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since last years thread was a success lets have another one

whose going this time??

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Depends. Is there going to be an orgy this time?

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Well, as long as our balls don't touch.

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Will there be a soku tourney?

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Nah, but lots of league of legends cosplayers.

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don't forget hearthstone

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I would like to, but money may be an issue.
It would help if I could find someone to room up with.

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How did this get on the programming schedule?

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There are Touhous in Hearthstone?

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The same way Walfas did.

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Tell me the answer is something like "favoritism!"

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There was a $10 deal for Touhoucon at Anime California this past weekend, all 3 days

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I am into that sort of stuff by why the fuck would you go to a panel about it, or discuss it with another human being at all? What the fuck the content of the presentation be?

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Don't you want to have an intellectually stimulating discussion about your fetish, anon? Surely you don't just fire and forget?

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I'm going with two friends, it's my first year. Should be fun. I'm gonna cosplay different versions of Reimu and maybe Patchouli if it's not too hot. So there will be a /jp/ meetup?

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I want to go to see Marasy but it sounds like a filthy normie convention, and half the panels are Kanshit.

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Half is a vast over exaggeration, although I do think that even one is too many.

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If Marasy is there it's worth it. He's amazing. I am busy, though.

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I really want to go, but I'd have no one to go with and would probably be sleeping in my car

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It was between this and Krakencon and Krakencon is significantly closer to me

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so are you looking for a hotel room? i can ask my friends if we can invite one other, long as you are not a rapist and you have good hygiene

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I'm saving myself for marriage and keep myself decent
How much are you looking for?

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$76 for thurs, friday, and saturday night
so as to not spam the thread if you can email me
suikaaa93 (at) gmail (dot) com

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more like cancercon with neo /jp/

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Should have been called Western Hakurei Branch Shrine Grand Festival or something rather than this generic XCon system.

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sent ;)

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If I went could I get a hug?
I'm lonely

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I wouldn't want to get STD from some neckbearded secondaries.

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>Kraken con

You from the bay too?
Lets meetup. I want to play pretend with a jay pee

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But then how would they attract secondaries?

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Just how much normalfaggotry is touhoucon on a scale from 1-10?
10 being Hollywood's annexation of Comicon and 1 being 'small group of social pariahs trading the latest anime in a hotel room circa 1982'.
I see all the cosplay and socialites and think it's closer to 10 and that I'll stick to my own 365-days-a-year autistcon

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>cosplay not allowed

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If you pile yourself in with some of the autists that post here I'm sure you could get that down pretty low. In general I've always imagined about a 6-7 though, and have thus never gone.

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I'm sure there will be a fair amount of secondaries, if not the majority, but I've found that if you look you can find a group of cool people who are more into the hobby but not so obnoxious about it at most larger cons. I always make at least a few friends each time I attend things like this, just gotta know how to meet them
I'm going and I've been around since /jp/ was created

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I actually applied as staff but never got an email back ;_;

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I wonder if Moe Harukawa, Aya Azuma or Aki Eda would attend if they could.

Do you think ZUN is coming?

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Would any /jp/er be open to getting an extra nomico autograph if they're doing that?

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Do you have a CD or something specific you want signed?

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Not really. I prefer shikishi boards for that stuff.

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Also I'm black so I know you or anyone else from /jp/ wouldn't want anything to do with me

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socal ain't like that

but you better be good at fighting games

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Krakencon looks like shit though.

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Why would you ever live in Berkeley? It's full of disgusting hobos. Please don't tell me you're a disgusting hobo.

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Cons will always be at least a 6 on the normalfag scale with more depending on how popular it is. A big reason for this is that a lot of secondaries actively look for cons just so they have an excuse to dick around and socialize and be shitty.

As tempting as it is, I don't think that's a good reason to reject cons. I think a con's central draw are the guests. And while 2hucon isn't getting ZUN, they do have quite good guests--a few doujinshi artists/circles and some doujin musicians. Much better than I would have expected for such a small convention.

Cosplay is fucking cancer. Attentionwhore sluts and chads parading around in skimpy outfits, being loud, memeing all over the place, and blocking traffic in their offensively lazy, dollar-bin halloween costumes god fuck them all to death.

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All black people are good at fighting games and have a 66% chance of loving Komachi. Trust me, I've done highly scientific studies.

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Thanks for the answers-I figured as much. It's just not a place for me

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Wow, what is up with this schedule?

