ago I'm glad we got it further down the line and not during the art of the early days.
This goddamn, compare Skeleton and Zombie to Jiangshi, Lich and Wight. There's such a big difference in how pretty the newer undead are that you'd almost suspect KC's fetish is actually secretly necrophilia.

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Would at least my friends survive?

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>You will never fight to defend your city from violent monster girls by fucking the good into them

Why live?

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There is a 0.00% rate of survivors on this plane ride my brother.

>> No.14073920

He actually did it?



>> No.14073928

Maybe if my friends were to rappel off the plane onto an even bigger one. Would the big plane save them?

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It's in Arizona you pleb, did you ever learn fucking geography?

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Simply put, cutting corners. He sped up his update schedule significantly and will have to do so even more if he hopes to make the December deadline.
Human girl + color palette swap and/or some wings of some sort is the easiest to do.

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So in otherwords, shovelware Monster Girls?

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The real question is WHERE IS MY SUPER SUIT?

>> No.14073939

....That is totally the same style of belt as Ixa.

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Anon that's the joke.

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They'd expect one of you in the wreckage, brother!

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That would be me. I would die for my brothers. The fire rises.

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What an age we live in, that one can read a phrase like that.

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>more monstrous, I still haven't found a waifu hardcore enough!

I think you want this setting


Happy trails faggot.

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>Let's get KC to cut all human shaped girls he has planned.
>all we get is furries
And it would be all your fault you fagmaster.

>> No.14073958

Give it to me straight, Doc
Are they eyes or eyebrows?

>> No.14073963

At least Japan would love it.

>> No.14073966

And all the amerifaggots would come here ;_;

>> No.14073967

Yeah, pubes in one's mouth isn't all that desirable to me either.

That said, I probably wouldn't mind a bit of anubis fur in my mouth on occasion, even without the mamanojojojuju ass-pull.
It's one of those things I think I could get used to, be it with fur in my mouth from kissing her paws or something, or even a bit of fur in a meal.

One advantage over regular animals, too, is that monstergirls would have a much more developed sense of hygiene. As well as brushing off loose fur, they'd be much cleaner in general.

Which leads me to wonder just how much fur a husky dog-girl might shed. You'd probably have enough for a large coat after a few months of summer.

>> No.14073970

>There are people here who don't like Monster Pubes

>> No.14073971

What can I say? I prefer the aesthetics of a racing stripe.

>> No.14073972

Holding hands with an Anubis must be like warm mittens, her paw enveloping your whole hand

>> No.14073976

It's what these threads deserve.

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>> No.14073978

I like my pubes like I like my eyebrows: Big, thick, dark, and on the woman I love.

>> No.14073980

>Racing stripe
>Not the landing strip
Step it up sempai

>> No.14073981

Would Holst pubes be spotted? I want to find out.

>> No.14073983

>he thinks pubes are attractive in any way

>> No.14073984

It's what you deserve you fucking furfag.

>> No.14073986

You say that like the thread isn't 70% American already anyways. They're the largest demographic on this site and in each individual board by a wide margin, like most English language websites. Tends to happen when one country has 3 times the English speaking population as the next highest.

>> No.14073987

Am I so old that they changed the term on me?

>> No.14073988

You're going to enjoy Hell.

>> No.14073989

Pubes are mature and natural, shaved just looks too young and empty to me.

>> No.14073990

>Implying there aren't Americans in this thread RIGHT NOW.
I can confirm it because I'm American.

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Fluff tunnel

>> No.14073994

Sex evolves, my man. Just when you think you're the king of all things arousal and can teach your kids about all the moves you used to do in your day some Succubi invents the reverse ballerina

>> No.14073996

I've got a pair of thick, padded, battery-heated gloves I use when I ride my bike. Sometimes, when I wear them, I think it must be like having my hands sandwiched between yeti or anubis paws.

>> No.14073999

What's that Alp? You saying you're finally writing about getting that creepy crawly to the dentist?

>> No.14074003

Quick! You're monstergirl waifu wants to eat something made specially by you and when you ask what would she like, your beloved just playfully says "Today's Chef's Choice!". So, what will you do?

>> No.14074005


For a mature guy like yourself?

Shit eating grin.jpg

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>> No.14074008

The most sensitive part of a yeti is her heart.
>implying I'm Alp
I'm offended

>> No.14074009

Hamburger helper or pancakes. I can't fuck that up.

Okay, maybe the pancakes I can fuck up.

>> No.14074010

>Holst pubes
They've got hairy thighs and ass already. Would they even have pubes?

Pube type hairs are delicate part protection for humans since we have no fur. Holsts do from the waist down, so they wouldn't need em, no?

I'd image they would be more like dogs and have a small hairless patch right there to keep junk clean.

Also, what the fuck is up with that? Some fur covered animals have bald crotches and some bald animals have fur covered crotches.

>> No.14074012

I want to stay perfectly still while a blind wendigo is trying to find me!

>> No.14074013

Some chicken, and then I'll boil the rice in the grease that came out of said chicken. I hear that's the Kurd way of doing it.
What's that Alp? You saying you can't be bothered with writing but you just wanted the attention?

>> No.14074014

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but I cut the crust off and cut it in a heart shape, and I add my secret ingredient to it!

It's love!

>> No.14074016

>I probably wouldn't mind a bit of anubis fur in my mouth on occasion
Oh me neither. Would be just a little idiosyncrasy of living with one that you'd get used to.
>Even a bit of fur in a meal
That...might be taking it a bit far...I mean, if it got in there accidentally, sure, shrug it off. That's what you meant, right?

>Monstergirls would have a much more developed sense of hygiene.
Indeed. Seems just common sense really.

>> No.14074018

Steak, medium well, Mashed Potatoes with Heaven gravy, and a shitload of tequila.

>> No.14074021

Barbecued steak and halloumi.

That stuff's divine.

>> No.14074022

I want to ask a Jiang Shi if she hopped the border to get here!

I want to ask her if she's mad! Hopping mad!

>> No.14074024

He said he won't have time to write this week. Also, Alp is probably asleep right now.

>> No.14074025

Mmm. What it would feel like...we'll never know ;_;

Sounds cozy.

>> No.14074026

Chocolate chip cookies.

>> No.14074028

Grilled cheese and Doritos with Dr. Pepper

>> No.14074030

Breaded chicken on toast with bacon, mayonaise, bacon bits in the mayonaise, and sliced tomato.

>> No.14074031

[muffled awawawa in the distance]

>> No.14074032

>Learning to do up close street magic as an incubus wizard.
>Random conjurations as you walk down the street.
>A young foxgirl begins whimpering as her legs splay around an all too large dildo under her clothes.

>> No.14074033

I just don't care for the feeling of them against my tongue.

>> No.14074034

I hate Alp.

>> No.14074039

But she mostly drinks blood, what can I do with that.

>> No.14074040

I want to steal her socks and then smell them because I can't remember what it is that I'm actually supposed to do to them.
You know suspiciously much about his timetable for someone who isn't him. Riddle me this: why would you post the image that he named "Creepy crawly colored as sexily as possible" and spoke about an appointment? Surely you were referring to the smellypedes need to visit a dentist.

>> No.14074042

Fuck it, I'm making calzones.
Bacon, pepperoni, beef, and Mozzarella cheese.

>> No.14074043

So does Alp. It's his shtick.

>> No.14074044

So I have this Choul neighbour that always seems to watch me from beyond the wooden fence when I'm making steak on the grill
Eventually, my Lich neighbour noticed this development and asked me why her subjects seem so fascinated with my home-made and asked me if it's good

I told her "It's to DIE for!"

>> No.14074046

Medium well? What are you? A barbarian?

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Something from this book.

>> No.14074049

Pudding and sausage come to mind.

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Who is this artist and does he have a gallery?

Post more wendigos, they're cute~

>> No.14074052

Blood sausage.

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Quick, on the subject of pubes, tell me what your favorite Monster Girl's pubes would be like, and if you'd have her shave them or not!

>> No.14074055

Well...I suppose then that I'd make her a steak to order. Nice rare and bloody if she doesn't have a preference otherwise. A nice green pepper sauce too. A nice light salad on the side, along with her choice of veggies. And for dessert...apple pizza.

>> No.14074056

Yeah, just accidentally. I'm not going to be keeping bags of her shed fur in secret to sprinkle on my meals.
But I'm definitely not going to raise it as an issue, either. Like you say, it's an idiosyncrasy you deal with quite happily, especially seeing as how you're living a perfect life with an anubis.

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File: 594 KB, 2623x1769, 1437117096526.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No clue if this guy has a name or not yet, but any excuse to post his stuff is welcome.

>> No.14074060

Just because you scuttled your sense of taste by smoking or some other dumb shit don't mean some of us don't like to taste and enjoy our food welldonefag.

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File: 2.06 MB, 1600x2000, 1439752309367.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Neatly trimmed a best

>> No.14074066

Indeed. And what a perfect life it would be...

>> No.14074068

Always as thin as possible or landing strip. Anything else is cat tier.

>> No.14074069

You misrepresent me. I am a medium rare fellow of the highest order.

>> No.14074072

I didn't post the Oomukade, doofus. And Finland is UTC+02, so most folks with normal sleep secludes are likely sleeping.

>> No.14074073


Probably shaves herself bare or has a landing strip/triangle as per her standards of beauty.

I'd convince her to cut it into a heart.

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Wendigos, you say?
Big, friendly reptiles don't grow pubes.

>> No.14074075

Shaven, certainly.

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I'm not entirely sure how this works...
Would they be bald down there, or would there be a patch of hair? Or would it be something like the Wurm's retractable scales?

>> No.14074080

A small, sparse mound of wispy white-blonde strands draped gracefully over her smooth, puffy vulva.

I don't even fucking know

>> No.14074082

I want to tickle a wyvern's pubic scales with my tongue!

>> No.14074083

You mean schedules not secludes, my Finnish friend.

>> No.14074084

You're not all that convincing.

>> No.14074086

Poor person chow. If she's lucky I might break up some saltines on top of it.

>> No.14074087


>> No.14074088

If they have hair up on their heads, they'll have hair down there

>> No.14074092

Piquerism, is it?

>> No.14074097

Anon, that's not what carpet and drapes mean

>> No.14074099

How much do you think we could sell the pubes we shave outta Alp's waifu for?

>> No.14074103

What can I say? I do like just a little bit of blood.

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What if they did though?

>> No.14074106

I have a feeling she wouldn't have any carpet at all just for the contrast.

>> No.14074107

>Date Kejourou
>Get frisky with her
>Move down her legs
>Try to remove stockings
>They aren't stockings

>> No.14074108

Wait. Wait, we have to address this
If a Kenjourou can control her hair

>> No.14074109 [DELETED] 
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Hey anon, come drink with me!

>> No.14074112

Of course she can. She's magic.

>> No.14074115

>You will never fuck with Monster girls MGC style.

>> No.14074117

But they're the only ones that can literally pull you in with their hair.

>> No.14074119

Yes yes, but give it some thought
If she can control her hair

>> No.14074120
File: 1.32 MB, 640x360, barf.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14074121

Is all this hair talk my fault?

>> No.14074123

You smell like wolf jizz.

>> No.14074124

David Blaine*

God damn.

>> No.14074126
File: 585 KB, 1440x810, lol durarara2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is there so little art of monster girls being raped/tortured

>> No.14074127

That's one kinky girl, if she has that lazy onee-san personality then 10/10 would fug

>> No.14074129

Yes, she can keep you from pulling out using her pubes.

>> No.14074130

If she can control her hair... she's made of wood... and weighs the same as a duck... AND IS THEREFORE A WITCH!
You're saying that as if it were a bad thing.

>> No.14074132

You and me both.

>> No.14074133

Because your fetish is shit

>> No.14074136

I always thought Holst leg hair was like stockings that come all the way up their thighs.

>> No.14074137

Because it's only okay if human boys get raped/tortured

>> No.14074138

Because guro is bad and you should feel bad.

>> No.14074140

>a Kejourou will never give you a pubejob

>> No.14074141

Because torture is wrong.

>> No.14074143

Inverted nipples, y/n?

>> No.14074145

>Torturing Celty
I hope you die in a fire

>> No.14074148

Imagine her lazily laying on the bed waiting for you to undress her, but when you reach for her all her clothes unravel into her hair revealing she's pretty much been naked this entire time.

>> No.14074150


>> No.14074151

>Crow Tengu
Soft downy feathers.

>> No.14074152

Why does it matter?
I hope she gets caught by the traffic cop and given a ticket for speeding!

>> No.14074153


>> No.14074154

>Doesn't even have to get her main hair messy
>You can both just lazily sit on a couch naked, eatting ice cream and watching TV while her pubes jerk you off, and guide you into her

>> No.14074157

It's horrible.

Because psychological torture is best. Guro is absolute shit.

>> No.14074158

Serve her adobo.

>> No.14074160

Might be cool, mainly for big tits. It's all about the overall effect.

>> No.14074166


>> No.14074169


>> No.14074171

I like the idea of squeezing a boob to make the nipple pop out, fully erect.

>> No.14074174

>Guro is absolute shit.
I would've said the same thing before I went to Ganmarei's pixiv

>> No.14074176

>Psychological torture.
Imagine what it would be like to torture a succubus like that.
Just bind her down with blessed metal and tease her for hours and hours.
Taunting her with the fact that she can't get at your dick for hours and hours, sometimes bringing it close to her face, but just far enough that she can't reach it.
How long until she snaps and begs for it?
It's all in good fun though, I'll pat her on the head when we're done.

>> No.14074179

>Going to the beach
>She uses her hair as a top, so technically she's topless, but at least she has on a proper bottom
>Realize her bottom is just her pubes wrapped around her
>She gives you a smug shit eating grin once you realize she's technically naked
>Make note to stop letting her hang out with her Chesire friend

>> No.14074181

>Advocating Guro
Not even /d/ will take you, you sick fuck.

>> No.14074182
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>> No.14074183

Weekend sadists don't get brownies.

>> No.14074187

>Using her hair as clothes

Still waiting on a pic of Bayonetta 2.0 like an Apophis...

>> No.14074191

Okay. Not much of a fan of brownies.
And I'm a switch anyway, so...

>> No.14074194

>get her main hair messy
Have you read the profile? They eat cum through their hair.

>> No.14074196

You no get cookie! Wurm flip switch!

>> No.14074197

Not that guy, but so many doujins use the torture tag these days, then you only have things like injecting drugs/aphrodisiacs into a girl's nipples, or fucking them till they ahegao, or general bdsm type stuff that causes more discomfort than lasting damage, I don't automatically jump when I see it.

>> No.14074201

Does orgasm denial count? Quicksilver's Ryu story was fantastic for that.

>> No.14074202

torture is not necessarily guro.

>> No.14074203

For me, it'd be a cuddly life.

A life where you spend every Friday night watching movies with her on the couch. As the movie goes on, she lies back against you, head resting upon your chest so you can rub her head, and kiss her ears every so often.
And if she falls asleep, you can tease her at the movie's end. Or even just get frisky with her during the credits anyway. Rolling her around and shuffling so that you're on top of her, and her shirt's all hiked up, exposing her smooth, chocolate abdomen and the white glyphs on either side of her navel, even in the dim light of the TV.
You could nuzzle her tummy, maybe using your hands to tickle her skin, against giggling and squealing and half-hearted protests.
Then, when she's in the mood, you could drive it home by placing your mouth upon her cute, sensitive little belly-button, and blowing the raspberry to end all raspberries. Feeling her paws on either side of your head like big, warm earmuffs as her abdomen contracts, and she raises her fluffy knees on either side of you.
She'd yell with laughter, clutching you head and asking in vain for respite as you send vibrations through her ticklish body.
Then, when you get all tired, you can flop down atop her, smiling as she playfully chastises you for being so immature. Wriggling your hands beneath her and the couch so you can hug her waist, as she crosses her legs around your chest and keeps her paws atop your head, almost cradling you with her body.

>> No.14074209


>> No.14074212

Fuck off gurofag

>> No.14074217 [DELETED] 

Yeah, that's certainly be a comfy life, imagine her just spending her days loafing around, cuddling tight to her Dragon lover as the two do such things, and playfully love each other under their roof.

>> No.14074223

>Not wanting to be able to fill whatever role your waifu wants you to fill.
Eh. Okay, it's your choice.

>> No.14074228


>> No.14074231

What if your waifu regenerated and wanted the guro?

>> No.14074232 [DELETED] 

I've never been with a girl, but with men, it's relatively easy to pleasure them orally without getting any pubes in my mouth.
You simply just need to be precise. It's easy.
Pubes are fluffy, soft, and fun when taken care of. Some people shampoo, brush, comb and condition their pubes, too.

>> No.14074236

I didn't ask for this to happen

>> No.14074240 [DELETED] 


>> No.14074242

I really hope you're a girl anon, because otherwise you might be an alp.

>> No.14074243


>> No.14074244

Found the alp

>> No.14074245

I'm not following any of those. You can just fuck right off, no guro here.

>> No.14074246

Do I have access to a sabbath potion that turns all the nasty stuff into rainbows?

>> No.14074251 [DELETED] 


>> No.14074252


>> No.14074253

Hello alp

>> No.14074255

Well now.

>> No.14074257

Thank you Uncle Alp!

>> No.14074258

Learn how people speak you weeaboo fuck

>> No.14074262

I want to ask an alp about her blowjob technique!

>> No.14074266

Jesus Christ this thread

>> No.14074267

Don't mix up Alp the creature with the writefag.

>> No.14074268

HAH! Gayyyyyyy!

>> No.14074273

Fuck off yurifag.

>> No.14074274
File: 196 KB, 769x655, As it is written.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>your wife not filling whatever role you want her to
You're not living your life correctly!

>> No.14074275


>> No.14074277

That's too much man. Intestines are a turn off. This is about as far as I can take guro, personally.


>> No.14074279

Pubes, paws and pole-polishing alps.

I'd say it's the best first 200 replies to a thread we've had in weeks.

>> No.14074280

Do you want to be an alp?

>> No.14074283

Go away Jesus, this isn't your kind of place and we're not your kind of people.
>pole-polishing alps
All-Alp stripjoint when?

>> No.14074287

Get lost

>> No.14074291

Just the usual thing for a new thread.

>> No.14074294

>All-Alp stripjoint when?
That'd be interesting. You could get them absolutely flat or with all natural ridiculous stripper bodies. They'd cover all the bases! Even the homos could pretend to love it until they become workers!

>> No.14074302
File: 248 KB, 700x700, 1441857313125.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Overlord crossover art when?
I want Suu scenes from EMG edited to have Solution in them instead, so fun harmless hi-jinx become horrifying nightmares

>> No.14074303 [DELETED] 

Oh come on, knock it off with the memes.
So I experimented a little, big deal, I'm sure we all did stuff like that as kids.
Besides, I wasn't emotionally into it, and it's not like I'm gay for it. Really it doesn't count nor make me gay, it just if anything gives me experience.

>> No.14074304

Cuddly life sounds pretty perfect to me. Getting to embrace her so, cuddle with her, tease her. True perfection.

Magnificent work as always Trachyon.

>> No.14074306

I need a picture of the smug squad, can a kind anon help me out?

>> No.14074308 [DELETED] 

Hi, I'm the guy who turbonerds are calling an alp, and you're not me.

>> No.14074311
File: 13 KB, 202x291, 1435984074575.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hi, I'm CIA.

>> No.14074312

>I wasn't emotionally into it

You heartless monster.

>> No.14074317


>> No.14074323
File: 1.06 MB, 1200x1600, albedohaohi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well we have this one..

>> No.14074325

Go back to /gfd/ or /rk9/ if you want to blog about how much gay sex you've had.

>> No.14074326

Hi, I'm Alp, I write shitty stories that no one likes. Sorry people are confusing me with you and me with >>14074303

>> No.14074328

Hi, I'm Smee.

>> No.14074330

I should think it's lame, but that drool...
Oh, hi Mark!

>> No.14074331

I always knew she was a slut

>> No.14074332

Hi, I'm Maimen.

>> No.14074334

Hi, I'm Doktar.

>> No.14074336

Report and Ignore.

>> No.14074338

I want to bitch at .less, but honestly, I like it

>> No.14074339

Hi, I'm Paveleer


>> No.14074341

But I want the alp to stay here as long as possible!

>> No.14074343

Someone save poor Albedo from that whore.

>> No.14074344

Hi, I'm Button-Lee.

>> No.14074345

Hi, I'm Juan.

>> No.14074346


>> No.14074348

Thanks I needed to laugh at somebody.

>> No.14074354

Great way to ruin an Albedo pic with your shitty OC and yurishit, .less

You never fail to dissapoint.

>> No.14074355

Hi, I'm Avyu, and this is Maimen's brother, SIR.

>> No.14074358

Fuck's sake, why did he have to shoehorn his steel donut in?

>> No.14074360

That's a big introduction

>> No.14074365

We finally get a pic of her and it's fucking yuri? I bet you did it for shit and giggles because "lol It's so funny man xD"

>> No.14074366

I want to soak haohi's feet in a tub of hot waterso I can pour it into a pitcher when she's done and drink it like a fine wine.

>> No.14074367
File: 104 KB, 500x650, 1441405118002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to marry Haohi one day!

>> No.14074368

For thou

>> No.14074370

That's gross anon.

>> No.14074374
File: 103 KB, 1080x1000, e2f04c09f18c7e5f3b55566a93658278.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Things to write on a jiang-shi:
>hug slut
>irrumation station
>pure and chaste
>necrophilia roleplay
>put some clothes on, harlot

>> No.14074378

So .less is a cuck too? Did bob ever do NTR stories? I don't remember.

