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You sue such tiny images with transparency?

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typical amerifat

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Oh my fucking god I need the spell card backgrounds in my life. Things like Byakuren's spell card background need to make an appearance in my day-to-day life. Anyone know where can I get these?

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>Oh my fucking god I need the spell card backgrounds in my life.
You write like a queer. Cut it out.

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Oh my god, I can't believe you just totally criticized my post. That's so not fetch.

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Whoa! Marisa is fast!

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Oh my God I'm like so offended dude

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Like, fuck off.

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Here is my summer wallpapper.

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Like this?

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no, 1800x900 or more

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anyone have something with a more autumn theme?

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thanks, now i need something with either tewi or futo

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Technically this counts, but good wallpapers of either of them are quite hard to find.

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figured id be asking for a unicorn

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Found a better one with Tewi.

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ech, i persoanlly dont like raisin

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You're gonna have a real hard time finding a wallpaper with Tewi but not Reisen, at least one with good quality.

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ive accepted my fate, but it doesnt mean i cant bitch

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Lol only one o' those was me. Idiot.

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Either way, does anyone know where can I find spell card backgrounds? I can't believe they're fucking nowhere

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I second this

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There is only one image in this entire thread that equal in size to a standard monitor resolution. What the fuck guys, this is triggering my autism.

Any time you niggers post a wallpaper it should be a typical monitor resolution and aspect ratio. No shit like 807x1326. That's not fucking acceptable. 1920x1080, 2560x1440, 3840x2160, etc. This is how it's supposed to be.

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if things were how they were supposed to be we wouldnt be here

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Not really a wallpaper but it's what I'm using.

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Yo yo yo i'm disappointed jaypee

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There's no problem posting something larger with a common aspect ratio, other than triggering your autism that is.

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What kind of deformed tail is that on Momiji's back? She doesn't even have one in her original sprite.

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>tfw your friend at school has one of these as his laptop wallpaper
>unspoken toubros.exe

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>no image

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Who are you quoting?

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>who are you quoting meme
>being this new

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it's rude to not say who you are quoting. if you don't indicate who you are quoting I have to get my mommy to come figure out what you mean. it's a real hassle and it makes me feel guilty because my mommy works a lot.

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I would post my minimalistic desktop, but because it contains a really good Reisen vector that I made for a wallpaper, some of you autistic nerds would then want use it for yourselves and I would lose my originality.

So, no.

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I'm gonna call you a fag for lowering board quality while contributing to a thread that doesn't belong on this board.

I bet you don't feel so tough now, huh kiddo?

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What the hell's going on with her right eye?

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Woah!!! I love this Utsuho!

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Image rips. This guy called Drake has a thread full of them on MoTK. Most of the spell card backgrounds won't be desktop sized, but they might work for a phone wallpaper.

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fuggin saved

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How come you're friends if you both like 2hu but never talked about it, fam?

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Does an image of a 2hu doing sports belong only in /sp/? Does a discussion of 2hus cooking belong only in /ck/?

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>feet shit

still pretty cool though

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I've probably been using this wallpaper for 3 years straight now. I try changing every now and then, but it usually only lasts a day or two before I got back.

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