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Should Chen be put on a diet?

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Nah, Chen is fine.

She's a growing girl after all.

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my god she's eaten her own nipples

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But how will the milk get out when she becomes a mommy?

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I want to make Chen a mommy!

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A belly full of kittens?

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A big belly for a big litter!

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Hopefully not too big, she'll have a little difficulty walking if it's too big

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Rare footage of Chen pregnancy

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That's why people need to take responsibility for impregnating Chen.

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Nah, if anything you should add more pie to her diet

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Chen's looking soft.
I approve.

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That seems innocent enough.

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Oh no!

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That smug little rabbit.
Wouldn't be so smug if someone caught her and made sure she could never outrun someone again

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I want to beat Eirin in a bet and then as the winner get to make her chunky even if she doesn't want to.

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That would be nice, plumping up the doctor as she tries to ignore her thickening thighs, widening waist, and bloating belly would be great.
Especially if a button should pop off during a physical

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I wonder if she'd put up much resistance at first. Afterall it's not very appropriate for a doctor to be so large.

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But the good doctor is already perfectly voluptuous. And strong too, she's into archery after all.

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Have her make some kind of fat drug, she'd need to take it anyways because of the hourai elixir.

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Oh, I'm sure she'd whip something up to burn most of it off as, like you said, a doctor should be fit. It would be a very slow gain at first as she tries to hide what she's doing, making it so the results of your bet only end up with a bit of fluff about the middle, a bigger behind, and a small upgrade to her chest, well below what you'd probably wanted

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I wonder how she'd respond to being fed a hearty breakfast before the afformentioned physical so both her breasts are starting to overflow and her tummy is straining her clothes.

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Well, at the rate she's popping her drug to slow her gain it would be a while but I imagine she'd be quite embarrassed to be seen in such a state, her now noticeable belly straining her red and blue uniform and her beasts crammed into the too small top, the first few buttons undone so they can fit and showing off a generous helping of cleavage.
And when the button popped off?
She'd probably start trembling a little bit as she fought off the sea of shame she felt welling up.

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Wouldn't the drug have to be a weight gain promoter?

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Oh she could easily make one but I doubt the good doctor wants to make one, especially if she knows she's the target

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>breasts are starting to overflow
Lactating breasts in front of everyone, breasts and the amount of milk inside so big that pressure cannot be contained!
Wet clothing!

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Because she lost the bet. Now she has to get fat.

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What a greedy girl, you don't think her stomach would growl after breaking free of the button do you?

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Oh, once you confront her about the slow gain, and with your suspicions, I imagine that she'd be forced to come clean about trying to slow it.
After that she'd have no course of action but to make the gain drug but that would require careful testing on a subject lest something go wrong.
After all, the doctor could just take an untested drug herself could she?

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Oh, that would just be the icing of the cake.
She'd be there, wishing this wasn't happening when her growing gut would let out a gluttonous growl despite the appetite repressers in that medicine of hers.
One would have to worry if she was building up an immunity to it.
Why she'd probably still be wondering that when you left to get her a nice, thick piece of cake for her to snack on

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And once anon has been turned into a fat man, Eirin will use him as a toy and a subject for her shady activities, forever.
Bad end?

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Doctors are for squeezing and belly bullying. Maybe anon should secretly start seeing Kaguya and give her some of the drug so she can get chubby too.

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Up until she decides to give her toy a boost in a certain place and truly pins him down

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Pretty ambitious, although one would wonder how you'd get Kaguya in on the action.
I'm sure that Eierin would notice it for sure were she not always kept off balance by seeing her body puff up more and more each day along with some grabby hands making her bigger assets feel nice

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Start subtly and plumpen up Tewi who I'm sure wouldn't mind. I'm sure Kaguya wouldn't mind if you brought her tasty snacks.

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Soft Doctor

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But who would be the test subject?

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Tewi would tough but I imagine that a few "offerings" of sweets and drinks, along with the new concoction, will be enough to make her cotton tail nestle itself above a bouncy bottom that jiggles a bit when she walks while her thin Fran bulks up to show a small pot belly that pushes her pink dress out a bit, along with her chest making it to Apple size, something she likes to tease you about every now and then. Sure, she may have slowed down a little bit due to the chub she's putting on but Tewi isn't going to let a few pounds keep her down, especially when she can tease you with her bigger behind, giving you a glance at her pink panties every now and then as she calls you a pervert. That being said, she's been a little less eager to flee a few times and you can almost swear she's been disappointed when you tell her she's got no chance.
As for Kaguya, the NEET princess would love nothing more than company and a few snacks as she watches her shows, although you have to promise not to "take advantage" of her.
It would become a regular occurrence after a couple days, the lunarian almost eagerly awaiting you and the goodies as she readies the nights entertainment.
It would be a little difficult to see beneath her robes but a thick layer of pudge would be growing about her middle and her hips would start pressing outwards until they were decent, motherly handholds.
Her breasts wouldn't be a slouch either, growing to nice, gropable C-cups from their former B status.
She may even begin letting you lay your head in her lap as the days go by

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You, obviously. Do it for her.

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Well, it just so happens that there's a handy moon rabbit by the name of Reisen who happens to work for her, although the bunny is going to wish she didn't.
It would start with a simple pill and some porridge, bland, tasteless porridge for all meals that day and the days after as Reisen is used to test the effectiveness of the drug.
She'd be stuck in her room with a TV, because her master doesn't want her burning off any extra calories, doing nothing but watching as her belly softens, her thighs thicken, and her chest grows outwards as different pills are tested.
She probably wouldn't be too happy about this diet, along with her ruined figure, and the next time you saw her durin an exam she'd dwarf the doctor, her trim tummy now a soft, bloated beach ball, her rear two over stuffed pillows that render the skirt pointless, and hear breasts nearing head sized as Eirin's tells her that yet another dose is coming.
The poor girl would be more than a little cross with you if left alone, blaming you for her lack of shape.

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What will Eirin do once she starts to realize whats happened?

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It seems that any weight gained by Eirin goes straight to her tush

Do you think her butt looks big?

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Could be bigger.
Should be bigger.
I'll make it bigger

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fill Tewi's mouth with marshmallows and make her say her name

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It's going to be a little difficult for Eirin to notice the pudgy princess or Tewi pushing her dress to the limits, she's got herself to worry about.
Without her magic pill she's found that the weight is coming on quite easily, especially with more and more snacks making their way to her.
Her bulbous bottom and super wide hips have forced her to move to a bigger chair in her lab and are beginning to lift her dress bottom higher and higher so that her chunky, pale legs are being shown off more and more.
Her belly, once a pudgy pooch belly, has quickly ballooned into a potbelly that has popped more than a few buttons and her deep belly button now peers through a generous hole for all too see.
Finally, her chest is now sporting two soft, malleable melons which had to be crammed into her top, flesh oozing out over it and but a hairs breadth away from popping loose, more buttons undon so that. A great canyon of cleavage can be shown off.
What's worse is that she seems to be arguing with herself now, her brain listing all the health detriments, many of which she's already fixed, while her heart is beginning to enjoy the groping your giving her middle and the stares her big bottom is earning.
In fact, by the time she sees what's happening to the rest of the girls she'll feel more jealous than anything.

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It can't be helped since her master lost the bet. At least she has a nice chest now.

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chubby bunny

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Big princesses are the best.

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She should curb that jealousy by eating an entire cheese cake alone in secret.

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True, it would be a very nice chest, one that bounces with every movement, although it is blocking a bit of her vision. Still, she'd rather her old figure was back and, perhaps more importantly, that she'd gotten something a bit nicer to eat than bland porridge.
When she was brought back to her room, without trying to harm you, she found that a visitor had snuck in.
The rotund rabbit Tewi had heard about Reisin's upgrade and, although she dearly wanted to poke fun at her counterpart's weight, she was looking to get a leg up on Kaguya, who was continuing to plump up more and more, and a Eirin who was beginning to pull ahead of everyone other than Reisin.
So, in exchange for cake, the earth rabbit wanted some of Reisin's next dose for personal use.

It may have been a little difficult for her but Eirin would indeed make the decision to up the anti that night, sneaking into the kitchen after everyone, except you and Kaguya who were watching an old favorite of hers, had gone to bed and taking an entire cheese cake back to her room.
She'd never been one for sweets, especially since she knew what too many could, and had, done to her body but tonight she didn't care, cutting herself a generous slice of the ivory dessert and taking a huge bite.
It was delicious, the creamy taste sweet but not overpowering while the texture was smooth without being runny.
She swallowed that bite and took a second not long after, followed by another, and another, and another until half the cake was gone and her fluffy middle was stretched tight with all the food she'd packed in.
It was a feeling she'd never felt before, to be full to the point where she could feel the weight, it made the good doctor a little excited, and there was still another half left.
It would be a struggle, her moans mixing pain and pleasure as bite after bite vanished down her gullet and her belly became hard and round, a great orb of pale flesh that poked free from her night gown as she slept

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What a piggy! And the drugs prolly made it worse. I bet she'll soon find her appetite increasing in the morning much to her dismay.