>> No.14074380

Yeah Cuckercore

>> No.14074381

>Irrumation station
Goddammit...now I want nothing more than a picture of an otherwise disinterested looking Jiangshi being used for irrumatio with heart-pupils in her eyes.

>> No.14074382

Lawyer-chan is what he's called around here. Because a lot of his drawings used to be on the back of legal documents. And he has no real gallery -- he's more a "do five-minute random doodles on a total whim" rather than someone who has an actual online gallery and does commissions.

>> No.14074384

Wouldn't you rather just cover her in tally marks?

Oh hey, she's from the Mist Continent. That means she's basically guaranteed to be good.

>> No.14074387

But .less isn't dating Haohi, so he isn't a cuck.

Now that one Monster Boy of his is, but we've none that for a long time. At least it alps though.

>> No.14074391

>heart pupils


>> No.14074394

She just sits there in the corner looking dead until you start to irrumate her and she ahegaos?

>> No.14074395

>not a cuck

>> No.14074397

I think .less has two different canonicities with regards to Haohi.

One where she marries his Monsterboy Self-insert, Akai, which is all cutesy and vanilla and crap.

And one where she's a raging turboslut which results in all the lewdness he draws of her. He doesn't cross the two over in his own head.

>> No.14074398

But the monsterboy is his self insert.

>> No.14074400

She's not emoting, but her eyes tell the full story.

>> No.14074403

That's why I said "Otherwise disinterested".

She seems to just be kneeling there with her mouth hanging open, completely uninterested in anything; yet she's got the heartpupils after you stick your dick down her throat and start making good use of dat undead mouthpussy.

>> No.14074407

But she's still a turboslut in that one story where she is married.

>> No.14074408

>use a Hsien-ko quote as the OP
>the only jiang shi posted in this thread other than the MGE one is Miyako

My emotions and body are falling apart. Can't you tell?

>> No.14074409
File: 789 KB, 1280x1670, 7gz6VjT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But that alleged Monster Boy self insert ends up alping, and is even cuter as a girl.

.less isn't like the Anubisguy, who waifued the Dragon and Anubis, .less himself as no romantic fantasies of dating Haohi. As such her being a bitchy whore and stepping on anons with her feet doesn't make him a cuck.

God I want Haohi to step on me.

>> No.14074410

Hug slut you say?

>> No.14074413

Dead series is dead. Let Go.

>> No.14074416
File: 93 KB, 600x600, 9702d6fe9b181b542b19f3731180899a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>forgot my picture

We're utterly unlucky...

>> No.14074418 [DELETED] 

She's a slut and he and his self insert are cucks.

>> No.14074422 [DELETED] 

Are we being raided by yuricuck again?

>> No.14074424

Anon, it's a self insert. You know what that means?

Okay so .less is a cuck and an alp. He and the other one really deserve each other.

>> No.14074425

What story?

>> No.14074426

He's always here, Anon

>> No.14074428

>implying it was just one person
>implying they ever left

>> No.14074430

>one guy

But yeah, there was some shittery going on a while ago.

>> No.14074434

Yes retard, I know what it means, I'm saying it isn't one though, I mean .less rarely draws it.

>Okay so .less is a cuck and an alp
I'd fuck an alp .less

>> No.14074436 [DELETED] 

He said he was going to try to push another yuri couple, is it Haohi?

>> No.14074446
File: 772 KB, 1200x1500, Foot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He can't take Haohi, Haohi is mine! I love her, for she is the cutest!

Look at these feet and tell me what they are

>> No.14074447

The one by Aftyn where she exposes herself to an art gallery.

>> No.14074449 [DELETED] 

Wait a minute! Shit..

>> No.14074450

I don't give a fuck about that slut called Haohi, just don't involve Albedo on this.

>> No.14074453
File: 55 KB, 204x184, 1369545536035.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You will never breastfed by a Holstaurus

>> No.14074455

It is, end of story.

>> No.14074456

So this is how is done...

>> No.14074460

Yes but that's Aftyn's story, not .less'.

>> No.14074461

How does this make you feel?

>> No.14074464
File: 14 KB, 248x224, itaintgonnapostitself.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>foot fetish
literally a freudian insert seeing toes as penises

>> No.14074470
File: 185 KB, 600x800, bait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The nightly dose.

>> No.14074472

Alright, let's keep the ball rolling. If you could personally sing a song for your waifu (considering you are good singer) what song would it be?

>> No.14074475

>literally a freudian insert seeing toes as penises
been playing Old World Blues Anon?

>> No.14074476

Welcome back.

>> No.14074477





>> No.14074479



>> No.14074480

I am the farthest thing from a good singer.

>> No.14074482


>> No.14074486

I wouldn't sing to her because I'd be too busy fucking her stupid to bother with worthless romance crap.

>> No.14074491

Her anime is shit that is flopping
Who cares

>> No.14074492


I'd sing this one.

>> No.14074493

Not to mention cuddling her from behind on the couch, fluffy tail sandwiched between her back and your chest, and feeling all the subtle signs of her arousal. Slight grinding against you, maybe. Laboured breathing, distraction from the movie as she angles her head up to nuzzle at you. And that unfocused look in her glowing, crimson eyes, almost pleading with you.
Then she takes your hand, and leads it down to her shorts, letting you rub through the fabric, and through her panties with a forefinger. Even then, still being able to feel how hot and puffy she is through her clothes.
You rub at her as she sighs happily, back and forth, just playing with the idea of slipping your finger inside. Watching as she grabs your arm with both of her soft paws, growing closer and more desperate by the second.
Then you can undo her shorts with a deft flick, and slip your hand beneath them, even beneath her panties, over her mons until you feel heat radiate from her lips like a fire.
She's so wet, and it's so easy to just slide your finger inside. Her hips buck, and she writhes against you pleasurably, her weight leaning back against your body, dependent on you for release.
You can't see, so you have to rely on touch, at times slowly building her out with a gentle in and out, and at times rubbing against her little hidden pearl to drive her towards climax.
You do it for minutes, feeling her tail shiver and wag as best it can, and pushing back when she raises a paw to cup your cheek, a silent show of appreciation. You nuzzle it, your skin against her pads, just as tender as your own hand inside her.

>> No.14074497

Who cares about the anime

>> No.14074501


>> No.14074502

Nat King Cole's L.O.V.E

But I'm a decent singer, was in state choir and stuff. Just about anything low tenor'ish stuff I can do. So I'd have a lot of fun singing lots of different songs.

>> No.14074503

With my voice, the only thing I could pull off would be something by one of those huge/fat black soul singers like Isaac Hayes.

>> No.14074504

Then, with one final, satisfying rub along her most sensitive bud, she climaxes, tensing, whining happily before melting back down into you, her orgasm damping your hand.
With a few final, afterglow driven thrusts to ride out her wave as long as possible, she leans her head back as far as she can, smiling sweetly and gratefully. Then, once the movie's over, she'll thank you properly by rolling over so her chest is against yours, and kissing you. Lightly, but slowly, lips meeting yours with gentle love and steady passion, before she curls up against you like a puppy, and falls asleep in your arms.

I'll have something proper put up on Pastebin soon. I've just been on a recent binge of posting short stuff in the threads, it seems.

>> No.14074505

You fucker, I was about to post it.

>> No.14074512

Oh my yes. I think I'd want to drag that out for as long as I could; tease and pleasure her in equal measure. And of course, it's inevitable that I'd wind up just as aroused, grinding back against her, just under her tail...

Anubis kisses sound delightful. At some point, I'd also have to clean my hand...by licking it clean, of course. Then, cuddling her as she slept. A perfect evening if ever there was one.

Indeed. And thank you for it.
Also, looking forward to whatever "Something proper" is!

>> No.14074521

Give me something soft and plump to stick my dick into. Fuck having standards, all monster girls are passible, I just want something to fuck.

>> No.14074523

Would you take your monstergirl waifu to meet your parents?

>> No.14074526

Have a soft, plump horse pussy.

>> No.14074529

Fuck no.

>> No.14074533

Almost no standards, what else

>> No.14074535


Only after a trip to wonderland for some memory keeping and a heaping dose of Cake.

>> No.14074538

I don't think my dad would approve. She might get along wit m mom however.

>> No.14074543

Is this how you turn an Alice into a normal (short stack) succubus?

>> No.14074544

Only if she asked. I don't dislike my parents, but I imagine it'd be very embarrassing.

>> No.14074545

Depends, how heavy are you willing to go?

>> No.14074547

Pretty much, although the odd dress and cutesy speaking may be a little odd to them.

>> No.14074551

You know what'd be awesome?

Stories about dragoons.

>> No.14074555

>She might get along wit m mom however.
This. The only thing I'd be worried about is they sharing embarrassing stories about me.

>> No.14074556
File: 1.09 MB, 1262x1700, 497.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>seeing toes as penises

>> No.14074557

Very. Extremely. Just not animal pussy, or matango.

>> No.14074559

Dragons suck.

>> No.14074561

Go ask /a/ or something. Dragon girls are pretty much the single most used MG trope in anime/light novels/manga besides elves.

>> No.14074564
File: 53 KB, 1280x720, dragoncat is watching you fap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14074565

No, they just lose their lewds amnesia and become fertile without changing appearance

>> No.14074573

>without changing appearance
Normally yes, but that guy mentioned feeding them wonderland cake. Appearances will change. Without the amnesia and loli bodies (due to the cake) they're maybe a speech tic away from being normal KC succusluts.

>> No.14074575

I want to enter a fight tournament in the hopes of winning first place and getting the prize money that I could use to give my sickly monstergirl lover the treatment she need

>> No.14074578

>those hips
YES, fuck yeah this new girl looks good.

>> No.14074580

Then enjoy your new Sumo Devil.
Heaviest of the loli/shortstack leagues she's got a couple trophies under her, quite wide, belt.
More belly heavy than breast heavy, she's got some B-cups up top and a bottom made for sitting on faces with.
Is cherry flavored.

>> No.14074582
File: 535 KB, 700x879, 81ab6be63a2e3c83287be15a7c33cffa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can Ryu even grow pubes

>> No.14074583
File: 875 KB, 968x745, 1436785068920.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And then you get your shit wrecked by big guys only to come home to the reality that your waifu had died long ago.

>> No.14074598


>> No.14074600

Eh, make it a Nightmare and I'm game.

>> No.14074609
File: 381 KB, 1200x600, 1441472226632.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Snuggling and comforting her under the sheets by telling her she's not a bad girl while holding her head close to my chest. She can cry all the tears she wants.

>> No.14074610

I don't normally like lolis, but I suppose I can work with that

Might give her some Christmas Cake just to make her taller though.

>> No.14074612
File: 561 KB, 973x1200, 38568011_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sure. They might think it'd be a bit strange at first, but ultimately I think they wouldn't mind her at all. Cosplay-tier has its benefits.
And that'd be far better than cutting ties with them.

>> No.14074613

That and she can get into the regular heavy weights at that point.

>> No.14074616
File: 518 KB, 1000x1000, miqote_wyvern.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Working on it goddammit.

What a coincidence...

I'd link some soft Nightmare art, but, well, you know.

>> No.14074621

Yes. It would be proof for the old man that I was batting for the right team.
Also Tanuki can look like normal human girls anyway.

>> No.14074624

Please, I'm not dating a low ranking girl If she's gonna be in a sport she better be the top of her class in the toppest class possible, I don't care what sport it is. I mean who remembers the champion amongst dormice, or the champion among succubi, no, she needs to aim higher.

She's going in the same weight class as Dragons. She'd better make some gold.

>> No.14074626

>Batting for the right team
You may be on the right team, but would you be playing the right sport? Wait, that metaphor completely fell apart. You know what I mean.

>> No.14074634

Ok Anon but that's not the highest weight class.
That's the Ultra Heavy Weights and includes Centaurs, Ushis, and other nonhumanoids.
I think she'd have trouble moving at that point thought.

>> No.14074635

Wait, that would include lamia. Fat lamia. Those matches would take HOURS.

>> No.14074637

She's gonna be first then. With all that Christmas Cake anyways they won't even recognize her as a Devil, they'll think she's a Demon. Well, an Ultra Heavy Weight one, but you get the idea.

She's gonna make history.

>> No.14074638

You'd see see a lot of naked, sweaty, strongfat lamiods grappling each other and panting.
Please note that husbands and close male friends are recommended to be present at matches for both participants and those watching them.

>> No.14074640
File: 391 KB, 688x818, mamizousuit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did a fluffy tail try to smother you as a kid or something?
There is literally nothing wrong with Tanuki.

>> No.14074642

Are you going to try and do the old "immovable wall" method?

>> No.14074646

It's certainly a valid method isn't it? And her best shot against a Ushi Oni.

>> No.14074647

Cute. Almost makes me forget that she's a turboslut bent on literally fucking the world over.

>> No.14074651

My name is Anon Ymous. You bought my father. Prepare to pay.

But seriously, if MG were suddenly real and any number of them stuck somewhat closely to the profile that comparison probably would be made. would your old man buy into it or care?

>> No.14074652

Anon, how are you even going to fullfill her "needs" at that size?
Cowgirl's out of the question unless you want to have shattered everything.

>> No.14074658

Well, it isn't like he buys into conspiracy stuff for real Jews.
So we're left with
>hardworking cutie
>son is now dicking something and is no longer a depressed mess

He'd probably be very happy.

>> No.14074659

Slowly, carefully, and passionately. Like all things in life. But she needs to win matches first, earn her keep.

>Cowgirl's out of the question unless you want to have shattered everything.
You underestimate my power.

>> No.14074667


I don't know if she'll have the muscle to move ushi's but go for it.
just get ready to get cuddled by a much larger woman who's also going to try and spoil you around the house.
She may not be her old size but that won't stop her from following her instincts, although the doorway may.

>> No.14074668
File: 281 KB, 913x1280, Ooamsdf234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"F-F-For y-you..."

>> No.14074670



>> No.14074675

>"F-F-For y-you..."

>> No.14074676
File: 81 KB, 1116x589, 1397173432842.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14074678


>> No.14074685

God I wish I could stop that fucking Batman movie from existing.

>> No.14074686

/tv already made it real. It's too late, Anon. It's always been too late.

>> No.14074690

Well then stinkypede next time when you hit on human boys try not to quote the great cinematic film scene of all time

>> No.14074692


I'm not a good singer at all but I'd try singing this one.

>> No.14074693

>just get ready to get cuddled by a much larger woman who's also going to try and spoil you around the house.
That's all I ever wanted out of life though

This all went much better then planned. She still better win Gold in those tournaments though.

>> No.14074697


>> No.14074698

Competitions tough Anon.
Some of these girls have been at it for a much longer time then her.

What'll you do if she loses?

>> No.14074704


>Oomukade gives a love letter to Anon and makes the mistake of wording that it's meant to be given to him in the worst possible way
>Anon screams memes at her as loud as he can
>Oomukade runs away in embarrassment and fear
>will need weeks before she can work up the courage to talk to Anon again

>> No.14074706

I wonder if there'll be a new meme in the wake of the movie with Ben Afleck.

>> No.14074708
File: 1.44 MB, 1723x607, SmugSquad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hey geekboy, where do you think you're going? You gotta pay if you want to pass.
wat do

>> No.14074709

Has your waifu checked her privilege today?

>> No.14074711
File: 413 KB, 1000x750, 1327731771864.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be Oomukade
>muster up everything you have within yourself to finally write and deliver to the man you've loved from afar for the longest time
>hand him the letter, your embarrassment almost causes you physical pain
>"F-F-For y-you..." you say
>he doesn't take the letter
>he doesn't even say yes or know
>he just starts quoting lines from a 2011 batman film
>he forgets about the letter completely and just walks away like nothing happened

>> No.14074713

Politely inform them that I don't want to be their femdommed bitchboy, I just want to be an alp

>> No.14074714

>W-what currency?

>> No.14074715

Pay with what? I don't have a lot of money and my paycheck isn't until tomorrow.

>> No.14074716

>tfw randomly looked on /b/ today
>"Anti-Feminism Thread"
>4/5 parts absolute hilarity
>1/5 part horror

>> No.14074717

And in the meantime she gets worked up as hell thinking of his smiling face as he memed at her. His excitement makes her excited. Sexually.
>The fire rises, sisters.

>> No.14074722

ignore the monkey slut and hot topic cat and start a nice life with either the manticore or the hellhound, possibly both

>> No.14074723

Fine.. I'll pay with rape.

>> No.14074725


>> No.14074727

Disappointed, I mean we invested all that time in money prepping her with the Christmas Cakes imported straight from Wonderland, and grade A Hathor milk. I'd probably pout in the corner and swear up and down that my smile is gone for good, so she should definitely not cuddle me since it'll definitely not work.

>> No.14074734

Sure. Here's my number.
Call me. We'll hang out some time.

>> No.14074735
File: 406 KB, 556x313, 1438028489023.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14074741

Aww don't be like that.
You know that she's going to get all teary eyed and cuddle you as tight as she can considering she's pretty soft, all while telling you that she's sorry for being such a disappointment and how she'll become a much better fighter for you.
All while wearing her gear.

>> No.14074744

Anyone have those dancing images Lawyer drew?

I want to be seduced and kissed by a Monster Girl like that.

>> No.14074745


>> No.14074749

I'd rather a kobold or alice who's in the sabbath league.
Small, compact, soft.

>> No.14074758

Oh, now that's gonna make me feel bad. Fine, I'll cuddle her back. Winnings not that important, just spending time with her is. But the medal is nice too.

>> No.14074759
File: 63 KB, 565x749, 1421354574749.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14074762

Good, your return cuddles will make her wings flap with joy a little and she's going to giggle while rubbing her cheek against yours.

I expect that you'll sit in her lap when you're both alone on the couch, or are you going to have her sit in yours?

>> No.14074766

>The Queen of Hearts will never off your head in kinky guro roleplay

>> No.14074767

Geez, calm down lady, I just deliver the mail.

>> No.14074769

Now when you say "Head", do you mean some kinda Cheshire-Cat, Pseudo-Dullahan shenanigans, or...?

>> No.14074770

Everyday. Every damn day
Most people say "Hey, being a mailman isn't so bad! At least it pays!"
Yeah it bloody pays for my hearing

>> No.14074772

Well if your going to be like that then no mail for you.

>> No.14074774

Maybe he means heads like "heads or tails"?
I don't know how it works in Wonderland

>> No.14074775

Whatever you want it to be baby

>> No.14074776


>Have a Kejourou as a girlfriend
>If there's no chores or errands she enjoys lazing on the couch with you to watch television, playing videogames, etc
>One day she's wanting sex but she's too comfortable the way she's cuddling with you.
>So she removes her panties and your underwear and wraps her pubes around your penis and mounts you.
>She doesn't move her hips but the hair is busy stroking you
>Meanwhile she's playing a handheld, periodically smirking a little as she looks at your reaction
>When you come she stops playing the game to enjoy the orgasm, kissing your cheek and thanking you.
>She continues playing, with you still inside her

>> No.14074778

>Jesus, man, why does your dog always freak out when it sees me?
>H-Haha, uh, w-who knows? I guess she's just jealous or something...
>Huh? Jealous?
>Ah! Uh, I mean, hehe y-you know how animals can be

And that's how you find out your buddy has recently Alped

>> No.14074779

Sit in her lap of course, she's a big girl both literally and figuratively, it'd only be right and natural. I'd expect headpats too.

>> No.14074782

Do you think dog girls respond to tone of voice like dogs do?
Like, even though she's obviously a lot more intelligent than a dog maybe she only hears the love in your voice no matter how much you're verbally abusing her.
>"Who's a good little dumb cocksleeve? <3"
>"That's right, you are! You're my widdle toy bitch!

>> No.14074784

Of course, she'd stroke your hair and coo about how much taller she is than you before grabbing you in another tight hug.
Only thing she'd be sad about is that she really doesn't get headpats any more.
Well, that and the whole wardrobe update that had to happen when everything else stopped fitting.

>> No.14074789

How would she react if her master had alped?

>> No.14074790

That's what I was getting at
That's why she looks so upset

>> No.14074793

Hilarious but hard to comprehend.

>"Who wants to go fuckies? Do YOU want to go fucksies? Yesh you do! Yesh. Go on, get the leash, girl."

I don't think I can pop a boner to this.

>> No.14074796

>Dude, we need to talk
>It's about... You
>M-Me? D-Did I do something wrong? (Oh no, is Anon mad at me?)
>No no. Maybe. I really don't know
>[Panicking Alp Noises]
>Listen. Can I just... Are you Alping?
>W-What!? Me!? A-Alping!? T-That's just- you're messing with me!
>Your uniform doesn't fit you anymore
>....How do you know that?
>I don't know, the button that hit me in the eye kind of tipped me off

>> No.14074797

Then you take them both and she gets super happy.
Then you put dog ears and a tail on the alp and make her want before plowing and impregnating both.

>> No.14074799

Wait I thought it was in the scenario the person visiting had alped, and the wolfgirl was jealous that the alp was hanging out with her master

>> No.14074806

Nah, the dog owner alped for the visitor and the dog is pissed about it, so she barks at him. The stuttering was meant to be the clue.

>> No.14074810

Well I guess I'd give her a headpat or two, it'd be the proper thing to do after all, and it'd make her happy. And who wouldn't want to make their onee-san sumo devil happy? Can't do anything about the wardrobe though, but she'll get used to the new clothing.

>> No.14074815

I wonder what the conversation between that Alp and her Wolfgirl would be like once Anon left

>> No.14074820

They throw a sleepover and talk about cute boys they like.

