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Sup faggots. My name's Hong Meiling.

Hong.Mei.Ling. Got that?

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Kurenai Misuzu

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No larger image? I am disappoint!

Hong Meiling = best 2hu legs ever

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No, I didn't ask your name.

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in the toho game is actually hong merin xp

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when the FUCK is the next burning meiling gonna come out

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Yeah. Whatever you say China.

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Hey meiling. Suck my dick.

Suck.my.dick. Got that?

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That's because japanese don't have L or the g ending. 紅美鈴 reads hong mei ling in Chinese

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Yo bakayarou. Namae wa Hong Meiling desu.

Hong.Mei.Ling. Wakarimasu ka?

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But are you big enough?

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HONG 弘, 鸿 m Chinese
From Chinese 弘 or 鸿 which both mean "great, vast".

MEI 美, 梅 f Chinese
From Chinese 美 "beautiful" or 梅 "plum".

LING 灵, 铃 f & m Chinese
From Chinese 灵 "spirit, soul" or 铃 "bell, chime".

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The gate guard
is the girl
I wanna befriend

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If Meiling met you she wouldn't like you and think you're just some intruder.

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I would hug her.

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Much better.

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Hong Meiling, friend to even the lowliest of Shrine Maidens.

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whats this chinagirl saying?

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what if I handed her a bag of candy,all the pieces of which covered in old, sticky barbecue sauce and said "hello miringu my love. my outside world benisis has brought me to your beauty. we at the JAY love you velly much. I bought you this bag of sweet tureets to love you with. good bye. " then walked away swaying my hips humming some song that sound vaguely like UN owen was her?

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You ask China for sex. She smirks and replies, "Of course! Sex was invented in my country, you know. People there have been having sex for over four thousand years!"

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C 8 8

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Got it, China!

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She'd be kinda weirded out and probably think it's some prank.

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>Only four thousand

anon i think history goes wayyyyy back

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Thought it would come out this weekend at comiket, but no sign of it.

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Meilings people died out around 1000bc anon.
There really were once six foot tall red haired women in what is now China. The people who became known as Celts in the west split and migrated both east and west when the were forced to leave central Russia. The part that went east continued until geography made it difficult to graze their herds of horses, cattle and sheep, and the ran into resistance from the farming Han Chinese.
They brought bronze metallurgy, the chariot, and domesticated horses to China.
Meiling is some kind of immortal who has been hoboing around asia for at least 3k years.

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More like Meichink.

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>Woah! That's an amazing picture!
>the details and plants are photoshop brushes
>the magic is ruined

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Pussy of Meiling! Enter the Dragon!

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the best, i specially like artists who draw her with pants or cool outfits

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Me too

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>The people who became known as Celts in the west
Can't tell if you're a revisionist or just uneducated. The Indo-Europeans are far more widespread and diverse than "the Celts: six-foot-tall red-haired people). Even among them, red hair was, and still is not particularly common, even if it is more widespread than in other groups. That aside, the homeland is in central Asia, not Russia, and they never migrated far enough east to come into conflict with the proto-Han people. "Hong Meiling" is also a very obviously Chinese name, completely unlike the Indo-European name a Tocharian would have.

I don't see why any of that matters though. Touhous can have any hair color they want.

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Are you a genealogy otaku?

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I think he's a linguistics otaku by the picture.
I know I am.

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I like to think I'm both, since studying linguistics provides wonderful insight and context in the study of anthropology and vice versa. They're like the Taoist interpretation of yin and yang: despite being distinct fields they are intertwined to the point that the existence of one is evidence for the existence of the other, and neither can be adequately defined without referencing the counterpart. Or something like that.

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Sakuya san! Sakuya san!

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I'd give her a nice, sensual foot massage after a long day of gate guarding.

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>tfw not a cute slav

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Would you wake her?

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>picture of meiling with clown already

holy shit, they are quick

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First Light Lunar Installation, Aeronautics of China

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US and China relations what?

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which one do you prefer?

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The one without cleavage. Meiling's not that kind of girl!

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I think she looks good in a suit.

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>If Meiling met you she wouldn't like you
I've always pictured her as being quite friendly. Her job has to be boring as hell and she might welcome having a new friend.

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She is. Her description in one of the books says that she constantly chats with passerbys and even lets you escape without a scratch if you break into the mansion and apologize profusely to her in case you're caught. It's said that you can even train martial arts with her.

