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What would you hear if you listen to a touhou stomach?

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The noises of danmaku whizzing by.

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It looks like she's auscultating her tricuspid area, though. If she was trying to listen to bowel sounds, she would most likely have placed the diaphragm around the periumbilical region instead.

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In the area it is you would hear stomach sounds as well as possibly intestinal sounds if you where quiet.

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I want to find this out, anon, I wanna play doctor with Nue!

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The beat of a human heart.

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The screams of the humans they have eaten. It's canon they eat humans.

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That idea made my dick rock hard.

[Spoiler]I like vore [spoiler/]

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Mg mg! Nyoog nyoog! Upset tummy!

thanks OP, I was actually really wanting to make this thread. What are the odds?

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Mg mg! Nyoog nyoog! Upset tummy!

thanks OP, I was actually really wanting to make this thread. What are the odds?

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Sounds like a hiatal hernia they get from being constantly pregnant.
Bunch of fucking whores.

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Belly sounds are best.

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tiny voices

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blood pulsating in my ears, erection sound effect.

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True that. Nobody else seems to agree, made a thread about them on /d/ and I was the only one keeping the thread alive.

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>erection sound effect


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I loved that thread

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stomach acid violently sloshing around

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It's still there ;_; please help

take a motivational squeezy tum

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[Boner intensifies]

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Nu's dirty little secret

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>TFW peaceful tummy growl thread turning into vore thread

To restore the peace! Real tummy growl!

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Vore and tummy growls go so well together.

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Leave if you don't like it. Also, checked.

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it sounds of constantly flowing water and of lots of gurgling.

I put my ear against my dog's stomach so I know.

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I put my ear against my gf stomach all the time, shits cash.

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Hell yeah nigga.
>TFW she's always gassy or hungry

Crazy rumbles for days.

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why she crying?? ;(

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The ultrasound and uteral cell screen deturmend the baby has no arms or legs and has progeria and sister fibrosis along with down syndrome.

But she can't abort because the Republicans took power in Gensokyo.

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>But she can't abort because the Republicans took power in Gensokyo.

you act like that's a problem?

She's the stupid cunt that decided to get pregnant. If she was worried about disabilities in the first place why did she decide to have a kid?

there is no take backs. She can't decide to have a child and then murder it because she doesn't want to raise it. That's unethical and cruel.

as a society we should be above that.

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It's unethical to terminate but nor unethical to force a baby to exist and suffer horribly every day of its short life.

Also this is not /pol/ stay on topic and don't take jokes so seriously.

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touhou abortion is serious, mother fucker.

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>decided to get pregnant

Yeah because that's always how it is, women never get pregnant after being raped or by accident.

What ever abortion is legal and free in a number of countries so it isn't even a problem.

End of conversation back to 2hoo tummies.

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>Yeah because that's always how it is, women never get pregnant after being raped or by accident.

the fact that they're raped or accidentally impregnated trumps that new 2hu's right to life?

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Stop arguing! You're upsetting Meiling's tummy.

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I want to rub it in order to aid her digestion.

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In Japanese mythology aborted children go back where they came from and get back in line.

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If you read the rest of the comic you'll see she REALLY doesn't need it.

for love of god, don't read the rest

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I want to be inside meling's tummy

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What's the rest of the comic anon? You made me curious.

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i'm going to guess it involves lot's of poop

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I'm not sure, actually. I only saved one panel. You could saucenao it if you'd like, I couldn't post the link here even if I found it.

Bingo. A man has to wade through some unsavory shit to find the pure and noble tummy growls he seeks.

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>by accident

this is vulgar.

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I want to put my ear on her tummy as she eats.

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She could be listening for bowel herniation through the diaphragm.

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The artist is fakepucco and he's really good. His poop stories are hot!

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You can do what ever you want to any touhou's tummy for 1 hour.

who do you choose and what do you do with her tummy for that hour?

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I want to lick Okuu's tummy and play with her navel while she's asleep!

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Nazrin, I'd feed her lots of cheese and then listen to her tum turn into a battlefield cuz mice are lactose intolerant!

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their theme music

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Love this one!

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Do the insides of youkai differ from humans in any way?

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1. Kiss the belly all over
2. Rest my head and feel her breathing, then scrap it gently with my beard
3. Tap it lightly all over, like a drum
4. Raspberry, and motorboat if possible
5. Caress and pinch/bite the belly, especially the area surrounding the navel
6. Grope and knead the belly, especially the area around the waist
7. Lick the belly all over and twirl my tongue inside her navel
8. Slurp my own saliva as I go licking and kissing
9. Make out with her navel
10. Perform an energetic and sloppy navelingus
11. Take out my erect dick and smear my precum all around
12. Cockslap it lightly
13. Hump it until orgasm is achieved
14. Press the glans against the insides of her shallow navel
15. Creampie the navel
16. Coat the belly with the hot semen.
17. Clean the belly using a wet towel
18. Dry the belly
19. Say thanks

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mg mg

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I want to rub a touhou tummy

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Reviving this thread with no survivors

>> No.14062847

You forgot
>20. Pay the woman

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The little woob beneath a girl's belly button is the best part. Who even knows what it's called, but it's great.