>> No.14074823

Now that's a cute girl sleepover I'd try to sneak into and eavesdrop on

>> No.14074825

>WAN! [I saw him first!]
>What's that? Timmy fell down a well?
>WAN! [the well you call your vagina!]
>Play dead, girl!
>Errr... [This is what he Anon's going to see when he's impregnating me, master. I'm going first!]
>Good girl.
>Wan! [Biscuits, fuck yeah!]

>> No.14074826

>What the shit master! You fall for him and lose it? Geez! You could've gotten someone better than Anon!
>H-h-hey! Anons nice! You just don't like him because he s-s-steped on your tail when you were a puppy!
>DAMN RIGHT I DON'T! And besides, you know what happens when a guy grabs an Alp right? I've heard they do real weird things with potions to them.

>> No.14074828

>Isn't Anon the cutest?
>But he's so nice!
>Wan wan wan!
>Oh don't be like that!
>Now that's mean! And why are you barking anyway? You can talk
>I refuse to talk to you
>I haven't done anything wrong!
>'I haven't done anything wro-' You alped for the Chief God's sake!
>Wha- you think I alped for Anon? I mean, he is pretty cute, and nice, and charming-
>Please please plea- stop talking
>What? Didn't you used to have the hots for him too?
>Oho~ You used to always sit at the window and wait for him patiently. I couldn't even drag you away since you were so captivated by him~
>Shut up SHUT UP!
>I mean, even when he leaves you always try to call him back~ And don't even get me started about what you do on your "free time"~

>> No.14074833

I now have the image in my head of a puppy girl standing on a chair and looking out the window at young Anon as she waves good bye to his friend as he runs home, a pink ribbon wrapped around the puppy girl's neck.

>> No.14074834

>DAMN RIGHT I DON'T! And besides, you know what happens when a guy grabs an Alp right? I've heard they do real weird things with potions to them.
Nonsense, she's lying. She should be a good alp and drink all the Hathor milk her boyfriend gives her. Alps naturally like milk so its cool.

>> No.14074840

Alp and her Wolfgirl assaulting anon together when?

>> No.14074850

>Hey master, what took you s- Demon Lord Dammit! What the hell did he do?
>N-now I know what your thinking bu-
>He force fed you didn't he? Strapped you down and made you drink it?
>N-n-no! I did it on my own! I saw him looking at that demon next door and f-figured that h-he liked wider hips and a b-b-b-bigger bu-
>I'LL KILL HIM! Look at you! You have pudge now! PUDGE!
>H-he thinks it's cute!

>> No.14074851

>Fucking your friend and his dog.

I dunno Anon.

>> No.14074861

Just hope your ready to take her swim suit shopping and give her your opinion on the suits she tries on.
Until she decides to head home early because the manticore working the desk keeps snickering at her.

>> No.14074868

>Hey, you know, I've been thinking
>If I wanted to learn about your fantasies about Anon I'd read your diary
>This isn't about Anon! Well... actua- wait, you read my diary?
>I didn't know you had a diary
>I... Wel- I don't!
>What's this about Anon?
>Fufu~ Did I get your attention?~
>We either talk about your plan or I go search your room for your diary
>Okay okay! I don't even have a diary but that's besides the point! How about: you and me, teaming up on Anon?
>...Define teaming up
>Oh, you know~
>I don't
>I think you do~
>I really really don't
>Oh I really really-
>So, is it on the top shelf? Under your bed? Ooh! Closet!
>Okay fine! We team up on anon and... We...
>Use your words
>We do the thing...
>... Okay, while you redo preschool-
>Sex! We have sex with Anon!
>... Together?
>I'm not the sharing type
>Oho~ You want Anon all for yourself?~
>Yeah, searching your room now. Good chat!

>> No.14074869

And so the Alp was brought at a dangerous crossroads

Listen to her childhood friend Wolfgirl, Man's, or in this case Woman's Best Friend, or follow down the path of trying to seduce that cute Anon down the street with more Hathor Milk. And then the comforting when Anon ends up rejecting her and moving cross country with that fucking Manticore slut.

>> No.14074887

>Implying it doesn't end with wolfgirl and alp making peace and both going for Anon and having the alp go soft while the wolf girl remains a hard, muscled counter point to her.

>> No.14074897
File: 512 KB, 1600x2000, richi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm gonna power through it

>> No.14074899

Wait, think about this Anonymous. Calm down!

>> No.14074917

Good night Anons, take care and make sure that the kikis take care when cleaning the chimney!
Don't want a poorly cleared chimney burning down the thread do you?

>> No.14074923

>having the alp go soft while the wolf girl remains a hard, muscled counter point to her
I wouldn't mind being stuck between an Alp and a Hard Place if you know what I mean

>> No.14074926

Wait, I have something for this. Give me a minute

>> No.14074929

Yeah, that would be nice.
Best of both words.

But Anon, I want to sleep!

>> No.14074931

No shut up Anon! I have something for this

>> No.14074949

Why is /mgt/ obsessed with alps? Why makes them different from succubi besides thread conjecture?

>> No.14074950

Sorry Anon, I've got to go to bed.
I'll read it tomorrow.

Good luck!
Hope it's better than mine.
6.5k reduced to a mere 600. That makes me sad

>> No.14074952

>Obsessed with Alps
Bah! That's nonsense!

>> No.14074956

Because anyone can be an Alp. It's like a game of russian roulette. You could go and party and drink with your friends, but one might secretly be an Alp who'll take advantage of your drunkness, take you to their place, and rape you until you impregnate her, forcing you to take responsibility

>> No.14074962

>anyone can be an Alp
This sounds like a horror film

>> No.14074964

In space, no one can hear her "Kyaaaah!"

>> No.14074967
File: 777 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_11.48_[2015.09.10_16.35.32].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14074969

Are they ever going to make a shot of the succubi subtypes?

>> No.14074970

If only she wasn't a bitch.

>> No.14074973

She isn't after spending time in Rachnea's fun dungeon.

>> No.14074977

Sounds like skinwalkers, you wouldn't want humans to fall prey to skinwalkers would you?
Gas the alps
Skin war now

>> No.14074978

I dunno, I wish she turned her mind control whammy on the person who actually deserves it and just make Darling fuck his harem already.

>> No.14074982

But anon, you are Alp!

>> No.14074996

Nice try Alp! Everyone knows that skinwalkers don't like alcohol or hard drugs but here I am with both! Your move skinstealing bloodsucker.

>> No.14075000

This is The Thing all over again
Here's what we'll do. One of you is the Alp but we do not know. But, there is a way in which we can find out
What is your favourite drink?

>> No.14075003

Weird, i cant bring me to kill ants or the spiders living in my house.

>> No.14075006

I want to bully a monoeye wyvern!

>> No.14075009

Will we ever see a hydra monsergirl?

>> No.14075010

I know how to find out who's the alp! I'll suck everyone's cock, and if I stumble upon someone without one, they're the alp! Let's do this.

>> No.14075011

I don't know Anon. That sounds a bit

>> No.14075015

Fuck, the alps already got him. Poor bastard, they're out of control now.

>> No.14075018

At which point she becomes that which /mgt/ hates most, a lesbian. Granted we never saw any prior sexual preference indicated from her, but still.

God damn I love that scene.

>> No.14075019

Pretty sure she was still a bitch in later chapters. She's just a slut for Rachnee now.

>> No.14075020

Don't worry Anon, you can trust me, I'm definitely not the alp. But I'll find that alp, don't worry. I'll start searching immediately.

>> No.14075021


Woah there anon volunteering for the good of the community if a pretty alpish thing to do.

>> No.14075022

Spiders I've learned to leave alone, at least when I find them in entrance ways. They keep more annoying creatures out.

Ants though, ants are just a nuisance.

>> No.14075023

Then we know our mission.
Today, at the edge of our hope, at the end of our time, we have chosen not only to believe in ourselves, but in each other.
Today there is not a man nor woman in here that shall stand alone.
Not today.
Today we face the monsters that are at our door and bring the fight to them!

Today, we are cancelling the apocalypse!

>> No.14075024

Guess I know the way we kind find the alps. Everybody take a gallon of Holstaur milk and chug it, we all know what it does to their kind and the effects aren't readily visible on men. Its the perfect plan.

>> No.14075028

Semen! Wait, I mean rose wine! Shit!

>> No.14075030

Wait anon, I don't think this is the right method
I think there's better ways

>> No.14075032

I wonder what would happen if you stuck Darling, Mr. "Accept all their feelings no matter the cost!" in a room with Kodaka Hasegawa, Mr. "Do everything to stay just friends with everyone".

>> No.14075033

Yeah but think about it like this, if you get Rachnea, you get a free, submissive, thigh-high wearing succuloli with her.
Just throw her to Rachnea or Polt and she'll calm down.

>> No.14075034

Hey, thanks, bug girl. It would be easier if you would just nibble a little and then kiss me, though.

>> No.14075035

We found him! TAKE HIM DOWN!

>> No.14075037

>Yeah but think about it like this, if you get Rachnea, you get a free, submissive, thigh-high wearing succuloli with her.
That is a fanTASTIC way to look at things anon; thank you for that.

>> No.14075038

Funny, that sounds just like what the tanuki that owns the holst milk bottling plant would say. Probably a coincidence.

>> No.14075041

Yes, just a coincidence, now get out your wallet this stuff isn't cheep but it'll help us find out if there's an alp here or not.

>> No.14075043

Don't worry, my plan will work, I'm bound to find the Alp because the alp won't have a cock to suck

But if I can't find them the first try I'll just try again

I'll repeat the search as many times as its needed. You know, to be thorough. Gotta find that alp.

Don't worry, my methods better than the milk method. Just relax, it'll all be over soon.

>> No.14075044

I know how to find out who the alp is
We need to test the blood

>> No.14075048

I'm not good with needles
I'm really not good with needles
Seriously, fucking keep that thing away from me

>> No.14075050

>Hot wire goes into the petri dish
>Hear a high pitched "Kyaa~!" come from the blood sample
>One guy suddenly sprouts horns, wings, and a spadetail
>You can't free everyone else from their bonds in time before her spadetail brings one guy to orgasm
>Notice he's alping too after you've subdued the alp
>Now you're in a room with two alps


>> No.14075053

Now you're just enticing the manticore in the rafters. Remind me to never bring you along in any kind of closed room or survival situation.

>> No.14075054

Shut up anonymous it's not my fault. I'm just really bad with needles
I'm sorry

>> No.14075056

Don't worry anon morphine is really great. And its not like we can take a semen sample, that would be gay.

So 'Anon', if that is your real name! Out of curiosity can you suck your own dick?

>> No.14075058

I don't know Anon. I'm really not relaxed. I'm really far from being relaxed
I just think your method is flawd, t'is all

>> No.14075060

>It'll all be over soon

You finally reveal yourself!

>> No.14075061

No one can suck their own dick, da-silly! And besides, we all know I'm not the alp. I mean, if I were the alp, which I'm not, then why would I be helping searching for the alp? I'm the most proactive searcher of alps here, inspecting every anon and making sure they're not an alp personally.

Well would you like a back rub? Just to help relax before the inspection. Don't worry, my method isn't flawed. If you'd like I can evenhold your hand during inspection, just to help relax you.

>> No.14075069

Well, I mean, a back rub would be nice. But I don't need one.
This is serious, Anon. There are Alps among us. There's no time for joking around about back rubs and hand-holding. I feel your method has a sinister motive hidden in the fabric. And you don't want to admit it

>> No.14075072
File: 70 KB, 380x600, Priest_Lilim_Sketch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>old Lilim sketches by KC
>oh hey, didn't know about these
>see this

And I will forever see those hair ornaments as Big Cores form Gradius. Also, how the fuck does an Alp Lilim even work?

>> No.14075074

Backrubs and handholding though, what could be sinister about it? Maybe we should inspect you first, to make sure you're not the alp. Are you, alp? Only an alp would be fighting so hard against searching for the alp.

>> No.14075077

What? I'm not the Alp! You're just turning this against me
I'm was trying to beat around the bush but I'm going to be blunt: I think YOU are the Alp!

>> No.14075081
File: 1.18 MB, 1127x1600, pharaoh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So would you a Red Sun version?

>> No.14075082

>Also, how the fuck does an Alp Lilim even work?

1. It's an Arch Alp, created by an alp-to-be being lucky enough to find and eat a dark matter
2. Demon Lord might be able to 'adopt' people and infuse them with her own energy to create Lilims that aren't related to her
3. Failed experiment to birth a son
4. That drawing, like the other lilim sketches, aren't canon

Just guessing, here

>> No.14075085
File: 1.25 MB, 1538x1600, apophis_back.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Or a Blue Moon version?

>> No.14075086

A Red Sun version? I don't understand the question
Like a red sun over paradise?

>> No.14075090
File: 57 KB, 1280x720, let it all burn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You know this is the part of the movie where one of you gets flammenwerfered. I say we skip a few steps and quarantine you both. I you prefer sweet sweet cleansing flame that can be arranged.

>> No.14075091

I knew they weren't canon, but the concept still boggled me. The only thing I could think of was failed attempt to make a son.

>> No.14075092

Why does the Apophis look angry? Why's she hiding her face?

>> No.14075093

Pharaoh all day everyday.

>> No.14075097

Because she's shit and she knows it.

>> No.14075099

Wait, we can negotiate this. I have the proof that the other anon is an Alp
Only an Alp would want hand-holding! Such a lewd activity suggested without any sort of reaction.
I say you flamewerf him

>> No.14075100


>> No.14075101

But...that's not the Alp Lilim. But anyway, as for how it works...

#2 is the correct answer.

>> No.14075106

Bully. I'd want to cheer her up and try to be a light in her life!

>> No.14075110

>Anon, that's really bright
>What? I'm trying to be the light in your life!
>Opening the curtains and bringing in the sun is not be 'the light in my life'
>It's working, isn't it?
>Anon, close the curtains

>> No.14075115

Grape snake is perfection.

Remove Pharaoh.

>> No.14075137
File: 58 KB, 610x760, lala.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Best girl soon

>> No.14075168

Where's the version where you find out they're both being manipulated by Set, and you get to take both of them?

>> No.14075178

That gets released two years later to make time to create the new new games, Gold Tanuki and Silver Fox.

>> No.14075183

Wow I only just now got the Megaman reference.

>> No.14075190

Because it looks chuuni, like she has a cursed eye or something.

Some boys like chuuni girls.

>> No.14075199

I adore chuuni girls. At least...a certain brand of them.
Not sure I could deal with a Werewolf who was sure she was Lilim-kin or something.
But I could do over-the-top lines and the mundane made dramatic every day. And I'd go along with all that "Yes, I can feel an omen in the wind. Let us bring a storm of change!" type stuff for sure.
>TFW no mousegirl who is sure she's secretly a rain priestess with the soul of a moon deity
>TFW you can't contact a Ryu to play along with her and make her feel extra special for a day

>> No.14075201

>Even the tail gets a hat
I love it.

>> No.14075203

So... >>14075137 ? That sort?

>> No.14075205

For a moment I thought you would be the brand who would take a potato chip. And EAT IT!

>> No.14075207

Never read it, unfortunately.
I've caught from these threads that she's a Dullahan obsessed with being a dark reaper to the MC or something?

>> No.14075220

>"You do realize it's sort of implausible for a Hinezumi to control rain, right?"
>"No, I saw it in a mang- in an ancient text! Fire to smoke, smoke to cloud, cloud to LIGHTNING! It makes perfect sense."
>"Right, but then the rain puts the fire out."

>> No.14075224

Fat blue lala butt.

>> No.14075227

Something like that. She's a Dullahan who likes to act the part of a Reaper of Souls, dressing in black, carrying around a scythe, talking in a dramatic way; and she approached the MC in the first place because his frequent near-death experiences intrigued her as an "Agent of Death". He himself is quite nonplussed by her declarations that she has come to reap his soul, since he recognizes that she's a total chuuni.

It later turns out that she is, in fact, an agent of death; but she's much calmer and straight-forward when actually interacting with the dead. She overdoes it when interacting with the living because chuuni fun.

>> No.14075242

>not "Alpocalypse"

>> No.14075250

He stayed true to the original quote. You have to respect him for that.

>> No.14075262

...reminds me I never screencapped that Jaeger Girl stuff from a few threads back...

>> No.14075263

Which monstergirl is most likely to Slam and Jam?

>> No.14075266

Sabbath hosts a yearly Onii-slam, so probably Baphomets.

>> No.14075267


>> No.14075268

Kakuen in a basketball uniform.

>> No.14075272

They do the wrong kind of jamming though.

>> No.14075277

And they're kind of short for basketball.

>> No.14075281

He already wrote one, before the profile was a thing. Tiny side-role though.

>> No.14075294

The Thing?

>> No.14075310

No, it's from an episode of South Park.

>> No.14075394

She's undead, so I will.
I don't actually write anymore, though.

>> No.14075396

Yeah, I know, But I meant in more of a "significant to the point to at least have a name" capacity.

>> No.14075397
File: 61 KB, 400x300, why.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

have you taken her to the vet, anons?

>> No.14075398

Big meaty paws for all the handwork, feisty goat legs for high level dunks.

>> No.14075437

Reminder that Kobolds are the number wan wolf girls and you should teach them the peanut butter trick.

>> No.14075443

But I don't want to. I just want to hold one tight as we lay down, relaxing the day away. I guess I couldn't help it if her tail were thumping against me though.

>> No.14075445


You guys are fucking disgusting, you can't even cook something decent for your waifu.

>> No.14075458

Cooking? Do I look like some kind of woman?

>> No.14075472

She's gotta earn them saltines man.

>> No.14075475

>yfw all the top chefs in the world are men

>> No.14075489
File: 31 KB, 300x200, Amazoness.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not wanting to cook for your waifu
>not offering her dinner, a bath, or you when she gets home

>> No.14075498

Amazoness have made me much more sympathetic to the feminist plight. Also you're a spineless queer.

>> No.14075504

>taking a sapient creature to the vet
Das raacist.
That said, a cute little Kobold shivering in fear of an appointment would be cute as hell. I want to hug and pet one.

>> No.14075517

Say that to my waifus face and not online see what happens

>> No.14075521

Amazoness don't want to castrate men and turn them into a second-class citizens. They just want you be a house husband, which I think is kinda fair considering most of them are trained since birth for hunting and war. I'd like to be the bread winner, but when my wife can bench press a bus I think she'd be the better choice.

>> No.14075531

You've never gone to a vet for stitches?
Costs less.

>> No.14075544

>not offering her dinner, a bath, or you when she gets home
I want to do this wearing nothing but an apron.

>> No.14075575

>gone to a vet for stitches
Mike please.

>> No.14075578

>can't even cook something decent
Nigga, what? Chicken and rice are not "decent" for you? Go die in a hole.

>> No.14075582
File: 67 KB, 608x1196, Alpie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because Alps are always ready to serve their "brothers in arms".

>> No.14075589
File: 286 KB, 515x700, 1432150105229.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14075597

An Alp MP doing searches on the soldiers? That sounds like it should be illegal.

>> No.14075603

fat old man NTR babies?

>> No.14075604

No! Your babies!

>> No.14075619

What? You can go to a vet, pay him double and walked out stitched up for like $200, or you can go to a hospital and pay infinity fucking dollars.

>> No.14075622

Mike, please.

>> No.14075645

America, please. That's almost as bad as North Korea having to import animal feed for their citizens to eat.

>> No.14075648

I just use office staples, not sure what his problem is.

>> No.14075653

All the bat babies! Though I'd prefer entire wing-arms for optimal coverage during hugs.

>> No.14075655
File: 31 KB, 400x402, you will never have a batfu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this will never get a full series

>> No.14075662

I want to bottle feed a Jinko through a steel fence!

>> No.14075667

Good. Z-Ton would ruin it.

>> No.14075670

I want to drink Junko's milk from the tap together with our cub.

>> No.14075672

But wouldn't she be more aligned with Dark Chips?

Now I am getting ideas of MG series crossed over with Battle Network. The MGs being the Net Navis in that regard.

>> No.14075676

Might be more embarrassment than anything.

>> No.14075678

I now love Apophis as much as Dragons, Dark Elves and Arachnids. Pls help, too many mistresses.

>> No.14075688

>that last bat ninja doujin could have been more Garo instead

>> No.14075700


>> No.14075709

I know, I'm a boy of loose morals and I deserve to be punished for it. Maybe by a professional Krampus.

>> No.14075719

That won't be enough megaslut. You need to be teased and punished by all of them until you're a drooling ahegaoing mess.

>> No.14075721

I think you're covering up your true preferences because you don't want us to realize the truth; you're an alp!

>> No.14075723

I know. I'm hopeless.
I know. I'm hopeless.

>> No.14075726
File: 152 KB, 274x260, Ms Happy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry, we only have a Manticore on hand.

>> No.14075728

Can I get two?

>> No.14075729

We could just make him watch reruns of 90's television all day. I'm sure watching the same episode of the price is right for the 14th time would break him well enough.

>> No.14075734

He clearly wants some strong and assertive women to turn him into putty.

>> No.14075738

So Roseanne reruns?

>> No.14075740

Can I just watch 90's anime and cartoons? Especially Gargoyles.

>> No.14075742

Only very bad boys get the double Manticore treatment.

>> No.14075745

Very bad boys and bishies.

>> No.14075746

No, you're getting punished that would be a reward.

>> No.14075750

Bishies who follow strange elves to unknown locations are asking for it.

>> No.14075753

But she was nice! Nice Elves don't hurt people!

>> No.14075757

Don't tell elves not to rape, tell humans to stop being so rapeable.

>> No.14075761
File: 240 KB, 800x800, elf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to slap a fujoshi elf on the arse.

>> No.14075762

I'm sure any bishie would agree.
Especially once they've been properly broken in and would whore themselves out to fat cat business monster women for their next fix of aphrodisiacs and monster pussy.

