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Which Touhou has the puffiest vulva?

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I wasn't expecting this turn of events, but..



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Stop shitting up threads

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I'm currently reaearching this topic and the relation of vulva puffiness with other body features. Also it's not entirely clear what features qualify as puffiest. I guess most people think of labia majora that hide the rest of the female genitalia when they think of puffy vulva, in contrast to what people associate as a well fucked pussy. Being pregnant for example would cause the vulva to get puffier for example. I'm also unsure how estrogen and blood circulation influence this. High estrogen makes a vagina able to strech more easily, so it maybe aswell cause the labia majora to slacken and lose tension, which would be bad for puffiness. Ideally you want high blood pressure down there to have the labia majora swill up, but still tense enough so they keep in place.

So in my theory, we look for a touhou with low estrogen levels (so pre-pubescent body), good blood flow (this will take a while to look through as it's a combination of having a healthy body, what food you eat and not drinking/smoking), having the right vulva type, having more weight (more weight means more blood, means more blood can be distributed to the vulva), probably being easily aroused in combination with few actual sexual experience (sex rises estrogen levels) and ideally being pregnant in addition to that. I'll have to look through a lot, so I'll give my answer later.

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wow Tenshi is a cry baby

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I noticed that the board suddenly becomes much more bearable when you filter posts containing his typical signature words. Why is he so desperate for attention anyway, forming his own posting persona and all that?

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Filter this, shitlord!

In all honesty though... I'm just killing time, nothing much.

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It took me a while but I think I found one answer, or rather 3 answers. I got a few things wrong, we don't look for someone pre-pubescent, but instead someone in puberty or after since the maturing of the genitals makes the labia majora puffier. Also after 25 the skin starts to get older and lose tautness. So everyone over 25 physically is out. Aswell all fairies and animal youkais that aren't mammals since the first are questionable to ever sexually mature and the latter I'm unsure what they have between their legs. Also I removed the sluts like Sanae.
So next we go by skin tautness and blood circulation. Generally a few things are bad. Unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, drinking, junk food), UV-light for skin, stress, few physical training, hot or cold weather. So we remove everyone that is physically frail, lazy, drinks (oni, heavy party goers), eats unhealthy, is stressed, lives in hot (old hell, although hot baths help circulation) or cold climate. I also removed the soldiers/guards because they likely have stress or drink (they always drink).

Now I make a break between two different assumptions, one is that lolis aren't sexually mature and the other that they are.
If the aren't, I'm down to Hina, Kogasa, Nue, Kyouko, Sekibanki, Seija and Nitori. Hina might be actually too old and Nues genitalia is in question, additionally Kogasa might be malnourished due to her being bad at surprising people. So between Kyouko, Sekibanki, Seija and Nitori, I would give it to Nitori as cucumbers help circulation and she keeps herself well hydrated.

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Now if we see even the lolis as sexually mature I would give them the higher puffiness so we look at a group of Rumia, Remilia, Flan, Chen, Sukuna and Koishi. We do another distinction here, wether avoidance of UV-light is much better than just eating flesh/drinking blood or not. First case we have Rumia and the vampires avoiding sunlight a lot, for them I would give it to Remilia, flesh and blood are both rich in iron and liver is said to be a stamina food for sex, so it can be helpful, but out of the 3 only Remilia gets the massive comfort, massages, hot baths, wine and so. Also her 5 years being older than Flan might give her just the edge and if I learned something from doujinshi than it's that Flan probably masturbates since she is 200 and Remi is pure and naive.

Now if we see UV-light as not so bad we go with Chen, Sukuna and Koishi as contender and this is a tough one. I could say that Koishi being subconscious makes her produce less hormones, but it might aswell make her just act on instinct and fuck around all the time, who knows. I have barely any knowledge about Sukuna, so I can't really tell. Chen is hopefully not sexually active, fish is good for blood circulation and she gets enough exercise, so I throw in my personal bias and say it's Chen.

All in all my instinct tells me that Remilia, Tewi and Suwako are high on the puffiness scale, but only Remi is pure. Tewi clearly is made for sex and her puffiness might be as resilient as she is and Suwako is a slut and probably uses dark magic to stay puffy.
But who knows, in the end it's mostly random what vulva type someone has. Unless you are a slut like Sanae and your vagina and ass never closes.

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>Fun book

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Opinion discarded.

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Did you say fluffiest vulva?

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Please go back to the 8th grade, and pay attention this time.

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I almost enjoyed you dropping this wall of faux-biology used to camouflage shitposting.

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Throwing out baseless knowledge about fictional characters is the only thing we do besides fapping. What else would we do all day.

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Your sister.

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Roll for vaginal tumescence

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If we're going by real bloodsuckers then humans shouldn't be able to feel vampire bites. Leeches and vampire bats have saliva containing anesthetics along with blood thinners to keep their meal flowing.

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You are a man amongst men my friend, though I would contend that Yuugi is in fact the puffiest, due to her physical size and indispuably high blood flow; plus, one should not fail to consider the possibility of relatively high testosterone and the effects it might have on swelling and puffiness.

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>puffy bloomers
>clinging tightly
>no moisture with which to make them cling
How do I stop my standards from rising?

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But Suwako is canonically a non-virgin.

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Could be, but a human sized object hanging on your neck is hard to not notice. So while you might not feel pain, the fact that a vampire is sucking your blood might lead to shock and terror if it's involuntarily, rather unenjoyable feelings. So reaction with or without pain could be relatively similar.

Could high testosterone lead to a clit dick? I know that is a thing with steroids, but oni physiology probably can take those hormones naturally better. Onis also likely can deal with how alcohol makes the blood thinner better, atleast we don't have any sources that claim that onis have difficulties with making kids. Yuugi being rather tall and massive gives her a huge amount of blood, I think a doctor once told me you have around 75ml of blood per kg, so a 7 feet tall 150kg Yuugi would have 11.75 litres of blood, or 3.1 gallons. That's a lot and by going larger the rest of your body in contrast to your genitals increases much more. Now this all might mean fucking nothing and the best way to go about this is to look if there is a study about the changes in womens genitalia when becoming buff. Or looking at muscle women porn, but that is a rather unnatural testing field.

I know, I just imagine the slut frog that way. I'm not even sure if gods can't just simply choose a form they want to be. Which would make the whole theorycrafting pointless because then you could aswell just say "the one you draw the puffiest.".

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>I'm not even sure if gods can't just simply choose a form they want to be.
That's why you idiots need to READ THE WIKI. Her character profile tells you that much.

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Letty Whiterock. Everything on Letty is puffy.

That fat-ass

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I sincerely apologise for that fuck up, there are a lot of bits I sometimes forget or can't remember exactly. I tried to find that information now on the wiki but couldn't see it, can you point me to where it is written, it might just be me using the other wiki. I'm curious wether that property is for all gods or with limitations.