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I like big 2hu's, do you?

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or being tiny compared to a normal sized 2hu

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I do not.

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artist hasn't updated in a while

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Speaking of big 2hus, Moisture's account on twitter got suspended.

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More Big = More Mass Murder

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For you.

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Big cut 2hu's!

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I'd like a 2hu who's bigger than me but not more than twice as big.

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I do, but most of the artists focus on vore,scat,murder, or absurdly big Touhous making actual human contact inviable.

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Yes I do!

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Sorry man but if you aren't attracted to the idea of a touhou pressing her toe down on a gray patch of city and ending millions of lives, you might be gay.

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That sounds like fapping to someone stepping on Lego.

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I might as well fap to hatred then.

Guess I am gay if it means fapping to the mass murder part and not the foot part.

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That is my dream.

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the better.

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MASS murder


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Big gentle 2hu's are the best!

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Ass Murder

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She's a big 2hu.

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Im going to crawl in her anus. And deliver painis in the anus.

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I want Patche to keep me in her nylons, like this.

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Too big.

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You kidding? I'd die from happiness if I could dive between those buttcheeks.