>> No.14075763

I want a human girl to cosplay as an elf and trick anon into getting her pregnant!

>> No.14075766

Only to be stuffed in a box and shipped to some lonely Ryu with a shrine in the middle of nowhere.

>> No.14075770

That is kinda fucked up Anon, you shouldn't say stuff like that.

>> No.14075775
File: 46 KB, 311x300, COcmL45U8AAIRwP.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

1) insert paladin girl
2) choose modification

>> No.14075776
File: 1.85 MB, 1920x2157, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>brown loli demon
>wide hips
>is actually a sub
Best girl

>> No.14075777

So she can supply the order with more children!

>> No.14075778

You don't do that to valuable assets. You only sell them off once they've gotten too broken, then you can pawn them off to some lonely Ryu.

>> No.14075781

I pick the one to the right.
In any case their final destination is the damp embrace of a watery tart.

>> No.14075784

>Made the already bad Cerea date chapter worse.
Nope, she is second worst tertiary girl just behind the fucking flat man haired dyke

>> No.14075786

definitely a holst

>> No.14075792

Maybe, but before that they have an intense career of exploitation ahead of them, rife with Ogres, Manticores, Minotaurs, Hellhounds, Tanukis and generally being a boytoy for rent.

>> No.14075794

Slime Carrier.

>> No.14075803

>making date worse

>Getting date to take off her top and attempt to copulate with you in the park
>Ending date with insecurities being resolved and happy resolution

>> No.14075812

>copulate with you in the park
>Wanting to fuck some horsepussy slut out in the open for every one to see
Not every one is an exhibitionist slut.

>> No.14075820

No matango option?

>> No.14075824

That is a big plant for me.

>> No.14075827


>> No.14075828

I want to be a boytoy for big faceless monstergirls

>> No.14075835

>Matango with sad, tearful eyes in a rusty plate armor
Very cute, would become infected by.

>> No.14075841

You have no idea what you're dealing with.

>> No.14075855

>you will never protect paladin matango's smile

>> No.14075860

>will you never hear paladin matango gasp in shock as you pull away the breastplate that's fused to her modest chest and begin to rub your erection between the small, hypersensitive mounds

>> No.14075867


>You will never help a human girl who was very recently turned into a MG and is still trying to get used to their new body

>> No.14075868

And by "help" you mean deflower, right?

>> No.14075871

>Cerea doesn't have the Raiden vs Sam/Dante vs Virgil tier swordfight the two month hiatus led us to believe.
No m8, it was complete fucking shit. This was the chapter that was supposed to change everyone's mind about Cerea.
And it did, it made them hate her even more.
>Made to look incompetent
>Has less wins than Yamcha and Sakura.
Might as well have written her out at this point just to prevent her from looking any worse, which she has.

>> No.14075880

>Cerea doesn't have the Raiden vs Sam/Dante vs Virgil
>Has less wins than Yamcha and Sakura.

I have literally no idea what that's supposed to be referencing to. Did you forget what board you're on again?

>> No.14075883

Anon, you're silly. I know what all of those references mean, and so should you.

>> No.14075884
File: 831 KB, 557x568, 1397863032162.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remember, Sandworms need love too.

>> No.14075886

>Everything I mentioned is from Japan
>You don't know who Yamcha is.
>Or Sakura
Did you JUST come out of the womb?

>> No.14075887

I'd Muad'dib her Dune if you know what I mean.

>> No.14075888

Matangos are so cute.

>You will never poke a squishy matango butt and hear her giggle when you do it

>> No.14075890


>> No.14075891

Does anybody have that picture of the ogre wearing a frilly yellow dress and looking embarrassed?

>> No.14075894
File: 878 KB, 600x1101, 1424668869127.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14075896

>You will never inhale Matango spores and die as a mindless cumpump

>> No.14075897

Thanks, friend.

>> No.14075905

>Assuming being on /jp/ automatically knows every single reference from Japan

So does that mean I get to call you ignorant, too, if you don't know the models of cars or sports teams by region in Japan?

Remember that the majority of people believe they are of above average intelligence, because they believe *their* field of expertise (be it of culture, cars, sports, whatever) is more important than others. If you think like this, odds are you're probably not all that bright.

>> No.14075910

>recognizing references to mainstream video games, anime and VNs means you think you think you're smarter than someone
If Metal Gear, Devil May Cry, Dragon Ball and Fate/Stay Night are all beyond your "expertise", you've no one to blame but yourself.

>> No.14075916

>those bubbles

She looks a little tipsy for some reason.

>> No.14075917

>Implying she'll let you die
>Implying she won't fuse you with herself, joining together as a single entity of sex
>Implying she won't give to you a simple life, but one filled with base pleasure and happiness as you become one in multiple senses of the phrase

Matangos are basically the ultimate self-sustaining sex machine. No need for food or sustenance, you spend every second of every day wrapped up in pleasure with her, utterly content.

>> No.14075920

She's been dancing the night away.

>> No.14075921

I literally just referenced DBZ and Naruto, two of the biggest world wide anime/manga series, Metal Gear Rising, an offshoot of one of the most well known video game franchises, and Devil May Cry.
I'm sorry you're actually ignorant of the world around you.

>> No.14075923

I am!

>> No.14075924

For some reason I thought you meant wormslut. In retrospect that wouldn't have made any sense, she was OP.

>> No.14075926

No, you don't.

>> No.14075927

>You will never visit a Matango cave in a hazmat suit to take samples of the zombie with milky-white cataract eyes still gently and sensually cuddlefucking his killer like a newly wed couple decades after his death

>> No.14075929

I want /v/ to leave.

>> No.14075934


Heh, I'm sure you've made him ashamed of himself for his failure to follow such high quality literature and film.

>> No.14075935

Why would I mention any other Sakura than the one whose only canon victory she needed help with?
>Cerea has less victories than Sakura.
Thanks Crabman.

>> No.14075936

>the world around you
>shonenshit and muh vidya gaems

>> No.14075938

The quality isn't the point, it's how famous they are. If you can't fucking know who Yamcha is, how the fuck are you even on 4chan? You'd have to be a complete and total shut in from the entire human populace to not know every single DBZ character

>> No.14075939
File: 78 KB, 613x734, Ammy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want /v/ to stay.
Hipster, please.

>> No.14075940

In all fairness, I think many anons are just people who enjoy the occasional video games and get references, but then you get one or two autistic anons like >>14075921 and >>14075910
who genuinely believe that not playing X video game series makes you an idiot.

You know, the sort of person who talks off some random's rangers ear about something they don't care about and can't figure out why he can't find anyone who enjoys his superior tastes.

>> No.14075941

Shoggoth Paladin

>> No.14075942

Literally everyone else on this board can tell you what I just referenced.
DBZ is bigger than fucking Pokemon, you'd have to have been a complete social recluse, not even going to a public school with human children to not know about it.

>> No.14075950

>Naruto aptitude tests should be required for visiting 4chan

I have no words.

>You'd have to be a complete and total shut in from the entire human populace to not know every single DBZ character

kek, you had me going until that last sentence. 9/10

>> No.14075952

Yeah how dare I expect someone to know Devil May Cry 3, the second highest selling Devil May Cry game, and the grandfather of Character Action genre.
Or Metal Gear, the Old Guard of NES and PS1. How dare I reference something popular and well known.

>> No.14075956

That sounds a bit like /a/ logic right there. One of the only places where people get that assblasted over someone not recognizing their references. Either that, or middle school.

>> No.14075958

How are you even here in this thread about Japanese created fetishes when in order to even be here, you need some knowledge of anime and manga?

>> No.14075959

This has to be funposting, nobody that autistic would last a day in these threads.

>> No.14075961

I didn't realize this thread was fucking /v/. I suppose that explains some of the constant shitposting. Literally worse than /b/.

>> No.14075963

Not him, but I know quite a few DBZ fans who don't know every single character.

Retards know no boundary, I'm afraid. It really is hard being the only sane man in the room.

>> No.14075964

No I just apparently had more of a social life than a person who can't recognize four popular series.

>> No.14075966

No it's just a single faggot who doesn't recognize franchises that anyone who had a childhood can tell you about.

>> No.14075967

This thread is the product of the worst of /v/ /a/ and /jp/, what did you expect?

>> No.14075970

She just looks so peaceful.

Truly a majestic creature indeed.

>> No.14075972

No anon you are the /v/. The references made seems to be from some pretty pleb shit.

I thought we were just /a/ migrants with a bit of jaypee.

>> No.14075975

>I thought we were just /a/ migrants with a bit of jaypee
I'm sure we have a lot of /v/fags now, apart from fags from other boards.

>> No.14075976

To my knowldge /mgg/ is a bit of /a/, /tg/, /v/, and /jp/ primarily, with a touch of /x/ and /d/.

>> No.14075979

The references are from worldwide successes.
The least well known thing I referenced was DMC3, and that alone sold 2.25 million copies worldwide. I'm sorry, you lived under a rock. I don't know what to tell you.

>> No.14075982

We're either migrants who got sick of /a/'s bullshit, or we're refugees who got booted because our own bullshit wasn't up to /a/'s so-called standards.

>> No.14075983

>Walk into the Matango cave to take samples
>You see one couple rooted to the ground, slowly writhing together
>Judging by the vague shape melded with the Matango, her human has his face between her breasts
>The matango has her eyes closed in bliss, but opens them when she sees you approaching
>She stares in horror as you approach with a pair of scissors in hand, wrapping around her husband even more
>As you reach forward to snip off a sample, she does her best to turn her unaware husband from you, rooted to the ground as she is
>"Not from him!" she moans, forcing a protrusion to grow from her shoulder, which blooms into a mushroom within seconds
>Taking the hint, you take the scissors and quickly cut off the offered piece of her body
>She cries out in pain when you do, nuzzling down into her husband for comfort
>Slipping the mushroom into a sealed container, you exit the cave, leaving the Matango to live out the rest of her life, rooted and conjoined with her husband

>> No.14075987

>CSI analysis of the man's groans comes up with I love you

>> No.14075996

And /pol/, don't forget. At least one tripfag from there posted in /mgg/ by accident once. Plus a lot of pro-Nazi stuff and racism compared to a few other boards I've seen, but that may just be due to the fact that /mgg/ inherently involves racism (defining a character's behaviour based on race, or rather, species).

>> No.14075998

>pretty pleb shit
>You're not allowed to know about or like big name games
>Only games you're allowed to like are hipster indie games that no one's ever heard of
I'm starting to think that most people don't play video games for fun.

>> No.14076000

These threads are /a/, /v/, /d/, /tg/, /pol/, /k/, /vg/ and a small few from /jp/.
Constant shitposting is the fate of any general.

>> No.14076002

Hey, uh...listen, I...lady, please, just...just STOP BARKING FOR A SECOND JESUS CHRIST

>> No.14076003

There is nothing wrong with racism.

>> No.14076004

Sorry. You're not allowed to do that either. That's why you have so many retarded children sending death threads because you forced them to disconnect in the middle of a match they were losing.

But that's a topic for a different board.

>> No.14076007

I don't play video games but Naruto and DBZ are pretty low tier series with terrible writing.

>> No.14076013
File: 82 KB, 700x700, 485.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]




>> No.14076014
File: 257 KB, 422x586, img000007.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to warm a cute loli Dragon with my warm cuddlehugs after she makes herself lethargic by sitting under a cold waterfall.

>> No.14076018

Your opinion on them doesn't make them any less popular.

>> No.14076027

Just because a series is popular does not mean that people who have heard of it will understand references you make.

>> No.14076031

If you had friends you would.
Even if you had no interest you'd have to have one or two friends who talk about it.

>> No.14076032

At this point, it's not about acknowledging it's popularity; it's about nobody caring about the references being made.

So you know a few popular names. Nobody cares?

>> No.14076033

You say that as if it is a bad thing

>> No.14076037

>dat question mark

Well, so much for my argument.

>> No.14076040

Normies care not for anime or video games, they like television and sports.

>> No.14076042

Because someone who didn't know the references said 'who the hell are you talking about, this /jp/ we talk about Japanese things here' despite the whole reference being nothing but Japanese things.

>> No.14076044

I'll be honest, I think my friends care about Dragonball and Naruto even less than I do.

You've lived your life in a certain way, exposed to certain things. Doesn't mean other people share that way or exposure.

>> No.14076045

I want to fuck an Alp and her Werewolf friend.

>> No.14076046

I have one friend. And he is going blind. Now I'm sad.

>> No.14076048

I have 0 interest in sports.
I can still tell you who Messi, Mike Jordan, Shaq, Yao Ming, Payton Manning, and Brett Farve are.

>> No.14076049

You're too greedy.

>> No.14076050

No I'm not, I'm keeping friends together.

I am doing the right thing anon.

>> No.14076051

I know two of those names.

>> No.14076055


>> No.14076060

you are my only friends /mgt/ ;_;

>> No.14076061

I don't care anon, I'm going to enjoy my shy stuttering alp and my tall muscular Werewolf as they beg for my dick!

>> No.14076066

>Actually giving in to greed like a whiskey delta fag
You must be a maverick.

>> No.14076069

And then your alp friend will teach you the pleasures of being a woman. Never trust an alp.

>> No.14076075

>not having an extremely feminine Alp
Pleb tier.

>> No.14076077

You can't stop me from having fun with monster girls anon.

>> No.14076080

>Having fun
>In two thousand and fucking fifteen

>> No.14076083

>having fun
You mean having your way

>> No.14076086

>not a coquettish Alp slut

Come on, Anon.

>> No.14076091

I'm having fun, they're going to have fun.

We're all going to have fun.

>> No.14076092

I'd rather a gym bunny, tomboy alp and her loyal, genki kobold companion.

>> No.14076094

Fucking disgusting.

>> No.14076097

After careful observation I have determined the answer to my post.
Because faggots.

>> No.14076099

Anons please, I can only have one alp!

>> No.14076100



>> No.14076101

I only know the first 4 guys

>> No.14076102

>coquettish slut
>feminine lady
>gangbang cumdump
>pure girl
>awkward nerd
You could have a whole harem of Alps!

>> No.14076106

>Payton Manning, and Brett Farve

>> No.14076110

They were Superborl winning NFL Quarterbahks. I don't know who Messi is though.

>> No.14076111

Just got up but yeah that was one of my favorite scenes from the Thing. Another was when someone was using electric defibrillators and then the dead guy's chest opened up into teeth and bit the hands off of the guy trying to resuscitate him but I don't think I can alpify that.

>> No.14076113

Handegg players apparently, I had to look up those two too.

>> No.14076117

>I don't know who Messi is though.
Come on.

>> No.14076120

I'm serious. I had to look it up. I don't really follow soccer.

>> No.14076123
File: 3.01 MB, 500x556, 1441316459040.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alps are to succubi what the mobile gaming industry is to the actual gaming industry.

Alps were a mistake.

Alps are the reason these threads are shitposted so much.

Alps attracted Fujoshit poster to these threads, all that time ago.

Alps are the reason succubi can't get jobs, because of transgender and diversity hiring

Alps are what reduce me to drinking every night.

Alps are a meme more overused, less funny, and overall worse than Baneposting.

Fuck alps. Fuck them with a razor-wire cactus. Hitler should've made alps the priority target over jews. If I were AM from "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream", my hate-rant about Alps would take up a whole half of the book. The other half would be torturing and brutalising alps, melting them down into conscious, immobile puddles of boiling flesh, lobotomising them so they think like the bottom-feeders they truly are, and making them beg for the release of utter oblivion, keeping them alive while enacting horrors upon them so gory and severe, so twisted, they'd make the most shocking movies in the shock-horror genre look like childrens' shows.

Seriously though, I think they're a bit redundant and overposted. Why not just have a non-faggot tomboy succubus? I don't get it.

>> No.14076129

go away

>> No.14076132

Thing-chan when?

>> No.14076133


Afraid of what a man has to say, are you?

>> No.14076138

If you really wanted him to go away you would talk more about the things that make you love alps.

>> No.14076139

>tomboy succubus
Please don't spoil my upcoming stories.

>> No.14076141


I guess that depends on your definition. Alps as a monster girl aren't discussed half as often as Alp is thrown around as a synonym for "faggot" (or used in other ways to insult anons). If you subtracted all those posts using the latter, Alps aren't all that overposted in discussion in comparison to other high-popularity MG species.

>> No.14076146

Why not just call people faggots then? It has more impact and sounds less irritating and gay than "alp".

>> No.14076147

Alps are a meme. I can only deduce that anons like alps because alps cause frustration in other anons such as yourself.

>> No.14076148

You have the opportunity to try out all kinds of things with what's basically DIY succubutts and you'd limit yourself to only one?

>> No.14076149

What a piece of work is an alp! How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty! In form and moving how express and admirable! In action how like an Angel! in apprehension how like a god! The beauty of the world! The paragon of animals! And yet to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Alps delight not me; no, nor stuttering faggot neither; though by your smiling you seem to say so.

>> No.14076150

Fuck it.


Ok Anons, roll a d6, that is the number of alps you get.


Now, Personality! d12

1. Dandere
2. Yandere
3. Light Tsun
4. Light Yan
5. Kuudere
6. Himedere
7. Deredere
8. Tomboy
10. Thugdere
11. Shy Stutterer
12. The Genkiest

Body Type! d12

1. Fat
2. Normal
3. Thin (not skeletal)
4. Chubby (Rear centric)
5. Fit (Toned)
6. MUSCLE (Could put an oni to shame)
7. StrongFat (best of both worlds)
8. Loli
9. Oppai Loli
10. Tall (Foot taller than normal)
11. Short (Foot smaller than normal)
12. Hourglass

Quirks d12

1. Has a kobold companion! (roll body type and personality)
2. Dire (Foot and a half taller than normal and strongfat on top of whatever else she had)
3. Pygmy (foot and a half smaller than normal)
4. Chimera (Roll a new monster girl race and merge the two http://monstergirlencyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/special:randomincategory/mamono))
5. Secretly an elf
6. Ran a foul of hathorites (add one "chubby" point, Normal > Chubby > Fat)
7. Is now a jabberwock
8. Endless supply of beer and nachos
9. Still wears guy clothes
10. Loves maid uniforms
11. Hathorite worshiper (Bump the other harem members "chubby" point up by one)
12. Secretly an elf

>> No.14076153


>> No.14076156

I saw a fan profile for The Thing on deviantart but I think the illustration was stolen from Setouchi and it involves killing Human Girls and stealing their bodies

>> No.14076157

Who do you think you are to tell me what to do?

>> No.14076158

Fuck off.

>> No.14076159

>Why not just have a non-faggot tomboy succubus?
Some people like traps. And that's all I'm going to say about it, let's change the subject pls.

>> No.14076163
File: 32 KB, 270x480, 1441156491589.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hitler should've made alps the priority target over jews

>Alps don't exist IRL because he purged a crapton of jews
>He might've figured out the jews were behind it
>Except some jews still remain, so at most he delayed it

Maybe he was trying to save us

>> No.14076165

Traps are not girls. This kind of faggotry should go to /v/.

>> No.14076168


>NEET Oppai Loli with endless beer and nachos

>Kuudere Normal pygmy

Damn. That first one sounds bro-tier.

>> No.14076176

Remember Alp?

He's back! In Pog form.

>> No.14076177

Help /mgt/ I wrote a story that I promised about a month ago but I could reasonably extend the story to make it drastically better but I think it might take too long and then I would feel bad because it's taken me a month to write twelve pages areadt
Is it okay to break stories up into seperate parts?

>> No.14076179

>Light Tsun Fit Secretely an Elf Alp
>Himedere Hourglass -> Chubby due to hathorites Alp
>Yandere Loli Alp that's secretely an Elf
>Genkiest Alp that's Tall and Pygmy so a half foot shorter than usual?
>Yandere Chubby Alp that's secretely an Elf

So many elves. Are they Alp elves?

I think I'm going to take the Hime, Genki and Tsun alps and run away from the yandere elf alps.

>> No.14076183

>Alps as a monster girl aren't discussed half as often as Alp is thrown around as a synonym for "faggot"
Faggot posting is only about 1/5 of all 100~ hits of Alp posting per thread. You are wrong.

>> No.14076184

>Why not just have a non-faggot tomboy succubus?
Some fags have transgender fetish. I remember once after a long shitstorm of "alps are not trannies" I asked why they even like them and they said "because they are transgenders" or "I have TG fetish"

>> No.14076185


All stories submitted to /mgt/ but be submitted in triplicate in bold faced size font double-spaced with inch,wide margins. It must then be sent in, sent back, queried, lost, found, subjected to public review, lost again, buried in soft peat for a few months, and recycled as firelighters.

>> No.14076187

I don't care, but I'm not going to get mad about it. Lately shitposters are posting things we don't like to get a rise out of us, so showing a "extreme" displeasure like >>14076123 is counterproductive.

>> No.14076188

All those "I wanna X an Alp!" single-liner posts don't sound like actual discussion at all.

>> No.14076189

Is it that Jabberwock story? Please tell me it is. But yeah, it's fine to break it into parts. Many writefags do this.

>> No.14076190

Yes, so long as you do end up extending it to make it better.

Bullshit. You scour the archives and find the posts that replied to you like this right now, faggot.

>> No.14076192

Still alp posting, and a contributor to the overposting though. That it's not even real discussion only makes it worse.

>> No.14076194

>Thugdere chubby Alp that loves maid uniforms
>The Genkiest fit pygmy Alp
>Yandere normal Alp who still wears guy clothes
>Shy stutterer hourglass Alp that loves maid uniforms
I'm not a fan of alps, but I'll take the second and the third one

>> No.14076199

Admittedly I just hit ctrl-f and stopped after about 40-ish of the 148 hits in this thread.

