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Who are the most neglected touhous on /jp/?

I don't think that Youmu gets enough attention.

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Youmu gets a shit ton of attention.

Even without dredging the bottom for Touhous nobody cares about like Kisume and Tokiko - even former favorites like Hina and Aya don't get talked about much anymore.

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Aki sisters

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When was the last time that anyone talked about the slut? I can't even remember her name.

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Ichirin needs more attention.

I thought her popularity would pick up when she got included in HM

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Mamizou and Raiko (even being Extra Bosses)

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Aki sisters deserve more love. Autumn is best season

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Iku on the whole is too neglected. Yamame, too.

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I like her design and her theme. She's a top tier 2hu in my opinion.

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Seija, hands down.

Er. Hands upside down.

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Shizuha especially.


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It's not necessarily a bad thing though. She gets a nice amount of fanart and most threads about her have been civil. I wouldn't want to see her used as an excuse for shitposting by the masses.

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Eiki doesn't get a lot of attention, but in particular anyone from UFO other than the hag rarely is shown.

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Mamizou is lovely!

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You're joking right?
Mamizou is becoming the new Yukari or Aya for popping out fucking everywhere since everything for some reason is related to her.

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she's a dork anon. she doesn't DESERVE attention.

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Yeah Youmu is one of the least popular touhous on /jp/ along with Yukari and Patchouli.

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Youmu is glad that you perverts aren't posting about her.

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i'd fuck her hard though

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nobody posts her though

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For a good reason

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I want to bathe in Mamizou's Tanuki tub!

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Watchu gon do

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I can tolerate if you post any shitty touhous like those of your favorites, but for posting Youmu like that.. Oh boy, you just crossed the line.

That aside I have to say that you're still behaving well to be retarded, keep at it. Tripfags need to entertain us by pretending/being genuinely retarded, else we're going to hurt you really really bad like those tripfags that came before you.

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>shitty touhous like those of your favorites
But Youmoe is one my 4th fav touhou.

And I have been like 6-7 years here m8.

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Heck, she's pretty neglected in this very thread...

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>I don't think that Youmu gets enough attention.
Are you kidding?

I just finished masturbating to her. Fapped to the 'Slow Sex with Youmu!' doujin.

I ejaculated exactly at :34 of this hour (I write down the time and date into my "Fap Diary" every time I ejaculated + a short description of what I fapped to and how it went).

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I really like Raiko... But then I noticed that her is very similar to Yuuka, away too similar, I understood why some people call her "Yuuka recolor".
This removes a bit of her lightning =<

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Yumemi is cool!

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holy shit pure cancer

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Yumemi is my fave PC-98 Character (alongside with Mima, of course!)

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These aren't reaction images.

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She'll let you, but only if you help her wash.

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Youmu is salty. She doesn't need attention.

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I'll wash her tail if she'll wash my parts too

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Well said comrade.

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>I just finished masturbating to her. Fapped to the 'Slow Sex with Youmu!' doujin.
Tell us MORE

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She promises to wash your little front tail.

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Extremely unattractive girl.

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I would ZUN's waifu

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What a girl. What a lovely girl!

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Banned for hating mamizou, huh.