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They can't do that! [Part 1 of 2] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8m3zmFlTE8

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Why do you love sluts?

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Sakuya is for nerds.

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She's very pretty.

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MMD using speech synthesizer!

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I'm a nerd so I don't mind.

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Best maido

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Don't forget to drink some coffee this fine morning.

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I'll take a nice hot tea, thank you! Coffee is not good for you!

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One cup of hot tea coming right up!

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When I first watched this video around the time it appeared, when Sakuya grabbed the monitor and threw it out... just as it hit Meiling, my electricity went out and my monitor shut off!

It was really scary.

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One of the best things I've seen today.

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Remilia will never order Sakuya to help you keep your libido at bay because how its distracting you from performing properly as the head butler.

And Sakuya will never let you have a quickie with her so you stop bothering, nor will call you a disgusting pig and a filthy bastard during the act with a scornful look on her face.

I want to breed Sakuya everyday like an animal in heat and make lots of healthy thralls to serve the Remimi.

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Sakuya will never greet and smile at you as you come home from work.

You will never enjoy Sakuyas cooking, and she will never serve you her flower flavored tea.

You will never stay forever young with Sakuya thanks to her time manipulation powers and forever enjoy life with her.

Sakuya will never hold your hand and kiss you.

You will never fall in love with a real life version of Sakuya

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why live.

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Sakuya being my Waifu is a a reason enough to live on.

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So you may sustain the dream.

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Only because I will never get a job

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What's the appeal of Sakuya aside from her being a maid?

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They can't do that! [Part 2 of 2]

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For me, the appeal of Sakuya is mostly due to her characteristics and personality.

Sakuya is loyal, devoted, graceful, refined, mature, and elegant, she's also extremely cool headed and a little bit of an airhead.
These are traits that (for me) makes Sakuya such a lovable character.
(she's a little of a Rei Ayanami Expy, which I do not mind)

Another positive thing for me is that Sakuya is not one of the main characters, but still gets a lot of screen time.(might sound weird but I I'm somewhat like a "hipster(?)" when it comes to stuff like that).

Sakuya also got what I think the most appealing ability(time manipulation) and fighting style.

The only negative thing I can think of is that she is targeted by a lot of "memes" which probably attracts a lot of secondaries which does not really know the character.

I can't really speak about her "fan base" because I really do not care about that stuff, but my guess is that it's a mix of "meme secondaries" and people who actually appreciate the character

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That ending was so evil. I loved it.

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Me at the end.

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Please listen to my story. I'm a fan of touhou since 2005, amateur of shmup, I find a site that offer to try the doujin game “Perfect Cherry Blossom”. At first I thought it was strange, a shmup with badly drawn little girls. But the music and patterns hooked me. The years pass, we are in 2015 now and I’m a Touhoumaniac. My favorite on is Sakuya, a quiet and elegant maid.
Maybe i’m strange, but when i love characters, i do not like to think of sex has their respect. But I’m a man, i spoke earlier of Sakuya, and just recently I was like "Come on, let yourself be tempted by an erotic doujin about her, it can be arousing" I try the first one I found with Sakuya on the cover. And there it’s begins:
The story of that doujin is that: I do not know why but Rinnosuke is with Yukari and Eirin, and theses seem to be sort of slaves subject.
Rinnosuke blackmail Sakuya by threatening Remilia, the maid has no other choice but to be raped by him. And there are comments like she’s going to broke. Oh my god it’s awful… It's horrible ... I know, some people like this kind of stuff, but I did not think the dream world of Touhou was touched by this kind of thing
I cry, it’s a fictional character, and some could laugh by saying that characters of Touhou are poorly written and developed. But I cry. It’s now hard for me to think about Sakuya, I always disgusting pictures coming into my head. I feel a kind of sadness since.
Sakuya is an important part of my life is nothing will ever be the same.
And yet I know that this is just stupid doujin! But I cannot do anything about it.
All I wanted was a little blush before a slightly naughty Sakuya.

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Cool story, bro.

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This is why I never look at porn of characters I like.

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You had sage on, bro.

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What's your favorite pairing with Sakuya?

I actually find much of SakuXAlice really cute but my favorite is probably SakuXMeiling.

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She's flat as a board

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Soon I will convert to Islam and take Sakuya as my wife.

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that's sad

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well said. luckily with those memes, she gets attention, whether its just her being her, or her theme song. Never seems to be enough fanart of her. I know I liked her because of what you said, and that she felt more, mature overall, and not child-like.

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Man, this Touhou would be the best for handjobs, man.

Yeaaaaah, she'd work the dick fuckin' fine.

Plus she can even clean up after.

I'd let her do me one for sure, dudes. Early in the morning would feel so fuckin' gud.

So fuckin' gud, man.. This is my kind of thread.

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What story is that spoiling?

Because Remi needs batteries.

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That's actually a spoiler for the end of Fight Club. You should thank him for using a spoiler box.

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She'd do it wearing gloves with her pinky extended and still somehow look as if she was elegantly drinking tea.

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I'm going to masturbate now!

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This guy knows what's up.

Man's got his priorities straight.


Godspeed, dudester.

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That's at least the third time you've said I've got my priorities straight.

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From their backgrounds to their personalities to their themes to their colors to their appearance and to their everything, they would match each other pretty perfectly. There isn't anyone better for Sakuya than Rinnosuke. It's less unsavory than something forced like Sakumei. And it's far more appealing for me than Sakurem due to their closeness in physical age. For me, there isn't anyone better for her than Rinnosuke.

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Keep on the right track, broseph.

Prop's to you, man.

Also, really cute image by the way.

I'm into cute stuff. That's real naice, man. Real naice.

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I'm gonna tickle the maid!

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Getting roped into delinquent activities with Sakuya!

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Sakuya getting bullied by Marisa and Reimu, being forced to Cosplay.