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>Account balance: $60.20

How's everyone holding up?
I'm too ugly to suck dick for cash, btw.

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38€ when will I be rich without doing anything

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>I'm too ugly to suck dick for cash

That's what glory holes are for, fuccboi

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There aren't any glory holes where I live.

We can all be spiritually rich in Gensokyo

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>mfw can't make it as a neet, need to work

Where can I find someone to pay me to suck their cock?

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I still have 8 months to enjoy myself.

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the internet

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what the fuck bellyman

where did that come from

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But craigslist doesn't work well.

I need to feed the lust of a young, blossoming slut while getting paid for it.

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/jp/ mansion needs to happen. We can all pool our nonexistant neetbux together and never have to work again

in all seriousness, looking into freeter lifestyle. make enough money to be neet for months at a time

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I've seen this image posted a fuck ton and every time I've tried to work out how this square root method works, but I don't have a fucking clue. Can someone explain?

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My parents pay for everything since they feel sorry for me : )

In all seriousness though, I probably need to apply for neet bucks soon, since I feel bad about being such a worthless piece of shit.

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$261 in both my spending and saving account. My cousin owes me about $55, and I've got some stuff to sell that should net me about $200.

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Is your cousin a cute girl? Maybe you could forgive her debt and she would fuck you in return.

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My cousin's a he. We'vejust fucked the other day, but he still owes me that moolah. nigga's gotta put on the table, y'know?

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I am not >>13784862
My cousin is a he and fairly normie, he's trying to date a girl but she's shy and doesn't talk much. Im not gay, so I dont want to fuck him. He's also older than me.

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>tfw spent $500 on anime collectibles this month alone
I don't think I would survive for a week if I were poor.

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feelio when 95 cents richer than op

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Belly heaven.

The only way to be a neet and not be a burden to your parents. When you get too old to do this, its the moment for a white hot bullet in the head.

Or save enough to become a landlord.

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eat the rich

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>Or save enough
Strangely enough, being a worthless piece of shit of a NEET has taught me how to best manage my money, and to find ways to enjoy myself without burning through hundreds of dollars per week.

Also, I see your belly and raise it another belly.

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I wish there was a /jp/ mansion and we could dress up cutely and go around humming Touhou songs around the mansion...

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>go around humming Touhou songs around the mansion

That sounds cute as HECK!

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Around $6000 goridollars saved.

Hopefully it will last me 1.5 years more.

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I had to borrow $30 to keep my balance above 0. Gotta work for my aunt this week for a few hours (she says I'll be cleaning her garage as soon as her husband gets done getting some stuff he needs) just so i can have $0 in my bank.

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Truly this. I've learned that I the only thing truly worth spending money on is the necessities. Although lately I've been longing for the feeling of having a package full of goodies come in the mail for me and tearing it open with anticipation like a kid on Christmas day. But every time I try looking for things I realize nothing is worth buying. I guess I'll have to find a feeling to replace that one.

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i don't even have an account

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Yeah, me too.

I made an excel sheet with my income and monthly/yearly expenses. I've run into some extra expenses, but I haven't worked in 15 months and still have about 8 or so months of enjoyment.

Besides rent, food and essential bills, everything else is about managing money.

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Cocksucking Chase bank lost my IRS refund check. WTF do I do now

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I don't know but I'm going to lose it all to rent in august.

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anyone else here work for a few months and then quit to be a NEET for a few months and then go back to work when their savings runs out?

i've been doing that for a little over a year now and it has been great

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How much would you have to make to do that...

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That sounds wonderful to me, but won't your chances with employers be lowered when they see your spotty employment record? That's what has been preventing me from going down this route.

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It should be clear to anybody interviewing you that you're just gonna quit once you can afford to do so. Eventually you're not going to be able to get anything that isn't mcdonalds or some shit.

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>but won't your chances with employers be lowered when they see your spotty employment record?
A lot of work in many places is seasonal - farm work, fishing, certain types of retail.
Plus, most governments have special programs to give NEETbux to seasonal workers during off-season.

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I was talking about that earlier in the thread.

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I'm at $3,500 and growing.

Thinking of dumping a chunk into mutual funds or something soon.

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That's actually a good idea. It sounds like you actually went to college for at least some time. Good.

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>too ugly to suck dick for cash
Have you tried using makeup?

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Are there any glory holes in Gensokyo?

