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There has been a serious lack of fairies thread in here recently.

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Why so people so rarely draw the no-name enemy fairies?

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Star Sexual>Sunny Milk>Feces>Luna Child

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There hasn't been good enough fairy porn recently.

And Luna Child is the best fairy.

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And Star is the best fairy.

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I kinda wish there were more fairies..

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Sunny a cute!

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I want Star to be my little sister.

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The world needs more fairy porn.

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Needs more like
and less onahole fairy

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Personally, I prefer the onaholes.

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It makes the whole thing pointless though. It's like when the girl has one of those transparent pink whack-it sleeves instead of using her own body. If the guy's gonna be masturbating, just masturbate. It's more fun trying to see them use their body, or if the fairy is the size of a small human. Bulge is cool but watching them be deformed out of shape is too silly. At least have them have some sort of astral pussy or something where the guy can go all in and have a portion of it going somewhere else and not just stretching her into shit.

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Needs more animations

It's something you basically never see animated.

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Fairies are the best!
I love them so, so fucking much

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Do you also feel butterflies in your stomach when looking at a fairy pic?
Because I do.

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I feel autism in my stomach whenever they don't have wings.

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Threadly reminder.

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They've been sexualized in the official manga anyway. I don't have the page with three fairies sleeping, so have this Sunny in nightgown.

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I want to cuddle that soft fairy!

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That's nothing compared to his later doujins. Especially that page of Star tied up in semi-bondage...he may as well make the jump to full-on fairy lewdness.

Big human penises sliding their way into tight fairy kitties, hungry for cock!

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I wonder how many of our lolicon comrades have been rounded up by the thought police already.

I know that in my home of Canada it is illegal to so much as write sexually explicit fairy fanfic.

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Is this thread about KanColle fairies?

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Kancolle has fairies?

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I would raspberry them against their will everyday.

Drillhair > Star > Sunny


I wish there were versions without any blood tho.
Fairies can be raped, but only tenderly and lovingly.

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Luna seems to enjoy it.
Lewd, dirty fairy!

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>he may as well make the jump to full-on fairy lewdness
With his style it would be both cute and hot at the same time, but I think that ZUN wouldn't appreciate seeing one of the official artists draw lewd stuff.

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Didn't Aki Eda draw yuri?

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Yuri is boring and not lewd

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The fairies manga is pure and innocent. You're only misinterpreting it with your dirty mind.

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>Yuri is boring

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Away with /u/

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Well, maybe if they weren't shown in their underwear only I wouldn't have dirty thoughts about them.

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Source on these, please.

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It's obvious that he loves their little bodies. Maybe he's a man of purity who looks but doesn't touch.

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That's called "being a lolicon".

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Good ol' Sanaeaki

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Well yeah, he didn't post the one where she's getting raped.

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Man, I feel like FUCKING some fairies today.

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Go to One Yukkuri Place.

it saddens me that he no longer frequents OYP and has now gone fully to the path of the homo.

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Oh right, that guy. But those animations are tosh's I think, not Sanaeki.

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That website is the source. You already see the pixiv in >>13845296 so I guess follow that other guy's advice.

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I got it, thanks. This guy is really mean to his fairies.

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Is the fan fairy ok too?

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It's understandable. Fairies are weak and numerous, but produce lots of energy and magic and stuff, and are effectively immortal. You'd be mad not to exploit them!

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I'd like to keep a few tiny fairies in my house. They could fly around to liven up the place and help clean hard to reach places and stuff and when I'm feeling horny they could help me get off. But I wouldn't want to hurt them in any way!

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But why be so greedy? What do you need to extract from them violently, when all your happiness can be fulfilled by just living with them?

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Hey, your loss.

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There's lots of fairies. If you want happiness, keep some for that, and exploit the rest.

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I'm happy when cute little things around me are happy. Though >>13845898 sounds like a good idea, too, so long as the happy free fairies don't find out about it.

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But if I'm exploiting them I can't be happy

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Hey, if they do find out, you can just add them to the exploited bunch, and get some new ones for happiness. Lots and lots of fairies.

Yeah, well, that's your problem.

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I don't know if I can do that to fairies I was friends with before.

