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It's been a while since we had this.

Who's stronger? Miko or Byakuren? Imo Miko should be stronger since she's a real saint and she's got a shit ton of Taoist magic tricks.

I think Eirin is stronger than Yukari though.

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This triggers my autism

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Neither, since their power depends on faith

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BYakuren is weaker spiritually because she can't even get Buddhism right.

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2hus using their full/true power discussions are always bullshit. If it comes to non-lethal danmaku though, I would rate Seija the highest under the protags since she can beat everyone in ISC without using items.

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Religionshus are trash. I even consider animalhus stronger.

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Byakuren has bigger paizuri power.

Miko has bigger footjob power.

That's all that matters.

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There we go. Strongest 2hu discussion over, now we don't have to talk about the moonbitches or discuss a shutload of hags while arguing.

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Demonbane is still stronger. One swing of the Shining Trapezohedron and she's done for.

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Pffdzsh, I'm pretty sure my dick is stronger than Demonbane.

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>"Imo Miko should be stronger"
>proceeds to post pic of Miko losing

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Ok then can we talk about how certain powers work? Like say, Seija's power of flipping shit.

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I would imagine that Byakuren has the advantage in brute strength, while Miko has cunning and tons of hermit tricks to help her out.

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>Beast youkai



>Moon shitters

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> Ran>Keine
Dafuq? Keine can change the past and shit

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Remilia can control fate and she lost to Reimu
Yuyuko can kill anyone in a second and she lost to Reimu
Sakuya can stop time and she also lost to Reimu.

Character powers doesn't really mean anything thanks to spellcard rules.

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Why mokou isn't in "humans"?

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I thought we were talking about actual powerlevels.

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I wonder why the 2hus with those superpowerful abilities like Yukari and Remilia actually abide by the spellcard rules when they could easily just ignore them and overthrow the system.

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Yukari is all for the spell card rules and it's implied that she helped create them. Remi along with everyone else follows them because Lord ZUN the creator of everything told them to or some shit.

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I missed out on a shit ton characters,but I would put Mokou above reimu due to her immortality.

Yukari created the system,and Remilia just does stuff that interest her,she doesn't want to control Gensokyo

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There is so much wrong with this.

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Well, yeah, but that's a given. It's Demonbane.

I'd argue that Yuuka is stronger than Suika, and Eiki is stronger than everyone on all of those lists, but those are moot points.

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How inaccurate is this chart?

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That's pretty outdated.

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As inaccurate as Neil Armstrong should be on the EX tier.

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Onis are overpowered!

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Didn't ZUN say moon bitchest couldn't be beat by anyone in gensokyo

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Well, he forgot about PoFV. Again.

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This is a garbage list.

Youkai would be
Yukari > Suika > Flandre > Remilia > Yuugi > Yuuka

Beast Youkai would probably be
Ran (With Yukari's Power) > Utsuho > Aya > Mamizou > Keine > Ran? > Tewi > Chen

Magicians would probably be
Alice (With Grimoire) > Byakuren = Marisa > Patchouli > Alice

A human list would be meaningless because of Sakuya and Mokou. Also, if you count Futo as a human, you should count Tenshi and Miko as well.

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All existence, real or imagined, is merely a subset of Yukari's will

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Yuuka should be right below Yukari, if not on her level

she's so strong she can break the 4th wall

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Reading about Yukari's abilities makes chills run down my spine.

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Mine too. That highlighted one implies she can cause the heat death of the universe at any point I think.

Not that she ever would!

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Yukari's powerlevel is all over the board in SSiB.

Early on: Manipulates the very border of true and false, turning a reflection of the moon into the real moon

Later: Bleaze don'd kill me lunariams

Later than that: Escaped the Lunar capitol without a scratch and stole their shit

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>Early on: Manipulates the very border of true and false, turning a reflection of the moon into the real moon

Suika did the same thing in BAiJR, and it's not even something she's known for.

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>due to her long lifespan
Woah woah woah
That's absolutely incorrect, as Yukari is only Seventeen Years Young
If this is wrong, everything else listed might be subject to scrutiny as well...

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Reminder that Yukari wrote that article, she's sustained by human fear, and Akyuu says that most of the articles on youkai exaggerate how powerful they are.

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Oy vey, it's an informational printwork, that makes it more canon than the existence of the Watatsukis!

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Using their actual superpower would be like using nuke. And nuke is no fun. Plus, overthrowing the system would be too costly and too much hassle.

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Suika said Yuugi is more powerful than her though.

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Could I beat Cirno in a fight?

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If we're talking about win records against Touhou characters then VIVIT is the strongest at least in danmaku, since she probably only got beaten by Yuuka. Yes, I know the 2hus in Seihou are just there for extra content, but still.

