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Calling all dorks. Dork thread.

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I'm sorry, I can't return your feelings.

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love the dork

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Are those from Yuyuko, Ms. Deliverygirl?
Tell her I accept!

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What is a dork?

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I am sorry Youmu, I am a bit of a pervert. But if that's fine with you then I accept your feelings...

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How old is she physically?

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Doesn't she already have a bunch of threads?

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50, what an old hag.

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I'm a dork too. Wanna hang out?

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kuso thread.

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sugoi thread.

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Which one is it?!

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Futo is dork

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Dorks didn't last a day on the line.

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I'd take them.
I fucking love chocolate.
Also the dork is cute.

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People always do that to me when i drink anything ;_;

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I hate most chocolate. The only chocolate related things I like are unsweetened baker's chocolate and raw cacao.
But I'd still take them, and enjoy eating them. Because they're a gift from a lovely dork.

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I wish I could wear cute clothes like that.

I would trap, but I'm not cute enough; my personal rule for traps is that they must be cute and feminine already.

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Let's get dorky in here.

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How did the dork meme even begin?
From what I could tell over the years, it just slowly got forced.
Did I miss the spark that started it all, or was there never one to begin with?

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Something looks really wrong there. Her breasts are rather high on the body, and that tummy is way too long.
I totally want to rub that tummy, but it still feels wrong.

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>Her breasts are rather high on the body
Try tugging your manboobs up, it should work.
>and that tummy is way too long
Not seeing it as too long.

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Even Yukari was a cute dork at some point

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It could just be the angle. Ribs look too short as well. Maybe I'm just plain wrong.

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It's the short hair, isn't it?

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Yes, short hair is essential for dorks

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Dorky stretching!

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why is the youms crying

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She got rejected by anon.

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That's cause for praise. Celebration. Where's the drinks?

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Good. Dumb smelly dorks need to die alone.

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I will literally devour all chocolate i'm given as long as it's not dark chocolate, i fucking hate how it tastes.

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Dark chocolate tastes closer to baker's chocolate. So our tastes differ greatly.
Although after thinking about it, I do like white minty chocolate. But that's only as a creamy addition to the mint flavour.

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>Where's the drinks
Youmu took everything, because she wants to drown her sorrows and forget she was rejected by anon.

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I like how even the speech bubble blushes.

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The way that nose is drawn, and the distance between her eyes ruins the picture.

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Holy fucking shit! How fucking nerdy can you get?
I want to bully that girl so much

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Eyes are fine but I can understand the nose.

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what the FUCK is a dork dudes

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Yukari and dork Yukari.

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So Futo is so much of a dork she wears her hat to bed?

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she dies if she doesn't

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Do NOT bully the NERD!

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>try to bully a girl who is able to beat the shit off from you.

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i want her to beat the shit out of me

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>Yukari and half-youkai half-sinsack Yukari.

Fixed that for you.

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Aren't we all dorks here?
Or autistic doesn't count?

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Flat as a washboard

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the trap is set

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It definitely got forced on her over the years. Probably a lot to do with her "dorky" hairstyle (nothing wrong with it IMO).

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She's really good at one particular thing but otherwise she's inept, she can't even shovel snow right.

That and, jesus, she's afraid of ghost stories despite being a half-ghost that lives with a full-on ghost in the land of the dead