The reason I stopped only at 40 is because the first thirty or so were almost exclusively "Alp" as a synonym for faggot, or jabs at anons' sexuality, along with references to the writer Alp-anon. I wasn't until the 30s I finally hit a reference to Alps as an MG in discussion.

While I'm too lazy to comb over all 148 hits with a fine-tooth comb, but the fact almost the entire first 40 are non-MG references, I'm calling BS on your 20% citation.

>> No.14076202

>your 20% citation.
I'm a different guy. Just giving my 2 cents because I'm tired of it too.

>> No.14076203

That's unfortunate. A shame half of that doesn't work on pastebin.
No, it's not jabberwock, I'm sorry. It's just amazon smut. I might do Jabberwock again though, after I'm done with this.
That's the idea. Hopefully it will make the character development actually go somewhere instead of just trailing off into smut as it kind of does now.

>> No.14076204

Yeah sorry, replied to wrong post. Meant for >>14076183

>> No.14076208

>6 Alps

>toned shy stutterer, loves maid uniforms
>short kuudere with an endless supply of beer and nachos
>shy stutterer with a genki loli Kobold
>chubby tomboy who still wears guys' clothes
>strongfat deredere who loves maid uniforms
>genki toned Dark Valpkyrie

Not bad.

>> No.14076212

I was ballparking and I too can't be fucked fine-tooth-combing, but the seventh hit is legitimate alp posting, so I question the validity of your claim that it's not until the 30's are alps mentioned outside of the writer and calling people faggots. Also, this is ths 752nd post. Peek in mind that alp already has over 150 hits and these threads go close to 2k, even 3k sometimes.

Alp 160
Anubis 11
Dragon 12
Jiangshi 11

Let that sink in. Sure that number is inflated by insults and recent discussion, but let it fucking sink in. Alp posting is rampant.

>> No.14076218

>Alp posting outnumbers all other monstergirls by a large margin

I've been telling you people about this since we got kicked to /jp/, but nobody listened.

>> No.14076220

Not him but considering you increased the alp count by four in your post how much of the alp count was alp complaining?

>> No.14076222

If you did skim the first thirty hits, count them and tell me 80% were references to the MG and not the writefag or an insult.

The fact I just skimmed and missed one or two out of thirty doesn't make you correct; the fact there isn't 0% Alp MG references there doesn't automatically mean there are no 80% or greater.

>> No.14076223

Wanna be liberal for insults, the writer, and this complaining, then half that number. It's still VASTLY more than any other girl, even the newest.

>> No.14076224

Also keep in mind that this thread is at its half life. the Alp posting will only increase.

>> No.14076232
File: 107 KB, 395x600, 1422564255367.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If Alp, why not Sea Slime?

>> No.14076251

>Fat, Light Yan Alp has an endless supply of beer and nachos.
Explains a lot

>Full Yan, Muscle Alp with an endless supply of beer and nachos
Oh boy...

>Thin, Kuudere alp with a Fat, light tsun kobold companion.
Cute, although I want to tease the kobold

>Hourglass Neet alp who's secretly an elf.
Still good.

>Kuudere, oppai loli dire alp
So a quiet, strongfat shortstack with huge tracts of land.

Assuming the yanderes don't get too out of control than I'm fine with this.

>> No.14076253

>That out of the ~150 there isn't 80% in the first 30 means over all it doesn't equal to roughly 80% over all
Look maybe the number I pulled from my head as an estimate is exaggerated, but if so, not by much. Alp isn't mentioned that often, and when he isn't to compare the name calling to actual alpposting, about 60-80% of it is legit alpposting.

>> No.14076254

No, I just want Janny to not delete my posts.

>> No.14076257

Not to mention that from >>14076123 up to but not including >>14076212 you get 50 hits on "alp." The bitching makes up nearly a third of the number they're bitching about.

>> No.14076260

Can someone please do the work and actually come up with a tally of what actually has happened instead of make projections on the first thirty uses of the word alp. They aren't even posts that include the word alp they're just uses of the word.

>> No.14076263

Fish nibble on their toes, right?

>> No.14076267

That second one would be bro tier as a tomboy.

>> No.14076270

On top of the fact they're bitching for its own sake.

The reason the count is so extremely high is because LOTS of anons do it. So it's basically not something that can be fixed unless they're essentially demanding a good majority of anons suddenly change their vocabulary or writing style (to exclude the word "Alp") to meet the complaining of a vocal minority.

And we all know that isn't going to happen.

>> No.14076272

So take the 16 hits of bitching out. In context alp posting is still majorly disproportionate. Now you're just arguing about how disproportionate.

>> No.14076275

That she would.
That she would.

Although I would have to worry that I've got someone from /fit/ if she asks if I'm mirin.

>> No.14076277
File: 166 KB, 786x982, Alpollo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What's wrong with that though?

>> No.14076278 [SPOILER] 
File: 12 KB, 220x330, 1441904201330.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Welp, time to get to writing.

>> No.14076280

Freud-sensei! The other night I had a dream where volumes 24-27 of One Piece had disappeared from my shelf! What does it mean?

>> No.14076284

A doppelganger that turns into the MC's mom?

>> No.14076285

Nothing, I just want you fags to stop pretending you don't force it.

>> No.14076286

Or futa.

Remember: Uncle Freud says every woman wants to be a man, and every man wants to have sex with his mother.

>> No.14076288
File: 385 KB, 800x900, Crabby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Force it? Comes pretty naturally to me. Like all the girls too.
Let's talk about a different kind of Cancer then.

>> No.14076292

In my dream we were working with a super-smart scientist to find new habitable and fertile planets, and we found one with very promising stats before he died.
Then we moved there and I thought it’d be easy to live with the high concentration of life and productivity there but the animals were scary as fuck and I had to run in the middle of some dinosaur attack or something.
I jumped around, bouncing off walls and stuff found a weapon or flashlight on the way and eventually ended up hiding in a gap on a huge, flat wooden structure that I was worried would tip over in the wind.
Then the planet’s warden/jailer found me because I had been flashing my flashlight for too long, and it was illegal to possess items like that.
So I jumped off the structure immediately and he chased me around shooting some incapacitating spray at me from behind but he wasn’t close enough for the concentration to knock me down.
After a long chase I found some great hiding spot at the top of the map looking down and making sure he wasn’t coming up, but of course I expected him to pop up behind me like in the horror movies which he did, and we got into a melee-fight in which I killed him and took his jacket.
And when you kill the warden and wear his jacket, you become the new warden.

So I _thought_ I was the new warden but I wasn’t sure.
Later some guy pointed a gun at me and asked me to come with him and I thought it’d be okay because I was the warden so I put my hands up and followed him into a room with some kind of freedom fighter group, and they started joking about how I put my hands up because they didn’t know what it meant on that planet.
They asked me to tell them everything about how the warden died and I did and they were fine with it.
Okay that’s all I remember.

>> No.14076293

24-27 "pieces" is almost the same as 24-27 "days", which is almost the duration of menstruation. That surely means that you have the Premenstrual syndrome ( PMS ). It also means that if you are a man you are also an alp.

>> No.14076296

Would those bubbles feel soapy or seafoamy?

>> No.14076298

>opening up an even bigger can of worms while a shitstorm's happening


I'll remember your sacrifice Anon

>> No.14076300

Soapy if we go by MGQ, and I don't see why not. That was a fun crab.

>> No.14076302

>Force it? Comes pretty naturally to me
I don't think the 'I wanna X an Alp!' posting is natural. Nor do I think it's natural to respond to everything with some variation on what you'd like to do with said Alp. Pretty cancerous, really, most anons asides from anubicuck don't reply to everything with the one girl, I guess from fear of running her into the ground.

>> No.14076304

Nothing, these threads are just dead as fuck without something to bitch about, so some bored posters look for any excuse.

>> No.14076310

Is waifu wars anon death?

>> No.14076312

>Bullshit. You scour the archives and find the posts that replied to you like this right now, faggot.

>So why do you, alpfags, like alps?
>For generic tail, wings, horns? You can take any succubi for that
>You want inexperienced girl who can be leveled up to busty sex machine? You can take lesser succubi or lesser imp for that
>There is nothing unique or interesting about alps. Except the fact thay they were men.

>I like tomboys, alps are essentially awkward tomboys.
>I also have a TG fetish, on top of many others.

>Because for Alps it's "Straight man to inexperienced girl to busty sex machine"
>The fall is that much further, and therefore hotter, to me.

Are you happy now?

>> No.14076315

What are Pally and the Yeti up to these days? Last time they were helping Kiki's delivery service

>> No.14076320

Yeah pretty happy. Thanks for the effort, I appreciate it.

>> No.14076324

You're pretty good. Might bump it up by one if this lasts for another hour.

>> No.14076329

Cool, but where are the dream succubi?

>> No.14076330

Would you be a pure slut for your waifu?

>> No.14076332

>Legitimate complaint about over-saturation is bait now
1/10 I responded.

>> No.14076335

Sea slimes are love. I want to hug her doughnut as we float together in the middle of a warm ocean current.

>> No.14076338

If they're so good, how come nobody writes about them or talks about them but me? Eh? Don't make excuses. Show her some love.

>> No.14076340


>> No.14076354

But I talk about her sometimes, too.
I wrote a whole greentext months ago about finding one stranded on a beach, taking her in and caring for her until she had a tall, full figure, then living with her in a house by the ocean.

She's easily in my top ten monstergirls, and I make it known whenever lists are asked for.

Alpanon even wrote a story about one.

But if you really insist, I'll get around to writing some proper prose for her at some point.

>> No.14076357
File: 70 KB, 947x706, 967.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I also have a TG fetish

>Because for Alps it's "Straight man to inexperienced girl
>straight man to girl
>much hotter to me

Literally triggered

>> No.14076358

I'd say that Dwarf is the least talked about.

>> No.14076359

>Not wanting to fuck horsepussy out in the open
Anon, we've been over this.

Sometimes you just gotta show the whinny ninny who's boss and fuck her for all to see. Preferably with a riding crop on hand in order to get the extra miles out of her.

>> No.14076360


>> No.14076361

>I wrote a whole greentext
Show me.
>even wrote a story
I said
>but me
Now get to work.
That's because KC's Dwarf is not a proper Dwarf. Proper Dwarves have beards and they drink beer and get in fistfights and are total bros and work in mines and sing fun little songs.

>> No.14076363

>I-It got quiet again, p-please continue shitposting
>L-look, I'll even provoke it, just please shitpost more

>> No.14076364

Well, I'd say that KC's can be 5/6 of those things.

>> No.14076368

KC's Dwarves will produce a bro like Khelgar Ironfist, they're useless.

>> No.14076370

>Sometimes you just gotta show the whinny ninny who's boss and fuck her for all to see. Preferably with a riding crop on hand in order to get the extra miles out of her.
Yeah, if you're cool with other men fapping to the scene. If you're cool with them cumming all over her face, because what are you gonna do, showboat some delicious food and get all bitchy once they begin to drool over it? Exhibitionism is the sluttiest fetish after swinging. If you're cool with it, you're cool with it, just don't act like some one else is wrong for not wanting to act like a whore.

>> No.14076371

I do not know this dwarf.

>> No.14076373
File: 7 KB, 211x228, dwarfsx0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And generally become more of a danger to themselves and their fortress than everything else combined. But it's FUN.

>> No.14076375

>doesn't know about the dwarfbro who wanted to become a monk
Go play Neverwinter Nights 2.

>> No.14076377


>MFW KC Dwarfs will produce something as silly as the Council of Three Hammers, and their mistress would be that royal cunt Moira Bronzebeard

>> No.14076378

I'm reminded of that /tg/ quest where a Dwarf (of the DwarfFortress variety) get transported to Neptunia-land and becomes a little girl.

I wonder how a fortress Dwarf would fare in MGE land?

>> No.14076380

>Oy! Ursta! I just built a machine that solidifies the semen of human men so that we can make weapons and armor out of it!
>W-why would you do that? We have iron and just hit adamantine!
>Because the next time that BITCH bans 'Marital aids' I'm going to give her a face full of Semen sword!

>> No.14076384

The setting doesn't really matter. They'd kill themselves eventually no matter where they are.

>> No.14076390

Nah, there's nothing really all that dangerous in MGE land.

Worse case scenario, runs into a tentacle forest, gets cumflated and mindbroken. But not death. At least, not of the body.

>> No.14076394

He's talking about suicide. "Kill themselves", not "Get themselves killed"

>> No.14076395

There's still magma.

>> No.14076397

>Implying she wouldn't collapse the ground under a part of the tentacle forest, relocate it so that it's under the fortress, and then build trap doors so that when the elves/goblins/centaurs/whatever attack they are dropped into the forest and cumflated to near immobility.

>> No.14076399

I was thinking of the later, but both can apply.

>> No.14076403

>Cumflating a centaur
That's a lotta cum. I like the idea of large insertions and stomach distortion and oyu never see it with centaurs. You'd need something as thick as a tree to cram in her horsepussy for a bulge to show on herb elly.

>> No.14076404

It's not just a tree, KC called it a tentacle *forest*. There's plenty to go around even for the big girls.

>> No.14076406

Lava girl exist for a reason

>> No.14076412

Manticore venom is a wonderful thing and if you get enough tentacle plants in one place I imagine they can put enough in her to show some deformation.

>> No.14076413

Is that bow part of her dress or the string of a pair of panties??
Is that lewd corpse going commando?

>> No.14076415


>> No.14076417


>> No.14076419

Considering this is KC land, I'm opting for the former.

Then again, she could find that panties leave her feeling a little stiff.

>> No.14076422

>Affinity weakness

We totally need to start coming up with ways to counter some MGs with other MGs. Dwarve(tte)s obviously are weak to Lava Girls. What else? I'm thinking:

- Yeti beats Yuki-Onna (Yeti hugs specifically meant to warm the cold)
- Hobgoblin beats Goblin (natural hierarchy)
- Tentacle/P'Orc beats Elf (the natural order of things)
- Succubus beats Alp (higher evolution, and Alp is generally shy)

>> No.14076423

Dress obviously
It's too high to be panties

>> No.14076424

That, my dear Charon, just earned you another haircut.

>> No.14076428
File: 393 KB, 1000x1000, Accept the love of Horse Pussy Private Forces!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

D-Horse has two meanings!

Also your men and all the resources were abducted.

>> No.14076430

But I wasn't?

>> No.14076431


>> No.14076432

>there's nothing really all that dangerous
Except the Order executing people and such

>> No.14076434

If you look closely, wight isn't wearing any either.

>> No.14076435

She could still hop into a pair.

>> No.14076436

Nothing better than tricking that proud, centaur knight who was a jerk to you into going in the tentacle forest and then stumbling across her a week later, belly bulging from all the plant spooge and tentacles crammed into her, eyes empty and tongue hanging out as she groans wordlessly, addicted to the feeling of constantly being stuffed to her upper limits.

>YFW you free her, thinking she's had enough, and she begins to journey with you as repayment, only now she needs a tremendous dildo inserted in her at all times, so large that it is distends her belly.
>YFW again when she takes it out one night and asks for you to fill her up to help her with her 'craving' before she puts it back in afterwards to keep it all inside her.

>> No.14076437

Well duh, Wights are the number one MG to use Queen's Stools.

>> No.14076440

Wonderful, I'm infused with a new love for undead.

>> No.14076441

I want a Tanuki to talk dirty to me in her own way!

>> No.14076443

>Succubus beats Alp (higher evolution, and Alp is generally shy)

Stage 3 Alp beats Succubus though, this is confusing.

>> No.14076444

Undead girls are the lewdest. Is the Wisp wearing panties? Are those shorts or are those stockings?

>> No.14076446

The order is explicitly fighting against an army of super-sexy, erotic girls. I have a hard time thinking they'd ever consider a short, gruff, bearded, foul-smelling alcoholic dwarf anything but a natural ally.

>> No.14076451

That's until the Dwarf gets drunk and uses their tribal axe to bring the order-people down to the correct height.

>> No.14076455

Dwarves and elves are considered allies of the Order so long as they haven't become incubi/succubi.

>> No.14076459

>Dwarves and elves
This is not ending well for anyone.

>> No.14076461

Of course not.

>> No.14076463

It ends well for the guy who puts the dwarf atop an elf and dives into the two of them.

>> No.14076465

I want a Shortstack Tanuki to sit on my lap while she does business dealings all day.
And then after her hours are done, we go home and cuddlefuck.

>> No.14076469
File: 194 KB, 576x699, 1441673214856.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dwarven Alps

>> No.14076471

Do they keep their beards?

>> No.14076473

Q&As mention that they exist.

>> No.14076475

Humans also form the base of the Order and they can be murdered if they help nor are in contact with any of the not tolerated monstergirls, so I don't see your point.

>> No.14076484

Should've known something was off when Stoutfist's beard was so downy and smelled like coconut!

>> No.14076486


>> No.14076493

>Big Sloshing Centaur with an extra large "plug" keeping it all in.
I want to bully horse pussy by doing this to them.

>> No.14076495

Like priming your pump with her invisible hand until your real rigidity reaches optimal growth?
Like huskily whispering to inject your liquidity into her circular flow?

>> No.14076501
File: 829 KB, 1280x720, outbreak-company-06.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In Outbreak Company, the female dwarves are all just !NotLolis.

Consequently, all the dwarves are basically lolicons.

>> No.14076502
File: 1.54 MB, 1111x1571, 1407036911145.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tomboy foxes are

>> No.14076504

That's because Nipland is a lolicon cesspit.

>> No.14076506

For dressing in revealing clothes so they're embarrassed.

>> No.14076509


>> No.14076510


>Short shorts
>sleeveless, form-fitting (almost skin-tight) sweater

I'm sure it's not an issue for her, since she doesn't dress like a tomboy anyways.

>> No.14076513

Looks like thigh high stockings with an easy access skirt. Seems like the undead can't into underwear.

>> No.14076519

Best family. Nothing can come close.

>> No.14076523

>Amazoness have made me much more sympathetic to the feminist plight
I don't even know how you get this, an Amazon utopia is nothing like a feminist utopia.

>TFW recognized all the references in the Quirks table
I didn't realize this thread had built such an elaborate lore around Alps.

>> No.14076524

>Implying tomboys can't dress with any sex appeal
Clothing =/= Personailty anon.

>> No.14076531

Nah, pretty sure the Man-Bat Monster Boy dick was portrayed as scraping all that out.

>> No.14076543

>"Implying tomboys can't dress with any sex appeal"

>Tomboys act like boys
>Boys wear boy clothes
>Anon thinks tomboy clothing has sex appeal
>Anon finds boy clothing sexy
>Anon realizes he's an alp

Or if not then, it'll be when she keeps wearing your clothes until not enough are left one day, and you have to start wearing the girlie clothes she got for Christmas.

>> No.14076547

>Chubby NEET Loli Alp
Kay then.

>> No.14076549

>He's never seen the incredible attractiveness of a woman wearing your clothes

>> No.14076552

>Implying a girl in a loose fitting tank top and shorts isn't sexy as fuck.
It gets even better if they aren't embarrassed at all.
It's not the clothes anon, it's what's inside them.

>> No.14076554

>>Boys wear boy clothes
Shut up, you're not my real dad.

>> No.14076555

Well fuck.

>Normal, tsun-lite and still wears guy clothes
(Reverse) traps are fine, too

>Thin pygmy NEET
I'm going to make her my daki and there's nothing she can do about it

>Tall kuudere that has a fit tombold
A two-fer? Awesome

>Deredere loli that's secretly an elf
not the worst thing that could have happened

>Stuttering, short and pygmy
Looks like the NEET is going to have a friend when I decide to dress them up

>Dandere with a loli thugbold
Another two-fer works for me

That wasn't so bad.

>> No.14076562


>> No.14076565

2 Alps

>Light Yan, Strongfat Jabberalp
>Shy Stutter, Chubby Dire Alp
I have the two biggest and bestest Alps here. I am going to love these two sisters and enjoy getting squished between them.

>> No.14076575

>Super soft snuggle pile
Nice, you need to dress the stutterer in girly clothes though, revealing or frilly ones.

>> No.14076588

Oh absolutely. Though good luck trying to find something that'll fit her, she's a chubby dire alp. And that's presuming she doesn't accidentally use the Hathor Milk for her cereal instead of the regular one. If she did that, I think the only thing that would fit her would be a really skimpy stretchy swimsuit, she'd have to go out in that while we try to find her new clothes.

She knows better though and knows which milk is the regular, right?

>> No.14076590
File: 274 KB, 900x1200, 1429662764435.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You will never be crushed Goldeneye style between a monstergirl's powerful thighs

>> No.14076595

I should not be able to see her eye at that angle. Christ, how horrifying.

>> No.14076605

Meant to say "Feminist's plight."

>> No.14076609

I'm still not seeing the connection here.

>> No.14076610

Being murdered would be a shitty way to die regardless, but if I had to be killed then yeah, being strangled towards the end of a fuck would be one of the better ways to go.

>> No.14076641

I dunno, alps seem drawn to that stuff.
I would be surprised if you can home to find her hips a bit wider and her breasts oozing out of her to more than when you left

>> No.14076651


>> No.14076658

For fucks sake, John. Get your shit together.

>> No.14076660

Would you a serpentine 69?

>> No.14076665

I will never respect a man that can't even get my name right.

>> No.14076666

>Dandere strongfat alp
>Light yan oppai loli chubby maid alp
>Light yan thin hathorite alp
>Deredere fatass maid alp
>Genkiest fatass akaname/alp chimaera
Why are they all so fat? I wish they weren't so fat. Better punish that hathorite.

>> No.14076671

See this is the kind of shit we need, more people getting creative with the positions unique to each race.

