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Did someone say INMU?


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good shit


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Does anyone have the MMD recreation of the firehouse scene?

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can someone explain inmu for me

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boner inducing tune

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Why is Inmu so much funnier than Gachimuchi?

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what the fuck is going on in this thread?

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The best

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INMU began around 2001, when some particularly terrible gay porn videos from COAT Corporation were found to include a rising baseball star in Japan. Eventually, gossip on 2ch reached the mainstream, and the baseball player was so humiliated that he had to join a team in America afterwords. INMU comes from 真夏の夜の淫夢, or "A Midsummer's Night's Lewd Dream," the name of the most famous video.

It remained a relatively low-key fad afterwards, until the Touhou fan work Cookie came along in 2010. Since both were low quality works that triggered people easily, parody videos of Cookie began to include elements from INMU to troll viewers, such as 音MAD switching from Cookie sources to INMU sources halfway. Eventually, INMU acquired its own reputation as a video source, and sort-of succeeded Gachimuchi as the obscene video fad of Niconico. Unlike Gachimuchi, INMU really only known in Japan, while Gachimuchi is pretty well known to netizens in Korea, China, and a little bit in the West.

INMU is also funnier because there is much more to work with, it has a lot of history behind it, and it is probably more accessible to Japanese video creators than Gachimuchi.

The picture is a Touhou/INMU doujinshi, which references the Cookie project. Its a pretty interesting read.

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I wouldn't say sort of. Counting the mistagged videos with the Inmu tag, it's like 4x bigger than Gachimuchi.

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This is actually approaching masterpiece material.

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>INMU is also funnier because there is much more to work with, it has a lot of history behind it, and it is probably more accessible to Japanese video creators than Gachimuchi.
Maybe it's simply that I can't get a lot out of INMU since I'm not Japanese, but aniki videos always come across as a lot more laidback and lighthearted than INMU. INMU fans have a hard time taking it easy.

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Does anyone have the nico link on hand for the Rupert Puzzle Plank Galaxy mix? I am but a weak EOP.


Is a classic.

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>much more to work with

what about playing with fire 2, lords of the lockerroom, knaked knights etc? There's like load of separate movies and clips to work with.
Yearly new years medleys etc.
There's quite a bit of soramimi stuff, weird charater associatons like biolante being ota and liking yukiho etc. Billy even went to Japan at one point. That's quite a bit considering it's not "accessible" for japs...

- Also what's up all newfaqs and streames suddenly picking this shit up? Is this the new pepe or something?

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I noticed a lot of gachi posting over on /v/ while looking at MGSV threads. Must be catching on with Let's Players considering the average age of that board.

It's also where the non character dump 2hu threads and the soku threads went, apparently. Lots of familiar posting styles among the v chillins.

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Is this it?

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>Must be catching on with Let's Players considering the average age of that board.

That is absolutely true,

Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDjzmWRndJU

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Try the ほのぼの淫夢 tag

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surprise: internet memes get old

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It's horrifying seeing kids mix Gachimuchi phrases with shit like the "Lenny face".

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淫夢本編リンク has around 2100 videos (still counting mistagged videos) while 兄貴本編リンク has about 750. That's a ton more material than you'd think. Inmu videos also have the tendency to get deleted too since they're porn from within the country.

The fact it's all in japanese makes the soramimis (and more importantly, the lines by themselves) a lot easier to use when talking. Sure there's stuff like "やっぱりな" and "どういうことなの" that are easy to use in Gachimuchi, but the four videos in Bablyon 34 by themselves have so many usable lines that it's easier to just count how many aren't quoted regularly. How big the difference between inmu and gachimuchi is is easier to see if you understand japanese.

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Theres much more than that.
Either way when talking most japanese or japanese friendly meymes theres stuff like those old nhk children shows and other mad sauces too..
Of course jp porn is easier to work with but gachi was quite a phenomenom back then, even now if you count those new years medleys.

In general its just a hipster debate to fight abot obscure niconico memes

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This is a fucking classic


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That Roundabutt. The acoustic guitar at the beginning is still favorite intros of all time for me. Especialy after JJBA. JoJo and gachimuchi fit together well.

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>still counting mistagged videos

Its quite a bit more, actually.

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Yes, thank you very much, anon.

I had no idea there was a YT upload.

Rupert is always a sign of a quality product:


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What the fuck? I made a picture exactly like that years ago, i'm glad i'm not the only one who thought the pose was familiar

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It's easier to tell that Gachimuchi is more accessible to the western/foreign audience since many of the dialogue in Gachimuchi clips are ridiculous by itself.

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INMU has a more obsessive fanbase. Gachimuchi is silly perversion, INMU goes way beyond that.

Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WETrk0N8W0

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Gay Makaay has the best vocal samples


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ALC has gone nuts!

How should UDK respond?

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I don't think it's a very original concept.

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A Midsummer's Night Sparrow's Lewd Dream.

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