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It's coming.

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No it isn't.

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Well, fuck.

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It's only a matter of time.

Little Busters can make an excellent anime if they follow all routes completely.

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Where did i hear that again hmm...

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It's going to suck

KyoAni are going to fuck it up just like they fucked up Kanon, Clannad, Lucky Star and Haruhi

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I came at KyouRin

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but they did a good job with kanon

i'll give you everything else though

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And I didn't even play this yet.

Is anyone translating it?

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>KyoAni are going to fuck it up just like they fucked up Kanon, Clannad, Lucky Star and Haruhi

Except none of these titles got fucked up and they did a great job with all of them.

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Yes but it'll never get finished.

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It's an anime you idiot and it's not even out yet

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You mean they did a great job animating it all? Yeah, with that I agree. Their anime is beautiful, but boring.

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Haruhi wasnt boring but on the other hand the others stuff kinda is, yeah it's all well animated and shit but i'd rather watch something else.

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Did you read the Haruhi light novels? Read them, then you will realize how shitty the anime was.

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Indeed. Animating all heroine routes would be the best option, leaving Refrain for last as a second season.

Eh? But KyoAni did a great job with these titles.

Yeah it's not even... what?

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First i have to finish the Shana ones i bought... to lazy to do it.

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go eat lunch Croatia.

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You guys are talking about personal preference, you find the anime boring, others didn't. This doesn't make the studio bad.

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Forced drama and humor arent really that interesting, but yeah personal preference. I still find them to be 10 times better then the usual shonen crap.
For me to eat it someone has to make it, since there no one here except me that aint happening.

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Croatia, you're supposed to use "too" there, you silly goose.

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KyoAni still did a great job with it, and I'm talking about directing, animation, voice acting, comedy and script. Let's not forget the show is not even finished yet and they're planning to give it a subsequent season.

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So /jp/ used to be the half of /a/ that liked Haruhi and Lucky Star?

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Irrelevant, as long as you understand what I'm trying to say everything is fine.

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>Forced drama and humor arent really that interesting, but yeah personal preference.

I'd like you to define what forced drama means to you but whatever, you're missing out some great shows. That's it.

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I'd prefer to define the half of /a/ that didn't hated KyoAni for no reason at all or following some stupid hivemind.

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who wants to see my poots?

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>you're missing out some great shows
I usually have a habit to judge something by watching it and then forming a personal opinion that isnt based on other peoples shitty opinions, I've seen most of the animes out there since 1998 or something...

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But there are reasons to hate KyoAni

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I think Croatia has been spending time on /b/ lately.

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Only boards i visit are /jp/ /g/ /d/

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And so do I. So, what are you trying to prove here?

I'd like to hear them. I have enough free time.

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DVD sales records says otherwise

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26 episodes of Clannaids anal story then it is Little Busters time?

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Where is my fucking full metal panic third raid. Where is my fucking haruhi season 2.

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>Suffice reason to hate clannaids

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Hey look he writes Clannaids anal story xD how witty xD xD xD

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Is this every eroge anime adaptation mashed into one?

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but he is right.
the cockroach agreed don`t bother her bout it

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Because Clannad is the reason why KyoAni can't work with more than one project at a time. You're a genius.

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u said it bro xD

Clannaids is shiet /a/ agreed xD

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Oh boy! I can't wait to see Nagisa die a painful heartbreaking death. I'm sure I can function normally for the rest of the week without any emotional distress when that happens.

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she really dies? then I will at least watch the last episode

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If you are under the age of 18, or it is illegal for you to view the materials contained on this website, discontinue browsing immediately.

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Is after story going to be 26 episodes? Doesn't seem to have enough animatable story for more than 13 without getting boring.

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wow anon you're so GAR and manly!

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Kyou Filler arc

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If you are under the age of 18, or it is illegal for you to view the materials contained on this website, discontinue browsing immediately.

