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Alice was kind enough to give you a room in her house since you arrived in Gensokyo. She isn't used to living with people and she doesn't even close her bedroom door at night.

You wouldn't do anything bad to Alice, would you Anon?

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She could probably kill me in an instant and I'm too shy to make advances on a 2hu anyways.

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She's going to murder me

like Dolls in Pseudo Paradise told me

I'd run away

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I'd stay until she makes a doll based on me, i would also work somewhere so i could get money to get my own little house, i wouldn't want to bother her for too long.

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When you go to Gensokyo, get lost in the Forest, take refuge in Alice's house , and when she is working alone on her dolls, sneak up on her and grab her breasts.

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I'd fart on her face while she's asleep.

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Why would I stay the night in this shitter's house when I could be fucking Sanae at that very moment?

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Anon! Sneaking up and grabbing my breasts? Why would you do such a thing?

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Alice is my gf. I have conversations with her and imagine she is around me in my room.

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I would help her paint her dolls.

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honk honk

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>she doesn't even close her bedroom door at night
>You wouldn't do anything bad to Alice, would you Anon?
Nope, no way. I would never take advantage of her kindness while she's sleeping and defenseless.

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I'm getting real sick and tired of all these Alice threads

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Of course not! It's no fun if she's asleep. I'd tie her to the bed and wake her up before doing anything else.

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There are still less Alice threads than shitty weeb 3d shitty threads. Why are they allowed to have multiple threads for multiple "music" groups? disgusting

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Thin your paints.

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This sounds like a setup for Alice to try to do something "bad" to me.

To which I say, "Please do, Alice"

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>Why are they allowed to have multiple threads for multiple "music" groups
Because people are allowed to have multiple threads for multiple Touhou characters.

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laughed out loud. it looks like a papier mache of Flynn Tagart

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why does alice bring out the sadist in every man?

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Don't worry Anon, at least I see what you did there.

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You sayin' I like dudes?

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It all depends on the "subtle" hints I might receive or not.


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It would be rude to decline her offer for a room. Alice is so kind!

But if she doesn't close her bedroom door at night, what am I supposed to think? Would this be a test? Or is this a blatant invitation?

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Joke's on you, Japanese houses don't have doors or locks!

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Don't worry, I'm like that with a lot of girls. It's not just Alice.
Although...I'm a lot more vocal about it when it comes to Alice, so maybe there's something there after all?

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Phew, okay. I don't have to worry, good.

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I have a severe hate towards Alice after what she did to me in Touhou 7

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no, but she would serve as a bait to lure Marisa who would bring Reimu, then she would bring Yukari and then Yukari would bring Ran.

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Someone post the run one.

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I wish there was a tag for these storyline pictures. They're the only reason I look for images

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Alice has a bum!

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I'd honestly be more worried about her doing something bad to me. Alice is known to eat humans, as well as make dolls out of them.

In fact sleeping in her house seems like a terrible idea.

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citation nedded

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She's got two legs that sprout from her bum!

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D-d-d-d-d-d-d-does Alice know what masturbation is?

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very cute image

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>you will never whip out your d**k in front of a group of girls that have never seen one before

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too young

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They're actually pretty old compared to what he usually draws. They can even stand up on their own!

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Did she really ate them? because in the story seems she only kill them for fun

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JOI with Alice!

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I'm still waiting, nerds

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Surely she is kind enough for me to use her pussy,

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Of course she'll let you play with her cat. Have fun!

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She sure has one big, fat puffy pussy.

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I want Alice to jerk me off with her vagina.

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There kinda is, dude


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Alice has a hairy pussy!

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She must be lonely and wants someone to cuddle at night

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I can't put my finger on it

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I tell her I'm scared and ask if I can sleep in her room.

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She's a youkai, dude. If you stop feeling scared, she'll get weak!

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*rubs alice's butt*

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I would give her my experimental drugs to see if she can grow HUGE musuls overnight.

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This guy's videos are so postmodernist.

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Well in the offical books, she has be shown to be hospitable to those visiting her. While at the same time being indifferent and more or less a sociopath. She seems to be hostile towards reimu, and by the time of PCB it would have been their third encounter so alot of hate towards the protagonist would build up over time. That on top her weired love hate relationship towards marisa seems to fuel hostility towards both characters but more so reimu. At the same time she holds back most of her power to have a fair fight so their is quite a bit of nobility, fairness, and perhaps honor. Alice also appears to be a hermit so she would have poor social skills.

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>Oh, and I wanted to get rid of this doll as soon as possible, too. But, those blue eyes. Sometimes a black crow carries them away and eats them. Those are real eyes. Because I always put in new eyes.

Enjoy getting raped and murdered.

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How about just the rape?