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holler weeaboos...Japanfag here answering all your Japan related questions. Shoot.

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You have a small penis.

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why does jesus hate me?

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For the love of christ how do I ge

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is the concept of "emperor" still going steady in popular culture?

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Not really, average.

Don't know much about Jesus. Sorry.

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You joined the wrong religeon.
Join Desuism.

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How long did it take you to learn English?

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Hah. Good question. Not really. People talk about him and stuff, and old people like the heir being born, etc, but I'd say people my age (24) don't care.

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Will you have sex with me?

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About 5 years of american elementary school.

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Do you have any diseases?

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What's the general opinion on doujinshi getting scanned?

I've heard some fags dislike it and I'd like to know why.

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Seriously, English or Japanese? Which one do you find better overall?

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do japanese hate koreans? last time i lived in kochi-ken there weren't much tension towards any race in particular. and in korea back in 1999, as far as my elementary life was concerned, noone really said anything bad about japan

and i just saw this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyOBUhNzOow
and i'm both embarassed and raging. so just wondering if it's the same over there too

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how does it feel to know that korea is superior in every way?

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Sorry, I should have said I don't know about a lot of weeaboo stuff, just general Japan. Japanese people think doujinshi is weird. Kinda like American people make fun of trekkies, but worse.

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Have you ever fapped to the thought of the Princess (the older one)? Is there any hentai of her?

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So how good is your nippon?
How about helping translate some more vns.

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It's a hard question. I like English though. I can swear more creatively...

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Natto. What the fuck?

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Most Japanese probably kinda hate them, the way many ignorant American hate Mexicans and stuff. I went to elementary school in America though, so I don't really care at all.

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How about Manga? Is Manga acceptable in Japan?

Also, can I come live with you?

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I don't have the gay nationalism that many Japanese have. All countries suck

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What do you like most about Japan?

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I'm with you on this...probably the formative years in the US thing again. Natto is fucking gross. It's like cum

Sure. It's like comic books in America. I like some manga. And I read Doraemon and stuff as a kid. I don't know about scanning it though. And you can't live with me. I live with my girlfriend. Sorry.

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Do the majority of Japs laugh at us gaijin weeaboos? Be honest.

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yeah, if i walk down a street in japan will people spit on me because they think I'm obsessed with hentai?

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I don't think the majority of Japanese people know that "weeaboos" exist. There are some young people who laugh at stuff they see on the internet. But there are otaku here who are worse. Japanese people always laugh at the worst person...

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oh i don't mind,
you can move out and i will live with her instead :3

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No, they'll do that because you're a foreigner only. Just kidding. But some Japanese people are still afraid of foreign people. Japan is an island full of all the same looking people. I got used to foreign people, I don't care.

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do people really jaywalk like crazy in osaka? my friend tells me so, but i think he's just messing with me

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>some Japanese people

How many do you call some? Would you think this would be over or under half of the Japanese living there.

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How about if I concealed my power levels pretty well? I mean, I don't even read doujinshi. I just watch the odd anime (never really shonen) and read the odd manga. Would I be ostracized if I were to go to the moon?

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If I prostated myself before a yakuza and asked him in flawless Japanese to give me a job, would he?

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No idea, I try not to go there that often. But maybe they jaywalk more than any other place in Japan. Japanese people wait at the crossing like good citizens.

Quite a lot. Japanese people pretend to be international recently, but they're really not. I'd say anyone who hasn't lived abroad probably is afraid of foreign people to some extent, even when they say different.

Well if you talk like that people will probably hate you. But they would have a good reason. It's easy to tell who is a weeaboo in Japan. They become very visible.

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Are Japanese girls really tighter yet wetter than girls of European descent?

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would it be legal for me to take photos of random schoolgirls in the street?
what about following them?

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They don't care that you're a weeaboo. They care that you LOOK DIFFERENT FROM THEM.

Also your power level is disgustingly low and does not need concealing.

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they fight back. be well equipped

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I don't know what kind of job you're thinking, but probably not. He might think it was funny. Lots of yakuza like to have token foreign friends. I don't know any real yakuza though. You see them around.

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so its not like in those simulated rape AV videos i have watched?
thats a shame, i was hoping they would just go limp and let me have my way ;_;

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Would you do this in your country? You can easily sleep with high school girls though. They are slutty, and they like money.

I was in America as a child, so I don't know about foreign girls. I've had sex with one. She was similar to a Japanese girl, maybe a little worse in bed. I've talked to foreign friends and maybe it's because of religion. Japanese morals don't include things about sex.

