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Touhou will die in your lifetime, and there's nothing you can do about it.

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Feelio when you realize that millions of people will die during your lifetime.

Feels good.

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Not if I die first.

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Just as everything does kid, you just get used to it after a while.

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with my lifestyle, and all the drugs I did, do and plan to do, I don't think I will live that long

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It will live in our individual hearts. Until we die, but then we won't have the capacity to give a shit.

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So will Kancolle or whatever else kills Touhou, though.

I don't think much of anything could completely stop Touhou for good though until ZUN dies of liver failure. So we have probably what, a good 1-2 years left?

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Thats life. Everything dies. But where would touhou go when it dies? Does it also go to Gensokyo?

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a real human being

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This shit is declinin' anyway.

Same shiet as the idol shit.

I'm off to watch some freakin' Animes and eat some icecream, because it's fuckin' hot here, like tropical weather, man.

Awww yeaaaahhhh, I got some strawberry cornettos as well, dude.

Life's gud.

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If you like anime so much why don't you fuck off to your board, /a/?

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I only watch /jp/ approved Animes.

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Put a trip already so I can filter you.

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This dude isn't me, guise.

Just lettin' you know, okay. Peace.

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filthy faker!

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not if I can die first

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You are wrong touhou a are immortal they only expload like this piece of evidence right here https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WdO37ahAvrw

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I believe ZUN said he wanted to stop making 2hu soon, but any guesses as to when that is?
Touhou is one of the only series I get excited about when I hear a new installment is being worked on. It honestly keeps me going throughout the day when I remember a new game is coming out soon.
My only wish is to play the final game before my illness kills me. Then I can go happily.

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kuso thread

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It was a joke, he does it every year on Twitter.
Also, hang in there anon, i hope you will die happily.

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>there are people who actually think this

Laughing my fucking ass off.

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ZUN's kid will continue touhou after ZUN dies, and so will ZUN's grandkids.

Touhou is ETERNAL.

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I see. I've never really looked at his twitter. Maybe I should wish for something more realistic.

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So OP how do you respond to the allegations that you just got owned?

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I'm pretty sure there's a bigger amount of people laughing at you all. Me included.

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It won't be so funny once i have the last laugh, faggot.

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ZUN wouldn't cry.

So I would cry for him.

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>all the posers from 2010 aren't into 2hu anymore, therefore it has lost value


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Who are you quoting memeposter?

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your mom

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By the time things like this matter, something better always comes out.

People like to pretend it's impossible but it always, always happens.

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You can't actually prove that.

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Jokes on you I'm dying in 6 months

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But why, anon?

See you in Gensokyo ;_;

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Jokes on you, when Touhou finally dies I will die alongside it. We die together OP.

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40k has 1/10th the following of touhou and has lasted since the 50s

The only way Touhou will die in our lifetimes is if the Emperor reveals himself and bans it.

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Benben I know you're bitter because no one likes you, but you don't have to lash out like this.

I-I like you though! ;__;

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Tbh I will probably stop caring much about touhou when I'm somewhat old.

I will probably always have Sakuya as my waifu, but will probably stop caring much about touhou stuff in general

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I'll die with Touhou.

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Come on now, why do you think?

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>Implying ZUN isn't immortal

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There's no need to be upset kid.

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Will they be better drawers?

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If ZUN's child continues Touhou I'll probably die before I play all Touhou official games.

That fucking sucks.

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your mom will die in your lifetime, and there's nothing you can do about it OP.