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If you married an old hag, would you throw away your mortality or would you prefer a comparatively brief, yet blissful experience?

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I would reject my humanity by becoming a magician so I can stay with Yukarin forever.

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Is there even a question?
Why would anyone as cruel as to leave a hag alone after their short human lifespan is up? She already lived at least a thousand years alone as a christmas cake searching for love.

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I would throw away my mortality even without the old hag.

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Do you even love her?

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Would you fug a hag widow?

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Of course I do, silly.

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I'd like to try out immortality. I wonder how I'd act 1,000 years from now. How about 10,000? 1,000,000? I'd guess at the end of it all I'd have gotten so tired if everything that I just sit there doing nothing, like I was brain dead.

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I'm not into used goods

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I said I'd love you till the end of time,
Now I'm praying for the end of time.

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cucking a man so hard he comes back as a vengeful spirit!

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>Now I'm praying for the end of time.
Revolting. You should consider suicide. wait just a second... fuck

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Hagfags are the best kind of touhoufags.

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moms are love

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Moms are life

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post moms

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You'd probably become Chen's "shikigami" and Yukari would quickly forget about your existence.

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Allow me to repeat myself. I said 'magician', not 'shikigami' or anything even remotely close to that.

Don't forget that OP stated that in this scenario I have already married Yukari.

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Suwako is a mom!

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Old hags are only good for fetishist sex. You'd want to marry a younger, healthier and active girl if you want to have a good lineage.

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I hate that artist with my heart and soul

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i want to MARRY a mom

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>implying I want children

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You have to pass on your genes, it's common courtesy for your family.

And don't bullshit me that you can't find a girl, even your everyday landwhale manages to have a child in our current era.

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Don't you want to raise a beautiful 2hu daughter that might become the next playable character in the main game or at least a stage 5 boss thanks to your support and help with her training?

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Eagerly waiting for a mommier Junko.

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Please tell Mom that you love her.

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i HATE my real mom but i LOVE my touhou mom

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Given that Yukari is Chen's pseudo-grandmother, I doubt she'd let herself become a pseudo-great-grandmother.

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>even your everyday landwhale manages to have a child in our current era
We are talking about quality, not quantity.

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Someone needs to make Kyouko a mom to save her race.

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I would. I would take away all that sadness.

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I'm with >>13969057 here. Fetishy sex is all I would really want out of a physical relationship.

I have siblings that are already doing that. Don't worry.

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Getting a titfuck from Eirin would be the best, dude.

The freakin' BEST!

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Yeah she'll fuck UR tits lmao

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I think you have schizophrenia, Pedro.

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What are you nerdlords on about, man?

I said that getting a tit job from Eirin would be fuckin' amazing, man.

Are you, dorkensteins, like, gay or some shit?

Git the fuk out of my /jp/, gaylords.

Git the FUK out.

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Yeah u are getting a titjob

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You're the one who should get out, you greaseball crossie.


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The amount of anal pain on these dudes is, like, unfreakin'believable, man.

I already have /vg/ on another tab, btw, dudester.

Though you should both go see a doctor for your ravaged ass though, I don't think Aloe-Vera can cure that shit anymore, dudebros.

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At least I'm white.

I'm literally LMAOing at your existence as a minority.


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this is my kinda shitposting, yeah...

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Shut up and post BBA tits.

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Wait. I thought Suwako was in the form of a male frog when she knocked up Sanae's ancestor?

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Nah, some dude J/O'd onto her eggs.

Male frogs don't even have penises.

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Hags seem so FERTILE and FECUND though
Just look at those baby-birthing hips!!

I bet a mature touhou would be a perfect mother

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The older a mother is when she is impregnated, the more likely her child is to have autism.
That's why you should ask your waifu to have a tubal ligation.

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I feel ya, dudester
Just imagine those soft, squishy bosoms lovingly wrapped around your rod

It would be so warm and comforting....

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Its almost like people don't remember she was a young girl when she died and therefore stopped aging physically.

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Youkai and Lunarians wombs are immune to menopause and the turmoils of older age.
Eternally fertile and healthy as can be for breeding.

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This guy knows his shit, man.

Dude's got his priorities straight.

Huge prop's, broseph.

You know where it's at, man.

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What is this? Looking good here Yukari. The things I'd do with you.

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Oh my, 17 year old girls should not dress like that!.

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I never get this. She doesn't look like a hag, certainly doesn't act like one, and isn't treated like one by the other characters. She's like a little girl with the wisdom of an immortal.

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Man. This Yukari is asking for it

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Because there's already, like, a hundred "little girl but really hundreds of years old" characters in touhou.

Besides, all that ghost food's got to go SOMEWHERE.

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>Besides, all that ghost food's got to go SOMEWHERE.
It actually just falls through and splatters on the ground under her. They don't show that in any fan works because it's not cute.

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They see your little pee pee.

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Sorry fellow gapfags, Yukarin is mine

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Honorary hag because healthy meaty body and ara ara~ factor.

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Should Yuugi be considered a hag of sorts?

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Yuyu should teach BYakuren that being dead is pretty awesome.

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All in a day's work, fellow haglover

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Extended life without going full immortal I guess.
Although that would mean eventually getting to commit suicide which is depressing as fuck.

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>that would mean eventually getting to commit suicide
But why?

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If I choose not to be immortal that's because I want to die at some point. A waifu that can extend my life means that at some point I'll have to decide to die.
There must come I day that I'm so tired of living that I will decide to die. This is not different from suicide.

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Suicide? How could you leave this smile to be alone?

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I love that artist with my heart and soul

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>If I choose not to be immortal that's because I want to die at some point.

No, it means there is a possibility that one day you might want to die, not a certainty. Even then your reasons might not be 'Gee, I'm sick of life', but instead something along the lines of 'My waifu was somehow killed and now I'm all alone, time to end it'.

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This thread needs more Namu-PaiPai

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More is more.

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I would take up immortality regardless if I got the girl or not.

Not to say that I wouldn't like getting the girl.

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Pathy isn't a hag.

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NTR time!

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I mean she's over 100

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What would being married to hag be like?

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Get out of the hag thread you kusoassfaggotshit.

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bumped the hag thread

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Wow, nice pic dude.

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Delicious Eirin. Best hag.

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Is this a LEWD hag thread?

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These girls are 17, please stop with the slander.

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The only one that's actually 17 is Yukari.

Everybody else just claims it to imitate her.

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Scary hag!

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>become immortal
>have all the time to conquer Earth
I'm ok with it.

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I wonder what the other hags looked like when they where younger

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Late summer fun in the sun with the hags!

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Mamizou is gonna lay on top of you with her big belly and boobs~

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No, I want to lay on her belly

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She's not giving you a choice, she's going to envelop you in her softness.

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Soft older ladies...

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I see how it is. Then I'd knead her belly while she's on top of me.

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Absolutely beautiful

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That image is disgustingly cute. I almost vomited a rainbow.

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The characters with large breasts are the hags.

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I wanna marry Mom!

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Moms are evil.

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It's a stupid meme, don't worry about it.

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Mom's panties!

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yes, Mom, I've seen them.

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Auntie Seiga Nyan Nayn is such a cutie!

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I want to marry her!

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Yukari is college-aged, she's probably 19-21

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Immortal bliss.

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Am I the only Hijirin lover here?

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Maybe they're not into unsold merchandise.

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I always feel like I'm the only one too. Byakuren might be even more underrated than Eirin

11/10, would do anything to make pregnant

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Hijirin makes my air muscle superhumanly hard

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So I can end my time with you!

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When is the Night of Hags?

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Being married to a hag would be the most wonderful thing in the world.