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why not?

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I want to FUCK that 2hu.

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I want to fuck her up. In the face. With my fist.

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I want to give her my cummies

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Oh god I want to fuck her already.

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She sure does seem to like balls

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I want her and Doremy to double-team my dick

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welcome to hell

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silliest hat

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Was ZUN sober when he drew this? What the fuck?

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It's all the same. You autists will be masturbating to her within a week.

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Fuck you

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a week? I'm doing it right now

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>especially when devving 2hu
stupidest question I've heard all day tbh

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I blame it on his wife.

I bet she was like "I came up with a character design idea!" and he was like "Whatever you say, owner of my paychecks".

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I like her, fuck you assholes.

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Remember when 2hus were modest

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Too far

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I can't believe how bad she looks. I seriously can't.

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Remember when 2hus were just rocks?

Though yes, she is frighteningly modern.

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I want to cum on her slutty barefeet!

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All I see here is a slut. Is this the type of response you wanted?

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Is this real?
Should I feel bad for liking this concept but not the execution?

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What is she suppose to be? What's her story?

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The previous sluttiest 2hu outfit was at least original

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Settings of this game is basically two widow goes after Chang'e .

Junko's husband and son were somehow killed due to the people of the the Moon. Thus she wants to invade the moon to revenge against Chang'e.

Hecatia's husband is shot down by Chang'e's husband. This is a cross myth reference where her husband is the Apollo and Chang'e's husband is Houyi who famously shot down some suns.

tl;dr: all used goods BBAs.

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I like her, she's cute. She might look cuter if her skirt was one colour.

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But what does this have to do with invading Earth to purify it?

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Lunarians caught up in the war were trying to escape Earth and decided to try and purify Gensokyo instead of living alongside the natives as refugees of war.

I think...

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Why does she look even more contemporary than the Touhous who are actually from Earth?

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I didn't know the goddess of HELL shops at Hot Topic

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Mooners need somewhere to crash but can't handle the impurities

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My dick throbbing has commenced

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>Hecatia's husband is shot down by Chang'e's husband. This is a cross myth reference where her husband is the Apollo and Chang'e's husband is Houyi who famously shot down some suns.
Wait. So the EX boss is THE Goddess Hecate?

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yfw you're not longer the hot topic 2hu

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She is also technically the patron goddess of Witchcraft... Marisa really should comment about that.

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Don't worry, Nue, you're still the only one who doesn't look like complete shit.

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What is Maki doing in Touhou?

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Lunarians are way more advanced/civilized.

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if someone ever draw Maki in those clothes some love livers are gonna flip their shit and kill some dolphins.

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I'm a huge Mimafag, but I actually like all of the newhus pretty well... except this Hot Topic bitch.
I wish Mima had been the EX Boss instead. Oh well.
Time for another year of feeling it in my bones.

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>I wish Mima had been the EX Boss instead
It wouldn't have made sense. What would Mima even be doing on the moon?

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That's a valid point. But it would have explained where the fuck she's been all this time.

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I'm gonna do it. Eventually. As long as someone doesn't beat me to it.

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She's supposed to be Hecate!? Oh, JESUS.

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I remember when Doremy first showed up and everyone lost their shit completely and said she was stupid. Now people like her.

Same shit's gonna happen to all the newhus, your hatred of Hecatia will last until her first H-doujin, I guarantee it.

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Ancient Greek culture and eastern religions actually do mix.

Hercules became the first guardian deity of Buddhism (pic related)

It goes like this:
Greek Heracles-> Indian Vajrapani-> Japanese Shukongoshin

And Shukongoshin was the inspiration for the Niō (仁王) or Kongōrikishi (金剛力士)

Maybe the old Greek legends because Buddhist deitys

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I guarantee you, by the time i wake up later this morning everyone will be fine with everything.

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I dunno. With Doremy I thought, "at least she's smug," but I have a hard time finding anything I like about this girl. I still don't really like Doremy, anyway.

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People like Doremy? What the hell are you talking about?

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what myth is junko anyway?

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not even porn can save this 2hu.

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Are you, every time someone talks about the Greeks, going to reply?

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what? hecatia was MADE for porn.

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I already like her better than Mamizou.

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Is that because you're Greek and you want to feel better about yourself?

Because that's fucking retarded, and creepy too.

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No, because it relevant to the discussion
Why are you upset about that?

Stop projecting your insecurities

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are you guys joking?

this and clownpiece are literally the only interesting designs 2hu has had in the past 3-4 games

thank god we are not getting another game of religion wars

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What religion would they even have in fucking space?

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Oh wow, sorry for not monitoring obsessively every thread on /jp/ looking for a post about the Greeks.

And where do my insecurities fall in all of this? Is that how you structure your arguments? By just throwing random shit that have nothing to do?

Well if that's how you like it; you're saying all this because your father raped you when you were a child.

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Fuck off.

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Ah, your rant speaks volumes of your character

How sad, that when something is discussed that's on topic. You become agitated and throw a fit like a child.

very sad indeed

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We already have Yumemi though.

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The Church of Subgenius, with the X-ists as the enemies..