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Indeed for when she awoke the next morning, Eirib found her belly a big bigger, her breasts stretching her bra a bit more and her underwear cutting into her thighs more than it used to, along with being stretched impossibly tight across her bottom.
She felt pretty satisfied with herself until a painful hunger cramp rolled through her and her tummy gave a demanding growl for food.
A stronger one than she was used to.
MUCH stronger.
She didn't even bother showering or heading to the dinning table where you would be hard at work preparing her breakfast.
You'd be surprised at her appearance but there would be no time to ask as she requested get breakfast, silver hair sticking out from a serious case of bed head and not yet wrapped up in her trademark braid.
Today was waffles and eggs with a side of oranges, and the plate had barely been set down when she dug in, the doctor eating quickly as she could while trying to remain dignified.
Bite, chew, swallow, drink some milk and swallow again was the rhythm, the plate quickly clearing as a cheerful, if slightly chubby cheeked, Kaguya, a surprised looking Tewi, and grumpy, globular, Reisin appeared for breakfast, sitting down just as the first plate of breakfast for Eirin was finished and, to the suprise of all, even herself, another plate was demanded.

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Is fat writefag anon among us? Will he grace us with his glories?

>> No.14015482

Is she still wearing her pajamas?

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Careful Anon!
If it gets too big, none of her underwear will fit her anymore

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Make her wear yoga pants, it'll be fine.

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Never! We must go bigger!

>> No.14016272

I want to lay ontop of her.

>> No.14016379

Who do you think is writing?

Indeed she was, although it was really more of a night gown than pajamas, and it was almost completely useless at covering anything.
Her pale dome of a belly was peeking freely form the cloth and her growing breasts had almost broken free from their confines, rosy areola peeking above the strip.
And that poor, poor skirt attatched to it had given up all hope of containing her hips and bottom, giving anyone who dared look a clear shot of her panties, white lace for those who'd wondered and as she shoveled down her breakfast there was no doubt that the nightwear wouldn't last much longer.
A casualty of her newfound appetite.

>> No.14016384

That would be nice, especially at that size.
Why, as she was lounging on her couch one day, having you join her of course, she'd probably offer to let you sit in her great lap and rest on her, using her breasts as pillows.

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Anon's plan is coming to fruition! He should give her belly a pat to snap her back to reality and then feed her himself while Kaguya and Tewi watch.

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That's what I meant.

Glory unto you, anon.

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The good doctor lost herself in the feast that had been laid before her, devouring the food just as quickly as it appeared.
Waffles vanished, glasses were emptied, and omlettes were destroyed just as soon as they appeared, all victims to her ravenous appetite before another plate was brought before her, letting the process repeat itself.
She was a breakfast machine, one that was unstoppable.....until Anon gave her belly a pat and remarked on how hungry she must be that morning, shattering whatever trance had come over her.
Eirin was....not pleased with the results...
Where there had once been a small, fluffy potbelly there was now a tight, hard basketball of flesh, packed nearly to bursting from all the goodies crammed in there.
Eirin let out a moan, although it was almost impossible to tell if it was from discomfort or shame.
The act drew a giggle from Kaguya, who asked if the woman was OK, and a smug smirk from Tewi who dug into her own breakfast with gusto.
Reisin just ate her porridge without a word, although her eyes did briefly widen she tasked a hint of brown sugar in her morning goo.
The poor doctor was mortified as she gave her belly a prod, wincing at how little give there, along with the amount which still remained.
And she still had half of her third plate remaining.
She was just about to try and sent it back when a fork was brought to her mouth and a pleasant sensation touched her tummy, Anon telling her that she'd help her finish it off as he began to rub her belly, easing the strain that her growing gut was under.

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I love that artist.
I'd be more than happy with any of thos girls.

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I want to bug them both.

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Seems like Eirin is a bit a stuck. At least Anon is gentle, though I wonder what he'll do after she cleans her plate.

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What does one do with a chubby Tewi?

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Imagine Chen going to the bathroom really badly because she had some spicy tacos the other night. She sits on your face with your mouth eagerly awaiting your delicious meal she is making for you. She squirms and strains and struggles as her cute little pink anus is flexing and twitching open and close. she lets out tiny little farts that are quite strong and smelly as she giggles and apologizes for them sinking so much. But this only gets your mouth watering for what is to come. she give one more good push and lets out a little cute brown bud that slowly emerges into a thick long and delicious poop log. As she is getting more aroused from the sensation of someone serving as her loyal toilet she says in a lustful yet gingerly manner "itedekimasu unko-san~" As your long awaited meal that has been slow roasted inside her you began to eat gingerly. You can hear Chen breathing heavier as she is about to cum from this ecstasy of pooping in someones mouth. As you chew on the warm delicious product of Chen more comes from her cute butt and plops on your chest. She steps off of the seating apparatus and looks at you eating with lustful eyes. "Mmm that looks tasty~" She slowly encroaches on top of you and takes a deep smell of her meal and starts to slowly rub it all over you while taking the remaining pieces and eats some herself. "I-I can't take it anymore unko-san! I'm g-going to cum~" She then squirts quarts of her female cum juice and coats your entire body with it as you cum in sync to her cumming. She plops on your shit smeared body in complete exhaustion from the immense orgasm as the both of you bask in the afterglow of such a wonderful event. Fancy that.

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prepare rich rabbit stew

>> No.14021977

Kill yourself.

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Where did writefag go?

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Cats go outside, shit on your lawn and bury their poop. Your scat fetish fanfiction doesn't check out.

>> No.14025420

"There's room for one more, Anon! Hop on in!"

>> No.14025596

Well, she'd be more than a little embarrassed at being hand fed by Anon, especially with the princess, Reisin, and Tewi watching, and her belly being rubbed certainly wouldn't be helping any but the good Doctor would find herself unable to deny a part of her that loved the feeling of his fingers across her taut skin, massaging the tender flesh while he brought more and more sweets to her lips.
He'd wait on her, talk with her, easing the pressure on her tummy so that another bite could find its way into her growing gut.
So pleasurable would it be that Eirin would lose herself in it, forgetting where she was and letting out little, pleased moans and gasps while a jealous Tewi, shocked Kaguya, and mortified Reisin watched.
All too soon the plate would be emptied and the Doctor would find herself stuffed fit to burst, her belly bigger than it has ever been.
With a chuckle Anon would give her stomach a final pat and take the plate away, leaving her before the gazes of the other members of the household.
Why, she'd last but a second before excusing herself to the bathroom, more embarrassed than she's ever been before to have let that all slip out in front of them.

>> No.14025753

Will anon have a next target now that Eirin has excused herself?

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>> No.14025815

[X] Follow Eirin

>> No.14025823

I really like this picture.

>> No.14026398

Kanako seems dangerously close to suffocating in her own fat.

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How does this work?
You take random 2hu pic from favourite danbooru and make a thread about it?

>> No.14026473

first day on teh /jay/?

>> No.14026477

Not that I condone these threads, but pipe down frogposter.

>> No.14026612

With Eirin gone, the other girls began to make their move.
Tewi was the first to act, tearing into her food like a starving dog, emptying her plate in mere moments so that she could request a second one from Anon, offering him a spot next to her.
Kaguya acted second, commenting to the little earth rabbit that the meal was meant to be enjoyed, not just guzzled down like cheap beer.
She also offered Anon a spot to sit next to her so that they may enjoy each others company.
Reisin was just happy to have some flavor in her porridge.

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Go back to whatever shit board you came from

>> No.14026824

Fuck off r9k

>> No.14027043

Jiggle the princess

>> No.14029692

Just a heads up, I slept in late today and my phone is on the fritz so I may not be able to post until around midnight tonight due to work

>> No.14029704

Thanks dude
Keep me updated

>> No.14030731

Oh my,

Taking a seat next to the princess certainly would make Tewi jealous, the rabbit frowning and eating faster than ever in response.
Kaguya herself would just respond with a polite smile and comment on how fine breakfast was, although a careful eye could spot that she was tucking it away a little faster than normal, her pudgy belly slowly filling with food.
Conversation would range from how things were going around the mansion to what shows were on that nights line up, although a minor disagreement happened over which of two characters were better than the other in a useless power level argument.
It would get particularly heated when the princess, now on her third plate while a positively stuffed looking Tewi called it quits at her fifth, proclaimed that one characters nothing more than "fluff and sex appeal!" Commenting how the character's weight and figure meant they should've been a fatty instead of the lithe, buxom one they currently had.
Anon, spotting an opening commented on how they could just always stick the character in a robe or dress that hid their figure so that no one would be any the wiser, right before grabbing a bit of her soft belly through her shirt and giving it a jiggle, the excess flesh bouncing and her cheeks becoming a brilliant vermillion in response

<phone fixed>

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Fucking Tewi, what a shitter. What if you turned the gorging into a competition, maybe that would get her to shut up? Can't talk when you're shoveling food down your throat.

>> No.14031016

Perhaps, she is a bit of a sore loser though.
Luckily for her though, Kaguya and Eirin are not so far gone that they can pack it a away like her, especially with that little "helper" she has in the form of the drug she's been sneaking from Reisin, who's bulk only shows signs of increasing.
Why, when Anon first announces that, due to scheduling conflicts, he'll spend the evening with whomever manages to down the most, she'd almost leap from her seat.
Sure, the good doctors fluffy gut is getting big and Kaguya's behind could be used as a pillow but Tewi's belly, which makes her look almost pregnant in her, now too small, pink dress is bar far the biggest.
Erin would pull close with four plates but her continuing embarrassment over her size would prevent her from using her full potential while Kaguya could only manage three, mostly because all that snacking hasn't stretched her out like Tewi, who gourged herself to near popping at six plates, could.
One would have to wonder what the rabbit, which the smuggest of smirks, would do when she wins.

