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Ayxzect! You must defeat the monstergirls with the power of perversion!

Monster Girl Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/UevqvF4h
Monster Girl Wordpress: https://monstergirlscollection.wordpress.com/

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Ushi-Onis and Manticores a best, first confirms.

>> No.13839788

First for dead siblings creating new limbs out of ectoplasm to replace what you've lost.

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Is it wrong to want to punt a Cait Sith like a shitty football?

>> No.13839793

I can agree with this.

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Crow love!

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So if a manticore wants to fit in with society how would she go about hiding the tailpussy? Would there be special panties for it or what?

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Jokes on you, I like the Nightmare as a whole.

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>being wrong
What a great start...

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Anon it's not nice to tell lies.

Kuudere bug is the best.

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How does she operate that bag?

>> No.13839805

Sudoku. Now.

>> No.13839808

Fuzzy spiders are great, but not the other cunt.

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>Starting a Waifu war
Can we not anon?
That's not until sunday.

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I want to have loving seated anal with her cloaca while she wraps her fingers around me.

>> No.13839812

Crows were proven to be the best in the poll. We were always right.

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The way I understand it, only the inside of the tailpussy is the lewd bit. So to avoid lewdness, she'd just have to keep her tail closed.

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Why? Don't you see the potential for heartwarming in this? You think I'm mad?

>> No.13839815

Something about mono or mana or something like that.

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>implying waifu wars ever stop

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I bet some Manticores are really nice deep down.
Makes sense.

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Give her the B

>> No.13839826

I'll give her the B.


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He started it.

>> No.13839830

That's the way!

>> No.13839831

Hey! We didn't one have last sunday!

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>Deredere succuvirus.
>Photoshops herself into all pictures that have you in them.
>Wake up to find love letters written in notepad.
>One day she orders an onahole with a usb interface.

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I'm just asking if we can hold it until I'm actually having waifus fight to the death on sunday.
Except Jinko, Jinko doesn't deserve to go through that again.

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The problem with a closed tailpussy is that if she's turned on, imagine all the tailpussy fluids that would build up. As soon as she opens it, you've got a goddamn mess all over the floor.

>> No.13839837

Yes she does.

>> No.13839839

I assume they excuse themselves and "release" in he bathroom.

>> No.13839840

I do it every other Sunday.
>Implying Jinko deserved anything she went through in Waifu War II
No. Never again.

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She ordered that with my money I bet.

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What happened to her?

>> No.13839849

>I bet some Manticores are really nice deep down.
Doubtful. And even if it were true, it means she is a shitty tsundere. Do you really want something comparable to the worst type of character?

I'd be a little scared of a Succuvirus. Or if my computer came alive because of how I take care of it. Please no.

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>Wake up to find love letters written in notepad
Okay that's actually pretty cute.
What would she write though?

>> No.13839855

She spent a month of idle processing time mining bit coins to pay for it.

>> No.13839858

We don't talk about it.

>> No.13839860

>New Overlord


>> No.13839861

You're a couple hours late there matey.

>> No.13839862

>Doubtful. And even if it were true, it means she is a shitty tsundere. Do you really want something comparable to the worst type of character?

Have you ever met a Manticore anon?

>> No.13839864


Wait, just how much did this onahole cost her?

>> No.13839867

Suffering. Suffering happened to Jinko.
Here's the thread number if you want to see the events of the first and second waifu wars.

>> No.13839870

I'll pass. I'm going to miss the next one, too.

>> No.13839876

There's no expense too great for her beloved user.

>> No.13839878

Are the original hunger games movies as fun as this thing was?

>> No.13839881

No, they're Twilight-tier, and I base this entirely on the trailers.
Just go with Battle Royale.

>> No.13839882

Not really. They're not bad, but nothing as goofy as Pharaoh constantly tripping over herself happens.

>> No.13839886

>base this entirely on the trailers.
I watched the first movie and trust me, the romantic bits are barely even there. The romance between the main characters is even flat out faked in universe.
It's kids killing other kids for the amusement of a bunch of rich sick fucks who don't seem to get that they're sick fucks.

>> No.13839887


Well that's quite dedicated of her.

But what does a Succuvirus do when the computers' off due to it being shut down from not having the electric bill paid or something?

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let's raid this faggot


>> No.13839889

I'm still going to pass on it and keep being a hipster with my obscure Japanese novel.

>> No.13839892

Oh, I've already read battle royale some years ago, but I have yet to watch the movie.
Thought so.

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Fuck you, we're not your army.
Why the fucks should we anyway?

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Which monster girls would give the best footjobs?

>> No.13839897 [DELETED] 

Nigga don't reply.

>> No.13839898

She has her head in the clouds.
/mgt/ is not your personal army.

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Lamias and Harpies.

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The movie isn't anything special, but the manga is pretty great. It hypes up Kiriyama so much.

>> No.13839903

According to this, movies are shit and books might be not that good.

>> No.13839904

nice meme, upboated

>> No.13839905


>Get a new computer entirely
>She's there again before you have a chance to install your old stuff again.
>Especially that angel antivirus that was in the way much to her delight.

>> No.13839906

Mandragoras and their tentafeet

>> No.13839908

Dark Elves and Vampires are probably the only ones that would.

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File: 786 KB, 1280x720, SlimeChart.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Rape, now in five flavors!

>> No.13839914

Succubi and vampires. Both of them are dominant and elegant.

>> No.13839917

So does this mean that Suu's going to turn green when she absorbs all that poison later?
Also, Pink Slime lewds when?

>> No.13839918

>Slime and Pink Slime are waifus
>Red Slime, Green Slime and Black Slime will kill you
wow great job

>> No.13839919

What monster girl would give the best assjobs?

>> No.13839923

So we have genki, tsundere, (lazy?), ara ara, and mayadere

>> No.13839924

My guess is she won't because that chart kind of implies that the green slimes are exposed to poison in their environments constantly for all their lives, and Suu was only exposed to poison that one time.

>> No.13839925

Fight me.

>> No.13839926

When "that" game comes out, probably.

>> No.13839927

Are you saying you don't want snake tail or talons on your john thomas?

>> No.13839929

Meme choices
Boring choices

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Adding meme to something isn't going to validate your shit taste.

>> No.13839933

How are mandragoras a meme?

How often do they even get mentioned in this thread?

>> No.13839934

Hot opinion.

>> No.13839938

Funny, I capped that post too.

>> No.13839939

wait KC made a new girl?

>> No.13839940

Yeah, "that". The EMG kancolle style game.

>> No.13839941

Well, when Suu spat poison that one time all it did was temporary paralysis. Maybe that's what Green Slimes do too?

>> No.13839943

No they're just forgotten.

>> No.13839944

Ah, that! Yes. I knew about that.

>> No.13839945


Nope. they've been around awhile.

>> No.13839946

Responding to "who would do the best X" with girls that can't do X is basically a meme.

>> No.13839947

That was my point.

>> No.13839950

Well, imagine what would happen if you stuck your dick inside that.

>> No.13839951

>can't do
What are you on about? Even the footless can do footjobs in MGE-land.

>> No.13839952

Yeah, well these slimes >>13839910 will be in that game. I think.

>> No.13839954

An exciting development.

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File: 483 KB, 803x1200, 246_jinko_L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The best.

>> No.13839958

>a Black Slime will never yell "FUCK YOU" after you ask how her day was

>> No.13839959

Nigga I ain't playing that shit until we have vampires.

>> No.13839961

But anon! Nobody knows her pain.

>> No.13839963

Alright everybody, what are your top five monster girls anyways?
In no particular order, mine are:

>> No.13839964

Is it bad that her strong, fluffy arms and legs turn me on?

>> No.13839966

This again?

Dragon, Arachnid, Alp, Dark Elf, Mindflayer. The last one is new in the top-five.

>> No.13839967

>she storms into her room and slams the door
>you hear linkin park blaring from her bedroom

>> No.13839968


>> No.13839969

Noboooody knows the trouble I've seen.
Noboooody knows my sorrow.

>> No.13839970

Nope, her claws are retractable too.

>> No.13839971


>> No.13839972

In no particular order

>> No.13839973

I want to court a Manticore chivalrously.

>> No.13839974

>Crow Tengu
>Amazon/ Strong Girls

>> No.13839976


Top 10 because there are too many to leave out
>Living Doll

>> No.13839977

Hellhound, Oni, Kakuen, Cheshire cat, Manticore.

>> No.13839981

To make cuddling safer, I assume?

>> No.13839982


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File: 95 KB, 1280x720, Paint me like one of your French girls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dat Slime tho.

>> No.13839991

I like your opacity, girl.

>> No.13839995


Special mention to anything with scales, especially Merrows and Lizardmen/Salamanders

>> No.13840000

I'm still too new to answer this question properly but one of my favorites is definitely Lamias. Shark girls and Slimes are cool too.

>> No.13840003

That's almost me exactly. Not such a big fan of arachne and jinko, though. Prefer dragon and wight.

>> No.13840005

The combination of fluff and muscle is a beautiful thing, and why Jinkos are one of the best girls.

>> No.13840007

You can stay.

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A newby, huh? Have you been initiated yet? I don't think you've been initiated yet.

>> No.13840010

Blue Oni

>> No.13840012

Didn't know tiger claws were retractable until I saw this post, but now I'm a bit weirded out. Those skin sheaths, man.

>> No.13840014


>> No.13840015

Good taste.

>> No.13840016

No, not the paddle!

>> No.13840018

That is a lot of cat.

>> No.13840019

Only five? It's too hard for me.

>> No.13840021

Have you ever seen a cat, period? I'm pretty sure most species of feline have retractile claws (Except maybe cheetahs, I think..)

>> No.13840022

Shit, guys. I only just now discovered the glory of Blue Onis.
>drinking bros
>sexy glasses
>sexy white hair
>once drunk, insanely lustful
Now I want an elegant blue oni to step on me.

>> No.13840023

I just wish they had human-sized hands and feet. Those giant paws are dumb.

>> No.13840025

>begging a Krampus not to do something
It's like you're begging her to do it.

>> No.13840027

Wasn't there a guy who asked this every month for a bit? Anyways, Lich, Yeti, Ghoul, Ushi, Hellhound.

>> No.13840028

I know. I like them because they're basically office ladies wearing loincloths.

I want a waifu that works hard and plays hard!

>> No.13840030

Sure, housecats. Didn't know it extended to Panthera. I mean, they can't properly purr so I don't know what to expect from them.

>> No.13840031

>Those giant paws are dumb
Well done anon, you drew my aggro.

Now what?

>> No.13840032

But they're all the better to hug you with! Granted, they might make handjobx and footjobs a bit hard (getting cum out of all that fur sounds like it would be a pain in the ass), but they're still perfect for snuggletimes.

>> No.13840034

I'd play with what comes out of her sack.

>> No.13840036

>they might make handjobx and footjobs a bit hard
>implying they wouldn't make them better

>> No.13840038

This just shows I'll end up either dead or with a missing limb before passing an initiative test with any MG.

>> No.13840040

In order
>Hellhound and Yeti tied for 5th

>> No.13840042

It's what's in your sack that she's interested in.

>> No.13840044



>> No.13840046

There are girls who can be more gentle, using stuff like clamps and candles. Try an Alp or a Maus.

>> No.13840048

>dat laughing face
oh lawd

>> No.13840049

>A Blue Oni will never lovingly steal your virginity while her Red Oni sister holds you in a Full Nelson
>You'll never be pressed between two Oni sisters as they milk you dry.
>You'll never cuddle with them afterwards
It hurts man. It hurts real bad.

>> No.13840051

I want this shit to stop already. How can one man drive something into the ground so hard?

>> No.13840053

Fine then, we'll just play with each other's sacks.

>> No.13840056

>tfw you can't play MGQ without feeling awkward because your dad's best friend and drinking buddy is named Luka

>> No.13840057

What a waste.

>> No.13840059

What? Does the spelling trigger you that badly?

>> No.13840067

>TFW the emotional pain hurts worse than the physical ever would

>> No.13840070

Nice blog.

>> No.13840072

Does anybody else think Jinko sounds like a 1940s racial slur?

>> No.13840077

Sounds like a girl's name to me.

>> No.13840080

Which MGs are most likely to collect stuffed animals?

>> No.13840082

Liches. They keep them in the Pouting Chamber of their lair for obvious reasons.

>> No.13840083



I like a lot of them so taking it down to just 5 is tough.

>> No.13840084

>getting cum out of all that fur sounds like it would be a pain in the ass
She wouldn't even be able to make you cum with those giant paws.

>> No.13840086

You do know that Maus is German right? Pretty sure he's just talking about mouseposting.

>> No.13840090
File: 219 KB, 900x584, 1434159198480.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Succubi, Nightmares, Arachne, Yeti's, and Dragons.
Although I'd imagine that most of them would collect stuffed knights and the like.

>> No.13840097

Sure, I know it from the comic. And I see nothing else in my post that would trigger him so.
So that's another girl we're not allowed to talk about anymore? Well, shit.

>> No.13840101


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File: 812 KB, 1200x1363, 364078896fa77d9ab43283830c3c1b40.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>all these Yeti fans
Good taste
Best hugs
Best fluff
Best pawjobs

>> No.13840107

good luck getting your jizz out of her fur

>> No.13840109

I want to squeeze a yeti's butt.

>> No.13840112

>What a waste.
How so?

>> No.13840115

Huh. Don't think I've ever seen a shortstack lamia before.

>> No.13840116

I have a deep appreciation of all beastgirls, but let's go with:
>Apsara (woefully underdone but I love the design)

>> No.13840117

>implying that's our job, not hers

>> No.13840119

Why would you cum into her fur, and not on those tits, her face or inside her?

>> No.13840155

>inside her?

A Pregnant Yeti must be ultra cuddly.

>> No.13840173

If she wanted to give you a handjob while cuddling, would you deny her?

>> No.13840178

Honestly, yes.
I'd just hold her paw, move my other hand down to her pussy, start teasing her, and then stick it in when she can't take it anymore.
Paws are for hugging, not for jerking dicks.

>> No.13840179

>handjob while cuddling
This, this is a high tier fetish for me. It's so good. And with a Yeti? Even better.

>> No.13840187

>"Hello! Ryu Helpline! How may I help you?"
"Yeah, um, it's raining pretty heavily today, could you make it ease up a little?"
>"No problem sir! Please hold!"
>Soothing elevator music combined with lewd sex noises plays for 30 minutes.
>"I'm sorry for the wait sir! You'll be happy to know a Ryu has been dispatched to your area! You'll be getting your 'Violent Hailstorm Deluxe' soon!"
"W-Wait that's not what I asked fo-"

>> No.13840189

But with a Yeti you'd have to trade better hugs for worse handjobs, so it kind of cancels out.

>> No.13840190


>> No.13840196


flustered mantis is best monster

>> No.13840198

I want an entire class of Mantis' to teach!

>> No.13840199

Fucking monster girls.

>> No.13840214

>bad handjobs

>> No.13840216


>> No.13840218

>not liking waifu wars

What are you gay?

>> No.13840223
File: 266 KB, 858x800, 233_yeti_L.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>implying that's bad
Do these paws look like they'd feel bad to you?

>> No.13840225

Did you even read the whole post?
I said to wait until sunday so we can have a proper waifu war.

>> No.13840227

They'd be soft, but I'm not sure if they'll be able to get a tight enough grip for a handjob.

>> No.13840228


Man that is some seriously delicious brown

>> No.13840231

Yeti's truly are top tier MGs.

>> No.13840232
File: 270 KB, 1280x720, 1420346370910.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Threads are dying at the 1500-2000 post mark

Is this awesome?

[] Y

[] N

>> No.13840236

Probably means /jp/ is alive, since for a while we were hitting nearly 4k

>> No.13840237
File: 737 KB, 1013x1200, Gandharva.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13840238

Just means the board is moving a little faster than usual.

>> No.13840240

It's always time for waifu wars.

I'm not talking abut that dumb hunger game type thing.

>> No.13840241

I want her to serenade me to sleep.

>> No.13840243
File: 269 KB, 893x653, Chuff Chuff Chuff.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

More time to take our Jinkos for walks.

>> No.13840245

Very much so.

>> No.13840246

Am I the only one who doesn't like yeti paws?

>> No.13840248

What if a MG's fetish was "preying" on you like a typical monster, so basically giving you a fear boner, but the MG in question was something not especially aggressive like a Sea Bishop, Yeti, Unicorn, etc.

>> No.13840251


>> No.13840252

Now that's a vintage waifu.

>> No.13840253

So the personality of a Manticore or Hellhound?

>> No.13840254 [DELETED] 

>somebody took the time to make this

>> No.13840256

That'd work in their favor since nobody expects that kind of behavior from them.

>> No.13840258

Somehow cute and hot at the same time.

>> No.13840259

What about not wanting yeti paws on my dick? Am I the only one too?