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>what myth is junko anyway?
I just went and looked it up... God, that's messed up.

In the original legend, Junko is a beautiful aristocratic girl forced into being into the concubine of the husband of the moon princess, Chang'e. Now Chang'e is married but only technically, as his wife is stuck at the moon and can't see him due to an unfortunate incident concerning the pills of immortality. So basically he got himself a new fucktoy for the lonely nights. Junko ended up having an affair with another member of the palace court and conspired to have her revenge. She and her lover basically got most of the court leaders not loyal to them murdered, and finally killed Chang'e too. And her lover became king with Junko becoming the official queen.

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I think she's really cute! Her fashion sense is great!

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So how other lunar inhabitants are involved? Watatsukis? Why Hell is a theme here, instead of "purifying Gensokyo"?

>> No.13928947

That was when Sanae was still a nerdy girl that didn't know anyone.
Then her true nature appeared.

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Ah, you can feel emotions too, I see.

But I never stated whether or not this excessive posting of Greek culture in the East of yours was on topic. Saying that I'm 'agitated', as you say, because of it when my argument didn't have any to do isn't very wise.

My question is why do you do this, why at every little instance you feel the need to reply? Is it because it is an extreme passion of yours? If that's the case, I'm afraid that your knowledge could perhaps serve to a more academic, might I say, goal instead of using it in imageboards.

This kind of fascination is often associated with Asperger's, I'm afraid.

With that said, I'm going to sleep since it is very late and I'm very tired.

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So we're going to get messed up doujinshi about her and Kaguya?

>> No.13928965

God damn it, that's cool as hell. Why must she look so terrible!?

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Purifying Gensokyo is the Mooner's plan because they are getting their shit kicked in by Junko and Friends. They can't bear the idea of having to adapt to Gensokyo's environment so they are in hiding while the terraforming does its work.

>> No.13928973

>Then her true nature appeared.

You mean when butthurt Sakuyafags decided to force an unfunny meme with zero canon basis?

>> No.13928982

This means Lunarians will kiss Reimu an Co.'s feet for saving Moon from Junko and her band?

>> No.13928984

Lunarians got hostaged by Hell
What seems to be a lunar invasion into Gensokyo is actually people trying to take refuge
Also Sephiroth-chan made the occult balls

At least that's what I recall

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>It had already been two years since she came to Gensokyo. At first, she was so frightened by the bizarre monsters that she simply couldn't perform the rituals of a shrine maiden, but now she had become familiar with them, and carried out her daily jobs without any discomfort.

I never called her a slut, I just said she stopped being so modest.

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They should, but probably wont

>> No.13929006

Similar to how in our world immigrants act like total assholes and don't want to integrate in society.

>> No.13929007

She looks fine.

>> No.13929017

"autism speaks"

You are agitated your former post will testify to that, along with your long winded post.

It's clear you are mentality child like

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Remember back in PC-98 where there was a similar extra stage goddess dressed as a meido?

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This is so grand. Based ZUN. Based everything. I can't think straight anymore.

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people would lose their shit over how generic mugetsu is if she was relesed nowadays

>> No.13929054

I am not sure how ZUN intends to re-write this story to fit Touhou... It is just depressing.
>So we're going to get messed up doujinshi about her and Kaguya?
Note that I messed up the names. Houyi is the husband and Chang'e is the moon princess.

Basically the husband was given the heroic task of killing 9 out of 10 suns, because one days the 3 legged crows went berserk and all came out at once instead of on a rotation. He succeed, and was granted elixir of immortality as a reward for saving the world from burning up.

Now the story splits here. Chang'e either was vain and took the elixir to stay beautiful, and ran away to the moon to hide from her angry husband...

...Or he wants to share the elixir with her. And left her with the medicine for safe keeping. But his apprentice attacked Chang'e and demanded that she hand over the elixir. She drank all of it to stop him getting it, and the magic forced her to leave Earth. She still loves her husband so instead of going to the Heavens fully she stopped at the Moon, the closest place she could be to her Earthbound husband.

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Wouldn't this mean Junko and Hecatia are the first confirmed non virgin touhou's?

>> No.13929057

Get fucked, Junko. Gensokyo-Lunarian friendship forever. Can't break this bond now!

>> No.13929077

Suwako is Sanae's great-great-(etc)-grandmother, so draw your own conclusions from that.

>> No.13929081

Suwako was a non-virgin way the fuck back in MoF.

>> No.13929086

Unless Seiga or the Watatsukis got also fucked, yeah.

>> No.13929091

Suwako had kids.

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She reminds me of a keychain with that chain collar. So I took the liberty of making her a keychain

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Basically this new Touhou is a cultural clusterfuck of Greece and Chinese legends making an alliance and declaring war on Japanese myths.

>> No.13929100

Seiga had a husband and family she disregarded for Tao power

>> No.13929104

In more details/another version they were already celestial or immortals. the suns were sons of some powerful god but they misbehaved and instead of showing up one at the time they show up at the same time scorching the earth. Yi shot 9 out of 10 down to save the earth but angered the god who condemned him and Chang'e to being mortals.

