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I want to love Maribel.

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What do you mean "want to"? She's all of Yukari's good looks and none of her personality, how could anyone "not" love her?

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Theory time!

Gensokyo doesn't actually exist in Maribel's timeline. She's just dreaming of some place that her mind came up with. The only reason why she has things like the cookie from 'Sakuya' is all because she was bending the boundary of dreams and reality.
She and the moonbitches are probably the only characters with actual powers in her timeline as it could very well be that youkai were yet another one of Maribel's inventions.
Maribel later becomes Yukari and decides to go back in time and create Gensokyo based off of her dreams. This exists in it's own separate timeline.
This can be used in order to deny various paradoxes and inconsistencies

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Explain Sumireko and Renko then.

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Sakuya is a moonbitch, too!

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Maribel has some controversial opinions!

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Where is that from

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Maribel please

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Would marry!

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Maribel a cute

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not if I do it first

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Maribel has nice boobies

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I hate her.

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Is she a dork? I'm not sure.

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Is Maribel an /x/phile?

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You can't marry Mary. She's renko's waifu

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>She's all of Yukari's good looks and none of her personality
And that's why she sucks

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she's a mentally ill college student

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Don't be silly anon. She's not mentally ill

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would you a Maribel?

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It's simple. We kill the Renko

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only if she takes off that silly hat

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>not wanting to fuck the toehoes with nothing but their hats on.
You got to be kidding me

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any proof?

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I want to love Sumireko

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But that would make mary sad.
You wouldn't make her cry, would you?

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Daily reminder that Maribel is a 100% pure Aryan qt

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get the FUCK out

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that's why she's exercising

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Psychic Renko a shit. Merry is clearly superior.

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I hate her because a big "fuck you" to the touhou canon and she's argument bait.

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cute Mary

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I want to have babies with Maribel

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Why is she so perfect?

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Maribel with Yukari

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Blondhu superiority

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This picture is really cool.

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She spent time in an asylum. Do you really want to deal with that?

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More honest than me

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I almost ended up in one so yes I do.

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if maribel is so awesome, how come she's not in any official games? in fact, name me ONE fan shoot-'em-up that she's in...

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Maybe being in games is worse. How do you know?

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please post more lewd Mary. I need more for my collection.
Preferably without Renko

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The best fangame she's ever been in. Good graphics and music, intricate plot: what more can you ask for?

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i like how maribel turned into a ghost, should totally be canon

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Here just this one

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I can't look at this without thinking of Renko being raped.

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I can hear that fucking voice from just the picture

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I thought I said that I'd prefer without Renko. Oh, whatever. Thanks anyways

What voice?

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Chloe LeMarie desu~ka!

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So everyone knows Maribel is Yukari, right?

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Oy Vey!

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I wish I had a qt friend to explore the corners of existence with

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That's me. I'm Maribel and you'll be Renko.
I already had some crazy ass dreams that involve shit like meeting ayylmaos, being face to face with eldrich abominations, dimensional travel and stopping time DIO style.

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I had a dream where I went to gensokyo once. I got to drink tea with Reimu. it was fun.
I felt unbelievably shitty when I woke up though, and never had a similar dream since. I miss it.

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Last night I dreamed I went to the mall and the big department store had changed its name to Youmu Fantasy. All the clothes inside were just variations of Youmu's outfit, and they sold fumos and other accessories. And even though all the normal people were highly confused, all the girls still thought it was really cute and it started to become popular. I was like, I don't know what's going on but I'm pretty sure the jews are behind this.

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I honestly don't know what to think of this.
I wish I could experience dreams more often.

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What do you think about the relationship between the two? Same person? Relatives?

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Same person. See: Zun's Lafcadio Hearn comment.

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The last dream Youmu was in had cp! Youmu is bad news!!

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Youmu's name can be taken literally as something like phantasmal dream. It seems many people have had strange dreams involving her.

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Do you have any of the stories about that? I'm genuinely curious

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Oh, no legend to tell here, I was just looking in the archive.

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That's nothing

I had a dreams where I literally met Bernkastel and Lambda


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I met Featherine, Nyarlathotep (Demonbane), Yoshikage Kira, Rumia and Maribel herself and are only a few of who I met if we're talking about characters. As for other stuff that have happened in my dreams I can say that I managed to get stuck in a timeloop, fight a guy who can phase through objects while on a moving train, got myself a harem of monstergirls and fought some weird edgy guy while floating through the sea of kakera from Umineko among other things.

Don't get me started about Yukari. It's pretty /x/ tier.

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*and they are

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My dreams always involve me in school and doing worksheets.

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I do drugs
Can I join the Secret Sealing Club too?

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Only if you've met your waifu during one of your drug induced journeys.

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Mary is pronounced Me-a-ri. Renko's nickname for her is Me-ri.

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Should I take that as a yes?

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I see. So, you're a fellow traveler, like me?

Do you also supplement your dreams with dissociative drugs?
Any particular advice you have for me? some specific techniques that make you dream better?

I noticed that the more I force myself to sleep the better I remember the dreams.

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>I had a dreams where I literally met Bernkastel and Lambda
Same. It was pretty lewd.

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I had no lewd dream with Bernkastel(unless you count being smiled at as "lewd"), but Lambda...dear god...I don't even know where to start..

most likely, she was just fucking with me though

I also met Homu, several times. But again, no lewds.
That's good. I'm pretty sure I'd get clapped on.

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And the best thing is, that these characters...didn't appear to be part of a dream. They were completely outside of my control, addressed me directly, and felt...foreign. Hard to explain.

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Never really heard of the term 'traveler' before so I guess not

I would recommend writing them down the moment you wake up. You can forget them easily otherwise.
It's best to try and keep your mind thinking as you fall asleep, it works wonders.

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>>13762259 here
Yukari in my dreams is exactly the same. Never thought I'd meet anyone else who's like that

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I like Maribel

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Proof that magic exists
Checkmate atheists

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she's real!

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who's real?

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I'm real

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I would

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Sumi dreams of mokou

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Don't we all

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>SumiSumi in a nightgown

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pls don't hate your younger self Sukima

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shit pairing

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Sumireko thought she could fly like a real 2hu; RIP

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please do not hijack the Maribel thread

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I made exactly 50 posts in this thread of 105 replies. A lot of the times I would just reply to stuff that I already posted.
I feel sad

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I think same person is too easy of a solution.
I think on one of her trips, Maribel ends up creating the basis of Yukari.
After all, Yukari probably used to be a youkai called waremehime, one who hides in cracks of walls and rocks to eat up unsuspecting passersby.

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I don't really get it. Explain further

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isn't there a version of that with Satori?

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Maribel is dom!

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Yukari in training

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I thought that the change into Yukari was something that happened gradually as a result of her original personality deteriorating.

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Think whatever you want. It's Touhou, your own interpretation is the truth.

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We don't spoonfeed.

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no, not the image

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It takes five minutes to read the entirety of content Maribel has been in.

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what's happening to Mary?

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Best out of the Yukari threads

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>a big "fuck you" to the touhou canon
How so?

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