>> No.13840261
File: 625 KB, 1079x1500, 1419714171918.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She has a nice fluffy Tiger butt.

>> No.13840262

>black slimes are violent and aggressive


>> No.13840263


>> No.13840267


>> No.13840271

I want a Gandharva to play metalcore

>> No.13840274

It would be fine as long as a normally aggressive monster girl has a fetish for being preyed upon by a human like a Hellhound, Manticore, Ushi, etc.

>> No.13840276

Rockin' out with her tits out?

>> No.13840277

Yeti paws are fine, hellhound and anubi paws are rabbit foot tier.

>> No.13840281

And her siren friend attempting to do screaming/growling and failing miserably.

>> No.13840283

It'd be cute, or nightmarish.

>> No.13840284
File: 67 KB, 640x480, 1431481817619.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What'd you expect from a creature whose home & body have been polluted by humans? That's she'd run up and bury you in slime cleavage?

>> No.13840286

Deathklok with MGs when?

>> No.13840289

I wanna Sumo Jinko!
One that sits me on her lap, lets me rub her soft tummy and have a steak dinner with!

>> No.13840292

Mien comrade.

>> No.13840293

>That's she'd run up and bury you in slime cleavage?

She would, to suffocate/drown you.

Giantess thread is on /d/.

>> No.13840295

Slime cleavage is always the answer!

>> No.13840296
File: 1.33 MB, 800x800, bunny finds waifu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guess I'd play along. After all, erotic RP goes both ways and she was so chill with trying to get thighhighs on a mermaid tail/horse legs.

That does remind me though, do you think MGs would have a tendency towards their original diets at all?
Like a canine or feline MG hunting wild game coordinated with you, but then getting just a little too excited on the kill and eating raw meat?
Or playing too roughly with pet animals? Such as that time your daughteru got kicked out of the pet shop for stuffing a mouse in her mouth.
Maybe the horse MGs enjoy tougher greenery in their salads?
The real monstrous ones would of course just keep to their original diet of adventurers.

>> No.13840297

Giantessfag pls go.

>> No.13840299

>Pink slime
>in heat year round

Like Australian mice on crack.

>> No.13840300

If you give a centaur a carrot, you're basically proposing to her.

>> No.13840304


No thank you.

>> No.13840309

Erubeitefag detected.

>> No.13840313

Really? I'd have thought they'd get pissed off.

>> No.13840319

I want to tease an Ogre by making her marathon the Shrek series!

>> No.13840321

>that image

Yeah, it is pretty awesome.

>> No.13840324

I'd rather a sumo hinezumi.
Small enough to sit in your lap, soft enough to cuddle

>> No.13840326

>1: kiki
>2: chimaera
>3: kitsune-bi
strangely fitting...

>> No.13840333

>then she makes you impregnate her for each movie
>end up with nine ogre daughterus

Hope it was worth it fool.

>> No.13840337

Anon, there are only 4 movies.

>> No.13840340

>Ryu sent to your house to have sex with you
>she uses the storm she made as an excuse for you to stay inside to cuddle with her for the next two days

>> No.13840346

For now.
Big fat rat tats. hnnnng

>> No.13840348

And shrek had three kids, so you get nine because math. Pray I don't sneak into your house with Large Mouse Accelerator Pills.

>> No.13840356

But 4 movies + 3 kids = 7
4 movies * 3 kids = 12
How are you getting this math, anon?

>> No.13840362

Well you see, math has layers...

>> No.13840363

He must be using common core.

>> No.13840370

Or he learned math from an ogre.

>> No.13840372

Fucking stupid Ogres

>> No.13840375

Don't be that way, anon. They may not be bright, but I'm sure they make perfectly fine waifus.

>> No.13840378

I did not know there were four, and I already said nine, so...yeah.

3 of your nine daughterus will V you


>> No.13840390

They're horrible anon.

Oni's are much better women who don't treat their husbands like shit.

>> No.13840392

Good enough, I guess.
Though I never said Ogre is my waifu. I just said I want to tease her.

>> No.13840393
File: 243 KB, 450x600, Crispy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Come down to P'orkers! Where we specialize in hotdogs.

>> No.13840395

>two days
That Ryu is a ripoff artist, I paid for three.

>> No.13840396

Time for a waifu war!
Who do you all prefer- Red or Blue Oni?

>> No.13840402

>God imagine if your nightmares dictated what Monster Girl Waifu you'd get.

Only nightmare I can remember involved me and my family being chased by several shades. They got my mom. And... possessed her, I guess? Or just took her under hill.

>> No.13840403


>> No.13840405


You mean the food or...?

>> No.13840409


>> No.13840411

Hmm, I dunno. What kind of mustard do you use?

For the food that is.

>> No.13840412

>Fucking my sister

It's gonna be one fucked-up relationship...

>> No.13840422

The one you like best?

>> No.13840424

I'm pretty sure that translates to Ghouls.

>> No.13840427

>Making sisters fight

>> No.13840430

Could be. Unless android ghouls are a thing.

>> No.13840434

So American? Nice I'll consider visiting.

Before you ask, no even American.

>> No.13840441

Thank god I rarely dream then. Coolest nightmare I've ever had I fought Freddy Krueger hand to hand in this big empty building, dodging claw swipes. Hiding and ambushing him, I threw him down form three fucking stories it was great.

This one time I got really bad sleep paralysis, and though my eyes were closed I could see, there was this little girl in a white dress and a sun hat smiling at me, at the foot of my bed. She was smiling, but her eyes were covered, in shadow, freaked me the fuck out, apparently I was screaming in my sleep. Woke up once my mom knocked on the door.

Once had a nightmare I went to hell, another where my entire family was massacred.

So I guess Alice, Devil and Ogre. Don't know what I'd get out of the first one, maybe Mantis?

>> No.13840452

Anon you're getting a Freddy Kruger girl

>> No.13840458

So if you had to share your current bedroom with your waifu, how screwed would you be? Would your bedroom be too small for her? Would she be able to sleep and/or have sexytimes with you, or would you have to find another place for her?

>> No.13840462

>CC Sadist with a german accent and a thing for sharp knives.

I give you your Frederica Cougar.

>> No.13840466


Kind of yeah.

I had more in mind that when you meet and waifu one it'd be as you'd expect but then later she reveals to you her fetish.

When you agree to try it you you both go out separately in the wilderness and basically ambushes you at some point

Something like that anyway

>> No.13840474

Also a thing for shotas and lolis. Krueger was a child molester, remember?

>> No.13840475

do you come from a religious family? or anything like that. just wondering because of your hell dream.

>> No.13840477

I had a dream that I was wading through murky water in an abandoned industrial building. There was a colony of something in the water that wanted to eat me, but they were biding their time until I got tired before they strike.

Pretty sure they were tiny, tentacular abominations. Something cross between a spider and a leech.

What would this get me?

>> No.13840482

Would probably need to actually buy a bed, but aside from that it would be fine.

>> No.13840484
File: 14 KB, 350x263, This bed is Caesar sized.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13840486

Now that I think about it, no, it would be a Cheshire, mantis are too kuu and Freddy is a wisecracker.

>> No.13840487

That's right. Sound's like Kloah's wet dream right there.

...Jinko perhaps?

>> No.13840492

So, would it be a good or bad thing that I don't have nightmares?

>> No.13840496

I ain't sharing my bedroom with anyone.

>> No.13840497

Yep, catholics, also went to catholic school and got reminded everyday that I am nothing without God and that all I di for myself is meaningless because it's God acting through me, humans are useless and can't do shit If not for God. Yes. Along with delicious beatings, and other punishments. Yes, I am a fedora now.

>> No.13840499

My room and bed are way too small to share with my Ushi-Oni waifu. Maybe if I went for another monster in my top 5, it would be easier.

>> No.13840501

As long as we don't have to share shelf space all would be well, thankfully I have a spare room.

>> No.13840502

My room is small and cramped. We would probably need to find someone else to live or sleep separately

>> No.13840509

Middle of the road.

I means that if there is one for you, you're too far for her voice to reach you.

>> No.13840510

My bed is a queen size, so she should be able to sleep with me, but my room is horribly cramped and I still live with my folks due to school, so sex would be hard to make space & time for.

>> No.13840511

Big room. Big bed. Lot's of clutter, though, so cleaning is a must, especially considering my waifu.

>> No.13840524

She doesn't take up a lot of space, we'll be fine on my current bed. I mean, how much space does a dormouse even need?
The real question is lingere, or adorable pajamas.

>> No.13840534


It'd be fine although my bed is a one person bed so it'd be a bit cramped.

>> No.13840538

Lets see, in no particular order...
>Mother fighting a lion in a big steel cage
>Squirrel jump scaring my face to wake me up
>One last night where a sirens started and a forest fire was pushing a wall of fire down the road
>Falling off a flying carpet aaaallll the way to the ground
>Falling off a watery sand cliff aaaaalllll the way to the ground
That's all I can remember that I've had, I have dreams rarely and it's always random shit.

>> No.13840539

She's a Hellhound, so we should be good.
We'd have to cuddle to have a comfortable amount of space on the bed, but there's nothing wrong with that.

>> No.13840542

That just means every night is going to involve a lot of spooning.

>> No.13840546

>Mother fighting a lion in a big steel cage

Did she win?

>Squirrel jump scaring my face to wake me up


>> No.13840549

One nightmare I was eating chips and watching TV with my roommate, only to realize he had turned into a man-sized tarantula while I wasn't watching.

Nothing scary happened, me and the eight foot tall tarantula just stared at each other till I woke up. What could it mean?

>> No.13840554

No complaints from me there.

>> No.13840560

You get an Ushi-Oni bro to hang out with on the weekends.

>> No.13840564

Not sure if a plain old double bed with a fucked up mattress could support the weight of an Ushi-Oni, everything else should be fine though.

KC should really give average heights and weight for each monster.

>> No.13840568

Think of a monstergirl. Got her? Good. She's going to make you eat her cherry. You heard me. You will deflower her through cunningulus and drink the blood from her torn hymen.

Do you accept?

>> No.13840569

My waifu is small, she'll be okay in my tiny apartment.

>> No.13840572

>Did she win?
And it's literally just that, dreamt a rabid squirrel jumped out of a tree at my face and I woke up startled.

>> No.13840574

Are you afraid of squirrels?

>> No.13840575

B-but anon, blood grosses me out. I don't mind scratches and biting during sex, and I would a vampire waifu, but I'd rather keep blood out of my mouth.

>> No.13840577

No, don't even see them around this area.

>> No.13840580

What's "gross" about blood? You dislike the sight you mean?

>> No.13840582

Depends on how good her blood tastes.

>> No.13840583

What would a dormouse cherry even taste like?

>> No.13840587

I...didn't know my waifu was hardcore like that.
I mean it kind of makes sense, given their yandere inclinations, but damn.

>> No.13840589

I'm fine with blood in movies and stuff, but chances are if I saw any serious injuries in real life, I'd be squicked out.
What I was trying to say is that blood during sexytimes is generally a turnoff for me, and the taste of blood is gross. Plus, if I tore her hymen by eating her out, wouldn't that mean I'd have torn muscle tissue mixed in with the blood in my mouth?

>> No.13840591
File: 55 KB, 204x184, 1369545536035.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You will never be breastfed by a Holstaurus

>> No.13840596

Yes. More scaly claw jobs.

>> No.13840599

Anubis, Dragon, Nightmare, Dark Angel, and a tie between Mantis/Lich.
Can't quite decide between best kuuderes.

>> No.13840602

Pink cotton candy.

>> No.13840604

what is this from?

>> No.13840605

It's protein, who cares?

>> No.13840608
File: 60 KB, 400x600, Anon you're so gay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13840613

Well, I should be able to stand it then.

>> No.13840614

>You will never watch another Monster girl be breastfeed by a Holstaurus

>> No.13840617

Who'd you pick?

>> No.13840618

My most vivid nightmares involved being chased by cannibal jungle-folk and onryo, crashing a space ship, and being eaten by werewolves.

I'd rather just a Nightmare waifu.

>> No.13840622


>You will never watch anon watch another monster girl be breastfed by a Holstaurus

>> No.13840624

Well, the room itself is a bit cramped. I tend to like clutter, too much space makes me nervous.

The bed itself is queen-sized though, so we should be able to manage...

>> No.13840625

Like orphaned were-kittens that can't find their mother and wander onto her farm, starving, freezing, and afraid?

>> No.13840626

Well, umm...okay? If she insists.
I may feed it to her, give her a taste of her own medicine.

>> No.13840627

Crow tengu. Maybe it would taste like paper or crow.

>> No.13840629

This is getting to complicated.
No like a delinquent Hellhound who the Holst decides needs a little calming down.

>> No.13840630

Nigga no bed is big enough for a twenty-foot snake. She would need her own living area.

>> No.13840633

Probably with heated floors.

>> No.13840635

Well if she coiled herself up around you, you might be able to both fit.

>> No.13840636

Abominations? Scylla? Mindflayers?

>> No.13840637

There's always caesar beds.
Or sleeping with her coiled.

>> No.13840644
File: 420 KB, 1391x1000, 1397052978032.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She can probably double her body over on itself to fit, though the correct anwser is to offer yourself up as her coiled up daki.

>> No.13840646

What if I have a harem?

>> No.13840648

Pick your fav.

>> No.13840651

You didn't think about space when you got a harem? You're not one of those dense main characters, are you Anon?

>> No.13840652

oh! Anubis!

>> No.13840654

But anon, then you have all the space you need. A harem is where you keep your wives.

>> No.13840655

But that's hard.
I'm pretty sure they could all fit in my room.

>> No.13840662

So, you're either rich or want a harem of fairies. Or a swarm of Khepri. Well, whatever works for you.

>> No.13840665

Too cramped, second floor room that gets too hot for Yetis in the summer, but I like keeping the heat off in winter even when it's -15F so she would be ok for 4 months

>> No.13840667

Hey my room is big enough...if they're cool with sleeping on the floor.

Man I'm gonna get nothing huh?

>> No.13840672

At least get a caesar size bed, if you can fit it through the door. See, this is why harems are more trouble than they're worth. All these little things nobody thinks about. I bet you don't even have spare rooms for when the daughterus start coming.

>> No.13840679
File: 122 KB, 494x500, d8f02444e00986eb20d87535b444f050.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That...might be tricky.

>> No.13840682

But I can't choose one.

>> No.13840685

Lick her core.

>> No.13840691

Well, better get a bigger house and proper bedding then! Prove you're worthy of your harem!
Which ones are they anyways?

>> No.13840698

Cheshire, Slime, Holst, Manticore, and Apsara.

>> No.13840699

Yep, dusty old parchment. Enjoy.

>> No.13840700

I don't think my bed can handle an adult apophis

>> No.13840711

I see lots of catfights in your household. And arguing about which milk is best. Slime is a good girl though, she doesn't cause trouble. Hope you can wrangle all them.

>> No.13840715

I'd like a hobgoblin in my harem, but that kind of comes with a harem of its own.

>> No.13840718

Manticore is the only one I can see being a real problem. Though more MGs might follow me home because I am a filthy whore.

>> No.13840735

>beat hobgoblin
>claim her as your prize
>the rest want to come with
>you only want the leader

What do?

I'd sell them to a wizard.

>> No.13840744

>Oral on a slime
>She sinks her core down between her legs
>It's just barely inside her body
>You poke into her body & finger her
>Watch her body quiver like jelly as you stroke the core
>Spread her legs open next & duck between her thighs
>stick your tongue in & molest her core
>She nearly loses her form when she cums
>Gobs of goo gush into your mouth in the wake of it
If that's what could happen with oral, imagine if she kept it down there while you fucked her. The tip of your dick prodding it with each thrust, and then cumming directly onto her core.

>> No.13840753

What does slime taste like?

>> No.13840754
File: 939 KB, 683x960, 2bcf72a4bc8297c5f9645a5d43ddd773.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm torn between my love of oppai lolis, and my general apathy for regular lolis. I couldn't separate them, but I can't lead the goblins on, either. It's not fair to them.

>> No.13840760

Depends on the species.

>> No.13840763

Just a normal slime. I think we can all agree that Bubble Slimes would taste awful.

>> No.13840765

Maybe it works like how semen supposedly changes taste depending on diet. If you feed her a lot of sweet stuff, maybe it'll make her slime taste sweet? I mean, we've seen how much a slime is affected by their diet already in the thread. Assuming of course that ingesting slime goo doesn't just destroy your body.

>> No.13840769
File: 637 KB, 600x700, gummy-bears.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13840771

I remember seeing somewhere that the "pineapple = sweet jizz" thing is technically true, but only if you eat enough a high enough amount pineapple to give yourself serious Vitamin C poisoning.

>> No.13840782

Never seen this for women. If I have to taste your codfish you should be able to swallow my sour jello.