He then went for Xiwangmu (who is a powerful Taoist goddess) who gave them two dosages of elixirs of immortality. Then for some reason Chang'e drank them both and was forced to be exiled to the moon.

>> No.13929112

Moon bitches are married and the younger sister fucks the older sister's son. At this point the number of canon widows and wives in Touhou is pretty healthy.

>> No.13929113

>She reminds me of a keychain with that chain collar. So I took the liberty of making her a keychain
So you are aware that she is the Keymaster of Greek Hell and as such is sometimes portrayed hoding a Key?

>> No.13929121

That just makes my edit that much better.

>> No.13929124

>the younger sister fucks the older sister's son.
Jesus christ

>> No.13929147

What is wrong with all the non-virgin 2hus lately?
Did ZUN develop a MILF fetish or something?

>> No.13929150

Source, anon?

>> No.13929152

Funny thing is, it seems she is so powerful not even Zeus wants to challenge her. And she comes and goes through the underworld without needing to care what Hades thinks. She out ranks him.

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Welcome to hell, enjoy your stay.

>> No.13929158

>What would Mima even be doing on the moon?
Ghosts are pure being

>> No.13929160

>What is wrong with all the non-virgin 2hus lately?
Chinese and Greek legends don't have many virgin females, anon.

>> No.13929162

Do we have themes yet?

>> No.13929169

And it is because most of those legendary females are only noted because they are somebody's lover. That's just the way it goes.

>> No.13929182

That's Makai, dude.

>> No.13929198

So they show how advanced they are by dressing like a Hot Topic reject?

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So, Shikieiki is no longer the highest figure of authority in Hell?

>> No.13929219

She never was in the first place, the fuck?

>> No.13929220

>So they show how advanced they are by dressing like a Hot Topic reject?
Hecate has power over boundaries. She is basically a Greek Yukari Yakumo, only even more divine.

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in 2015 Zun himself has created a 2hu I actually want to fuck without any other artists being involved in any way.

This is a moment in history

>> No.13929227

stage 4 boss theme is "To Reverse the Wheel of Fortune"
stage 5 boss theme is "The Star-Spangled Pierrot"
final boss theme is "Pure Furies ~ Whereabouts of the Heart"
extra boss theme is "Razor of One Thousand Edges ~ Demented Darkness"
I don't know the stage themes, sorry.

>> No.13929228

>So, Shikieiki is no longer the highest figure of authority in Hell?
She wasn't even the only authority, she was HIRED to run the specific Gensokyo branch of hell. She isn't even that old.

>> No.13929231

Thank you, anon

>> No.13929233

This is Kaneko level of awesoneness.

>> No.13929234

So Yukari confirmed for weak as fuck?

>> No.13929235

>basically a Greek Yukari Yakumo
so, Lafcadio Hearn?

>> No.13929237

Did the janitors banish 2hu from /v/ again?
There were threads up for hours but not anymore.

>> No.13929241

Why the fuck is ZUN using Greek myth for Japanese?

>> No.13929242

Running something as tiny as Gensokyo must make her the least significant yama there is.

>> No.13929249

Because Greek Myth is an indirect inspiration for some of that good Buddhist Gods

>> No.13929250

>>extra boss theme is "Razor of One Thousand Edges ~ Demented Darkness"
Are you fucking with me?

>> No.13929254

maybe she's like the Slannesh of the chaos gods (weakest, but like closest to us as a result)

>> No.13929256

Race: Fairy
Power: To drive people insane
A subordinate of Hecatia. Fairies generally live in places. Naturally, Hell is no exception. However, the Lunar Capital rejects both life and death and excludes fairies. There aren't many fairies nearby. She was ordered by Hecatia to take a bunch of fairies to the Sea of Tranquility. Along with her companies, they were converting the Sea into fairy territory. Then they were awakened by Junko's power. She was a being of pure lifeforce.
She told them: "As long as you're here, the Lunarians can't lay a hand on us. As long as none of them are willing to purposefully approach impurity, they'll stay confined." And then they played a lot. The surface of the moon is a desolate place, but compared to Hell it's quite beautiful, so they considered it a fun world. The fairies made merry.
After a long time without a hint of activity from the Lunar Capital, a lone human came flying out of it. They had been told "If anyone comes from the capital, do whatever you like", so they were in the highest of spirits."
TL:DR Clownpiece is a generic fairy from hell who's being used as a pawn to spread impurity on the moon.

>> No.13929260

I wouldn't mind this reuse of power sets if the first character who could drive people insane wasn't one of the main playable characters here.

>> No.13929261

ZUN is trying to make me hate her, right?

>> No.13929265

Explain the America then.

>> No.13929269

New Hell seems to be pretty fucking modernized, maybe she just likes Americans.

>> No.13929270

>A subordinate of Hecatia
Ah fuck. So we'll see a lot of worst newhu x best newhu fanart. Fucking Hecatia.

>> No.13929271

it's just a joke reference that America is polluting the moon (probably by going there and thus invalidating all the myths about the moon).

>> No.13929275

So Hell is America. Fuck you too, ZUN.