>> No.14034561

Tickle tewi

>> No.14034762

A suprise attack on Tewi while she's at her smuggest eh?
I like your style.

After a meal hard fought, and to the dissapointed look of Eirin and Kaguya's envious look, Tewi would lead Anon to her room, her newly fluffed bottom bouncing a bit as it pressed out against the back of her dress, cotton white tail nestled above those great, soft cheeks.
She'd be telling the outsider all about the fun she had planned for that evening, patting her globe of a stomach in anticipation.
Why she'd let him in, her eyes and smile less than innocent, and turn to shut the door just for him to strike.
I'm sure she'd anticipated something different when his arms wrapped around her but his fingers attacking her sides would remove all thoughts of that, laughing pleas to stop slipping out as tears of laughter welled up in her eyes.
Her chest, now with apple sized breasts, would be heaving as she tried to breathe and her taut tummy would be bouncing as she collapsed to the floor, the attack continuing until she was laying breathless on the floor, remarking on how suprise attacks are no fair.
A terrible double standard considering her.

>> No.14034915

What will Tewi do in response?

>> No.14035062

Touch Tewi's tail!

>> No.14035217

Well, I imagine that she'd remark to Anon that she "Had a few places you tickle if you want", raising the hem of her dress just enough to show a generous helping of peach skin, thick thighs and a bit of black lace before she let the cloth fall back in place.
She'd grin as his arms reached out only to yelp in suprise as he tossed her on the bed and.....
Played with her tail.
Pinning Tewi down by laying across her back so that she rested upon her jelly belly. Anon began to tease and stroke the white, cotton fluff which sprouted from her bottom, the feeling soft and fluffy.
While it was fun for him, it was something a little more for the earth rabbit, each stroke sending little jolts of pleasure through her that cause her to bite her lip to hide the moans and gasps of pleasure she was feeling

<at an OAR concert till 10pm est, will continue then.>

>> No.14035899

Oh dear, the tail is awfully close to a certain somewhere else. What would Tewi do if the rather cheeky anon got a bit cheekier, if you know what I mean.

>> No.14036171

Well, he's certainly in the position to abuse that rabbit rump, especially if she was moaning for him to "Quit it and go lower!" While she squirmed beneath him.
Well, it would be poor taste for him to ignore such a request from a lady wouldn't it?
Leaving the little ball of fluff alone, to the girls relief, Anon's hands slid further down to the soft cushions the big bunny now sported, the boney, flat behind abandoned for a plump bubble butt with about as much bounce as she had, although he noted that Kauya's would probably dwarf it after a little while.
He teased the supple flesh for a while, sinkinch. His fingers deep into it and massaging the rear end of Tewi, who was becoming increasingly needy.
"Come on Anon!" She moaned, trying, and failing, to get up again "That's low but you know what I mean when I say lower!"
Is that what she wants? Awfully demanding for a pinned girl.
Perhaps a little punishment would be in order.

>> No.14038051

She is obviously asking you to tickle her thighs.

>> No.14038257 [DELETED] 

>Perhaps a little punishment would be in order.
Coke and mentos.

>> No.14038553

Please no

>> No.14038931

No popping the rabbit please.

Lower eh?
Well, if she was still giving orders than lower he would go, his hands sliding from the plump rump to her thick thighs.
Most of Tewi's meat was located around her middle, an unfortunate side effect of not having any breasts to speak of before hand, but just like her posterior, her hips and thighs had softened considerably.
So thick that the almost always touched and pale beyond belief, Tewi had a pair of legs he wouldn't mind having wrapped around his head.
Ignoring the fact that she would tease and taunt him while doing so.
So, with a little tenderness, he moved her legs outward and then be began to slowly tickle her inner thighs, drawing more angry laughter from the girl who struggled fruitily beneath him.
"C-come on!" She laughed, legs kicking and her panties, lacy black, on full display "you know w-what I mean! Is this for those pranks I pulled back when you first arrived? Long time to hold a grudge!"
Anon just kept going until she was tickled tired again

>> No.14040659

Kiss that bunny butt!

>> No.14040945

Even teasing has it's limits and Anon figured that she'd probably had enough of it.
Or at least the most obvious types of punishment.
So it was that he stopped his assault on the earth rabbits chunky thighs and instead planted a kiss on her pale buttocks...
Now, this did require him to hike down her panties, which had been cutting into her broadening hips, and expose a certain part of her that hinted a little at her excitement, but he did so gladly, placing an exaggerated kiss on her bottom and crushing the hope she'd felt that he'd take it farther....
Unless he planned on going farther of course.

>> No.14041210

Tewis a chubby bunny, anon must do what needs to be done to her booty

>> No.14041320

more chen to be loved by all the toubros!

>> No.14041344

But what do you think Ran would have to say about her shikigami packing on the pounds?

>> No.14041544

Well, he guess that he'd held back long enough, he was ready to give Tewi a go.
Shifting a wee bit, Anon kept her pinned while he undid his trousers, the girl practically shivering with anticipation as he popped free, ready to plunge into her heated depths.
"Took you long enough!" she taunted as he held her by the sides, lining up at her entrance "Almost thought you were going to walk out."
Anon stopped at those words, just touching her without going in.
Well, he did let her know that he could just pack it up and leave, especially if she was going to be like that.
Torn between continuing her smart remark and getting some relief, the tubby Tewi opted for the latter option and kept her mouth shut, although a gasp did slip out when he finally went in.
She was tight, very tight, and not just because of her size either, although it did cause Anon to bottom out in her quite quickly. It seemed that for all her raunchy jokes and her foul mouth, Tewi didn't see a lot of 'action' so to speak, so she was silken smooth and ready to grip him as they started.
He thrusted into the earth rabbit slowly, enjoying the sensation of her sides kissing him while his hands got great handfuls of soft flesh from her cheeks, two plump handholds for him to use as he dove into her. Every impact would cause her bottom to bounce, the belly dragging on her bed to jiggle, and even cause her budding breasts to sway a little as her drove into her again, and again, and again.
Still, that wasn't enough for the bunny eared girl, her sweeter voice demanding that the outsider go faster, go harder, and, despite being physically impossible, to go deeper into her!
"Come on Anon!" she gasped, slowly lowering her chest so that her wider rear was further in the air "If you keep going so slow like that I'll never get off! Don't make me do all the wo-AHN!"

>> No.14041581

tease tewi!

>> No.14041584

Her taunt was ill advised and Anon responded by giving one of her soft cheeks a smack, nothing too terribly hard but enough to show that he didn't appreciate the comment....although it seemed Tewi enjoyed the slap.
Not that she was going to let him know.
"B-be careful!" she panted as his hand struck again, this time finding her other cheek "You're supposed to take it easy on ladies you know?"
Yeah, but Tewi's never really acted lady like.
Another smack to the first cheek silenced her while a second on the other caused a yelp of shock and ecstasy, the rabbit quivering a little as an echo of pleasure rocked through her.
His game plan, and her new weakness, set, Anon set about the main even as he quickened his pace for both the thrusting and spanking, turning her pale flesh pink as her chest sank more and more into the bed, her eyes wet and heavy while her mouth lolled half open, complaints turned to unintelligible half sentences as he played her bottom like bongos.
She'd gasp, groan, moan, and pant hotly under his affections, the girl feeling fuller than she'd ever had before with him in her while each slap spanking shot sparks of electric joy through her, a small jolt of pleasure that shocked her.
The combined assaults of his thrusts and hands soon proved too much for the poor rabbit and with a loud, wail of pleasure, she clamped down on his rod, a flood of hot, white filling her as he too reached his limit.
One twitch, two twitches, three and he was spent, his love shot into a rabbit who was so drunk in her own pleasure that she probably didn't realized where she was, her lids slowly falling shut as she drifted off to a content slumber.

>> No.14041589

As he was the last one awake, Anon did a little clean up before he tucked Tewi beneath the sheets, grunting a little at her increased bulk as he did.
The outsider himself was not too long in joining the girl in sleep either, although it was still a bit early for him.
He stripped till he was in nothing more than his boxers and then joined the slumbering girl in the bed, Tewi latching onto him like he was a teddy bear in her sleep.
<Sleeping. Can continue tomorrow>

>> No.14041705

b-but it was just breakfast

>> No.14042580

Nah, there was a time skip earlier.
It is evening now.

>> No.14042959

I love this picture, the heft that they have in their chest is lovely.
I'd snuggle any and all of them.

>> No.14043912

I want a chubby Sanae to sit in my lap!

>> No.14044329

Pretty bold Anon, she doesn't have much experience with guys so expect a lot of nervous wiggling

>> No.14047652 [DELETED] 
File: 221 KB, 819x665, chen honks her last honk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chen should be put down.

>> No.14047685

Chen must be fluffy and soft!

>> No.14047698

It's VERY rude to post such an ugly picture in a cute thread like this.