>> No.13840785

So you're gonna have a bunch of freeloaders at your place?

>> No.13840786

I want Red and Blue Oni twins to take turns pinning me down and sitting on my face!

>> No.13840789

I want the Smug Squad to freeload at my place!

>> No.13840796


I'm more inclined to treating a Cait Sith like an actual cat than a waifu myself, just to see how pissed she'll get at being objectively shit tier and the gateway to deviancy.


>That stereotypical hentai dialogue

I nearly fucking spit my soda, fuck you

>> No.13840809

I want to protect a Matango's smile!

>> No.13840810

I want to steal a hobgoblin's horn.

>> No.13840818
File: 303 KB, 614x1100, 0f81624e65a7097ae89198ba473ce804.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want a march hare to moderate a debate club.

>> No.13840830
File: 193 KB, 700x700, 1431886957447.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

all yall's MG waifus are dumb

>> No.13840832

I want to rest my head on a March Hares fluff and play with her ears.

>> No.13840837

I want to have you commited for massive stupidity!

>> No.13840839

no u


>> No.13840840
File: 190 KB, 1124x919, 1434641278925.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would a Jabberwock count as on or three members for her team?

>> No.13840844

Don't forget her neck mouth.

>> No.13840847
File: 373 KB, 780x1024, b76c02b560b69e536bd354ca1837c8f1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You don't have tits, your argument is invalid.

>> No.13840849

Such a sweet looking girl. Do you think she'd like a carrot?

>> No.13840850

I want to shove my face between her fluffy thighs and drink tea from her lap.

>> No.13840853


All I could imagine is her fellating that carrot on her neck and driving the male student body mad with lust.

>> No.13840854

She'd love your carrot.

Any time. Any place.

>> No.13840856

I like to imagine her mouths have thick Boston accents.

>> No.13840858

>that wetness on her thigh

>> No.13840862

It might not be big enough for her though. And it might be a bit too hard.

>> No.13840872

But she's from Wonderland, which was based on some British guy's stories.

They'd have big thick SHUT CHO MOUFF N LOOK AT MAH WADS accents.

>> No.13840874

>her mouths reciting the Scout's monologue from Meet the Scout

>> No.13840875

Let her be the judge of that. I'm sure she'd love even just a free sample to moisten those lips.

>> No.13840884

Hmm, I'll have to be sure though. I'll need to ask her if she really really wants it.

>> No.13840901

I'm sure bringing it up will be more than enough to make her mouth water in anticipation. Just don't be offended if she wants to handle it first; though I'm sure that she'd very much enjoy the texture against both her fingers and her taste-buds.

>> No.13840910

To a Bubble Slime's husband it's probably the best thing in the world. Hell, it probably works the same way for other slimes. MAMAMO mana makes sure that you'll grow to like your slime waifu's body.

Just don't eat her entirely, especially not if she has no core.

>> No.13840911

Wow, she really loves carrots doesn't she?

>> No.13840916
File: 180 KB, 454x563, 1438103313077-0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"Hey Anon, it's so hot out there, want me to... cool you down?"

>> No.13840929

>March Hare teacher
>Rewards the highest scoring students with sex
>"Punishes" the worst scoring students with sex
>Has sex with every single student in class sex anyway as it's "best to learn firsthand"

Sex-ed lessons sure have changed.

>> No.13840931

You better believe it. She can't get enough of them. If she could get away with it, she'd have one between her lips and bounce along in delight 24/7.

>> No.13840937

Can I opt out of sex? I want to preserve my virginity for the Mad Hatter principal!

>> No.13840938

Well I'll be sure to offer one a nice juicy carrot the next time I see one. What other food do they like?

>> No.13840941

Is that Jynx?

>> No.13840942

That's okay anon. The teacher understands your plea and has arranged private lessons between you and the prinicipal!

All day long.

>> No.13840943

I'd mouthfuck a jynx.

>> No.13840952

That's great! Does that also mean I get sent to the principals office more often? Can, instead of a diploma have her hand in marriage when I graduate? And lastly, can I ask the CC Mad Hatter Principal if I can wear her hat?

>> No.13840956

What job does the Cheshire have? Can I have private lessons with her?

>> No.13840959

You guys are terrible, the school is a place of learning, not for sex things!

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go to Nurse Cheshire's office. It's P inspection day...I'm not sure what that is.

>> No.13840960

Lilith is best girl.

>> No.13840962
File: 84 KB, 546x516, 1434618036779.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13840966
File: 237 KB, 1064x1083, 2b3b85dcb88c3c69ba338596223bbca949d01e7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bitch please.

>> No.13840971

They're mostly into roughage and produce, but they also have a bit of a sweet tooth. Usually suckers and popsicles. Don't give her too many, though, or else she'll be hopping all over the place.

>> No.13840972

I want to go an adventures with a holst paladin.

>> No.13840976

Please no. I want nothing to do with her now. I would rather just go relax in the library and learn on my own.

>> No.13840977

I'll give her a popsicle. I'll tell her not too be too messy eating it or she'll get all sticky.

>> No.13840978
File: 267 KB, 400x600, 1430258107415.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good luck with that anon.

Try not to end up with triplets like the guy with the previous Hellhound nurse did.

There's a Cheshire Nurse and a Cheshire PE teacher. Why a Cheshire would ever want to become a PE peacher is beyond me though.

Now now anon, you need to get your diploma aswell. Can't just go throwing around your future for a woman now can we?

You'll get her hand in marriage and a one way trip down the rabbit hole the moment you graduate.

>> No.13840979

>Cheshire PE teacher
>muscular Cheshire

>> No.13840981

>Can't just go throwing around your future for a woman now can we?
She's the only future for me! I'll be a house husband for her, or whatever she wants!

>> No.13840982

Oh yes, the very nice Apsara Librarian would be glad to help you.

>> No.13840983


I accept without any hesitation. Something like this is right up my alley.

>> No.13840984

But she wants you to be a successful productive member of society.

>> No.13840985 [SPOILER] 
File: 281 KB, 913x1280, 1438126061229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The Library is quite a large building anon. It's quite easy to get lost in there.

Though you'll surely get along well with the lovely and cute creepy crawly who hangs there.

>> No.13840986
File: 269 KB, 765x1024, 1438041704738.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13840991

Important question: Where is her vajayjay located?

>> No.13840993

Well, an aspara is pretty nice. I'm sure we wou-

Nevermind, I'll hang out with her instead. We can learn together. They are love.

>> No.13840996


>TFW no Clown Girl MG to troll the fuck out of you by whirling a party clacker on the balcony of the upper floor to the library and making dumb jokes
>Who can shapeshift into Count Orlok and various other horror movie monsters just to spook you
>Who goes out of her way to go "BEEP BEEP" while honking her rosy red clit during your study sessions


Knowing Toumasu's anatomy is behind the second pair of tauric legs, or near her human body if you go by snek

>> No.13840997

I'll take the apsara then. I'm sure she's eager to dance after being cooped up in a stuffy old library all day.

>> No.13841001

>Clown Girl MG


>> No.13841003

>clown girl
>unnaturally red clit that is large enough to be grabbed and squeezed to make noise

>> No.13841006

>She was human once.

>> No.13841009

How did that happen? What made her change?

>> No.13841010
File: 362 KB, 450x600, 1421178365025.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's quite the Cheshire anon. She always makes up these really strange assignments and games for people to play. Yet they always turn out to be quite fun and a good work out.

The only thing that might bear you some worry is the fact that people in the dressing rooms often feel "watched". And there's even some people who claim that they've felt a cat's tail brush past them while there is nobody there!

But surely that's just nonsense. Now go ahead and tell the PE teacher that you think that she's cute.

>> No.13841011

Whatever parasitic STD infested her clit turned her into that monstrosity.

>> No.13841012

Oh, I just remembered an old post somebody made about clown girls.

>> No.13841013



>> No.13841014

Well that's a lot less sexy than most MG transformations.

>> No.13841015


>> No.13841018
File: 194 KB, 1327x435, Clown Girl HAHAHA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I still have it on me.

>> No.13841023

OK, I think even the people in this thread who despise Alps more than any other monster can agree that clown girls are worst monster girls.

>> No.13841024

If clowngirls became a thing I would always be armed.

>> No.13841028

Aw c'mon anon don't you want to hear the honk as you squeeze her ass?

>> No.13841031

No! Not at all! I'm into some pretty kinky shit (I am a manticorefag after all), but clowns are too much!

>> No.13841033


Yes thank you that was the reference I was going for.

>> No.13841034

Instead of rubber chickens, they carry rubber vaginas.

>> No.13841036

This one works, too.

>> No.13841038

Why are they too much?

>> No.13841042
File: 829 KB, 1003x1417, 1427765753444.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What does a Harpies butt feel like?

>> No.13841044

bags of sand

>> No.13841045

Like a harpy's butt.

>> No.13841046

I'm not even scared of clowns, I just find them to be a turnoff during sexytimes. The makeup is weird, and I don't want to imagine the hideously swollen, distended, honkable, blood-red clitoris or the ass that makes noise when you squeeze it.

>> No.13841047

>honking noise every time you squeeze something
>grope her breasts and seltzer shoots out
>>pinching her clit makes a zip whistle sound

No, it's dumb beyond al measure.

>> No.13841050

Fair enough.
So is a giant pussy on the end of a tail.

>> No.13841052

Clown girls lead a sad existance. They are often formed when Demonic Energy slowly festers itself in a girl that is exessively bullied to the point where she is driven to end her own life, in hope to finnaly free herself from the torment.

But no, for her that is only the beginning. As her current life seeps out from her, demonic energy goes hard to work on her body. Growing her nails and fingers to become longer, growing her nose to be red and round. Her skin changing to a pearly white color and her hair slowly coloring red with grief and hatred.

She'll feel funny when she wakes up. Looking at her now claw-like hands and feeling an odd urge to "entertain" other people. Notably seeking out those she was forced to entertain in her previous life. Seeking to give them a funny show of a lifetime.

And that only boy that cared about, and supported her? He will find himself taken by her in the middle of the night, to be brought to the evergrowing undead circus and forever travel the world.

A sad existance indeed.

>> No.13841053

Aw, poor Clown Girl

>> No.13841054
File: 535 KB, 1088x1182, 1426277902509.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>growing her nose to be red and round
That's a deal breaker.

>> No.13841055

get to work you assholes, your waifu's hips aren't going to move themselves

>> No.13841056

I'm not the manticorefag.

>> No.13841057

What if they're an Apsara?

>> No.13841058


Big fat tailpussies are just the best.

>> No.13841059

Mask-like faces are better.

>> No.13841060
File: 163 KB, 398x351, 1404975008399.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Still no capoeira Apsara art

>> No.13841061

Well I agree. I want to feed a Manticore Holst milk so her tailpussy grows bigger and fatter.

As well as other parts of her body.

>> No.13841065



>Apsara love


>> No.13841066

A name for a kuudere big sister type Oomukade.

I'm not entirely sure how to portrait this.

>> No.13841067

Big Stinky

>> No.13841068

Am I the only guy that thinks that clowns are funny?

>> No.13841069


>> No.13841070


>> No.13841072

Depends what kind of clown.
Do you mean Moe from Phoenix Wright? Then sure.
Do you mean any other clown?
No, they're scary.

>> No.13841074


>> No.13841075


>> No.13841078


>> No.13841082
File: 339 KB, 744x1052, 1436025492345.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Can't too busy shitposting in /mgg/

>> No.13841087

>tfw no lactating yandere titty-monster monstergirl waifu
Hex Maniac is truly the best cowgirl.

>> No.13841094

>Hex Maniac
>Best cowgirl
>Not best Wisp
>Or Wight
>Or Apophis
>Or Lich

>> No.13841095

Man that anon better hurry up or she's gonna be giving him an under the desk BJ.
What does her milk taste like.

>> No.13841098

>lactating Wights and Liches
I thank Penywise for giving me a lactation fetish, especially when applied to Undead monstergirls.

>> No.13841106

>Do you mean Moe from Phoenix Wright? Then sure.
Hope you like clowns, because this flower's not the only thing that's gonna be squirting tonight.
Aha! Aha! Aha! Aha!

>> No.13841107
File: 191 KB, 1427x688, ss (2015-07-28 at 07.20.49).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guys, how do I approach the new transfer student?
I swear I've seen her somewhere before.

>> No.13841108


>dead people milk
>frankenberry cereal and dead people milk
too meta 4 me

>> No.13841109

>tfw no yan apophis onee-san to force feed you her breast milk

>> No.13841112

>playing the Skyrim of porn games

>> No.13841113


>> No.13841115


something something, took an arrow to the cunt

>> No.13841118

is that the one dark elf idol no one wrote about

>> No.13841121

Yeah, I remember that.

>> No.13841122

I never got that goddamn game to work.

>> No.13841124

Aw, shit.
Sounds heavenly.

>> No.13841126

Aww man.

>> No.13841127

Try going to /v/ or /vg/. There's a whole thread dedicated to the shenanigans that go on in that game.

Oh, and also they have a sticky to get it going, if you're into that or something.

>> No.13841129

You liked that gag? I like to gag, too.
Aha! Aha! Aha! Aha!

Is it weird that I kind of want clown girls to happen? Like, you laugh at their shitty jokes and they fall in love or something. Just sounds really cute.

>> No.13841131

That one apophis babysitter greentext was the best

>> No.13841136
File: 151 KB, 667x945, 1438107074555.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13841137

no boobs, 0/10

>> No.13841139

Wisp is most fitting, what with the Mojyo look.

But personally, I'd wanna see a Nightmare Hex Maniac.

>> No.13841150

I'd rather a loli of almost any other species before a Bapho.

>> No.13841155

I'd ruffle her hair

>> No.13841156
File: 178 KB, 1360x675, ss (2015-07-28 at 07.36.47).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Should I ask her if she wants to eat lunch on the rooftop? The cafeteria's probably all crowded and junk.

>> No.13841164
File: 1.13 MB, 1200x1737, 14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This was a nice doujin
May trigger the femdomfags though

>> No.13841165

>MFW have ideas for smut at work
>Get home
>Completely forget them or end up procrastinating by playing Bloodborne

Is that you John Wayne, is this me?

>> No.13841167

I mean...DO IT!

>> No.13841169

Are you just going to post screenshots of this shit until you're done playing it? Because if so you can fuck off right now and save us the trouble of telling you later.

>> No.13841170

I want a plump one to nap in my lap

>> No.13841171

Agreed. At the absolute minimum, put it in imgur or something, maybe.

>> No.13841173


If anything this looks like femdom.

>> No.13841176

A shit.

>> No.13841180

Hey man, if you have a clown kink, I'm not gonna judge. I just don't want a clown on my dick.
Besides, my puns are so bad that they'd piss even a clown off. I'd tell her the one about the exploding Jimmy Hoffa statue, and my family would find my entrails hung from the rooftops like streamers.

>> No.13841183

it's the deceptive femdom where she's only dom at the beginning and then the guy goes into turbo-mode, the girl goes 'oh no there's a dick in me I'm completely helpless now', and it's suddenly maledom.

>> No.13841188

Now I can avoid it, thanks.

>> No.13841190

Oh well that's just a damn shame.

>> No.13841191

Google failed, name?

>> No.13841192

Dammit, meant to quote >>13841129

>> No.13841198
File: 216 KB, 441x553, 1435710619490.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>People getting in a tiff over male or femdom
>When sex is sex

>> No.13841204
File: 278 KB, 1200x725, dick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>denying the power of dick

>> No.13841205

That's the best kind of femdom.

>> No.13841207

You feel proud of this post?

>> No.13841212


>> No.13841215
File: 314 KB, 796x1038, Natural Form.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13841219

Not him, but the way I see it, maledom or femdom, there's one thing we can all agree on:
It's better than NTR.

>> No.13841224
File: 50 KB, 491x405, How rude!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here we fucking go.
Can we not?

>> No.13841228
File: 137 KB, 750x825, rbb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Quick! Discuss oppai lolis and their plans to overturn the sabbath!

>> No.13841230

Only marginally.

>> No.13841232

The amount of kinkshaming in these threads is disgusting.

>> No.13841235
File: 65 KB, 199x228, Cathedral of Mysoginy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>telling lies on the internet

>> No.13841236

Isn't that doujin where he gets his balls crushed and dick castrated in the end?
Fitting end for sissies

>> No.13841238

>unironically using kinkshaming

Go back to /d/.

>> No.13841239

Still, it's there.
Both are better than NTR.
We can agree on that, right?

>> No.13841242

Eh, its not really worth following through on.
Especially when people could already guess the ending.

>> No.13841243

>Things men say before they become sluts for the V

>> No.13841245

Holy shit this, it's like they DON'T want to be men.

>> No.13841248

There is a difference between having a kink and being a spineless faggot.

