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what would having kaguya as a girlfriend feel like

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like fucking a virgin pussy.

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Ballbustingly painful

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I literally want to make her gargle on my cock until she pukes

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two dimensional

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Lots and lots of smelly, sweaty, sticky sex.

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lazy, sweaty sex and eating rice right from the rice cooker at 2AM

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I wish I looked cute like Kaguya. I want soft skin, a delicate girly body and a beautiful long and perfect hime-cut.
Then I'd put on silky clothes and roll on the floor doing nothing.

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Would you at least let me fuck you?

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Eating rice late night is a fast ticket for gaining weight and bloated tummies.

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No, you would ruin my perfect princess attire. You can fuck the bunny instead.

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>bloated tummies


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Can't you just get naked?

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What about my hairdo? and it's difficult for a princess to get dressed again. Also, I would have to kill you afterwards. You only get the bunny.
Man, don't come ruining my cute fantasy with your lewdness....

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>What about my hairdo?
I heard semen is a great hair conditioner.

>it's difficult for a princess to get dressed again
Then don't.

>I would have to kill you afterwards
I'd fug you so hard you wouldn't even remember what happened.

>don't come ruining my cute fantasy with your lewdness
You're the one who said you wanted to have a girly body.
What else are you gonna be good for?

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You can't win against my cock. I'll fuck you eventually.

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>I heard semen is a great hair conditioner.
Just popping in to say this is extremely bad advice.

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Now I'm curious.

What happens?

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how we can persuade space-jin to make a fuckton more of these kaguyas?

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Are you replying because you tried it on Anon's suggestion and now regret your decision?

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Wait, never mind. Should have looked at the timestamps.

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Wow, lewd!!

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more kaguya

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What does her hair smell like?

That body is too rude.

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Best case scenario anon.

Soft princesses.

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I wouldn't mind a chubby or even just slightly plump Kaguya but that's artist's style is awful.

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Kaguya with a soft potbelly would be wonderous.

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Wake up
See this
What do?

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ayy lmao

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touch her nose

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/jp/ is /d/!

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Is Kaguya the softest?

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Kaguya gets the same picture, twice.

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im actually making it monochrome

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Woah dude, that's pretty dank.

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Im trying not to masturbate but this thread is making it difficult

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Why does Kaguya make you want to wank?

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Black Tewi.jpg

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Does Kaguya's hymen repair itself each time it's torn?

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Only if she dies

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It auto-regenerates. Same with her anal virginity.

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like dealing with a thirteen thousand year old child, needs to be constantly entertained and cleaned up after.

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Why won't I have a gf that's like her /jp/?

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Isn't that fairly difficult for girls? I can understand dudes pissing in bottles, but I thought girls had a harder time aiming and dribble over their vaginas if they fuck up.

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I'm pretty sure it is.

Cute boyfriend Kaguya would be better.

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i can b ur kaguya

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That Kaguya seems like a huge bitch but she's fucking gorgeous.

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Kinky dude

She probably loves casual sex as well

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There's something about that hime cut that makes her look so good

I wanna impregnate space jin's teruyo

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I wish I was a Kaguya with oppai and a soft body.

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Why is she so perfect, /jp/?

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Hime cut

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Does Kaguya ever cut her hair?

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Who is this? Where is she from?

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I love doing this shit

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I had a girlfriend with perfect himecut and she also was into cosplay but she had vaginismus.

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was she egyptian?

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But there has to be more to it then just that, right?

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Vaginismus, sounds GROSS AS HECK!

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*Than... Fuck, I'm tired.

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Oppai and NEET life?

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I hope I find the perfect grill with the proper hime cut ;_;

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What's with jaypee and big breasts?

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This jaypee prefers BIG BUTTS

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What is going to happen next in this image? Please don't hurt my Kugi.

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I don't suppose you'd do a gif version of this where it 'jumps' to other colors?

>> No.14074483

i don't know how to make gifs friend

im deeply sorry

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How big should Kaguya's boobs be?

>> No.14074496

Preferabbly C-cup

>> No.14074507

Double HH cups

>> No.14074511

D-E cup

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These are pretty good

This is too small for paizuri

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Thats okay, thank you anyway

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This anon gets it, could be smaller, even.

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have a nigga koishi

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anything less than C is too small, C can at least be used

>> No.14074548

also you can vector the image if you'd like

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Mosquito bites

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I don't like this

>> No.14074605

Out of this world.

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damn nigga smoke that kush

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couldn't help myself

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Are her boobs talking?

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That's like your opinion dude. Let me love tiny tits Kaguya and you are free to love whatever size Kaguya suits your fancy.

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Like you're never good enough, no matter how good you are. Also she'd probably be constantly depressed and violent.

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Woah dude

That image is LEWD and RUDE

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when you made sure you're not a faggot or a subhuman all is left to like is tits

>> No.14075664

  _  ∩
( ゚∀゚)彡 I LOVE OPPAI!!

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She never wash her vag.

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That's ok!

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Like having a normal boring japanese girlfriend who never ages and has a lot of hair for you to play with.

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>has a lot of hair for you to play with.
That is the most important thing. I keep my own hair long even though it makes me look like a girl from behind just so I can play withit.

>> No.14076686

Why are you okay with looking like a girl?

>> No.14076760

He likes to play with his hair.

>> No.14076764

Because I like having long hair more than I'm annoyed by people on occasion mistaking me for a girl?
Besides, it only happens when people see me from behind, and then only rarely.

>> No.14076818

Will you be my girlfriend?

>> No.14076902

No, quit being a faggot.

>> No.14076905

Stop crushing his dreams

>> No.14076908

Fine, he can keep being a faggot, but I still won't be his girlfriend.
I don't even know how that would work. I'm not even that girly looking except for my hair. No one could look at me from the front and mistake me for a girl.

>> No.14076914

Sounds like you would lose to cock too.

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Pretty great, knowing that the most beautiful woman on the planet is my girlfriend. It would also show how much you love her, because you had to complete her impossible requests.

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While long hair is a masculine thing by nature, seeing that male humans have not only more widely spread hair but also stronger hairgrowth, calling people faggots for wanting to fuck a feminine boy is utterly retarded.

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Can immortals like kaguya get pregnant

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of course!

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>> No.14080755

Are you asking for an explanation as to how someone becomes pregnant?

>> No.14080776

Spread the pussy, shove bottle up against urethra.

>> No.14080838

Of course not I know how babys are made

>> No.14080859

underrated post

>> No.14080894

I want Kaguya to squeeze my balls

>> No.14080947

while sex with kaguya sounds nice (hourai elixer probably makes it virginal every time, to boot)

i feel like... eirin would probably be watching most of the time... and being in a relationship with kaguya might make me a target for mokou, and *I* am not immortal, so...

>> No.14080973

But would Mokou actually try to kill you, or would she just bully you?

>> No.14081689

>eirin would probably be watching most of the time
That's actually kinda hot.

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Cute, soft times while funposting on /jp/ 24/7.
Hell I bet she's the one who made this thread.

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Kaguya is probably chubby, just sitting around all day being a NEET, playing video games and shitposting on the jaypee while snacking on pooky or something.

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