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why does she wear the flag

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Considering Americans like to raise hell
I can see this

>> No.13929290

she found a flag and used it as a symbol for polluting the once pure moon

>> No.13929299

She was born in the USA

>> No.13929302

The hell fairies and her, met Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin and had one big party on the moon

>> No.13929319


Its gonna be 3some with Junko

>> No.13929322

If Neil came back and told everyone he met colorful fairies up there. Would you believe them?

>> No.13929328

what the classified documents never released to the public

>> No.13929330

I'd take the president hostage and demand to be sent to the moon. Once I'm up there I'll let him return to earth while I stay on the moon.

>> No.13929346

Sea of Tranquility is where Americans landed

>> No.13929353

There are a shitload of Hells, and Shiki Eiki is only the "manager"of the Gensokyan branch.

>> No.13929357

It should be renamed "the Sea of Radical"

>> No.13929373

It kinda makes sense because she is Hecate and Hecate is edgy as fuck.

>> No.13929391

She's a fairy from hell, anon. Hell. A.K.A America.

>> No.13929400

Stage 6 Boss (The Nameless Existence)
Pure Fox

race: Deity
Ability: Power of purification

A persona of the hatred of lunarians
herself also a deity purified from hatred
hence she has no need for personal identity

she has an intense hatred towards the lunarian Chang'e
details will be mentioned during the ending of this game, so not much to say here.
she is pretty much one that have her hatred tempered by sages on every occasion she attacks the lunarian capital
Chang'e husband killed her son, this was the root of her hatred, but this hatred has been purified long ago
she just simply lost control

her reason of her existence is known by few lunarians
as lunarians has no fear of enemies in their lives
whether chang'e knows about Junko's existence is even in doubt, even though by right she should not be ignorant of it.

although chang'e is not present in this game, she is the goddess of the moon who is captured in the lunarian capital
she is an ardent supporter of the lunarian rabbits, and possesses powerful energies, but will not appear in the outside world or public.
she is one of the culprits who drank the Hourai elixir

So Junko is literally a chaos god formed from the Lunarian's hatred?

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For a fairy, Clownpiece is pretty tall

>> No.13929411

Americans conquered hell like in that one long web story.

>> No.13929412

lol wut

>> No.13929419

The bigger the fairy, the more powerful and notable.

American status gives a +big bonus.

>> No.13929420

Can you post a link to it?

>> No.13929426

It's the Salvation War, I think from his description

>> No.13929428

It's called The Salvation War.

It's fairly notable. Hell opens a portal to conquer modern Earth. Utterly fails against the strength of modern technology and weapons.

>> No.13929438


Thank you, anon's

>> No.13929482

It's actually "Pandemonic Planet".

>> No.13929511

I didn't notice before, but she actually has what appears to be cleavage.

>> No.13929597

What's Hecatia's story then?

>> No.13929635


Hecatia Lapuslazuli
Race: God
Power: To have three bodies
A mysterious god who governs the Hell of the moon, the Earth, and the spirit world. She has a body in each of the worlds simultaneously, and therefore can freely travel between them. Moreover, Hell exists in the moon, the Earth, and the spirit world because it exists in the core that is her soul. She's a troublesome god who never attacks her enemies directly. Incidentally, the Dream World corresponds with the Spirit World.
She also has a grudge against Chang'e. For whatever reason, Chang'e's husband shot down the sun (Apollo). Fundamentally, Hell cannot exist without the sun. Without a strong source of light, the shadows weaken. That said, her grudge against Chang'e mostly stems from Junko's influence.
Junko's plan this time around required fairies she could manipulate, as well as someone who could freely visit the Dream World. Hecatia was the perfect fit. She hit it off with Junko immediately. She already had a belligerent personality, and she probably sympathized with her too. She let Junko use her subordinate Clownpiece however she wished.
The Lunarians fled to the Dream World. Hecatia made sure that their fake Lunar Capital would be surrounded by lifeforce too. With this, the Lunarians were completely suppressed. All that was left was to wait for Junko's attack, but instead she ended up receiving news of her defeat. Apparently the Lunarians had managed to come up with any even more clever scheme. The human who had been purified of death.
They had used the "Blue Gem Human" strategy.

>> No.13929654

Worst girl worst theme worst design apparently is on the upper apex of the powerlevel pyramid. Fucking perfect.

>> No.13929661

youkai not fairies

>> No.13929683

What about Kishin? She seems pretty left out

>> No.13929695


Kishin Sagume
Race: Lunarian
Ability: To make anything she says come out backwards.
A Lunarian. She holds an important post, but rarely shows her face. While she's classified as a divine spirit, her nature is somewhere between a god, an oni, and a ghost. She seems taciturn, but that's because of her power. Whenever she says something (particularly something in regards to the person she's talking to), the opposite of what she says starts to happen. She's similar to an amanojaku, but as a divine spirit is a superior being.
While an amanojaku merely speaks against everything, when Sagume speaks the world itself moves against her. If one is trying to accomplish something, it will completely fail, and if something bad is happening, it will find some way to stop it. This doesn't always go in her favor. Truly, her mouth invites calamity.
In order to defend against Junko's attack and the encroaching impurity, the Lunar sages froze the Capital. At the same time, the residents of the Lunar Capital took refuge in the Dream World. In the Dream World's Capital, everyone just thought it was the Lunar Capital as usual. No one doubted that it was real. However, they wouldn't be able to stay there forever. A long dream can wear away at one's heart. As such, the Sages of the Moon came up with a back-up plan: the "Lunar Capital Relocation Project". This involved purifying Gensokyo and building a new Capital there. Purification is the removal of both life and death. In other words, everything in Gensokyo would die.