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I bet I can beat her.

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On Lunatic with no bombs?

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Great Beautiful Soul
Its a good name.

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Yup. I could even beat her in martial arts.

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Explain the textiles.
The clothes the Urumchi mummies wear are of the same materials, the same or similar colors, and methods of weaving and construction as those found in the Hallstat salt mines.
While they are too far apart in space and time to be the same people, that the two people shared a common ancestor people.
The textile evidence, and also the similarities in the construction of the chariot parts found and the bronzes found show a closer affinity than just "oh another PIE-speaking people".

Red hair is also a good marker, because its rare.

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I never said anything about the Tarim Basin mummies not being Indo-European people. You are right about the red hair, chariots, and certain forms of metallurgy (though the Chinese had been working bronze for well over a thousand years before the migration) being good evidence for the mummies being related to the migrants in the west. Textiles are just another aspect of material culture that supports this idea. They have been identified as Caucasoid as well, and are very likely to be ancestors of the Tocharians.

What I took issue with was your simplification of the Indo-European peoples as "people who became known as Celts in the west." Almost the entirety of Europe and much of the Near east and South Asia are Indo-Europeans, evidenced not only by the relation of their languages but by material culture and the forms of husbandry they exhibit. To limit the PIE common ancestor populations to only the Celts and Tocharians is to ignore that fact as there is little evidence that either were more "purely" Indo-European, both likely assimilating the native populations while retaining their original cultural features. A greater abundance of red hair only suggests that the populations that were assimilated by that particular migratory group were more prone to exhibiting that feature.

But again, "Hong Meiling" is a very Chinese name, and the Tocharians were conquered by Turkics long before the Han exerted strong influence in the Tarim Basin area. It would be a stretch to assume Meiling to be of Tocharian descent purely by her red hair, as everything else about her screams "Chinese" from her mode of dress to her name to her fighting style to her great pride in Chinese history and her invoking of a Chinese god of misfortune. And anyways, being a magical youkai woman she can have any hair color she wants. Sanae is from modern Japan. Does that mean Japanese commonly exhibit green hair? Is purple hair common among the Western Europeans who Remilia is based upon?

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this is my favorite thread

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Can Meiling cook?

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What is the ghost?

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I want to get drunk with Patche and Meiling,

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Meido or the little devil should be doing that.

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>Sup faggots.

I don't think a nice girl like Meiling would say something like that.

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I want to touch her hips

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Sure, but...can she?

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Sounds like a pretty good deal. Makes me want to try breaking into the SDM to see where it would get me. The trick is to try getting "caught" by Meiling and no one else. Otherwise, the situation could go very bad.

Probably not.

Definitely not.

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No, no, the martial arts training and chatting is separate from being caught. All you get for that is the opportunity to apologize a lot.

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She'd be a great 2hu to get a hug from.

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Ah, I see. Okay, no breaking into the SDM for me. That would be really embarrassing! I'd sooner simply chat with her to avoid all that unnecessary apologising.

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show me your moves.

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I want to learn Thai-chi with Meiling,

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I want Meiling to be my older sister who jerks me off every night to help me sleep!

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I want to be friends with Meiling!

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>She's cool but somehow it makes me angry...

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Why are chinese dresses so best?

Nips can't into fashion for shit.

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Flan is too enthusiastic with training!

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The SDM is red! Red!

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Her butt must get really sweaty standing outside all day long. What can be done about this?

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Can Bruce Lee defeat Meiling-chan?

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Don't be ridiculous.

Of course he can.

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Bruce Lee is a God amongst humans, but Meiling is more than a human.

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No he can't. Bruce Lee is dead.

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Why's she gotta hong all the good remixes??

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Sup miss China.

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strong and attractive, she is thus perfect breeding material.

why must Meiling be so attractive

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my favorite touhou and top character of video games

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You don't know that

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>Sanskrit glyphs

Why? Meiling ain't no Indian.

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I'd like to think that once in a year or so, Remilia issues a week-long challenge for any human or youkai to sneak into the mansion without being caught and snatch some item at a predesignated location.

Good fun with most of the village and all the mansion participating, plus it seems like something Remilia would do.

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>Bruce Lee is dead.
He's not. Who do you think taught Meiling?