>> No.14048038


>> No.14048183

Well, when Anon woke the next morning he'd find that Tewi's hug had moved from his hips to his chest, the rotund rabbit not resting atop him and snoring in a most undignified manner.
Although if he factored in her..."positioning" and where it had left two soft orbs than he was willing to overlook it.
Still, morning was morning and that meant that he had a hearty, and extra large, breakfast to prepare.
So, as gently as he could, the man rolled the slumbering Tewi off of him and onto the bed, the girl grumbling in irritation as she slept and her belly wobbling a bit as it followed.
It actually took Anon a second to leave because the naked ball of flesh was much bigger than he'd anticipated, almost seeming as if all the food had gone straight there.
It had gone from a pot belly to something that made the rabbit look pregnant.
He really wanted to tease it a little but duty called so off he went to cook!

>> No.14048268

I wish to feed the tewi until her stomach roots her to the ground

>> No.14048660

Pretty ambitious there Anon.
Especially considering that she's going to be going competing against two other girls who, after yesterdays defeat, are ready to bring their all.
See, Eirin, after losing to Tewi last night, decided that her drug had had enough testing and taken a full dose herself....
Along with her princess who had been less than pleased at losing her movie buddy.
And to top this all off, she'd be competing with Reisin who was finally freed from her all oatmeal diet.
Why, who knows who'd win.

>> No.14048662

Hows Erin doing?

>> No.14048812

Well, now that a nights passed and dinners been digested, Erin awoke to find that she was sporting a bit more fluff that morning.
The little, pudgey belly she'd been sporting was now a fully blown gut, a soft, squishy orb that bounced whenever she gave it a curious poke.
Her bottom wasn't doing much better, as those cheeks now rivaled the size of throw pillows.
Her biggest asset though was most certainly her chest, each breast now the size of her head and positively overflowing from her bra, along requiring that her uniform top permanently remained unbuttoned.
Normally she would've whipped something up and gotten rid of her extra weight but..well....she'd seen the looks Anon gave her when she ran some tests on him, along how his body reacted at the sight of her, and she'd found herself minding the tighter clothes less and less.
And if Tewi is going try and get Anon then she's just going to have to fight back.

>> No.14049173

Overfeeding Tewi and Erin!

>> No.14049180

Is she ready for breakfast?

>> No.14049286

After washing her face and straightening her pajamas a best she could, the dark blue night dress only making her look pregnant to full term, Eirin was the first to the table greeting Anon with a warm hello as she took her seat.
She wasn't going to lose today, or let it go easy at least.
Why, she'd barely sat down when her stomach let out an angry grumble, demanding breakfast.
The next to arrive was Reisin and Kaguya, the bloated bunny and portly princess walking in bright and chipper.
Reisin had hit the bathroom before hand and, as such, was fully dressed, although clothed may have been a more accurate term.
The Rabbit's white shirt had only a trio of buttons at it's center to keep it together, the bottom half undone and exposing a belly which had porked up to the size of a spare tire, along with a pair of breasts that easily matched Eirin's. Her bottom and hips hadn't been left behind either, her flanks wide enough to get stuck in doorways and each, bouncing, blubbery cheek the size of a seat cushion, which was why she'd been given the extra large chair.
Kaguya, by comparison, was dressed in a pair of, formerly, loose fitting pink pajamas with cat's on them, her deepening belly button peeking out of the gap while a bottom that rivaled Reisin's stretched the cotton tight, almost tearing it.
They took their seats next and exchanged morning greetings with everyone, although Kaguya's was more of a complaint about how she and Anon were now behind on their show schedule, requiring a binge watch or two.
The last arrival, and the sleepiest looking, was Tewi who, despite that fact that it couldn't even completely cover her belly, had thrown on her pink dress, grumbling and yawning as she tried to wake up.
She took her seat with a lazy wave to everyone, although she did thank the outsider for the "Great night," and mention how she was surprised that she was able to walk, much to the embarrassment, and jealousy, of the others.

>> No.14049323




>> No.14049376

It didn't devolve into a feeding frenzy right away though, although they did get a little tense when Anon marked his seat as the one next to Tewi, and the girl's spent quite a while chatting with each other, and shouting to Anon in the kitchen, until the outsider had returned with the breakfast feast.
Towers of french toast, heaps of crispy bacon, and mounds of fresh hash were all put before them, the each girl served a generous portion, at their request, and digging in as they kept on discussing the going ons in Gensokyo.
Honestly, it would've been peaceful had Kaguya, eating in a quick yet dignified manner, not announced that she felt ready for seconds, or even thirds, that day.
That was when the knives cut quicker and the bite's became larger, each girl hastening as the unofficial start of the marathon began.
The french toast vanished quickly as Tewi snagged stacks and the hash disappeared down Kaguya's gullet as she ate it, all while the doctor snagged heaps of bacon.
Even Reisin had to speed up her eating, if only to make sure that she got some.
Jaws chewed and bellies grew full and taut as a meal fit for ten, or even fifteen, was demolished by four hungry women.
Cloth strained and belly buttons looked out freely from clothes as the girls passed their second plates and entered the third, none willing to give up.
The furious pace lasted until the third plate ended and the girls stomachs turned hard from the food packed within them.
Eirin was pink cheeked with embarrassment again as she resisted the urge to stroke her gut while Tewi ate like she'd been starved for a week, although her boulder of a belly said otherwise.
Kaguya kept going, despite her discomfort, and Reisin, stuffed full, excused herself, leaving the girls to eat and binge until they food was gone and they all sat there groaning, Five plates each having entered their swollen stomachs.

>> No.14049385

Step 1: Have Eirin whip up drug
Step 2; Give drug to Tewi
Step 3: Enjoy an immobilized Tewi.

>> No.14049448

How lewd of Tewi.

>> No.14049466

Use one of their tummies as a pillow!

>> No.14049605

fuck you fucking shiteating faggot, that picture of yours and it's related manga made me depressed for weeks, fuck off and die /b/ worthy scum

>> No.14049621
File: 102 KB, 768x1024, 52370330_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14049740

how is it enjoyable if she isn't enjoying that, not to sound like an sjw or some feminist retard, but vanilla way is the best way

>> No.14049757

Well, with all those stuffed, round tummies, it would be almost impossible for Anon to refuse, especially with the girls looking as sorry as they did now.
The plates were stacked as neatly as could be but they were the least of Anons worries for there were tender tummies in need of care right before him.
Massages were given to the trio, earning whispered thanks from the girls, and a promise of 'repayment' from Tewi.
Whatever payment that was, it didn't matter to Anon, the man was too intent on putting their troubled bellies to ease.
It was tough, especially given how distended their bellies were, and each girl would ask for his fingers back on their soft skin not moments after he'd left her to take care of another.
It took a good fifteen minutes of rubbing and pampering to put the girls at ease, or ease enough for them to go and get ready.
All except Kaguya at least, as, due to last nights romp with Tewi, the two of you had been forced to reschedule your Anime watching for the day for that morning so that the two of you could catch up on your shows.
A good thing considering the second season of one of them was about to start and the two of you had barely made it past episode six.
Considering that the two of you were just going to be staying in today, it made sense that the princess hadn't changed out of her pink PJs.
Although it did leave her looking a little undignified as she relaxed on her futon.
Not that she seemed to care.
"Hey! A princess doesn't need to be dignified ALL the time," she pouted as she set the show to play, her rather large posterior putting her a good inch or two higher than it used to be, "even royalty likes to relax every now and then!'
Anon figured that was understandable, although it did make one wonder why she didn't seem to concerned about her belly showing.
Whatever, he had a show to watch, taking his spot next to her as the opening song began to play, a sack of snacks next to him, brought more out of habit than necessity

>> No.14049761

You can spoil her more that way, she'd have you wait on her hand and foot, and carry her around when she wants to go anywhere.

Probably wouldn't stop her from being smug though.

Now >>14049621 would be a real challenge.
Stuffing Aya like a turkey would be the real challenge.

>> No.14049783

From there things went as they normally did, Anon and Kaguya watching their favorite shows and doing their best to not talk over the show when something silly happened.
Well, semi normally at least as halfway through the second episode of that day when Kaguya, who'd been slowly inching towards him, finally built up the courage to ask him something.
'H-hey Anon," she asked, sounding a little unsure of herself "if you want, do you want to l-lay in my lap?..I mean, it's a little fuller than normal but you could always just u-use my belly as a pillow.."
<Bed, Sleep, More tomorrow>

>> No.14049876
File: 14 KB, 160x112, FUCK WINKING.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Can't wait writefriend. Have a good night!

>> No.14051039
File: 71 KB, 710x1000, hmmpf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Impossible! Impossible!

>> No.14052118

Make out with Kaguya's navel!

>> No.14052953

Well, I'm sure that Anon would be more than willing to accept the princess's generous offer and use her soft middle as a pillow, laying on his side so that he could rest his head upon her stomach and watch the show at the same time.
It was...much harder than he'd expected, most likely a result of the still digesting breakfast, but there was still just enough fluff to make it enjoyable, and he wasn't the only one that liked it either.
As soon as his head touched her tummy, the blushing Kaguya let out a little titter of amusement, asking the man if he was comfortable before starting the show back up again, watching as the story's hero went through school while fighting demon's along side the a mysterious girl.
It wasn't the most original plot but the art was nice and the voice acting was especially good.
Although things were taking a bit of a more...romantic turn than he'd expected.
Hints were being dropped and love was in the air.
An air that had also flowed over into the room as Kaguya had started stroking his hair as the show kept running.