>> No.13929704


However, this would be no easy task. They would be up against all of Gensokyo's youkai. So she came up with a plan to spread urban legends in Gensokyo. Using her power, she created the secret Power Stones. The Power Stones held the power to change the world with but words. They had the terrifying power to make gossip (urban legends) into reality. Her plan was to wait for a famous urban legend to spread and become real.
That urban legend was the "Moon Landing Conspiracy Theory". That "NASA was hiding the truth about what they saw on the moon." In other words, that NASA was hiding information about a secret civilization on the moon, the Lunar Civilization. In this fashion, the entire Lunar Capital would materialize in Gensokyo.
...Of course, this was all just insurance. She wasn't seriously planning to enact it, and no one really wanted to move the capital in the first place. If possible, they would return to the moon. That said, they didn't have any other countermeasures in mind to fight back against Junko's assault.

That's when a human from Gensokyo showed up. While she didn't think it was possible for Doremy to have let one slip through, she decided to test them out and determined that they were strong. She would bet on this human.
"If I tell the truth, the situation centered on this human will reverse. While it may doom theRelocation Project to failure, it could also do the same for Junko's plans. Call it even."
Afterward, the Lunar Capital would have to help the human out from what they'd ended up in...

>> No.13929714

Jesus Christ, that portfolio makes Shiki look like a insect in comparison. Can you translate the one for Sephiroth too?

>> No.13929722
File: 8 KB, 174x231, fug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Incidentally, the Dream World corresponds with the Spirit World.
...Dreamsleeve confirmed?
>...when Sagume speaks the world itself moves against her. If one is trying to accomplish something, it will completely fail, and if something bad is happening, it will find some way to stop it. This doesn't always go in her favor. Truly, her mouth invites calamity.
Couldn't she have ended all these shenanigans by saying "Well surely whoever is invading the Moon will succeed."?

>> No.13929736

Moonbitches being bitches as usual.

>> No.13929744

Kind of disappointing that Kishin isn't a member of the Moon invaders team. They are one of the smallest factions with just three members.

>> No.13929751

it was something about her being both a Seija and a Kanako at the same time

>> No.13929761

Yes, 2 Uber goddesses who are arguably stronger than fucking Eiki and American Space Hell Fairy Clown.

>> No.13929769


Their power makes up for it. Kinda like Yakumo gang.

>> No.13929812

She's fucking hot, dude.

>> No.13929815

Did Zun nerf the life gains in legacy? Can you still get like 50 lives?

>> No.13929818

Probably not the least significant, but I get the feeling that Gensokyo is where they send the overzealous or fuckup Yamas since Gensokyo is both isolated and there are a lot of supernatural beings trying to pull a fast one over the judges.

>> No.13929826

What the fuck is point device mode?

>> No.13929832

>stronger than Eiki
Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.

>> No.13929840
File: 1.39 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_19.35_[2015.08.08_01.21.31].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Razor of One Thousand Edges ~ Demented Darkness

Goddammit ZUN.

>> No.13929849


>> No.13929853

Everything we learn about this character makes here awful design even more terrible.
Was this on purpose?

>> No.13929854

>What the fuck is point device mode?
Get Gud mode. You have infinite continues, have only one life, BUT your bombs don't refill after dying. So in theory you can keep playing until you finish, but if you run out of bombs you would be forced to beat all the spell cards the hard way or be stuck at the same boss for an eternity.

>> No.13929879

I like this idea, honestly.

>> No.13929880

I think ZUN wasn't sober while drawing that.

>> No.13929885


She is the supreme god of Hell. 3 Hells actually.

Yes, she's way above Shiki.

>> No.13929900

>Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.
We are talking about ZUN's interpretation of Hecate, a goddess so powerful that she gets a share of every offering any worshipper offer to the Greek gods. A Goddess who pre-dates Zeus, who freely come and go to Hell without needing to say hello to Hades, is master of time and space, source of all wisdom and magic, and any other number of crazy Mary Sue powers.

>> No.13929909


>> No.13929932

I am glad ZUN decided to go off the wall this time with his designs. DDC was too safe..

>> No.13929953

I guess she is a representation of the Chinese saying "crow mouth"

>> No.13929955

She's a big girl

>> No.13929960

Any stronger than Yukari? Eiki herself may be some sort of a Buddha since she was once a Jizou, and Jizou are also Buddhas.

>> No.13929971
File: 257 KB, 1280x720, CUCKED.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Earth full of malice

>> No.13929986

He said before that his wife is COMPLETELY uninvolved in his game-making process and actually has no idea what goes into his games until they're done and public.