>> No.13841249

NTR is better than femdom

>> No.13841252
File: 492 KB, 587x557, 1436919937471.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


There's a distinct difference between kinkshaming and trying to rile shit up because we can't have nice things.

Femdom v. Maledom is about as stupid as implying shit like Cait Sith/Kemono/Furries are A-OK and Monster Boys exist because Wendigo Husbands/Mindflayer Husbands/Incubi, and Gnolls ALL are Not!Futa so it's Not!Gay!

>> No.13841253
File: 592 KB, 1071x1519, 32.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>being a faggot
>not maintaining the world peace with the power of your dick

>> No.13841254

I just don't want another slapfight between two groups of autists who can't understand that people have different tastes.

>> No.13841255
File: 303 KB, 853x853, 1377838161013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13841256

>implying men can be sluts

>> No.13841257

The Monster Department of Cuddles is sending out a cuddle volunteer for one night only so that you can have somebody to curl up with for the night! Roll for your snuggle buddy, and roll quickly!

>> No.13841259


tell your parents all your fetishes then, kiddo

not even /d/ wants that whiny faggot

>> No.13841260

>Through dick, unity

>> No.13841263

Is this your first day here?

>> No.13841264

I think the only spineless faggot here is the one who can only self-insert into Dom doujins.

How does it feel, knowing that you'll never make a woman a slave to your cock like they do?

>> No.13841265

Pick a side or get out of the way. Don't like it, get out.

>> No.13841268

I win.

>> No.13841270

Pretty good actually.

>> No.13841271

Time to do something else, I guess.

>> No.13841272

I prefer my monster girls busty, but I guess that a small fish would be nice for snuggles.
You lucky motherfucker.

>> No.13841273

Can we all agree that centaurs are the worst monster girls and anybody who likes them is into bestiality? I totes can.

>> No.13841274

>Gnolls ALL are Not!Futa so it's Not!Gay!

>> No.13841275

>Cheshire Cat
Just what I needed. I hope she'll continue visiting me in the future too.

>> No.13841276

I picked a "side" already.
I'm a switch, pretty much making me neutral in this whole shitfest.

>> No.13841277

>le newfag meme

Use a new trick, I'm just not going to humor your tumblr addled mind.

>> No.13841278



I want a P'Orc damnit.

>> No.13841279

This thread is nothing but sluts and sluts in denial.

>> No.13841280

Okay then.

>> No.13841281


>> No.13841282

Oh, cool. At least she has a nice tail.

>> No.13841284

No it makes you a faggot who shouldent be saying anything.

>> No.13841286


Merrow. God dammit I never win these things. I always get the ones I've forgotten about.

>> No.13841291

Im gonna cuddle the shit out a her

>> No.13841293

I don't really care, I just want to cuddle with my waifu and play video games to decide who tops that night.

>> No.13841294

>real men self-insert only as pathetic fags who get castrated and NTRed in the end

>> No.13841296


>> No.13841297

To be fair, Merrows are pretty great.
Even if people mostly only see them as just vanilla mermaids with hats.

>> No.13841301

>that one recently translated hmanga where a kids busty onee-san rapes the lolicon out of him

>> No.13841304

You can enjoy both. No sin in indulging yourself. Embrace your inner slut.

>> No.13841307


What the hell do you mean "Just Do It"?

Gnolls are the end game of pandering bullshit and it would be the utmost deviancy to go after one after Bob's outing with Gozer the Gozerian in Big Bad Wolf.

>> No.13841308

They team up with the hathorites to bring about an age of soft.
I would enjoy a snuggle pile with HEALTHY oppai lolis who were ex-sabbath members

>> No.13841309

How am I going to get to sleep when it keeps shaking, stuttering, whimpering, and pushing it's butt into my crotch? Can I reroll?

>> No.13841310


Yeah, I certainly don't think there is anything bad about them. They just don't hit my sweet spots.

>> No.13841311

A win for me

>> No.13841313

I got a Dark Valkyrie, wanna trade? I like Alps.

>> No.13841315

But I like my shekels

>> No.13841316

Right. So the 'cuddling' part was all a facade

>> No.13841317
File: 166 KB, 800x754, 60eb6f5c3b2d71ae3fa3453d8e51d0e6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just want to love lamias.
Is that truly so wrong?

>> No.13841318

Nigga please, just write Gnolls the way they should be, as in not like Bobs schlock.

>> No.13841319

You don't cutesify cancer and paly with it like a shitty tsundere. You cut it out.
>B-baaaka, it's not like I want to pet you! Y-you're just my furniture!

>> No.13841320

goddamit japan

>> No.13841321

Man, wish I got the hobgoblin so I could have a snuggle pile. But this is fine too.

>> No.13841323

Ah, c'mon, it's the poor thing's first assignment from the Monster Department of Cuddles. She's never snuggled anybody before and she's nervous. Cut her some slack.

>> No.13841324
File: 257 KB, 400x540, Medusa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I am a Happy man

>> No.13841327


>> No.13841328

What? I literally want to punt a Cait Sith into oncoming traffic. What about that is being Tsundere?

>> No.13841329

Eh, I like my MGs shorter than me and those seem kind of tall. Think I'll stick with the alp.
Fine, but if I can't get to sleep before it's light out I'm raping the alp.

>> No.13841330

>Not petting the bed for a good nights sleep

>> No.13841336

I feel the need to point out that that particular book ended with the implication that his superiors disagreed, and were going to murder his Abyssals, either before or after they brainwashed his regular ship girls and made them into their own sluts, depriving him entirely of his harem.

So ain't no unity goin' down with his dick.

>> No.13841337

BTW his other doujin is complete opposite, where maledom rape turns into surprise femdom in the end

>> No.13841340

Who is best H-Manga artist, and why is it Dr.P?
I would also accept Jun.

>> No.13841347


You know I can't into writing MGs the way they should be.

>> No.13841349

If you really got a hateboner for 'em, just remember neglect is the worst abuse.

>> No.13841351

I'm gonna have to go with Jun, anon.
His stories are too good, and his girls have too perfect a figure.
Also, Hirame-sensei.

>> No.13841353

I like Kloah, Agata, Yuuki Ray, and Nora Higuma because muh /ss/ fetish.

>> No.13841355


I like Kemonono

>> No.13841356
File: 240 KB, 1280x1024, Uni.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13841358

I'm still quite the fan of Z-Ton.

>> No.13841359

Ah yes, that'd be another contender.
His girls aren't as perfectly soft in that same way as Jun and Dr.P, but there's just something about his artwork that's sublime.

>> No.13841361
File: 639 KB, 565x962, 1417719742478.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't really have a favorite artist, but Raita does things to me.

>> No.13841362

As much as I like oppai loli, he has too much paizuri without actual dicking. Almost all his stuff is paizuri only

>> No.13841364
File: 1.50 MB, 1200x1600, Are for Rustling.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13841366

You mean, mg related or...?

>> No.13841369

Twintails a shit.

>> No.13841373

Now that looks pretty nice.

>> No.13841376

This. Fucking good taste

>> No.13841379

I'm kinda tempted to run a goofy quest, but I don't know if people are okay with that.
Things are kinda slow, so this is a good time right?

>> No.13841383

Run one. See what happens

>> No.13841386

Don't do it in the actual thread if you plan on making it quest length and it should be alright.

>> No.13841387

Nah, just in general.

If we were talking pure MG H-Manga, I'd agree with >>13841358

>> No.13841389

It wouldn't be huge paragraphs, and I'd keep voting to Strawpoll.

>> No.13841392

More meant for how long you're going to be running it for, but just be prepared to change venue in case it starts ticking people off.

>> No.13841394

No thank you. Use anonkun if you're going to do stuff like that.

>> No.13841395

I'll quit it if people are overwhelmingly negative, and I'm not gonna run the sessions for long. No art either, just text since I can't draw. I'm also not going to namefag.

>> No.13841399

I want a lusty CC alp!

>> No.13841400

You baphomets and your wierd goat eyes, back in my day they had eyes of inky blackness or balls of wroiling flame.
But NOOOOO now it's all "oniichan this" and "flat chest that"

>> No.13841401


>Wanting Gnolls

>> No.13841404

Would you treat your newly made Homoculus Girl like a real girl? Like your daughteru? Would you have emotions grow in her?

>> No.13841405

Everyone knows what I want to do to alps.

>> No.13841407

Somehow this seems oxymoronic if we're talking about the CC body type. If they were actual cakes they'd still be flat.
Well, I guess holst milk might help make it real.

>> No.13841413
File: 862 KB, 500x495, 661e40c8bddf1c065469d697b7aef8ee.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Homonculi are nice

>> No.13841415

It'll make it real and more, although you have to train her to be a proper CC.
You also need to make sure you don't use too much and end up with and all who outclasses a holst and gets her hips stuck in doorways

>> No.13841416

A flat CC alp! Desperate to get her stage 3 breasts and hips!

>> No.13841417


>> No.13841418

I'd fuck it.

>> No.13841419

>hfw stage three was a lie, and she's stuck looking like a boy the rest of her life.

>> No.13841420

Sure, why not?

>> No.13841424

Of course. I'd teach her that she needs to take what she wants, and value what she has above all else. Especially those she calls friends, or underlings.

>> No.13841429

Reverse traps are nice.

>> No.13841430

Nope. If I want a daughteru, I'll impregnate a monster. That said, if she does develop emotions, I'm not about to stifle them.

>> No.13841433

I want to dress my Christmas Cake alp up in a suit and tie, and molest her!

>> No.13841438

I'm starting.
>You wake up in a white space
>You can't see much, but there is a mirror ahead of you.
>What do you see in the mirror?

>> No.13841445

Don't worry Anon!
We've got enchantments for that!
Want her to be a tomboyish loli? The Sabbath is there!
Going full CC? A trip to wonderland for some cake can help her out!
Does she want a bit more cushion for some pushing? Harhors bounty will giver her the hips and health she needs! Although she may want just regular holst milk if she wants to up her bust.

A wizard could help too, provided she pays well and doesn't annoy him.
There are many girls who asked to be bigger only to find out that it doesn't just mean hight.
Please remember to try out the Monster Girls Cursed By Wizards dating site.
We have always honest manticores, elves who cannot act arrogant, and amazons cursed to bulk but not lift that need husbands along with many many more.

>> No.13841447

God I fucking hate Wizards, they're worse than Mindflayers.

>> No.13841448

Does the delinquent have a pompedor?

>> No.13841449


>> No.13841452

Shut up tentacunt.

>> No.13841458

Take this somewhere else and refrain from shitting up the thread.

>> No.13841459

Mindflayers can be nice girls. Wizards are douchebags by default.

>> No.13841460

You promised goofy, we better get it.

>Tomboy loli
My god yes.

>> No.13841461

Yes, god will punish if for the faggotry of liking monsters. Maybe.

>> No.13841462

Oh that sounds like a wonderful dating site!

>> No.13841463

>Wizard curses a mindflayer only remember odd days of the month
>She asks you, tearfully, if she can use you as a 'storage' so she can remember the other days instead of constantly writing notes

>> No.13841465

Wizards are the Order's last line of defense.

When the Demon Lord breaches the Order capital, wizards release a global curse that makes men cum confetti.

>> No.13841469

Lies and shilling.

>> No.13841470

I'm gonna make this CC Alp a personal project. She wants hips and tits? Oh she's gonna get them.

Give me all the Mega Hathor Milk you've got. All of it.

>> No.13841473

He does now.
Time's up. Delinquent wins.
>You startled yourself a bit there, but now you remember that you're a pretty rough looking dude.
>You're wearing a sleeveless leather Jacket and jeans, and your sick ass pompadour looks awesome as ever.
>But now you notice you're not alone
>Whirling around you see an angel floating not five inches from your face.
>In your defense, you were rather startled when you punched her in the nose.

>> No.13841475
File: 101 KB, 730x668, 1438134816951.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is your waifu a Person of Material Wealth? Which of these would she fall under?

>> No.13841478

>Baphomet cursed to ALWAYS have the largest chest in the room (minimum C-cup), forcing her to wear loose clothing.
>Cheshire who cannot smile or joke
>Dragon who cannot refuse giving away money
>Holstaurus who can only be milked once a month
>Jinko who only builds fat instead of muscle
>Cupid who's cursed to always miss

>> No.13841480

your waifu is a person of fictional existence

>> No.13841483

>Mega Hathor Milk
You fool! What have you done!

>> No.13841484

>After apologizing for about ten minutes while she threatened you with a rather intimidating bow and arrow, she finally calms down.
>"Just my luck. I tried summoning a great hero, and I got some dumbass with a shitty haircut."
>You barely are able to resist punching her again after that line.
>"Okay, listen up because I'm only gonna say this once. I'm an angel in the service of the old Chief God."
>She puffs up her negligible chest after saying that, and looks quite proud of herself.
>"And you have the great honor of being summoned from another realm to do a little something for him. Long story short, the Demon Lord and the New Chief God are kind of being huge shits. Go punch some sense into them."
>You don't know exactly what she just said, but it sounds like she just told you to go punch out a couple gods.

>> No.13841485
File: 255 KB, 1000x733, 1437704937900.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13841489

Latenight draws a pretty cute Wendigo.

>> No.13841490

Wendigo a QT3.14

>> No.13841491

I want to kiss that wendigo on the forehead

>> No.13841492

That's nice, yes, but can we take their lunch money as well?

>> No.13841500

I'm making the biggest and cuddliest alp in the world! She hates being flat? She won't be flat anymore!

>> No.13841501
File: 640 KB, 3095x1381, 1435982412527.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13841502

Well that's fortunate.

>> No.13841504

Is that Cockatrice wearing a leotard?

>> No.13841507

>"Now I know this sounds crazy, but don't worry I'm authorized to give you one of three gifts to help you on your journey."
>She pulls out a Sword, a box, and her bow and arrow.
>"The Sword, is a legendary weapon that will mark you as a hero in the eyes of the people. It's very powerful, but that's pretty much all it has going for it."
>"If you let me shoot you with my bow, you'll get a mystical power called a Stand. It might be good, or it might be pretty useless, it's all up to chance. You might also gain poor luck from this one, but you could get something insanely useful."
>"Finally, in this box there's an artifact called the God Hand. If you pick this, it'll replace your hand and you'll gain unparalleled physical power. However, your life will become much stranger afterwards, and your enemies will be rather strong."
Which gift do you choose?

>> No.13841512

Son, she's going to have watermelons for tits, an ass that looks like two beach balls were shoved down her pants, hips worthy of an echidna who's children just entered the triple didgits, and a pot belly!
One does not use Mega Hathor Milk on a whim!

>> No.13841513

Why does the strawpoll matter? MC will just be OP and job everything no matter what he chooses.

>> No.13841516



>> No.13841517
File: 570 KB, 1947x1947, 1435677036791.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.13841518

Well, if stand wins and it gets something useless then the writer will need to get creative. Hopefully.

>> No.13841519

You underestimate the power of an MC who has NO IDEA WHAT HE'S DOING.

>> No.13841521


>not getting the god hand and punching S&M gay leather daddies in their ballsacks

>> No.13841522

Trust me, if the God Hand wins, I have ways to keep it from being completely OP.

>> No.13841526

If it's not by making all of his opponents strong as fuck I will find you and slap your nuts.

>> No.13841529

That, and restricting his powers a bit.
You'll see.

>> No.13841531

I hate you, please die.

>> No.13841534

Nah, I've got shit to live for.

>> No.13841537
File: 442 KB, 600x629, bLHIxDH.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Homunculi are evil rapists

>> No.13841539
File: 41 KB, 685x254, who wins.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who won?

>> No.13841542

The one who still has their hands.

>> No.13841543


>> No.13841545

The one who didn't get mutilated and raped.

>> No.13841546

But that's exactly what I want! A whole bunch of alp to cuddle and occasionally bully telling her how she's ruined her figure and how tubby she is!

>> No.13841549

the one whose sword doesn't have a fake-looking silhouette.

>> No.13841556


>> No.13841565

Well she got cut in half.

>> No.13841567

>"The God Hand."
>She seems a little surprised at your choice.
>"Really? It's gonna be difficult you know."
>"Yeah I know, gimme the God Hand."
>She shrugs, and the next thing you know your arm has been replaced by one covered in glowing tattoos.
>But before you can appreciate your new awesome power, the angel slaps a metal brace around your arm and it stops glowing.
>"I almost forgot, this is the Deistic Brace. It limits the God Hand's power so you're just really strong, otherwise your soul would burn up. You can take it off for short periods of time, but too long and it's bye bye you."
>That seems kinda lame, but having your soul not burn up seems like a good tradeoff.
>"Also you can use special moves without removing the Brace, but only three times a day, so use them wisely."
>You suddenly feel odd, only to look down and see your body is fading away!
>Noticing your panic, the Angel quickly shouts out "Don't freak out! You're just being transported to the realm where you'll undergo your quest to slap some sense into the Demon Lord and the Chief God, nothing big! Oh, and before you go I should warn you: If you have sex before you finish your quest, you'll lose your powers! Try not to get raped!"
>...Wait what was that last part?

