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mom and dad are fighting

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It's probably your fault. I'll bet they don't love you.

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I have never met my father.

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Are you black?

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Mom and Dad are divorced now so no more fighting.

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2 birthdays and 2 Christmas.

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I'm a white person.

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Mom and dad are dead and I'm a jobless grown man with a college education living alone in a family home on savings and rents who spends all day and night browsing this website and masturbating.

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Dude, party at your place?

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Sounds like heaven, except the jobless part. Having no income sucks.

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I just fucking hate this world and all of the human worms feasting on its carcass

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the se arent the memes

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I’ve lost control of my life, /jp/.

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You can control me if you want.

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is this the NEET thread

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Yes. post your steamid

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How can I control you if I can't even control myself? If anything I need you to control me. To monitor me and make sure I'm not straying too far from the path. To look after me and tell me everything will be okay. To hold me in warm embrace when the foggy static of depression comes crawling. To smile and say "there there" when the tears just won't stop.

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warosu is dead cause of dickspammer i wnat to be dead to

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>Parents divorce
>fighting stops

Lucky bastard. Even after my folks split my childhood home frequently resounded endlessly with my mom screaming incoherently at my dad over the phone. When she wasn't screaming incoherently at me and my brother.

It helped me when I joined the army, though, meant I was used to being yelled at/tuning out.

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divorced parents are the best

-Mom has to go abroad for a few days
-gives me $ 100
-i wait 10 minutes and run to the liquor store and then buy a steam card at gamstop
-get drunk and buy games on steam
-the next I call dad and tell him mom didn't leave me any money or food
-he drives to the house, gives me another $100, calls mom and cusses at her over the phone
-mom calls me and asks me what happened to the money
-tell her i got mugged and was too scared to tell
-she sends me another $100 to my bank account
-run back to the liquor store and gamestop, but more games and lots of booze

best week of my life

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Remember Hatsukoi where the siblings parents fought and neglected their kids so much they sought comfort in each other and began fucking?

Actually sounded plausible.

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how old are you

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Dad and brother are dead. They were the only nice people to me. Mom, sister, and my few friends treat me like complete shit, bully, and trigger my anxiety. I have been a hiki neet for the past 3 years and I'm turning 22 on Wednesday. My health is declining, I don't eat much, and I always feel nervous. I'm too afraid to do anything, I just want it to end, I hate myself.

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I want to help you. I want to be your friend.

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>best week of my life
Get a load of this nerd!

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We're all in the same boat. At least you don't have to deal with the fact that you used to be worth something. I love you.

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i hate selfpitying/selfloathing neets the most

kill all selfpitying/selfloathing neets NOW

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if you've got two feet, two arms, and a mind that's self aware enough to know you're shittily wasting away on an anonymous image board, you can furrow your brow and make your way into the world

>m-muh anxiety

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Some of us wants to vent once in a while. It's only one thread of yours. You don't have to browse the thread. And I like knowing how some NEETS are doing.

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Anxiety is a very real thing, the only reason you act like it isn't is because you don't suffer from it. What you're saying is basically the same as saying "I don't have cancer, so its not real!".

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I'm going to play putt putt golf with some friends tomorrow.

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My parents are divorced but get along with each other really good it almost makes me sad they aren't still together, but I guess that if they were still together it would be hell.

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Have fun dude, putt putt golf is the shit.

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Thanks, man. I wish you could come too.

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tghe memes

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My dad saw my internet history, he hasn't spoke to me since
That was 10 years ago

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mes memes

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Epic reaction face and greentext.

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I'm 22 have no family, I'm in debt, I'm mentally ill, I have to dedicate 50 hours a week to a minimum wage job that drains the life out of me, and I'm trying my best to get into college so I can get a better life for myself. I'm way too damaged to ever have a relationship or raise a family, it sucks and the only thing that keeps me going is indulging in my delusions and imagining myself in relationships with 2d girls I'm fond of.

I'm not a NEET anymore, but I'll always wish I could go back to those happy days where I could stay in my room all day and worry about nothing.

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Better than a father that doesn't think you're his son.

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Fuck off with your stupid forced meme

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>m-muh psychological problems aren't real
kill yourself normieshit

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too many sons in this thread

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le epic /int/ domestic violence maymay

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who happy and content NEET here?

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got your happy and content neet