>> No.13930012

>Ability: To make anything she says come out backwards.

>> No.13930019

Potential reality-warper?

>> No.13930022

>>Earth full of malice
That's actually just the dream realm.

>> No.13930027

-silly hat
-venom t-shirt
-likes to play with balls

I like it

>> No.13930031

That sucks though. She could say "today's going to be a great day" and then it'll turn out to be shit, or "everyone looks so alive today!" and then everyone dies.

>> No.13930038

She is a reality warper, everything in ULIL is her doing. If Reimu didn't crash it, Lunarians would be dancing on Gensokyo's corpse by the time 15 comes.

>> No.13930040

>Any stronger than Yukari? Eiki herself may be some sort of a Buddha since she was once a Jizou, and Jizou are also Buddhas.
She has Yukari's power over the boundary of life and death, yes. Her symbol is the Key because nothing can stop her. She predates Zeus and when Zeus became the head deity he gave her the torch welding crazy people as a gift, because she helped him in the war against the Titans.

She is basically a really old deity who stayed around after the young Greek Gods showed up, and they let her do what she likes because they can't beat her.

There are claims that she is the origin of Magic itself.

>> No.13930049
File: 17 KB, 500x400, 131884781051.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh god, it's like Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan....God Super Saiyan.

New fanon boss fight, let's see how we can beat HER.

>> No.13930056

She was once a Jizou statue, not Jizou himself, so no, she's not even close to a Buddha.

Being a Yama is pretty powerful already. Also, she's supposed to judge people to determine where they will go after death: Hell, Heaven, Netherworld, Reincarnation, or any other afterlife realm. She's not strictly a part of Hell herself.

I'd say she would be close to equal to Hecate

>> No.13930059

>Oh god, it's like Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan....God Super Saiyan.
Which makes a great contrst with Junko, who appear to be very weak power wise, but is clever like Batman and made herself just as dangerous as the mary sues.

>> No.13930077


I think Junko is pretty powerful herself, since she can literally terraform the surface of the Moon.

>> No.13930136

>I think Junko is pretty powerful herself, since she can literally terraform the surface of the Moon.
She didn't do that directly through her powers. The Moon people need to live in a place with no life or death. Junko merely borrowed Hecate's minions and put them on the Moon, and their very presence was enough to generate life to the point that the Moon people had to GTFO. All signs point to Junko being the mastermind while Hecate supplied the manpower.

>> No.13930168

A Yama would be a kind of Buddha too, a Dharmapala.

>> No.13930170

So basically everything was the Lunarians fault again?

>> No.13930175

If Hecate was really that powerful then why didn't she go after Houyi herself after he killed her sons?

>> No.13930188

but he was already murdered

>> No.13930189

You're getting Hecate mixed up with Junko

>> No.13930198

No, Hecate has some grudge against Houyi and Chang'e as well.

But that brings a rather interesting twist, what if the three-legged crow Utsuho ate was one of Hecate's sons?

>> No.13930206

Nigga we greek myth now?

I guess Minerva is just 2mainstream4ZUN, gotta go with old ass deity like Hecate.

>> No.13930208

I want to turn her around and bust her ass.

>> No.13930210

>So basically everything was the Lunarians fault again?
Well to be honest what else were you suppose to do, when there are ten suns in the sky at once and the land is burning? They had to kill nine of the sun crows or there wouldn't be an Earth left.

>> No.13930215

ehm... Houyi is not a Lunarian.

And he really didn't have to kill 9 of them

>> No.13930264

Minerva is Roman you doof.

You're thinking Athena.

>> No.13930269

Does ZUN even know about hesiod's fanfiction

>> No.13930270

Dropping Clownpiece's theme


>> No.13930278

>ehm... Houyi is not a Lunarian.
His wife is. At least, she moved to the moon after he did his deed with the crows. And since he is long dead as he failed to obtain immortality, the grudge is transferred to his wife.

... Funny enough, even the characters are aware that the grudge is a little ridiculous. After the stalemate war Junko and Hecate are basically ready to call it quits, because they are declaring war over something that really lost all meaning after all these years. So after the player beat the two of them in EX they agree to stop.

>> No.13930288

Note that when I say "beat", I mean "neither of them had a scratch on them at the end and they clearly didn't care about the outcome at all."
They ARE gods, after all.

>> No.13930293


>> No.13930307

I think if the problem calls for it, Eirin would be able to fight Hecate off.

>> No.13930319

Houyi did it for the good of mankind.

One sun is bad enough, let alone 2 to 10 suns.

Our good bunny beats the crap of everything anyway.


>> No.13930323

Houyi kill 9 of them, while the last one was eaten by a certain Hell Crow.

>> No.13930326

Houyi used a bow, Eirin also used a bow.

Coincidence, I think not.

>> No.13930331

The last one should be the one still shining right now, so that's a change in comparison to the myth.

>> No.13930332

I'd like it if Houyi left 2 suns alive instead, but one of them got eaten, and the one remaining is still up in the sky

>> No.13930333


With her own power? Nope.