>> No.13841569


>> No.13841571

Geez, mocking her about how lewd her body is? You'd maker her start trembling as you grabbed her wide hips and gave her enourmous bottom a smack! That and giving her super sized, soft chest a squeeze while waxing on about how they could be so big yet so empty.
Why, you'd probably put her in a too small bikini so you could make fun of her exposed, fluffy tummy and how the back of her suit looked like a thong as it failed to cover even half of her rear, the straps sinking deeply into her hips while the top threatened to pop at any moment

>> No.13841580

>Having sex makes us lose SHINING FINGER
Oh good

>> No.13841582

Hey y'all I updated.



>> No.13841584

>No sex
Then what's the point?

>> No.13841586

Alright you can fuck off.

>> No.13841589

Welcome back mang, it's been a long ass time.
I'm curious, did you ever write anything back in the /a/ threads under the handle "Francophone"? I believe it involved a Kitsune.

>> No.13841592

There might be sex if you make a bad roll.
It's just like MGQ except without the vore and abominations.
Oh yeah, sometimes you'll have to roll to succeed.

>> No.13841594

Fuck yeah, this actually allows things to be interested.

>> No.13841598

The only restriction should have been the brace, now it's just uninteresting.

>> No.13841600


>> No.13841601

How about an Alp with withdrawal symptoms begging for that sweet white nectar because she's too weak to take it?

>> No.13841603

Didn't you notice the "Bad Ends are a Thing" post?

>> No.13841605

What happened to your other pastes?

>> No.13841607

Thanks, it's been too long. But right now seemed like a good time to come back.

And no, I was never Francophone or anyone else. AtLTO was my first story.

>> No.13841611

I'm not talking about the bad endings, I'm talking about limiting the fun of the God Hand.

>> No.13841620

>As you fall through what seems to be nothing, you ponder what that angel girl meant by "Don't get raped." Is that a big problem where you're going? Where are you going anyway? Just who the hell are the Demon Lord and the Chief God and why do you need to slap some sense into them? Would you be allowed to have sex AFTER slapping some sense into them and maybe stealing their lunch money?
>As these questions float through your head you suddenly notice that it's very loud now.
>Oh shit, you're actually in the air! If you weren't falling at a safe gentle speed you might have panicked a bit.
>Looking down, you see you're floating towards...

>> No.13841626

Don't worry, there will still be PLENTY of fun with the God Hand.
Moves like the Ball Buster and the Dragon Kick don't count as special moves.

>> No.13841637

Why didn't strawpoll implement Captcha sooner?

>> No.13841639


They pulled an Alp/Ovaries without advertising it.

>> No.13841643

I dunno, but I'm glad they offered the option.
Not that anyone would proxyvote my goofy little quest.

>> No.13841678

>... a very bizarre forest. Seriously why do all the trees look like dicks? That's rather gratuitous. On top of that there seems to be an incredibly garish castle dead in the middle of it.
>You land and are immediately assailed by perhaps the weirdest thing you've ever smelled, some odd combination of coffee, lavender and sweat.
>After several minutes of wandering, and seeing several rock formations that looks uncomfortably like vaginas, you suddenly get the feeling that you're not alone. Whirling around you come face to face with...
I should probably mention that voting closes in 10 minutes.

>> No.13841682

Cmon Mystery Box!

>> No.13841704

Metal Slime when, KC?

>> No.13841712

>...nothing. What the hell?
>Suddenly you feel something tugging on your pant leg.
>"Hey boxhair! Down here!"
>You look down and are suddenly met by the sight o- what the fuck is that?
>It looks like a cat that decided to stand up one day and put on a cape and crown.
>You sputter in confusion for about 30 seconds before managing to get a "What the fuck are you supposed to be?" out.
>"I'm Nina, a Cait Sith and your new Master!"
>This bitch cannot be serious.
>"I saw you walking around and decided that you're gonna be my servant, so hurry up and drop your pants!"
>She's serious. This abomination cannot stand.

I said, "Something Profoundly Evil."

>> No.13841714

Fuck nah nigga, this is just shitposting. When it actually comes down to it, people seem just fine when people white about kinky stuff.

>> No.13841717

I saw it coming.

>> No.13841721

save the dragon kick for something bigger

>> No.13841724


>> No.13841734

>and take their lunch money

>> No.13841740

>Captcha made me choose 'chips'
>Chips are fries
Captcha confirmed britbong.

>> No.13841742

I want to be childhood friends with a tomboy succubus.
I want to be there as she grows up into a fit, muscle bound girls who takes the heavy weight, biped championship belt!
I want, as she's celebrating to point into the crowd and call to me, proposing to me on live TV.
I want to walk to her, face serious as the room goes quiet, and she begins fidgeting with fear, to say "You beat me to it." Pulling out the ring I had in my pocket, taking off one of her gloves as she blushes and putting it on as the crowd roars

>> No.13841743

I'm liking this.

>> No.13841745

When he's able to catch one. Those fuckers are as rare as Tsuchinokos.

>> No.13841746
File: 152 KB, 1332x758, The true wish of all great men.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13841749

>Rustle Loli as a Baphomet
This is a good thing you do.

>> No.13841765

>Okay, calm down, maybe you can just walk away from this an-
>"Hey, human! I'm not going to say it again, drop your pants and service your new master! Or are you to stupid to understand me? Looking at that hair it seems pretty likely!"
>That's it, she's dead.
>You quickly pick her up and toss her into the air, then as she falls back down you focus and channel a small portion of the God Hand's power into your foot.
>Though you've never used the technique before, the name comes to you like you'd always known it.
>She doesn't even have time to scream before she goes flying into the horizon. It's not the Milky Way, but she's very VERY far away from you now.
>Better yet, you can sense that that didn't use a whole lot of energy to do. You still have access to three special moves and one unrestricted use of the God Hand.
>Now then, the next question is, where do you go from here? Climbing one of the trees, you can see smoke rising from the east, some odd glowing lights from the west, and the gaudy castle to the north. You get a foreboding feeling from the castle.

>> No.13841778

RIP Cait Sith. Poor girl just wanted some love.

>> No.13841782

She got love from our boot. Nothing had ever pounded her so hard.

>> No.13841790

I want to catch the attention of the buff brown lamia at my new gym.
I want her to help correct my form with a little too much physical contact.
I want her to lovingly molest me in the showers after our workout and tell me that I'm gonna have to train a lot more if my pelvis is to survive her loving

>> No.13841792

I wish to open a home for abused Cait-sith where they will be taken in and given all the fresh milk and fish they could want in addition to a potion that makes them shortstack werecats

>> No.13841808

I wholeheartedly approve of this idea. The world is always in need of more shortstacks!

>> No.13841815

>Choking down all self-preservation, you begin your hike up to the gaudy red and white castle.
>Once there, you find that the doors are curiously open, and from within you can hear the sounds of a heated argument.
>No wait, it sounds like a kid throwing a temper tantrum.
>You enter only to be met with a small bat winged girl in a dress.
>"Oh hello sir. My name is Alice, how may I help you?"
>She seems nice enough. Maybe you can relax, drop your pants and rava- whoa there.
>You tense up, resisting the unexplainable urge to violate this girl that suddenly boiled up inside you. It's powerful and if you didn't have the God Hand you might have given in to it.
>This girl has some dangerous voodoo magic or some shit going. You need to find out what to do and fast.

>> No.13841833


>> No.13841861

>Keeping your wits about you, you give Alice a big smile
>"It's nice to meet you Alice, but I'm really in a hurry, pardon me."
>She smiles back and curtsies
>"Oh that's okay, everyone's always in a big rush here in Wonderland."
>By the time she's finished talking you're already out the door. Once you're a safe distance away from her you collapse against a wall, sweating.
>Whatever was compelling your to lay into her was really strong. It took all your strength and willpower to resist it. That Alice girl is definitely terrifying.
>After taking a moment to calm your nerves, you stand up and take in your surroundings.
>To your left, you see a door, closer inspection reveals a label that reads "Warning, contents highly smug."
>To your right you see another door. This one's label reads "The Hedge Maze"
>In front of you is a corridor that seems to go on for ages.

>> No.13841874

Clearly either the marked door or the hedge maze contains a cheshire and must be avoided at all costs.

>> No.13841879

>Shortstack werecats who are haughty but gun shy about calling themselves your master.
>Wide hips, thick thighs, big breasts, and round bottoms that you could bounce a quarter off of with a little belly from their diet you could rub.
>All portable enough for you to carry.
Now in tabby, calico, and tortoiseshell varieties.

>> No.13841882

I wonder what it would be like to sleep in a slime

>> No.13841883

>Inside a Slime
I think you got sleeping and being passed out/dead mixed up

>> No.13841889

Well put a slime in a bathtub then sink into her so I am partially submerged

>> No.13841893

The way Cait Sith should have been, although I don't think KC has drawn chubby girls before.

>> No.13841902
File: 153 KB, 611x700, 1245786456378.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good job. You tried to rob the Bank of Tanuki and got subdued by an Oni guard.

Now you get to serve your sentence in Monster Girl City Penitentiary. Where some of the worst Monster Girls the city has to offer, call home.

Click http://monstergirlencyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Random until you get a species of Monster Girl, repeat this 3 more times.

Got 4 girls? Good.

Girl 1: This is your cellmate, though she has a rough exterior, terrible manners and a delinquent attitude, she isn't going to rape you and make you her bitch. While she gives you shit for not knowing how the prison works and how much of a 'rapebait' you are, you will become friends. This might even blossom into love, and who knows? Maybe you'll keep seeing each other after you're both out?

Girl 2: This girl runs this shit, she's some daughter of an incredibly powerful gang leader and as such her word is law. She tells someone to bash their own faces in, they look for a hammer. She's not too interested in a failed bank robber like yourself, so hopefully you'll just go under her radar. However, dick is dick, and if she decides one day that she wants to give yours a try, you can expect to find yourself bound, gagged and thrown into her cell before the day is over.

Girl 3: This girl is fucking terrifying, to MG and male prisoners alike, even Girl 2 hesitates fucking with her. She is a violent serial rapist and murderer and should really not be here. Not a week goes past without her beating the shit out of someone and raping them, men or Monster Girl, she really doesn't give a fuck. It goes without saying, you should avoid her at all costs.

Girl 4: This girl is the warden, and as you might have guessed, is both corrupt and a bit of a sadist. She and her guards prey almost specifically on male prisoners, because who's going to believe them, or care, if they complain about being violently raped in their cell? However if you prove yourself useful, that is as a snitch, she might reward you instead.

>> No.13841904

Yeah, the chubbiest he's drawn is the p'orc to my knowledge.

>> No.13841908

>You open the door to your left and walk inside to find that it's just another long corridor. You're about to turn around when you suddenly hear a slamming noise behind you.
>Whirling around you're met with the sight of a girl wearing a bikini that's several sizes too small for her and nothing else.
>She's got lionlike paws instead of hands and feet, and a pair of leathery batlike wings sticking out of her back.
>But by far the most bizarre thing about her is the long spiked tail with the fleshy bud at the tip, the inside of the tip even seems to be rippling lewdly.
>She shoots you perhaps the smuggest grin you've ever seen in your life and says "My name's Sandra, now that introductions are out of the way start running."
>She licks her lips.
>"I love it when they run."

Maze had a Minotaur and the Corridor had a Cheshire.

>> No.13841914

I want to brush vampire teeth

>> No.13841922

>Holstaur Cellmate
>Minotaur Gang Princess
>Crazy Wyvern Rapist
>Sadistic Sphinx Warden
I'm going to be here my whole life aren't I?
Time to Shawshank my way out of this shit. I'll even leave that Holst a letter somewhere so she can come find me over the border.

>> No.13841923

Don't think he has.

>Sit one of these girls in your lap and start petting her head, the brown and black M on her bangs parting beneath your touch.
>She seems nervous at first but slowly relaxes as you continue stroking her hair, scratching behind her ears as you gently do, making no mention of the chunks missing from her ears.
>She had a rough life and doesn't speak of it that much.
>Slowly she starts to relax, a purr rumbling from her chest and her tail lazily swaying as she enjoys your pampering.
>Soon enough she's fallen asleep, a smile on her face and that purr still going.

In other news, SEED has gone full crazy train with insane clones.
5 episodes left.

>> No.13841929

>Delinquent dhampir cellmate
Seems solid. I like her.
>Yakuza hellhound
That's gonna suck. Gonna have to get real good at disappearing.
>Serial rapist doppelganger
Oh that's just not fair.
>Sadistic alp warden
Pfft. This jailbreak is gonna be easier than I thought.

>> No.13841930

Will you be able to solve the Sphinx warden's riddle of why you aren't on your knees and eating her out?

>> No.13841931

>Mantis cellmate
Oh yes.
>Arachne prison gang leader
This can only end in bondage sex in her cell.
>Roberta the kikimora
I'm scaroused.
>Slime carrier warden

>> No.13841932

>Red Oni
>Dark Valkyrie

I'm going to make that Jinko and Mantis mine.

>> No.13841934

I hope my Kikilawyer can get me out of this hellhole.

>> No.13841935



>> No.13841939

>Delinquent Mantis
Oh this should be fun
>Prison Gang Leader Mimic
So, what, they toss me into her cell and I have to play "find the cell owner"?
Wait, shit, that actually sounds horrifying
>Serial rapist Dark Valkyrie
Jesus Christ how horrifying
>Sadistic Warden Cheshire
This explains so much it's like all of life's questions have been answered

>> No.13841940

>Dark Elf Cellmate
>Gang Boss Cheshire
>Rapist Honey Bee
...It's always the cute ones.
>Warden Merrow

I can see it now. She floods the entire prison to keep troublemakers in line. Those who cause extra trouble are subjected to the Houdini "escape" Trick.

>> No.13841942

Anon, do you have a personality?
Because if you do then you aren't Elt.

You also aren't sundowner, although he is a better rolemodel.

>> No.13841943
File: 176 KB, 547x811, 2MZBE5X.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Poor things can die from loneliness, so I'll put up with the nastiest parts of her.
Gangster Mantis sounds pretty rad as a concept.
Aww sheeeit
Aww sheeeit, I smell a conspiracy.

>> No.13841947

Oh baby.

>> No.13841948

>Cheshire warden.
I hope you like the smell of lavender-scented cat pussy.

>> No.13841949

Tiger is_ a valid option.

>> No.13841950

I want to be bullied by a Kiki

>> No.13841954

But Kiki's aren't bullies, they're meant to satisfy their masters.

If you want a monster girl to bully you go find a Hellhound.

>> No.13841955

>Goblin Cellmate
She's getting headpats

>Girtiblilu Mob Daughter
I'm not going to see the rape coming.

>Lizardman Serial rapist
I'm going to get the shit beat out of me, may as well fight back if that happens.

>Wyvern Warden
She is a hero of justice at one time, full of hope!
I'm going to help bring back that feeling!

>> No.13841957

what if she has no master and that is why she is a bully

>> No.13841958

>Delinquent Nightmare
Uh, I guess her rougher parts only really come out at night? Guess I'll be in for some rough sleep.
>Gang Royalty Pixie
Jesus christ hat's going to be a pain to deal with.
>Dark Priest Serial Rapist
O-Oh god, please no...
>Alp Warden
Oh god this prison is going to be turned into my kingdom in no time at all.

>> No.13841959

Too bad, that's not how it works.

>> No.13841960

>Delinquent Inari Cellmate
She sounds nice. I may well be open to at least hanging out with her on the outside.
>Heiress Gang Leader Dhampir
She sounds like a cunt.
>Hyper Violent Sahuagin
Geezus that's scary. Stay away from the water...
>Sadistic Girtablilu Warden
Trying to decide who sounds like more of a bitch. Her, or the Dhampir.

Regardless, I'm stickin' close to those fluffy tails. Might be my only hope of survival...

>> No.13841961

To the shortstack or SEED?

Because Flay just got launched into space and I'm watching the WORST relationship ever play out.
Along with more boomerang sword.

>> No.13841962


>> No.13841964

>Mothman cellmate
>Merrow gang leader
>Ren Xiongmao serial rapist
>Kitsune-bi warden

I'm fucked.

>> No.13841967

Oh lordie please keep blogging about this when you get to Destiny.

If you're this distraught over SEED, I want to get popcorn for your reactions to Destiny.

>> No.13841970

Chesire Cellmate, Ignis Heiress, Murderhobo Werewolf, and another Ignis as the warden.
Is my cellmate even a prisoner? I think she might just be in there to mess with me.

>> No.13841971

I want to cuddle with a wight

>> No.13841972
File: 732 KB, 1277x1487, 20a98fbb20bfb8e31514384c2ee3e389.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Right here buddy.