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oh they will, just not for free.

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>You can easily sleep with high school girls though. They are slutty, and they like money.

Are you serious?

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Very true. Like I said before, Japanese girls are very slutty. They'll do anything with you if you treat them right with money and things. They will always fuck on a first date too.

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How do the Japanese feel about Tom Cruise being the Last Samurai?

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He WAS the last samurai faggot, read your history books.

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Of course. Go live in the inaka...you could have your pick of junior high girls. Mostly the age for sex is around 14 in Japan. Many girls participate in conpensated dating. They do sex for money and gifts. They're quite easy to see in crowded mall areas and places like that

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Didn't see the movie. I've never heard anyone talk about it much.

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Wow, that's a little.... odd. What do their parents say?

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Tell me what Japan is doing about fixing things for the homeless in Airin-chiku.

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settle down, moron.

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OK, this was fun, but it's dinner time here. I am interested in this website though. I was told about 4chan from a foreign friend. Actually you people are surprisingly more normal than the people on 2ch...but maybe I lived abroad too long. Peace.

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ITT broken dreams

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I'll answer any questions you have about Japan, and I'll have an answer for you as well.

Position of the Japanese Emperor is about the same as the British Queen. Some see him as an important tradition, most don't have any opinion. In addition, some Japanese feel the Emperor is symbolic of Japan's previous sins in World War Two, and are a bit embarrassed by the whole thing.

Japanese is a fun language to speak. It feels very intimate, since you have to choose the level (register) of your language correctly. Also, all the onomatopoeia (sp?) makes it very colourful and descriptive. I can't talk about much more than food, life philosophy and sex though.

Manga seems reasonable respectable, but it all depends on the subject matter. Reading Toddlerkon? NOT ACCEPTABLE Reading a manga about a golf pro's struggles? NO PROBLEM
Everybody here has a brown paper cover over whatever they're reading anyway, for privacy issues, so it's often hard to tell what they're reading.

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What does Japan think of things Britfagish?

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I hardly believe OP is Japanese so asking this is kinda stupid. But are you Japanese?

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Nattou is hard to get used to. I guess it's the sticky texture that turns people off. The stuff you buy in the supermarket doesn't really have a smell, while the stuff your girlfriend's aunt in the country has made by placing stuff in straw and burying it in the snow will smell terrible.

People find it unusual that some foreigners are so obsessed with Japanese culture. If you make the wrong moves, people WILL type cast you as one of the bevy of balding English teaching weeaboo losers that infest the place. But how that will effect their interaction with you will vary from person to person. I kept my powerlevels secret with one girl, and then she found out that I liked anime and literally went nuts, saying how happy she was that I liked the same stuff as her.

No. Yakuza don't want to mess with foreigners at all. A foreigner involved in anything increases the likelihood of police involvement. They will literally treat you like plutonium.

Very often, yes.
Also, Japan does have some different morals about sex - the girl is meant to feel bashful by the whole experience, but when they realise it's not required of them, they lose that "Iya, dame!" approach pretty quickly. So I guess it must be an act.
Also, they DO make little squeeking noises.

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>some Japanese feel the Emperor is symbolic of Japan's previous sins in World War Two

Well, symbolic, now... As an italian it seems to me that he had a role not much different from our shitty king (he had an impact on things, even if he was not at all head of anything real).

Anyway. Does japanese people consider white gaijins more or less the same thing, were they from europe or USA?

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>>138847 Many girls participate in conpensated dating.

Spolier: most Australian girls do too.

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Fuck, wish I'd known that when I lived in Kalgoorlie.

>> No.138992

Being an Australian, Japanese are often surprised that I'm not from America or Britain, as they expect all Australians to be tall, bronzed surfer dudes.
But what they expect from foreigners is about what your average visitor to /jp/ expects an average Japanese person to be like: a stereotype.

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I mean, the whorehouses did not look particularly appealing. It's the only place I've ever been where the street the police station is on is renamed only for the block said station is on - because they don't want to be on the same street as all the hookers.

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They seem to like them. One girlfriend, after we broke up, was saying how she was looking for another British boyfriend. When I told her I was Australian (but here on a British passport) she lol wutted and then said. "Oh well, but you've got blue eyes so it doesn't matter."

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he he he, she didnt even bother learn what country you were from?

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How much do you masturbate daily?

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if you are really italian, then you should know that here there are -luckly- no kings or shits like that

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