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Christ, anon, they're just fairies...

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I'm ok if exploiting means cute beatings, tickling, and some light rape.

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Whatever you want. Good or ill, they'll probably have forgotten it by tomorrow morning anyway.

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Properly performed fairy exploiting doesn't stop, anon. They won't forget about it the next day because it'll still be happening. And day after that, and the day after that, and so on.

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Man, I want to smell Sunny's just-slept-all-night body.

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Me too, mane.
That sweet fairy smell full of pheromones!

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Got any more of these?

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As long as you do it with your tongues.

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fairy cunny

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Give me a tight fairy kitty, or give me death!

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the workers must control the means of fairy snu-snu

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Dictatorship of the lolitariat!

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Fairies are so god damn cute
Why aren't they real?

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Reality is just plain shit. Too early to explore the stars and too late to explore the Earth.

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I think you're over-glorifying both of those things.

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You can still explore the earth, fucktard.

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I don't think you understand the meaning of the word "explore".

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Fairies aren't in either of those places. The only way to find them is in a dream. I want to go back.

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travel in or through (an unfamiliar country or area) in order to learn about or familiarize oneself with it.
QED, faggot.

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Chestnut fairy is holding Baltisches Wappenbuch

How obscure! What is she doing with such an important book of distant long-gone countries.

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>Fairies aren't in either of those places.
Unlike, say, catgirls, fairies at their base are just humans. They might have wings or be small, but a touhou fairy is mostly just a small human girl with wings. Their wings don't really make or break them since there are fairies without them in stories. It's kinda like the only thing special about elves is their pointy ears.

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To add: What I mean is a catgirl without ears and a tail still has to have cat-like qualities to be a catgirl. A maid without clothes still has maid like actions, even if the visual is mostly gone. A fairy doesn't really have a "fairy like" personality (nor does an elf) so you can just substitute normal humans. Unless you like tiny fairies. Then you're limited to dolls.

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I see what you're saying, but that's illegal.

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What's illegal and where?

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Which fairy would you turn into a cum balloon?

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I want to have adventures in the fairyland

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the red one

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three chubby fairies are literally the best thing the manga series ever came up with

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3 chubby little girls is a recipe for success

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>three chubby fairies

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Chubby but still cute fairies!

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This fairy asks if you want to play together.
Do you accept?

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Yes. What game do you want to play, miss fairy?

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nose into crotch

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>Let's look for worms!

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Sure. We're not too far away from the Forest of Magic right now, are we? Let's go there.

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You blew my gasket, Miss Faerie. Now it's my turn to blow a load inside you!

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Whoa, Star shouldn't casually show her legs like that, unless she wants human men to think about her in ways she might not be prepared for!

>> No.13869583

>she might not be prepared for!
Anon, there's a reason why she's known as "Star Sexual"

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"a massacre is when you kill many people dumbass. "

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Shush. It'll be a learning experience.

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She'll just kill you over and over again if you say that. A fate worse than death.

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I likes my fairies a tad more mature...
[Tink and Peri]

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Gross, dude.

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Which is better, Sunny's milk or Sunny's detonation milk?

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Man, I want to BUMP a fairy thread.

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I need more milk in my life.

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Both! Hurt me until I break!

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Rest in peace, my man.

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this never happen

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Away with /b/

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I know, right? They're great.

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File: 1.56 MB, 1080x1522, touhou fairy maid mop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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What a cute meido fairy.
Would cuddle!

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I want to open a hotel staffed with fairy maids

>> No.13881831

They all rook the same.
The 3 mischievous fairies are still the cutest!

>> No.13881838


Stupid fucktard Remilia doesn't know how to properly hold a wine glass.
Sakuya's been too lenient to let this shit slide.

>> No.13882225

Do NOT bully the Remimi.

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I like fairies as much as anyone, but I wish we would achieve panloliism again.

>> No.13883872

Wine is shit anyway.

>> No.13887419

The idea of a fairy that is a maid is like the best thing.

>> No.13889088

Which fairy's pee would you drink?

>> No.13889129

All of them.

>> No.13889135

Fairies don't do gross things like that.

>> No.13889163

Fairy pee isn't gross!

>> No.13889197

Yes it is.