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Yeah, ask Yukari

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I have 72 cents.

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if you're a contractor it doesn't matter, you work one project for 3-6 months and then you're terminated since it ends

i do QA/Testing for big financial companies

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>Account balance: -$72
>College loan: $3000
>Wallet: $7.63

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How many shitposting dollars do you have saved up?

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kuso thread.

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And it begins.

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What begins?

Me rapin' your fuckin' kuso ass?

That's just another Tuesday for me, dorkenstein.

You got fuckin' rekt.

Shit kuso thread.

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Checking Account: $671.72
Savings Accout: $125

Credit card debt: $895.54
Student Loans: about $16,500

Gonna be enslaved by the Jews soon.

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Nowhere in the world is it Tuesday right now, Pedro.

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Have fun spending your next 12 hours complaining that someone likes something you don't. I'm just passing through.

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Thinking of trucking lads. It's basically being a NEET on wheels, deprived of human contact except for truck stop attendees and pay is good enough that I'd only have to work 4 months a year. Are there any downsides?

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>pay is good enough that I'd only have to work 4 months a year
The pay is terrible. How are you going to live on that? No insurance and hope nothing goes wrong, ever?

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What a fuck, dorklord? Like, did you lose your freakin' marbles or some shit?

It doesn't matter if you're just passin' through, you're still gonna take my dick up your ass.

That was a figure of speach, you freakin' retarded mongoloid.

Also, my name's not Pedro, capiche?

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>No insurance and hope nothing goes wrong, ever?
Isn't that what the majority of people 20-40 are already doing?

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Better hope nothing ever happens I guess. It's so expensive it'll be the end.

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Jose? Marco? Carlos? Well whatever your name is, this is an English speaking imagebord so please learn the language, compadre.

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Look at this. You're making me illiterate.

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You just fuckin' owned urself, nerdlord.

Like, kill urself now and git the fuck out of my /jp/, you kuso shitter.

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>my /jp/
You won't even be able to keep this up for a year. No one will remember you after that.

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Go get a job for your waifu.

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Who are you quoting?

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I'm just goin' with the flow, troglodyte.

I get a shtick every now&then.

I've had some really naice one's before too. You fuckin' memelords ate them up by the spoon.

The J has been fuckin' mine for ages now.

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a fictional person

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>The J
It's "The Jay", not "The J", dumb-ass.

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Nah, man..

It's "J".

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Something like 25k€. Working ain't so bad.

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Nope kiddo, nope.

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You first world NEETs have it easy.

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You've got more money than 50 Cent HAH

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Please do not feed the retard.
Thank you.

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I like him.

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My brother owe me $500
My neighbor ow me $400
My friend owe me $200
I owe money to no one.

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Well if he wants attention so badly I wish he'd at least put a trip on so I could filter his faggot ass.

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$32000 total cash bal
Just under $600000 in assets
£52000 debts.

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I'm about to feed you my cock, dude!


Thanks for the support broseph.

It's still "the J", though.


Trips are for nerdaloids, dude.

I'm all for the anonymous board culture and shieet.

I'm the most famous dude in all /jp/ that you never heard of.

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This guy right here, dates men.

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No fuckin' way, dude.

I'm not a fuckin' gaylord.

Fuck the gays, man.


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I bet you'd like to fuck a gay.

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Don't be such a tsundere, your secret is out fag.

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Nah, dudesters.

Gays are shit.

Fuck those fuckin' fuckers.

Like, kill all the gays.

They're worse than the freakin' negros.

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Same images as yesterday... sad... well atleast you have the unoriginal part of Trevor down.

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allowance finally cut off, this is it bros.

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You could probably find something with the time that buys you if you're down for it. Maybe a night guard or something if you're looking to avoid human contact.

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I should probably be looking for a job, but I think I suffer from acute social anxiety or something because I absolutely hate meeting new people and I'm just not capable of standing on my feet and talking to people face to face. It's unfair because jobs expect so much out of you in interviews and such. I hope it's grounds for NEET bux if I contact my doctor or something

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Making sick touhou beats and getting paid, income is a bit dry during event downtime though

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Have a about 8k cad.

Lent out about 15k cad.

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slurp slurp slurp swallow

That will be $1,100. Pay up or else.

>> No.13785852 [DELETED] 

I'd give you 20 cad to fuck you boy pussy fag.

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>not gay