>> No.13841973

>Dragon Cellmate
I could stay with her her forever.

>Alp Gang princess
Unless she's stage 3, i ain't touching her.

>Kitsune Rapist
All that mofu

>Hellhound Warden
I'm fucked

>> No.13841974

It's a tie, so both things happen.
>You respond to her remark by punching her dead in the nose, causing her to stumble back
>"Ah! Feisty!" she regains her balance and looks at you with pure unadulterated lust "I like that in a man, gives me something to break!"
>Her tail suddenly lunges at you, trying to spear you with one of the spikes on it. Thanks to your God Hand enhanced reflexes though, you're able to dodge it. She suddenly jumps forward and wraps her arms around your waist.
>"There we go! Hold still big boy, and it'll all be over soon!~"
>Out of the corner of your eye you can see her tail coming dangerously close to your back, you close your eyes and focus, then you wrap your arms around Sandra and lift.
>With a sharp yelp from her, you lift the odd girl up into the air and bring her down headfirst onto the ground with an improvised German Suplex.
>She collapses to the ground with a thud and starts groaning, you take advantage of her dazed state to open the door and sprint out, shutting it behind you. She'll be back on her feet soon, so you need to make a choice quick.

>> No.13841979

>1: dark valkyrie
not bad, not bad.
>2: merrow
pffft hahaha
>3: dark priest
religious nutcase?
>4: beelzebub
prisons really ARE shitholes. who knew?

>> No.13841981

I want to fuck this squidloli. Heck, almost any loli with this body.

>> No.13841985

>Dragon Cellmate
Seems like you'll make it through just fine long as you stick with her.

>> No.13841988

So, out of curiosity.
Anubis like this http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=2752762


>> No.13841990

We're super strong now, right? I think we can take a minotaur.

>> No.13841993


>> No.13841995

>dragon cellmate
I jelly

>> No.13842001

Nerdbraids, too. You better.

>> No.13842003

I want to hold a Kiki's hand

>> No.13842005

Well...yes, obviously. I was just asking, Anubis in that situation.

Yes, of course. Larger than in that image too. It's important.
For irrumatio.

>> No.13842006

Ah, Ok.

>She's out like a light, the only signs of life being her nearly thunderous purr and and slowly waving tail.
>Decide that, since its late, its about time for you to hit the hay but...well...you don't want to just leave her alone for the night.
>Delicately you pick her up in your arms, the small cat girl going limp as a doll as you bring her to bed.
>In a few seconds your undressed and in bed, the shortstack tucked in next to you, a bit of a distance away.
>You'd have brought her closer but you didn't want to be too forward, especially considering what's probably happened to her in the past.
>As you slip into the sheets and go to be though, the catgirl clings to you like a magnet, nuzzling into you chest with a sleepy murmur of "mine."
>As sleep takes you, you give her multicolored hair a final ruffle, making her smile the last thing you see before you sleep.

I'll try not to eat up too much space with it but I will try.
Yes Kira, seeing illusions of Flay and having flashbacks to the time I spent with her would make me cry too, although for entirely different reasons.

>Also, how did the Ramba Ral survive? I'm not angry as he is one of the few characters I like but are we just going to ignore his suit exploding while he was in it? Was his wife a shield that gave +20 protection against such things?

>> No.13842008

Isn't that the NTR queen?

>> No.13842009

>Cellmate Minotaur
Rather fitting given what the MG is.
>Sylph Gang Leader
Kind of hard to figure out how she is the daughter of a gang leader. Maybe she's an Elementalist's Familiar who he treats as such?
>Violent Cyclops
Ok so this monoeye has been bullied one times too many here.
>Warden Chimera
My Pelvis is going to be sore...

>> No.13842015

No. Though now that you point it out, I do see the resemblance, but it's not. Totally different artist. This particular artist, if you'll observe his work, is known for genderswaps. Lots of 'em.

>> No.13842018

>Spoiler 2
I dunno. Ensemble Blackhorse Syndrome?
If you want an in-universe explanation, maybe all the coffee made him invincible like Fry in the Tax Refund episode of Futurama.

>> No.13842020
File: 844 KB, 3095x1354, 1436987486460.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>As you slip into the sheets and go to be though, the catgirl clings to you like a magnet, nuzzling into you chest with a sleepy murmur of "mine."

>> No.13842023

>Alp cellmate

Target sighted. Would dig a tunnel and escape with her.

>Elf leader
Hopefully I can break her haughty attitude.

>Human serial rapist
Of course the worst monster of all is girl #3. How does she avoid being corrupted though? Is it because she does the raping?

>Nekomata warden

There's going to be yellow slitted eyes looking at me at all times, isn't there?

>> No.13842024

I want to hug an elf nonsexually

>> No.13842030

Yeah, I saw.

>> No.13842034

>Deciding running down a corridor is a bad idea, you throw open the door to the Hedge Maze and run inside, slamming the door behind you.
>You run aimlessly through the maze for several minutes trying to put as much distance between Sandra and you as possible.
>Suddenly you run into something and stumble back.
>"Well. This is a rare sight."
>You look in front of you and see a set of very well toned and tanned abs, looking up you see the bull horned girl they're part of.
>Good lord she's tall. At least two feet taller than you, and decently stacked to boot. She also is carrying an Axe that's as tall as you.
>"Well then, I suppose I owe you a head start." she says while sitting down "Let no-one say that Tanya the Shield-Splitter was a poor sport."
>She actually seems kinda reasonable, unlike Sandra. Maybe you'll actually be able to talk to her?

>> No.13842037

>as if by magic, your dick is had and you're savagely raping the elf, without even realizing it

Can't fight reality

>> No.13842038


Is that a girl or is that an alp? I never know with him.

>> No.13842041

I guess, although my favorite dark horse will always be orange

Also, as Azrael said
>I've only heard complaints about them (the druggies) since their first battle.

No shit.
And now we're nuking everyone and Kira wonders why guns exist, the concept of human conflict continuing to be an alien concept to him.

Just be careful Anon, if you get to friendly she may want kittens.
Are you sure you want Shortstack werekittens who purr whenever you pick them up?

>> No.13842043 [SPOILER] 
File: 225 KB, 850x475, 1438146662686.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Y-you mean you forgive me for THAT?"

>> No.13842046

Challenge her to an arm wrestling match. Using diplomacy, challenge her to an arm wrestling match.

>> No.13842049

>Shortstack werekittens who purr whenever you pick them up?
She will never know what it's like to NOT be pregnant!

>> No.13842051

I love that pic. That rack is delicious.

>> No.13842053

fuck what a twist, fine I want to lick her knife ears nonsexually

>> No.13842055

I'm going to guess girl. Doesn't really matter, his girls are always wonderfully soft and sexy, whether they started as guys or not.

>> No.13842057

But that's just going to accentuate her curves!
Can you imagine her hips and breasts after a litter or two?
Not to mention she's going to need to carry her around when she's tired.
Do you want to take responsibility for that?

>> No.13842058

Yeah that wasn't a big deal

>> No.13842059

I find your lack of standards disturbing.

>> No.13842062

I will be the most responsible if it means raising a family of shortstack werekittens!

>> No.13842069

You just don't get it do you? All you'll do, Is make your betrayal that more foul.

>Anon, please don't, you're the only one I trust

Also, licking ears nonsexually, what are you a dog?

>> No.13842070 [SPOILER] 
File: 542 KB, 1200x1749, 1438147088864.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Welcome back~

>> No.13842073

Then enjoy the family of slightly smug, if overly cheerful, werekittens and werecats.
Are you ready to give them all the belly rubs they could ever want?

Oh my god, all this reused animation.
It's never been this blatant.
OH! A new super weapon!
Is it a satellite cannon?
Yep, its a satellite cannon.

>> No.13842074

3rd part when?

>> No.13842075

I will not rape the elf

>> No.13842078

She keeps coming back, I never should've gave her that tree fitty.

>> No.13842081
File: 449 KB, 1455x1908, 1fddd1646c40048e63e69bd05082e510.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's okay, you can take her to the beach instead. Where nothing lewd ever happens.

>> No.13842082

I find your hesitation to tap the following disturbing.

>> No.13842083

We can build a bunch of sand castles then do a little swimming

>> No.13842084

>Sahuagin Cellmate
Not so bad I gues, this could work
>Kikimora Gang leader
You know, somehow I can actually see this.
>Nightmare Brute
This makes me uncomfortable in all sorts of ways.
>Dark Slime Warden
jesus christ how horrofying

>> No.13842086

God damn this artist is great.

>> No.13842088

I want to ruffle hellhound Bullet's hair and call her cute.

>> No.13842090

MANSWINE! Walking into Mordor again when?

>> No.13842093
File: 493 KB, 320x240, 1436153922406.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>whether they started as guys or not

I wish you tf/tgfags would I ust go gay already, it'd make you less irritating.

And do it somewhere else.

>> No.13842094

>>Nightmare Brute
I am terribly scaroused.

And strangely curious as to what nightmarishly arousing visions she might visit upon her victims...

>> No.13842095

There's no escape from her, even in your sleep.

>> No.13842096

You will never get rid of the common Alp. It is a clingy creature with powers KC never told you about. Dream powers.
Come, recline on Alpzen's comfy sofa.

>> No.13842097

>some guy from Free!

I want the fujoshi to leave.

>> No.13842099

This weekend.
I've mostly been trying my hand at prose again but no promises if anything will come of it.
I got 10k on one story and scrapped it because it was crap.

Dreams of handholding.

These bitches better not be ripping off my precious dendrobium

>> No.13842101

How about no.

>> No.13842102

Well then I'll miss it. I guess I'll just seek comfort in the fluffy embrace of a Wendigo.

>> No.13842106

Since when were you under the impression you weren't already on the sofa?

>> No.13842109

Do it, they are wonderful girls
It's probably going to be another Celes episode where we learn more about her past as a baker.
Also, caragor kittens.

>> No.13842110
File: 186 KB, 1000x1000, 1434605376105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You don't need to rub it in, bully-wully.

>> No.13842111

Ok, I'll stop.

Also, Loen and Sketchkun are wonderful, giving us heaping doses of cute.

>> No.13842112

I want to get punched by a monstergirl

>> No.13842118


Jesus christ, no alp should ever have that much power.

>> No.13842119
File: 346 KB, 1200x1699, 1425200118559.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where do you want it?

>> No.13842121

>You decide to sit down and try talking to her
>"You said your name was Tanya right? What did you mean by poor sport?"
>She seems surprised by your actions, but quickly regains her composure.
>"What an odd man. I meant of course, that I wouldn't simply rape you on the spot like some base Succubus. I want this to be a fair contest. If you escape the maze before I catch you, you get to go free. It's a simple as that."
>You're a little thrown off by the fact that she mentioned raping you so casually, but you decide to keep on being polite to her.
>"Rape me? Why would you need to rape me anyway? For that matter, why does every girl I've met in this crazy place want to get in my pants without my consent?"
>She raises an eyebrow at that
>"You act like you don't know how Monstergirls work."
>You respond with "What's a monstergirl?"
>She seems rather surprised at your response. "You honestly don't know, do you? A Monstergirl is a girl like me. I'm a Minotaur. We need human semen to fuel ourselves, and given how they treat us, we have to rape them to get it. It's a simple fact of life."
>Huh. So that's why that Angel girl told you not to get raped. Still, you've never been good at mazes. Maybe it's time to put your newfound strength to the test.
>"How about we settle this a different way? Arm wrestle, you and me. If I win I get to go free. I don't think I need to tell you what you get if you win."
>She seems amused by your offer
>"An arm wrestle? Really? I don't know if you know what you're doing human, I'm much stronger than you."
>Oh if only she knew.
>Placing both of your arms on a nearby garden table, you grab each other's hands and begin trying to pin each other.
>Tanya's eyes bug out slightly in surprise that you're managing to keep things even with her, and she begins straining against you more and more.
>It's futile however, the strength given to you by the God Hand wins out, and you pin her arm to the table.

>> No.13842125

>took my suggestion

>> No.13842126


>> No.13842131

You will, think of elves as supercharged alices. You're going to rape the elf and like it.

>> No.13842132

The non-shitty drawn. Thus, no one.

>> No.13842133

But I wanna have happy consensual sex with an elf!

>> No.13842136

No I refuse to rape the elf, No rape in the area around that elf

>> No.13842138
File: 744 KB, 1023x768, 1392006556828.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You two need an Elf in heat.

>> No.13842146

How about I just turn the fans on to cool her down? Why doesn't she just rape herself

>> No.13842148

Sorry, that elf lacks enough health to meet my bullying and impregnation standards.

>> No.13842152

You may find that she accept the dicking partway through, but that's all you get. Love for elves is born of rape. Why, don't be surprised if she wants you to use her more while pregnant, so that your future daughter will want your milk even more than hers.

>> No.13842155

>"Good match." you say, as you turn and begin walking away from her. However you feel a sudden pressure on your shoulder and turn to see Tanya gripping your shoulder.
>She pulls you towards her and... hugs you?
>Oh god she's crying, why is she crying?
>"I lost. I really lost! Thank you so much!"
>"I've been in this maze for a year now. The Queen of Hearts said I could go once a man beat me, but no-one ever could. Every man she's ever thrown in here has been caught by me and thrown into her dungeons to fuel her servants. Now that you've beaten me I'm free!"
>Okay, that's kinda fucked up. You're glad you decided to help this poor girl out.
>"As thanks for freeing me, I, Tanya the Shield-Splitter, swear my loyalty to you. I shall aid you in your journey!"
>Wait what.
>You try to protest and tell her that there's no need, but she looks at you with a look that screams that turning her down is not an option.
>Tanya has joined the party!
>After guiding you out of the maze, you and Tanya exit into a split corridor. Tanya points towards the left corridor.
>"That way leads to the Queen of Heart's throne room. If we go that way, we can confront her immediately! I don't know where the other corridor leads however."

>> No.13842158

Confronting one of the more powerful and bitchy of the lilims seems like a bad idea.

>> No.13842159
File: 1.54 MB, 1366x768, Serawi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Never! Elves are for tender, gentle loving.

>> No.13842161

Nice girl
Shit route

>> No.13842163

Please do not forget that you have the God Hand and haven't used any special attacks or unleashed it today.

>> No.13842167

I'd say getting another party member would be best right now, just in case.

>> No.13842168

Is the VN even good?
Don't forget, exploring every nook and cranny while letting the plot stay on hold is what adventure is about!

>> No.13842169

I want to confess my love to an elf

>> No.13842171

Science has yet to prove whether Elves feel love or other emotions.

>> No.13842172

Yeah, its more of a game than VN though, and you don't see sex till 20hours in.

Enjoyed all of it, routes for me were loli>yuela>elf tits

>> No.13842173

I'm sure elves just need to experience true love

>> No.13842175

I've had it teetering on the edge of my backlog for a few years now. What am I really in for?
But science has yet to prove whether they can experience it. Cave Lich ran out of funding for that particular experiment.

>> No.13842176

who needs a lich all I need is an elf to love

>> No.13842177

Strategy, item building, a shop simulator, and occasional sex.

A good game.

>> No.13842178
File: 135 KB, 1052x1091, 1420167804046.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rape or be raped, there is no other path.

>> No.13842179
File: 403 KB, 973x1400, 001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Elves are hard to deal with sometimes.

>> No.13842181

Her last reports confirmed numerous cases of Elves claiming "I love the dick!" and "I love it in my ass!" though

>> No.13842182

Why's Accelerator being raped by an elf?

>> No.13842184

Uhh can't we just not rape? Like if I don't rape her and she doesn't rape me we can live in not raped

>> No.13842187

You are anathema to nature. If you will not rape the elf, you must abandon her, or be destroyed.

>> No.13842188

I want a tanuki to tell me to get the fuck out of here before she beats me to death with her balls!

>> No.13842189

Because Elves are immune to ESP.

>> No.13842190

Is this an NTR story?

This seems like an NTR thing.

>> No.13842194

It's not

>> No.13842195

This reminds me of that old hentai where the guy married and Elf and they couldn't fuck because Elf-pussy is too small for human D and he went on a quest to obtain the ultimate lube.

>> No.13842198

Okay. That's good.

>> No.13842201

"I'got a whoole lotta tender gentle loving fer ya."
http://puu dot sh/jh4dA/672b696bbf.jpg

>> No.13842202

no ntr and no rape

>> No.13842203
File: 423 KB, 975x1400, 002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's nothin, but vanilla.

>> No.13842206

Now that's my kinda Elf.

>> No.13842207


>> No.13842209

Next you'll tell me you want a fish not to swim.

>> No.13842215

but elves don't have to be raped

>> No.13842216

I want to find a wurm and date her.

I want to take her out to fancy dinners, funny movies, and to the park.
It'll be a slow romance full of cuddling, snuggling, and hand holding.