>> No.13889258

Still better than nasty-ass feces and who doesn't want a fairy to mark them as her property?

>> No.13889274

How could you say that? It's the golden nectar.

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So pure and delicious!

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How could you not want this sitting on your face? Yikes, that's embarrassing!

>> No.13896319

Is this the infamous Sunny's milk?

>> No.13903297

Fairy is dead.

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What's a fairy's face in ecstasy like?

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very, very cute
eight out of ten cute points

>> No.13904459

Rakugaki? Haven't they made some animated H things in the past? Don't tell me they made one with the fairies. I don't think my dick could handle it.

>> No.13904488

It's just a word for drawings.
It's just an additonal page in a fairies doujinshi.

>> No.13905167

Like their face in severe pain.

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Those sluts are going to corrupt my poor and innocent Luna!

>> No.13907272

What if fairies were real? Would you have to occasionally pry them off your dick each morning?

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They'd rifle through your pantry, eat your food and make a mess. They'd touch things that aren't toys and knock over things you treasure. They'd make a lot of noise with their merry-making.

It's more like an insect infestation. Fairies should be left outside and kept outside.

>> No.13907417

I think you mean bikers

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>western fairies

>> No.13907503

I wish the fairies manga was still ongoing.

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Me too. I like the cute relaxing daily adventures. And everyone looks so squeezable.

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They're fairies, not succubi.

>western fairies
Are fine too.

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Those were the days. I don't like Suzunaan. It's not relaxing or comfy.

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File: 1.39 MB, 1003x1439, 0015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I still find FS to be very comfy, mainly when Kosuzu and others are within all the bookshelves talking about folktales.

>> No.13908341

She's always walking a fine line doing something dangerous. She'd have been killed or exterminated already if it weren't for Akyu, Mamizou, and Reimu watching her and making sure she doesn't go too far.

>> No.13908713
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I would play with them everyday!
Seriously, the world would be a way better place with fairies around.

Fucking Akyuu telling lies again!

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File: 1.36 MB, 2613x789, 35041891_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just really like books and libraries. It gives me such a cozy feeling.

>> No.13910619

What's a human doing in the non-human book club?

>> No.13910747

What else are they supposed to do if they need a book deciphered?

>> No.13910788
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How do you know it's not a regular book club, all bibliophiles welcome?

>> No.13910830

Because Star is reading a newspaper instead.

Checkmate, atheists.

>> No.13910858


Checkmate, secondary.

>> No.13910924

Goddammit. Why is the Kaguya-looking fairy not the moon one, fuck. Never fails to trip me up.

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If you'd read the manga you'd remember. If you're in a thread like this, you should have read it multiple times and memorized every page where Sunny is in her bedclothes.

>> No.13912944

I want to live with them.

>> No.13913545
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I miss GDGD Fairies.

>> No.13914198

>Fairies sexualizing thread
I knew it

>> No.13914935
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I like the previous artist for the manga, Numata whatever-her-name-was.
She drew Sunny in her gown pretty hotly. She hasn't drawn Touhou in a while, though.

>> No.13914951
File: 879 KB, 2000x1414, 12d6609b2081ca920b21f92ebf5506b3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My fucking dick
I want to sleep next to Sunny in her nighties!

>> No.13915089

Lewd. I bet she'd innocently wear see-through nighties and babydolls without a second thought if you gifted it to her.

>> No.13915186 [DELETED] 
File: 318 KB, 391x570, 1392101617835.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh man, Sunny is great!
Imagine rubbing your dick between her sweet round butt and the silky smooth tissue while she's asleep.

>> No.13915248
File: 318 KB, 391x570, 1392101617835.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh man, Sunny is great!
Imagine rubbing your dick between her sweet round butt and the silky smooth cloth while she's asleep.

>> No.13915252
File: 2.77 MB, 1200x1672, 274aa35a8ca540b3b743bd46e4cdf1bc.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Too fucking cute...

>> No.13915386

Why is Dai-chan flying like that? Does she want everyone to see her panties?

>> No.13915915
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Fairies make my pedo dick hard

>> No.13916006

There's nobody behind her except Reisen, which only further reinforces my point.