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If you are under the age of 18, or it is illegal for you to view the materials contained on this website, discontinue browsing immediately.

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remember when this thread was about healthy Clannad hate?

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If it going to be 26 episodes surely they must do the Misae arc and the Kappei arc.

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But every Clannaids(don't spell Clannad you fag, only animesuki fags do that) hate is healthy because it's shit and can't be liked.

KyoAni is shit too. Shit for people that only watch mainstream crap. Otaku selling shit just for money and no artistic integrity.

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ololol I think the same too bro xD

Clannaids is shit right? KyoAni can't make good anime right? If you hate those two that means you're an anime master just like me xD xD Anonymous is legion all those animesuki fags that likes Key shit are gonna get owned hard xD

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What?! Key fags around here? They must be from Animesuki!

Faster Anonymous, combine your legion powers and show'em online! You can't lose this battle!

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I thought /jp/ was free from /a/ids but it seems I was wrong.

Do you guys really think trolling KEY and Kyoto Animation makes you special or something? Hey look guise I write Clannaids instead of Clannad! Whoa, you're almost there pal! I mean, it's like trolling Japanese RPGs on /v/ amirite? Only the "experts" do this, you don't even have to have a valid argument, just repeat whatever everyone says and pronto! You're a master. I wish I'm wrong, because if this is really true this place more and more depressing as the day passes.

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Nothing agains Kyo or Key but hell your post is so

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Just ignore the faggots.

/jp/ usually likes Clannad and Key.

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Better being a crybaby than an obvious troll, I guess.

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Lol your the faggot for liking retarded moe shit xD

You will never be legion like us anons who hate Clannaids :P

True anon doesn't watch Clannaids! xD

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Clanaids (Down Syndrome) and Gayass (Clamp design) have justified names.

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You're all overlooking the simple fact that you should kill yourselves.

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Croatia, stop trying to be funny by using old images.

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So from this thread I learned that Clannad is awesome and I should try playing it. Right?

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Yes, and they're so cool. It's like it was made by 13 years old kids.

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He's trying to get a lot of attention lately for some reason, ignore it and talk normally. He'll give up with the time.

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No, it's shit and shouldn't be played because /a/ said so.

Have you not read the thread?

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>trying to get a lot of attention lately for some reason

You know, when you say it like that, I kind of want to hug the poor guy.

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Maybe they where, still dosent change that fact that the characters actually look like that.
A billion hours of playan but yeh.
Old but get the job done.

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Croatia isn't a bad guy. He just needs to stop picking shitty things to defend.

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Actually it's pretty good. It will make you cry though, and you will feel like shit for a few days after the After Story.

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Come on, you need a hug. I'll give you one.

You also seem to be full of hatred. Here, have a hug.

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For once I actually side with Croatia on this. They are justified.

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Croatia, my kitty wants to tell you something


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Don't worry pal, Heero is here.

I'm spreading KEY love around, the crude heart of the trolls shall be melted by me.

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Stick it in while your day dreaming.

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/rs/ link or Sauce?

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Go on, my friend. The power of uguu shall guide you.

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Leave it to me!

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Image never fails to deliver a fap.

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Haruhi novels are fucking boring, at least the animu had the awesome episode 0 and the RTS episode.

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Everything is boring, we should all be working and having sex instead of reading Japanese comics.

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Okaz, NiseMIDIdoronokai.

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Holy shit Koshiki is moe overload.

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Female Sunohara is fucking hot

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Too late pal, the discussion already deviated from awesome to massive bitching.

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I love KEY and I hate anime.

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Aside from Koshiki and the blonde girl nobody knows who she is Kanata looks hot. Haruka comes in second.

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Itaru characters looks pretty good but Na-ga's are a bit off. Saya looks pretty hot though.

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>>KyoAni are going to fuck it up just like they fucked up Clannad
Haha oh fucking wow.

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Why does Kyou have twintails? ;_;

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