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Which Touhou or touhous do you ask for paizuri, and which technique do you use?

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Yuyuko because canon huge boobs.

Up and down while squeezing should be fine.

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None because I'm not a disgusting freak.

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- Yuyuko-sama
- I assume doing the thrusting yourself will be more pleasurable then her moving her breasts up and down. I also have a "paizuri under clothes" fetish so I'd just use an opening in her dress.

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I'd rather if you give me an assjob, dude.

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Tenshi, I have a fetish for flat paizuri.

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>canon huge boobs

She died at a young age and stopped aging. How could she possibly have large boobs?


Where is it said she has large breasts?

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You can clearly see she does indeed have a large chest.

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the flat ones

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I don't see anything, you mean that tumour in her belly? The one ZUN always seems to draw for characters aiming sideways?

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Remi on one side, Flan on the other!

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the cover was so good but the actual content was kinda disappointing

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Komachi Onozuka, and I'll let her do the work while I pet her head and compliment her.

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The lewdest one, Kasen.

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What's that blob on the left of the image?

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Mamizou, who else?

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Anyone else?

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You guys should be considering who would actually do it, not who would be best at it.
Yuka, Komachi, Yukari, Sanae, Kanako...all great racks, but probably ones that would never willingly massage your dick.

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>Sanae...would never willingly massage your dick.


(Komachi and Yukari probably would too for kicks)

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You heard me.

Yukari, Komachi? I mean, maybe...but I've never really had either of them pegged as the type to grant sexual favors to whomever asks.

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It's hard to tell what Komachi would do in any given situation. She's a bit of an opaque character, sometimes carefree and whimsical, othertimes deadly grim.
I could see her opening up to a fascinating mortal who shows interest in her.

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>Yukari, Komachi? I mean, maybe...but I've never really had either of them pegged as the type to grant sexual favors to whomever asks.
Maybe not to whoever asks, but just whims on their part. Especially in the "bully that poor sap's dick with my tits" sense.

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Sure, sure, I can see that. But not her responding positively to "Yo sup, gimme a titjob."

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True. But we're talking about asking for it here.

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>fascinating mortal
I read that as facesitting
Maybe she can open up to that

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I've a feeling not many would agree to such a request. It would be more like asking for paizuri and find out which ones slap you across the face in disgust, and which ones would smile at you, happily unbutton/pull up their blouse/unravel their sarashi, and be ready to go at it.

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I would goad Satorin into squishing my dick between her never-before-used breasts!

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Possibly my most favorite word in a thread like this!

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I agree, squish is quite appropriate for this thread

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None, because paizuri a shit.

There is so much wrong with this post I don't know where to start.

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Mine too!
Huge boobhus squishing throbbing cocks make me all hot and bothered
I'd probably ask Komachi to give me paizuri, or whoever has the largest chest!

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This thread.

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Why come everyone uses weird words like paizuri and fellatio when you can say boobjob like a normal human being?

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Fellatio is a perfectly normal word. And Paizuri is the Japanese phrase.

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But reluctantzuri is the best.

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Please insert~

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>busty Satorin

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Busty Satori~n

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Happy no bra day.

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Keine, you're a teacher! You can't wear no bra and show off so much cleavage!

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Busty Okuu is a must
Busty Orin is ok
Busty Satori is not

Satori must perflat and slender.
Mosquito bites is pushing it.

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>Busty Okuu is a must
At least we agree there. Okuu is probably the single best Touhou for a large chest

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Komachi superior for tits.

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I expect that to be the popular opinion. But there's something about Okuu tits that resonates with me. I think it's the gem.

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I want to titfuck a lewd boobhu.

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Don't we all?

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Everyday on my mind.

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Too small

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Better ?

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still small

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Anon please.

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I don't have sfw images for sizes like that.

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Link them on the archive maybe? I'm really curious to see them now

>> No.13756884

Okay i will.

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Please post at least one with Yukari. I need more pics of her with enormous breasts

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Friendly reminder that newer art supersedes older art.

And didn't you give Satori a bust in your stories?

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You don't want to use that argument, Anon.

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Remi-stalker, Remi-stalker, notice me, Remi-stalker!

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>spinoff manga
Please. If that were so, Kasen would have been in Hopeless Masquerade.

Source books, on the other hand, don't contradict the games.

>> No.13757230

>She died at a young age and stopped aging. >How could she possibly have large boobs?

Dude, so serious. You have to think of it more as a 'what if' scenario.

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I can't believe there's people who still believe ZUN's written works aren't canon.

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They are "less canonical" than the games if that makes sense. In short, games are the primary source of canon, source books (PMiSS, Symposium, Bohemian Archive, etc.) are secondary, and other spinoff works are tertiary. Source books' art takes precedence over ZUNart (for obvious reasons), and the most recent source book's art takes precedence over other source books'. For instance, Kanako's snake eyes.