>> No.13984512

What kind of youkai is she?

>> No.13985097

How could Flan survive the sunlight

>> No.13985099

Why do you think Mei Ling likes to sleep a lot? She's trying to mimic Bruce Lee.

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Would /jp/ mind if I invaded their gate?

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I agree
Would drink

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I am a fan of Miss Meiling's thighs.

>> No.13996026

Yeah, but Meiling doesn't exist.

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M-Meiling's cute feet!

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is it good or bad that Meiling is one of my most fapped touhous? I feel a personal attachment that i dont feel with other 2hus

>> No.13996653

Too bad she doesn't know that because she's sleeping all the time.

>> No.13996720

>my most fapped touhou
Never found a picture or eroge good enough to fap to Meiling.

>> No.13996754

>bust, tall, muscular, ginger with blue eyes and light skin


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So, you're saying she doesn't play jaunty Irish music?

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It's terrible! Meiling is a pure girl! How could you do such a lewd act to thoughts of her?

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I-I understand. I just cant help myself. I have completely fallen for her, both in body and mind. Good thing she is a good girl and doesn't take advantage of that!

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Meiling's big butt on my face!

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that is completely wrong

>> No.14012195

John Cena just called u out

>> No.14012260

spf30 sunblock, lotsa hydration

>> No.14012278

Maka wants her basketball back...

>> No.14012339

honk mulan so pretty

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Do you think Meiling had a hard life?

She's a youkai with no actual youkai powers. Assuming she's been alive for a decently long time, how did she even survive or provide for herself before moving to the SDM?

She probably had to spend a lot of time living among humans, which could explain why she has a such a friendly personality and attitude towards them.

But the most unusual thing is what circumstances lead to her being taught a human martial art at all?

>> No.14014245

Some humans become youkai under the right circumstances. It could be what happened to her.

>> No.14014400


I suppose that's also possible, though I wonder what would've caused her to turn into one then?

Maybe its just Qi I ain't gotta explain shit.

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>> No.14020569

Bruce Lee has transcended humanity after his mortal death.

>> No.14021219

Who is she Meiling? Do they have UPS in Gensokyo?

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Please remember
Her full name is Hong Meiling
Not China
That nickname is very rude

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I'm not a faggot!

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I can't stop fapping to this series. I'm sorry, Meiling.

>> No.14042003

is Kurenai Misuzu acceptable?

>> No.14043273


So fucking cute.

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Meirin is ok, though.

>> No.14048193
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u jelly? u meirin?

>> No.14048222

So there's a China 2hu and now a USA 2hu.
There's obviously a Japanese one.
I wonder if we'll ever get a British or a French 2hu.

>> No.14048361

It is said that one can become a half youkai when meets Remilia's fate changing powers. Meiling could've been a human before meeting SDM.

>> No.14048378
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I want an Éirehu.

>> No.14049616


For starters you're gonna have to source that shit.

Also, that means Meiling would've had to have met Remilia only a few years before the mansion moved to Gensokyo. That would also leave the question of how Meiling knows all her crazy super martial arts abilities when that kind of stuff is most likely a dead art by modern times.

>> No.14049676

>Also, that means Meiling would've had to have met Remilia only a few years before the mansion moved to Gensokyo.

How do you figure that?

>> No.14050281
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Why does Meiling nap so much?

>> No.14051755

Not a lot of loyalty, for a hired guard.

>> No.14051987
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Bruce Lee, No

But his relative chin can.

>> No.14055268
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Y'know looking back I'm honestly not sure where that line of logic came from, so just disregard that whole line.

Regardless I don't like the idea of her only being a half-youkai. But then I've put so much effort into designing my own design of Meiling as a character that every time I'm faced with someone else's ideas my brain has trouble shifting gears and I end up plowing into a tree.

>> No.14055331
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heng a shit

>> No.14055445

being an oni is cheating

>> No.14057008
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I've really never understood why people talk about pitting Meiling against Yuugi so much. Meiling is some random no-tier youkai, while Yuugi is a ridiculously powerful and strong oni, a race where being strong and powerful is almost their entire schtick.

I mean I get that they're a couple of the few touhous that actually hit things, but the power class difference between the two just makes it silly. Usually Yuugi has to be fighting so unseriously it makes the whole thing pointless, or she just dunks Meiling without much effort.

>> No.14057696
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