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Which Touhou would you want as a girlfriend and why

I want the qt /x/phile as my gf
I would love to join her on her paranormal adventures and have her fall asleep with her in my arms so as a result she takes me with her on her otherworldly travels.

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cuter pic

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How you'll deal with her dyke friend?

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How exactly would Renko make an issue?

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I want Nitori to be my girlfriend because my idea of her personality and body comes 100% from reading Panzers doujins!

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Why Sumi? She's a dork

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Because she is a cute girl and i find chunnis and dorks pleasing.

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Mystia is a hardworking girl, who has worked hard to get both funds and infamy as a youkai in a fairly peaceful manner. It must've taken a lot of effort. And then she has a punk band thing going on, she's the kind of girl who expects hardship as she takes on the world.
It makes it all the sweeter when she melts in your hands as you shower her with appreciation she feels she doesn't deserve!

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Tell me more about how you would woo the bird, anon.

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>It makes it all the sweeter when you melt in her stomach when she got hungry after you showered her with appreciation she doesn't deserve!


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Who are you quoting

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Shit. Sumireko is pretty hot after all.
Newhue officially adopted

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She's responsible and diligent, and used to looking after useless people like her master. She's described as both timid and haughty, which I find really cute. She lives by herself and is self-sufficient, which is cool and individualistic. I like it! She's also small and really cute. I want to playfully tease her.