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One more month jp.

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how's 2hoo popularity? did things get better?

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is that the illuminati symbol?

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FuyuComi > NatsuComi

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Are those bathroom orgies stories true?

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Which ones?

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>summer comiket

No thanks. Wonder fest is enough.

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The ones where crossdressing guys get gangbanged in the bathrooms during these conventions.

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N..no thank you!!

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I should go to one.

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Why do they call it comiket when they call their comics manga

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I'll go in the winter.

Alone though, not with you fags. Dunno if a /jp/ meet-ups are still a thing even,

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They always end messy.

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Last one I went (around 3 years ago) ended like


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Like it?

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Yeah but in an hotel room instead.

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Messy as in sticky?
If so, I'm all for and on all fours

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Was fun.

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I'll fuck your ass dude.

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comiket more like cuckoldkek lol

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Good times...

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Epic meme bro wanna be my girlfriend?

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I moved to Japan a couple of months back so this will be my first opportunity to go to it.

Not sure if I should skip the summer one a though, it is already getting too hot for me outside. I'll see if other people from work are going, certainly don't want to be suffering out in the head alone. Although that will make it awkward if I want to check out loli stuff.

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Remember when

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HOLY shit time flies by fast!
It almost feels like it happens twice a year now.

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Slay the gay!

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With our dicks

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Japanese - detected.
Shoot on sight!

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I can already taste the D's.

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Lewd dude. I'd cum in your ass.

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What? Eww dude, no. That's gross! I mean I can already taste the doujins.

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Would you taste a doujin covered in my cum?

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Whoah dude, stay away from me.

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You must be gay or something dude.

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Did you mean doujinshi?

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English Spanish French Arabic

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I imagine your average jaypee has like a goatee, cheap glasses, cheap flip flops, khaki shorts.

Makes all this "fuck my ass dude" stuff less hot.

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What's wrong with khaki shorts?

>not having an EPIC beard

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I'm white with a buzzcut who likes to wear plain t-shirts, jeans and vans sneakers.

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the /jp/sies at c87 were very cute

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I'm growing a goatee, my glasses aren't very cheap, I wear Teva sandals, and I wear black/navy blue shorts. So that's close.

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only normies ever end up going to japan

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True. NEETs can't afford to travel.

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this tbh

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I don't want to accept this but I guess I'll have to.

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Asian here.no beard.skinny jeans + white tee + black vans

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Normies love to stay in and watch shows about places they can only dream about going to. I'd rather not be like them AND JUST DO IT.

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I'm not going to fuck a hairy dude.
You better shave.

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Rev up those fucking proxy services.

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kuso thread

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I know we are all little girls here, so are girls welcome to /jp/'s comiket meet-up?

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Can you stop it with this meme already?

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We're all big hard men in here fuccboi. Most of us are true gangstas who ain't afraid of fucking some guy in the ass.

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We don't even give reacharounds.

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Well maybe if jp lost some weight we would be able to.

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>I imagine your average jaypee has like a goatee, cheap glasses, cheap flip flops, khaki shorts.
So you gauge attractiveness by trendiness of facial hair choice and the price tag of clothing accesories? are you a woman?
Money$$$$$hungry whores get on my nerves because of this kind of shit. What does money have to do with ass fucking, unless you are looking at it from a prostitute business point of view?
"Look at his pricey car! that guy is HOT!!" How about you learn what hot really means, HINT it's actual phyisical features, bitchhhhhhh

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post pics

i need to learn what hot really means

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the good old days indeed

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Damn rite

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Typical /jp/ meet up and fashion

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