Then, one day, I will sit her down and ask her to explain what the christ is even going on any more?

Why do I keep hearing newtype noises whenever Laflaga and his dad's clone are in the same battle? Are they newtypes? Is this our amuro and (much crazier) Char?

Why does everyone's go to plan involve genocide?

Why don't they just nuke the satellite laser and then pick off the station? Couldn't you just pick off the other colonies after that?

Why is every battle just beam spam now?

Why do the creators love people popping so much? Is it a fetish of theirs?

Why is Caguli now a coordinator? Didn't they just say she was a normal before even though they new Kira was a coordinator?

How did Lacus and Kira have a romance despite having met a grand total of three times and spoken all of five lines?

Why is Flay, a known associate of the Archangel allowed on an Earth forces warship? Why is she given a job on the deck despite this?

Why do all the main characters not know how to use guns? All they do is throw them.

Why does the captain of this ship not have or use a gun?

Also, Laflaga just died, like all hope I had for this show. Him and the only compitent spaceship captain we had.

It was not worth it.

1 episode left and then destiny.

I'm rustled.

>> No.13842217

The mud golem girl in that game always pissed me off. Why the hell would a mud golem have pink nipples? Not to mention a hymen. That bleeds.

>> No.13842220
File: 166 KB, 675x910, Elf about to rape another idealistic fool.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Rape or be raped. Now get the fuck out of my sight.

>> No.13842222
File: 1.08 MB, 1279x727, Classy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let's talk about Albedo creaming herself when the man she loves curbstomped some fools.

>> No.13842223

Because Aht is a good girl.

>> No.13842226

I will keep my ideals I will not allow rape, If elves are meant to be raped like some say then she would be unable to rape me and if I never rape her then no elf rape ever

>> No.13842227

She is, but mud shouldn't fucking bleed. But no, gotta satisfy japan's weird hymen fetish.

>> No.13842228

You're losing your shit this badly and haven't even embraced your destiny yet?
Rejoicing intensifies.

>> No.13842229

>"It's probably not a good idea to confront the Queen of Hearts right now Tanya."
>She seems shocked by your response.
>"What? Why not?"
>"From what you've told me she's rather powerful. If we explore the castle further we might find some more people willing to help us fight her, or something that'll give us an edge."
>She thinks about it for a minute before nodding and following you down the right corridor, which leads to a forked split.
>The Left corridor is marked "Kitchen"
>The Right corridor is marked "Tea Room"
>And the Middle corridor is marked "Dungeon"
You've got 15 minutes.

>> No.13842231

An army marches on its stomach.

>> No.13842233

She's a pure girl, she just wants to be faster.

>> No.13842234

It's literally the same sound-effect, they just use it to show this weird clone mind-link. "Newtypes" in SEED get that weird seed thing instead.

Because humanity sucks. This show is evidence of that.

Cause they want it for themselves? I don't even know.

Because cheap animation. It gets worse in Destiny.


You talking about her getting the seed thing? Maybe it's because of her DNA, or maybe it's to show it's not just a Co-ordinator thing. They never explain it.

Who the fuck knows. They adopt the orphans and live in a mansion together in Destiny.

Figured it was either because Azrael was like, "She's a human, she can stay." or Natarle put in a good word for her.

Because they're not lasers.

Because they're only there for breast bouncing.

He survives. Because fuck reason, logic, or any common sense.

You will be more rustled.

>> No.13842237
File: 345 KB, 853x479, Shallewd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You mean when Shalltears man curbstomped some fools. Program love should get out.

>> No.13842239

Shit tier girl, stuffs her bra.

>> No.13842241

More Albedo is great but I hope they tone down on displaying what a powerful badass Ains is. We've had two straight episodes of that and it's going to get old.

>> No.13842244

iirc some spoilers I read a while back, they do eventually come up against enemies who actually stand a chance against him.

Eventually. Someday. Eventually.

>> No.13842247

If you were in his place, you'd be going nuts, Tim the Enchanter style.

>> No.13842248
File: 192 KB, 798x1129, 7ef4ceab5e9468637479c9d0d6ba6b15.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not allow

Real talk, for every one vanilla doujin you find about elves, there are twenty about mindbreak and rape. Who the hell do you think you are, Shinryu? You want to make 3D women as viable as monstergirls next? Your idiocy offends the senses.

>> No.13842250

Now that's my kinda Elf!

>> No.13842251

What the hell is this show about anyway?

>> No.13842253
File: 567 KB, 1601x1388, 1437798072805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ains true wife and best girl sits in the middle between them, and [sooiler] she a elf.

>> No.13842254

From what I've heard, it's basically a sword art clone, only instead of Kirito, the protagonist is a skeleton.

>> No.13842255

I think I'd rather stay in my castle and enjoy having a big happy monster family who just happen to wreak havoc on the world because they mistakenly believe I want to take it over.

>> No.13842256

But elves are for love not rape, if one isn't raped it might set off a reaction of unraped elves

>> No.13842258


Ok, Good news for episode fifty is that Flay just bit it, although now we have crazy newtype magic shenaniganry going on with talking to her ghost.

That or Kira finally snapped.
I enjoy the latter interpretation.

Also, holy shit crazy druggie just snapped and its hilarious.

I'm also 100% certain that Clone Dad is a newtype because he had that sound effect go whenever he dodges Kira's shots so we now have newtypes in the mix.

>> No.13842259

Guy gets stranded inside a virtual reality MMORPG in THE FUTURE. Somehow he ends up in another world because of this, and then uses his super-awesome powers to be a cool skeleton wizard with a heart of gold.

>> No.13842260

Certainly not about the games.

>> No.13842263

>Guy plays video game where players get to make whatever the fuck they want
>By the time it's being shut down, he's made an uber-lich PC, and is the leader of a super-ultimate guild of evil
>Logs in on the eve of shut-down to say goodbye to his and his friend's creations
>Then he opens his eyes, he's actually the uber-lich, all the NPCs and shit in the guild are real, and they've all been teleported to a real fantasy world
>Shit gets real-er from there

>> No.13842264

>a sword art clone
This is so fucked up.

>> No.13842265

The story begins with the "stuck in a game" trope.

The twist is that he's not an adventurer beating the game in order to escape

he's the game's final boss

>> No.13842266

It's not a sword art online clone. Overlord shits over SAO

>> No.13842267

Sword art is a bad clone of .hack

>> No.13842270

>it's basically a sword art clone
You did that on purpose

>> No.13842271

Why are you explaining this to me as if I was the one who said it?

>> No.13842272

You think that's "Snapped"?

Just wait till you see Shinn.

>> No.13842275

I want to hug an albino elf

>> No.13842276

>pink slime's hair tendrils end in heart shapes

>> No.13842277

>loli shit with holy powers, somehow
Get out of here, stalker.

She's nowhere close to Albedo.

>> No.13842278

Are these from the manga the show is based on? I like 'em better, though I'm yet to see the anime-ish ones more than just from screenshots.

>> No.13842279
File: 354 KB, 314x676, 1438120894876.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13842286


They look like butts to me

>> No.13842287

It's based off an LN

>> No.13842291

Thank you nameless officer, you are the only person here who can actually shoot the people shooting them.

And chairman Zala not only set the station to fire...but set it to self destruct so that Genesis will fire...while he was still alive and on the staion before he was shot for...reasons?

>> No.13842292

I want to waifu all slime types

>> No.13842293

>the manga the show is based on
It's based on light novels, you nincompoop.

>> No.13842298

That's what the heart symbol is.

>> No.13842299
File: 547 KB, 1021x569, 2b6226363e0a1edef2d55b7193a3cdf5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is no cure for stupidity it seems.

>> No.13842301

She obviously has sex with you for the entire first day anon.

>> No.13842306


>> No.13842307

But someone has to try and stop the chain. If no one tries then it will be elf rape forever

>> No.13842308

Oh? Sounds interesting. Does he have his dick?


Don't answer that.

>> No.13842311
File: 957 KB, 471x265, Naruko.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>That delicious pink
>Drink nectar all the time
>Have some negligee-looking garnishments going on
>That ara-ara looking shit
Oh, yes.

>> No.13842312

He's a Skeleton, all he has are bones. Which is too sad, consider the horny bitches who love him.

>> No.13842313

He's a literal skeleton anon.

>> No.13842314

No, he does not.

He laments this fact frequently given that two of his former-NPC followers actively throw themselves at him.

>> No.13842315

>Does he have his dick?
No, and he's super bummed about it...

>> No.13842318

Too bad I'm answering anyways

He's a spooky skeleton lich so even if he doesn't he could magic himself one

However he's dealing with the fact that a lot of "human" attributes like empathy, fear, arousal, etc are being diminished because he's a motherfucking lich

>> No.13842319

>implying .hack doesn't suck ass

.hack is the king of the hill of anime.

>> No.13842322

Alright, alright you nerdomorphs!

>> No.13842324

>He's a spooky skeleton lich so even if he doesn't he could magic himself one
Y'think he'll ever figure out that he could probably do such a thing?

Yeah, sure, that weird Lich Magic that suppresses his emotions keeps him well-prioritized, but one of these days...

>> No.13842331
File: 37 KB, 528x480, Emtional-Skeleton19[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw no doot doot

>> No.13842332

He'll have to do it when the blue ovaries on those bitches start to infringe on their ability to do stuff.

>> No.13842335

For the "most perverted country on earth" Japan sure does love to avoid sex. It's irksome.

So he is in fact becoming. Picked up.

>> No.13842337

>No! You can't dick them, you have more important things to do!
>But if I don't dick them, they, two of my most powerful and useful servants, will be completely useless!
>Emotion-Blocker spontaneously quits calming him down

Hooray loopholes!

>> No.13842338

>Picked up
Good boy. It's a promising series.

>> No.13842341

No, but he has a staff that literally lets him edit the code of the game in episode 1. Possibly world-breaking power that could probably turn him human.

>> No.13842342

Well Anons,
It's time for me to go to bed.

Have a pleasant evening and don't let the hellpups burn down the thread.

Just like I wish I could burn this show from my mind.

Why did the druggies need the drugs?

Why did our Char need his drugs?

How did Kira get that far into space after the Freedom was caught in the explosion?

How did Caliguli and Arthun find Kira, a human floating in the infinite, black void of space without there being any signs of a rescue beacon being on him?

How is the bird flying through space? Does it have little pulse generators like the Haros? What reason would birdy have to fly into space besides doing some crappy end of show morality message?


I wish I had a wurm to ask all these questions.
Or maybe a minotaur because she'd just tell me to shut up and shatter my pelvis till I forget.

Either way, its time for Destiny.

God help me.

>> No.13842344


I'm reminded of this anime where people are separated into castes, and there's this surgeon guy who fucks his girlfriend of the lower caste by operating on her, stimulating her nerve endings directly with scalpel and pincers in hand. It's much less guroey than it sounds. In fact, it's not at all, wish I could remember the name.

>> No.13842345

One of the few questions that Destiny answers. It's a legit disturbing twist.

Because clone degeneration. It comes back in Destiny too.

Oh, he survives far more than that...

Luck. There's a lot of that.

Because it was in the opening.

>> No.13842347

>You head down the Left corridor to the Kitchen.
>As you go further down the corridor you are met by a heavenly smell and loud shouting.
>You reach a door and peer inside to see a rather irritated looking girl with purple tentacles yelling at a shy looking girl with piglike traits
>The pig girl apologizes to the tentacled woman in the quietest voice you've ever heard as the target of her apologies storms out through a side door.
>Poor girl looks like she's gonna cry.

>> No.13842349

God is not here, boy. Here there's only Tak.

>> No.13842356

Time to protect a smile!

>> No.13842357

Hug the p'orc. It is the only answer.

>> No.13842360

>don't let the hellpups burn down the thread.
Not tonight.

>> No.13842361


I'm going to poop.

>> No.13842365

>Clone degeneration
Ok, that makes sense.
Although I still wonder why everyone was so shocked by what they saw beneath Rae's mask.

Praise the space whale?

Also, holy shit, I've seen shin for five minutes and he's crazy.

Although he has a reason.

>> No.13842366

>space whale
I was quoting some shitty Stephen King movie, but whatever.

>> No.13842368

Ah, Ok.

I've never read any Steven King.

>> No.13842379

>Although he has a reason
You'll stop thinking he's justified in his crazy after a point.

>> No.13842391


Funny clothes!
Duel wielding AKs!
Spinning and jumping!
Stupid hair!

I'm going to hate myself after this.

>> No.13842392
File: 821 KB, 900x1440, 51629984_p6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.13842396

Remember what I told you last time: Stargazer.

>> No.13842397

Dat everything.

>> No.13842398

Albedo has evolved! Abledo evolves to... Phatbucus?

>> No.13842400

I will.
I'll need something good after this.

>> No.13842401

You're going to hate a lot of stuff by the time this is over.

But like the other guy said, Stargazer. Much better time of things. Then watch AGE if you haven't already. Plenty of other things to get angry at in AGE! Like the genocidal granpa teaching his pre-teen grandson to kill all the Martians!

>> No.13842403

>tfw she will never love you
>her heart belongs to ains and you're just a wretched human worm

>> No.13842408

Yeah, I can already tell.

D-did they just launch FOUR jets that combine to form a gundam?

This shit flew in the original but now?


On the plus side, delicious not-Zaku

>> No.13842415

>Not Zaku
It's literally called a Zaku. Well, ZAKU. But yes. The throwback designs in Destiny are fantastic. A lot of them are really. I'm especially a fan of the GOUF they introduce later.

But anyway, yes. A Core Fighter, a Chest Fighter, a Leg Fighter, and a Fighter for the Not-Striker Pack. Meet the Impulse! And get used to seeing the combining sequence. It's not going away any time soon.

>> No.13842418

Well, guess I have a lot to look forward to.
This show makes my head hurt.
I'm going to bed, good night Anon.

Only 49 more episodes of Destiny to go.

>> No.13842419

>You signal to Tanya to hang back while you talk to the pig girl, which she calls an Orc. Apparently the woman who was yelling at her earlier is a "Mindflayer" whatever that means.
>You sneak up on her and tap her on her shoulder, causing her to yelp.
>"A-a-a Human? W-what are y-y-ou doing here?"
>Poor girl's stuttering from all the tears.
>"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."
>She seems confused, but she's calming down.
>"What was all that before by the way? That girl who was yelling at you earlier seems like a total bitch."
>She looks down at the ground after hearing that.
>"That was Chef Marisa. She's a Mindflayer, so I can't talk back to her or she'll punish me by erasing my memories."
>That just seems needlessly cruel.
>"She always yells at me whenever I get anything even a little bit wrong, and she never tells me how to fix it! It's like she's dedicated to making me as miserable as possible!"
>Oh no she's starting to tear up again.
>"I wish I'd never come here! I want to go home, but now that I'm working for the Queen of Hearts I can't or she'll send Marisa after me!"
>Oh no she's crying again.

>> No.13842427

In the name of all that is good in this world someone hold that piggy.

>> No.13842438

I have a dream that one day little monstergirls will be able to join hands with little human boys and human girls as sisters and brothers.

>> No.13842439

I have a dream that one day you will kill yourself.

>> No.13842442

I actually have an interesting idea about a way boys can be born to monstergirls. Very rarely, and only as part of twins/triplets/etc.

>> No.13842446

But what would stop the MG twin from raping her male twin

>> No.13842447

Is it sex that drains our power or is it part of being raped?

>> No.13842451

Maybe by being family, or just as likely nothing

>> No.13842453

What stops any monstergirl from raping any male?

>> No.13842457

another monster

>> No.13842462
File: 580 KB, 1271x868, ThoseIWantTo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm sure we all want to do these.

>> No.13842464

The Extraspecies Combat Unit. Good luck, commander.

>> No.13842465

the funny thing is both you quoted are me, so double thanks

>> No.13842467

>You immediately wrap your arms around the poor girl, much to her surprise.
>"It's okay. It's okay. I'm here to fight the Queen of Hearts anyway, so I'll make sure she doesn't send anyone after you."
>She looks surprised at what you just said.
>"Wait you're here to wha-"
>Your tender moment is suddenly ruined by a familiar yelling voice
>You whirl around to see Chef Marisa standing in the doorframe with her hands on her hips
>Oh god her voice is even worse when you're in the same room as her.
>Much to your surprise the Orc pushes you to the ground and holds you down. Before you can push her off, she starts whispering into your ear.
>"Are you really here to fight the Queen of Hearts?"
>You nod silently
>"Okay. Then I have no regrets doing this."
>She suddenly stands up, and marches over to Marisa.
>She doesn't get the chance to finish her insult as the Orc rears her head back and headbutts Marisa dead between the eyes.
>The Mindflayer reels back and collapses on the floor, very clearly knocked out.
>"Well then, I should probably help you with that."
>The Orc cracks her neck, before looking down at the unconscious Mindflayer and giggling
>"I've always wanted to do that."
>She walks up next to you and gives you a quick peck on the cheek.
>"My name's Penny by the way. Nice to meet you."
>God damn she's got a cute smile.
>Penny Joined the Party!
I'm gonna call it there for tonight, but I'll continue it later tomorrow.
That's actually gonna get elaborated on after you beat the Queen of Hearts.

