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For me it was a couple of years ago. It was during the time when the remedy for shitty /a/ threads is a 'touhou hijack'. It would be initiated by some tripfag with that pic of Marisa with the words'Touhou Hijack, LOL!' in it. At first I thought it was stupid, killing a thread with a fuckton of touhou fanart, but then I saw this on one of those hijack threads and somehow got mesmerized. You could say she was my first touhou.

Since then I've been scouring the net for more, until I learned what it is about, played the games, etc.

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Cool story bro

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I wonder what happened to YOUR LOCAL CHINK

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I played the perfect cherry blossom demo when it was featured in a gaming mag, just as a entry on free shumps. No one new what it was, a year later I found out through various sources and a little investigation work.

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i saw the bullet hell screenshots, and I followed.

and the rest is history.

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well there you go.

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guess what flash movie got me into it

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I got in into it about 4 years ago, one of my friends was big into PCB and introduced me to it.

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Same exact thing.

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My friend and I were talking about useless characters.

Reisen came up.

And so it began.

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From pictures of Chen and Ran. I follow the rest from there. Still haven't played any of the games.

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A friend of mine showed me the game. It was one of the first games for Windows, quite possibly EoSD, but I'm not sure now. I didn't really get into the games until PoFV, and did not really care for the "franchise" and characters until /a/ caught up on it, though.

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Saw a screenshot on /v/ ages ago and looked it up.

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I saw them for sale at a convention while perusing other doujin games, so I bought a few of them and was immediately hooked. Six or so months later, IOSYS took the world by storm, /a/ caught on, and I sat back in my leather chair, sipping some expensive scotch with my pinky extended, chuckled as I saw my new passion gaining attention throughout the fandom, and said, "I was doing it before it was cool."

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When /jp/ split off from /a/ I moved here because I prefer VNs to animu. Then I was like "okay, I guess I'd better play this Touhou thing so I can understand what 75% of these threads are about".

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All started with this for me.

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stumbled upon / played the games in a shmup spree years ago

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My former roommate kept bugging me to try this game that was, according to him, "the hardest game ever made", I eventually caved and played PCB, I got hooked, but never explored the series, just PCB. I never visited /a/ either, so when /jp/ was created, I took a look for shits and giggles, and when I saw a touhou thread I was like "Holy shit, people actually know about Touhou?"

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I got into it about three years ago when I browsed pooshelmer because of it being a partial Rozen Maiden board. I downloaded the PCB demo, loved it. The Touhou 1-9.5 torrent soon followed along with the music and doujins. I browsed /a/ more often because of it and soon left pooshelmer when it became unbearable, then /jp/ after split.

Yuyuko was my first favourite.

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I was searching some booru for pictures, then I found some Flash game where you were Reisen with a scary manly face and you had to shoot Hong Meiling or something.

A few days later I asked /a/ what anime it was from, and they told me to kill myself, obviously. But then they finally told me it was Touhou. I googled it, found DoujinStyle, and played some of the games

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Just downloaded one of 'em from the Comiket stuff available on Winny years ago (don't recall which one), I remember laughing at the terrible artwork and wound up enjoying some side-scrolling shooter much more.

...And after all these years, the art is just as bad as it ever was.

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>...And after all these years, the art is just as bad as it ever was.

No it isn't. It's worse. Some PCB drawings were half-decent, buz ZUN has gotten progressively shittier with each new game.

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I got hooked on the music, hooked onto the characters, and completely ignored the games.

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God, I remember that game.

I still have the song that plays when you shoot someone on my mp3. Sayonara. Good stuff.

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I became aware of it via desuchan, but I didn't start playing it until it started taking over /a/. I saved fanart for a while, and I don't really recall what motivated me to actually d/l a torrent of TH1-9.5.

Looking back at my disorganized, non-renamed images, the first several Touhou pics I saved were all Sakuya, which is funny because I don't even like her very much now.

<--- first non-Sakuya touhou pic I saved

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For me it was a couple of years ago. It was during the time when the remedy for shitty /a/ threads is a 'touhou hijack'. It would be initiated by some tripfag with that pic of Marisa with the words'Touhou Hijack, LOL!' in it. At first I thought it was stupid, killing a thread with a fuckton of touhou fanart, but then I saw this on one of those hijack threads and somehow got mesmerized. You could say she was my first touhou.

Since then I've been scouring the net for more, until I learned what it is about, played the games, etc.

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Sure. She was the first Touhou I encountered.

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Years ago I was browsing 4chan's torrents board, looking for good doujin music or games. (I had gotten a couple of games by French-Bread and I was looking for more of the same). I stumbled across a torrent for Super Marisa World, not knowing what it was.

I thought this Marisa girl was cute, but I had no idea what she was from.

Then I came across MegaMari, played it, and found it is the HARDEST FUCKING GAME EVER but I was entranced by the characters. "Remilia Scarlet?" I said. "That has to be the best name for a bad guy (girl) I've ever seen."