The manga vary too much between titles to be any reliable source of "canon" representation.

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That's a really contrived way to justify choosing that one single picture that supports your headcanon over the entire vast evidence to the contrary.

>> No.13757370

If you want to set manga above the source books, then tell me what kind of build Kasen has, canonically. The chubby one from Oriental Sacred Place, or the tall, slim one from Wild Horned Hermit? Similarly, does Kanako have snake eyes or not? Is Rinnosuke twice the height of Reimu and Marisa? And so on, and so forth.

Like I said, the manga vary too much to be reliable. Source books take precedence, if only for the consistency they offer in terms of character representation.

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Why, my waifu Komachi of course.

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Nobody wants the gatekeeper?

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She's Chinese.
It's about time you realize how superior Aryan women are.

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I'm always open to a larger China.

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How large are we talking about anon?

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Yuyuko - Propped upon her lap and have her do the work in a slow and steady pace. Make me trapped between your glorious breasts, Yuyuko!

Of course!
Meiling - Since she's in good physical condition, she'd make me concerned by doing the work herself. I want to last in the moment for as long as I can, but I've a feeling she'd move her titties too damn fast.

Reimu - I've always been curious what she has packing under that sarashi. I think she could deliver a good experience. Technique would be her choice.

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bigger than that

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Bountiful shinigami

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Holy shit, how much of a titty monster to you want?

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No china, you must become HUGE!

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Aye aye, Commissar!

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Someone accused Yukari of having scandalously large breasts and now she's upset!

>> No.13757593

Calm down Yukarin. Show me that post so I can punch that pathetic anon in the face.

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What NERVE those punks must have to dare insult Yukari's bountiful bosom!
Imma go fuck them up real good!!

>> No.13757616

Not him but the BREAST titty monster

Almost there

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>what kind of build Kasen has, canonically. The chubby one from Oriental Sacred Place, or the tall, slim one from Wild Horned Hermit?

Are you now seriously fucking complaining that different artists have different styles? And Hirasaka's Kasen isn't even chubby, she just have puffier clothes, just like everyone he draws.

>does Kanako have snake eyes or not?

Did she ever not have them? And no, pupils indiscernible one way or another do not count.

>Is Rinnosuke twice the height of Reimu and Marisa?

FS just confirmed that recently.

>> No.13757644

Almost there, although double paizuri with her and this China >>13757577 would be heavenly

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Almost there

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those things are not sanctified, not in the slightest!

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That's perfect

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Such a lewd Miko

>> No.13757995

I want an exasperated Reimu to give me Paizuri whilst wearing her Sarashi.

>> No.13758017

>Are you now seriously fucking complaining that different artists have different styles?
I am complaining that their art is inconsistent and thus is unreliable for establishing "canon" appearances.

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I'd a big breasted inchinling.
I'd use her a bit like a stress ball, massaging her breasts when I'm stressed.

>> No.13758428

NSFW-ness aside, the size of this pair was pretty great.

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>> No.13758464

Fair enough, but in that case you can just choose the one that's to your liking. Trying to invent contrived reasons why it's the one and only canon one is absolutely unnecessary.

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File: 2.32 MB, 2125x1624, The-Sauce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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>> No.13758802

I would spend all day teasing those mammaries

>> No.13758810


>> No.13758859

You can't go back more than 1000 pages, so if there's more than 40k results, you can't see them all. How do you search by date or id?

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I want my dick to go so far up between her breasts that it hits her third eye.

>> No.13759004

With your cock, right?

>> No.13759071

i can see her cunny

>> No.13759151

First Seiga's tits.
Now Remilia's cunny.

>> No.13759301

I came

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>Yuka, Komachi, Yukari, Sanae, Kanako...all great racks, but probably ones that would never willingly massage your dick.

I call bullshit on all counts. Yukari, Sanae and Komachi wouldn't think twice about massaging your dick and then some. They'd probably do it without even asking.

Kanako would be more than happy to massage your dick, because she's so desperate for someone to take her virginity because no guy would ever want to get laid with someone as ugly as her. You will almost certainly get turned off by her even getting near your dick.

As for Yuuka, she'd be happy to massage your dick. How else is she going to rip it off, tie you upside down and watch you squirm in agony as you slowly bleed to death from what remains of your severed member?

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All the touhous in the titty chamber

>> No.13759578
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>As for Yuuka, she'd be happy to massage your dick. How else is she going to rip it off, tie you upside down and watch you squirm in agony as you slowly bleed to death from what remains of your severed member?
That's not even my fetish but the idea if being teased and tortured appeals to me. As long as it's a bit less violent than that.

>> No.13759590

My dick

>> No.13759599


No, there's no way around it. Any guy that encounters Yuuka is bound to lose both his dick and balls.

