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Now that the kusoposters have been blown the fuck out, and Marisa is still as alive as ever, can we get a good Marisa thread going?

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pic one

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sorry to disappoint you

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Goddamn she's boring. And her shot type is garbage after MoF.

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I think she's fine. I wish her damage output was a little higher, it feels weird that Reimu outdamages her now, but Marisa is cute and fun so I still prefer her.
And she still has the best dialogue, so there's that too.

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RIP Masira

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if the thieving bitch is d3ad, she'll come back to life somehow in the next game

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But she is dead, OP. CP-san does stars and lasers danmaku better. Can't wait to see ZUN make her a playable character and leave Marisa in the trash. Marisa is old and busted.

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>Can't wait to see ZUN make her a playable character
Maybe in some spin off game. Marisa will always be playable in the main games; no clown will take her place

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It would be a little silly to replace Marisa after all this time.

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Marisa seems like the type of girl I'd bully in high school.

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>Cute girl that can fly and shoot lasers
>Bullied by a fat nerd

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I doubt she'd be able to do those things in the real world.

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I doubt a fat nerd like you could be an effective bully in real life.

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Marisa is a shit 2hu.

And you're fucking kuso, you stupid shitter.

DEL this fucking thread.


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Marisa has always been my favourite 2hu.

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You are saying so while posting literally worst Yuru.
The ironing is killing me.

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Use a steam iron. It's way easier.

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This is /jp/, kiddo. If you don't like it, then go back to your lovely >>>/vg/

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witch girls are a miracle of the universe

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Patchouli > Byakuren > Marisa > Alice


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Patchouli > Alice > Marisa > Byakuren

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Patchouli > Marisa >>> Alice.

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Marisa > Patchouli > Alice >>>>>> Byakuren

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Reimu and Sanae get shredded by Sagume's suicide bullet attack though.

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Someone finally got it right

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Sumireko > Marisa > Patchouli > Alice > [power gap] > Byakuren

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Byakuren > Sumi > Patchy > Mari >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Alice

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Why bring up a completely unrelated character?

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Sumireko's telekinesis, pyrokinesis and blackholekinesis ain't nanomachines, son.

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she's an esper, not a magician

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Psychic powers, anon.

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>implying it's not the same thing
It just means she was born with a talent to perform certain magic and a predisposition to stick with said magic.

That'd be like if I were talking about Alice and you said "Doll powers, anon" or about Marisa and you said "Laser powers, anon"

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Innate power =/= magic in the Touhou universe.
By your backwards logic, everyone in Touhou is a magician.