>> No.14053314

Bring Kaguya brunch and have her eat till her belly button pops out, then do what must be done while she lays there too stuffed to move!

>> No.14053563

Oh, I'm certain he could manage something, although he'd make a swift trip to the kitchen first.
Kaguya would pout and tell him to stay, thoroughly enjoying his company atop her belly, but the promise of a quick snack, and some goodies just for her, would win the portly princess over.
It would be a quick trip but when the door next opened he'd be carrying enough snacks for a large party, bags of chips and a couple two liter's all for the Kaguya.
Who felt that all snacks were a little...excessive.
"You're not feeding an army," she told him, taking one of the ship bags "you seriously didn't need to bring me so much."
Better safe than sorry, was his response.
And he wanted to be extra safe.
<Going to be gone for a bit. Running DnD>

>> No.14056120

Sounds like extra-extra safe, the poor princess is gonna be huge.

>> No.14056599

Well, Anon was well prepared for just such an eventuality and as the show started playing Kaguya's hands start running on autopilot grabbing potato chips and mindlessly munching away.
Handful after handful disappeared into her belly, accompanied by great gulps from the two liter's Anon had brought, her stomach bloated outward more and more with each passing moment, her pink pajama top riding higher and higher atop the gravid orb of a belly she sported. It was three episodes in, along with two of the great soda's and three bags, that even she started to slow down, her overburdened belly stretching tightly as more and more snacks filled it, but it wasn't until the final episode and it's romantic climax that she'd finally had her fill.
Seven bags of chips and four two liters had stuffed her so much that it looked like she'd swallowed a beach ball, the princess's belly button popping out from everything that sat within it.
"I can't believe that just happened," Kaguya groaned as she flopped on her back, belly bouncing a bit as if followed "Really? They had to go with the childhood friend losing again! She was the best girl..."
Anon couldn't disagree with that, he'd felt that the chemistry between the hero and her were better than that between him and the heroine.
Still, it could always have been worse, at least she'd sweetened up at the end.
"That's not..urg...even the worst part," she groaned, giving her globular belly a rub "I can't believe that I just ate that much....Why did you get that much?"
Better safe than sorry? was the outsider's response, his hands working at her belly.

>> No.14057833

Listen to the sounds!

>> No.14058014

"Well you being 'safe' isn't exactly safe for my waistline," the princess moaned, enjoying the feeling of Anon putting her stuffed stomach at ease "I'm going to be the size of Reisin if you keep this up."
Anon didn't know if that was supposed to stop him or just encourage him to go further, although he was alright with just listening to her belly gurgle and groan.
"Honestly," the princess sighed as he laid his ear to her bloated belly, "I know I've put on a bit of weight but this is just absurd! I mean -oof-!"
She tried to sit up but it seemed that gravity, and the beginnings of a food coma were working against her, the girl only able to half rise before falling back on the futon.
"J-just one more mo-oooooore!" she said as she tried again, meeting similar results "I c-aaaaa-n do this!"
She couldn't do it, falling on her back again, winded and entirely at Anon's mercy.

>> No.14058204

Upset tummy? :O

>> No.14058302

Yeah, it would be pretty upset, especially considering it hasn't been that long since breakfast.
She'd be groaning and moaning but Anon's hands would definitely make her feel much, much better.
His fingers would be pressing deeply into her pudge to massage her rotund belly as best he could to easy her discomfort.
Luckily much of it was breaking down so that her belly bounced a bit more with every push, jiggled as she let out little gasps of joy.
Joy at a feeling that was making her cheeks turn red with a heavy blush that wanted him to...go lower.

>> No.14059938

shawty crunk, so fresh so clean can she fuck? that question been harrasin me

>> No.14062563
File: 166 KB, 598x960, ata962.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14062621

Fluffy Raccoon maid.

>> No.14064500

I'd cuddle that belly.

>> No.14065966

post the Chen and Byakuren one

>> No.14066041
File: 170 KB, 642x960, cf7db122a81ada2662609073e93fd702.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14066314

Where did writefag go?

>> No.14066321

Sorry, had a migraine all of today.
Popped a pill, zonked out.
Will be back tomorrow.

>> No.14068134

Well, it would be an innocent massage at first, kneading her belly and working to make her belly feel at ease.
She'd squirm a little at his touch and, with heated breaths, urge him to keep going, maybe even heading a little lower so that another part of her could be massaged.
He'd get her under belly, to which she'd tell him to go lower, and his hand would slide down further and further until it hung at the edge of her waistband, a hairs breadth away from crossing a very special border.
The hesitation didn't go unnoticed by Kaguya who, with a little pout, asked why he was being so hesitant.
"Come on Anon," she huffed, giving him a little poke on the forehead, "are you just going to dawdle about or am I going to have to take the lead?"

>> No.14070167

Tease her more! Kaguya is in no shape to take the lead anyways.

>> No.14070721

OH? Was the princess getting a little impatient?
Well, sadly for her that was just something that begged for him to tease the rotund royalty that lay before him, her sea of perfect, midnight black hair hanging down behind her back, only a little mussed despite the lack of brushing she'd done.
So it was that the slipped his lands below her waist band and begin to slowly rub her womanhood, drawing sweet little coos from her as she sighed and moaned, enjoying another's touch on her for the first time.
Although she was quickly becoming more than little frustrated because of his refusal to go inside her, simply petting her but never going inside.
It was enough to make that pout return.

>> No.14070779

"Come O-ahn-n Anon!" she whined, hips wiggling a little bit as she grew more and more needy, "you're not just going to sit there and do that are you?"
Well, Anon didn't know about that, he did seem content to just keep going, enjoying her increasingly slick entrance, reddening cheeks, and two points that were showing through her pink top.
Still, he had to get some new sensations into the mix so he slipped his free hand beneath her shirt to give the bigger bust a good fondling, savoring the feeling of her silken skin and loving every new sigh or joyous moan that slipped from her plump lips.
Why, he even felt her begin to shiver as the pleasure built up only to stop just as she was about to reach her limit, slowing down and leaving her more than a little frustrated.

>> No.14072995
File: 361 KB, 1250x1920, nuf1cbdc8D1u4pze0o1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

patchouli v2

>> No.14073060

No, patchy is thicker and reads books

>> No.14074091
File: 197 KB, 639x900, resize_image (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey /jp/, I found some bkub strips that don't seem to be on danbooru, could someone here upload them since I can't be bothered to make an account?

>> No.14074377

post them all, translated preferably

>> No.14074386

Patchy is so big she has her own gravitational force

>> No.14074427
File: 242 KB, 636x900, resize_image (4).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know the runes anon, we'll have to rely on someone else for that.

>> No.14074432
File: 199 KB, 632x900, resize_image (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Also, for this page and the next, I'm certain that one of the strips has already been uploaded, but not the other one.

>> No.14074440
File: 198 KB, 636x900, resize_image (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14074444
File: 192 KB, 634x900, resize_image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And this is the title page, these were all taken from the book previews, so there might be more in the book itself.

>> No.14074451
File: 289 KB, 468x640, catpat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hopefully some kind /jp/sie can translate it, typesetting is the easier part

>> No.14074462
File: 96 KB, 600x600, 14165360.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Got one more
We can only hope

>> No.14074465

I've seen this one before on dan

>> No.14074587

I know the AC one is definitely there, but are you sure the cowboy one is too?

>> No.14074672

that was probably it

>> No.14075690

She's lewd! Lewd!

>> No.14076511

Do it!

>> No.14076911

I want a chunky Tewi to sit on my lap with her soft butt.

>> No.14077024

She's also a bit frustrated considering how much Anon's been teasing her, repeatedly running her right up to the edge before backing off and letting her wind down before going again.
Heck, were she not pinned by her own, overstuffed gut she would've pounced on him then and there. Instead, all she could do was let him tease her as much as he wanted.
"Come oooon Anon," she groaned at one point, knees trembling a little from his current ministrations "I may be immortal but that doesn't mean I can keep waiting!"
Oh? The princess wanted him to dive in did she? Well, it would be a bad showing if he didn't give her what she wanted, especially after she added a quiet "please" to the mix.
With a practiced hand he pulled down the pink pajama bottoms and the matching underwear which lay beneath to see her slick womanhood practically begging for him to put it in.
Not that it took long for him to do so, why he'd barely had time to see that she'd shaved down there before he dove into her waiting folds.
Unlike the super tight Tewi, Kaguya was a bit looser due to her size, although she was by no means well worn, and her deepest parts were a little harder to reach.
Not that it mattered as the minutes of teasing, groping, and fondling had gotten her soft hot and bothered that the mere sensation of insertion was enough to set her off, toes curling and a muffled squeal of pleasure slipping free.
My, if he didn't take it easy than he'd probably overload the poor, pudgy princess....
But did he really want to take it easy?

>> No.14077036

I want to get payback at Tewi for all those tricks she's played in me!
Offering her cakes, candy, and ice cream until she's got a belly like a beach ball, a rear that looks like she's smuggling basketballs, and two C-cup breasts that I can gripe whenever I catch her because she's too heavy to run away!