>> No.14076674

You should learn vicariously through others. Do you not see the symbol of Darling's demise?

>> No.14076681

Oh man, that's good art.

>> No.14076684

Quads of Satan, just think of it as more Alp to love and cuddle.

>> No.14076695
File: 467 KB, 845x1200, 8khvoED.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would you knock up all of your monster sister-in-laws when your brothers abandon them?

>> No.14076697
File: 457 KB, 650x920, 1411348275700.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"Let me ask you again: Who wears short shorts?..."

>> No.14076706

I wear short shorts!

>> No.14076707

Why'd the brothers abandon them?

She looks better in spats.

>> No.14076712
File: 1.56 MB, 1200x1600, 1441675157150.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to be a monster and hurt the monstergirl I love and see whether she still loves me or not

>> No.14076718

I'm going to soak that fox in gallons of my clear liquid.

>> No.14076721

Go away.

>> No.14076722

By the time I'm through, neither of us.

>> No.14076725

But why?

>> No.14076727

Y-You like short shorts... P-Please don't soak me!

>> No.14076738

The softest cuddle pile in the land.
Barring one

>> No.14076749

>you will never perform stealth missions in the desert with a yandere prototype golem walker
>she will never ignore your command to stay put on the hill and rush in, slaughtering everyone because she thought that one guy might have noticed you if he turned around
>she will never demand you ride her piggyback everywhere, no matter how small the distance is
>your weapons will never go missing, and she will never just shrug and say you didn't need them anyway when you could just rely on her
>she will never just randomly carry you off into the wilderness so you can be alone
>she will never stop costing GMP to deploy

>> No.14076752

I just find it weird the hathorite is the one that is thin. Like she tried to get soft like the others, but for some reason her body was all 'nah, that shit ain't fly' and gave her diarrhea or something. So instead she makes the rest of the harem bigger.

>> No.14076753

That's wrong.

>> No.14076756

That or she was too busy trying to spread the health to join in.

>> No.14076761

Either way, she's getting a stern spanking till her buttcheeks are red.

>> No.14076762

>She's stomping through the mission area
>Everyone knows she's there, but she's killing everything that moves anyways
>Finally manage to get hear attention over the screaming, the gunfire, and the explosions
>"This was supposed to be a sneaking mission!"
>She stares at you with a puzzled look on her face for an uncomfortable amount of time before responding
>"If everyone is dead, no one can notice us"

>> No.14076775

We got a source for this? Reverse image searching is being a load of bullcocks.

>> No.14076776

She can't drink the Milk yet, if she was thick, tubby, and worthy of Hathor, she'd be slower, less agile, and less able to make others see the light of Hathor.

She's saving herself the best for last. And once her mission is accomplished, she can give up her ninja ways and begin drinking her gallons of Hathor milk just for her.

>> No.14076777

This is what it would be like to bring a wurm into a combat zone isn't it?

>> No.14076781

Looks like something by Jirou Hanzaki.

>> No.14076785
File: 1.10 MB, 1086x646, 1437302949014.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Depends on the wurm. If you have a sweet innocent one, she'll just try and stop the fighting. If you have a mature and willing one, god help your enemies.

I was testing you when I selected that bulldozer as a 'pram' captcha, and you failed.

>> No.14076789

Oh lord, she'd outclass the rest of them if she's got that much stored up.

>> No.14076791


>> No.14076806
File: 218 KB, 700x598, 1439938370561.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Those eyebrows.

>> No.14076810

Pickled radish eyebrows a best

>> No.14076813

Just as intended. She is the Alpha Alp of her pack after all.

>> No.14076821

http://pastebin.com/k9nrkyzz Ghoul

Update line 3186. Well, that's that. This is nearly ten times longer than I initially thought it would be, but people seemed to like it, and I had fun writing it. Sorry for taking forever near the end, the last stretch seemed to have been the hardest. So ends the tale of Clara and her agoraphobia and shut-in-ness, I suppose. Thanks to every one for reading and that dude who asked for more a while back, comments and criticisms welcome.

http://pastebin.com/gJLtE6vu Orphan

And now for something completely different. Not sure how this will turn out though. Hopefully it isn't as long as Ghoul, there's a murmaider I've been neglecting.

>> No.14076832

>Ghoul comes to an end
Aw well. All's well that ends well. A fantastic, cute story, great job writing it.

>And now, husbando husbandry
Yay, more cute stuff!

>> No.14076847
File: 478 KB, 283x200, 1439762160904.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I need Manticore stories.

>> No.14076854

Do something about, maybe, one who is a track athlete.
She likes running because it gives her the kind of adrenaline rush that she imagines feeling chasing after the guy she wants.

>> No.14076863

No I meant stories written by writefags.

>> No.14076886

>Lactating busty spider
Unf. That reminds me I still have to finish reading your stuff. I'm been catching up on a lot of writing so it might be a while before I can fully read everything.

>> No.14076888

>Athletic Manticore with lightly toned abs
>Takes a liking to a man who's a little out of shape but otherwise her ideal partner
>Decides to take him on as her student
>To start with she gives him a 5 second head start, she always catches him and milks with her tail until he's exhausted
>She promises if he ever gets to the level he can beat her with no head start that she'll let him use the pussy between her legs
>Every time he gets close to beating her she feels her heart racing more than she ever has in any competition
>When he finally crosses that line before her she's in genuine tears of happiness, both because her student has actually succeeded and because she can finally give herself to the man she loves

>> No.14076890

Talking about manticores
Why Two Cubs is not on the wordpress? It was fucking hot

>> No.14076891

Oh shit my heart.
I need more things like this.

>> No.14076892

Why is it that lactating spider girls are so great?

Like, more than any other girls lactating, for some reason arachne with milky breasts is just so damn titillating...

>> No.14076894

The idea of something normally frightening looking being sweet and motherly?

>> No.14076907

Either because I uploaded it as Anonymous the first time because I didn't feel like attention whoring even MORE by posting it again in the threads or Burgermeister still has a disdain for me. I dunno.

>> No.14076910

I wanna train a wurm to do weightlifting! I wanna push her lazy pie-stuffed fat ass to get swole as fuck! I want that serpent benchpressing mountains and deadlifting planets by the time I'm done with her!

>> No.14076912

>A fantastic, cute story, great job writing it.
Much appreciated, man. Glad you liked it.

>That reminds me I still have to finish reading your stuff.
I hope you enjoy it all, some of the older stuff is a bit crappier I think.

>> No.14076916

I wanna show a wurm the magical world of pies! I wanna bake her cute ass tons of delicious pies of various flavors! I want that serpent trying out all kinds of sweet pies and looking like an absolute cutey who loves and is spoiled by my sweets by the time I'm done with her!

>> No.14076917

I'm starting on Ghoul, But I still have Lanternon's and ThunderBrother's stuff to go through. But i like like all the other shorter stuff you've done.

>> No.14076923

Who are you? I don't have stalker spuer powers

>> No.14076928


>> No.14076937

I should have known!
Good stuff, please don't abandon it.

>> No.14076944

I was planning a follow-up but that'll have to wait with some stupid work related shit that everybody in the thread can attest to if they work in Burgerland at all

>> No.14076957
File: 589 KB, 1090x1600, 001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How fat is too fat?

>> No.14076961

What part we talking about?

>> No.14076964

As long as I can stick my penis in her its all good. Once I can't then we have a problem.

>> No.14076966
File: 774 KB, 1091x1600, 003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, wrong pic

>> No.14076969

I dunno but LDR's Arachne story gave me a diamond boner.

>> No.14076977

Eh, as long as she's happy and giving her the D doesn't require me to go spelunking* (Sandworms exempt) then we are good.
I'd be as happy with a grizzly with a six pack and iron hard muscle as I would one with a jelly belly and needs two chairs when we fly

>> No.14076981

I want to cuddle with a soft Ren Xiongmao

>> No.14076992

Are you ready for her soft pudge to squish against you and for her to nibble your ear as she does?

>> No.14076993

Well I wanna take your fat wurm and whip her into shape! I'll start her off by making her tunnel through solid stone with a boulder tied to her back for reps!

>> No.14076999

That could be worse. At least she has tits to go with it, I guess.

>> No.14077000

Well I wanna take your fit wurm and help soften her! I'll start her off by trying out my Blueberry and Lemon pies, with Chocolate Milk to drink from a bendy straw!

>> No.14077004

Uh yeah. Why wouldn't I be?

>> No.14077005

Oh yeah?! Well just for that, I'm gonna really put your fat wurm through the ringer! I'll make her lift a mountain, hold it on her back, and have her slither from one end of the continent to the other! Within an hour! Then I'll make her lift another mountain and do curls with them! At least 50 reps!

>> No.14077009

No do not encourage it

>> No.14077013

Just making sure you're ready for when she rolls on you and pins you in her sleep.
You can try and wake her up but She'll just start riding you.

>> No.14077017

>Be married to a big, mature, clever and protective wurm
>Kidnapped one night by anti-monstergirl radicalists while your wife sleeps
>They laugh at the prospect of your wife coming to save you, because all wurms are dumb enough that they'll just be able to convince her you're somewhere else, or that they're your friends
>Morning comes, as the anti-monstergirl group strap you into a chair, preparing to "cleanse you mind of that vile lust for the works of the Demon Lord"
>Armoured guards line the walls of the dark room, watching from faceless helms as a hooded figure walks up to you, some sinister instrument clutched in their hands
>The gaunt, hooded man approaches you as you struggle, tightening a leather strap to prevent you from straining away, and placing the needle-like device to the side of your neck
>Then, you hear something
>A dull, echoing thud that stops the man in his tracks
>The guards look around at each other as another noise follows on its tail
>A screech, from so very far away, like a banshee experiencing more pain and anger than you thought possible
>The hooded figure looks down at you, eyes bulging
>You shrug back up at him
>"I'm sure it's nothing."
>He snaps at two of the guards, ordering them to go outside and investgate that noise
>They exit the darkened room, and he returns his attention to you
>Just in time to stagger as an earthquake rocks whatever fortress or foundation you're trapped in
>It grows stronger, dust shaking from the ceiling, trembling throughout the walls, louder and louder until it feels as if its epicenter is nearly upon you...
>Then, as the structure around you groans in protest, seeming to hit its limit, the quake stops

>> No.14077019

Well then just for justice, I'm gonna really show your fit wurm the joy of being spoiled with delicious treats! I'll give her chocolate cake, cupcakes, brownies, and chocolate bars imported straight from the finest candy makers in Germany! And I'll have her eat them all in just an hour! Then I'll take her to a Hathor Ice Cream Parlor and have her try all the Ice Cream and Milkshakes they have! At least 50 Milkshakes!

>> No.14077022
File: 898 KB, 866x891, 5cfcbc26aa7d410fc6c8b57bbe1a1f41.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14077023

I'm not seeing a downside here.

>> No.14077032

You'd feel her weight on your waist and see her big breasts bouncing just out of reach!
The only place you'd be able to put your hands is on her ample rear end, sinking your hands into them while she gives that lazy smile of hers

>> No.14077033

Those are some fat buns.

>> No.14077034

I want those buns
In my hands
I want to squeeze them and eat them

>> No.14077037

>Girl makes a bet to stay with you if she wins at a game
Heartboner's acting up again.

>> No.14077039

>Painted Nails.
I move on to the next monster girl in a Chinese dress eating buns

>> No.14077040

Ooo, you've really done it now. I'm going to see your wurm into space, make her go to the moon, and knock it into the Earth! Then I'll make her get back here before it lands and catch it! Then I'll make her do over head presses with it, then throw it back into orbit!

>> No.14077041
File: 674 KB, 1330x629, Jiangshi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The basic zombie of the mist continent is a superhuman. At least regular zombies have the potential to become wights, otherwise they are utterly outclassed by these beauties.

>> No.14077046

>By now the guards are frantic, weapons in hand, heads swivelling to try and figure out the source of the earth-shaking power
>The hooded man is doubled over, clinging onto your bolted down chair for support until it passes
>When he straightens, he squeezes your face between bony fingers, spewing spittle onto your face as he shouts
>"Is it her?! How did she find us here?!"
>You can see the fear in his eyes, but don't get to answer him
>A massive explosion rings out around your room, again dislodging dust from the concrete ceiling
>It's followed up with yet another resounding boom, but not an explosion this time
>The sound repeats several more times, the walls around you cracking under the stress each time
>It takes to the sixth booming repetition for you to realise what the sound is
>One of the sent out guards bursts back into the room, breathing raggedly
>"My lord, it's-"
>A chunk of concrete pierces through the wall next to him like an arrow through a piece of paper
>It crushes him instantly, taking him out through the opposite wall
>The room becomes silent, rubble falling from the two newly made holes in the room
>The second the dust settles, the room breaks out into pandemonium
>Guards shouting orders, running to and fro as the sounds of beserker screeching and desctruction again take hold
>It's like you're in a warzone
>The hooded man refocuses on you, hissing with a mad glint in his eyes
>"Heretic who sleeps with Damned! You've brought this upon us! And if your soul can't be spared, you're better off dead!"
>He draws a dagger from his robe, aiming for your throat

>> No.14077049

>Painted nails means slut
what kind of shitty place do you live. Ear piercings i can see why but how the fuck are painted nails slutty

>> No.14077050

>Anti NTR/Mindbreaking loophole.

Well that's a good thing.

>> No.14077051

>Needs constant dickings to stay loose.

>> No.14077054
File: 727 KB, 1636x1157, health.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to oil up the Yuki

>> No.14077057

I want one as a daughteru and I want to write "No Sweets Before Dinner" and "Dad Loves You" on it.

>> No.14077059

I dunno where YOU live, but around here painted nails means you are a slut.

>> No.14077064

Especially if you're cosmo wright, but that may just be autism

>> No.14077066

Yeah, they are pretty cool. I'm glad we finally got them into the MGE. And them not being able to be enslaved completely is nice.

>> No.14077067

She looks as soft as snow.

I like it.

>> No.14077068

>Nails painted
>Ear piercings

When did we get such prudes in /mgt/.

>> No.14077069

Not the same guy, but where I'm from it's just a fashion choice.

>> No.14077071

Hey it's another shitty monster girl.

>> No.14077072

>Then, without warning, he stumbles
>You both look down
>Bursting from the floor below you is a large, green, scaled claw, tipped with powerful talons
>Those talons wrap around the man's leg
>And with a tug, the floor beneath him collapses, the man screaming as he plunges into chaos
>You hear a resounding, sickening snap below, and the man's scream cuts off
>The few guards remaining in the room stare in horror as something crawls from the pit below, claws gouging out inches of concrete as the being pulls their weight up into the room
>Your wife's come to the party in full battle mode, it seems
>Her long, dark hair billows out from behind her like the plume of a helmet
>Her entire body, from tip to tail, is covered in plate-like scales
>She looks like some draconic, almost demonic knight herself, sleek and powerful, more monster than human
>Only her eyes are exposed
>Yellow eyes, glowing and burning like dragonfire
>One guard comes at her, his sword glinting with green light, enchanted with Dragonbane
>A flick of the wurm's tail sends the 300 pounds of man and armour flying through the air, hitting the ceiling with a crunch, falling back to the floor with a clatter
>The remaining guards charge her as a single unit, coordinated and unhesitant despite what they just witnessed
>One manages to wedge his sword between the scales of your wife's tail, the wurm roaring, literally roaring with the voice of a Dragon
>She retaliates instantly, though, grabbing the arms of two soldiers, and crushing them in her claws
>They scream as their bones break inside their tincan suits, battered aside to crawl away helplessly as your wife turns her attention to you

>> No.14077073

Go back to /srg/ plz

>> No.14077074

Kinda generic. She's a serviceable, middle-of-the-road monstergirl. Nothing to object to, but at the same time I don't think she'll be becoming anyone's favourite or least favourite.

Oh well. They can't all be Manticores.

>> No.14077075

>Always needs body heat to have a decent degree of movement
Sounds like the perfect monster girl for cuddling under the covers in the winter. I'm a sucker for undead and Jiangshi is no different.

>> No.14077078

How is this shitty in any way?

>> No.14077080

>The hostile light in her eyes dims, and the scales around her face recede, showing tearstained cheeks and a quivering lip
>"Husband? Oh, god, are you okay?"
>You assure her you're fine as she slices up your restraints with a claw, picking you up from the chair like a mother carrying her child
>The armoured scales around the front of her body recede entirely, baring her stomach and breasts as she hugs you tight, peppering your face with kisses
>"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, so so so so sorry," she repeats, over and over
>After you finally calm her down, she sniffles, managing a smile
>"Let's just get out of here," you tell her. "I'm pretty sure they won't want to try anything now, not after all this"
>She frowns. "But they take husbands away from their wives. They kill children just because they're born to hybrid mothers. Why should I allow that?"
>"Killing hired guards won't help that," you point out
>The scales on her face and body reform over again as she turns from you, towards the exit. "Fine. But I won't hold back if it means I risk your safety."
>Well, good enough, you suppose
>You watch in satisfaction as a lone guard rushes into the room, screeching to a halt before he runs straight into the armoured wurm
>She watches him try to process his current situation for a second, before casually reaching out and flicking him with a claw
>His armour dents inwards, the guard flung backward, hitting the floor with a whump of air
>You and your wife pass him in silence as he removes his helmet to vomit onto the floor, winded and harmless
>The escape route is, quite simply, the route of destruction your wife carved out when she infiltrated the place
>She tells you it's a fortress, isolated but well-armed
>This explanation is, of course, presented between pummelings, knights in full anti-monster armour sent flying left and right
>She cleaves through entire squadrons, guards moving through to inspect the damage, only to come face-to-face with the cause of it

>> No.14077082

Edgy as fuck.

>> No.14077083

I'm sold.

>> No.14077085

She's just another generic rape machine.

>> No.14077088

I think the monster girl's gimmick being rigor mortis is a little too close to actual necrophilia for me.

>> No.14077091

I dunno man, those are some weird points of judgement.
Like, tattoos? Maybe. A lower back tattoo is called a "tramp stamp" for a reason.
But painted nails and earrings are completely normal for women of all walks of life. It would be like shaming them for using makeup.

Of course, since monstergirls are all naturally sluts, they'd have way more permissive senses of style. I'd imagine nipple rings and tattoos to be completely normal. We already have extensive pleasure runing as the baseline for "freaky"

>> No.14077095

Wow. If you don't like rape machines, boy, are you in the wrong place.

>> No.14077099

Hmmm, nope, still can't see it.

>> No.14077101

>Not wanting to fuck a cute living corpse
I want a threesome with a Jiangshi and Lich.

>> No.14077103

Oh I'm sorry, I forgot this was the femdom only generic cookie cutter rape machine thread, not the monster girl thread.

>> No.14077104

How would you improve it?

>> No.14077105

I love it.
>Walking to the market with your Jiangshi wife
>her legs start to stiffen making it harder for her to walk
>reach your hand down the back of her pants and start groping and fondling her to keep her nice and loose
>walks around the store practically on a finger leash

>> No.14077106

That's okay, Randy.

>> No.14077108

Just another peaceful day on the Mist Continent.

>> No.14077109

Why is the Mist Continent so based?

>> No.14077110

Alps were originally just succubus:Tomboy casual sex fuckbuddy edition
Then 4chan happened.

>> No.14077111

It's not though.

>> No.14077112

You know, the Mist Continent is pretty based
I mean really, Zipangu can't even compare anymore

>> No.14077114

Kung fu pandagirls, big Monkey butts and and qt zombies.

>> No.14077115

>"For that reason, it is recommended that those who become their husbands should maintain the heat and softness of their body as much as possible NOT JUST BY HAVING SEX, but daily life too by periodically reaching inside their clothes with a hand and rubbing their breasts and buttocks."

She'll be fine if you grope her from time to time.

>> No.14077118

>"You cannot arrest me officer, for this is a medical procedure!"

>> No.14077120

Nah, she's shit.

After a while it would just be a chore to be with her.

>> No.14077122

I'd say they'd need some massages every now and then.

>> No.14077123

Not to mention at least some section of it ruled by lewd foxes.
All Zippangu has over them is Ushi-Oni.

>> No.14077125

Guaranteed to end in a happy ending.

>> No.14077127

Well of course.

>> No.14077128

As well as the best harpy.

>> No.14077131

It's not really specified how often you need to grope her to keep her out of rigor mortis, but it does say that you gotta "take responsibility Anon-kun" if you're gonna waifu one.

>> No.14077132

It's a chore to grope your wife?

>> No.14077137

For closet Alps and philanderers.
Or men with one hand.

>> No.14077139

>you can write in fetishes
I love it.

>> No.14077141

After years of doing that shit yeah it would get repetitive and eventually become a waste of time.

>> No.14077145

>Arrows, swords and spears bounce from her scales, all while she does her best to protect you from any stray blows
>"Not killing these guys is really rather awkward, husband!" she shouts, throwing one armoured knight into a crowd like a bowling ball
>"Punch some mountains to make up for it later," you say, watching as she takes a sword between her claws, and bends it before the face of its wielder
>Eventually, you make it out into a courtyard
>The sound of pursuit can be heard from behind as you race across the empty ground
>Knights spill out into the couryard as you cross the drawbridge, but as you run on ahead, the wurm stops
>Before you even have a chance to respond, she dives into the river and dissapears in a cloud of mud and stirred-up dirt
>That same earthquake rumbling from before starts up again, and the soldiers in the courtyard all stop
>The ground shakes, stones coming loose, falling from the parapets and walls
>Then, right before your eyes, the entire fortress collapses as if a sinkhole was opened up below it, the castle reduced to single stones, dust and rubble
>Seconds later, the ground next to you bursts apart, your wurm wife crawling back up, covered in soil, and beaming happily
>"Well, that should keep them busy for a while."
>Such is life with an overprotective wurm.