Fighting games at Touhoucon:
Ultra Street Fighter 4, Mortal Kombat X, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Smash Bros. 4, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Guilty Gear Xrd

Fighting games NOT at Touhoucon:
Immaterial and Missing Power, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Hopeless Masquerade, Urban Legend in Limbo

Did they forget to have touhou games at touhoucon?

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Did you see the numerous boatshit and other offtopic panels? Shit's just your average secondary con.

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>capcom kusoge
Please no, those games are awful.

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From what I've heard, PoFV, Hisoutensoku, and Urban Legend in Limbo are all planed, but as of yet unscheduled. It is very odd that they've scheduled all those non-Touhou games before scheduling the actual Touhou games, though.

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>Did they forget to have touhou games at touhoucon?
The Lunatic Theater is an exhibition of good to high-level players playing the STGs. I'm not sure exactly who's playing, though.

There will almost definitely be Soku and/or IaMP tourneys.

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Someone from futaba is attending

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Everyday is touhoucon in my room.

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I kind of want to go to this, but definitely not paying full price for a hotel. Any group going that has room for one more and is interested in further splitting costs?

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>since last years thread was a success lets have another one
>whose going this time??


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Will there be a /fumo/ meetup?

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/jp/ has become so awful that people are even considering cons as an alternative to hanging around here all day

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Ask in the fumo thread.

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Probably but again, I'm choosing it because it's MUCH closer.

20 min BART + Bus ride & Free Bed >>> 6 hr Drive & Hotel

The homeless are pretty much JUST Shattuck ave, South Berkeley, and University & San Pablo and are easily avoidable.

It's not like this is SF or Oakland.

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speaking of Oakland do you think he is going?

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Why would you ever go to a con where the only guests are dub VAs?

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Again, I'm pretty much going because it's much closer and overall much cheaper.

I expect for there to be more for me to see than just the guests.

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So you're just a normie from /cgl/?

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But I don't cosplay.
Also I'm going to an Anime con which takes away any normie points I may or may not have by default.

But whatever helps you sleep at night.

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I'm going with a group of Touhou playing friends from around the world, and upon looking at the schedule again, it does seem pretty bleak. But the PoFV tournament should be added to the schedule sometime soon, so there's at least that to look forward to. Since half the appeal of going to this con is meeting up with online friends for the first time, I wouldn't be going by myself.

I'm sure there will at least be some cool people to meet up with, like >>14038881 said.

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I just hope that the Japanese guests don't get a bad impression of the western fanbase

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It's impossible for them to get a good impression.

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>I'm going to an Anime con which takes away any normie points I may or may not have by default.
This is the exact mentality of those godawful normalfags that plague cons. Like you, they don't give a shit about the guests. Good job.

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Did that guy ever reply to you?
Do you still have room?

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I want to have a Midwest touhou meetup... Fuck stupid normie cons

We can have fun playing the games, cuddling our fumofumos, and even maybe get a few cute girls to dress like 2hus and have a tea party. 2hu cosplay should not be slutty, we could tell anyone with a slutty/ off topic outfit to fuck off

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ZUN is never coming back m8

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To be fair he really has no reason to give a shit about the guests with that lineup

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If you don't give a shit about the guests you shouldn't be giving a shit about the con.

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Totally agreed, remember also the fandom has a considerable amount of imbeciles (most notably on facebook) that pick art from internet and aren't even interested on the artist, that already says much, fucking cancer.

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People just treat them like meet-ups which is dumb, so it ends up being a giant generic anime-fan meet up where you probably won't even meet one person you can relate with.

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>post yfw you can't go to touhoucon cause it's on the other side of the country
It's even on my birthday too ;_;

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WHo are you quotan?

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If you can find one person you can relate to in a year that's already pretty good.

/jp/ doesn't have any notable guests but here we are all shitting around.

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how old will you turn?

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okay what the fuck

Is ANYONE going to be at the Starbucks this time. No one even bothered showing up last year

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For anyone who need a room. I might have a room open, the hotel is across the street. $130 total for 3 nights 2 bed.
email me at driftwingmaster(at)gmail(dot)com

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what time/day?

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Just gonna put this out there again: Would anyone be willing to get an extra autograph for this poor /jp/er?

I'm not really "into" Touhou, but I do quite like Nomico and ARM. Of course, I wouldn't mind shooting some money your way for your trouble and I'm actually not so far from the area so if you want to grab some drinks or something that'd be swell too.

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