>> No.14077134

Overdo it! Make her pass out into a food coma so she can wake up at lunch.

>> No.14077306

Correction. Everything has a gravitational force. Force of gravity messured on an object is weight.

>> No.14077324

Well, she did ask for him to give it to her, why not go all the way?
Without even waiting for the pleasure cascading through her to subside, Anon began to hammer into her as hard and as quickly as he could, the sensations setting Kaguya's nerves alight,.
It helped that her soft body had prepared itself for him too, her soft, silken insides so slick that there was little friction to be felt.
Each impact drew a coo or gasp from her and sent her bulbous belly bouncing along with her newly enlarged breasts, the latter of which could be seen since she'd pulled up her shirt.
And those little noises were all she could make as he continued to strike, barely a syllable getting out before another wave of ecstasy over took her, drowning her in pleasure.
Her toes curled, walls shook, and voice screamed as the wet, slapping sounds continued.
To make matters worse, for her at least, Anons grasping hands had returned to her gravid belly, sinking into the soft skin and giving her tummy a deep, deep massage.
A proud, portly princess reduced to a shivering, panting wreck who bounced and jiggled with each motion, she'd be mortified if she could see herself.
Kaguya wasn't the only one enjoying the act though as Ankn was quickly finding himself pulled closer and closer to relief with every passing second.
Kaguya's wall were grasping and spasoming around his rod while pliable flesh squeezed and molded beneath his hands, Kaguya's heated gaze and open mouth begging him for more sensations, more pleasure.
And he didn't want to dissapoint.
As gently as he could manage, the outsider wrapped and arm behind the raven haired beauty and pulled her up to him, chubby arms wrapping around him as Kaguya's instincts told her to pull his lips close in a sloppy kiss, tongues dancing as his hips crashed into hers, the end rushing forward.

>> No.14080243
File: 780 KB, 1280x1136, tumblr_nugxfptT2h1u4pze0o1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14080502

Attack Kaguya!

>> No.14080540
File: 532 KB, 800x1131, COo6H--UsAAzA1_.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14080550


>> No.14080560


>> No.14080768

It was with a muffled scream that the two reached their passionate end, the largest climax yet electrifying her as Anon fired his payload deep into her, silken walls clamping down on him so as to prevent any chance of pulling out.
By the tone their lips parted, Both were panting and gasping for air, the black haired princesses eyes unfocused as she basked in the wonderful afterglow.
The poor girl couldn't even say anything as Anon laid her back on the futon and gave her head a pat before going off to shower, a busy day ahead of him

>> No.14080791

I want to make this her softest reincarnation

>> No.14080930

How soft?

>> No.14081032

The softest!
She you be used as a cushion she'd be so soft!
The perfect place to rest my head while she's writing

>> No.14081629

Where should Anon go?
The doctor?
The 'little' rabbit?
The big rabbit?

>> No.14082257

Might as well pay the doctor a visit, see how she's getting on.

>> No.14082331
File: 587 KB, 1100x1438, 1321512534337.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Doctor!

>> No.14082420

After a quick shower and a change into some clean clothes, the old ones tossed into a hamper for Reisin to deal with, Anon was on his way to the pay the good doctor a visit for his daily checkup and a few tests, all part of the agreement that allowed him to live in Eientei.
They weren't anything extreme and mostly just consisted of Eirin taking a few measurements, giving him a drug or two to test, and maybe the outsider giving her a hand with whatever she had planned.
He was quite happy as he strode into the spotless lab that day, the white tiles gleaming and the air smelling as if it had been purified.
The first area he'd walked into was the testing area itself, a wide space filled with jars of colorful, mysterious liquids, surgical tables, myriad of arcane tools Anon had no clue about but, to his surprise, no sign of the good doctor.
Although the mumbling from her office and the light shining from it showed her true location.
Why, she must have been so busy that she forgot he'd be there!

>> No.14082622

WHat the fuck? What the hell is wrong with the skin below? She looks like a bloated corpse.

>> No.14084059

Oh my, I wonder what's going on back there.

>> No.14086573


>> No.14087054
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>> No.14087976

Tease Eirin for being fattened up so easily! Pinch her tummy!

>> No.14087982

Chen is a good jungle hero

>> No.14089243

<Just a heads up, I lost power for all of yesterday after a squirrel committed suicide in a substation and I'm heading out to watch football with the family so I'll be writing around 8 tonight>

>> No.14090473

What could she be working on indeed?
A new cure for a disease? Or perhaps she's researching a new surgical treatment to be put to use?
The possibilities are endless when you're a super genius from the moon!
So what better time would it be than now to sneak up on her?
As swiftly and silently as could be, Anon snuck through the the lab, carefully avoiding any chairs which could give him away, and walked to the open door of her office.
In contrast to the stark white tiled floor of the lab, her office floor was a deep oak color, although that was the only real extravagant item in there as the only other items were a gunmetal grey desk, which had neatly stacked papers towers of research papers, and an old looking computer with a big, boxy monitor almost ripped straight from the nineties.
Well, perhaps saying that the new floor was the only extravegant item would've been a bit untrue as she'd also replaced her old office chair with a much larger one that almost looked like a throne on wheels, padded cushions falling off the sides.
She'd been forced to upgrade after her ever widening hips and backside had gotten her stuck one day, a shameful experience for her that only ended when Anon, and a considerably smaller Reisin back then, had pulled her free.
Still, the new chair didn't prevent her becoming a victim to Anon's sneak attacks.
Swiftly he slid across the office floor and, to his glee, greeted Eirin with a hearty hello as he wrapped around her with his arms, sinking deeply into her pudge as she let out a shriek of surprise, revealing that she'd been.....playing solitaire?

>> No.14091140

commence the jiggling

>> No.14091698

Well, well, well. Wasn't this a surprise?
The ever vigilant, strict Eirin playing around at her desk instead of working? My, that wasn't very good of her, what would Tewi do if she had caught her doing something like this?
Tease the ever loving heck out of her most likely.
No prize for guessing what Anon was going to do next.
With a sly grin he gave the ballooning belly a jiggle, noting that much of breakfast seemed to have been digested, as he told her how shocked (SHOCKED!) he was that she was playing games rather than doing work! What kind of example was she setting for Reisin to follow?
"W-what are you talking about?" was the stammered response the good doctor gave, letting out a little moan "I-I'm on break! Even I have to take breaks every now and then!"
Oh? Is that so? Then what was with all the empty chip bags he spied in the trash? If those were anything to go by the the doctor was taking a lot more breaks than she was letting on.
"I-It's not that! I j-j- CAN YOU LET GO?" Eirin complained as Anon continued to fondle her belly, groping the tender flesh with his fingers as her cheeks turned pink "It's a l-little distracting..."
Distracting was it? That's another thing Eirin would never let happen. Was Anon's reply as he kept on feeling the soft belly, fingers brushing up against soft, silky skin, one finger delving into her navel while she squirmed.
He had to be wonder if she was slipping a little, along with letting her know that he didn't plan on stopping.
"B-but how am I going to run a physical if you don't let go?" She responded with a little more vigor, her mind finally turning again "I can't very well run tests on you if I don't know your condition beforehand!"
Anon told her that it wasn't necessary, or tried to at least for the bloated woman soon rose from her seat, breaking his grasp, to shoo him from the room, a little pout on her face as she brought him back to the lab.

>> No.14091957
File: 101 KB, 669x779, IMG_20150913_223202.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14092069

Eirin must be made to exercise in front of anon so he can see what happens.

>> No.14093482

Anon was practically herded towards the table in the lab by the doctor, although one had to wonder if her haste was so they could get to work or if it was to distract him from what she'd been doing.
He couldn't even get a word in edgewise as she handed him a blue hospital gown for him to wear so she could properly inspect him.
"Come on! Come on!" she urged, quickly walking towards one of the many tables littered with tools "Put it on so we can get started!"
Geez, for someone who'd been playing solitaire, she really had the urge to work now, although Anon did comment on how she was essentially telling him to strip down for her.
Oh boy, the way she shot ramrod straight was enough to show that he'd struck a nerve, Eirin almost dropping whatever she'd been holding.
"S-so? It's necessary so that I can better look a-, I mean, inspect you!" she recovered, shooting him a chubby cheeked pout as she walked back over to him, "It's not like I haven't seen you n-naked before! I'm intimately familiar with male anatomy."
There was a line he could've said there but he decided to just let it slide as she pulled his gown to the side and began checking his pulse and breathing, writing notes in a notepad as she did.
It had been a week since she'd last taken his vitals and right now Anon was taking in a few, new sights as she went around measuring and checking him.
Her bloated, basket ball belly was resting against him and brushing against his thigh as she moved and her upgraded bust was almost touching his face, two soft balloons of flesh bare inches from him, showing off a generous canyon of cleavage.
It was enough to get a reaction from him, one that didn't go unnoticed by Eirin.
<Driving soon, more in a bit.>

>> No.14093778

Grab dat butt and pull her closer.