>> No.13842472

You gonna pastebin this or what?

>> No.13842475

You sure this part wasn't added because you want to beat up Marisa Mamiya?

>> No.13842480


>> No.13842483

A girl from Starless who is an insufferable, spoiler brat, the name and the way the Mindflayer behaved just seemed to fit.

>> No.13842486
File: 599 KB, 777x1100, 145654054455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You will never be 'operated' on by Dr. Lich.

>> No.13842493

i want to annoy a lich with stupid questions

>> No.13842496

Night then, hope you continue sometime.

>> No.13842498

They're Wurmie and the Lich, yes Wurmie and the Lich~

>> No.13842503

One is a genius! The other's a bitch!

>> No.13842510


Huh. I've never watched or played Starless, so that's actually a 100% coincidence. I just came up with the name Marisa off the top of my head.

>> No.13842512

thanks anon

>> No.13842513

>100% coincidence
Well it was a happy one, because punching Marisa in Starless would be so cash.

>> No.13842514

Real quick fun fact, the reason you guys have to fight the Lilims is because you chose the God Hand.

>> No.13842517

Oh. OK.

>> No.13842518

Wurmie's a floozy? But why?

>> No.13842520

Well GodHandAnon, what funky things are you planning in the future after this?

>> No.13842521

I want to bone a skeleton

>> No.13842524

wurm is genius

>> No.13842527

A spooky scary skeleton, or a non-spooky, slime covered one?

>> No.13842529

More girls, and a boss fight against the Queen of Hearts.
If you guys didn't choose the God Hand, you would've fought her champion instead.
Also You're gonna get some exposition in an inn after the Queen of Hearts fight.
Oh yeah, and I'm keeping track of affection levels too. The current standings are:
[Nina: 0
Sandra: 5
Tanya: 15
Marisa: -15
Penny: 20

>> No.13842530

Trumpet playing skeleton

>> No.13842531

Smack your dick on her ribcage. Play that shit like a xylophone.

>> No.13842532

>You will never be a kid in MGC and watch a musical cartoon with Druella being the main antagonist, singing about her love for mischief and lewdness
>You will never grow up and learn she actually voiced her character herself, since she liked it and just for the heck of it

>> No.13842533

No, I meant after this story.

>> No.13842536

musical sex would be funny

>> No.13842537

Actually I don't know. We'll see what happens.

>> No.13842539

But you've become a writefag now. You have responsibilities.

>> No.13842542

I'm still writing this adventure! We'll see if there's demand for another adventure later.

>> No.13842546

Just keep that in mind, boyo.

>> No.13842551

Would it be better to give a kiki headpats when she is at 0% or at 50%

>> No.13842556
File: 272 KB, 800x950, Chim chiminey chim chiminey chim chim cheree.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's best to not let them drop as low as 0%.

They need to stay above 75% if you want them to sing.


>> No.13842558

Letter her get to 0% counts as abuse. Charging past 80% could cause Required Affectionate Pelvis Exploration

>> No.13842561

So keep her at 110%

>> No.13842579

Do we have yet another new drawfag here?

>> No.13842609


>> No.13842616
File: 264 KB, 718x900, Lewd Bone is Lewd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just the way I like 'em.

>> No.13842628
File: 60 KB, 600x800, 1382320675748.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My brothers. Keep fighting the good fight

>> No.13842629
File: 643 KB, 1000x2935, 1395332511593.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it spooky time?

>> No.13842636

No please.

>> No.13842639

Then move to the third floor or higher.

>> No.13842642

But then I'm not safe from the Manticores!

>> No.13842648

I want to cum on her face

>> No.13842652

How would she react to all the Waifu folders I have or the porn folders?

>> No.13842653

Would you use your jizz to make a smiley-face on her?

>> No.13842657

My dick is confused.

>> No.13842677

Yup, put a nice smile on her face

>> No.13842686
File: 558 KB, 765x1024, 88bd5630b045533829905d70146eae4b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Toumasu best mamono artistoru.

>> No.13842701

>Already have two things I should be writing, but something wacky with too many references in it starring my waifu is tempting me away
Give me guidance!

>> No.13842710

Follow your heart. That's what I do, and that's why I never finish anything.

>> No.13842723

Sounds good to me. Except the not finishing anything part.

>> No.13842726

Hey, the bitches still love me, they'll still love you. Wacky is good, in any case.

>> No.13842738

I want to discuss history with a monstergirl who lived during it

>> No.13842744

Old hags!

>> No.13842747

Finely aged wine!

>> No.13842749

Milk that went sour and then turned to cheese!

>> No.13842752

Finely aged cheddar!

>> No.13842755

cheese is on Pizza and Pizza is a vegetable so I think I win this

>> No.13842756

I'd get intoxicated off a wight's scent, if you know what I mean.

>> No.13842758

Isotropes with half-lives outlasting stars!

>> No.13842761

But if pizza is a vegetable, what does that make grilled cheese?

>> No.13842764


>> No.13842768

Ew, I hate sushi. Wait, does that mean I hate grilled cheese now? I wish the government could tell me what to think. Those tanuki are all so smart and always looking out for the average citizen.

>> No.13842769

I'd cut up a mermaid, if you know what I mean.

>> No.13842773

I want to start a lemonade stand with my tanuki friend

>> No.13842778

How old is this tanuki friend of yours?

>> No.13842785

she saw little kids doing it and wanted to undercut them

>> No.13842789

She probably got a proper vending license and made sure it was more sugar than lemons then. You'll do fine.
Just try not to get mofued at such a young age.
The first step is her letting you use her tail as a back pillow.

>> No.13842797

I am now imagining an adult tanuki angry at having no customers

>> No.13842802

A short angry raccoon!

>> No.13842808

I want to compliment Tanuki tail

>> No.13842818
File: 225 KB, 500x707, 51671180_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to touch a cow.

And I only just realised that hand is fucked up.

>> No.13842819

I want to sniff tanuki hair.

>> No.13842837

I want to fuck a ninja.

>> No.13842877

I want to ot tnaw I

>> No.13842883


>> No.13842893

Any opinions on consensual cuddling with a cait sith?

>> No.13842900

Like, the concept of love or the literal liquid embodiment of love?

>> No.13842906

Totally fine, none of that beanbag stuff or cait sith abuse. Just straight up consensual cuddling where she nuzzles her face against your chest and purrs softly.

>> No.13842907

the answer is both at the same time

>> No.13842910

>the concept of love
I don't understand. What is love?

>> No.13842911

I have no strong feelings one way or another.

>> No.13842915

Well, I guess that makes sense. But what is the love directed to?

Baby don't hurt me no more.

>> No.13842924

>wake up
>yandere kiki is blaring Haddaway outside your window
What do?

>> No.13842930

Well, I live in a basement suite so I guess I'd peek up her skirt and see what color her panties are. If she's wearing any.

>> No.13842937

I find jim carrey and get in a car with him and the Kiki

>> No.13842943

No panties, cunt is drooling, and she's slamming on the front door, screaming about how she knows your room is dirty.

Why are kikis so terrifying?

>> No.13842944

I'd let her in because part of my ceiling fell and made a mess of my room

>> No.13842945

Because they love too much. My god, they love way too much.

>> No.13842951

No such thing a too much love

>> No.13843003

A singing Kikimora dancing through the house.

A man can dream.

>> No.13843007
File: 198 KB, 460x817, Type2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would never be able to have a kiki. I'd feel bad about her not accepting any money as payment for cleaning for me and try to pay her/take her out for lunch/give her gifts.

>> No.13843009


I give her a light scolding for not being inside the house before letting her in and showing her what love is all about.

I mean, any capable Kiki knows how to pick locks and break and enter any house with ease!

>> No.13843010

Love Terrorism is too much love. If you have to scare the love back into someone, it's not a healthy relationship.

>> No.13843013

how would that even work?

>> No.13843016

Kiki's don't work for free anon. You pay them with love and daughterus.



>> No.13843017

I want a kiki to slap me for trying to pay her and then stammer out an apology after she realizes what she did

>> No.13843019

I know, but the poor dear can't just work all day without food! I'd happily make her sandwiches and take her out for coffee! It's the least I can do!

>> No.13843023

Oooh, assertive kiki who knows what she wants.

Like, snuggling the fuck out of you in her free time and calling it "payment". Imagine chilling out on the couch, and suddenly having a fluffy meido monstergirl jump on top of you and hug the shit out of you.

>> No.13843024

That's fine anon. Be sure to cuddle and headpat her too! A Kiki thrives on headpats!

>> No.13843026

Would she accept gifts on Christmas (Or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or whatever she celebrates), Valentine's day, and her birthday, or would that be going too far?

>> No.13843028

>tfw no cait kitten daughterus to pet, play and spoil with
Why even live

>> No.13843030

give her a gift for when you want to

>> No.13843032

Of course anon. Gift her things whenever you want to. She might not admit it, but a lovely new dress or broom will always be appreciated.

Remember though, the best give you can give her is your love.

>> No.13843033

most maids wouldn't hurt their master

>> No.13843035

Aren't kikis from slavic mythology? I wonder how high their alcohol tolerance is.

>> No.13843036

Alright, everybody. Another day, another poll on what the best species of monster in a certain family is.
Yesterday, we all voted on our favorite species of Dragon. Wurms won with a massive 48% of all total votes.
Today, we vote on the Wolf Family. As such, have some wolf-based music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXAujry_DSM

>> No.13843038

Kiki and Hell are already tied

>> No.13843041

The vote was rigged on Dragons, Wurms should'nt have won. They aren't even real dragons.

>> No.13843045

>Give your Kikimora the day off
>She spends the whole day squatting in the corner with a bottle of vodka
>While wearing a tracksuit

>> No.13843048

KC classifies them as a part of the Dragon family, therefore I had to include them as part of the poll.
I personally voted for Ryu, however.

>> No.13843058
File: 198 KB, 737x1200, ShinyKiki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I still don't understand why Kikimora's fall under the wolf family. They have feathers, scales and dog ears. Where is the wolf part?

>> No.13843060

does she get on shitty games and talk only in Russian

>> No.13843061

I want to hand make a broom for a Kiki

>> No.13843064

My guess is the dog ears make them close enough to wolves. I looked the original Slavic mythological figure up on Wiki, and it said nothing about wolves or canines of any sorts.
Although, I did learn that the plural of Kikimora is Kikimory. So that was interesting.
Also apparently when a Kiki moves in, they live behind the stove and make squeaking noises to get food, and that's completely adorable.

>> No.13843067

I want to knit a muffler for a kiki and catch her wearing it during the summer

>> No.13843069

Holy shit I'm fucking pissed

I'm so pissed I might kill myself

What Monster Girl will calm me down and stop me from being salty the best?

>> No.13843071

A yeti. Definitely a yeti. They're soft, fluffy, adorable, and want to take you in their arms and snuggle you for hours on end.

>> No.13843072


>> No.13843075

I want to nurse a kiki back to health and be her butler during it

>> No.13843080

When she finally gets used to being catered to, she'll start asking you to do more things, like give her massages.

And then she'll ask you to caress her.

"Today, I am the master."

>> No.13843083

Do you want to kill her? She'd try to force herself out of bed insisting that it isn't proper and that it's her role to look after you.

>> No.13843085

Absolutely disgusting.

>> No.13843086

Exactly and then we are both master
Well I'd force her to stay in bed, maybe cuddles would work to keep her down

>> No.13843097

I want a clingy Kikimora to follow me without my knowledge

>> No.13843098

>you're sitting on your couch watching tv
>you hear footstips tip-tapping down the stairs
>you see your kiki barreling towards you
>she jumps in your lap and starts cuddling and nuzzling you
>the two of you spend the rest of the day in a big fluffy pile, watching tv and ordering takeout for dinner to give your kiki a break

>> No.13843100

damn a that is cute I wonder how many times a week she does that

>> No.13843101

>Well I'd force her to stay in bed, maybe cuddles would work to keep her down
But if you had to go to work you'd need to think of a solution
>You can't just leave her like this, if you do she's going to get up and start cleaning the moment you're gone
>With no other ideas coming to mind you call one of those hugging services they're always advertising in the newspapers
>The Yeti arrives and instantly tries to drag you off to bed with a warm smile on my face
>"Oh no it's not for me, it's for her" you say motioning to your sick maid
>The takes a moment to register what you just said before the disappointment shows on her face
>You offer to pay her extra and be on your way
>After a hard day's work you come home to find them peacefully sleeping with their arms wrapped around each other for warmth
>You almost want to join them but they look so peaceful


>> No.13843102

Isn't the one on the left NTR mare?

>> No.13843104

that would keep the maid down. Hopefully she is more willing to rest as the days go on

>> No.13843105

One step away from dicking the cat and becoming a filthy furry.

>> No.13843109 [SPOILER] 
File: 62 KB, 600x623, 1438174360315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't blink.

>> No.13843112

Anon, that's barely a monster girl. That's like saying if a cute girl wears a Cthulhu hoodie, she's a monster girl.

>> No.13843114

That's not a monstergirl, it's just a normal girl in an ugly hoodie.

>> No.13843116

I want to treat a kiki to a night on the town

>> No.13843117
File: 167 KB, 1000x724, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shes a monster in bed
What about this one?

>> No.13843119
File: 18 KB, 243x190, 1420698623269.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.13843121

Much better.

>> No.13843125

How much work would a pregnant kiki do? Would she stop completely

>> No.13843127

That is why you hire another kiki so they can swap off

>> No.13843131

>Live behind the stove and make squeaking noises

I'm now imagining a family of tiny Kikimory making a large community behind a stove.

>> No.13843132

>not working

>> No.13843133

I'm reporting you to MGC for Kiki abuse.

Really, hiring another kiki to clean is like telling your kiki that you're bored of her for sex and want to bring in someone new.

>> No.13843135

I'm not sure I could make it through sex with a Kiki without giggling like an idiot. All those feathers look like they'd tickle!

>> No.13843138

but what if you don't want her to push herself because of the pregnancy?

>> No.13843139

>implying this is bad
>implying the maid won't do as her master wishes

>> No.13843140

maybe she has a tickle fetish

>> No.13843141

I want Kikimora twins to be my maids and have them each cling to an arm

>> No.13843142

Bully detected, I'm contacting my local anti bully ranger

>> No.13843143

even when full of Daughteru?

>> No.13843144 [SPOILER] 
File: 196 KB, 540x779, 1438175438086.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to sneak up to Gamer Gazer and Jabberwock, as them who they voted for in the big Smash Bros ballet to vote for a character they wanted in Smash.

And then I'll tell them that the results are in, and show them pic related that is the outcome of the Smash Ballet.

Then I hide behind the couch as their reaction commences.

>> No.13843145

A man of taste.

>> No.13843146


>> No.13843147

Well, if she gets off on tickling me during sex, I'm fine with that. I'm not into tickling other people during sexytimes, but her tickling me doesn't sound too bad.

>> No.13843149

>HE didn't win
Brb killing myself.

>> No.13843150

It could be worse. At least it's not 106.

>> No.13843151

they each take a side to not fight

>> No.13843152

No self-respecting kiki would be stopped by something like that.

These are apex meidos for crying out loud.

>> No.13843153

Watch her get all flustered when she brushes past you and accidentally tickles you with her feathers.

>> No.13843154

eye love gazers and monoeyes

>> No.13843155

Remove monoeyes.

>> No.13843156

>implying anything is worse than 682

>> No.13843158

no I refuse

>> No.13843161
File: 59 KB, 761x611, 1418318748214.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm contacting my local anti retard ranger.

>> No.13843162

That's just fine, there enough who will.

>> No.13843163

So really preggo Kiki flawlessly doing her job

>> No.13843165

If not, then she needs to git gud.

>> No.13843166

I want to snuggle with a Matango!

>> No.13843169

Monoeye is lovely and does not need to be bullied

>> No.13843170

>Jabberwock goes on a rampage throwing couches around, shouting how this is fucking bullshit, and calls for Sakurai's head on a pike
>Admist the flying furniture, Gazer just slouches in the corner, and takes a drink from her liquor bottles, and opens her wallet, knowing this feeling of absolute despair and disappointment
>She looks at her wallet picture of Ridley, and weeps

>Meanwhile upstairs Jabberwock's father wonders what all that racket is in the basement, then just writes it off as "kids being kids" despite his daughteru being a NEET Christmas Cake

>> No.13843171

I'm a huge faggot please rape my face.jpg

>> No.13843174