This is her definition of paizuri:


>> No.13759648

>Which Touhou

>Which Technique

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Did somebody ask for double paizuri? They're slightly smaller than China and the Shinigami, but that should be ok right?

>> No.13761457

The softness would be dreamy. <3

>> No.13761478
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No way!
Yuuka can be a nice girl too! But I'm sure she would only do such a thing for someone she really cared about. Probably someone she likes to "lightly" bully too.

>> No.13761901

That would be nice.
They can always get bigger later

>> No.13762070

So many deleted posts.

>> No.13762187

The life of a boobhu lover is risky

>> No.13762257

Archive tells me it's just the one (>>13757767)
Which, admittedly, was a popular one.

>> No.13762534

Kloah is shit, so I don't know why

>> No.13762641

Lots of fetishists can get over bad art so long as it has the concepts they crave.

>> No.13762686

Why do fetishists have such shitty standards? Is it because they were unsuccessful at fulfilling it and spent so much time fantasizing that they let those fantasies override what's in front of them? Look at the standards for guro and furry, then compare it to something like fat. I don't see any errors in this thinking so far.

>> No.13762692

Kloah is good, dont shitpost m8, dont h8.

>> No.13762724

His older style was better before he went completely generic, but before that it was pure shit. The one that was deleted was from the pure shit era. That still doesn't mean his other stuff is good.

>> No.13762790


>> No.13762850

I'm sorry you have shit taste and are incapable of critical thought, but at least you were able to make a post we'll all remember for ages to come.

>> No.13762865
File: 310 KB, 707x1000, 29401013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you think an image was shit, just post one that you think is good. It's not difficult.

>> No.13762878

Is that supposed to be punishment?

>> No.13762935
File: 19 KB, 400x298, B_jj17bUIAAMIfS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just saw the one in the archive, but now I get why are you so mad, he's not a 2hu fag anymore, how did I not see it before?

>> No.13762963

Fuck you man
That Kloah style was my favorite

>> No.13766092

This one's still here >>13756879

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>> No.13768332

We can always go bigger, the mistress does need a chest to reflect her status after all

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>> No.13768476

I'd carry that Remi around, walking is probably pretty tiring for her

>> No.13769428

Yes, absolutely
Much, much bigger

>> No.13769730


>> No.13770617

I mean boobs, weight gain is dumb

>> No.13773461

>> No.13773524

Wriggle is the breast.

>> No.13778641

Keep reading.


>> No.13782312

>> No.13782350

kill yourself, you meming trash

>> No.13782492

The softest.

>> No.13782601

Why is this so arousing for me? Every single one of his pictures. Even the MSPaint non-lewd ones.

>> No.13782615

I would ask Tenshi for naizuri.

>> No.13782632

Sounds nice,
I'd rather give her a little extra padding up top but that works too.

>> No.13783967

I would a Suika. I mean, rubbing it to her nipples would probably feel better than defiling my dick with all the busty sluts.

>> No.13784007

But those busty sluts need your dick, Anon.

>> No.13789298
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Help! I can't get enough of big boobhus!

>> No.13789338
File: 3.37 MB, 3432x2893, every boob thread.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nothing wrong with that.

Here's a question for you, though. If you had your own personal boobhu, how big would you want her to be?

>> No.13789348

I have no limit~

>> No.13790624

Good man.

I'd have to go level eight
Kiene at that height, wiggling her rear would be too much for me.

>> No.13790655

How do you like >>13788622 ?

>> No.13790685

Perfect, I'd be nice plunging into that Cirno and pushing her onto her chest, using it like a bed while I make her melt with pleasure.

>> No.13790908

level 9 is my limit

>> No.13790979

I could do level 6, but level 5 might be best without getting too ridiculous.

>> No.13792856

I can go to 8 but would prefer a variety starting at 3 and going up.
It is the spice of life after all.

>> No.13795748

The softest!
The cutest!
The brestest!

>> No.13796251
File: 676 KB, 1123x1029, Yuuka_Poisoning_007.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would like it with Yuuka while she wears her clothes. I want to hug her when I climax.

>> No.13797069

Hugging Yuuka is a dangerous proposition Anon

>> No.13797105

*rubs yuuka's butt*

>> No.13797273

Playing with fire Anon.
One cannot simply rub the bottom of the great Yuuka.
She'll make you pay for that.

>> No.13797296
File: 197 KB, 530x1000, 1433336888428.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*rub rub*

>> No.13797314

She'll do it! She really will!
You better stop or she'll get mad

>> No.13799863

Hey, Sanae is a good girl, she's saving those pillows just for you.

>> No.13802227

That bottom.

>> No.13804706

You know that if you say such things that Yuuka's just going to straight up sit on you right?
Show you who's boss and all.

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