>> No.14093838

As she was pressing the stethoscope to Anon's side, checking his breathing, the bottom of her pudgy belly brushed up against something rigid about his groin area, distracting her for a moment.
"Anon," she started, pulling back a bit, "what's poking into me? Didn't you remove your clothes like I asked?"
He had and he let her know so, taking a small bit of pleasure in watching as the silver haired doctor's cheeks reddened and her eyes widened. He didn't say what it was but...well....she was quite knowledgeable about male anatomy so he needn't really tell her for Eirin to piece it together, although he did apologize for it.
"D-Don't worry about it," was the stammered reply she gave, getting back to work and trying to avoid looking at the tent that had formed "i-it's a completely natural reaction t-that you can't control. The human body sometimes acts on its own when it needs to make sure everything is w-working."
Aww, she was doing her best to avoid touching it, moving to the side so that she was now brushing up against him.
He did feel the need to correct the good doctor on one thing though, the body also acted that way when it saw something it liked.
She gave an audible gulp at that and tried to focus on her work only for Anon to give her decently sized derrière a grope, his hand slipping beneath her strained, red and blue uniform to sink deeply into the creamy, smooth flesh as he smiled at her, enjoying as she froze so that he could continue to caress and squeeze it.
It looked like she was starting to have trouble holding back at this point, biting her bottom lip lightly while her face turned flushed.
Her hips leaned into Anon's hand so that he could get q better feel and her legs had begun to rub together as a rarely felt, for her, tingling sensation made its presence known.
Sadly for Anon, it wasn't much longer than that when Eirin snapped out of it, an indignant pout forming as she told him to quit it, lightly brushing his hand aside.

>> No.14093853

"My, my, where are you getting all this energy from," she wondered out loud, taking a few steps back and motioning for him to stand "I guess you need to burn some of that off! Up up! Do some jumping jacks! Can't have you causing trouble during the rest of the exam."
Anon sighed in disappointment but a new idea sparked in his head.
With a smirk he told her that he would but if, and only if, she did them with him.

>> No.14093872

But she'll bounce so much!

>> No.14093967

You could use the whole princess as a pillow. Just look at how huge her butt is!

>> No.14093986

I want to feed her snacks everyday and massage her belly while watching animu.
Imma pamper that princess

>> No.14094123

That would be the thought blouncing through her head, causing her to look down at her great guy and soft, head sized breasts which were beginning to get in the way of her line of sight.
She mulled it over with one finger resting on the side of her face while she pursed her plump lips, wondering if embarrassment was worth calming him down.
"W-well, if it can't be helped then I'll j-join in," she eventually replied, giving in to his demands, "a little extra exercise would do me some good any ways."
Anon congratulated her and, after sliding from the table, told her to get ready for a workout.
She kicked off her high heels, revealing pantyhose that looked a second away from tearing, and nodded, although the slight frown hinted at her unease about the entire situation.
And she was right to feel uneasy as it turned out that the jumping jacks were a bit more tiring than usual.
A simple set of 20 was chosen for them to do, enough to burn some energy and no trouble for Anon who knocked them out easily, although a certain part of him made its presence known as the excitement remained.
For Eirin the exercise was much, MUCH more difficult cult than she'd anticipated. The first problem she ran into was the sheer amount of "jiggling" that happened as she jumped, big breasts leaping up towards her face and doughy belly aost leaping free from the perpetual gap in her clothes, many buttons removed or undone lest they pop off, threatening to blow off what few remained. Every bounce would send her bust up and her jiggly, gelatinous belly would wobble without a care, throwing off her balance so that everytine she landed, a new struggle to keep her balance would ensue. Why, she could even feel her soft rear bouncing a bit as she moved!
For the formerly fit doctor to find even a simple jumping jack a chore was a major strike to her pride, although Anon was feeling mighty pleased at the sight, her heaving breasts, gut threatening to rip free at any second.

>> No.14094200

The second problem was that her extra weight made the endeavor a bit more tiring than she remembered, her breathing becoming Rough and a tiny sheen of sweat making its presence known on her forehead as the woman struggled to reach number 10. Her great leaps quickly turned to little hops as fatigue, and mortification at her thick thighs slapping, took its toll, her movements slowing and face redding as she struggled.
By fifteen she grunted with each jump and a button pooped loose near the top of her belly area, setting the pale sea of flesh free so that Anon could watch each bounce firsts hand until the twentieth where, with a mighty shout, she kept as hard as she could for the final, impressive jump....
Until her breasts finally beat the dress and popped free, one nipple showing from the black bra she wore while the other remained barely contained.
Her sudden wardrobe malfunction was enough to shock her so that the landing became botched, the doctor landing on her wide rump with part of her chest exposed, her hair slightly missed, and her face as red as a tomato, although Anon couldn't figure if it was shame or just because she was winded

>> No.14094869

Oh man, Eirin is so tired anon could probably get away with anything.

>> No.14095592

WHOA! Sauceplz! Nothing is coming up in any searches.

>> No.14095617


>> No.14095771
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>> No.14095778
File: 106 KB, 600x800, IMG_20150915_012411.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14095827

artist? reverse search didn't help

>> No.14096292

artist name is right in the image

>> No.14096318
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ykrnsk? found 1 tumblr user but apparently it's dead...

>> No.14096916
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Looks like this guy

>> No.14097000
File: 63 KB, 419x296, 007953.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah that looks like it, thanks!

too bad about his/her tumblr works

>> No.14097080
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His Ran is maximim overmom.

It does things to me

>> No.14097368

True, why, she'd be laying there breathless and at Anon's mercy as he looked down at her, front part of her dress askew and showing off the black panties she wears, belly exposed to the air, and one breast exposed, her cheeks positively pink and her mouth open as a little, frazzled mumbling slips out from her.
There was a solid ten seconds as Anon simply drank in the sight, a unabashed, gleeful grin on his face before he strode over towards the fallen doctor.
"A-Anon!" she pleaded, one hand out as she sat on her squishy tummy "W-what are you doing? W-we've got some tests to run!'
Well, Anon wasn't so sure about that as he still had quite a bit of 'energy' that he still needed to burn off, something the rod that was almost touching her face made quite clear.

>> No.14097458


>> No.14102609

A look of fearful uncertainty now occupied Eirin's face and she was blushing so hard that Anon couldn't help but feel more than a little sorry for her, although he did mention that they could always run a test to make sure that a certain something was working correctly, the boldness of his suggestion making the doctor gasp in wide eyed astonishment.
"W-what are you talking about!?" She shouted, although there was little anger in her voice "W-we aren't supposed to test that until la- I mean, we can't do that here! We have other tests to run!"
She caught herself but not fast enough, Anon's ears catching mention of how she'd already planned on 'testing' him, something that only made his smirk widen.
With an air of nonchalance he asked the white hairs beauty how she'd planned on 'testing' him, although she remain silent, trying to focus on anything that wasn't him.
He poked and prodded her a bit more, list all the lewd acts she must've had planned but it was only when he mentioned her breasts that she let out a little "Yes" and a nod

>> No.14102962

Eirin's big fat tats! Anon should test them himself.

>> No.14107115


>> No.14107387

Oh? Well what did she have planned? Anon wondered, the confirmation making his lewd grin widen.
Had she planned on putting them right in his face so that he could suckle them?
Perhaps it was some much less lewd such as pressing them against his back as he sat in her ample lap?
Maybe it was just as simple as letting him grope those soft melons if hers, sinking deeply into her flesh as he massaged them.
"A-actually, I had something else in mind," was the response Eirin chose as her hands went to the area below her breasts and pulled a gap between buttons even wider, the underclevage clearly visible through the opening. " we can give it a try if you'd like."

Sorry, work got busy

>> No.14108998

Well, Anon wouldn't turn down a lady's offer so why not give it a spin?
With a little gulp at his acceptance, Eirin instructed Anon to rise, telling him to sit back on the table so that he was in a better position.
He did so, taking his spot upon the slab, but only after he'd helped the fallen doctor up, a grunt coming from Anon as he tried to lift the, quite hefty, woman up from where she'd fallen.
So it was that he found himself watching as the doctor of Eientei got to her knees before him and, after readjusting clothes so that she was covered, inserting his hard member into her under cleavage so the rod was surrounded by pillowy, marshmallow flesh.
It was heaven, silky smooth flesh surrounding him on all sides while his tip peeked from it, a small dab of clear liquid flowing as Eirin clasped her breasts with her hands, slowly moving each one up and down so that she could caress him, a deep, crimson coloring her face as she did.
It wasn't the most...skillful tit job Anon had ever seen, as the doctor's movements were a tad clumsy and her focus kept shifting from where he was trapped between her to his face, uncertainty plain as day.
"I-is it good?" she asked, the alternating movements now becoming a slingle smoother one as she moved them in unison "I-I've read that this is an excellent way for women with sizable mammaries to please a man..."

>> No.14110429

What lewd thoughts for a doctor to have.