>> No.14077149

Truly, Wurms are the greatest waifu.

>> No.14077150

I didn't think the long death of an increasingly non-intimate marriage and alienation of affection applied to monstergirls.

>> No.14077151

Anon, this may be the wrong universe for you.
If you go full-KC then monsters are the most lackadaisical creatures ever because they don't even need to eat or sleep as long as they keep fucking.
And even if you don't, the topic is sort of "fucking my waifu"...

>> No.14077152

>Husband, what is 'cumflation' and why are you writing it on my tag?

>Milk? Are you putting groceries on there?! I can remember them just fine?

>Why is '500 babies' written over and over on my tag?

>> No.14077155

>Grocery list on a Jiangshi's tag
Oh boy we need that.

>> No.14077157

>custom calligraphy to get small enough print
>what looks to be an endlessly intricate pattern is just the list of fetishes

>> No.14077158

It does with me, It's why I only want one night stands at the most with a monster girl.

Using a condom of course.

>> No.14077159

>She tears it off
>You give her a pouty face
>She sighs and puts it back on

>> No.14077161

What a cute. I would love to be rescued by her.

>> No.14077162

>Heart pupils
>And cudding
>These were the ingredient listed to make the perfect Jaingshi tag!
>But, Anonymous accidentally added another fetish

>> No.14077165

I want to write random words out of a dictionary and see what happens.

>> No.14077168

>She teasingly puts a post it note on your forehead that lists her fetishes

>> No.14077169

>"Can we at least take 'tentacles' off? I'm still sore from last ti-"
>Pout deepens
>"Fine.....But you better have taken off 'Bigger Ass', do you know how hard it is to buy new dresses that fit?

>> No.14077172

> Doesn't go in for all this "waifu & daughteru" obsession the thread seems to have
> Just wants to bang a monster menagerie of sexy exotic chicks

I'm fairly sure that this was the actual point of the monstergirl fetish, but I fear you and I might be the only people who actually retain this attitude, bobbing along as flotsam atop a sea of guys who, in the style of 5-year-old girls, just want to play house

>> No.14077173

Now THAT is cute.

>> No.14077174

>It just says "You"
I actually feel kinda bad that she's going in the next waifu war.

>> No.14077175

Oh god, he's back.
You know, instead of talking shit about what you don't like, why not talk about what you actually like about things?

>> No.14077179

What if I want both?

>> No.14077183

It'd probably be a game the two of you play. You put notes on her head and she puts them on yours.

It makes the bedroom scene look like a very disorganized office room.
Don't be so negative.

>> No.14077184

So how powerful is the magic on the talisman?
Does it only change her mentally or can it actually change her physical body?
If it's the latter, I'm writing "Strong and swole as fuck shortstack" on it

>> No.14077185

>Your wife tells you she can't move anymore
>And that she needs help limbering up
>So there you are, fondling your wife
>Out in the open
>Where all of the people of the marketplace can see you
>Men are covering the eyes of their wives, in the hopes that they don't get the idea to do this out in public too
>Another peaceful day in the Mist Continent

>> No.14077186

What happens if you write her name on the tag?

>> No.14077190

Some sort of positive-feedback vanity loop?

>> No.14077191

What's negative about what I said?

>> No.14077192

>in the hopes that they don't get the idea to do this out in public too

Well the Kakuen are already doing that.

>> No.14077193

>trying to do science on magic
Anon stop you're going to hurt yourself.

>> No.14077194

It feels pretty good to be above all that garbage.

Kids are shit and being married is a huge fucking mistake.

>> No.14077195

Well, it can explicitly increase their strength and magic power on top of the existing precedent that mana can change the physique of *any* monster girl.
So yeah, I'd say it's a barbie girl post-it.

>> No.14077197

Write the address too so they know where to take her if she gets lost.

>> No.14077198


>> No.14077199

>She starts lifting and sees a wizard about a shape change spell.
>After a week she's a ripped shortstack that loves to cuddle you

>> No.14077201

Well, I mean.

If I were to do a Jiangshi story "MUH FOTM", it'd involve hemomancy and Qi manipulation similar to a Wight. If you don't know what either one of those is to put it in layman's terms blood bending and life force manipulation similar to the best undead waifu and best waifu in general Wight

>> No.14077203

I got mixed up about what you meant by waifu war.

>> No.14077206

Then write about a fucking Wight you retard.

>> No.14077207

I thought it would just automatically change her.

>> No.14077208

She's one of the only MG's with mind control elements semi built in. Only others i can think of are golems but those didnt really go anywhere, and demons.

>> No.14077209

What happens if I write paradoxes on her talisman?

>> No.14077210

>You'll never catch a Kakuen in the bushes outside your room's window masturbating while whispering your name.
>You'll never awkwardly stare at each other before you open the window and invite her inside.
>You'll never wake up the next morning with a sore pelvis and a smiling Kakuen cuddled up next to you.
This reality sucks.

>> No.14077211

>"Why have you written 'Aardvark' on my tag?"

>> No.14077215

>Decide to pull a prank on your Jaingshi waifu
>While she's asleep you write her name on her tag
>The day goes normal except she keeps looking at herself in the mirror longer than usual
>Eh, girls
>Come back from work one day
>There's some moaning, and- is she calling a name?
>You bolt up the stairs, baseball bat in hand, expecting to see some poor sod whose face is going to be mush fucking your wife
>Instead you find you wife furiously masturbating to herself in the mirror
>Seriously, there's tissues everywhere
>The room smells like an orgy
>The name she was calling out was her own
>"Your wife" has been fucking your wife all day

>> No.14077218

It's YuMoGuiGwai Fai Di Zao kind of powerful.

>> No.14077220

There's more to Qi manipulation than just what a Wight does you mong.

>> No.14077221

yeah its the same here

>> No.14077223

It might be extremely painful.

>> No.14077224

What if you write other monster girl species on a Jiangshi tag? Does she think she's one of them?

>Write Jinko, she slashes with her "claws" and prowls
>Write Lamia, she slithers around and tries to coil up with you
>Write Yeti, she puts a scarf on and "hugs" you with her semi-stiff arms

>> No.14077225

>having a sore pelvis
>not giving her the sore pelvis

Fucking pleb.

>> No.14077227

Right. Like flight, and beams!
>TFW you never master the Makankōsappō with your waifu.
Why even live.

>> No.14077229

I never said she wouldn't have one, but you don't wake up and feel the soreness of both her and your pelvises anon.

>> No.14077231


>> No.14077232

I enjoy me some naughty Manticubs, so I'll keep encouraging him.

>> No.14077236

Fuck off faggot.

>> No.14077238

I don't think it does that but MAMONO MANA does change girls to their husbands liking so she may wake up a little short and with a little more muscle each day until she's her husbands preferred type.

Would be funny if it happened to a boisterous, arrogant vampire and her husband like chubby oppai lolls or an extreme amount of muscle that made it difficult to look womanly in a dress

>> No.14077239

See, this is why we need increased funding for Lich and Sabbath research.
Or more Mindflayers.
To enable a reality where you feel the sensations of both partners at once.

>> No.14077240

>Men are covering the eyes of their wives, in the hopes that they don't get the idea to do this out in public too
Too bad skippy. In a week walking with your hand in your wife's cunt is gonna be all the rage

>> No.14077242

Dammit anon.
Her butts gonna be sore from the spanking I'll give her.

>> No.14077244

Uncle was so fucking based.

>> No.14077247

I'm gonna try writing "Strongest" on a Jiangshi's talisman and see what happens.

>> No.14077250

>Just do it like Wight
>Transcribe "Vegeta" onto your Jiangshi waifu's talisman
>She starts calling you Kakarot and challenging you to fights where she attempts to rape you
>Also gains the ability to fly like an outstretched arm Qing Dynasty rocket zombie

>> No.14077251

Why the fuck would you want to feel double sore in the morning?

>> No.14077253

>Jaingshi starts slowly getting smaller overtime
>She's completely oblivious to it
>She pouts
>"What's wrong?"
>"You keep getting taller..."
>"Well I don't know if it applies to girls, but for guys drinking a lot of milk makes us taller."
>She takes your advise and starts drinking more milk
>Keikaku doori

>> No.14077255

>Write "harpy", she jumps off of a 10 story building, flapping her arms wildly
>When you run back down to the sidewalk, you see her body, crushed against the sidewalk
>With her mangled and broken skeleton, she can just barely read the talisman after it's slipped from her head
>She looks up at you, rolling her eyes
>"Well, what did you think would happen"
>One trip to the lich hospital later, you make a mental note to never do that again

>> No.14077258

>writes "Hinezumi" or "Ren Xiongmao"
>Tracks down the nearest one

Sexy Kung-Fu shenanigans ensue.

>> No.14077259

She'll probably freeze up from a stack overflow error.

>> No.14077264

I never took demon to be mind control. More like... I dunno, coercive sex fetish. It's not quite rape; more the subtle pleasure of watching her eyes smoulder with anger as she is contractually obligated to suck you off in front of all her friends and subordinates.

But fine, you have convinced me that the jiangshi does, in fact, have some degree of special distinctiveness.

>> No.14077267

I fail to see how they were naughty.

>> No.14077268

>this weenie doesn't enjoy feeling double sore

>> No.14077274

> foolproof way of getting your waifu to enthusiastically roleplay other monstergirls in the bedroom
This could have mileage.

>> No.14077276

>"ERROR: Cannot read talisman."
>Okay, what about "Very Strong"
>"ERROR: Cannot read talisman."
>Uhm, "Doomsday"?
>"ERROR: Cannot read talisman."
>"ERROR: Cannot read talisman."
>"Jackie Chan"?
>"ERROR: Cannot read talisman."
>"...Please insert Sake to continue downloading process."

>> No.14077277

I already hate this new Undead

>> No.14077282

Mindflayer or Shoggoth?

>> No.14077283

You sore it's not your Phoenix Waifu anon?

>> No.14077285

Not that anon.

>> No.14077287

Shog bois reppin

>> No.14077288

>Hello Talisman support....yeah it happened again....yes I taking it off and on again

>> No.14077289

Okay then, my bad.

>> No.14077292

Too bad sonny, Jiangshi is the best girl in a long while.

>> No.14077293
File: 92 KB, 647x401, Told ya I&#039;d do it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14077294
File: 65 KB, 422x422, 1437930714851.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All traditional Succubi (in my headcanon at least) are capable of using glamours so that they can more easily coerce the human boys in the yard to fuck them.

Demons are more contractually bound than doing it out of sheer joy (Or they get off on it), but to me at the beginning of the relationship it'd be more like FUCK, FUCK, FUUUUUUUCK THE DEMON CODE PREVENTS ME FROM DECLINING A SUCK-OFF CHALLENGE! WHAT ARE YOUR TERMS, WHAT'S THE CA-HA-HATCH?

Jiangshi in traditional media and from what KC has done with the talisman are basically being told exactly what to do (It originally serves as a way in order for the Jiangshi to not go apeshit, even Lei-Lei/Hsien-Ko wears one because her sister has transformed into it so they don't go on a rampage, they're actually two Jiangshi iirc) but KC has made her have a little bit more lee-way with it instead of just obeying you like a mindless slave. If you want a waifu who can't think for herself get a Slime because fuck you not ever Slime can be Suu.

Both. We always need more Iä Iä Cthulhu R'yleh Ftaghn!

>> No.14077300

She's fucking generic cosplay tier garbage.

Fuck off to /a/

>> No.14077301

She just wants a hug.

>> No.14077305

You take that back!

>> No.14077308

>You'll never write "Irrumatio" on her tag.
>You'll never lay back and enjoy your Jiangshi waifu deepthroating you all day.
God damn it.

>> No.14077310

It's literally the same creature from it's mythology. They don't all need to look like beasts to be monsters. Or if I want to fight your idiocy in the same manner, "Fuck off to /d/"

>> No.14077311
File: 31 KB, 230x230, 1434554490221-0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mindflayers best Elder Thing

>> No.14077313

I'd be glad to give her one.

>> No.14077314


>> No.14077315

What's that dorky Jiangdork gonna do, huh?


>> No.14077320
File: 40 KB, 450x319, 1439581918715.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Comparing a Star Spawn of Cthulhu to an Elder Thing

>> No.14077321


They're both shit.

>> No.14077322

She'll cry! Or maybe just rape you!

>> No.14077325

So obviously Jiangshi are pretty fancy zombies in keeping with their whole raised by a Chinese wizard origin. Gold trim, nice clothes. Probably comes standard even if the woman who died was a peasant in a dirty smock.
But would they expect to keep that standard?
Would a Jiangshi get embarrassed if her husband was a filthy peasant? What if his handwriting was terrible and she always had to deal with ugly looking tags?

>> No.14077328

She brought it on herself for wearing a tag on her face! Dorks can't rape people!

>> No.14077329

>tfw bad handwriting
>write command on tag
>followed right after with (sorry)

>> No.14077330

Yeah probably. They're probably all vapid whores who only care about their image.

>> No.14077331

I thought a dork was a whale penis. Ergo they can rape people.

>> No.14077332

>What if his handwriting was terrible and she always had to deal with ugly looking tags?
Simple, she fucks him enough until she can move her joints properly and teaches him how to write properly. With her breasts pressed against his back while she instructs him of course.

>> No.14077335

You'll be the real dork when she forces you down and has her way with you!

>> No.14077336

>First thing that pops into your head is whale peni when you see the word Dork
Why don't you have a seat over there?

>> No.14077340

Ok. Am I waiting for something?

>> No.14077341

But what if he still can't write properly?

>> No.14077343

Now Anon, you mind explaining why you have whale peni on the mind?

>> No.14077346

>KC has made her have a little bit more lee-way with it instead of just obeying you like a mindless slave

My suspicion is that the "She won't obey absolutely EVERY talisman instruction" is not so much a way of injecting her some free will, but more just his device to avoid one very specific instruction: the one where you write "NTR time" on a talisman and stick it on someone elses' jiangshi waifu.

I strongly suspect that's what's behind raging mushrooms not working "unless she secretly wants it", and golemancy runes not working if you instruct them in a manner contrary to their heart. It is literally, as >>14077050 says, just plugging every loophole that could be used for NTR.

Not that mind, because NTR a shit, but KC has a habit of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut in this regard.

>> No.14077347

It's just the definition of dork as I learned on the playgrounds of the early 90s, your honor.

>> No.14077350

>Starts drinking mino milk as her height continues to decline.
>She just gets muscles and a six pack but no extra inches
>pouts whenever you have to lift her up so she can grab things but secretly loves it

>> No.14077351

She loves him anyway.
You can't actually edit a prexisting Jiangshi's thoughts, remember? Only newly raised ones.

>> No.14077354

I can vouch for him your honour, I learned a lot of fucked up shit on the playgrounds.

>> No.14077356

Eh, I'll agree to that.

NTR is shit and everybody who enjoys it clearly gets off on being cuckolded like a betamax level faggot.

Impregnation is still the greatest fetish.

>> No.14077357

>She loves him anyway.

Anon you need to learn how to lie better.

>> No.14077358

>She becomes the strongest
>It's actually really inconvenient because she keeps on breaking things
>Doors, walls, houses, cities, you name it
>She even actually crushed the diamond ring you gave her for your marriage proposal
>That thing cost a lot of fucking money too

>> No.14077362

>Crushed the Proposal ring

I can just imagine the tears.

>> No.14077363

I see. I see, yes that does make sense. The playground is a very strange yet magical place, yes
I guess I will rule you as not guilty

>> No.14077366


>> No.14077371

She is a fucking leaping corpse. Why does she feel she needs to be vapid and paint skin cells that are deader than her? Plus way to find something that smells even worse than formaldehyde lady.

>> No.14077373

But I'm not lying.
It's not my fault you're a piece of shit cynic who can't comprehend the idea of love.

>> No.14077377

Uh...did you read the profile? You didn't read the profile.
Magical poison.

>> No.14077378

>You can't actually edit a prexisting Jiangshi's thoughts, remember? Only newly raised ones.
It says "the binding and recalling aspects don't have much effect on those who have already revived", which just means that writing "Soul please return to this body" and "Your master is Anon Nymous" only work the first time.
All that stuff about editing her lusty disposition and re-statting her STR and DEX work all the time, though.

>> No.14077379

>She just takes some coal and squeezes it with so much force it becomes a new diamond
>She then cuts it with her fingernail
>It's actually bigger and purer than the one she crushed

>> No.14077380

Read the profile, Jim

>> No.14077381

Has literally no one noticed that those aren't painted nails?
They're glowing for fuck's sake. It's that toxin or whatever that lets them transform women into Jiangshi.

>> No.14077382

Reminder that monster girls only would love you for your dick.

They don't find you interesting or charming in any other way, they're only interested in your dick and if you can produce mana for them.

>> No.14077383


friend of mine bought $10,000 engagement ring
>well that's fucking stupid, but you better insure that

a month later, the diamond fell out of the setting

he had never told his fiance he insured it, so she totally lost her shit for a day until she found out.

>> No.14077385

Still better then humans.

>> No.14077389


fiction, etc.

>> No.14077390

I will not let that happen! I am above dorky girls!

>> No.14077391

Wrong, friendly reminder the pages state they often rape multiple men before "finding one they like." If they were just in it for sex they'd just continue raping random hobos and not settle down.

>> No.14077395


Guess I'll move to a cave in some deserted canyonlands, beats being a sex slave.

>> No.14077396

That's what you think.

>> No.14077397
File: 16 KB, 600x600, This bait is so bad it&#039;s insulting.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reminder that I don't care about your shit opinion.
I'm gonna keep believing in romance and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

>> No.14077398

I learned a new word today.

>> No.14077401

I actually prefer it this way, because my low self-esteem means that if they WERE interested in the virtue of your character, I'd have difficulty convincing myself any of them would ever want me.

But if they just love you for your man-milk, then it's all fine and dandy, because while I can't give them a good person to love, I know that I can give them sperms

Just another reason that monstergirls are magical.

>> No.14077404
File: 275 KB, 1073x669, cult.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You will never start a demon cult.

>> No.14077405

Does this mean you can scare it away with a young boy's piss?

>> No.14077406 [SPOILER] 
File: 793 KB, 1943x2222, 1441927357804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14077408


>> No.14077410
File: 181 KB, 512x548, 1431055531793.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14077412

Goddamnit. Rolled 6.
Alp 1: The genkiest oppai loli Alp,who is secretly an Elf
Alp 2: Kuudere MUSCLE Alp, who is secretly an Elf.
Alp 3: Dandere Oppai Loli Alp, who ran a foul of Hathorites and is now chubby.
Alp 4: Dandere chubby Alp, who is now a Jabberwock.
Alp 5: Deredere thin Alp, who comes with a Kobold companion (Hourglass figure, tomboy personality)
Alp 6: Dandere chubby Alp, who is secretly an Elf.

I am not good at this rolling thing.

>> No.14077414

> If they were just in it for sex they'd just continue raping random hobos and not settle down.

I got bad news for you, anon:

> For many monsters, love takes root during sex. Thinking “I'm after mana, so anyone will do,” they have sex with men they've captured as prey, and then when they receive that energy in their body, that hot desire and pleasure changes into love. A man who shouldn't have mattered often ends up becoming the one and only man for them.

So they do settle down, but they settle down for no good reason with random worthless hobos

>> No.14077416

Hell, I'd be lucky if i could pull off a blue oyster one.

>> No.14077419

Here, hold my beer.

>> No.14077422
File: 10 KB, 564x420, 1230085088983.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14077423

Still about the same level of motivation as real women, only these actually do love you.

And if you're so worried about them being picky, go for a higher end one like a Tanuki who is trying to accomplish something specific.

>> No.14077424

You have met with a wonderful fate.

>> No.14077428
File: 395 KB, 830x1200, demon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But the hips!

>> No.14077431

"This is my swamp"

>> No.14077437

Right, but the extra heretical hermaphroditic scythe-armed one up there has nothing to with delicious blueberries.

>> No.14077440
File: 190 KB, 800x427, 1364818919742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only acceptable type of hip is hip-firing

I'm gonna stop it here because 40kposting past shits n giggles borders unironical paladingposting.

>> No.14077445

WHFB had this great cult pic so I just chose that.

>tfw no blueberry cult

>> No.14077448

Yeah but they don't cheat nor judge you for your appearance. They're still better than humans by far.

>> No.14077449

>nor judge you for your appearance

This fucking guy.

>> No.14077454

Don't some of them fix your apperance?

>> No.14077459

But he's right. They don't care because they can change you retard.

>> No.14077466

Being homeless sucks, huh anon? Good thing MGC has started a new Anti-Homelessness initiative. In addition to getting a new job, some kind monstergirl has chosen to act as your homestay until you're able to get back on your feet. Unless of course, you choose to marry her. Then you can keep living with her.

Use https://www.wizards.com/dnd/dice/dice.htm or https://www.random.org/ depending on preference.

Personality: 1d10
1: Clingy
2: Himedere
3: Thugdere
4: Deredere
5: Racial Norm
6: Light-Tsundere
7: Genki
9: Kuudere
10: Pick One

Body Type: 1d10
1: Pear Shaped
2: Muscular
3: Loli (If already Loli, then CC)
4: Racial Norm
5: /fit/
6: Oppai Loli
7: Hourglass Shaped
8: Thin
9: Chubby
10: Pick One

Wait for Quirks.
We need a better rolling game than that Imp one.

>> No.14077469

Too cute. That guy's not going to walk correctly for weeks, though.

>> No.14077477

I wanna see her face when I sneak up on her and slap her ass.

