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What does the /jp/ think of dykes?

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But girls can't get girls pregnant...

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Put yurifags in bodybags

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Nice sample crossie.

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If we pray hard enough, the yurifags will all die sooner rather than later.

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My only dream is a world without yurifags

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I like lesbians. If they're bi, the better.
The yuri fanbase is obnoxious as hell though so I keep it to myself.

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Shanghai is CUTE!

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Why are you trying so hard?

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>yurifags this mad

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The netherlands needs them to survive.
fuck off to >>>/u/

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Don't post like a crossie, even if this is a bad thread.


Get upset, faggot.

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In anime and manga at least full yuri is way better than the typical 1 guy x 10 girls.

Yuri is best when you're sort of like "is this yuri?" and nothing yuri ever happens but you're sure its yuri.

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I want to have a three way with dykes!

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Yuri is boring.

Also, attractive lesbians are rare. I cannot suspend my disbelief if you tell me all those girls are turbodykes.

Specially when attractive "lesbians" tend to switch preferences at a moment's notice.

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I love watching the yuri haters getting triggered.

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/jp/ is not a monolithic entity and consists of many individuals with a variety of opinions on yuri.

I'm personally in the process of trying to dredge up enough care to start playing either Flowers or Katahane.

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What do you mean by switching preferences?
A lot of lesbians are actually bisexuals.
Think about it. You can have hot 3Ps with them.
Picture related.

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Funny meme, us /v/ros rite? ;D

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Oh, so now I get it. Your 15 year old brain thinks that if you spew SJW bullshit on the Internet and whiteknight ugly translandwhales, for some reason they will take pity on you and let you like lolicon even though you support laws that make them illegal?

This is why 15 year olds don't belong on 4chan.

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Couldn't even be bothered to modify the kopipe...

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Are you fucking serious?

If you get so triggered by freedom of speech just ignore it.

Go back to your leddit safeplace.

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I know you're just trying to ruin the thread, and I'm fine with that because it's a shit thread, but don't you think going with this political shitposting is just going to attract idiots who think they're in good company? Isn't there a better way to go about this?

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Freedom of speech ain't free. The internet gotta be littrd with the blood of the SJW boogeyman. /jp/ aka "japanese /pol/" is not a safe place. SJWs are brainwashing its users and probably doing it for free. memes and greentexting not opressive rules ok. I'm not from /pol/

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/jp/ is one of the unsafest places out there.

This thread is presumably about dykes in fiction anyway, I don't know where politics comes into it.

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This reads like something a schizo would write.

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>le /pol/ is paranoid meem
I'm not from /pol/ SJW cuck.Stop oppressing my freedom of speeches.

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Some schizo got upset because he got told to fuck off after he insisted in talking about politics everywhere, so he's been posting inane spam in several threads now.

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aww shit nigga, what are you doing?

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Stab a dyke with a railroad spike

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I'm 100% white, you shitskin faggot.

Take your cultural marxism somewhere else like leddit or tumblr.

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What's the matter /pol/? Too angry because lesbians ignore your ugly ass?
Fuck off

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3DPD lesbians are some of the nastiest women imaginable. No idea why anyone would want their attention in the first place.

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