>> No.13916341
File: 86 KB, 823x343, 1306758885324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Too bad she couldn't draw it fast enough, or whatever. I agree the style is very cute and sexual.

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Apparently she got sick? Shame. I would have prefered her art for Great Fairy Wars.

>> No.13921537

>her art for Great Fairy Wars.

Ew, no

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Hirasaka's old style > Hirasaka's chubby style

>> No.13930373
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I've got a new favorite fairy.

>> No.13930409

She's huge for a fairy and powerful too

>> No.13930459
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I hope the fanart moves in the direction of image related.

>> No.13930520
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Yay! New fairies! /jp/ loves new fairies! Especially big, beautiful American ones!

>> No.13933337

What a perfect loli body.

>> No.13933535



>> No.13933685
File: 2.45 MB, 1280x1024, S280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love how nobody cares about Cirno.

>> No.13933696

We have entire threads for Clownpiece.

>> No.13933702

So Cirno is no longer the strongest fairy?

>> No.13933703

Pfft. She's no fairy.

>> No.13933719

This thread was made 16 days ago, you dork.
She has fairy wings and shit. Totally a fairy.

>> No.13933733

I don't see any wings. And a fairy as a stage five boss? I don't think so.
Waves around a torch, causes madness, serves Hecate. She's a Lampad.

>> No.13933775


You're blind. See >>13930373. Right near her head.

But don't worry, artists have been ignoring the wings too.

>> No.13933777

Why Remilia wears this hat only here and in CoLA? ZUN, please, add her in game with this hat.

>> No.13933785

She's a hell fairy, not a normal fairy. Still a fairy. Stop spouting bullshit when you don't know Japanese.

>> No.13933904

Uh huh.

>> No.13934194
File: 87 KB, 534x622, 1439522351527.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>check omake.txt
What now, faggot?

>> No.13934657

Hopefully clownpiece will drain off many of the secondary scum from her fandom.

>> No.13934752

Then no one really wouldn't care about her then.

>> No.13934957
File: 128 KB, 504x556, flowerfairy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Underrated post.

>> No.13935044

Fucking cute fairy, dude!

>> No.13935222
File: 52 KB, 244x388, flower_fairy_shows_her_belly.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is more.

>> No.13935572

I'm in love. These original fairies are great. Like that one fairy that Orin had in that one doujinshi. I'd post an image but I'm mobile right now.

>> No.13935801
File: 112 KB, 905x319, i_fucking_love_fairies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This doujin had a few other generic enemy fairies, but these are already undressed

>> No.13935861

Fanart needs more zombie fairies

>> No.13935879

Fairy pussies are truly amazing.

>> No.13935901

You know, I really wonder what makes me so sexually excited about fairy tummies.

Not that I have an issue with it, but its not really erotic in any way.

>> No.13935924

I can't see how it's not erotic, though I'm probably depraved. It's like her body was made to stretch and take dicks as big as her leg.

>> No.13935932
File: 33 KB, 869x168, three_bellies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this fucking artist
He did some great Cirno, too.

I think I have a fairy tummy fetish, it's worrying but at the same time the best thing in the world.

Small tummies, but still a little bit pudgy are the best and no 3D can ever recreate that.

Also, gonna throw that bone since I've been waving it about: http://exhentai.org/s/bb68a1c578/714587-231

>> No.13937512

I agree. A penis hug is the best kind of fairy hug.

>> No.13939410

I want to drink that water

>> No.13939591

Why is TEC so lewd.

>> No.13939742
File: 830 KB, 740x879, sunnybutt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He's by far my favorite artist.

I love Sunny. Is there a chance this doujin will ever get scanned?

>> No.13939804
File: 35 KB, 245x274, 1354407471328.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13940059

That isn't from TEC is it?

>> No.13940407


>> No.13941293

Its from the same doujin. Those pot bellies are his trademark.

>> No.13941505

I can't find that one for some reason. Is that from a newer work or something?

>> No.13941984
File: 1.09 MB, 1869x1897, luna_child.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I linked it here, have fun anon >>13935932

You call these pot bellies? That's good to know, another way to describe those incredible tummies.

I've run out of doujin screencaps I could safely post, sorry.