I did some Wikipedia searches, and found Pooshlmer (both its image board and wiki.)

I downloaded and played the games, starting at EoSD and moving my way up from there.

(It was a special moment in my Touhou history when I saw the characters for the first time in canonical artwork. "Hey! That's Marisa! Hey, that's Cirno! Hey, that's RAY MOO HA KOO RAY!")

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I was introduced into the touhou series just by lurking at 4chan for days and there was all this talk about touhou. I wikipedia'ed the word and the rest was history.

I like most of the characters now, but I will not play any of the games anytime soon.

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Who the hell is that?

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First stage boss from Touhou 12.

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"Hay gaiz, I need new music to listen to."


"Eternal Nocturne?"

"And this."

"Perfect Cherry Blossom GST? What are these?"

"You'll like them trust me."


A month later I was banging my head against the wall that is Yuyuko.

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Well i moved to /jp/ because i was sick of the faggotry on /a/ and because i liked Visual Novels more than anime. When i got here I picked up the games and everything seeing as how 90% of threads are touhou related.

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I love you Meiling~

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for me it was on /tg/ what with the stat me threads for the varous girls so i got curous and then found out what everything was and now im here

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This fucking god damn board and you shit nigger weeaboos posting it 4/5 of the time.

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I also first found out about touhou through the hijacks. I searched it up on wikipedia and thought it looked fun. I then proceeded to download some of the games, and got hooked.

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i love the fighting games, and love mugen
One day, in serach of old chars, i downloaded a semi compete mugen by torrent of 4 gb
i checked that and save a lot of chars, then i see 3 "weirds" chars with spellcards when the hp goes to 1/4...
Marisa, Patchouli and Remilia (last one with invented last card, mix of sakuya's world and a card of remilia)
then i ask what animu was they from, he told me, from imperishable night (???????)
i discovered touhou and im here ( never thought /jp/ was touhou board, i knew only cancerous /b/ and /v/ and /co/ )
well, this is my boring story.

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last night there was a nice thread from some guy asking about it, and i thought i would get in on it. downloaded the three games that were linked to, before the kojimanigger came and fucked shit up.

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Wait !
Whats going on in this picture ?

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Wow, I didn't think this thread would go anywhere.

I remember in 2004 one of my classmates played some STG with lolis, but as far as I can remember it didn't look like Touhou. I think there were male characters.

Never really encountered STGs again until the Touhou threads on /a/, so I'm a latecomer.

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That is all, for now.

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Needs more ass...

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I feel a bit embarrassed to say this but, I... I got McRolled once, really liked the harmony of the incoherent screams and searched for the background music and found U.N. Owen was Her.

>> No.1382247

I was in college. Guy across the hall had Scarlet Devil, Cherry Blossom, and Imperishable Night. This was before IN had a complete english patch. Got em from him and have gotten every touhou since. He also always had touhou music plaing from his computer.

>> No.1382256

Sauce on this? Couldn't find it using the english on it.

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I've known about Touhou for about 4 years, and I still don't see the appeal.

It looks like a mediocre series of games with a lot of doujins to me, and nobody ever really talks about the games themselves or says that they're all that great. Just hard.

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Ikaruga introduced me to Touhou, but when I pretty much stopped playing video games as much, I still stuck with the Touhou doujins and music.

>> No.1382407

I got one of first cd with GGXX in my country.
"Wow, holy shit i just got internet let see what people think about this."
And on some forum i met some guys talking about 4chen or something.
Also there was this pic set of girls with ridiculous hats...

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I was browsing /t/ and saw a torrent posted for a game called Imperishable Night with lots of comments. So I decided to get it and try it out. Though it wasn't another year or so before I realized that it was Touhou. In my mind it was just a fun shooter with lots of moonspeak.

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I was looking for Suigintou images over at /touhou/
At first I thought Touhou was some sort of bullshit fanmade Rozen maiden.
But thenI say this image of Flan and I wanted to know more

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I played the EoSD demo when it first came out. It was a mediocre demo, but I noticed that it had nice music for a doujin game. I tried the full version when it was relased, and thought it was a bit better, again mostly due to the music. I was mostly impressed when I found out that one Japanese man made the game on his own.

Half my life has been about shoot-em-ups (and vampires and Castlevania), so of course I'd end up liking Touhoe.

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You have far too many pictures of this character

See a doctor of some sort

>> No.1382763

I saw someone beat Mokou on Youtube without losing a single life. It was the most amazing thing ever, and I wanted to be just like that person.

I beat Mokou recently. Hard mode is Normal mode.

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>bullshit fanmade Rozen maiden

It pretty much is, really.

>> No.1382781

Wat? RM started after touhou.

>> No.1382867

Someone posted Sakuya on /a/ and thought she was pretty cool, then searched for the games and the rest is history. This was on early 2006 I think.

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