>> No.14077487
File: 80 KB, 223x199, 1436114406099.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14077490 [SPOILER] 
File: 2.36 MB, 1280x720, 1441928747441.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This kind of face?

>> No.14077492

Twice in one thread? Really?

>> No.14077495


Quirks: 1d12
1: Chimera (Roll another species and fuse it with hers.)
2: Twins! (Roll another body type and personality for her sister and roll another quirk for both of them.)
3: Bottom heavy (Her ass is twice as big as the average ass for her species.)
4: Yamato Nadeshiko (Has all the skills of a perfect housewife.)
5: Undead (Died and was brought back to life as a cuddlebug zombie. Might change into a Wight over time. If undead already, then reroll.)
6: Love Freak (In love with love and romance.)
7: Heiress (Rich, and has a retinue of 1d4 maids following her around. Roll body types and personalities for each of them.)
8: Echidna Daugher (Her mother was an echidna, and a few of her sisters live with her. Roll a 1d6 to determine how many sisters she has, then roll body types, and personalities for all of them. All of them will share a quirk. This quirk cannot be rolled twice.)
9: Tall (She's 2 feet taller than the average for her species)
10: Sadomasochist (Loves dominating or being dominated. Your pick.)
11: Bakunyuu (Her breasts are three cup sizes bigger than the average for her species)
12: Choose Two.

Lewdness Level: 1d6
1: Not very Lewd
2: Decently Lewd
3: Lewd
4: Very Lewd
5: Overly Lewd
6: Maximum Lewd

Well anon, are you gonna marry her or them or not?

>> No.14077496


>> No.14077498

I don't think it's that they don't care because they can change you (although yes, they can); I think it's that they literally don't care. As >>14077382 implied, the delicious, crack-cocaine rush they get when you ejaculate inside them is what attracts monsters to a man. To them, judging someone on his appearance would be like, I dunno, judging a 10/10 qt on the fact that her eyes are blue but your favourite colour is green. It's a trivial irrelevance and to pass up someone on those grounds would be almost criminally petty and counter-productive.

>> No.14077500

Precisely. I want to see the look of surprise in her otherwise smug face as I "disrespect" her butt.

>> No.14077502

How much does the talisman understand? If i put 'outercourse' which isnt technically a word would it still take?

>> No.14077504

I didn't do the alp one.
And I just noticed I accidentally said "imp one" in my post. god damn it.

>> No.14077505

Fuck off with this shit already goddamn

>> No.14077507

>Not posting witch hunters.

Disappointed tbh.

You will never stop my cult fag

>> No.14077513

>Have a jiangshi girlfriend
>Take her out to a restaurant for a fancy dinner one night
>Ask for her talisman
>She hesitates, but passes it to you
>You take out a pen and start to write on it
>She asks what, rather nervously, but you don't answer
>Without letting her see the words, you let her put it back on
>She gasps as the magic of the talisman flows into her mind, imprinting the words upon her being
>Tears well up in her eyes, and she puts a hand to her mouth
>Barely keeping composed, she manages to read out what you've written, voice quivering
>"Will you marry me?"

>You have to help pry her fingers from her cutlery so she can accept the ring.

>> No.14077514
File: 134 KB, 440x671, MATHIAS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't make me call Mathias Thulmann on your unholy ass you heretic.

He's still one of my favorite Warhammer OCs by an author that doesn't work for GW. Fucks shit up and starts a party.

>> No.14077515

>I think it's that they literally don't care
This is not entirely correct. It was stated that they have preferences, and if you don't mind she will probably turn you into a bishie or whatever thing she wants.

>> No.14077517

If you wrote that, it would make her ask you to marry her you moron.

>> No.14077521

Quit wasting images, 40kiddie.

>> No.14077523

I recognize this place.

>> No.14077524


>> No.14077525


no no

>> No.14077526

Fantasy and 40k are two entirely different, or were, franchises. Stop getting your panties in a knot because you can't handle the glory of the Horned Rat or Sotek or based Sigmar

>> No.14077527

>Lewd Genki Heiress Loli with 4 maids
Too lazy to roll four maids but I have no appropriate response for this development

>> No.14077532

Just let it happen.

>> No.14077534

>IG + Spess Muhreene posting
>Don't delete any of it
>Then posts the cover of one WF novel
>Get's called 40kiddie
>Y-you don't understand. Let me tell you about Warhammer fantasy guys

>> No.14077535

>Remember husbandos, fondle your Jiangshi waifu! It's good for her joints!
Well if you say so.

>If they recognize that something they well and truly dislike has been written on their talisman, they'll just peel it off themselves before it can affect them
But what if their limbs are too stiff to reach?

>> No.14077542

>>Your wife's come to the party in full battle mode, it seems
>>Her long, dark hair billows out from behind her like the plume of a helmet
>>Her entire body, from tip to tail, is covered in plate-like scales
>>She looks like some draconic, almost demonic knight herself, sleek and powerful, more monster than human
Okay so I'm not the only one who's imagined Dragon-types being able to do this. Cool.

>> No.14077545

I didn't post the Imperial Guard picture, you flabbergasted shitstain.

>> No.14077549

I'm bored and I can't launch the Waifu War until sunday.

>> No.14077552


So like the /tg/ version of the MGS fanboys here?

>> No.14077556

Yes. Like the MGSV shitposting isn't bad enough right now.

>> No.14077558

It's hard to get mad at you when you use words like this so incorrectly.

>> No.14077562

Are you actually referring to a specific game or something?

"Waifu wars" as I know it is a term for CYOA-style games where readers become emotionally vested in having a certain love interest become MC's waifu, and as a result go to great lengths to aggressively argue, throw tantrums, start drama, stuff ballots with extra votes, and other extremes to make sure she wins. Nyanon's last CYOA was a godo example of this.

>> No.14077563

Pretty sure he's just talking about throwing a bunch of monstergirls into the hunger games simulator again.

>> No.14077566

Yeah, I do it every other sunday during somewhat dead hours to keep it from clogging the threads.
Hey, maybe this week Paladin-Chan will actually win.

>> No.14077567

God dammit depressed anon.

>> No.14077569

Ha, although sure this is the anti-NTR measure, that still sounds like it could be a hilarious predicament with the husbando.
>"Wait, I want to do WHAT with whipped cream? No, I'm taking that off-ah. Sweetie, take it off."
> >:3
>"My arms are too...nagh...help. Oh no, it's settling into my thoooooughts."

>> No.14077570

How dare you question the hugbox-induced plot holes!

>> No.14077572

Nice pic.

>> No.14077573

I'd guess if it's something horrible like Guro or NTR they'd just power through and rip it off.

>> No.14077576


>> No.14077577

> >:3

Go the fuck away.

>> No.14077578

>An oni will never cheerfully carry you off for Snu-Snu during the full moon.
God damn it.
Whoever ends up as the MON girl's homestay is a lucky bastard.

>> No.14077579

It could happen.
It actually happened once when I was testing the custom events.

>> No.14077583
File: 502 KB, 1600x2000, Lich.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Colors done, shading soon

>> No.14077584

I want to turn a shy, sexually repressed anubis into a cuddly, ahegao-ing buttslut!

>> No.14077586

Fair enough. A couple broken bones or torn joints wouldn't be much of an issue to an undead anyway, after all.

>> No.14077589

>You'll never fall asleep cuddling with your Anubis waifu, with your dick buried in her ass after spending the evening filling her belly up with your spunk

>> No.14077592

You'll have stiff competition.
Anubis are a rare but popular breed. She'll have her pick of all the guys she could want.
Unless you go to Anubisville, where everyone gets one but quality isn't guaranteed.

>> No.14077593

Speaking of buttsluts, we need more of that Kejourou buttslut cousin story.

>> No.14077597

How best to prove myself as the most suitable potential mate?


>> No.14077602

Damn, that's good. Can't wait to see the final result.

>> No.14077603

How bad could a low quality Anubis get?

>> No.14077607

Maybe prove you can make her feel good?
If you're good enough at massages, that might tilt the odds in your favor.
And then you can massage her ass to make her start feeling good from there.

>> No.14077617

This I can do. And would do, with great pleasure. Great, thorough pleasure...

>> No.14077619


>Fushoji mangaka Anubis that keeps trying to get you together with your bros, doesn't like to dress up for you.
>Kobold-style Anubis that's tiny, obedient, and flat (arguably bad if you're into basketball tits)
>Actual slave-driver style Anubis that makes you do all the house chores, carry the shopping, etc.
>Sadist Anubis similar to above but with more whipping
>Work-a-holic Anubis that you rarely get to see, comes home late usually too tired to snoo-snoo

>> No.14077623

Which classes would grow in player numbers in MMOs if monstergirls found out about videogames?

>> No.14077627

>writing in third person perspective
>decide halfway through I want it in first person
What do? a revision or do you think a perspective swap after a major event will be fine?

>> No.14077628

>Work-a-holic Anubis that you rarely get to see, comes home late usually too tired to snoo-snoo
She can get paw rubs everynight. Ev-er-y-night.

>> No.14077631

Start a new chapter , and then do the first person from there in.

>> No.14077632

>You'll never get to rub her pregnant belly from behind as she plans months in advance for delivery

She'll be the sort of girl who obsesses over dating sims, plans around a schedule, and still ends up with bags under her eyes. She'll probably be all scrawny, too.
She tries to sound commanding sometimes, but her voices cracks whenever she attempts it.

>> No.14077633

Consistency is huge man. Just stick with what you have or change the whole thing.

>> No.14077638

Write it in second-person like a normal writefag, goddam.

>> No.14077643

>Kobold-style Anubis that's tiny, obedient, and flat
Yes yes a thousand times YES!

>>You'll never get to rub her pregnant belly from behind as she plans months in advance for delivery
Even more saddening...dammit anon...

Y'know I read an article that partners who constantly put off their SO's sexual desires because they're tired or don't feel up to it or whatever, cause long-term dissatisfaction in the relationship for both parties.

Of course, maybe some good paw rubs would get her in more of a mood for some late-night cuddlesex as we drifted off...

>> No.14077644

After a weekend of testing, you find that other monsters can be affected by Jiang-shi talismans. However, they can only make a single change to a monstergirl. What monstergirl do you put it on and what do you write on their talisman to change them?

>> No.14077651

>Power Word: Mofu

>> No.14077653

>That day when your daughteru finds out she was conceived by means of back-door drip from your waifu's anus

>> No.14077657


>> No.14077658

My waifu is a Wurm, so I put it on her. However, it doesn't really matter what kind of MG I put it on.


Because of what I put on it: Omnipotence

>> No.14077662


>> No.14077664


>> No.14077665

>"Daddy, how was I born?"
>"Well, a little storke flew in-"
>"Dad, I know about sex. How was I born?"
>"I.. Well.. Normally?"
>"I really don't want to."
>"I want to know, Dad."

>> No.14077669

>Missed "what mg would you put it on"

>> No.14077671

ya i'm just going to swap perspective and then revise the first bit to first person later on
never liked second person, besides a plot point will be a language barrier and I want to switch between the two characters perspectives

>> No.14077672

Cool, I love gobs.
I hope she does the OHOHOHOHO! laugh
>Hourglass figure
A nice booty to go with her breasts
So, she's about normal human hight now. I can dig it.
>Overly lewd
I like her being a bit of a pervert.

I think I did well

>> No.14077673

It's a toss-up between making a crow tengu busty or buff.

>> No.14077674

For accent? Any MG is fine, really.
But if I had to pick one, it'd be Grapesnake. See which one comes out.

>> No.14077676

Probably regular succubi, and then outercourse to get the most bang for my buck.

>> No.14077677

Oh, no I didn't. They all need more mofu.

>> No.14077678
File: 471 KB, 1920x1080, AnubisMechanic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Write "Tomboy Engineer" and stick it on an Anubis.

>> No.14077680

Tomboy elf.

>> No.14077683

>not decent
>not great

I thought you were dead Moby.

>> No.14077688
File: 1.44 MB, 2000x2057, kraken7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You've gotta be squidding me!

>> No.14077691

Actually, there's one good pasta dish I make all the time. I'd try that.

>> No.14077696

Why is that laugh so good?

>> No.14077700

>3) insert into paladin girl

>> No.14077702

I have no idea, but I love it.

>> No.14077706

>Doesn't rape

>> No.14077707

I hope KC shows us the setting in the era of the former demon lord once he's done with the current one.

>> No.14077708

Because it means the girl doesn't please old men for money.

>> No.14077712

buttsluts you say? how about giving your wife an aphrodisiac enema and then making her wear a plug all day, then when you come home she pulls the plug out and spreads her cheeks, begging you to hurry up and plug up her sopping wet, throbbing butthole?

>> No.14077715
File: 2.60 MB, 2000x2000, fb8c56512f46590e5b89a4934e1f5069.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dang when did this happen

>> No.14077716

I like this thought. I like it a lot.

>> No.14077718

She's embarrassed when the talisman comes off, then pissed

>> No.14077721

Welcome to about half a century ago

>> No.14077722


>Thugdere Fat assed but thin Dormouse.
Well, thanks I guess, just keep sleeping, you won't even know I'm there.

>> No.14077723

go away

>> No.14077724

Long time ago.

Figures that .less likes a shit girl like her.

>> No.14077726 [SPOILER] 
File: 411 KB, 1200x695, 1441932883394.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're walking home when a pair of demons block your way! What do?

>> No.14077729

Imagine how much every woman in the world with that name has suffered in the last few years.

>> No.14077730

I walk around them.

>> No.14077731


>> No.14077732

get them in some decent clothes, they're 10 for god's sake

>> No.14077734

You are both my niggas.

>> No.14077735

Dunno if he likes her or not; it's just kind of an inevitably combination. I don't like Litchi, but I'm glad he drew that. It's something that had to be done.

He also drew Mu and Izayoi as...cat girls? I know Mu was a cat...Izayoi might've been a valkyrie?

>> No.14077742

She becomes the target of blood knights everywhere.

>> No.14077745

Push them over and walk away.

>> No.14077746

>You'll never sit by her side as she delivers, her massive paws, even with their softness, crushing your hand as she squeezes
>You'll never see her smile tearfully as the midwife passes her children to her, a litter of four beautiful anubis children cradled in her arms
>She'll never pass each child to you, one after the other as you both name them
>You'll never be able to see your babies, crying and whining in your arms with their stubby, fluffless little ears and tail, eyes still shut, only able to focus on your voice
>You'll never spend that night sleeping on a mattress in your kids' room, holding hands with your waifu through the bars of the crowded crib as she curls around your children

>> No.14077747

Both. To burn.

>> No.14077749

Tell them to get a top that actaully fits. They look like they have 6 saggy tits that alternate in color.

>> No.14077751
File: 1.23 MB, 597x3500, 1441650309361.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Mu and the second worst character in Blazblue

My point still stands.

Nu/Lambda when .less?

>> No.14077769

That is disgusting

>> No.14077779

Noclip through them while saying excuse me.

>> No.14077780
File: 560 KB, 496x702, 1436875554582.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Plans within plans within even more plans.

>> No.14077781

Why are you attempting to murder me via heart-attacks and sadness? Damn anon...damn...

>> No.14077786
File: 173 KB, 846x1200, how-would-you-like-something-hot-17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>NTR is shit and everybody who enjoys it clearly gets off on being cuckolded like a betamax level faggot
>netori doesn't exist

You're doing it wrong.

>> No.14077787

When is KC gonna draw Lilith?

>> No.14077791

Still shit.

>> No.14077792

I fine with that, I just want an onahole, everybody wins.

>> No.14077795

Inception joke.

What is her plan anyway? Besides getting herself caught and crashing a plane, of course.

>> No.14077797
File: 965 KB, 2000x2500, 1441462158851.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

.less needs to draw like this more often

>> No.14077798

Anon don't argue with the maledomfag, they're dumber than niggers.

>> No.14077801

Good drawing
worst girl

>> No.14077802

That one leans more towards Netorare still.

Netori is something else; and still only marginally better.

>> No.14077803

>roll very lewd chubby tsun large mouse
>roll lewd clingy thin large mouse
>lewd light-tsun chubby large mouse
>max lewd thugdere chubby heiress with 3 maids
>lewd racial norm nightmare maid
>overly lewd racial norm arachne maid
>overly lewd muscular cupid maid

I rolled quirks for the maids, but then I rolled the first maid as an heiress with 3 of her own maids and the cupid had 4 sisters from her echidna mother. Then I realized quirks weren't mandatory for maids. Are they?


>> No.14077809


>> No.14077816

For you.

>> No.14077825

Fuck off

>> No.14077826

Yeah, you don't need to roll quirks for maids.
Enjoy your daily reverse-gangbangs anon.

>> No.14077827

I can see that, but whether netorare or netori, self inserting as the cuck is, well, for cucks. Not everyone who likes NTR identifies with the loser.

>> No.14077836

It's either the loser or the asshole anon.
Neither option paints you in a positive light.

>> No.14077837

Say what you will Niebel, Dragoncuck was still terrible.

>> No.14077839

Make me glass heart.

>> No.14077846
File: 121 KB, 500x643, Anubis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Slave Driver Anubis, then I'm going to diligently worked my ass off, be an obedient and useful steward of her home, become the head servant until she eventually can't resist me anymore and throws herself me in a Joseph and Potipher's wife-esque scenario

Only in this version Potipher's wife is the master, single, and I'm totally gonna hit that then put a ring on it.

>> No.14077848

But that's wrong. What about doujins where the person who is stolen is abused or miserable?

Wrong guy.

>> No.14077861

Whatever you say, bait-kun.

>> No.14077866

That it was, and I will fight anyone who defends it.

>> No.14077867

>What about doujins where the person who is stolen is abused or miserable?
Those're netori, and more acceptable. But still, in all actuality, it'd be better for them to just break it off with the person making them miserable first. Also not the kind of thing you posted in that image before.

>Wrong guy
I figured, but he's voiced the same sort of opinions.

>> No.14077868

Is it that manga where guy's waifu gets NTRed then dies while giving birth and in the end he watches as his daughteru is getting gangbanged?

>> No.14077869

Time and place faggit.

>> No.14077872

You. I like you.

>> No.14077873

That's not Netori or Netorare, that's saving someone from a horrible relationship.
It falls more under a story for people with savior complexes than it does NTR.

>> No.14077874

>What about doujins where the person who is stolen is abused or miserable?
There are so few of those you shouldn't even count them.

>> No.14077878


>> No.14077879

>it's still better for them to break it off
>I am completely unaware of how complex some relationships are

Anon. Seriously.

>> No.14077880

It was awesome
Male netorare is awesome but rare as hell

>> No.14077881

I don't hate dragoncuck but at the same time Odin made some questionable choices writing that.

>> No.14077886

>liking Niebel's "I fail at comprehending the Dragons profile" story

I'll let you choose your own grave, cuck.

>> No.14077889


but my interest is piqued.

Niggas are still getting cucked.

>> No.14077893

I just want to sit a familiar in my lap and scratch her ears

>> No.14077896

He's right though. Anybody with the slightest bit of class knows you never touch someone who's attached without them breaking it off first and you don't touch anyone else when you're attached.

>> No.14077898

>I use words I don't know the meaning of

Guess it's true dragon husbands are better seen and not heard.

They're still a thing.

>> No.14077900

>caring about profiles
Since when? Everyone agrees that KC canon a shit and you should do whatever you want
Most stories ignore profile info

>> No.14077904

>Y-you don't know what you're talking about
2/10, I won't give you anymore than that.

>> No.14077907

>Everyone agrees

>> No.14077909

If by right you mean he doesn't seem to know relationships don't have an on/off switch I gree with you.

We living on the same planet?

>> No.14077911

Even if we go by that, the story was still shit.

>> No.14077918

You clearly don't, since from the beginning I've been putting netori in the spotlight, not netorare.

>> No.14077924

Just follow the Jerry Springer test, man.

>> No.14077928
File: 472 KB, 1200x1718, 192.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's fun

>> No.14077931

>No you see, I've been actually talking about this other thing
Good for you, but that has nothing to do with the story.


>> No.14077932

>Relationships don't have an on/off switch
>People can't just say "I'm done with you" and move on
Sure it helps if they have someone to help them get away from their previous bad relationship, but that doesn't mean they have to "Cheat" first.

If the only way they can move on from a failed relationship is to hook up with someone else before breaking things off, it sets a bad precedent.

>> No.14077934

For your tastes, maybe
I liked it

>> No.14077935

This is why nobody trusts cheaters in real life. If they did it once, they'll do it again.

>> No.14077938

>I liked it
And you're wrong, that's all there is to it.

>> No.14077939


>> No.14077942

What the hell are you even arguing about?

>> No.14077946

>/mgt/ now accepts NTR, Yuri, and Tentacles
>lol no Maledom tho


>> No.14077947

I was never talking about niefl whoever's story, you need glasses son? Can't follow the reply chain?

>> No.14077948

It's nothing but NO U at this point
I can say that your taste is shit and you are wrong
But it won't change anything

>> No.14077951

>But it won't change anything
You're right, it won't. You will always be wrong on this.

>> No.14077952

We need tentacles NTR

>> No.14077957

Nice bait

>> No.14077958

>/mgt/ now accepts NTR, Yuri, and Tentacles
>lol no Maledom tho
Only whiners and baiters complain say that.

>> No.14077959

No, you will be, cuck

>> No.14077961

>NTR, Yuri
Show me where. I would become tentacles.

>> No.14077962

>Implying any of the first stuff is accepted


>> No.14077963

Google failed. If you'd be so kind as to give the artist's name please.

>> No.14077964

>they can't all be manticores
thank god.

>> No.14077966

>defends cuck story
>calls others cuck
I see a flaw in your masterplan.

>> No.14077967

Did you started all of this jus