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Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.

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Beast youkai are every bit as intelligent as humans and deserve the same reproductive rights.

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Given that humans are shitting out so many crotchspawn we've crushed our ability to feed ourselves, I'd argue that reproduction should not be a right.

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notice the expert avoidance in drawing kagerou's hooker nails

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Kagerou's technically a human.

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We're more than able to feed everyone on Earth, the system is broken because the few people that were given the most control over it only care about filling their pockets.

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We're able to produce enough food for everyone on Earth, but the problem is mostly figuring out who needs food, getting it to them, and paying everyone who would be involved in such a purely nonprofit exercise.

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Kagerou is a bitch in heat!

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>reproductive rights
That's a sad joke.

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Should trap her in stocks in the middle of the village for public use. Everybody wins.

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you're responding to a joke, faggot.

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Unfortunately too many people seriously believe it in real life, with very negative consequences.

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Nah, she just needs proper obedience training.

>Huh? "You're banned from masturbating"...? Hmph... I see...
>(Humans are scary.)

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Sounds like the same thing.

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Allowing monsters to multiply? You are suicidal and an idiot.

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If only you and him were to become self-aware of how fucking retarded you both are.

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The joke of
is that "as intelligent as humans" isn't saying much when humans take pains to preserve the weak and aberrant of their species and allow them to breed with others, but decide to remove those rights from other species, failing to see the irony of their actions.

No, no! You must make Kagerou work for her rewards and foster obedience and loyalty, instead of just making her see every human male as a cock provider.

Bad Kagerou! Bad girl!

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Does she see everyone as a cock provider, though?

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After a good session of being locked for public use, she will.

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>tips fedora

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Oh. I guess.

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I'm very sorry, but it seems that your kagerou has a bad case of jpeg artifacts.

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The only retard here is you

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Could there be a way to prevent that while still doing the public use thing?

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epic tips fedora

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If your pet never leaves your home then there's no need to spay or neuter.

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That image is too cute.

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better than meme doghu
worse than dumb echo dog

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I want to reproduce with Kagerou and have a whole litter of half wolf children

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Kagerou and Keine are not "beast youkai" or even "half-youkai". They are "were-youkai". For roughly 29 days and 28 nights out of a month, they are perfectly normal human beings who are human. For ~12 hours every 708 hours, they are completely and wholly youkai. Only when the full moon is shining do they become youkai, the change to youkai is complete, and that occurs one night per lunar cycle. At all other times, they are human.

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99% of the Touhou fanbase are secondaries. You're wasting your breath.

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I'm pretty sure that's what he's banking on.

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>perfectly normal human beings
>dog ears
A hurr and a durr to you, good sir.

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Man lemme tell you how I banged this dank chick, her name was Kagerou but two days after we fucked my doctor said I got the artifacts from her and after two months I will never be clearly rendered again.

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Me too.

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Fuck the police I would knock up this wolfhu

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Hard humping this hirsute honey for a happy household!

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Thank you, Impregnator!

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hot pic bruv

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Marry the wolfhu.

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People support this but don't give a shit about controlling the population of humans. What garbage

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