>> No.13930337

Eirin can make drug to make her invincible, and that's her power so...

>> No.13930338

>The last one should be the one still shining right now, so that's a change in comparison to the myth.
I thought what was eaten was a corpse of the sun? So it could just be that one of the sun's bodies was never recovered.

>> No.13930350

This is mixing jap myth, chink myth and greek myth so there's bound to be surprises.

>> No.13930358

Lapislazuli is the nickname of this incarnation of Hecatia.
She has three bodies, each one using a different gemstone.
Hecatia Lapislazuli, the Blue Gem, is Earth's incarnation.
Hecatia Garnet, the Red Gem, is the Spirit World's incarnation.
Hecatia Peridot, the Green Gem, is Moon's incarnation.

>> No.13930390

I'm pretty sure Eirin's "power" is not just limited to making drugs and shit, she's probably capable of much much more. Otherwise she wouldn't have been "instrumental" in the founding of the Lunar Capital.

If you want to argue I can say the same thing about Hecate's power too. I mean, the power to split her body in three sounds pretty damn weak but of course we know she could do much more than that.

>> No.13930396

Why is everybody saying that Hecatia is the most powerful being?

>> No.13930401

Then name someone who can beat her, smartass

>> No.13930405

>Why is everybody saying that Hecatia is the most powerful being?
Because the original legend she is based on Hecate, is an ancient mary sue deity.

>> No.13930411

er miss "hax" reimu? "le masta spark" marisa?

>> No.13930414
File: 434 KB, 1862x2352, Kurou-full[5].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Daijuuji Kurou

>> No.13930420

I have never heard a tale of Hecate getting beaten, but that's because she's super obscure.

The famous Medea (first wife of Jason) worshiped her.

>> No.13930421

Flandre, Yukari, Thalia of Thraben, Nicol Bolas, Indrick Boreale, XJ-9 "Jenny", Rare Akuma and the combine might of neckbeard atheism.

>> No.13930426

>tfw the demonbane sequel will never be translated

>> No.13930427


>> No.13930434

Oh so they're just pulling stuff from outer sources instead of using the actual canon. People keep forgetting that Touhou characters aren't literally the myths they're based on, they're just adaptations.

But I guess people here always love to exaggerate everything.

Reimu, Marisa, Sanae and Reisen :^)

>> No.13930435

>The famous Medea (first wife of Jason) worshiped her.
Well of course, that's because Hecate is the patron Goddess of Witches and perhaps, ALL magic.

>> No.13930436

It's based on. This Hecate, while indeed strong, just "governs" the 3 Hells like a bigshot politician, not the be all and end all like, say, a king/queen.

>> No.13930437

God more crossboarder.

Who are you quoting?

>> No.13930438

feels bad

>> No.13930443

Myself :^)

>> No.13930446

for u

>> No.13930447

>It's based on. This Hecate, while indeed strong, just "governs" the 3 Hells like a bigshot politician, not the be all and end all like, say, a king/queen.
It is impossible to find out her full power in the confines of the game because she was clearly not fully tested. After beating her, like most other touhou deity opponents, she showed no sign of injury. It was all a game to her. We can't say what is her power level but she is clearly very high up. There aren't actually that many actual gods in the game.

>> No.13930450

I bet even Shikieiki can beat her. Shikieiki is some sort of a Buddha as well.

>> No.13930451

Ah, more trash blows into /jp/

>> No.13930452

Featherine Augustus Aurora

>> No.13930453

>implying I haven't been on this trashpit for the past 5 years

>> No.13930455

Whom are you quoting?

>> No.13930456

u bb

>> No.13930457

see >>13930452

>> No.13930462

Me! Obviously! It's hard to be distinguished when we're all anons.

>> No.13930475

The quality on this board has diminished considerably

>> No.13930478

The drought will end soon and soon /jp/ will go back to slumber.

>> No.13930511

She must have thought ruby, sapphire, and emerald were too mainstream (or didn't want to rip off Pokemon).

>> No.13930521

>red, blue and green
>not pokemon versions

>> No.13930530

Holy shit the amount of fedoras in that comment section.

>> No.13930536

>Simulated cannibalism and belief in magic during our greatest scientific achievement...sigh
This is hilarious.

>> No.13930543

Imagine if the combined deluded belief coalesced into a fedora loli.

>> No.13930551
File: 130 KB, 720x960, LTT2Kv2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is my goal. A cute fedora loli.

>> No.13930552

Deluded as in atheist?

>> No.13930553

Rare Akuma lost to Darkness Donald, so not anymore.

>> No.13930559

Let's start characterization.

Well, given the context, obviously.

I saw that one, dreams are crushed.

>> No.13930571

They are pretty salty

>> No.13930595

I'm fairly sure it's a bad idea to base character height/size off of ZUN's sprites.

>> No.13930621


Why are you posting Al's fucktoy like if he was important?

>> No.13930912

He is important you little hecking kusofigfogfaggot

>> No.13930960

Okay so I think I understand everything except Junko.

Is she a personification of collective hatred or an actual person with a singular grudge? Her bio is confusing.