>> No.14063510

>pay the touhou

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Is this the belly thread?

>> No.14063778

She does it for free.

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Why do you like belly so much?

>> No.14066519

gurgle gurgle

>> No.14066584

the screams of human souls

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Why don't you?

>> No.14066961

You don't?

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I like tummy as much as the next guy, but that tripfag REALLY likes them.

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Tripfags are just way more insistent and attention-seeking about everything, that's why they're tripfags. What can you do.

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Everyone loves tummies. Mandatory. No exceptions. Especially growling ones.

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Here here!

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They've evolved to become more efficient at digesting humans after a couple early accidents

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Even immortal humans?

>> No.14075380

someone's going to have a bad case of heartburn

>> No.14076387

He's an absolute manwhore.
He'd suck out a dog's asshole if it'd let him.

>> No.14076716

I would suck out your imouto's bellybutton m8

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I wish I had access to an imouto's navel to play with and tummy to listen too.

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Flandre wants you to listen to her noisy tummy Dr.Anon

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Is she gassy? Or is she hungry?

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She just ate so it's very liquid and bubbly.

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>poking and pushing a touhou full tummy
>it makes gurgle, glorp, and sloshing noises with every poke.

>> No.14086270

>poke 2hu tummy
>it rumbles and shakes
>sounds like an earthquake
>the whole room vibrates
>get stupid
>punch belly
>belly explodes into gore and demon spirits
>satan's minions wear your skin and convince you to poke it again
>her tummy is regenerated, 2 times bigger and 2 times louder
>she is sobbing uncontrollably
>continue poking
>continues in the unfathomably old, stale room forever

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It was really hot until the demons thing. I'd just leave the belly be and listen to the rumbles. Sort of reminded me of pic related.

>> No.14090007

tasty touhous

>> No.14090298

>mfw played tummy pillow as a kid

>> No.14090332

So did I, I always loved listening to my female friends tummies and one of my cousins always liked me playing that with her, I suspect she has a belly fetish but have never mentions it since, he stomach did sound nice however.

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>> No.14090574

Came here for the vore, was not disappointed.

>> No.14090642

I wish I was inside a giant meling stomach

>> No.14093912

>TFW alienated best friend with that

I was just a little autist I didn't even know it was a fetish ;_; I thought everyone loved it

I totally missed out on the greatest friend I ever had because if it , I suspect.

>> No.14094417

I dont even like vore but these images are making me feel funny

what the fuck are you doing /jp/

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Shhhhh just accept it

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>> No.14098603

I would like to rub bat belly please.

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Don't we all

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Remi tummy

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her tummy is talking to you anon

>> No.14099366

>but that tripfag REALLY likes them
I didn't realize that I had ever made a trip.

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File: 1.11 MB, 850x1200, 59b5416e8610b25653c1255321a7d6e3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to touch a vampire tummy

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Remilia's soft, silky-smooth, comfortably cold tummy, smelling of almond and talc.

>> No.14103140

Why would it smell of talc? The almond I get but talk is usually used by babies and fat people to reduce friction.

>> No.14104044

It can be used as a deodorant and >other cosmetic uses

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Oh yeah...

Well my boner has intensified thinking about Remilia drying off after a shower and rubbing a little puff of talc on her belly.

>> No.14106360

The eternal cries of suffering dying children.

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Motherly Byakuren makes me rock hard

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>> No.14107725


who are these two touhou's in this video anons?

>> No.14107729

is this what happens when you listen to a touhou's belly?

>> No.14107972

Pls post more kero kero

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File: 202 KB, 850x1063, sampletext.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You and me both.

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File: 310 KB, 800x1066, 52215960_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14110148
File: 1.45 MB, 1355x1924, a193d71351a2636c8917be093fe77603335b843e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 81 KB, 591x930, 94ef5ab46a93dacfea56dd001ae3393b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 385 KB, 590x874, devour'.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What will you feed her?

>> No.14116131
File: 122 KB, 600x450, BfPUXTxCQAA1sxc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14118526
File: 525 KB, 945x945, 49406933_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14120710

How would each touhou react to you wanting to rub her belly?

>> No.14120762

They wouldn't because they aren't real

>> No.14121405

Flandre would be all for it, she strikes me as the kind of girl who would like tummy rubs, also momiji because dog.

Toss Reimu a coin and she would probably let you do what ever you want the cheap slut.

>> No.14124136
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>Flandre would be all for it, she strikes me as the kind of girl who would like tummy rubs
doesn't seem that unlikely

>> No.14130461

The meaning of life.

>> No.14135357

The meaning of life is "gurgle slosh glorp bubble"?

>> No.14135462

Yeah thats the sound of my semen filling up their tummies.

>> No.14135553

>What would you hear if you listen to a touhou stomach?
"OH GOD! I'M STILL ALIVE! SOMEBODY, PLEASE KILL ME! Just... shove some poison down her throat, push her down a flight of stairs, I don't care how you do it... I can hear you out there! Don't you laugh at me, I'm broken from the neck down, ripped apart and somehow still breathing IT HURTS! JUST LET ME DIE!!"

And then I say "dawwww, she has a tummy ache. So cute!"

>> No.14137623

Wow my dick is hard

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