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I think technology in VIVIT's world already surpassed magic

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No, Suika said Yuugi was physically stronger, but she also said that she has more powerful magical abilities than Yuugi.

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Patchouli below Marisa lol no Patchouli is probably the only character to beat a serious non drunk Suika

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Suika gets stronger the more she drinks.

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Despite being only a stage 3 boss, without the spell card rules, Doremy would probably be unbeatable in the dream world, with the power to manipulate dreams.

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Yukari isn't a console kiddie who uses the kill command to win every fight in skyrim

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They BENEFIT from the system.

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Goku is stronger than all the 2hus together.

But MAYBE they could beat Superman.

Batman is not stronger than them, but would outwit them all and therefor never lose a fight.

>Source is from all the cannon material available.

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Suika's also kind of an idiot so her powerlevel doesn't matter drunk or sober.

Heh, sober Suika. I crack myself up.

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In theory Suika can make black holes.
I think.

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She already does in the fighting game.

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Yeah i know, But i mean a big one.
Not just a little vacuum orb thing.

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Goku can be killed by disease though.

Lots of 2hus can do that

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She clearly wasn't that serious, though. And aside from that, danmaku isn't really proof of strength.
Patchouli would be higher, but her anemia and lack of any physical strength means that she has little lasting power.

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Better list


>Beast Youkai




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Aya the weakest?
she's so strong she can allow herself to make photos while her opponent fights for real
I don't think there was a single time Aya fought 100%

Also, all humans are more or less on the same level.

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Goku can be killed by many things

like, Yukari writing him out of existence.

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Nah that would have no effect on him, he's just to powerful to be affected by stuff like that, which makes him immune to all those hocus pocus powers.

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Your vastly overrating Keine. Her powers aren't what you think they are.

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your right
Only EXKeine should be there

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Yukari opens a gap to the city of books, calls her good old drinking friend Featerine Augustus Aurora and then Goku is no more.

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or Homu


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Goku just avoids it because you know he's faster than light so none can't really do anything against him because he just dodges it.

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None of you are even close

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Haven't you read Umineko? Just about all of the stronger characters there surpass the concept of speed, moving FTL is pointless for them.

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>dodges it


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>dodges it

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yeah but moving FTL + having an infinite number of power level kinda makes everything useless against him.

Like if Flann would try and destroy Goku(being able to destroy anything) that would be like a fly taking a shit on a human.

And all mind powers does not even affect Goku, because his power level is so high that his power level would just bounce it back like a shield.

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One important distinction everyone here seems to forget all the time is between bullshit one can pull off with sufficient prep time and immediate combat capabilities. Yukari, Eirin and Kanako are obvious overlords of the former category, while the latter is probably dominated by onis, vampires and the strongest lunarians, with the strongest forces of the afterlife (yama) existing beyond powerlevels, but possible to avoid confrontation with altogether.
I won't bother ranking all the 2hus, or listing everything that's wrong with >>13789004 (for starters, >PC-98 >canon) because that's a huge hassle and everyone with half a brain could more or less tell who the big power players are and who is meh tier.

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Byakuren is stronger, because of her multi-colored hair.

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Any proof that Flan can't do shit to Goku? Goku isn't even close to the same level as characters like Featherine and Bern so it's kind of irrelevant to debate it.

>> No.13791469

It's really hard to dodge things when you're fast. Just look at Reimu C (the aya shottype) in SA. Literally impossible to dodge bullets!

>> No.13791512

Do you even listen to the Music CD's? They tell way more about the lore than the game/mangas.
You should do that, and if you do you will see why Goku would not take any damage from Flann.

>> No.13791559

music CDs? Wut?
Even if you are correct about Goku being unaffected by Flandre I still have a large number of reality warping characters to pit him against.
Say, how is Goku's resistance towards conceptual attacks?

>> No.13791569

The music CD are about doll + Tales of Maribel and Renko.

It doesn't say shit about Flan at all.

Do you mean the literature?

>> No.13791581

Oh wait! You were talking about the Touhou CDs? I thought you were talking about some obscure DBZ CD that no one heard of.

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This bitch could probably destroy someone slowly by trapping them in nightmares

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A bit unrelated but I thought nips agreed that Myuugi > Demonbane?
I remembered that they put it around that Myuugi > Hajun > Demonbane in their powerlevel discussion.

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What kind of power Alice with grimoire power has?
Is it that so-calle ultimate magic aka power of creation, the same as Shinki has?

>> No.13793621

Sounds likee no limit fallacy. Only uneducated newfag will use it in a discussion.

>> No.13793646

It's called ultimate magic, similar to what Yuuka obtained semi-canonically. I don't think it's been specified what it does, but Alice seems to be able to make her own dimension with it.

>> No.13793674

If she can make a dimension, doesn't it mean that she is possibly be the strongest Touhou, because unlike Yukari's border manipulation which depended upon an existing concept, making a dimension implied creating something out of nothingness.