>> No.13930995

>Okay so I think I understand everything except Junko.
>Is she a personification of collective hatred or an actual person with a singular grudge? Her bio is confusing.
She is two different myths combined. The mother of the ten suns, and a human concubine who went on a revenge scheme against the king who forced her to marry him. Both legends hate the same guy.

Her divinity came from being the mother of the ten suns. Her scheming skills and mastermind capability came from the Junko human woman she is named after.

>> No.13931008


This person being Chang'e's husband and the one who shot down the suns, correct?


>> No.13931027

Steven Universe did edgy lapis lazuli better

>> No.13931032

>To have three bodies

>> No.13931041
File: 461 KB, 600x872, 51974415_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, who are the lolis and hags this time around?

>> No.13931063

Fuck off.

>> No.13931075

So, Houyi is some NTRing douche or what?

>> No.13931080

>yfw ULIL and LOLK was Houyi's fault.

>> No.13931089

>mfw pichuun hasn't been replaced by http://vocaroo.com/i/s0QdKURELQ1c yet

>> No.13931100

>So, Houyi is some NTRing douche or what?
He may or may not be a bad king, there are conflicting interpretations. However it is not strictly his fault that his wife ended up on the moon and he could never see her again. I think he never officially divorced her but he still has needs. So in one legend he got himself Junko as his concubine using his king authority. Junko is unhappy about it, and ended up picked someone in his royal court as her lover, and proceeded to completely screw Houyi over over a long period of time.

>> No.13931108

So Chang'E's to blame. What a whore.

>> No.13931113
File: 82 KB, 184x419, Johncena_2015_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.13931122

Do you have an English link to her story? All I'm seeing is Rabbit Girl and Bastard Guy's story.

>> No.13931123

>So Chang'E's to blame. What a whore.
There is no canon with legends this old. In one version of the story both she and her husband were good people,and she ate the medicine to stop an attacker from taking it from her. In another she was a bitch and her husband was good. And finally in another her husband was being a bad king and she decided to take all the elixir to prevent her husband from ruling the kingdom forever.

>> No.13931127

She looks ridiculous but at the same time I find the design to be oddly likable, can't quite put my finger on it.

>> No.13931128

He can beat anyone.

>And finally in another her husband was being a bad king and she decided to take all the elixir to prevent her husband from ruling the kingdom forever
That's the one I'm familiar with. Through he was an emperor instead of a king.

>> No.13931161


This design is ridiculous in a good way.

>> No.13931176

I want to turn her around and bang her ass until she can't walk.

>> No.13931191

Hipster 18 year old:
-Extra boss
-Stage 4 boss

>> No.13931198
File: 412 KB, 850x1512, sample-8de3ee76126f7a48072c5e4884a62fdc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm perfectly fine with that anon

>> No.13931204

She looks like a light S&M enthusiast.

>> No.13931269

Uhh, so why do Sagume's spellcards involve those yin-yang generic enemies? I don't get it.

>> No.13931274

And that's wrong because...?

>> No.13931277

They fit her theme, go read her description.

>> No.13931399

Hectia is a widow, anon.
She's milf.

>> No.13931597

Hecatia has three bodies. Presumably they're a child, a young woman and a crone.

>> No.13932065

>Hasn't even been a day.
Jesus people are quick.

>> No.13932091

>new art will be shitty since artist will just take a sneak peak at the girls and then draw thzm, forgetting many details

>> No.13932132

There's something nice about her, I don't know.

>> No.13933253


>> No.13934233

I think Hecate just went goth in order to blend into society and got drafted by Junko before she could change into something else.

>These people are suspicious of those standing out, it's important you dress amongst the crowd.
>But why does it have to make me look like a slut?

>> No.13935989

>That sexy leg pose though
Zun keeps getting lewder and lewder

>> No.13936149

so there will be more chibi ZUN's

>> No.13937152

Lies and slander.

He actually said his wife is helping him code now, stop lying.

>> No.13937279

She's fucking hot.
My favorite newhue!

>> No.13937357

She's pretty fucking huge, almost as tall as 7 earths.

>> No.13937369

>planetary giantess when?
Well, she is a goddess.

>> No.13937415

How so? Her ability is about making the world act against what she says. Unless those yin-yang orbs are supposed to be stones like the ones she created for ULiL (în which case, using those sprites sounds pretty lazy)

>> No.13939218

>Hell exists in the moon, the Earth, and the spirit world because it exists in the core that is her soul.
Hell is literally this bitch's Reality Marble

>> No.13939721

Junko isn't a hag niggers.

She drank Hourai Elixir to the point she reversed aging.

>> No.13939728

Clownpiece is definitely not a loli, she's significantly taller than all 4 of the girls, probably even taller than Komachi or Yuugi.

You're the lying one here. Shit would have looked far less ridiculous and we wouldn't have even gotten the goddess of Hot Topic if she was involved.

>> No.13939772

Please don't spread misinformation. She helps him with making the games since IN, she's even in the credits.

>> No.13939772,1 [INTERNAL] 

are you retarded? fuck off

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