>> No.14110853
File: 567 KB, 800x1200, 52590285_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14112578

*rub rub rubrubrubrubrubrubrub*

>> No.14112670
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>> No.14114776

Well, it would've been wrong for Anon to lie to the woman,especially considering that she was doing her hardest to please him, so he let the doctor know that she was doing just fine, a compliment which only encouraged her.
With a chubby cheeked look determination, Eirin redoubled her efforts, her movements becoming more fluid as she put her heart into it. Instead of the simple up and down movements she'd been using, the silver haired woman began to push her breasts against each other so that a subtle pressure was put upon Anon's member, the pace increasing as she focused.
Up and down, up and down, her pillows went, one clutched in each hand as she worked. A soft massage that edged the outsider towards release with every passing second, Eirin's storm colored eyes watching the angry red tip which poked from her cleavage, the gears in her mind turning until an idea suddenly sprung to life.
Without warning, and with a shocking boldness, Erin's lips parted and her pink tongue came out, running it along the outsiders sensitive tip with a loud slurp which sent shivers down the man's spine.
Something which didn't pass unnoticed.

>> No.14115463

What will the chunky doctor do if anon makes a mess all over her face?

>> No.14116011

Well, she wouldn't want it to go to waste would she?
Although she'd get little warning as the two pronged assault of her breasts and tongue were more than enough to bring anon to the brink.
While she worked his shaft with her pillows, his tip was attacked by her tongue, Eirin, liking around the edge of it as she let out hungry moans, voraciously feeding off.
In fact, the poor doctor didn't even get a word of warning from Anon, only the twitches of his member giving her enough warning to seal her lips around him, the spurt of white striking the back of her throat and drawing a squeal of surprise from the good doctor struggled to swallow his goodness.

>> No.14116084

How lewd, she has to eat everything she can, even when it isn't food.

>> No.14119547

Hopefully she'll still have room for lunch!

>> No.14119707

True, it would reflect poorly on her if she let such a thing went to waste.
So with a strained expression, and an audible gulp, Eirin forced the bitter while stuff down, letting out a gasp afterwards.
"T-that tasted much differently than I anticipated," the doctor gasped, letting out a little cough "I guess that Patchouli's books on this subject must be incorrect, I'll need to notify her next time we me-"
Books? Why would Eirin be reading books that contained such info?
It didn't take long for the outsider to put that question forward, much to her embarrassment.
"I-I was curious! That's all!" was the hasty reply he got, the Doctor's face going pink again "I-it's an interesting subject!"

>> No.14119731

Anon should let Eirin examine him thoroughly!

>> No.14119850

But she's already inspected Anon!
How else would she need to test his body?

>> No.14120134

With her fat ass

>> No.14122401
File: 139 KB, 800x1100, IMG_20150921_092152.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14124250

Well, it is a pretty portly posterior and those books of Patchy's have quite a few interesting things in them that couples could do.
So it was quite surprising to Anon when the doctor told him to stay still as she undid what few buttons remained on her dress, and almighty 3, and sent the dresses bottom to the floor, leaving her before him with nothing more than her underwear.
Too small underwear at that.
Freed from the red and blue garment, Anon was given an fine look at the soft, heavy looking belly the doctor had gained, deep navel glaring right back while a risqué pair of black, lace panties cut into wide, brood motherly hips. Her breasts were returned to the cloth nest that was the matching bra and, if Anon had to guess, a bouncy bottom was threatening to tear the back of Eirin's underwear.
"W-well, now that the first test is out of the way, we can m-move on to the second" the blushing beauty instructed as she turned around so that her thickly padded posterior was shown to the outsider "I-If my information is correct, t-than it is possible for the buttocks t-to be used to pleasure another. I-I believe it's call "Hotdogging", would you c-care to proceed?"
With that offer, and a surprisingly eager wiggle of her fanny, the good hooked her fingers under her underwear and pulled it down until her bottom was bare before Anon

>> No.14127908
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>> No.14130088
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>> No.14130566


>> No.14131810

Lewd overload.

>> No.14134488
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>> No.14134744
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>> No.14136792

Eirin's big butt

>> No.14136848

Just posting to let you know I'm on vacation and away from my laptop, on phone right now

>> No.14136876


Thanks tbh fam.

>> No.14137284
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enjoy yourself

>> No.14137290

When's the ghostfag going to use a new thread? It's over 1200 posts now.

>> No.14141545
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>> No.14142794
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>> No.14142797
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>> No.14145289
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>> No.14145390
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>> No.14145392
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>> No.14145399
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>> No.14145403
File: 214 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_20150926_124946.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14145609
File: 1.47 MB, 1585x2386, 20150421_by_nazotyu-d8qj1n5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That one is optimal for me, I'd say. The other ones are also great though.

>> No.14147612
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>> No.14150366
File: 209 KB, 816x979, 1411868235012.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14150481

That Cirno needs to get her cheeks pinched, belly rubbed, and enough ice cream to feed a city

>> No.14150595


>> No.14151157
File: 243 KB, 960x677, helpfull epidemic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

stop it dude, it's tight in here already

>> No.14153244

I approve.

And also want to be the one to do all of the above.

>> No.14154342

A chilly, jelly belly Cirno to tease when she's chunky.
Cue 'the biggest' jokes

>> No.14160359

More like 'the softest' jokes.

>> No.14160716

Still wouldn't stop me from sitting her in my lap and spoiling her with head pats and sweets, although the heavier she gets the harder that will be

>> No.14161306

Not a problem, as long as she doesn't get heavy enough to cut off bloodflow, after that the headpats and sweets would have to be off of your lap.

>> No.14162811

Maybe, but until then she'll stay in my lap.

And afterwards it just means that I don't need to hold back

>> No.14163222


>> No.14163305


Nah. Just change her food recipe into something that involves cat meat.

Stuff's good you know.

>> No.14163992
File: 263 KB, 600x623, proud.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chen can't be fat, she trains with Ran-sama

>> No.14164205

I have to ask, what's the specific appeal of weight gain to those into it? Is it a control thing?

>> No.14165392

It is a cute thing.

>> No.14165483

My fantasy is to be a cute girl and be fattened into immobility. It's most definitely a control thing for me, I want to have my body ruined while the person doing it finds it attractive anyway. That split between how humongously fat and indulgent I'm being and how the other person loves me anyway is what gets me.

Mind you, most people probably don't like this aspect of it. I'm really extreme.

>> No.14165507

I know that exact feeling anon, great taste. Personally I'd like to be just shy of immobile though, that way I could still get incredibly winded from walking short distances.

>> No.14165518

where did the writefag go?

>> No.14165523

He might still be on vacation, I think.

>> No.14165568
File: 105 KB, 1023x1137, CQL1d-UUkAASMF2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.14165753

>tfw this is incredibly hot in fiction but can't shake the feeling it'd just be depressing irl

I sometimes think of some massive ball of fat, maybe not quite immobile, but getting there, being dependent on me, and get really excited, then reality sets in.

>> No.14165756

Yeah, I've done RP and written stories about this shit while fantasizing about being the one getting fat. There's no guilt for me (because I'm the one getting the raw deal here) but many of the people I've talked to who are on the other side of things feel guilty. It's basically like a rape fantasy for me.

>> No.14165764

Would you want it to be a rapid gain or something to the effect of a very slow gradual transformation from normal sized girl to some bloated huge blimp of a person?

>> No.14165768

Either or. I usually fantasize/write about the quick one because there's something unnatural about it. Plus, it's easy to get down on paper when it happens in <2k words.

>> No.14165770


>> No.14165776
File: 987 KB, 800x1000, 1398655221338.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Here's a touhou pic because blog.

>> No.14165779

Oh. Blech. I usually prefer the slow stuff because it gives more time to "show off the effects" (tight clothes, reduced mobility, getting stuck, etc etc).

>> No.14165781


>tfw have friend who wants to be immobile
>Want them to be happy, but sometimes worry about them

>> No.14165790

Well, fantasizing about it and doing it are two entirely different things. I don't plan on seriously gaining 300+lbs just to get off a little better. It's more about the mental state to me.

>> No.14165802
File: 490 KB, 1500x1000, 42e1b30aaa8f45eb5a8f04f04dffb956.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm similar but I just prefer the "journey" over the destination so to say. I also only generally like realistic styled gain too, not things that lead to someone putting up an elephant size mass.

Though I could see a certain Touhou character making a drug that plumps up whoever ingests it.

>> No.14166973

Not him but I like to fantasize about fattening up a character in a devious manner and then having her stuff me full as revenge once she realizes whats going on.

>> No.14168243

Yeah I don't even know really.
When I fap to wg now it's generally immobility (2d girls) but it's not like I'm fapping to the thought of actually having sex with them.

I prefer petite builds for fantasies involving actual sex, although there is some wg/cgubby doujins I can work with.

One fantasy I have is fattening some 2D girl to immobility and then sexing a loli using her stomach as a bed

>> No.14168629

Woah that's actually pretty hot, to be honest.

So it sounds more like you're into the whole transformation/form change more then anything else.

>> No.14169433

Personally, my favourite part is feeling clothes begin to start fitting oddly, and then clothes riding up/tearing/etc, followed by the steadily increasing appetite.

>> No.14170454

That's pretty much the same as for me.

>> No.14171505

Good taste, anon. We should get together to hit up a buffet or something!

>> No.14171885

We /ghost/ soon?

>> No.14171887

That would be pretty fun and see how full we can get.

>> No.14171900

Why not?

>> No.14171903

Best part would be the looks on people's faces as your stomach outgrows your clothes.

>> No.14171924

You're gonna stuff me full huh? I guess it would be fun getting kind of big and out growing clothing on me.