>> No.13793723

But in LoLK any old 2hu can just wander in there.

>> No.13793742


No because you are shit outside of that dimension and yukari can still shift your dimension's border with the cuck dimension and all your marisas will be fugged by pig-orcs old men.

>> No.13793777

>the cuck dimension
Tell us more about the cuck dimension.

>> No.13793881

Alice can make a doll made of Demonbane component which is impossible to be manipulated and control it inside the dimension. Thus she won against the great sage. Also Demonbane doll can rewrite reality of cuck dimension so it will cease to exist.

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Spell card rules aside, the truly most powerful...

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Border of objects within x space being manipulable and objects within x space being un-manipulable

Erasing the very concept of manipulation

Demonbane aint much use without space to exist in, is it?

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Aya is not a "beast youkai".

>> No.13794605

Demonbane grew to be so bullshit that it transcended the concept of space and literally destroyed space by doing so.

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so you really don't know shit

>AUAU writes that Goku is dead
>it doesn't matter what and how killed him, she'll think about that later

How would he dodge that?

or else
>AUAU writes the the DB universe, and everything universe is composed of, the Other World and Goku included, becomes a giant fireball

How is Goku going to counter that?
Even if he isn't somehow affected, which is not possible, the entire universe, his friends and family included, are literally fire

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This is more autistic than kids discussing if Superman or Goku is the strongest.

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Yuyuko is the strongest!

>> No.13794872

If you are going to include EX, then EX Yuuka is the stronkest Youkai

>> No.13794876

Being dead doesn't affect his ability to fight.

You have to understand, he was literally turned into a piece of candy and still kicked someone's ass.

>> No.13794880

Powerlevel battle is retarded.

At least make it internal.

>> No.13794924

yeah it's a stupid question

as anything and everything western superheroes related

>> No.13795048

These questions are always so pointless and retarded, it does not matter how much people twist and turns everyones powers to make it look like their character is stronger ,it's all up to the creator of the characters who's the strongest.

Unless the creator/writer specifically says that X character is stronger than Z there's no point in arguing.

And it's not all about "powerlevel" either, Batman is a perfect example for this, he's obviously weaker than nearly all of his enemies but manages to always win because wits and shit but none takes that into account(except for that one guy in this thread).

It's like in every comic/manga/game/whatever, the one who wins the fight is the one the writer needs to win for the story, not the strongest one.

So it doesn't matter if someone can manipulate dreams/border/whatever and shit, they will still lose to anyone if the story needs them to.

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He can't fight if he didn't even exist.

>> No.13795119

Goku can't even beat Superman. Also Goku will probably lose to even Marisa lazers.

>> No.13795123

As much as I love Yukari, Demonbane is just too much.

>> No.13795170

I don't really think that grimoire of Alice is really that strong. She still can't even create a perfect living doll/automaton anyway.

>> No.13795179

Can any Demonbanefag answers this >>13793588 ?
As far as I can remember Myuugi isn't omnipotent. I wonder why moonspeaker put her in the top place.

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I have no idea who this 'Myuugi' character is so I'd appreciate if you could explain to me who it is.
I'm also not really that familiar with Elder God Demonbane (the one who can do anything and everything), I've just been using normal Demonbane with the full Shining Trapezohedron (see pic). Hopefully the other guy knows more about EGD.

>Demonbane doll
How the fuck would she achieve that?

>> No.13795249

Border manipulation isn't absolute, even for Yukari. After all, she's useless against Eiki. And since Eiki could be summoned by Demonbane, Yukari loses to Demonbane.

>> No.13795857

Welcome to Alice's Wonderland. A place where its inhabitant is merry.
Myuugi is from Eien no Aselia series. Wielder of rank 1 Eien Shinken which can bring into reality whatever she wishes. Apparently she automatically erases everything that bear a slightest ill feeling towards her in a scale higher than multiverses.
Also she ate other omnipotent being easily.

>> No.13796414

What about the likes of Tenshi?

>> No.13797984

For some reason I see a lot of people rating her really high. She's my favourite 2hu so I'd really like to rate her high but her powers seem really underwhelming compared to some others. Control of weather and ability to manipulate earthquakes? That's nothing when compared to the abilities of other top tier 2hus.

>> No.13797997

I think people rate her quite high because celestial skin are nigh invulnerable, or something like that

>> No.13798076

Because Reimu would kill them if need be. Reimu is the strongest because ZUN.

Also, even though some don't want to admit it, everyone knows the eesidents of Gensokyo would be fucked if the border got destroyed. Because that would happen if by off-chance Reimu would lose.

>> No.13798090

Yukaris power stops where outside world-human knowledge and awareness starts.

>> No.13800749

If you could have any Touhou's power, whose would you take?

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Bernkastel's of course